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Donald Trump Polling Very Well in New Hampshire (Don't Panic!)


TV personality and real estate something or other Donald Trump, the buzziest of GOP presidential candidates, is already in one New Hampshire Suffolk University poll in second place with 11 percent, behind Jeb Bush at 14.

As I was reminded by my colleague Stephanie Slade this morning, fresh-to-the-field candidates tend to poll unnaturally well and it usually doesn't end up meaning anything. So don't be too alarmed.

I'll confess I've been taking the idea of his candidacy as merely an amusing bagatelle, best symbolized by the news that he'd paid (very poorly) people to attend his announcement and cheer. His opening speech as a candidate seemed more a collection of pet peeves and freewheeling vaunting (of self and nation) than something exhibiting coherent political intelligence.

That said, though, nearly a handful of reasonably savvy political types I've heard from this week seem to believe he'll really be a player. I'm anticipating more of a Herman Cain; brash and folksy in his way and of genuine appeal to vaguely dissatisfied cranky folk who want "something different" but who crashes and burns very early when votes are cast. But I may well have no idea what I'm talking about, naturally.

In other Trump news and commentary:

• As I argued in my Trump campaign announcement, no one should make much ideological or political about the fact that a wealthy businessman feels it necessary to give to lots of politicians of both parties, as Trump told conservative radio host Howie Carr.

 • Carl Cannon at Real Clear Politics, in a piece not entirely dismissive, pins Trump's style as "if you were watching a little boy in a man's body just blurt out any random thought that came into his head."

 • Kevin Williamson at National Review with the scabrous serious conservative movement take on Trump's candidacy: 

Whatever Trump's appeal is to the Right's populist elements, it isn't policy. He is a tax-happy crony capitalist who is hostile to free trade but very enthusiastic about using state violence to homejack private citizens — he backed the Kelo decision "100 percent" and has tried to use eminent domain in the service of his own empire of vulgarity — and generally has about as much command of the issues as the average sophomore at a not especially good college, which is what he was (sorry, Fordham) until his family connections got him into Penn. The value of speaking one's mind depends heavily on the mind in question, and Trump's is second-rate.

If it's not the issues, it's certainly not the record of the man himself. Never mind that he's a crony capitalist, he's not even an especially good crony capitalist: The casino racket is protected from competition by a strict cartel-oriented licensing regime, but Trump, being the type of businessman who could bankrupt a mint, managed to be the biggest loser in Atlantic City, which is no small feat…

"But he speaks his mind!" shout the Trumpkins. Indeed, he does, in a practically stream-of-consciousness fashion: His announcement speech was like Finnegans Wake as reimagined by an unlettered person with a short attention span. The value of speaking one's mind depends heavily on the mind in question, and Trump's is second-rate. "He's the candidate who will take the fight to Hillary!" protest the Trumpkins. Maybe, maybe not: He is on record as a supporter of Herself, and he's not on record as a presidential candidate, having not bothered to file the FEC paperwork making his candidacy official. "He'll build a wall on the border and make the Mexicans pay for it!" Unlikely, but even if he did, half of illegal immigrants arrive not on the banks of the Rio Grande but in the airports. Trumpkins: "He'll show the political elites who's boss!" They already know, because they already own him: You don't get into Trump's game without being a creature of the ruling class. Neither casino licenses nor Manhattan building permits find their way into the hands of the unconnected, in this case the heir to — not the creator of — a New York City real-estate empire.

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  1. I thought polling was illegal now.

    1. Trump hasn’t yet built his great wall to keep the illegal pollsters out.

  2. His opening speech as a candidate seemed more a collection of pet peeves and freewheeling vaunting (of self and nation) than something exhibiting coherent political intelligence.

    So typical politician…

    genuine appeal to vaguely dissatisfied cranky folk who want “something different” but who crashes and burns very early when votes are cast.

    I didn’t know Trump was a libertarian…

    1. That description applies equally well to the Socialists, the Green, America’s Party parties as it does to the (L)ibertarian Party.

      And, by Christ!, there’s *four* fething openly socialist parties this time around. *AND* a ‘Prohibition Party.

  3. I’ll confess I’ve been taking the idea of his candidacy as merely an amusing bagatelle

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Trump feels the same way. This is a publicity stunt designed to keep him relevant in the eyes of whatever kind of executive signs off on Celebrity Apprentice.

    1. I’d like to know where one can buy amusing bagels

      1. *Bagatelle* – you get those in french bakeries.

    2. Trump, if what we’ve been told about his finances are correct (which is up for debate), likely has enough money to outright buy this election. I’ll say it’s for real when he actually dumps a couple billion into his own war chest.

      1. He claims $8 billion in assets but never mentioned his liabilities.

        1. Well, given that my assets are orders of magnitude lower BUT my liabilities are “what do I want for dinner and should I get fancy beer?”, I am potentially worth more than Donald Trump. Wow, Buttplug, you just made me feel good about myself.

          1. Everything shrike types makes me feel good about myself. Watching him troll is like watching TV’s Cops, it reminds you how much better off you are than others.

            1. Can’t have anyone stray off the GOP plantation, can you?

            2. But whatcha gonna do when they come for *you*?

  4. Honest question: where does his money come from? He seems amazingly good at losing it, but he’s still rich. I guess he inherited some real estate empire, but is he really just living off those returns?

    1. Make money through a business, business goes down the tubes, make business declare bankruptcy after individual owning business reaps profit. It has a certain simple, jaded beauty to it….

      1. I can see that working once, maybe twice before people catch on. I can’t believe Donald Trump has such a good sales pitch to keep that racket going for too long, though. Wikipedia isn’t all that helpful. Maybe he isn’t as bad a business person as everyone makes him out to be.

        1. Maybe he isn’t as bad a business person as everyone makes him out to be.

          He’s not. But he’s also not anywhere near as good a businessman as he thinks he is or his public image portrays.

          He is good, however, at *looking* like a sound businessman and getting not-so-smart investors to fork over cash.

    2. He inherited a real estate empire, but to his credit he did take what his dad left him and massively expanded it. But it is very highly leveraged, and some of those deals didn’t pay off. So he went from riches to super riches to bankruptcy to super riches again.

      1. He didn’t really massively expand it, though. He just made it a lot more visible. The family money really comes from the father, who made a fortune in middle class housing in Brooklyn and Queens.

    3. His dad made a lot of money.

  5. He bought out some winery near Charlottesville that was going under due to the ineptitude* of its former owner, the widow of John Kluge. So I guess terrible business people that don’t generate their own wealth like to stick together.

    I’ve never even seen the wine in the store. I’m not sure they actually make wine. As far as I know it might just be an excuse to put his name on something else.

    ** She also thought it would be a good idea to open a high end wine bar/bistro/gas station. I kid you not. It was called Fuel Co and it’s gas was more expensive. She also refused to sell the building after it inevitably went under until she could find the “right kind” of business to sell it to. Come to think of it, I can’t prove that Patricia Kluge isn’t Donald Trump in drag.

  6. The value of speaking one’s mind depends heavily on the mind in question, and Trump’s is second-rate.

    A sentence so good, it was placed twice inside the blockquotes!

  7. He’s a fiscally incontinent buffoon who struts around making an ass of himself. Who is better suited to be a President? I personally would enjoy the spectacle of Trump Force One landing on a solid gold runway and President Donald lumbering down the steps to the tune of “Hail To The Trump.”

    1. If we elect Trump, then there is no doubt our journey to idiocracy will be complete and his successor will be Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

      1. Shit. I know shit’s bad right now with all that starvin’ bullshit. And the dust storms. And we runnin’ out of French Fries and burrito coverings. But I got a solution.

    2. Uuuh…… “fiscally” refers to bookkeeping calanders and cycles not financial or monetary operations.

      Just saying.

      It’s always cool to know what you are talking about when you criticize someone else.

    3. +1, Trumpelstilitskin…

    1. Sqlrs!

    2. Whoa it’s AnnonBot. I thought my bosses had wiped your kind out

      1. He is the one that the federal prosecutors were really after.

        1. Well they need to get in line. We’ve got bombardment cannons aimed at that IP address. Behold what a real gag order looks like…FROM SPACE

      2. The only way to destroy anonbot is to completely destroy all network capable devices and, only once that is done, rebuild the manufacturing base from scratch.

        To do otherwise is to risk re-infection. Anonbot does not reside in one machine on a network, Anonbot *is* the network.

  8. Panned by National Review and Reason both? Suddenly, I’m interested.

  9. Donald Trump may be the man America needs. Having been through four bankruptcies, the ridiculous buffoon with the worst taste since Caligula is uniquely positioned to lead the most indebted organization in the history of the human race.
    I have a theory about Trump and his delusions, based, I’ll admit, on pure superstition. There’s an ancient belief, one that persists into our own time, that our names exert occult influence on our lives. And Trump’s name, while potentially comical ? “Don-John” ? doesn’t offer much in the way of scrying. But his father’s middle name was ? true fact ? Christ. Fred Christ. Obama’s arrival was announced by a man called Emanuel, but The Donald was brought into this world by Christ himself ? Fred Christ. How could a man like that not have a messiah complex?” ?Kevin Williamson, June 16

  10. Trump will really spice up the GOP debates – give him that.

    He is like a Rudy Guiliani on acid.

    1. I prefer to think of AC as Rudy Giuliani on acid.

  11. Damn these small tree-dwelling floof-tailed mammals!

  12. Pretty sad to think that Rand Paul is tied for seventh place at 4% and Donald Trump is in second at 11% in supposedly one of the most libertarian states in the country. Granted, it’s just one poll, but still.

    1. Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.

      1. How do you know about your mom’s mons pubis tattoo?

        1. You think she was able to design the website and get linked on all the various pr0n site review places all by herself?

        2. Well played

    2. supposedly one of the most libertarian states in the country

      Tallest midget…

      There’s also the fact that while a lot of people in the abstract may like the idea of reducing the size of government when it comes to actually doing it, that is another matter. That requires supporting actual politicians with actual proposals.

  13. Things are getting a bit hairy in New Hampshire.

    1. I submit that if we removed the “New Hamp” portion of the state name and reduced it to merely “The Shire”, Rand would be a lock to win the state, what with his hobbit like stature and eerily similar hair to Elijah Woods’ Frodo.

      1. I have never watched Lord of the Rings (something I am proud of, you nerds), but I like your proposal. For all the “live free and die shit,” New Hampshire seems to not be that into liberty.

        1. IIRC, it’s “Live Free *or* Die”; “Live Free and *Diet*”.

          1. Rich, I am not very smart.

            1. Yes, you are, Crusty. I believe A C has pointed that out on several occasions.

              1. Thanks, Rich. AC and I should get an apartment together; he gets me.

                1. Careful what you wish for. It seems he has cosmic connections.

          1. Pocket knives are scary.

          2. It is illegal for a person who has been convicted of a felony … to possess a … knife considered to be a deadly weapon

            *** facepalm ***

            1. The term “deadly weapon” has a specific legal meaning in this context.

        2. “I have never watched Lord of the Rings (something I am proud of, you nerds)”

          You’re saying you only read the books?

        3. “Live free” good.
          “Die shit” bad.
          Agree, Steve Smith?

  14. The Donald will never be The President.

    1. If it is The Donald vs The Hillary I am going to buy stock in every alcohol company I can; America will finally have thrown in the towel.

      1. And if The Hillary ***choke***gasp*** … WINS?

        1. When he said every alcohol company, I assume he was including Johnson & Johnson, makers of rubbing alcohol.

          Should Hillary ascend to POTUS, I will be beer bonging that shit.

          1. Hey, I just learned that if you pour wood alcohol through a loaf of bread, you can drink it.

            And no, it wasn’t from the internet!

            1. Nobody ever said you couldn’t drink it. The problem is what happens afterwards.

              1. The problem is what happens afterwards.

                If you try to make toast from slices of your bread filter, the toast tends to explode in flames?

              2. Exactly. Apparently this was why we lost the Korean War.

                1. Kim Jong Un nods, mandates methanol toast as the anti-capitalist Breakfast of Champions.

        2. As a good pessimist I figure she is already going to win. With all of the things she and her husband have done she is still going to be the democratic nomination (Bill was spending time in Pedo Island!!). So, I figure alcohol will be the best cure. Or drugs. You know, the usual.

  15. Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are the only two GOP candidates I can see Hillary beating. So naturally they are the top two candidates in one of the early critical primary states. It’s not the stupid party for no reason.

  16. I think there’s a legitimate libertarian case for Trump. Seriously, hear me out:

    1) He’ll be strong on national security. The man is hyper-sensitive and unpredictable. No nation will want to risk offending him, lest they get blown off the map.

    2) He’ll be above outside pressure because, in his own words, he’s too rich to care about donors. I kinda believe him on this one.

    3) He will draw such ire from both political parties that there might be an actual bipartisan effort to scale back the power of the Executive branch and create a more balanced government.

    1. No nation will want to risk offending him, lest they get blown off the map.

      “You’re fired — NUCLEAR fired!”

      Seriously, those are all fairly good points.

        1. Oh, that was Ivanka. I guess it doesn’t matter, but this is the wife.

          1. All I’m seeing is a 5 that’s had some work done.

        2. Oh, that was Ivanka. I guess it doesn’t matter, but this is the wife.

    2. he’s too rich to care about donors

      So was Bloomberg.

  17. Also, it should perhaps be noted that, despite declaring his candidacy, Trump still hasn’t filed with the FEC. And he won’t, because the asset disclosures will reveal that he, in fact, is not worth $9 billion

    1. Donald Trump released an official declaration of candidacy for president Monday, nearly a week after the Republican presidential contender first announced he would seek the nomination.

      Mr. Trump’s campaign released a one-page form that stated the real estate developer and television personality would seek a presidential run as a Republican. The form was stamped by the Federal Election Commission Monday afternoon.…..offficial/

    2. That was the catch for Howard A. Stern.

  18. In what world is “polling at 11%” equivalent to “polling very well”?

    Wake me when someone breaks 30%.

    1. No one will until way later into primary season.

      1. Yes, exactly. Right now you might as well be looking at tea leaves.

        “Trump is polling ‘very well’! A mere 89% of people surveyed preferred someone else”.

        How slow does a news day have to be before that counts as news?

        1. “How slow does a news day have to be before that counts as news?”

          Well, the Greek Poobahs finally admitted to the Euro Poobahs that they had to piss off the Greek voters since the Euro Poobahs said they didn’t have any fuchsia unicorns. So now, everything is OK until it isn’t again or the Greeks riot over those damn PURPLE unicorns!
          “Greece debt crisis: Alexis Tsipras faces Athens backlash over concessions”
          (there is a woman directly below the headline that you would NOT want angry at you!)

          And most of the ball clubs had the day off while Brady went before the NFL Poobahs to say he was sorry, he didn’t do it, and he won’t do it again (unless a ‘big game’ [can I use that phrase] is on the line).
          How’s by you?

  19. Libertarian Moment!

  20. I’m pretty sure Donald Trump is a character out of a Sinclair Lewis novel. Can’t remember if he was called Elmer Gantry or Buzz Windrip in the book, though.

  21. Donald Trump is a clownish buffoon and not to be taken seriously. That said, I hope he beats Rand Paul like a rented mule in the GOP primary. Donald Trump is exactly what the Republican brand needs.

    1. Libertarian Moment! Unless you assume the Republicans will have backbone on this issue.

  22. Trump vsSanders. Can you imagine the debate??

    1. TRUMP: “I can’t believe I’m debating someone who makes *me* look good!”

    2. It would be like watching two Turds debating who is KING of the toilet bowl.

    3. Better than Hillary vs. Jeb

  23. Neither Sanders nor Trump will win, but let’s not ignore the viability of their “America first” populism. Trump always insist that we’ve stopped building things here, and Sanders is an outspoken critic of outsourcing.

    Remember the outrage at Disney and Edison replacing small part of their workforce with guest workers?

  24. Those working for Trump’s campaign are feeling chipper after hearing this news.

  25. Don’t be caught off guard (like I was) when your proggie friends try to shove this in your face:

    “The leader of a white supremacist group that apparently influenced Dylann Roof, the suspect in the killing of nine African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church last week, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican campaigns, including those of 2016 presidential contenders such as Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul, records show….

    Mr. Cruz, a Texas senator, said Sunday night that he would be returning about $8,500 in donations that he had received from the Texas donor, Earl Holt III, who lists himself as president of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

    “We just learned this evening that Mr. Holt had contributed to the campaign,” a spokesman for the Cruz campaign said in an email to The New York Times. “We will be immediately refunding all those donations.”

    “Mr. Paul’s campaign said Monday that it planned to send $2,250 received from Mr. Holt to a victims’ fund set up in the wake of the shooting.”……html?_r=0

    All I could come up with when he said this was, “gosh, I’m shocked that their nonprofit foundations received so much money from Saudi Arabia, which is the Ku Klux Klan of the Arab world!”

    When I explained that I was referring to Hillary, he said that was *totally different.*

    1. [ignore the ellipses between the first and second paragraphs]

    2. It’s been said he pronounces his name Dai-Lawn

  26. IMO. Voting for Trump is like voting for that cranky old boss that never listens to a thing you say, and is a detriment to the business you work in.

    1. Sort of like Hinh. =D

  27. Arkansas Attorney General, 1976
    Bill Clinton (D) – elected unopposed

    So does this mean Hillary should withdraw because of the horrible legacy of the Confederacy and Segregation?

    1. One would hope. People have short memories though.

  28. Song of the day.

    I mean, it’s no Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutche Band, but it’ll do.

  29. Deforest Kelley played a Confederate soldier in Raintree County. Should Star Trek be banned? Should Karl Urban be put to death?

    1. He got the electric chair in Illegal, so it’s OK.

  30. Shit, no wonder Rhodesia lost the war, with an anthem with lyrics this lame, and the tune ripped off the Ode to Joy:

  31. Race War!

    “I’m a Good Ol’ Rebel”


    “F___ ‘Em”

  32. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

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