Gmail Invents 'Undo Send,' KFC Did Not Serve Fried Rat, No More Confederate Flags at P.M. Links


  • Spiral

    Gmail will unveil an "undo send message" button.

  • The KFC customer who claimed he had been served fried rat was wrong: lab tests confirmed the meat was chicken after all.
  • Politifact rates President Obama's claims that other countries don't experience mass killings at nearly the same frequency as the U.S. "mostly false."
  • "Chicken After All" would make a great album name, by the way.
  • Politico thinks it's weird that The Washington Post is against the Confederate flag flying at the South Carolina state capitol, but WaPost owner Jeff Bezos won't change policy to ban sales of the flag. Obviously, there is nothing contradictory about this: one is state-sponsorship, the other is private person-to-person sales.
  • But Bezos changed his mind anyway.
  • Rand Paul backs Nikki Haley on the flag.
  • LA schools are the worst, Chapter 974.
  • "Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral," writes Gawker, in abject defense of said shame spiral.

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