Gmail Invents 'Undo Send,' KFC Did Not Serve Fried Rat, No More Confederate Flags at P.M. Links


  • Spiral

    Gmail will unveil an "undo send message" button.

  • The KFC customer who claimed he had been served fried rat was wrong: lab tests confirmed the meat was chicken after all.
  • Politifact rates President Obama's claims that other countries don't experience mass killings at nearly the same frequency as the U.S. "mostly false."
  • "Chicken After All" would make a great album name, by the way.
  • Politico thinks it's weird that The Washington Post is against the Confederate flag flying at the South Carolina state capitol, but WaPost owner Jeff Bezos won't change policy to ban sales of the flag. Obviously, there is nothing contradictory about this: one is state-sponsorship, the other is private person-to-person sales.
  • But Bezos changed his mind anyway.
  • Rand Paul backs Nikki Haley on the flag.
  • LA schools are the worst, Chapter 974.
  • "Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral," writes Gawker, in abject defense of said shame spiral.

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  1. Gmail will unveil an “undo send message” button.


    1. Hello.

      These Jewish-Kosher (redundant?) dark chocolates I’m eating as I sit for the PM links are delightful.

      1. Redundant.

      2. Dark chocolate is the most vile thing since bread mold.

        1. RACIST!!!111!

        2. I suppose you’re a milk chocolate aficionado? Why not just eat carob then, or worse yet, Hershey’s?

          1. I don’t care for Hershey’s, but I don’t begrudge their customers. AS LONG AS THEY’RE NOT BUYING DARK “CHOCOLATE”.

            1. What do you know, you vile Pennsylvanian Philistine?

              Dark. 70% and up!

              1. What do you know, you vile Pennsylvanian Philistine?

                Dark. 70% and up!

                I grew up in Pennsylvania and I think dark chocolate starts at 75%. Anything less better have some sort of additive to make up for the too-low chocolate level.

            2. The hell is wrong with you, Fist? Dark chocolate is simply pure chocolate. Every other kind of chocolate is full of milk, sugar, and/or wax.

              1. Though I like York peppermint.

                I like peppermint period.

                They should make soap out of peppermint that’s how much I like it.

                1. They should make soap out of peppermint that’s how much I like it.

                  Er…because as long as you are eating your soap anyway, it might as well be peppermint?

                2. Guess what I’m made out of. Really, go on, guess…

            3. 3 squares of 100% cocoa dark chocolate, one tin of milk cream, 1-2 teaspoons of Splenda.

              Chill/freeze cream.

              Soften chocolate in warm water bath and then

              Blend everything together.

              –Delicious sugar-free chocolate shake for keto dieters. (About 700 calories of fat)

              1. Get out of here with this baloney.

              2. You forgot the peppermint.

                And squirt some in Fist’s eyes.

                1. That’s legit not a bad idea, Rufus.

                  1. The second part, right?

                    I’m gonna try your recipe.

              3. Splenda? Bleah. Why not go for a relatively low GF sweetener like rapadura?

                1. Or better yet xylitol now that I think about it

                  1. I live in the jungle. I take what I can get. Besides, I have a dog in the house and I hear that stuff is deadly to them if they steal it.

                  2. Pure stevia extract.

              4. UND KEINE EIER.

              5. I prefer liquid sucralose over Splenda and Stevia. Liquid sucralose doesn’t have any carbs unlike powdered sucralose (like Splenda) and blends better in liquid mixtures. Stevia is fine, but it has a bitterness I don’t like. And it never seems to make desserts sweet enough, although it does okay in coffee. When I put it cream, I can’t get it to whip up.

                Another good keto dessert: 1/2 cup 40% heavy cream, a couple tablespoons dark unsweetened cocoa powder, and a couple tablespoons of instant coffee. Makes a good mousse or frosting for a low-carb cake.

            4. tbh I’m not a huge fan of chocolate by itself, but tabasco makes a tin of spicy dark chocolate I quite liked.

        3. Being someone who has a limited sense of smell and thus appreciates foods with clear tastes and, best of all, an alluring texture — I have to say there is very little in the world that is as good as those small Sno-Caps semi-sweet chocolate nonpareils.

          You know, the little chocolate chips with the tiny white sprinkes.

        4. Bread mold is what gives birth to LSD and therefore Agile Cyborg. You will discontinue speaking ill of bread mold unless you wish to become intimately acquainted with a woodchipper.

          1. Isn’t bread mold what they add water to to make vodka? Or maybe I’m confusing vodka with penicillin. Which is the one that goes well with hookers and unprotected sex?

    2. Except that it’s been in beta for six years. I don’t know about anyone else, but it was available to me during that entire time. I thought this was going to be new like “you can unsend if the person hasn’t actually opened it yet” or something.

      1. MS exchange has had that for a decade. I don’t think “invent” is the right word.

    3. And still no ability to edit posts here. Even with a short window. C’mon Raisin!

        1. Give me a brake.

      1. If people could edit their posts, they’d always be going back and removing things they said, destroying the meaning of every reply. Would make for a much tamer and more confusing board.

        Here’s a thought — use the ‘preview’ button and proofread, then post.

        1. No! A reasonable time limit for edits would be okay. But the purists will always hate change.

        2. Preview always crashes for me. The lazy bastards out to put in an edit feature that is time limited and leaves an “edited” marker.

          1. ought.

            SE WHAT I MEAN????

    4. Outlook has had that approximately forever.

      1. Only if connected to an Exchange server

    5. Google certainly didn’t invent it, either. Pretty sure AOL had something similar back in the 90s.

    6. Can I unsend after I sent it forever? Can I also delete it from the server and mind of the recipient?

      1. No but you can get a gag order on the recipient so they can’t tell anyone about it.

  2. LA schools are the worst, Chapter 974.

    And right after a link with the word “Nikki” in it.

  3. The KFC customer who claimed he had been served fried rat was wrong: lab tests confirmed the meat was chicken after all.

    It was the *customer* who was the rat.

    1. Where KFC found a chicken with a long pink tail is yet to be announced.

    2. How would the customer know what rat tasted like?

      1. Well, it tastes like chicken.

        1. Which how he knew something was wrong.

      2. G. Gordon Liddy?

      3. Maybe they’ve bought a stick of meat from some guy with a grill on the street in Shangai at 2 a.m. drunk as shit?

    3. It’s never true. Every one of those claims turns out to be bullshit or, worse yet, a hoax.

  4. Politico thinks it’s weird that The Washington Post is against the Confederate flag flying at the South Carolina state capitol, but WaPost owner Jeff Bezos won’t change policy to ban sales of the flag. Obviously, there is nothing contradictory about this: one is state-sponsorship, the other is private person-to-person sales.

    Statists gonna state state state

    1. Amazon just announced they changed policy.

      1. I have the feeling that a lot of people are going to be disappointed that flushing the confederate flag down the memory hole isn’t going to have the effect they seem to think it will.

        1. They’re not trying to end racism. They’re trying to put their heads in the sand.

        2. This is basically #kony2012 all over again.

        3. Maybe they’re trying to bring back slavery? After all, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

          Anyway, something about this whole stupid situation feels like the Thalmor/Civil War situation in Skyrim. Now I’m imagining Social Justiciars roaming about capturing flag owners, while the Empire (because once the question of secession was settled with force, that’s what the US became) fights Stormfront Cloaks.

      2. Looks like I’m going to have to order one soon so I can add it to my flag collection.

      3. Amazon is still selling Confederate flags – just not the one familiar to most people who would complain.

        1. So is eBay. And at the time of this posting it’s listed as having sold 585 in the last hour. I think I’ll buy one myself. Never had an interest in them before, but they seem to antagonize all the right people.

  5. Rand Paul backs Nikki Haley on the flag.

    Does that make him second worst?

    1. Sounds like desecration to me, man.

    2. Backs as in supports, not creepy Joe Biden’s version of backing someone.

  6. Politifact rates President Obama’s claims that other countries don’t experience mass killings at nearly the same frequency as the U.S. “mostly false.”

    But do their leaders try to make political hay out of them at the same rate?

    1. Give Obama a break: you can’t expect the president to know what he’s talking about.

  7. Is this the weirdest story ever out of GamerGate? Well, probably not, but it’s damn amusing. Come for the shaming of Leigh Alexander, stay for the hilarious outbursts of artists trying to survive without the state’s support.

      1. The gist seems to be that they’re sore losers, and that the game industry is wrong for not appreciating (and compensating) their genius.

        Gaming/gamers will be fine without you guys, I suspect.

        1. There is a great article from the long long ago where this guy asks “Why are intellectuals always so anti-capitalist”, and his conclusion is basically what MJ Green said- they are angry that the market doesn’t reward their genius.

          These are people who spent so long in accademia being taught that their wit and brains would be rewarded with praise by like-minded intellectuals that when they see the real world- where a person is rewarded for value they bring to others- they assume the entire system is completely bankrupt.

          The gaming authors too often thought that their genius is what made their articles pay off. Now they are realizing that it was their ability to recommend games others would like that brought value. They better finish that realization soon before the market corrects them.

        1. So, he’s living proof that Monty Python’s comedy was based in some truth.

      2. The link has a video with the game itself and discussion between two reviewers.

        It looks like the most boring game concept that has ever been developed.

        I had a couple of janitorial contracts when I was in college. They paid okay for part-time college work, but it was the most mundane and boring work I’ve ever done. I simply cannot imagine who would be interested in “playing” a first-person maid game.

    1. Such a sweet story!

      And the best part is, those dickheads were pipped to the post by Polish developers anyway. This War of Mine is a great game about trying to survive as a civilian in a modern city under siege. Given that it’s the first attempt, and a small studio, what they did there is remarkable. It’s a great example of how game mechanics will give you a story and ask genuine questions.
      But, I’m sure Alexander cashed the cheques, so happy ending for her!

    2. Auriea & Micha?l ?@taleoftales ? 20m20 minutes ago
      @jeroendstout The worst are the ones who think there is some justice in all this. And that the system is working perfectly.


      1. That was my favorite.

    3. Sunset places you in the role of Angela Burnes, an African-American immigrant to a 1970s Latin American dictatorship. The player’s role is to perform various housekeeping tasks for the dictator while a civil war rages outside.

      Yeah, who couldn’t have imagined that wouldn’t have been a runaway success.

    4. Yeah, between this, Depression Quest, Gone Home, Revolution 60… the producers of these titles are literally Balph Eubanks from Atlas Shrugged in the flesh. Critically lauded by bien-pensants for political reasons, yet they sell a few thousand copies because they’re unenjoyable garbage that people only pretend to like for reasons of social signaling.

      Also laffo at that Twitter response:

      is there a wonder you failed commercially? You seem to hate the people you were trying to sell to

  8. …lab tests confirmed the meat was chicken after all.

    Can we test some Taco Bell meat next?

    1. Stool sample, it’ll only take a couple of minutes.

  9. Kerry Howley’s husband on America’s love of guns:

    Advocates of strict gun control don’t want to hear that they don’t have a serious chance for anything more than superficial reform until something deep in the American psyche is first diagnosed and addressed. But neither does the NRA want to hear that its political heft is a manifestation of the same cultural syndrome that gives rise to America’s pathological gun violence. A softening of America’s grotesque trigger-happy streak would lead, I suspect, to both a reduction in mass shootings and the relaxation of the “from my cold, dead hands” zeal for gun rights that stops further regulations on gun-ownership from going forward. But how?


    2. As goes Salon, so goes the Economist?

      1. For some years now The Economist has been this radical centrist rag that jerks off to pictures of Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel.

    3. Man, I used to really like Wilkinson, it’s a hell of a shame seeing him peddle this crap.

      1. Word. Insert quip about cocktail parties here.

      2. Can’t say I’m suprised that Mr. Liberaltarian is much more liberal than tarian

    4. Not much there there.

      From the comments, however:

      90% of personal safety is recognizing mental illness when you see it. For your life happiness, this skill is far more important than computer programming or gourmet cooking skills.

      1. AKA never stick it in crazy

      2. Oh, I recognize it, all right. It’s much more widespread than I once suspected.

    5. I’d like to see what percentage of murderers are NRA members. To start with, according to NRA numbers I just found, only 18% of non-whites own guns compared to 33% of whites. Given that homicide rates among non-whites (who own fewer guns) are higher than among white people, doesn’t it seem that violence does not correlate particularly highly with a groups gun ownership percentage or a group’s support for gun rights?

      They don’t seem to be linked.

      1. As for America’s ‘pathological gun violence’ we’re like 115th on Earth in murder rate. And we have about 20 times more guns than any of the countries ahead of us.

        Almost seems like violence is not related to gun ownership, huh Will?

      2. Did you RTFA? It’s not as bad as the quote I pulled. It’s decent.

        1. I haven’t read anything since 1997. Why should I care about ideas that originated outside of my head?

    6. Has Howley gone full Weigel?

      1. Never go full Weigel, man

    7. It just says “W.W.” How do we know it’s Kerry Howley’s husband?

      1. He said it was on Twitter.

        1. Oh, well, so much for my attempt at white-knighting.

    8. How tedious. Yes, Mr. Howley, you can’t fix this with the right configuration of laws.

      The trouble is that the source of America’s problem with gun violence probably isn’t what Americans, left or right, would like it to be. So we don’t really have a clue about how to effectively address it. Of course, that’s too damnably frustrating to admit. So Americans will mostly go on ignoring or misdiagnosing the problem, go on tugging tangentially related policy levers in opposite directions, and go right on shooting and dying.

      “It ain’t all waitin’ on you. That’s vanity.”

    9. Why won’t these gun zealots just cool down a bit and let us further regulate their gun ownership?

      1. And I see a lot of the same inconsistencies and contradictions that I saw when I read Wilkinson regularly 5+ years ago. He’s one of those people who annoy me because I feel he should know better.

        1. Right? Yeah, same.

  10. Politifact rates President Obama’s claims that other countries don’t experience mass killings at nearly the same frequency as the U.S. “mostly false.”

    This should be familiar to every bitter clinger here. Josh Earnest started blathering about “assault” rifles even though the racist sh1thead used a handgun to kill 9 of his fellow human beings in Charleston.

    Sorry, Josh Earnest, But The Second Amendment Isn’t About Hunting

    The Second Amendment exists not to put a target on the backs of deer and rabbits, but to give notice to tyrants, whether they hold government office or hold people up at ATMs, that violent consequences may await those who would deprive others of their rights.

    [W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia.

    1. I’d love to see the heads explode if I put this on my FB.

      1. I double dog dare you.

  11. 47% of those polled said they’d consider voting for a socialist.

    Kill me.…..38400.html

    1. Sure, then ask them for a definition of socialism.

      I think to most leftists today, socialism just means, erm, social justice, kinda.

      Not, you know, government ownership of the means of production or anything scary like that.

      1. No, I agree that they’d don’t understand what socialism means, but that, I think, makes it more frightening. “Socialism? Well I’m a ‘social’ guy…what the hell, I’d vote for ’em.”

        I think this poll is an indictment of modern American society’s complete lack of awareness of political principle or ideology.

    2. And then they will run out of the other 53%’s money, and will then demand communism to remedy the situation.

      1. Yeah, and mittens was blasted for it. Psychic undergarments indeed.

        1. Maybe he wasn’t entirely the dumbass I thought he was.

          1. I don’t think he was a dumbass. I think he was just a guy waaaayyyy to conventional in his thinking.

    3. My father’s wife, who is something of a materialist, who lives in a million dollar house, told me she was voting for Hillary next year. She told me she would vote for Bernie Sanders, and that she supports him more than she does Hillary, but “he doesn’t have a chance to win”.

      Ignoring that last part, I wonder how many of those 47% actually understand what “socialism” is.

      1. I think most people think it is free health care and welfare programs for the poor. Beyond that they don’t understand what it actually means.

    4. They already voted for Obama, twice.

    5. I hate to whistle in the dark, but this is what the article says:

      “Not quite half of Americans — 47 percent– say they would consider voting for a socialist for president, if the person were well-qualified and nominated by the voter’s party, according to a new Gallup survey.”

      So this 47% includes yellow-dog democrats who would pull the lever for Ted Bundy if he had a “D” next to his name, and also people who respond to the “well-qualified” part of the question.

      Nor does the poll seem to ask people for their definition of socialism. I suspect a statistically-significant part of the 47% think “socialism” is basically redistributing some income, slapping high taxes on the rich, and public schools.

      And to be fair, many modern socialist parties have watered down their message in this way, giving up their idea of nationalizing every business.

      1. It’s the old “joke”. If the election was Hitler (R) vs. Stalin (D), one of them would be elected.

        (don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!)

        1. (Clears throat)

        2. Seriously? Stalin would win that in a landslide, most peoples’ knowledge of history only extends as far as Hitler=bad.

      2. Like the NDP. Nonetheless, it’s in their DNA. I don’t trust them.

  12. The KFC customer who claimed he had been served fried rat was wrong: lab tests confirmed the meat was chicken after all.

    So… fried rat tastes like chicken? The Matrix was right!

  13. there is nothing contradictory about this: one is state-sponsorship, the other is private person-to-person sales.

    Well, by all means — ban those sales, too!

  14. The mighty Mark Steyn weighs in on Woodchippergate.

  15. “Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral,” writes Gawker, in abject defense of said shame spiral.

    All Gawker is nowadays is said/did something we don’t like! DESTROY THEM!

    1. er, there was supposed to be a “SUBJECT” after “is” and before “said/done”. But ’twas in karats. Along with an edit button, this place needs the ability to turn off HTML tagging in a reply.

    2. The link goes to Gizmodo, not Gawker.

      1. Get your stuff together, Robby.

        1. He should have learned that at Columbia Journalism School.

      2. The Gawker family of blogs is all one, big, fucked-up place.

        1. Deadspin (when Drew Magary is writing), io9 and Jalopnik can be good when they’re not falling victim to Gawker politics. But more and more of those 3 (especially io9 and really especially Deadspin) is falling victim to it.

          1. Yeah, io9 and Deadspin both delve unnecessarily into bullshit politics far too often. I mean, how many posts can one possibly do on whether the next Dr. Who is a woman?

          2. John likes to say that any entity that isn’t explicitly rightwing will become leftist,,,

            1. Seems that way sometimes.

            2. Actually–

              O’Sullivan’s Law: Any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time.

              Though I do believe that O’Sullivan’s first name is John………………..hmmmm………….

        2. My bad.

          Sorry, Robby.

  16. “Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral,” writes Gawker, in abject defense of said shame spiral.

    She meant “fuck it and hope it kisses you when it leaves in the morning.”

  17. A “liberal” commentary on Bobby Jindal acting white. Note that this DOES NOT in any way apply to our own President. He is just, to paraphrase Harry Reid, clean and does not speak in a negro dialect.

    From Piyush to Bobby: How does Jindal feel about his family’s past?

    1. Too much bullshit about the “whiats” and “blaeks” out there.

      1. You think so, Tulpa? Maybe you should order your Fleshlights in bulk, by the way. Just a thought.

        1. Go play with your Gameboy.

        2. Does each of his personalities need their own?

          1. That’s a damn good question. I’m going to go with yes.

    2. does not speak in a negro dialect.

      Ah, but he can when he has to.

      Can you?

    3. Pfft, Dalmia did it first!

  18. Homework for all of you.

    Compare and contrast:

    Article #1 – An exercise in liberal smug and “sarcastic” writing – Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas

    But the most telling sign that global warming is not an actual threat is this: the Republican presidential candidates aren’t trying to scare us with the prospect that we’re all doomed to die from toxic air and scorching temperatures. And Republican presidential candidates love scaring the public. It’s their passion. If they could put a gun to each of our heads individually and say, “Vote for me or else you die”, I think they would.

    Article #2 – Climate Denialist Matt Ridley’s exercise in creating ever more confusion to overturn settled science! – The Climate Wars’ Damage to Science

    Excusing failed predictions is a staple of astrology; it’s the way pseudoscientists argue. In science, as Karl Popper long ago insisted, if you make predictions and they fail, you don’t just make excuses and insist you’re even more right than before.

  19. Ahem.

    But people are now saying it’s fake. I don’t know.

    1. Not fake at all.

  20. Trump, Jeb lead in new Suffolk NH GOP poll.

    Donald Trump, real estate mogul and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, fared quite well in a Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire Republicans released Tuesday.

    Trump ranked second with 11 percent of the support in the poll of Republicans likely to vote in the presidential primary. He was beat out by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who was backed by 14 percent.

    Other candidates who received notable support were Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) with 8 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), with 7 percent.…

  21. Some people have ban boners and want to take care of them… doggie style!

    Chinese dog-eating festival outrages foreigners

    Since May, almost a quarter of a million tweets have been posted using the hashtag #StopYulin2015, with most of the activity coming from the UK, the US and Australia. One of the loudest voices has been the US animal welfare group Duo Duo, whose petition calling for the cancellation of the event has received more than 200,000 signatures.

  22. “Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral,” writes Gawker, in abject defense of said shame spiral.

    Terrible piece.

    1. The top comment nailed it:

      “”We need to get out of the shame-spiral? well, we can spiral a little? only until it gets to the exact resolution I believe in.”

      I’m paraphrasing here, but?”

  23. “Politico thinks it’s weird that The Washington Post is against the Confederate flag flying at the South Carolina state capitol, but WaPost owner Jeff Bezos won’t change policy to ban sales of the flag. Obviously, there is nothing contradictory about this: one is state-sponsorship, the other is private person-to-person sales.”

    Wow, that’s some retarded logic from Politico. “If you’re against the flag being flown at an American government building, you’re against people flying it individually!”

    By the way, that pretty much mirrors my position, so good on Bezos. You shouldn’t be flying something that controversial at a statehouse, but anyone whining because some hick has it on their pickup truck should really grow a pair.

    1. But Bezos changed his mind anyway.

      One link down.

      1. I’m wondering if all the Che memorabilia they have for sale will similarly be taken down because an (educated) minority of the population sees and understands Che to be a symbol of brutal oppression?

    2. Except they changed their position this afternoon.…../29153957/

    1. We’re all gonna die! Who can I give money and power to in order to save myself?!?

      1. What has two thumbs and will take your money?

      2. Who can I give money and power to in order to save myself?

        Paul R. Ehrlich, of course, one of the authors.

        He’s been on this scam since the ’60s.

        Curiously, people believe this charlatan even though the accuracy of his predictions is worse than the average astrologer’s.

    2. Well I was starting to get worried, but when they started quoting Paul Erlich, I felt much better, because past experience makes it a safe bet that whatever he predicts, the exact opposite will happen.

    3. Of course Paul Ehrlich is one of the authors there. I guess the BBC didn’t think it was worth mentioning that, or mentioning his other 100 failed “the end is nigh” theories. Weren’t we all supposed to be dead 20 years ago according to him?

      1. I guess the BBC didn’t think it was worth mentioning that, or mentioning his other 100 failed “the end is nigh” theories. Weren’t we all supposed to be dead 20 years ago according to him?

        If a man makes a thousand of failed predictions and builds one bridge, he’s not a doomsday kook, he’s a bridge builder.

    4. Oh, this is their recurring wet dream – they’d truly love to see humanity go extinct. Not extinct-extinct, but rolled back to like 100K people globally, all with politically correct impulses.

      1. *Spoiler alert*

        This is one of the reasons why Kingsmen is smarter than the average action flick. I can’t believe that climax scene got left in!

        Er…double entendre not intended, but I’ll keep it!

        1. SPOILER

          Haha, agreed. I knew Jackson was playing some sort of psychopathic environmentalist from the preview I saw but I was pleasantly surprised at the political themes in the movie.

          Also Obama being one of the ones converted by Valentine and getting his just desserts.

    5. You won’t believe what happens next!

  24. Note that Segolene Royal is a former presidential candidate of the French socialists:

    Nutella blamed by French minister Segolene Royal for worsening climate change

    1. They’ll have to pry my Nutella from my cold, dead hands!

  25. Team Blue’s hatred for the rebel flag is the mirror image of Team Red’s hatred for flag burning. The arguments given are identical: X is offensive, ban it. X is a noble symbol, keep it.


    1. Where’s Calidissident?

    2. “Whenever I see an ‘X’, I can’t help thinking of the rebel flag.”

  26. Spot the Not: jihadi lyrics

    1. the blood of battle washes clean the warrior brave and true

    2. the clashing of spearheads is the melody of men

    3. there is no life except in the shade of death

    4. we die with glory as we stand

    5. we have the raging, smiling swords

    6. we are the defiant, raging lions, breaking iron with strong determination

    1. #1 sounds better in its original Klingon.

        1. And, from DS9, the Klingon war song containing the first line.

    2. 2. Totes ghey

    3. 2 is obviously a gay reference…

  27. Thank you GOPers for passing Obama’s TPA free(r) trade act precursor to the TPP and Asian pivot.

    The “progressive” Democrats acted like fucking children. Fuck the Squaw most of all. And also Jeff Sessions and the idiot GOP assholes. Fuck them too. But mostly fuck the progressives.

    1. Anything that gives the Lightworker more power is A-OK in your book.

    1. Holy shit, Darryl Hamilton was the victim there? He was awesome. RIP.

      1. Solid and consistent.

      2. Men can never be the victims of domestic violence. Ask Phil Hartman.


    Before United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York was disgraced by his subordinate’s handling of the Reason subpoena, his “legacy” as avenging angel of white collar crime had already been tainted by the Second Circuit’s reversal of insider trading charges against two hedge fund guys, Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson.

    For those not following any criminal case without obvious blood, the circuit held that insider trading didn’t travel downstream, and that information that eventually found its way into people’s heads who weren’t party to the initial improper disclosure could not be found criminally liable. It was both a huge decision, and a crushing blow for Preet Bharara, second only to being upstaged at Harvard Law School by Mindy Kaling.

      1. 7:01 (never forget) has really brought to my attention the amount of woodchipper videos there are with rock and roll in the background. The internet, what can’t it do?

        1. Woodchippers and music seem to go so well together, and these are similar to the videos that toddler boys like with fire trucks or choo-choos.

          Clever folks have made a fortune off of those little boys, by anthropomorphizing those videos into Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder.

          I think there’s a big void here just waiting to be filled — the animated adventures of Woodrow the Woodchipper!

          Anyone have any contacts at PBS? All I ask for is 10% of the gross.

      2. At about 1:00, the face 9n the tree getting sucked 8onward is horrible.

    1. Preet Bharara is also the jerk who shut down online poker.

  29. Everyone who defends the Confederate battle flag of the army of whateverwhogivesafuck is a crypto-racist asshole.

    Anybody who demands that it be taken down is a shitty whiney prog with nothing better to do than impart divine power to a piece of cloth that simply represents the history of a region.

    Does that about cover half the posts today?

    1. Except one thing, JJ. What about your posts?

      1. Jim seems often indifferent to this issue. I say we call for him to be placed on top of the statehouse flagpole in place of the offending flag.

        1. Replace often with awfully. Or not.

          1. I would also be indifferent to that.

            1. I am maddened by your indifference. This is America. You must vehemently choose one of two possible sides and be willing to utterly hate the other side.


                1. Better. There’s hope for you yet.

      1. RIP Chef.

  30. This mysterious and secretive trade deal. Help me out here. Democrats seemed to be against it but the GOP supported it. And from what I gather, it’s NWO stuff handing trade over to international hands.


    1. You gather wrong. Quit reading wingnut sites that spout NWO CT.

      1. That’s why I’m asking.

        1. It won’t be secret now. It will be released to the public for a minimum of 60 days of debate then voted on without amendment.

          You can’t amend something that 12 countries and hundreds of negotiators hammered out without setting off a chain reaction of reworked clauses. Instead of amending it opponents can just vote it down.

          1. It will be released to the public for a minimum of 60 days

            Hmm. Where have I heard that before?

            1. If you are referring to the ACA it was out there for months before Obama signed it. The Senate passed it right before Christmas and the House in April, IIRC.

              (signed March 23)

      2. OK, PB — Please enlighten us.

    2. Free trade: Good. We need more.
      Free trade agreement pushed through Congress with absolutely no transparency: Um…

    3. It’s *very* weird, Rufus.

      Hey, maybe they’ll let *you* take a look at it!

    4. Team Blue opposed it based on their socialist instincts, the unions being offended by things that smell of NAFTA and the fear they wouldn’t hold the White House for 3.5 of the years of the authorization.

      Team Red supported because they claim to like trade, are probably in the pockets of the KKKorporations and are salivating over the prospect of fast track authorization for 3.5 years.

      Obama wanted it because he loves himself some power, and he desperately needs something to call a legacy now since the Arab Spring turned into a bonfire and Obamacare is a clusterfuck.

      I think that about covers it. The agreement giving fast track authority for 5 years seemed to have an impact on where people fell IMHO.

      1. Obama’s legacy will be turning around the Bushpig’s shitpile of an economy and Middle East policy.

        I personally don’t care if Arab Spring turns into a Shia-Sunni cage match.

        Remember liberals write history which is why FDR is on the greatest list.

        1. Fuck off about the Middle-East.

        2. Fuck off on everything else while you’re at it.

        3. Yes, those two areas have certainly been turned around.

        4. Re: Peter Caca,

          Obama’s legacy will be turning around the Bushpig’s shitpile of an economy

          Walking it backwards is not “turning around”, Caca.

          Remember liberals write history which is why FDR is on the greatest list.

          Those that did write that were actually Communists but, whatever dude.

  31. And in case nobody has posted this yet today:

    Ladies and gentlemen, it turns out Vladimir Putin is secretly behind Texas secessionists.…..YnFkUY4e_Y

    1. Oh, it’s been a while since we’ve broken out the tinfoil here. Hey, Switzy!

      1. What? Did they find another Zimmerman cable?

  32. I think that South Carolina should change the state motto to “Never Forget”, then stamp it on the flag in large letters. People can project their own meanings onto it.

    1. That’s also a slogan of holocaust remembrance.

    2. How about Je Me Souviens to piss off Rufus?

      1. /face palm.

    3. With a wood chipper in the background

  33. It’s Olivia de Haviland’s 99th Birthday next Wednesday. What to do?

    1. Well, candlesticks are nice.

      1. Well that went over your head…

        1. Apparently, so did my response.

          1. She was in a famous movie with a famous shot of a flag that will no longer sell.

            1. I’m familiar with her work.

              1. Should we get Vivien Leigh’s ashes together and put on a red dress?

                1. Well, I don’t really have the legs for dresses. More kilt legs.

  34. A google search turns up plenty of places, other than amazon, to buy confederate flags. I don’t think such flags will be going out of style soon; in fact, current rage against them will probably lead to even more non-re-enactors waving them as a FY.

    1. That’s me. I had zero Confederate flag stuff, but now that they’re saying it’s wrongthink to own one, I went out and bought a T-shirt.

      1. And if you *really* want to make a statement, draw a picture of You-Know-Who on that shirt.

        1. Warty?

      2. Pics when you get it.

  35. What will happen to the Wizard of Oz?

  36. Robbo,
    I’m proud of you. I clicked on 2 of the links. You have obviously been listening to the commentariat and upped your game a little. Next cocktail party drink one on me. (yes I’ll be there and you can do a body shot off my rotund belly)

    1. I don’t believe for a second that you have a rotund belly. Not bacon magic. No way.

      1. Ok, you caught meh, I am rotund. That better? I also live in fly over country, read avidly(yes that includes the bible), have the 2nd A in my house well stocked, hate commies, a longtime gamer, overpaid, and all kinds of other nonsense that would lead you to conclude that I’m a conservative…except that I am translibertarian and nuttin’ you says on the interwebz can change muh mind!

  37. This week of iconoclasm fucking sucks. Can’t we be Cathars or Franticelli?

    /Plays too much Crusader Kings 2.

  38. And Really, 2 links to Reason articles?

    1. How quickly we forget the days when all the links went to 24/7.

  39. Democrats seemed to be against it but the GOP supported it. And from what I gather, it’s NWO stuff handing trade over to international hands.

    The most reasonable explanation I have seen of the real purpose of the deal is “regulatory smoothing” (I forget where I heard that term). In other words, a back door attempt to impose “global standards” (labor, environmental, intellectual property, what have you) on the participating countries.

    1. Seems unlikely that the Senate would ratify anything like that. Or do we do that anymore? I forget.

  40. Or do we do that anymore?

    not if we can help it.
    A pen, a phone, a wink, a nod….

  41. How about getting rid of California’s Bear Flag? Symbol of violent rebellion, racism, imperialism, genocide to Native Americans and environmental destruction?

    1. Just put another head on the bear!

    2. California got rid of the bears! Shot ’em all out until the California Grizzly went extinct. Because that’s just the sort of thing Californians do! The flag represents gloating over bear extinction.

  42. **Rename PREET & BHARARA Contest, 2015**

    Considering the messy success of the ‘santorum’ renaming, let’s give ‘preet’ and ‘bharara’ the neologism treatment.

    Your entry should not necessarily be sexual, but certainly demeaning, e.g. ‘preet’ Verb. ‘to remove the stubborn hairs which remain after you wax your balls’.

    Winning entry gets a replica Warty, ahem, tool. Heck, we’ll send you the whole toolkit.

    1. bharara–the nasty sweaty funk you get under your boobs from wearing a too tight bra on a hot day.

    2. I was thinking something more along the lines of a song “Preet Bahara” to the tune of Sweet Caroline

    3. “preet” = to rub your moist genitals on someone’s sleeping face as a prank
      “bahara” = the drunken middle-aged women who will not leave at closing time

      1. “not leave the bar at closing time”

    4. preet: ball sweat

    5. Preet is short for preetinder. That almost doesn’t need a neologism, but let’s stipulate that it isn’t regarding the fun kind of pretend, and more of a persecuting hypocrite, like a modern day Pharisee. Like, a politician who puts people in jail for a decade for smoking weed while having a reputation as a major smoker in his youth is being a fucking preet.

      But Bharara should mean the rancid odor given off by unwashed balls. Like Ball Aura, ish.

    6. Preet: –

      4) Archaic Punjabi – a guest who fucks the goat of his host, without permission.

  43. No More Confederate Flags at

    So if I want to make some real money, I just need to be a black market confederate flag dealer?

    1. That will be a federal hate crime in a few years.

      1. Why wait a few years? HuffPo (and a flurry of retailers) settled this morning…

  44. Obama’s legacy will be turning around the Bushpig’s shitpile of an economy and Middle East policy.


    1. When’s that happening? Is Obama going to take off a mask and announce that he’s gutting the federal government and issuing a tax and spending moratorium?

  45. How can stand to allow America’s largest city, the State that shares it name, and the capital of that state to be named after a slavetrader who engaged in an Imperialist war with Dutch slavetraders (who introduced slavery to the Thirteen Colonies) to enslave more Africans?


  47. Also Pennsylvania is named for the guy for captured Jamaica from the Spanish during Cromwell’s time. Racist, Imperialist, Socon and a slaver too.

  48. Gmail will unveil an “undo send message” button.

    Now, if we could just get the crack HTML coder at Reason to unveil an ‘undo submit’ button.

    1. Writing a comment system in HTML would indeed be quite a feat.

      1. BLINK!

  49. Prospective intern for Hillary’s campaign is pissed at the hypocricy that she doesn’t pay her interns… ends her pretty good rant by still promising her vote for Hillary

    *pounds forehead on table*

    1. Oh, the lack of self-awareness is delicious. Battered-whatever syndrome, writ large. It’s like the snivelling religious fanatic who “offers his suffering up to Jesus” instead of asking why Jesus let that bone cancer develop in the first place.

    2. Apparently, she’s done her research and knows about Vince Foster.

      1. Dammit, Brett, you’re supposed to drop the mic and walk off stage. Do I have to do everything for you people?

  50. Do you know when you lose the argument? When you resort to calling your opponent nasty names

    EPA Chief: ‘Climate Deniers’ Aren’t Normal Human Beings

    “But in any democracy, it’s not them [Climate Change deniers] that carries [sic] the day,” McCarthy said. “It is normal human beings that haven’t put their stake into politics above science. It’s normal human beings that want us to do the right thing, and we will if you help us.”

    Later on she had to rush to the hospital to cure that big bite in her tongue.

  51. Mexico has only had 2 mass shootings? Buuuuuulllllsshhhhhiiiiiit!

    1. What? That’s not possible.

    2. True fact. And in other news, only the US an Papua New Guinea DO NOT have paid maternity leave…

      1. Not fair. The residents of Papua New Guinea are cannibals. They don’t need maternity leave, just time for dinner.

  52. I’m already boycotting Amazon for collecting GA sales tax. A second boycott should be easy.

    1. Yeah, after they opened up a distribution center in state here the sales tax made them more pricey than out-of-state companies that don’t collect it and I order from them far less. It’s too bad because their customer service is actually really good if something goes wrong.

      1. Amazon’s decision to collect GA sales tax wasn’t based on a distribution center.

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