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Matt Welch Talks About Reason's Gag Order on HuffPost Live


This afternoon I appeared on Alyona Minkovski's "Free Speech Zone" segment of her HuffPost Live show, to discuss the federal government's stifling of Reason's free speech. Watch it below:

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  1. Ok so stramlines can’t play cute facials mouthing brain tornadoes…..on this shit….

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    1. I endorse this comment.

  2. Puffington Host is doing a better job reporting on this than the MSM.

    I has a sad.

  3. Advice please from those who deal with hardware:
    I have a Gateway laptop which is probably among the worst purchases I’ve ever made. I am tired of dealing with the numerous faults (the keys are printed; wonder why you can’t find the “e” key if you have to look?)
    Anyhow, after it overheated and shut down twice while watching Matt’s vid, I’ve gotten fed up.
    The memory capacity is fine. The screen stinks (HD format? Too wide, too short). The heat capacity stinks; overheats and quits after a couple of minutes into a vid.
    I need a larger screen, a better cooling design, a keyboard which doesn’t spit off keys (did I mention the gateway does?), and has them engraved so you can find them if you have to look.
    It could well be a processor under the desk with a monitor and keyboard on top. No need for games in any way shape or form.
    Got to have USB ports on the keyboard (on top of the desk) for a mouse, printers, camera loading, back up, etc.
    Suggestions welcome, with links if you would.
    MAN, this is a piece of shit!

    1. Sevo replace your hard drive with a solid state hard drive, or get a new laptop with a solid state hard drive.

      1. Also do not listen to Hinh. He is an idiot.

      2. A Solid State Hard drive has no moving parts. No movement, No friction, No heat.

        1. JPyrate|6.25.15 @ 1:18AM|#
          “A Solid State Hard drive has no moving parts. No movement, No friction, No heat.”

          I appreciate all this, and I know flash drives have no moving parts, but none of that addresses the keyboard or screen issues.
          I want a new piece of hardware that has a decent screen, a decent keyboard, USB ports on top of my desk and doesn’t goddam shut down after a couple of minutes of vid.
          I do NOT want to become a ‘puter wrench and fix what I’ve got. I want to toss it in the trash after the data is transferred from it.

          1. Get a Macbook Pro. You’ll die before it will.

            I have one with 8GB of ram and a 500GB SSD. It supports 3 external monitors. I have dual 27″ LED monitors in my war room, although I hardly ever use them….

            1. ^ also this. =)

            2. Does it come with a free ironic T-shirt and tips on how to conspicuously use it in coffee shops? 😉

            3. Actually, the battery will die. And it requires Apple to replace it.

            4. I have a 2011 model macbook and recently had it refurbished. (A ferret spilled my coffee on the keyboard). I use linux and windows on my desktop machines but my mac just works.

              I just upgraded my server to a SSD on the boot drive and it’s fantastic. I have the conversion kit to remove my optical drive and replace it with the current hard drive in my mac when I replace it with a SSD.

              And I can’t yell it loud enough. HIHN IS A FUCKING MORON. I built my first computer when I was 13 and that required using a soldering iron. I got online with my 300 baud modem to connect to BBS’s. In almost 40 years I have built 90% of my computers and I would NEVER recommend someone replace an overheating laptop with $75 junk from EBay. You’re likely to end up with worse specs than you currently have and will need to upgrade immediately.

              (sending depends to Mike)

            5. ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

              Sevo, are you at all averse to using a screwdriver and plugging some shit in? I could never recommend a vendor because I’ve never wasted the money buying a full system from one outside of laptops. If you’re serious about not needing mobility, there are some cheap solutions that will be more than adequate for what you need.

        2. Uh…electrical resistance?

          Processors don’t have moving part an they get wicked haht.

          1. …fucking iPad keyboard.

          2. …fucking iPad keyboard.

          3. I knew what you meant. Haht actually looks better. You shall now spell hot as haht.

            If not, you’re gonna be vaporized.

          4. I have no idea how someone thinks that because something has no moving parts that it doesn’t generate heat.

      3. JPyrate|6.25.15 @ 1:15AM|#
        “Sevo […] get a new laptop with a solid state hard drive.”

        And what would this be?

          1. Shop around Sevo. =D

            1. Sevo your current Hard Drive is shot. That’s why you are having so many issues.

              1. It sounds more like a heat transfer issue. I’d say replace the thermal compound before suggesting a hard drive replacement, sight-unseen.

    2. In my experience this is often related to the thermal transfer compound between the processor and heat sink. Thermal grease breaks down over time, and replacing it can be a pain but the compound itself is inexpensive.

      If you don’t wish to replace the unit, I would suggest having a technician replace the thermal compound.

      1. Compound is wicked cheap, but laptops are almost universally horrible for disassembling and reassembling, and it’s hard to believe that a heat transfer problem between the die and the heat sink is THAT big of a problem on an old laptop. It might be a combination of several things, including a slowly-turning fan and dust/pet hair/etc. buildup.

        1. Laptop dis/re-assembly can be intimidating, but (Outside of Apple products, which I do not purchase or service) it’s just a matter of removing a few screws and cleaning away the old thermal compound with a bit of solvent and a paper towel. I don’t find it as difficult as, say, getting to the starter on a modern vehicle.

          It’s not something I do often, but I have seen this problem more than once. After 2 years my Vaio was running hot enough to burn my hand. It took about an hour of work and a $12 tube of Arctic Silver and ever since it’s been better than new. No more overworked fan. No more GPU throttling. Huge boost to performance.

          It can be that big of a problem, though perhaps it’s not something you see very often even if you service/refurb old machines.

          Of course it’s even better advice to blow out the dust and make sure the fan is running. That should be the first thing when dealing with overheating, and I assume this would be the first thing a user would do before attempting a repair.

    3. Sevo, I happen to have recently inherited two PCs I want to get rid of: a large-screen Toshiba laptop (Windows 8) and an HP all-in-one “Touchscreen” (Windows 7). Email my handle for details if you’re interested.

    4. Short =

      Chromebooks are great deal for $ if you can live with the non MS operating environment and just use Google open source apps as replacements. Don’t know how well they play with peripherals. Printing is a pain… But still very functional. Think a big android phone.

      Macbooks – soooo expensive and can be maddening if ur not familiar w/ applecentric computing. My old (2007) macbook melted itself because the processor hated streaming video. If you convert all video to html5 it is less heat-prone
      New generation is better made but still not great deal for price.

      There are recent crop of cheap (11″-13″) “2 in one” laptops from Acer / Asus that have SSD which really look appealing. (Have tablet/touchscreen features) For under $400 they have great specs and are more upgradable than a chromebook, work with external monitors, etc. Probably what I’d go for esp if I already had external display, hard drive & keys to simulate desktop use at home


      Anyway, best of luck

  4. Good show, Matt. Preach it.

  5. Matt Welch is a sexy Mother Fucker. =)

    1. Go to bed Welch.

      1. See i was thinking it was SusanM(?) Nikki(?). One of our resident token female libertarians (disclaimer: TANLW) is high on Matt.

        For the record I agree with JPyrate, but it’s because of the libertarianism.

        1. I am a dude, but Matt brings out my Tiny Tina. =)

          1. Best tea party, EVAH!

        2. Nikki is just high, period.

  6. Welch recently re-tweeted a historical picture.

    This is what it looks like now.

    1. We gotta do a SoCal Readonoid meetup at the Shellback. Nice place to spend the day getting buzzed (drunk).

      1. I used to be an occasional there, many years ago. My brother was more of a regular.

        The rule: jungle juice in a cooler on the beach, and finish off at Shellback.

        1. Used to bike down there from Venice in the ’90’s. Get wasted watching football and then crash my bike about 70 times on the ride home. Bruised and cut, but had a great afternoon.

  7. Playa Manhattan, Playa Manhattan?

    I think I recognize the Rockfish on the left. Pretty sure I’ve eaten there.

    1. On behalf of your colon, I beg you, do NOT eat there. Drinks only.

      1. They cook everything over an oak fire. It’s good, if not a bit overpriced. Snob.

        1. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Rockfish is okay. Was still focused on Shellback. Been in Long Beach too long and the South Bay is getting hazy.

          1. Long Beach has some great new places.

            DTMB is getting too expensive. I’ll try a place once, press the chef for recipes if it’s good, and then never go back.

            Jesse was telling me about a mediocre $40 brunch he had down there the other week. That’s criminal.

  8. Fucking Christ Hinh. If I spoke to my suppliers like you speak to people. I would not not have any product to work with.

  9. Great Googly Moogly. It almost feels like the second coming of White Indian with the copy pasta trolling.

    1. White Indian was the Lagavulin of crazy. At best, Hahn isn’t much more than discount rotgut.

  10. A recent AARP poll found that 91% of libertarian adult diapers reject the libertarian adult diaper label. This poll also found that 59% of adult diapers labeled themselves as “stylishly conservative” and “socially acceptable” which puts them on the Colon chart as “libertarian adult diaper”.


    Commentors at libertarian magazine Dingleberry have thoroughly embarrassed the libertarian adult diaper movement when they were described as “leakers” and “stinkers” by the child diaper press after posting comments such as…

    “Judge Poopy Head should be thrown in a woodchopper for allowing anal leakage”

    “Judge Poopy Head should be taken out back and covered with poop”


    Millions of people now won’t take the libertarian adult diaper movement seriously anymore because of comments like this. You peanuts are destroying the movement I created.

    (stomps off with football)

  11. “(stomps off with football)”

    Took him long enough.

  12. I find Welch’s attire here acceptable.

    1. His tie the other day looked like his daughters knit it by hand

      Which would be soooooo awesome if they did. I believe huffpo does not actually rate a tie. Or shoes. I would rock a linen suit, a Skynyrd T-shirt, flip-flops and a very unkempt beard. Think ‘Rick Rubin’ on a good day.

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