Third Annual Executive Branch Review Conference

|The Volokh Conspiracy |

On Thursday, I'll be in Washington, D.C. to speak at the Federalist Society's Third Annual Executive Branch Review conference.. This year's conference will focus on the role Congress should play in controlling or disciplining the regulatory state. Speakers will include academics (Columbia's Gillian Metzger, BU's Jack Beerman, UVA's Michael Livermore, GMU's Neomi Rao, NYU's Sally Katzen), representatives from interest groups and policy shops (NRDC's David Doniger, PLF's Todd Gaziano, Club for Growth's David McIntosh, IJ's Clark Neily, EPPC's Ed Whelan) and practicing attorneys (Boyden Gray, Eugene Scalia, Adam White, Michael Bopp, Mark DeLaquil), and others. Among the likely highlights are a keynote address by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and a panel/debate on whether federal laws should enjoy a presumption of constitutionality. Registration information is available here.