Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Great American, Seeks Presidency of a Not-Great-Enough America, for a Greater America


Another guy you've heard of is officially running for president: television star, real estate dude, and notoriously touchy rich guy (claiming a net worth of over $8 billion, he doesn't need your money or Wall Street's!) Donald Trump. 


Here are some of the things he said today as summed up in The Hill. You know, it sounds like this whole Trump-for-prez thing is gonna be great!

"I am officially running for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again," Trump said in remarks at New York City's Trump Tower….."Our country needs a truly great leader, and we need a truly great leader now," Trump said. "We need somebody who can take the brand of the United States and make it great again."

Contentwise, he seems worried about China and trade deals, deals with Iran, and hypes his supposed ability to create jobs and crush ISIS, who are daring to compete with him in the operation of hotels. (Really.) He also is mad as hell that "The U.S. has become the dumping ground for everybody else's problems." How does he feel about immigrants? "They're sending people who have lots of problems," he said. "They bring in drugs, they bring in crime, they're rapists. I assume some are good people…..It's got to stop, and it's got to stop fast."

UPDATE: And here is a full text transcript of his presidential announcement this morning.

Trump is running as Trump! He "has suggested he would run a campaign focused on his record as a celebrity property developer…"

He's the 12th officially official GOP contender, though many more are likely to come. Vox tried to make sense of his politics, noting that he used to be a big Democratic donor (pinning a wealthy businessman's politics to his political giving doesn't reliably wash—people whose necks are that high above the crowd have reason to try to keep every politician happy), is against trade deals, for huge tariffs against both China and American companies manufacturing overseas, against immigration from Mexico but for it from Europe, seems to think using the phrase ISIL to refer to the Sunni jihadist mob in the Middle East is a terrible thing, is against renewable energy and for stealing oil from overseas folk, wants to maintain Social Security and Medicare as is, and despite previous stances for universal health care and the right to abortion, is now against Obamacare and abortion.

Trump has dabbled around politics for many many years in the manner of a grumpy dad bitching about TV news over dinner, always guided by choler, and a general sense that we as a nation aren't treated as greatly as we should be given how greatly great we are. (I suspect this mirrors feelings inside Mr. Trump about himself.)

James W. Antle III at Daily Caller has an interesting account of Trump's last big political move, dabbling with the Reform Party in the 2000 presidential race, supported by Jesse Ventura (then governor of Minnesota), dueling with Pat Buchanan, calling the rest of the Republican Party "too crazy right," and advocating a one-time 14 percent tax on the very wealthy. Here is a summation of Trump's political views then, from his 2000 book associated with that failed Reform run, The America We Deserve.

While seeking coherence in the political mind of such a man is a mug's game, I think it's fair to say a certain unbridled American id is at play in Trump. He is, as Jesse Walker quoted George Hunka in an old Reason article on the early days of Trump's TV show The Apprentice, an "arbitrary, capricious figure (I'd call him mercurial, but this would insult Mercury)." But a sort of middle-American arrogant bluster is a common thread. Hence, see this fun game from Reason editor-in-chief Matt Welch's old Fox Business program The Independents: Trump or Ted Nugent? 

Welcome to the race, Mr. Trump. May the greatest man win.

NEXT: Carbon Tax or Obama's Clean Power Plan?

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  1. YES!!! As I noted elsewhere – I believe President Trump would be even more awesome than President Biden. And I think that’s saying something.

    Please, God, let him stay on all the way through and be Perot – 2016 (but with smaller ears, goofier hair, and not as good a bidnessman).

    1. Maybe he ought to ask Uncle Joe to be his running mate? Poor Joe will be on the Amtrak back to Delaware unless he is waiting for Hillary to implode or something.

      1. That’s precisely what Biden’s doing. Much of the MSM is already sick of Hillary (though certain sections are still unquestioningly gung-ho). Biden is going to step in sometime late this year or early next year and, compared to the other corrupt and/or idiots in the Democratic primaries, come off as the experienced grownup.

        1. I saw an “I’m ready for Hillary” bumper sticker yesterday, and it didn’t look like anyone had tried to scrape it off.

          1. I’m issuing bonds for a reprint of the “Who elected her?” stickers.
            (Answer: The Prohibition Party)

          2. I saw a “Not Ready For Hillary” bumper sticker a couple days ago. If Jeb Bush manages to get the nod it’s going to be ready or not, here she comes.

          3. So he is going to get rid of Secret Police, Informants, and 3 AM Gestapo Raids?

        2. I don’t think Hillary is going to get the nomination. She is of use to the Dems because she is willing to take a beating but remain loyal. And bring in the dollars.

          They have her out front taking all the early abuse; then when it comes right down to it they will give Warren the nomination. From then on anyone who questions Warren will be an obvious misogynist because they have a history of criticizing Mrs. Clinton.

    2. I agree with you. I have called Joe the greatest hope for America since Mx Clinton indicated she was taking her walker onto the campaign trail.

      I would do just about anything to help him win the primary. He is the greatest hope for this great nation.

      (On a side note, could you imagine a debate between Joe and Don? Wouldn’t that be delightful?)

    3. Totally agree. We’ve had enough TOP men. We need a GREAT TOP man. And he’s got GREAT hair too – not goofy at all.

      1. I just hope this link is correct…..cies-hair/

        His hair is a combination of the pubic hairs of a water buffalo and hairs from the endangered Brown Spider Monkey. That’s exactly what makes America GREAT!

        1. This was seriously disturbing. Like, nasty disturbing. I’m gonna give you an unthanks for sharing that one, lol.

          1. There is the slightest possibility that this article may be at least partly in jest. The main story on the home page is “LINDSEY GRAHAM TO UNDERGO SEX CHANGE; CHANGING NAME TO “LINDSAY”. Needless to say, i’ve bookmarked this website.

          2. The Donald should embrace it though. His problem is that he is too humble. I mean it’s GREAT and all that he’s gonna build a wall and all. And I’m sure The Donald can build a GREAT wall. But let’s face it. So can the Chinese and then they can export it here.

            But only The Donald can convince a water buffalo to shave its pubes. That’s the sort of negotiator we need when Putin or the Iranians try to grab our short hairs and shake us around. The Donald doesn’t have to worry about shaking his hair around.

  2. He’s the 12th officially official GOP contender, though many more are likely to come.

    The Republican party wants to be taken seriously with as many candidates as possible.

    1. The top ten for debates will certainly include Trump, Ben Carson, the Huckster, a Bush, and Chris Christie among others.

      Good Times!

      1. Not quite as hilarious as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden, I’ll grant you that.

        1. They suck too.

          In a more depressing way though.

  3. I read “notoriously touchy” as notoriously douchy and thought, Damn, nailed it!

    1. +1

  4. Trump combines the worst attributes of Dick Cheney/John Bolton and Herman Cain (electric fence on the border and reality TV star). He truly has found a home in the GOP.

    1. Nah, he’s the worst aspects of Clinton, Bush, Sanders and Santorum.

      1. But he’s ‘way more honest than Obo.


    3. Let’s see if he comes up with anything as good as “9, 9, 9!”

  5. OMGOMGOMG! is this for realzies???

    1. His campaign slogan is ‘Your crazy uncle is crazy rich too so listen to him’

  6. Trump vs Clinton in 2016

    National Socialism vs International Fascism.

    1. National Socialist American Workers Party vs National Facist Party.

      Too bad they, historcally, get along reasonably well.

    2. Hey! The LP will be fielding a platform and candidates. It’ll be National Socialism & International Fascism vs: Freedom. If we get 5% of the vote, like in many Texas counties, all socialist and prohibitionist usurpations will begin the road to repeal.

  7. I hope Trump will hit Cruz and Rubio about them not being natural born Citizens.

  8. *Presses over-sized red button and nukes Russia…

    “You’re fired!”

    1. +1000

  9. Forget where I read it, but Trump is a poor person’s idea of what a billionaire is supposed to be like.

    1. Yeah, reminds me of Cribs. The first time a lot of those people made any real money and they bought 50 cars and a solid-gold toilet… you know, to poop in style. Anything less than 18K shall never toucheth mine ass cheeks.

  10. Can we just vote for his hair? ‘Cause that’s awesome!

    1. Awesome, awful, awesome, awful, awesome… no, awful.

    2. Seconded.

    3. Is it real? Some say it’s a toupee.

      1. I always thought that it’s a Davey Crockett hat.

  11. The only good thing about someone like Trump running is that he reminds us that the political system is a sideshow that serves no other purpose than to entertain us.

    1. It’s bread and circuses? They used to have to pay the circus performers…


  12. Who will get to scream, ‘You’re fired!’ to this gas bag.

    1. ?

    2. Hopefully GOP primary voters.

  13. Well, he may turn out to be good at firing bureaucrats. So that’s something.

    1. Doubt it. He’s a statist. She’s a statist. That asshole is a statist. This jerk is a statist….etc.

    2. That something would be a pro.

    3. No doubt a blind man can see poorly designed manning in government and with 30% of all jobs being public, one wonders. The National level ‘Public jobs’ are developed for reasons separate from State level and many areas overlap.
      I see no reason Trump cannot have sway over Dem party members simply based on his Ideal the Central government is overstaffed. while at the same time overspending from the right is lobby controlled giving poor results also.

  14. Donald Rump. No need for caricatures. He’s the poster boy for becoming a caricature of himself.

  15. No surprise. When the GOP fears the LP is going to attract voters, “independent” candidates like John Anderson or Ross Perot sproing up like toadstools on cowstool offering a mix-and-match grab bag of swapped GOPDem taxes and prohibitions.

  16. Refreshing… HE was not on my Radar until i listened to his speech, and then re-listened.

    Trump came out with a plan.. UNHEARD of in AMERICAN Politics.. Wow I was Impressed.

    He talked like I was standing in front of him. He answered questions that have been dodged by other POLITICIANS for the Past 30 years..
    NONE of the other 15 Candidates came out and made this much sense, had any plan or provided truth….

    TRUMP is now at the top of my list.

    1. lolwut?

    2. I admire your dedication to trolling.

  17. Somebody needs to tell him that the Bankruptcy Code doesn’t apply to federal agencies.

    1. Exactly. That’s how you get to $18 trillion in debt.


    1. New Front, Same Runner.

  19. I bet the same media that treat Donald Trump as a sideshow will spend most of their time reporting on his antics.

  20. Most hilarious was his use of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In the Free World,” with lyrics that don’t agree with much of his philosophy. Maybe he just doesn’t get irony.

    1. Now that I think about it, maybe he was being ironic when he picked that song!

      Nah, some aid neglected to listen to the words for him.

  21. So in contrast to Boy Wonder’s stillborn campaign and Donald trump’s joke one, it looks like the totally honest, ethical, and believable candidate who opposed TARP bailouts and the Iraq War is getting a lot of traction.…..wa-caucus/

    I consider it a good thing as a libertarian that there is at least one candidate who won ‘t foist his churches’ morality on the rest of us and who won’t send thousands of Americans to fight in bullshit wars. I think though that if the choice is between phony, bullshit right-wing outrage at the guv’mint and a politician who is the real deal and believes what he says its important to choose the former. Eyes on the ball, you know.

    1. i laughed a lot at your funny story. Although the part of the story where you call yourself a libertarian was too far-fetched for me. Also, no libertarian is a socialist or supports a marxist fool like Sanders. Who, by the way, belongs in an alley in NY shouting at a garbage can.

      1. Libertarians would find a lot to like in a Bernie Sanders if they started caring about actual liberty and not just that of billionaires to keep every cent of their money.

        1. Nothing says liberty like proclaiming that the we in the US have too many choices of deoderant.

        2. You slipped up and referred to billionaire’s money as their own. Not a ‘national resource’ like your fellow traveller Michael Moore. Bernie Sanders believes in doling out little snippets of freedom as he sees fit. Not real freedom. Crushing big business and redistributing the money is not freedom. It’s just theft.

          Real libertarians also do not like having to pay for everyone else’s shit. Sanders does. His populist talk is just Marxist bullshit. As usual you understand nothing.

      2. “Also, no libertarian is a socialist ”

        Yeah, with the exception of some of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century you are right .

        1. Massive taxation wealth redistribution schemes, crushing regulations, government owned/controlled markets, deciding soda portions, etc. are in no way libertarian. As usual you miss the mark. By light years. Your lack of cognition astounds me.

          Seriously, I truly am astounded that you can make it through the day without forgetting to breathe, or remembering that its your responsibility to look for traffic when crossing the street and a whole host of other basic tasks.

        2. it is astonishibgly ignorant to claim that libertarianism is anything but the polar oppoaote of socialism. all of the foundational literature is based on a critique of socialism – in a way, modern libertarianism can be understood as an individualist response to socialism. Im mot sure what “philosophers” you believe have squared the circle by becoming “libertarian marxists” but I have yet to read any classic libertarian text that includes an endorsement of redistribution.

    2. God, this idiot again?! Are seriously calling yourself a fucking libertarian when your handle is “american socialist” you can’t call yourself a libertarian and be a socialist. Get it?! The cognitive dissonance needs to stop and if that word is too hard for you to understand, which it probably is, look it up.

  22. His Hairness has spoken!


  23. The situation just got a little hairier.

  24. No greater douchebag has ever walked this planet’s surface.

  25. That man is a national treasure. I hope he wins.

  26. We’d have the hottest First Lady since the FDR administration.

  27. If you ask most people their political views, you’ll get answers like the Donald’s. Not the same answers, but resembling them in the way you’d analyze them. Ask such a person what all those answers had in common, they’d say they’re all good ideas & they’re all mine.

  28. Sometimes there’s a man… I won’t say a hero, ’cause, what’s a hero? But sometimes, there’s a man. And I’m talkin’ about the Donald here. Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the Donald, in New York City.

  29. Donald Trump would be a first rate improvement over what we now have in the office and the current front runner for the Democrat party.

    I can imagine one of Shillery’s first moves to placate her base would be to use Executive Action to change Federal rape laws to mimic those currently being employed on college campi across the country.

    Pass out and some weirdo chic sucks your dick while you sleep ? You have committed rape !

    1. I’ve had a few beers so the above post may not have come across as funny as I hoped.

      Trump just doesn’t come across as a serious candidate but I had a hard time disagreeing with anything he said in his speech except his remarks about immigration and I don’t completely disagree with that.

      1. I could see him doing some actual good as NYC mayor. Not president though; go for mayor.

    2. What federal rape laws?

  30. He will end Secret Police, Informants, and 3 AM Gestapo Raids

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  34. The fact that Trump choose to go after Goldberg instead of any number of other really lousy writers at NRO, shows he has never read the publication beyond being told Goldberg once said something mean about him. I really think he is a trolling operation to embarrass Republicans.
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