Neil Peart: Rand Paul 'hates women and brown people'

Rush's famously Ayn Rand-inspired drummer/lyricist will only vote Democrat, because health care and compassion


If you choose not to decide, you still have made…the wrong choice because you should totally vote for Hillary Clinton? ||| Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone

The Canadian prog-rock trio Rush has always held a special place in many libertarian hearts, largely due to drummer/lyricist Neil Peart's fondness for individualist themes (the band had an early song called "Anthem," fer chrissakes). FreedomWorks honcho Matt Kibbe became a libertarian after hearing Rush's Ayn Rand-inspired 2112. You can read a Scott Bullock (of Institute for Justice fame) interview with Peart in this 1997 edition of Liberty. The magazine whose website you are reading ran an effusive and nerdy letter praising the band—"Rush is a living example of what a group of people can do if they continually apply and uphold the principles that they believe in"—back in 1986.

So I imagine that some fans may be distressed to learn that, according to this excellent new Rolling Stone profile of the band, Peart's self-described "bleeding-heart libertarian" tendencies include automatically voting Democrat, and sending cease-and-desist letters to an allegedly racist Rand Paul:

Rush's earlier musical take on Rand, 1975's unimaginatively titled "Anthem," is more problematic [than 2112], railing against the kind of generosity that Peart now routinely practices: "Begging hands and bleeding hearts will/Only cry out for more." And "The Trees," an allegorical power ballad about maples dooming a forest by agitating for "equal rights" with lofty oaks, was strident enough to convince a young Rand Paul that he had finally found a right-wing rock band.

Peart outgrew his Ayn Rand phase years ago, and now describes himself as a "bleeding-heart libertarian," citing his trips to Africa as transformative. He claims to stand by the message of "The Trees," but other than that, his bleeding-heart side seems dominant. Peart just became a U.S. citizen, and he is unlikely to vote for Rand Paul, or any Republican. Peart says that it's "very obvious" that Paul "hates women and brown people" — and Rush sent a cease-and-desist order to get Paul to stop quoting "The Trees" in his speeches.

"For a person of my sensibility, you're only left with the Democratic party," says Peart, who also calls George W. Bush "an instrument of evil." "If you're a compassionate person at all. The whole health-care thing — denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?"

Thus proving once again that politics and music are like bourbon and vodka—generally a bad idea to mix, especially on those rare occasions when they seem to taste great together.

I care very little about the strange politics of millionaire rock stars, or the strange musical tastes of powerful politicians, though I do think Peart's wrong in everything he asserts here about Paul. And as ever, Alex Lifeson emerges as the true hero of the piece, which I encourage even my fellow non-Peart fans to read in full.

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  1. What a dick.

    1. Still not as much a dick as Nyarlathotep.

    2. "What a dick."

      How about film director David Lynch? He also is a Libertarian who votes for Democrats. He also paints and meditates.

      1. Lynch is a blatherskite and a bit of a chucklehead.

        1. The Europeans appreciate his work.

          1. Europeans thought Jerry Lewis was pure genius.

            1. "Europeans thought Jerry Lewis was pure genius."

              You've never seen "The Ladies Man?" I think that's the film that caught the imagination of the French New Wavers, and it's pretty impressive.

              1. "caught the imagination of the French New Wavers"
                Seems more like something to be ashamed of than an accomplishment.

                1. "Seems more like something to be ashamed"

                  Watch the Ladies Man, his second directed feature. Forget the French ever saw him if that makes you uncomfortable.

        2. Silly me, I thought he was full metal chucklehead with a touch of blatherskite.

  2. Christian compassion: giving your money to the sick and the poor.

    Not Christian compassion: Voting for politicians who will take money from other people and give (some of) it to the sick and the poor.

    1. Greed: wanting to keep that which belongs to you.

      Altruism: giving away that which belongs to someone else.

    2. Taking others' money by force and giving some of it to people that the government deems worthy while demonizing and robbing those who have dared to earn too much money is a "compassionate, charitable society of brotherly love".

      Letting people voluntarily cooperate, engage in mutually beneficial transactions, and do as they please provided that nobody else is harmed is "rugged, cruel, dog-eat-dog individualism".

  3. "Randy doesn't wear shirts, Mr. Lifeson. That's just the way it is."

    1. Really great use of a celebrity guest.

    2. I LOL'ed

  4. I take my political cues from the only Canadian musician who matters: Alanis Morissette.

    1. Isn't that ironic...

      1. You oughta know...

        1. What is that hand really doing in your pocket?

          1. The same thing the judge's hand is doing under his robe.

    2. Matthew Good?

    3. Hailing from Montreal, it's The Nils: Wicked Politician


    4. Not Celine Deon?

    5. not Cryptopsy?

      1. Only None So Vile, maybe Blapsphemy

    6. The Guess Who. Everyone else pales by comparison

      "American Woman"

      1. I prefer the tender funk of "These Eyes"

    7. There is something about hirsute Canadian women that screams political cues.

      1. Not even close...Neil Young.

        1. We don't need him around anyhow.


  5. Priests of Syrinx / Hillary 2016

    1. Nice!

  6. In fairness, this is Rolling Stone. How do we even know for sure they interviewed Neil Peart? Isn't it equally likely they wrongfully attributed quotes they overheard at a Buffalo, NY bus stop?

    1. Especially that part where he is claiming to have been raped by frat boys.

      1. "Grab it's fucking cymbal!"

        1. I just blurted out "oh shit" here at work when I read that.

      2. very funny!

  7. Meh. Whatevs.

  8. You just had to open your mouth and ruin Rush for me, didn't you? Thanks a lot Neil, you dick.

    1. Rushed stopped being relevant in the early 90s.

      1. Rush stopped being relevant with "The Big Money". A tuneless piece of crap, which every Rush record has been since.

        1. "Peart outgrew his Ayn Rand phase years ago, and now describes himself as a "bleeding-heart libertarian," citing his trips to Africa as transformative."

          I don't know how a trip to Africa would make you more pro-government everything/take other people's money. If anything, with Africa's horrendous history with dictators, you'd think Pert would be even more libertarian than before.

          1. True. The only thing keeping Africans poor is their governments/lack thereof. Criminently, they're swimming in diamonds and precious minerals.

      2. All I want from entertainers is for them to be entertaining. As soon as they start blabbering about their views or beliefs concerning anything whatsoever all entertainment value comes to a screeching halt.

        1. +1 Chrissie Hynde

  9. Libertarian Moment: Over

    1. Vince Vaughn brought it back, Cupcake

  10. "Peart outgrew his Ayn Rand phase years ago, and now describes himself as a "bleeding-heart libertarian," citing his trips to Africa as transformative."

    So his trips to a continent filled with authoritarian governments and warlords convinced him that coercive force isn't all bad?

    I don't think he really understood the lessons the continent of Africa was attempting to teach him. At the very least any trips to Zimbabwe ought to have convinced him of the importance of sound money.

    1. Maybe he visited Somalia and became convinced of the unworkability of libertarianism.

      1. The funny thing about that whole meme is that life in anarchic hell hole Somalia is demonstrably superior to life in the preceding socialist utopia Somalia.

        1. I just love it that so many people's go-to example of the unworkability of libertarianism is a failed socialist state.

        2. Actually the funniest thing about that meme is that it has been going on for 20 years - and libertarians are still so freaking politically clueless that they can't come up with an alternative place. Not a small state in the US or a canton or even a freaking dog kennel somewhere.

          Has nothing to do with libertarian ideology. Has everything to do with the incompetence of libertarians at even being elected dogcatcher anywhere. Like it or not - an ideology's practicality is more important than whether it works in books.

          1. You're asserting that the only factor in Somalia's sorry state is it's lack of government. You're also asserting that because few libertarians get elected, that means it's an unsound political ideology. Both of these assertions are nothing but assumptions. I would argue that using the term "working" is misplaced. If by work you mean a government interfering in people's lives as much as possible, then yes libertarianism doesn't work very well. A libertarian dog kennel...what politics should dogs espouse?

          2. I think that says more about politics than it does about libertarianism.

          3. It's kind of hard to get elected when you don't like telling other people what to do.

        3. um hmm

      2. I guess you didn't read Doherty's last piece on Somalia?

      3. Roadz! In all seriousness, I was at a work conference and actually had someone bring up Somalia as an example of the failures of libertarianism. I was floored. I didn't think that this sort of thing happened in the real world.

        1. It's like seeing Bigfoot.

          Even if it happens, no one will believe you.

      4. The fuck head just hasn't been taxed and nannied enough.

        He'll be back, begging us to forgive him his trespasses, once the Tax Man grabs him by his short and curlies

    2. He's not a "bleeding heart libertarian". He's just another progtard.

      1. Yeah, a bleeding heart libertarian is one who empties his own bank account to help people.

        I don't think that's what Neal has done, somehow.

        1. When I think Bleeding Heart Libertarian, I think "Whole Foods".

        2. Like "Libertarian Socialist." Basically it means, what, that you're a socialist who's ok with butt sex? Yay.

          1. And drugs. Buttsex is always better with drugs.

            1. are Mexicans optional or required?

    3. I don't think he really understood the lessons the continent of Africa was attempting to teach him. At the very least any trips to Zimbabwe ought to have convinced him of the importance of sound money.

      You'd also think he would see how massive foreign aid is wasted and apply the same lesson locally with forced taking in the name of charity.

    4. "a continent filled with authoritarian governments"

      Says the guy who knows nothing of Africa except for what his TV tells him.



        Man, mtrueman, I know you're a Chavez worshiper, but it's really shocking to see you when you're in your element. So what exactly would you call Mugabe's government or Qaddafi's government before he was overthrown or the multiple consecutive authoritarian governments in Egypt or Ethiopia's government or Liberia or....I mean, I can go on. There are virtually no countries in Africa that are classified as 'free' by any watchdog organization, so clearly you're the one who knows nothing about the subjects you're constantly babbling about.

        You are the dumbest human being to ever comment on this website and I know Tony.

        1. Africa's a surprisingly big place and the purview of these lousy governments is limited to the big cities essentially. It's not like the USA.

          Thanks for your appreciation. I'm glad you're not put off by my lying and evility.

        2. You are the dumbest human being to ever comment on this website and I know Tony.

          LULZ OTF

        3. The "and I know Tony" was especially cruel and heartless. Although possibly correct.

      2. That has to be the stupidest thing you've posted, amongst an embarrassment of riches.

        1. Says the guy who knows nothing of Africa except for what his TV tells him.

          1. My TV stopped talking to me so I threw it out the window. The fridge, however, has interesting things to say about the dishwasher.

          2. My TV stopped talking to me so I threw it out the window. The fridge, however, has interesting things to say about the dishwasher.

          3. Why should I believe what the television is informing me about Africa is wrong? Are those thousands of African corpses washing up on Italian beaches just stage props? That news and the associated reports about hundreds of thousands of others trying to flee tell me what a hell hole that continent is.

            1. You don't think you'd get a better picture of what's going on there by going there and having a look for yourself? You think you're better served by seeing what editors think you should see?

    5. My thoughts exactly. I really think that, when he lost his daughter and his wife, he lost his courage. Understandable to some extent. That's pretty tragic.

      Unfortunate that he doesn't understand the complete irony of it all. He drives around in nearly $1million vehicles, gives pocket money to homeless (stats have shown that's a bad idea 94% of the time), owns $millions home, owns a warehouse (in LA, you know that's $millions too), and doesn't do anything impacting those homeless. Like I said... he lost his courage.

    6. Maybe he converted to Elizabeth Warrenism, where you don't take on crony capitalism but construct a parallel force to compete with it.

    7. " Rush sent a cease-and-desist order to get Paul to stop quoting "The Trees" in his speeches."

      There are apparently many things Peart does not understand.

      Including Fair Use.

  11. Pardon me while I take this opportunity to kick Rush and Piert in particular since he has shown himself to not be the one Libertarian rock star in existence.

    Rush is a shitty band that did boring songs. They have maybe one or two songs in 30+ years of work that have any kind of pop sensibility or swing to them. In fact, the band's fate as one of the most boring in history may have been sealed when Peart joined the band. The first Rush album kind of rocks. Working Man is one of the great jam songs of all time. Then Peart showed up with his need to have sensitive lyrics and his unbelievable musical ego and everything went to shit. No longer could they just rock. No, they had to make every song serious and every song must serve as a vehicle to show how Neil Peart is the greatest drummer ever, even if doing so is as boring as watching ants fuck.

    1. I'm with you 100% here. Rush is just boring. I love overwrought bombastic godawful prog-rock and I could never get into Rush at all.

      1. I've always respected Rush's immense musical talent, but yeah...if a Rush song comes on, I go "meh". And I've tried. I've given it a shot. They're just not for me.

        1. Meh is a good word for it. Does their music make me want to rip the radio out of my car the way something like Foreigner or Boston does? No. But I never like it either. Limelght is a decent song. Force Ten kind of swings. Red Barchetta is okay I guess.

          But Tom Sawyer? God that song is boring. And I defy anyone to listen to 2112 front to back and stay awake.

          1. Foreigner?


            Those are the two bands you go for?

            Fuck, just add Journey and make it the Trifecta of Meh, John!

            1. rip the radio out of my car

              I'm thinking no. No. John does not like Foreigner or Boston.

              1. Yes. You're right.


            2. I fucking hate those two. And Journey, while a shitty band by any measure, at least has a certain guilty pleasure kitsch about them. Boston and Foreigner in contrast have no redeeming value. Neither of them ever had a song that was even okay. As bad as Styx sucks, you have to admit Blue Collar Man kind of rocks and Renegade is at sort of kind of passable ripoff of Bohemian Rhapsody.

              1. Styx is sort of a guilty pleasure. They're idiotic but catchy.

                But give me Cheap Trick any day of the week. I could listen to 'Dream Police' and 'Surrender' all day. Did I just say that out loud?

                1. I was just going to say I never got into Cheap Trick for some reason.

                2. Cheap Trick is way underrated. I love Cheap Trick.

                  1. Cheap Trick was the first live band I ever saw, opened for KISS. No one knew who they were. Say what you will about KISS, but they brought a TON of bands on tour with them who became big later.

                  2. I live in Cheap Trick's home town.

                3. Cheap Trick great. They're a great example of a band that didn't let their considerable talent overwhelm their songwriting. Duran Duran is another.

                  1. Warty,

                    The other thing about Cheap Trick is they are a great example of a band that never took themselves too seriously. They were always a fun band with fun and often funny songs and never let their success go to their heads or cause them to try and change that. They always were comfortable with who they were and never turned into douche bags trying to do "serious music".

                    1. Come to think of it, they do have that kind of vibe.

                      Their videos were good too.

                    2. The Clash are the best example I can think of of an amazing band that ruined themselves by becoming too serious. London Calling is incredible, and every album after that became worse and worse because Joe Strummer couldn't resist talking about his stupid communism.

                    3. + a hundred million billion. Dipshit politics completely ruined the greatest band in the world.

                    4. But Warty, Margret Thatcher was PM!

                      Musicians had to spout communist nonsense! It was the only way to save England!

                      Oh- that didn't do shit? Nevermind.

                      Seriously, the inability to adapt to the failure of communism and socialisn destoryed art for a generation. There were some bright lights but "serious " art was devastated by that.

                  2. Duran Duran is another.

                    The fuck?

                4. i saw Styx recently and they put on a great show. Lawrence Gowan, their keyboardist and singer, did a solo, then some piano bar stuff, ending with Bohemian Rhapsody. The audience sang along as though it was rehearsed.

                5. Saw them a few years ago. 60 year old guys shirtless with suspenders is kind of pathetic.

              2. I'm with you, John. For some reason, Sirius loves Journey.

              3. What about Night Ranger? It's like someone took Boston and filtered out any small redeeming qualities.

                1. Sister Christian oh the time has come...motoring, what's your price for flight...

                  I have the 45.

                  Add Slade to the mix why don't you?

              4. Steeeve Perry

              5. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS

            3. Ummm... I think that's the exact opposite of what John said.

          2. Oh god Boston makes me want to kill puppies. Foreigner I can handle.

            "Wait a second...is that from the '83 tour? Yeah! I saw those guys in the Meadowlands with Bryan Adams! That was a kickass show! I totally copped this feel off this passed out broad when they were playing 'Urgent'. Every time I hear 'Urgent' on the radio I think of that girl's boobs and...covered in vomit."

            1. Cold as ice and Urgent are good songs.

              I hear Adams, despite all the jokes, is pretty good live.

              Personally, I like his music.

              Na, na, na, na,na,na,na,na,na (counts na's) na, cuts like a knife!

            2. Carl made that show

              1. I can watch Carl tell the story of "Hair Metal Mountain and the Interplanetary Insanitarium" a million times and never get tired of it. So funny.

            3. I saw Boston in '79, I think it was.

              Tom Scholz stood absolutely dead still on stage. It was fine for what it was, which was moderately decent 70's stadium rock.

              No interest in hearing them today. I'll cop to listening to Journey occasionally, but Foreigner? Ugh. Kill me.

              And completely agreed on Cheap Trick. One of the 70's best rock bands.

          3. I love Subdivisions and Spirit of Radio. I like most of their stuff from that era and earlie, tho I'm no true fan or anything. I just think it's weird to dump on them where are about a million bands way worse.

            1. It's because they're so popular hereabouts.

              I have a question: Does Cytotoxic like Rush?

              1. By law, you have to like Rush in Canada.

                It's in the Charter.

                1. Is it? I'm a transplant (originally from south of the border), but I've met Canadians who outright label Rush boring...Both Quebecers and ROC people as well.

                  And what's with Peart voting in the US anyway? Isn't he going to want to help vote in Mulcair and the NDP?

                2. I've never liked Rush, and I'm Canadian.

                  I only admit this under the protective veil of anonymity.

              2. Cytotoxic is a millennial. He probably never heard about the ancient bands you old farts are talking about.

            2. Interesting. I'm among the younger posters here and didn't grow up with Rush. I've never found anything offensive about any of their songs when I hear them. And they're fun as hell to play. May I just haven't been alive long enough to learn to hate them?

              1. Some bands you can listen to them for days on end and never listen to them for one year because they sicken you.

                I get like that with Zeppelin.

                1. Agreed. Zeppelin is incredible.

        2. I enjoyed the meaningless, almost nonsensical early stuff. You know, Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta and such. After that the one trick pony seemed to be unable to even do the one trick.

    2. I actually thought of you as I was driving the other day, and paying attention to the drums on a few songs. I was thinking "This drummer really sucks. I bet John loves this band."

      1. What band was it? I know a good drummer when I hear it. It is not that Peart is a bad drummer. He is a very very skilled one. It is that he is a shitty drummer to have in a band. Peart should have gone to work for Kenny G or some other soft jazz act. Then he could have shown the world how great he in a musical environment where being boring and pretentious is expected.

        1. I don't remember. The drummer kept the beat, did a fill here and there, some accents on occasional fourth note, and that's about it. Boring. Yawn. Your kind of music.

          1. AC/DC's drummer and Charlie Watts from the Stones. "Never played a fill in their lives", they keep the beat - great drummers 🙂

            1. "Charlie Watts from the Stones. "Never played a fill in their lives", they keep the beat - great drummers :)"

              Have you heard the Charlie Watts Quintet?

        2. Overdone drumming is a great thing. But what floors me about 70s music is that so much of the pop music had it. Why? Why did normal people ever want to listen to masturbatory drum fills while they were getting high and trying to get into girls' pants? Stupid overdone musical masturbation always was for nerds, except for a brief time in the 70s. It's bizarre.

            1. I loved that album. It's so clearly a drummer's vanity project though.

              1. Can't wait for the new Nile..and they're gonna tour with Suffocation...

          1. If you're preparing to insult Bonzo, let me warn you that I will invoke my right to challenge you to a time war.

            1. Bonzo was a drunk English farmboy nerd. TIME WAR BEGIN

              1. I just killed the amoeba from which your race began. I wi--

          2. Matt air drums a lot.

          3. They didn't. That's why punk happened.

            1. The Clash copied the Ramones...

          4. "Why did normal people ever want to listen to masturbatory drum fills while they were getting high and trying to get into girls' pants?"

            normal people like whatever is popular

          5. I'll skullfuck the first of you who says a bad word about my Meytal.

            1. I would. In a heartbeat.

              Cute, drumming jewess is right in my wheelhouse.

      2. Which Rush song was it?

    3. You're just saying that because you hate women and brown people.

      1. We don't hate women and brown people. They make excellent servants.


    4. Neil Peart is the greatest drummer ever

      He nails Y Y Zed!

      1. Wait. Americans say 'zee' and Canadians 'zed', right?

        1. I say "zee" because #murica

    5. This pretty much sums up the band for me as well.

    6. You're crazy. I saw them live for the first time this year (and for the second time!) and they are exceptional musicians.

      Sure they can be long-winded but that's their style.

      After seeing them, I wish I'd have gotten into them decades ago. I can only imagine how entertaining they would have been in their prime.

      1. Agreed! I just saw them about two weeks ago or so. Last time I saw them was 92 and before that 85. It was a great concert. I took my wife, who is not a big Rush fan, and she said it was one of the greatest shows she has ever seen.

        She had an interesting observation. She said the Rush concert was the only event she has ever attended where there was no line for the women's bathroom.

        1. there was no line for the women's bathroom.

          Maybe they really are libertarian?


        2. I bought some tickets for Rush's 2004 show at Madison Square Garden off a scalper. He was warning buyers, "If you've never had your prostate examined, you're too young to see this show!"

          1. ...I'm not sure if it counted as an "exam" but it felt good.

        3. The spousal unit and I went to their Snakes and Arrows show (yes, we're both huge fans). It was awesome, but what made me laugh was that the audience was middle-aged like us, with middle-age spread and beer bellies, and teenage kids who'd obviously been dragged to the show kicking and screaming. By the end of the show they were trying desperately not to enjoy themselves.

          Now that my kids are older, though, I get it. Our parents yelled at us to turn that shit down. Our kids yell at us to turn that shit down. No appreciation for Zeppelin or Rush at all. I'm trying to convert my 12yo XX Tax Deduction to the gospel of hair bands and old R&B, but she's having none of it. I even tried Madonna. She said, "Who's that?" For her, it's all emo folk ballads all the time. 9yo XY Tax Deduction likes the Moody Blues, but he's got it on eternal loop, so I'm a little sick of it.

          Re Peart: I am going to pretend I didn't read any of that, don't know any of these things.

          1. I got my son into Soul Town on SiriusXM. He's 12.

            1. Excellent. I thought I had mine trained, then along about 6-ish she started acquiring her own musical taste. Dang it.

      2. While I'm not the biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination, I agree with sloppy. I've watched them live a couple of times and it's quite the experience. And Lifeson is an incredible guitarist. There's a lot of power coming out of three guys.

      3. It is not that they are not good musicians. They are. It is that their music is boring. Kenny G is a hell of a horn blower. That doesn't make his music any better.

        1. Do everyone a favor and stop comparing Rush to Kenny G. It just makes you look musically illiterate and retarded.

          1. The truth hurts. They are both very skilled musicians who make really boring versions of great forms of music. Rush is to rock and roll what Kenny G is to jazz.

            1. I think it's an apt comparison

            2. nice.

            3. You don't like it. I don't find it boring at all. Boringness is not an inherent quality.

            4. Uh, for all the posters referencing getting into a girls pants: You've not been very observant if you're knocking Kenny G.

          2. How about Yngwie Malmsteen or Steven Vai?

            1. Vai? Mr. Play Scales Really Fast So I'll Seem like a Great Guitarist? That guy? He sucks.

            2. Malmsteen's music was plenty boring but Vai primed and charged the greatest rock superband ever assembled.

              1. Vai pure sucking, succulent-ness...the Ur Suck.

        2. Come on, man. Boring is completely subjective. You are bored by them.

          1. I thought pop culture opinion jousting was the favorite pasttime of low IQ normals.

            They pick a subjective topic and then attack each others preferences of what is good, better, best. Or boring, whatever.

            Every time a reason comment thread descends into such inane conflict I just move on.

            It used to be circus in Roman times, but now its Lebron James and pro sports. I wonder who is gonna win the finals? Ooooh, so intriguing.

            Art is a little better, but not much. Still subjective opinion jousting.

        3. Did somebody just compare Rush to Kenny G? I think a hearing aide may be in order. Fucking rube.

        4. No, Kenny G is a shitty hornblower.

      4. I get people not being into their music--de gustibus non est disputandum--but their technical talent is profound. Peart is a great drummer, even if you don't like his style. And Lifeson is an excellent guitar player, and Lee is a fantastic base player. It's pretty much required of a three-man band that they don't suck technically.

        Rush isn't my favorite band, but I think they're pretty danged good, and I like a good number of their songs.

      5. Meh. I saw them 8 years ago, and they were ok. It didn't blow me away.

    7. So, John, you're saying that songs like "Tom Sawyer," "Limelight," "Spirit of Radio," etc don't rock. Would you mind enlightening me on some songs that you think rock so I get your definition? Include some lyrics of songs that are non-shitty, while you're at it.

      I don't think you've listened to much of their music. Peart's change in political philosophy is disappointing, but Rush is one of the greatest rock bands out there.

      1. No, those songs don't rock. Those songs all suck. They suck bad. They are absolutely souless. They completely lack the back beat and the feel that makes rock music great. And their lyrics are pretentious as well. I would rather listen to dumb meaningless lyrics than that crap.

        To give one counter example, Sympathy for the Devil has smarter and more intellectual lyrics than any song Rush ever did. The song is based on a Russian novel called the Master and Margarita. How many Rush songs were inspired by classic Russian novels and examine the relationship between Satan and the nature of evil? Oh and by the way the song is a rock song and in the recording doesn't have a rhythm guitar track. Who writes a rock song without a rhythm guitar?

        Even if your taste is Prog Rock, Rush for all of their alleged musical skills have never done a instrumental piece as long or as interesting as something like Shine on You Crazy Diamond. And the soulless dorks sure as hell never put anything like that kind of personal emotion into any of their music.

        1. I will absolutely agree that their lyrics are garbage. They always have been.

        2. "How many Rush songs were inspired by classic Russian novels"

          Anthem? 🙂

        3. Who cares about smarter more intellectual lyrics? Its fucking rock and roll.

          It's aesthetics. There is no inherent goodness in any of it except maybe recognizing the ability to play a particular instrument really well. Even that can not be a good indicator of something somebody might like.

          I love The Pixies but none of them could play worth shit.

        4. No, they lack the back beat and feel that makes you like certain rock music.

          I find most of the Rolling Stones fucking boring. But I don't go around saying that they suck or can't write songs.

          1. That is because they don't suck and can write songs. The problem with Rush is they fail at what they attempt. They want to be an intellectual prog rock band but their lyrics are not very intellectual and their musicianship isn't very interesting or progressive. They are mostly a 70s stadium rock band with a really pretentious drummer and half assed lyrics.

            1. You are probably right on the lyrics, which I thought were deep and intellectual when I was 13. But Rush doesn't suck and can write songs. Unless you have some special insight into what Rush intended to do that the rest of us don't have, I don't see how you can say that they failed. I think they do something that some people understandably aren't into for all the reasons you mention. But I think they do that thing quite well.

            2. John, your pompous know-it-alliness is well noted. Just shut the fuck up already.

        5. La Villa Strangiato is not only an amazing and substantial instrumental piece of work, it contains one of the most soulful guitar solos I have ever heard.

          1. ^

          2. Indeed. A tremendous instrumental.


      2. In rock, lyrics don't generally matter. Three chord rock still lives on.

        Some of the most enduring rock songs have lyrics that no one ever really knew.

        Take "Wild Thing" for example. Bet you know the lyrics?

        Actually, I came of age when disco was in. I HATED disco. Then, a few years back, some neighbors behind me threw a disco themed party in their backyard. I found myself singing the lyrics to every song.............and maybe even smiling once or twice. :-O

        Hate doesn't have to last a lifetime. Reaching old age tends to soften one's outlook on many things.

        1. This.

          I came of age when rap was first crossing over to white kids. I hated it with a passion. Now I kinda like it. By the same token, I listened to plenty of Pink Floyd as a teen. Now, when "Time" or "Money" comes on, I can't listen. After the one thousandth playing, they just died for me.

    8. I like Rush. I've been to a couple of their concerts. While I like that they seem to land firmly on the individual side of the individual-vs.-collective war, I don't expect Canadian rock stars to share my politics.

      One of the things I do like about Rush is that they do what the hell they want to do. That's extraordinarily rare in music. If you know anything about their history, after "Working Man" broke (which is a great song), they could've walked down "Canadian Led Zeppelin" road and been a monster band, and got a great deal of pressure to do exactly that. They certainly have the technical skills to have pulled it off. Instead, they went their own way.

    9. I'd sometimes attempt a half hearted defense of Rush. I like most of their older stuff. But I think he has earned this one if he really said Rand 'hates women and brown people'. Fuck him.

    10. When I was teenager, Rush was what real weirdos - hipster stoners - listened to. *hides Bowie and Iggy collection in closet*

      1. I was in middle school in the early 80s when they were at their height, Moving Pictures and Subdivisions and all that. They were along with Van Halen sort of the really big band for suburban white kids to listen to. They were kind of a middle ground. A band that heavy metal types who were into ACDC and Judas Priest would listen to and also more mainstream types too. They were right in the center between something like ACDC on the one side and the Cars, who were the preppy, prom queen and king kind of band.

        1. Grasshopper. You now understand marketing!

          Libertarians should know that while music parades around as art, it is predominately a business. There is a lot of money to be made off of music.

          People here are arguing Mercedes vs BMW....and missing the entire picture.

      2. I also have the Bowie collection. And the Duran Duran collection.

    11. I have never heard of Rush. And glad.

    12. ....OF SALESMEN!

    13. I'm a fan. But I will accept most criticisms that people throw at them as valid. But "shitty" really doesn't apply. Whether you like it or not, they do what they do very well.

      1. True dat. I can understand phrases like "I don't like their music" but they aren't a shitty band.

    14. I like Poopy Lungstuffing.

  12. I love how Rolling Stone uses Ayn Rand as a punchline. I wonder how often the phrase "Karl Marx phase" has appeared in its pages?

    1. It's probably appeared multiple times, such as in the sentence "Let's hope America is now entering its Karl Marx phase."

      1. Not that Ayn Rand isn't silly. But it behooves morons to assert that the idea of liberty begins and ends with Ayn Rand, because then it's easy to make it into an ad hominiem fest.

        1. Well she was libertarianism's leading theorist in the 20th century.

          1. Maybe the most notorious. Friedman and Hayek had more influence, I suspect.

            1. Of course. Just quoting that idiot from today's mourning lynx.

            2. My view exactly. I'm not sure I even view her as a strong philosophical proponent of libertarianism, not really. Just bits and pieces.

          2. Only to the uninformed. The bitch never even called herself a libertarian.

            1. In fact, she hated libertarians.

    2. "Back when Stalin was just going through his Karl Marx phase..."

      1. Rolling Stone is the website that has published articles from outright communists in the recent past.

  13. Why is it that "outgrowing" Ayn Rand often means that the person in question has become a political doofus? Given these stupid statements, Peart hasn't "outgrown" anything. He's regressed.

    1. Peart hasn't "outgrown" anything. He's regressed.

      It takes a lot of regressing to become a progressive.

      1. He's had a lot of time--he's pretty fucking old.

        1. 63 according to the fount of all knowledge.

          1. like I said, pretty fucking old.

            1. And with all the LSD-induced microstrokes he's had, his brain is effectively 136.

          2. I resemble that remark!

      2. And now he's a Christian. What a guy!

        He sounds like he'd really like John Kasich.

    2. Look, he saw some poor kids in Africa, then (as Irish noted) decided that what the world really needs is more coercive government.

      1. Funny how Bono's experiences in Africa let him to the realization that free markets are the answer.

        1. "Every time I clap my hands, another child dies in Africa...."

          *slow clap*

          "When then stop clapping yore foking hands, ya poof!"

          /drunken Glaswegian at the U2 concert

        2. And yet both bands continue to make shitty music...

          1. I did like Achtung Baby back in the day. That's the only U2 I ever really liked though. I'm totally played out on Rush.

            1. Okay, i'll concede that Achtung Baby and War were both pretty solid albums, but those were a long time ago.

              1. Actung Baby is a great record, so was War, Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree. Hell, even Pop is really interesting and has some interesting songs. They just got old. Very few bands are able to produce great records for more than about ten years. The Rolling Stones last really good record was in 1983, which was almost 20 years after their first. That is a ridiculously long time to still be producing good records. Even great bands like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd are good for maybe ten years.

                1. In Zeppelin's case they stopped because their drummer died. It's difficult to know how long they could have kept going if Bonham hadn't drank all the booze in Britain.

                2. Even great bands like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd are good for maybe ten years.

                  I don't know about that. Presence is my favorite Zep album, with Physical Graffiti close behind. Both of which were relatively late works.

                  1. But still only seven and ten years after their first. It is not that they can't produce great records into their career. In fact the ability to get better as time goes on is what makes t hem great. It is that they only stay on top for so long. Maybe Zeppelin would have been an exception like the Rolling Stones. We will never know. But they would have been an exception.

                  2. I don't know about that. Presence is my favorite Zep album, with Physical Graffiti close behind. Both of which were relatively late works.

                    Yeah, Led Zepp actually became fun to listen to after they stopped stealing everyone else's licks and giving them no credit. Their first two albums are essentially just a halfway decent cover band with a creative producer.

                  3. And here I've always favored I and II myself. The later being the first album I ever bought. Only, my father wouldn't let me play that noise in his house. 🙂

                    We used to get stoned, put headphones on and listen to the zig zag stereo imaging of "Whole Lotta Love" and think we'd experienced something that made us "cool" and "hip".

                    Interestingly enough, my grandmother could tolerate it. She said it had a "beat". And, she told me how when she was a young girl in the 1920s, her parents forbid her from listening to jazz (traditional jazz in today's nomenclature) because jass=sex.

                    Only the music has changed over the years. But the efforts to be hip and cool by young people have not. The comments here are reflective of that.

                3. Also, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds started in 1983 and they were awesome, are awesome, and shall continue to be awesome indefinitely.

                  Hell, Murder Ballads was released 13 years into their career and might be their best album. Dig Lazarus Dig is also great and that's only 5 or 6 years old. Plus, they formed a band called Grinderman which is basically just members of the Bad Seeds playing punk instead of the more eclectic musical style of the Bad Seeds, and Grinderman is also incredible.

                  1. Agreed on Nick Cave, though you're talking about a solo artist with a backing band, not a collective. Solo artists seem to be more immune to the 10 year rule than bands who write songs as a group. Bob Dylan fans say that he's still as good as ever, for example. I dunno. I never liked him in the first place.

                4. The Rolling Stones last really good record was in 1983, which was almost 20 years after their first.

                  No love for Steel Wheels, huh?

        3. It only took him 25 years to figure it out though.

        4. Because he really cares. Not that I care.

    3. This Ayn Rand = libertarian/classical liberalism thing has to be stopped.

      /prepares woodchipper.

      1. Because if you conflate her silliness with the idea of limited government, you've automatically won, I guess. Kind of like how calling someone a racist means you win the argument.

        1. It's instructive to know that Rand sneered at libertarians.

          1. I have never read anything published by Ayn Rand. I've read things about her, and I know an Objectivist or two. But I haven't read anything by Ayn Rand.

            1. I read Atlas just to be able to say that I did. Took a whole fucking year. Most of the time I'd pick the thing up, thumb forward for a convenient stopping point, see that it was fifty fucking pages away, then put it back down.

              1. She had interesting things to say, and it's hard not to see some threads of predictive power in that book for the increasingly collectivized state we have now, but I still don't find her completely coherent, nor do I think she fully understood some of the other philosophers she was basing much of her philosophy on. In fact, I think a lot of emotion distorted her viewpoints, despite her insistence on a kind of cold rationality guiding her every move.

            2. I read Anthem, because it was short. I was underwhelmed.

            3. IMHO, she was a poor writer. (And, I'm not any better by the way!)

              But, her insight into the overbearing and growing state is surprising for its time. She was sounding the alarm when most people were just taking it for granted.

            4. I just watch her movies.

      2. You're gonna need a bigger woodchipper.

    4. He's decided he has more to gain from the government tit than to lose to the government tit at this stage in his life. Happens to a lot of seniors.

      In a world with reasonable copyright, all the good Rush records would be public domain now. Thanks to government, his estate can milk that shit another 40 years.

      1. "Happens to a lot of seniors."

        Youngster. You're generalizing. I know lots of seniors that are completely and utterly fed up with government largess. Just don't ask us to give up our SS.

        Although, many of us would if that would mean that the concept was dead and gone forever. N never to return in your still young lives.

  14. I wonder if his conversion to authoritarianism will allow me to finally learn the intro to YYZ....

      1. And it's impossible.

        1. Thaaaaaat's the punchline I was looking for

        2. It's easy. It's just the letters Y-Y-Z in morse code.

          -.-- -.-- --..

    1. YYZ - by far their best song, and the one we played in our band.

      You can spend time learning in his Camp for Concentration - which teaches you how to keep your attention focused, thus improving your playing. You practice a LOT, cause "arbeit macht frei", like the old saying goes!

      1. You know who else had camps for concentration?

        1. The Not Sees so they could focus?

        2. Alex Trebek?

          /speaking of Canukastanis

  15. Hey Peart, 2 things:

    First, please show how Obama (or any Democrat president for that matter) is demonstrably less evil then Bush the Lesser.

    Second, if you think healthcare is a fucking right, you can always give up your newly minted US citizenship and go back to being Canadian, eh.

    1. That's easy. Democrats have good intentions. They are altruists who are always willing to help people with someone else's money. Rethuglicans are greedy and evil because they want people to be able to keep what they earn.

    2. And if he's going to hold up Africa as his rationale for voting D and then pillory Bush, he might want to read up a bit on W. For all his considerable foibles, Bush is widely regarded as the U.S. president to have done the most to alleviate poverty and disease on that continent.

      1. Well that just goes completely against the narrative that Republicans hate black people on any continent.

      2. So says Bono. Peart is just being a rebel.

  16. My sympathies to anyone who thinks Rush was ever good music. As for anyone who gets politics from an entertainer, well my sympathies for that too.

    1. Actually, I generally can't stand an entertainer's politics even if I love their art. And, I want them to stick to entertaining and keep their politics out of the performance I'm paying for. Although, including it within their artistry, say by lyric or action, would be tolerable, even if I don't agree with it. Just don't lecture me from the stage or speak out in the media about an issue as though your position of fame makes your opinion more valid than anyone else's. Bono. Shawn Penn. George Clooney. etc.

      At the same time, when I hear an entertainer express a refreshing, counter to the leftist mantra that is usually espoused, I find it refreshing. And I feel bad for them because I know they'll be skewered by their compatriots in the profession. Think Tom Selleck getting shellacked in an Opra interview and calling her on it in a rather low key manner.

      And, as much as the left hates Ted Nugent and I do agree that he's off the charts nutty at times, I just love that he gets their goat so easily. Touche' I say.

      But his music was never to my taste.

  17. Who knew that one of the symptoms of going senile was the random spouting of Democratic Underground talking points.

  18. Millionaire drummer lectures others about being stingy. News at 11.

    1. I wonder what the median price for a ticket to the last Rush tour was? And how much of that did he give to charity or to help others?

      1. It was about $75. And I don't recall hearing a charity announcement.

        OTOH, at The Who show this year, Daltrey made a long speech about 10% going to a foundation that helps drug addicts.

        1. I of course don't begrudge them making money. But if Peart wants to tell me how I should give up more of my money to the government, then he forfeits the right to use his money as he sees fit.

        2. Don't you love how the Mods have gone, like, full Vermont Public Television?

        3. David Crosby took up collections for his liver transplant. (kidding!)

      2. True charity is using the force of government to take away other people's money to "help" others.

  19. but the TREES, neil?? THE TREES!!??

  20. Oh dear me, Neil.

  21. I've always despised Neil Peart's lyrics, and - while he's technically a great drummer - it's always been WAY too many notes that overpowers the rest of the music.

    An article about him in Motorcyclist led me to conclude he was likely a total douchebag, as I had suspected.

    This just triples that belief. What a dickhead.

    Fuck you, Neil. Geddy Lee is the only decent thing about your band, and he's less cool since he stopped playing the Rickenbacker. Go fuck yourself, and enjoy your "free" healthcare, you fucktarded, socialist prick.

    *burns copy of Moving Pictures, their best album*

    1. I believe Geddy played the Rickenbacker on this last tour.

      1. He has risen again in my esteem.

        Good to know 🙂

        PS I have a black Rick 4001 - we call it "The Geddy Lee Model" - got it in '75 or '76. What an instrument 🙂

        1. You play any of their music?

          Dude, Alex and Geddy had fucking arsenals of guitars on tour with them.

        2. "we call it "The Geddy Lee Model"

          Lemmy rocked it before it was cool

          1. No. The very second that Lemmy first rocked it, it became cool.

    2. Too bad there wasn't a version of Rush where Geddy Lee simply played bass, maybe even throw in some keyboards. His singing is actually better now that his voice can't reach glass-shattering octaves.

      Isn't Rush simply a poor copy of Yes, anyway?

      1. Into the woodchipper with you!

        1. I can imagine Geddy Lee plodding through Subdivisions and asking Alex "Hey, you think this sounds like Rick Wakeman?"...ummm...sure, Geddy, awesome!

        2. It's not a wood-chipper, it's a Libertarian Processing Center

        1. Yes's first album is very good

      2. No, Starcastle is a poor copy of Yes.

      3. I just recently found Yes (I was backtracking looking for early prog rock since I like Mars Volta and Dream Theater) and was totally blown away by Close To The Edge. I liked Rush okay before but now it is just hard to listen to. Rush is to Prog Rock what ACDC is to plain rock.

    3. Agreed. I like Getty Lee and Alex Lifeson. And I like their first record. I really think they made a mistake letting him into the band. He is a ego maniacal douche bag.

      1. Don't ever change, John.

  22. I wonder if any of this can be attributed to Peart's personal tragedies. Losing your wife and daughter will do strange things to your head.

    And plus one on what Irish said. A trip to Africa made him more statist? Jesus, white man's burden much, Neil?

    1. The article gets into the change wrought by tragedy. It led to him being very give-y, philanthropy-wise.

      1. Supporting politicians who like to spread around wealth that isn't their own isn't what I would call philanthropy.

        1. It's more like thievanthropy.

      2. I suspect the tragedies have a lot to do with this. That kind of thing can make you a lot more "not of this world" after you live through it.

      3. Why does being give-y make you support candidates that are take-y?

  23. Dumbest comment: "The whole health-care thing ? denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?"

    Where do you even start? The false choices, and conflated factors, the.....

    You don't - you just hate Neil Peart even more than you already did, and hope someone hits him in the head with a wood chipper to knock some sense into his dumb ass..

    1. Dumbest comment: "The whole health-care thing ? denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?"

      Where do you even start?

      Asking him to personally pay for your wife's/cousin's/neighbor's cancer treatment - since he has mercy for the suffering and wants to be a good Christian doing so should be a no brainer for him.

    2. Rand Paul gives free eye exams to Guatemalans during congressional recesses.

      What a racist, heartless bastard.

      1. But the government isn't forcing him to do it, so it doesn't really count as charity.

      2. He's harvesting their eyeballs to use to make desktop monocle holders.

    3. Hatchet, ax, saw, woodchipper...

  24. I think Peart realizes that he's not the great and a large element of his success was pure dumb luck.

    Which leads him to believe that everyone's success is the result of pure dumb luck. In which case, yeah socialism is only fair - just keep your mitts off of his ill gotten gains.

    1. Many successful people suffer from that syndrome.

  25. Neil,

    You're clearly not libertarian. Not in the way I see it anyway.

    Looks like, in the end, you're just another Canadian lefty filled with all the usual pompous, presumptuous and paternalistic jargon that comes with being a progressive in North America.

    You make reference to Christian values, but to me, the more important issue is how Democrats (the Necromancers if you prefer, Neil) and like individuals and political parties like the NDP act as excessive enablers today.

    That, to me, is the most wicked thing you can do to people in need.

    /plays air guitar, sticks tongue out, lets out Bubbles groan of disappointment.

    1. Progressives like to throw Christianity in the face of conservatives as a justification for their collectivist bullshit (even though they don't believe in it themselves). Because apparently compelling someone else to help their neighbor at gunpoint is the moral equivalent to voluntarily contributing to charity yourself...or something...

      1. Well, Christianity is an interesting religion in that it's constantly contradicting its own claims, the New Testament and the Old Testament seem to have nothing to do with one another in terms of their teachings, and Jesus was constantly talking in allegories that can be interpreted however the hell you want.

        This means that Christianity can literally mean whatever you want it to mean since you can cherry pick allegories and quotations to support whatever it is you want to do. As a result, it's not hard for people to claim the Bible supports capitalism/socialism/fascism because you can just pick out particular verses that seem to support anything.

    2. Oh, go teach a man to fish or something.

  26. This handle is still okay to use, right?

    1. Moving Woodchippers would do as well.

    2. Cygnus X1 book 2- Woodchipper

  27. Never ask people in the entertainment their thoughts on politics or social issues unless you are looking for nuclear-grade stupidity.

    1. THIS ^^ time a million

      In the same vein as politicians, you're asking people who are VERY far removed from being "middle class" about issues that mostly affect... the middle class.

  28. Fuck Neil Peart. And Rush sucks. *ducks*

  29. Canadians

    Blondie died a while ago, sadly.

    1. Fuck that lead singer's hair and fuck his beard.

    2. We took out Germany in the Second Battle of Ypres.

      CANADA! /wraps self in small desk flag.

  30. I suppose Peart may have become more of a softy when he lost his child and his wife in short order. That would fuck my shit right up. But I've heard them sounding "impure" as libertarians before, anyway.

  31. Peart says that it's "very obvious" that Paul "hates women and brown people"

    What an obnoxious thing to say.

    1. and that follow up from RS asking Peart to provide evidence was spot on! Oh, wait...

    2. Peart says that it's "very obvious" that Paul "hates women and brown people"

      Because.......? Come on, Neil, fill in the blank!

      1. This.

        I can name a couple of ways in which he's openly demonstrated he might be the ONLY politician willing to enact real policy that would objectively HELP "brown" people. Even pillars in black politics (Rangel for one) have been a menace to blacks in America.

      2. Not taking is giving and not giving is taking.

        Niel has turned into Tony.

    3. He obviously pays zero attention to politics and just assumes R = warmonger and drug warrior.

      1. Well, with a very few exceptions, it typically does. What most people tend to ignore is that D = warmonger and drug warrior, as well.

    4. Yeah, no excusing that kind of ridiculous statement. Heck, even most lefties I know don't go that far with Paul. Not yet, anyway.

      1. Signal-ings.

        1. I'd blame his Canadian-ness, but I believe he converted to the one-true nation-religion.

    5. Not to mention uninformed. Rand Paul is at the forefront of the effort to return ex-convicts to the voter rolls.


  32. "For a person of my sensibility, you're only left with the Democratic party," says Peart, who also calls George W. Bush "an instrument of evil." "If you're a compassionate person at all. The whole health-care thing ? denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?"

    So for libertarianism with Peart it's Exit...Stage Left?

    1. For a person of my sensibility, you're only left with the Democratic party

      Blow to the head? On the Democrat payroll?

      I can't think of any other reason for a person to say this, since he doesn't have family for them to threaten,.

    2. What you did there, I saw it.

      This makes up for the obscene puns in the other thread, Sir Moff.

    3. Stage left is audience right, so what looks like the left to him looks like the right to us. Right?

  33. "No his mind is not for rent
    To any god or government"

    Well, Neil, then what would you call it. It's difficult to rent what one does not have.

    1. Unless you're a doctor, then your mind, body, and talent get leased out BY the government.

  34. Peart outgrew his Ayn Rand phase years ago, and now describes himself as a "bleeding-heart libertarian," citing his trips to Africa as transformative.

    Does his bleeding-heart libertarianism include giving away all his possessions to feed the poor in Africa or is he one of those many assholes that want the government to take OUR possessions (whether we're rich or not) to give to their cronies in the Charity Industry?

  35. Q: How do you know when a stage is perfectly level?

    A: The drummer is drooling from both sides of his mouth.

  36. Nothing like a good article on Rush to get the juices going here. This has the potential of hitting 10 000 comments.

    I have time as I roast Brussels Sprouts. Oh, if you insist, I cut a white onion, added olive oil, fresh lime, salt, and pepper with a sprinkle of rosemary. Then I prepare some bacon and douse them in cinnamon, brown sugar and maple syrup and bake until crispy. Cut it up and add to the sprouts and watch all the little Agile Angels dance before your eyes and in your tongue.

    1. Yeah, but Eddie in the cursing thread was so much fun until this distracted everyone.

      1. Yeah, but Eddie in the cursing thread was so much fun until this distracted everyone.

        Fun? Brutal more like it. That was a strange thread.

        *shakes head sadly*

    2. Discovering that Brussels sprouts were awesome when roasted was a culinary epiphany for me.

      1. I know, right?

        I learned that from my mother. Tired of Brussels Sprout waste she roasted them one day and POOF! We dropped our Ringolos and ate our veggies!

      2. So... roasting them tranforms them into something other than rotted vomit-spheres? Interesting.

    3. That sounds like a lot of work (and sugar... maple syrup too, huh?) for brussel sprouts.

      Heat a cast iron pan, put in some bacon fat, saute quartered brussel sprouts with red onion. Or roast them if you want to go to that much trouble. That's all they need.

      1. I'm fine just roasting them under the broiler with olive oil and some garlic. Like God intended.

        1. Oh, that's the classic, simplest, best way I concur.

          But sometimes...you know...different spins and such.

      2. Yup. I'm just drizzling the bacon with the brown sugar, and syrup not drowning it. I bake it so it dries so I cut it up and add to the sprouts.

        Not trouble at all for me. The whole thing takes, what, 15 min. to prepare?

        Because the smiles on everyone's faces is worth a thousand moving pictures.

  37. Q: What do you call a guy that hangs around with musicians?

    A: A drummer.

    1. What do you call a drummer that broke up with his girlfriend? Homeless.

      1. I met the drummer of Platinum Blonde not too long ago.

        /will someone get that person a cough drop?

  38. He claims to stand by the message of "The Trees," but other than that, his bleeding-heart side seems dominant.

    And, again, that "but" negates anything that comes before it. His whole spiel pretty much stands in opposition much of the argument his music made for years. The funny thing is that it was a Rolling Stone music critic who trashed Peart and Rush years ago for their politics. Now he's kissing the rear ends of the same people who smeared him.

    Hope those proggie boots taste good, Neil. You're going to be licking them for a long time.

  39. Disclaimer- I'm a longtime Rush fan


    A musician who turns out to be a vapid, statist fuck? Say it ain't so.

  40. I know the 70s was supposed to be a peak time for rock, but for some reason I hardly ever want to listen to anything in the genre from the decade, even though I enjoy it from other decades. Instead I listen to R&B, soul, punk, or Krautrock.

    1. Man, I still listen to Kraftwerk.

      On vinyl.

      1. NEU! or GTFO.

        1. Neue Deutsche Welle ...

          on vinyl

  41. Musicians and actors love Ayn Rand because they're narcissists, not because they're principled Objectivists. And many people who call themselves libertarians just like sex and drugs (who doesn't?), but never fully embrace or even understand the philosophy. So it shouldn't be any surprise that he liked Ayn Rand or call himself a libertarian, yet votes Democrats and supports some sort of universal health care scheme. This just shows that people misappropriate labels for themselves that appeal to their vanity rather than reflect their belief systems.

    1. called* Democrat*

    2. Pretty much that. And if you listen to what leftists actually say, especially the self proclaimed rational atheist variety, they are nothing but Objectivists but are too dumb to know it or understand the implications. Every one of them claims that reason has some a priori claim on the truth and that they can through pure reason determine what is good. That is called Objectivism. Yet they all think Ayn Rand was the Devil.

      1. She didn't invent the argument, it's important to note. I forget which Greek philosopher said we see the world as it is and which said we see our senses' interpretation of it, but the argument is at least 2500 years old.

        1. That is true. And I am not an obvectivist for a lot of reasons. I just find it hysterical that so many Leftists proudly proclaim philosophical ideas that could have been pulled straight out of Rand and then in the next breath talk about how evil she is.

      2. The difference is that Objectivists actually do know the truth by reasoning and logic. These people don't do the last two.

    3. Let me rephrase that for you...

      Musicians and actors love Ayn Rand because they're actually selfish. They vote Democratic because they've got theirs and the lesser sort needs to be less selfish and besides -- they need the subsidies. They support universal healthcare because they're selfish and want someone else to pay for their stay in ritzy drug treatment centers.

      1. I don't think many of them have the sort of intellectual chops to really flesh out a philosophy in a meaningful way. They have a very vapid understanding of Objectivism and libertarianism. When a narcissist reads Ayn Rand, I suspect all he's seeing is you're smarter, better, more creative, and you can't let others hold you back from your true potential. I don't know enough Objectivists to comment on whether that's a common thread, but I have a hard time believing that's not more a problem with actors and musicians. So, when they say "I read Ayn Rand," I roll my eyes, just like a freshman college student discovers Nietzsche and declares himself an ubermensch.

  42. Distressed? Me? Rand Paul is an anti-choice Republican. My vote is worth ten times the repeal power if I vote libertarian. Canadians do not know overmuch about US politics.

  43. I was a big Rush fan. 2112 was one of the first cassettes I bought...Neil you are a douche.

  44. Well, it seems Neil is a "David Brin- Libertarian". One who ardently believes in the freedom of the individual once everyone has food, clothes, housing, education, electricity, health, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc provided for them by the Saintly Top Men. Simply economically ignorant of how greater is made from lesser, and how differing value systems battle over limited resources.

    I don't take my cues from actors or musicians, so I've never really gotten off on Peart's "libertarianism" or thought of it as a feather in the cap. But he DID seem to get the idea of individualism, even post-Rand, and it's disappointing that he is fundamentally ignorant of economics. He is such a voracious reader (or presumably still is) so one can only wonder if Mises.org were to send him a library of materials if it might have an impact? Perhaps if he were to become a true libertarian, neither left nor right, he could end his days rationally.

    Also, I was disappointed to not find a Milwaukee date on what is likely their final tour, as Milwaukee has always been a supporter of Rush, and a few decades back they made TWO stops on the same tour. Now, fuck 'em.

  45. "Peart outgrew his Ayn Rand phase years ago"

    But the Rolling Stone staff's incessant need to cling to the anachronistic totalitarianism of Marxist dogma is legit, yo.

  46. A tad collectivist, but I'd like to apologize to Americans for the constant elitist whining of vapid Canadians about everything related to their healthcare, government, etc. while blatantly ignoring their own systems' many, many problems. The condescension mainly stems from a horribly common 'superiority complex' attitude combined with lackluster civics education (so not all that different from the American nationalism they abhor).

    Canadian nationalism. Not even once.

    1. The proggies ignore our blatant and encompassing reliance on the US for so many facets of healthcare. Without the US the system would collapse to Soviet levels.
      We actually have price controls that's how bad it is.

  47. I want to speculate that Peart was kidding. It's just too stereotypical. When asked about non-leftist politician, he speculates, with no evidence whatsoever, that he 'obviously' hates women and brown people.

    Has to be a joke. He must be making fun off typical progressive pulling of straw man out of asshole 'argumentation' technique. There's no way one can actually seriously say that about the guy. "Obviously he hates women and brown people." That just... cannot be a serious comment.

  48. "Bleeding-heart libertarianism" was always laughable at best and disgusting at worst. You can't use sentiment as the foundation for you political philosophy. Another dog brought to us by 'left-libertarianism'.

    1. Define sentiment.

      1. Define Self Ownership.

        1. Potentially useful philosophical bullshit that may or may not extend to pregnant women?

          1. You are so pathetic that you cannot get beyond abortion.

            1. For those of you that are lurkers, or readers. This is what Tony is afraid of.


              1. Tony is scared, and afraid of you. and afraid of you making your own choices. He also presumes to speak for you, like you are a scared, little helpless person, like he is.

                1. I'm not afraid of it, I am just calling it bullshit. Not all bullshit is useless, but it is just a set of simple assertions you expect me to live by--despite the fact that we are all surrounded by a modern civilization and standard of living that was built on additional principles that acknowledge the utility of shared resources and responsibilities.

                  It is you who are scared, but not of real things, of words. You engage in collective arrangements in which you are perfectly willing to give up total autonomy in favor of access to a greater good. You suck the teat of an established and largely functioning government every day you bitch about it. It is in simple terms insurance on a large scale, and it works, and it only enhances actual individual autonomy when it works well.

                  I mention that "self" is variably defined (even more strikingly at the time of the founding when it didn't include more than half the human population) because that means your little kiddie philosophy is not complete. You have to define both self and ownership. And that you tend to define ownership as requiring third-party force just like any action of government means you're picking and choosing the occasions you have to abide by your alleged principles, and doing so in a way that mirrors how a kid would if he wanted to keep his toys but hasn't learned how to care about anything else yet.

                  1. " And that you tend to define ownership as requiring third-party force "


                    It always has to do with force when dealing with scared little people like you.

  49. as a classical music fan, one of the most liberty minded songs is The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams, it is just so soaring and serene it seems to be speaking about freedom
    link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR2JlDnT2l8

  50. I'm unfamiliar with the prog rock territory but I discovered Ayreon a while back with their album 01011001. Liquid Eternity is a future dystopic parable, set in the album's grand space opera universe, but I find it very descriptive of today's world.

  51. What a maroon....

  52. I thought this piece was going to be about Limbaugh.

  53. I remember reading an article in the old Liberty magazine where they interviewed Peart back in 1997. Totally different take away from that piece. This being Rolling Stone I am somewhat skeptical,how does the old saying go - "A rolling stone gathers no facts"

  54. Yeah he makes a shit ton more sense than everyone here even if he does insist on retaining the label "libertarian."

    You guys really do treat maximum assholery as the height of political ethics. It's freakin weird!

  55. Let's not rush to judgment, Peart is just a simple working man who sings anthems to the principles he values. He's king of like Tom Sawyer, always getting into mischief. Maybe he suffers from malignant narcissism. Maybe right now he's in a weird trip in the Twilight Zone, or maybe he says dumb things when he's in the camera's eye. But he's a big wheel who's making the big money, and anyway he's nobody's hero.

    1. Using The Camera Eye to undertake Natural Science of the Vital Signs of this issue will clearly show that this is a Witch Hunt showing that libertarians were wrong in thinking they had One Little Victory in pop culture.

  56. Rolling Stone is soon running an exclusive interview with Lou Reed, who is actually alive and hanging out with Elvis in the Bermuda Triangle.

  57. Is this another case of you guys getting your hopes up falsely again? I've been a huge fan of Rush since forever and I never really saw them as anything I'd define as "libertarian". Yes, there've been a few things in their lyrics here and there which might indicate such an outlook but they're far outweighed by some pretty liberal stuff. Heck, I recall reading an interview with Lifeson in Guitar magazine where the opening blurb even refers to Rush as "always politically correct". I wouldn't go that far, but I can see why someone might think that.

  58. Are they still Canadian? If so, their political views are irrelevant. Even to Rand Paul.

    1. Whatever pays the bills. =)

  59. Liberals are very compassionate with money taken from other people.

  60. Liberals are very compassionate with money taken from other people.

  61. Does anyone really care what an aging, drug riddled, juvenile band full of self importance from England thinks about the world? No i am not talking about U2 . Rush was never that good and now they will disappear into the universe inhabited by no-bodies.

    1. Neither U2 nor Rush is from England.

      And some people apparently care enough to put them in a magazine.

      1. They've also never checked into rehab for addiction that I know of, though I believe they have smoked almost as much weed as Willie Nelson.

  62. 1: Wait, Rolling Stone actually wrote a story about a ROCK BAND? What is the world coming to? I thought they were all SJW, all the time.
    2: Is this really what Peart said? How do we know RS didn't make it up? I mean, they have zero credibility now.

  63. +

    2112 introduced me to Ayn Rand, and I have been a huge fan of both ever since. Do I agree with everything from either Ayn or Neil? No. I don't agree with everything from anyone. But on par she is my favorite writer and he is my favorite lyricist and drummer.

    If we look for 100% adherence to our beliefs, we can't enjoy any music, books, movies, etc. Joss Whedon is my favorite writer/director, Firefly is my all-time favorite TV show, love basically everything he does until he uses the dreaded "f" word: feminist. Feminism is such a damaged brand that I cringe hearing it. But I still enjoy his work.

    I understand the excitement for Rand Paul. I do. But I don't agree with his anti-choice stance and leaning too far to the evangelicals for my comfort.

    Ayn Rand had a horrible and ill-informed opinion of homosexuality.

    Neil thinks Rand Paul is a racist (love to know the context), but he also has a very low opinion of George W, one that is shared by many here.

    Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee appeared in a video trumpeting the benefits of Canada's socialized medicine over US health care. Do we shun them now, too?

    Beatles fans? If Rush: 2112 is Anthem put to music, then Lennon's Imagine is the Communist Manifesto put to music (imagine no religion, no possessions, sound familiar?). BTW,I despise The Beatles.

    We have to sometimes agree to disagree, else we'll kick and fuss and scream over every indiscretion. We need dialog, not dogma. Isn't that truly the voice of, well, Reason?

  64. See? This is what you get when you let those damnable Canucks immigrate. CLOSE THE BORDER, BUILD A WALL!

    1. Francisco. Maybe this song is more to your liking right now. =)


  65. The fact that Canada bars entry by anyone convicted of a DUI means a very sizable percentage of the brown people I know can not enter Canada. Way to hate on brown people, Neil Peart.

    1. To be honest Mr. Galt. Some parts of Canada used to have a problem with drunk drivers, (Prince Edward Island) but that was because the Mounties were too busy chasing down bootleggers avoiding liquor taxes, or patronizing the cellars of said distillers. =)

  66. "If you're a compassionate person at all. The whole health-care thing ? denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?"

    Because what's more compassionate than pointing guns at your neighbors?

    Or shaking them down for the medicine they need for their health, preventing them from purchasing from the cheapest sources and requiring that they pay a hundred dollars toll to beg to get a permission slip from a government agent to buy medicine, if he deigns to give his permission?

    And of course, the government gives everyone all the health care everyone wants for the price of wishing for it, right?

    What a nitwit. "Bleeding heart libertarian" indeed. Statist thug sounds more appropriate to me.

    Perhaps Neal would like to explain to his "fellow libertarians" how taking away everyone's health care freedom and forcing them to submit to a government empowered medical mafia demonstrates compassion or libertarianism.

    "For a person of my sensibility, you're only left with the Democratic party,"

    Totalitarian thug? Slaver?

  67. A bleeding heart libertarian is perfectly reasonable -- if he's generous with his own time and money rather than expecting the taxpayers to cash his compassion check. Anyone who likes the Democrats is inherently not at all libertarian (though he may be strongly libertine).

  68. Bernie's latest take on Neil: "Do you really need 23 distinct tones of cowbell when starving children don't get a free Galaxy 6?"

  69. I'm not surprised.

    Rush hasn't been "libertarian" in decades, to whatever extent they were.

    Since at least 1989, with Presto, they've been happily indistinguishable from Democrats, in terms of economic/welfare policy, as far as I can tell.

    1. I would say earlier, their song Subdivisions bashing the middle class and suburbs.

      1. I don't think Subdivisions bashes the middle-class and suburbia. I hear it as a song that chronicles the cycle of being bored and frustrated by it as a teenager to longing for the simplicity of it as you age.

  70. Eh! Not such a great rock and roll band anyway. Stick with The Clash.

      1. Yeah lets pursue a foreign policy like the last four Administrations. Jack you are a fraud punk. Jack you are a poser.

      2. good song. But the London Calling album was their best. Saw them in Akron. Great show. RIP Joe Strummer.

  71. This is the worst news I have heard since my dad died.

  72. While we're on the subject of music, can anyone recommend any libertarian/anarchist bands or individual songs? A friend and I are gathering music for a podcast of sorts.

  73. The Trees was the beginning of their suckdom. They rocked pretty good until then. But if Canada can't win the Stanley Cup, look for more and more of them to be bringing their collectivist views to warmer climes.

  74. Early onset dementia is a tragic thing. I will try to remember Neil Peart as the great musician he once was.


  75. And yet despite the ridiculousness of this rebuke, people here will still invoke hating/wanting to bomb "brown people" when it comes to foreign policy or immigration policy.

  76. Rand doesn't want to mindlessly arm rebels in the middle east and add millions to the welfare state somehow equates to hating brown people? Not letting a reporter run rough shot over him during an interview equates to him hating women?

  77. But apparently he is comfortable with the current Democratic president's willingness to bomb brown people not to mention assassinating his own citizens. I guess it makes sense. I saw Rush in the early 90's and they were downright terrible playing those awful songs from the presto album and playing them badly. Their politics apparently went into the dumper along with their music.

  78. Rush is my favorite band and i have seen them live 35 times most recently here in Dallas on R49 tour. Although I dont agree with the comment I would like to point out Neil is a CANADIAN and cannot vote in US elections anyway. They all live in TORONTO, CANADA

    1. As a Canadian it is hilarious when pious Canadians weigh in on American politics and make an ass of themselves.
      Usually the granolas and proggies.

  79. " the whole health care thing- denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian? " The man is a whacko! Jesus said to go do what he did. Don't shuttle your money through an inefficient government that skims off money to fund some government services employee union. That mr Peart is flat out unholy. And who the hell is 'Rush' anyway? Never heard of them.

  80. And Canadians now hate Rush.

  81. Typical leftist character assassination. Socialists don't dare speak to or even look at policy just throw out unfounded claims of racism, sexism, and any other strawman they can concoct.

  82. The single, national politician speaking out against the disparate treatment of minorities by the legal system hates brown people. Makes sense to me.

  83. Things wrong with the "hard core", Big L Libertarians. They're libertine anarchists, anything goes, everything is permissible. Their idea of foreign policy is not to have one, remove all our military from everywhere outside our borders - become isolationist.

    Isolationism doesn't work. Try leaving the rest of this world alone and eventually someone starts some shit, trying to conquer the world. Right now we *could* squash ISIS like a bug - if we'd put forth the size of effort we did in WW2.

    *This time*, should we get around to it, we must fully destroy the Nazi ideology ISIS and the rest of the radical islamists have taken to heart since Haj Amin al-Husseini cozied up to Hitler - then we let all those guys go home instead of to the gallows after the "end" of WW2.

    We're still struggling with the rotten fruits of WW2. It's never actually ended, just changed venues and antagonists.

    Nazis, Socialists, Communists, Islamists, all the thugs, dictators, tyrants and all the rest of the leftists who insist on having the populace under their feet because they can't be trusted with freedom - those are what has to be done away with. They continue to exist because of the sycophants who are too gutless to fend for themselves and think that if they suck up to the leftists who collect power to themselves, they'll get to be among the chosen - or they aspire to that top level of power where they can be dictators.

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  86. Did everyone get all their Rush-hate out of their system? Do you all feel better?

  87. the thing about having a bleeding heart is it eventually kills you.

  88. Innovative and influential drummer gets rich, older, travels the world, feels more aware, changes his mind and dislikes the philosophy of a narcissistic, terrible writer and wanna be philosopher. Gets shunned by Ayn Rand sycophants with worthless opinions who will never reach great drummers level or influence.

    "Thus proving once again that politics and music are like bourbon and vodka?generally a bad idea to mix, especially on those rare occasions when they seem to taste great together."

    It doesn't mix when the musician doesn't believe the same thing as the blog writer does. Like that one guest told you a while ago Matt: You are a libertarian "you are doing your job."

  89. Innovative and influential drummer gets rich, older, travels the world, feels more aware, changes his mind and dislikes the philosophy of a narcissistic, terrible writer and wanna be philosopher. Gets shunned by Ayn Rand sycophants with worthless opinions who will never reach great drummers level or influence.

    "Thus proving once again that politics and music are like bourbon and vodka?generally a bad idea to mix, especially on those rare occasions when they seem to taste great together."

    It doesn't mix when the musician doesn't believe the same thing as the blog writer does. Like that one guest told you a while ago Matt: You are a libertarian "you are doing your job."

  90. I have never liked Rush, and I seriously never got the way some people just worshipped them. Frankly, for older stuff I stick to Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath, etc.
    But if you want libertarian rock and metal: All That Remains, and FFDP.

  91. I have never liked Rush, and I seriously never got the way some people just worshipped them. Frankly, for older stuff I stick to Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath, etc.
    But if you want libertarian rock and metal: All That Remains, and FFDP.

  92. Rush was never a music I enjoyed, give me Charlie Feathers any day. That and a toke of some reefer.

    But if Paul "hates women and brown people" - why is he against Obama's racist war on drugs and the war on women who smoke weed?

    Is it some kind of twisted pro-rock logic?
    OK - maybe - Paul wants the racist war on drugs and the war on women who smoke weed to end so women and brown people will get hooked on the drugs that were once illegal.
    Yea , that's it.

  93. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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  94. My concern with Ayn Rand's philosophy and work is that it creates an attractive moral justification for selfishness and greed. She used terms like "creating free markets" and "rational self interest" to mask slashing taxes and regulations for the rich and eliminating protections for the poor. Republicans like Rand Paul have fully embraced it and you can see it in the Republican budget. The Satanists also re-wrote the modern Book of Satan based on Ayn Rand's work and admitted that Satanism is "Ayn Rand's philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added." So we have both the Republican Party and Satanism based on the same philosophy and principles and that seems like a problem to me?

  95. I wonder if Peart actually cited any evidence such as a quote from Paul or his sponsorship of some grossly discriminatory bill, to support his assertion that Paul "hates women and brown people." Otherwise, it smacks of projection and it's probably actually Peart who is a misogynist and racist.

    But then this is Rolling Stone, so it's not only likely that they failed to ask Peart any follow-up questions to clarify his assertion, they probably did not even bother to actually interview Peart in the first place.

  96. Anyone who looks to entertainers for ideas on political philosophy is dumber than they are.

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