Encrypted Email, Easy and Free

The snoops aren't going away on their own, you know



Demand is high, so you'll have to wait in line a bit for the outfit to free up capacity, but all ProtonMail email accounts requested by June 17 (that's tomorrow), get an upgrade to 1GB of storage. The storage is nice, but it's the email accounts itself that matters. That's because ProtonMail is a free, browser-based, encrypted email service. It gives you security without having to master glitchy plugins or challenging tech (yes, you geeks—lots of people find this stuff challenging). It's pretty much like using Gmail, but minus the likelihood of being snooped on by marketing types, intelligence snoops, or asshole federal prosecutors.

ProtonMail got its start in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations, when scientists at CERN decided that they didn't really want to provide browsing opportunities for the NSA. The service's technology is designed so that, unlike the late, lamented Lavabit, only users have access to their own email—there's no ability to comply with subpoenas. Servers are based in Switzerland, reducing the likelihood of backdoors being installed by the world's pushier intelligence services (among other things, they can use American court orders for toilet paper, so you don;t have to wait out the encryption wars).

Together with other encrypted and also-free communications offerings, like TextSecure, Signal, and RedPhone, ProtonMail makes relatively (let's emphasize that) secure communications accessible to pretty much everybody.

Keep it coming folks. These are the sort of developments we need.

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  1. Unfortunately email still isn’t a secure protocol – the metadata/addresses are still public. That’s why these guys exist:
    Hope they finish soon…


      Too bad they’re so RACIST

      1. I understand there’s a recently unemployed lightly dark person who can buff up their image.

      2. I’ll set up a competitor… GenderOrientationAndToneofSkinEgalitarian-Mail; just for you…

        1. That’s might cis of you….

          1. My publicist says I might need to work on the acronym, but I think it’s fine…

            1. Gender Orientation And Tone of Skin Egalitarian Mail Encrypted against the NSA

              Or GOATSEMEN for short.

              1. The logo practically draws itself.

                1. Something like this?

                  1. ouch!

                  2. ouch!

              2. The God of All Texas will make you quack like a duck for taking their acronym.

                1. Is that you on the mic, Brett?

                  1. I don’t have the hip pop to swing like that. But he is one of my heroes.

                    1. If I had a dollar for every time I did something like that, I could buy a nice steak.

      3. Finally, progress in recognizing the transracials can be racist too. However, since race was proven to be a fiction as long ago as the 1950s, perhaps we can progress to transcultural. I, myself have declared myself transcultural. As a result, I can be deeply offended by absolutely anything anybody could possibly say or do.

        1. I find that offensive!

    2. Yeah, I threw them some bucks at Kickstarter.

      Got a sticker which I put on my work tablet. It has led to some interesting conversations.

      Looking at signing up for a VPN from the house. There’s wifi servers that will encrypt and direct all your internet traffic to VPN servers.

      Of course, you never know what the NSA has hacked/subverted, especially if its proprietary. The open source stuff (like DarkMail) I have more confidence in.

    3. ?

      You can use the STARTTLS verb to encrypt the transmission.

      1. Only helps if you also own the remote server… the record has to be interpreted at the remote and routed. At that point you’re at the mercy of what the mail server decides to do with the data, and the owner of the mail server can be subpoena’d

        1. Ahhh… so that’s what they’re trying to work around.

  2. The Swiss will eventually fold like a cheap tent. They all do.

    1. Hermes Conrad: We can’t compete with Mom! Her company is big and evil! Ours is small and neutral!

      That Guy: Switzerland is small and neutral! We are more like Germany, ambitious and misunderstood!

      Amy Wong: Look, everyone wants to be more like Germany, but do we really have the pure strength of will?

    2. Speaking of Swiss, I take it he’s been partying all day and all night?

      1. I think he’s had a lot of wood to chip…..if you know what I’m sayin’, and I think you do.

        1. *narrows gaze*


          1. HIYO! YES!


            /Ed McMahon

              1. Great review of Woodchipper Massacre by the Cinema Snob

            1. +1 You are correct sir!

    3. This is all probably just a sting to find those people who are willing to make an extra effort to secure their communications. “TEH MUST BE UP TO SUMPIN’, I ZINK!” Seriously, who’d have imagined a world where the US Government is illegally spying on all of its citizens and, once discovered, every fucking branch of the government is complicit in its continuation……and nothing happens. So this is what it felt like to live in the Soviet Union? I mean minus the bread lines, of course.

      1. “I mean minus the bread lines, of course.”

        This is why nothing is happening. We haven’t gotten to the ‘let them eat cake’ stage. Yet.

        1. This is why nothing is happening. We haven’t gotten to the ‘let them eat cake’ stage. Yet.

          So 20 years of war and a military dictator?

          And you guys do know that the Bolsheviks took power when things got really bad?

      2. Seriously, who’d have imagined a world where the US Government is illegally spying on all of its citizens

        Well, Lincoln pretty much stuck to newspaper folk and legislatures that did not see things his way. Pretty sure Teddy Roosevelt thought of illegal spying plenty, then Wilson started the ball rolling in reality. FDR should win the medal for the first half of the 20th century.

    4. The Swiss will eventually fold like a cheap tent. They all do.

      They’ve already folded in some policies. As another recent example of folding in Europe, for the first time in its history, Andorra will impose an income tax an income tax

      In 2013, Andorra announced plans to impose an income tax in response to pressure from the European Union.[1] The tax was introduced in 2015, at a flat rate of 10%.[2]

      Actually they folded three times. The first was from the same negotiations with the EU, by implementing a VAT and small corporate levy in 2013 (again, first time ever). The second was the aforementioned income tax starting this year. The third comes from the US via the recent smackdown by FinCen of one of their primary banks over money laundering.

  3. “[…]asshole federal prosecutors.[…]”

    Hmmm. I can think of someone matching that description.

    1. I wooden know what you’re so chipper about.

  4. What’s the level of encryption in this? I’m no expert on encryption, but I think the best we can hope for is a service that the NSA can’t just crack and read everything in–that would take too much time and processing power–but if they decide they are really, really interested in certain specific emails, there’s pretty much nothing that can stop them from cracking them.

    1. Schenier’s takeaway from the Snowden leaks was that the math is still secure. If the NSA wants data, they try to find other, non-mathematical was to get it, like exploiting the implementation.

      Of course, if NSA did have a signification break in the math, they’d probably management it tightly. So who knows.

      1. Yeah, that’s the real question. What can they actually crack (within a reasonable time frame)?

        1. Not much. That’s why it’s all about the endpoints. And the zillion lb hammer of the National Security Letter, or just having a foreign government seize the whole server (if it’s hosted outside the U.S.)

        2. OTP’s are provably secure. You just have to hand carry a large enough pad to your destination in advance.

          1. If truly random. If the otp has patterns, it can be broken.

            And if someone screws up and uses it twice, its simple subtraction.

            1. But to your second problem, the compromised data is limited to those two (or n — but really ONE in the name should hold that down) messages.

            2. “If truly random. If the otp has patterns, it can be broken.”
              Roll that die, or shuffle those cards; presto!

              1. You’d be surprised how often people feel like a suit comes up too often/not often enough and cheat. Our brains don’t like random.

                1. Brett L|6.16.15 @ 9:32PM|#
                  “You’d be surprised how often people feel like a suit comes up too often/not often enough and cheat.”

                  No, I wouldn’t. I played poker on a fairly regular basis at one time and the number of people who believe cards have memory no longer surprises me.

        3. Targeted, they can crack whatever they want. The exact amount of computing power, as well as the number of targets, is highly classified. If you’re a high priority target, you have no privacy. None.
          Everyone else is back doored, which takes little to no computing power. If you’re a nobody, and you take precautions, you’re fine.

          1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|6.16.15 @ 11:59PM|#
            “Targeted, they can crack whatever they want.”

            Nope. Not random, they can’t.
            Any algorithm, agreed, but not random. That is not crackable.

            1. Sevo, I suspect that they get a lot of what they know through traffic analysis. Just knowing who communicates and when tells you a lot.

              1. “Sevo, I suspect that they get a lot of what they know through traffic analysis. Just knowing who communicates and when tells you a lot.”

                I don’t doubt that for a minute, but the fact remains that random is uncrackable.

          2. If you’re a nobody, and you take precautions, you’re fine.

              1. Point taken, but I’d say he’s the exception that proves the rule.

    2. You get more mileage cracking the implementation than by cracking the math. Oh, and for others, “open source” is not magic fairy dust.

      1. For those of you who are not aware, magic fairy dust is also known as white lotus, or yam-yam, or shanghai sally.

  5. Sign up link:

    1. I laughed

    2. Very funny.

  6. Servers are based in Switzerland, reducing the likelihood of backdoors being installed by the world’s pushier intelligence services

    That doesn’t reduce the likelihood of backdoors. NSA can probably just hack the servers, then subvert the software.

  7. RFC 2822 is an inherently unencrypted protocol. So either this service is not encrypted or it’s not e-mail.

      1. I can send encrypted data via RFC 5321 (smtp) quite easily. I just send the encrypted data as clear text via SMTP. What’s not encrypted via SMTP is metadata such as sender, receiver, location etc.

      2. It’s encrypted. The email protocol itself really only deals with routing of messages. As mentioned above the metadata is unencrypted but the payload–the email body–is encrypted. You can also “send” encrypted email to someone outside of protonmail. The recipient will be directed to their webpage and asked to enter a password you set (that presumably the recipient knows).

        1. No prob on the password. I’ll just include it in the email.

            1. This made me happy. Thanks.

  8. How long til an unfortunate and totally accidental drone strike on Proton Mail’s servers?

  9. Have some word salad about Rachel Dolezal:

    “We have heard the same kind of stories, from transgender people, of youthful misidentification that we heard from Dolezal. Those who wonder whether Dolezal really can be “transracial” are perhaps wilfully ignorant, or even cruel?but some of them have to be truly curious. Dolezal’s story, if we accept all its complexity, does illuminate the fluid and often arbitrary nature of what we call “race” in America. The Scandinavian-looking blonde girl in the photos Dolezal’s parents supplied does not automatically contradict the idea that Dolezal might actually have African-American heritage. Looking white is not always the same as having only white ancestors, as any African-American who once passed as white could tell you. The problem is that Dolezal really doesn’t have African-American heritage, and that she is performing a culture and a narrative that does not belong to her.”

    Theoretically Rachel Dolezal could have had African-American ancestors. I mean she didn’t, I’m just saying it’s possible she might have. And somehow the fact that something could have been true but isn’t true illuminates the arbitrary nature of race.

    1. Also, here’s why claiming to be African American after being born white is totally not the same thing as saying you’re a woman after being born a man:

      “But the primary difference between expressing gender and expressing a specific cultural identity is that everyone lives life through the lens of gender, and must relate to it as a spectrum or a binary, even if they relate to it by refusing to relate to it. To be African-American is to be born into a highly specific cultural world, to have a specific history rooted in specific traumas and specific triumphs. To “identify as black” when one is not is to externalize something that is not internal, to invent rather than express. To take on a particular gender identity, at any time in life, is to explore and play with and live through a form of identity we all possess, and all have the freedom to use however we wish to, since doing otherwise inevitably means letting it use us.”

      See, if you just let her make wild claims that she doesn’t back up with any evidence, it all makes sense.

      This is probably the best evidence about how dumb progressives are – they are incapable of writing clearly because their thoughts are so muddled and incoherent.

      1. Oh, and apparently, as the comment in my first post claimed, race is largely ‘arbitrary,’ but for some reason claiming to be black is wrong. So it’s totally arbitrary, yet we should behave as if it’s not arbitrary and it’s wrong to say you’re a different race than you are, even though these designations are entirely arbitrary to begin with.


      2. It amazes me that they put THIS MUCH into writing crap like this. And none of it makes any damn sense. Being in a liberals head must be terrifying. I think they look for unreasonably convoluted thought processes that nobody can wrap their head around and then decide that whoever came up with it must be the smartest person alive because they write incomprehensible mini-treatises on things like a white chick with a perm deciding she’s black and whether or not that’s ok.

        1. No, they aren’t trying to decide whether it’s okay. They’ve decided it’s not okay already. What they’re trying to do is explain why claiming you’re a different race is different than claiming you’re a different gender.

          They can’t admit that the only reason they think it’s different is because of their biases. They believe transgenderism is totally cool but transracialism isn’t and that’s as far as the thought process went. Unfortunately, people started questioning them on why this is the case, so they had to invent bizarre ex post facto rationalizations for an idea they didn’t arrive at rationally.

          Since I’m a live-and-let-live libertarian, I have an easy and ready made answer when it comes to transgenderism vs. transracialism – do what you want and I won’t tell you you can’t unless you actually harm someone. I might make fun of you if you do something weird though, and you’ll just have to live with that.

          1. They believe transgenderism is totally cool but transracialism isn’t

            Someone at CNN believes the opposite.

            1. I said the same below, sorta.

          2. they had to invent bizarre ex post facto rationalizations for an idea they didn’t arrive at rationally.

            Which is really their wheelhouse anyway, so it’s all good.

          3. I would imagine if Dolezal was “black” and somehow passing as “white”, their argument would change drastically. Which means the actual action is nothing that matters to them. It’s who is doing it, not what they’re doing.

            In other words, it is another example of how progs judge people and situations based on the most superficial things imaginable, and that in many cases would otherwise be called racism, sexism, etc., but they claim they are doing it for “good” reasons and will go utterly apeshit if you imply otherwise.

            1. Passing is the most inauthentic thing you can do.

              1. “Ladies, I’m a pacifist. I pass a fist. Get it?”

                1. “I’m a pacifist. You get one pass – then it’s the fist!”

        2. Authentic proggie gibberish

      3. Did Nick G not make a more coherent presentation of the same argument? I still don’t get it and I have several acquaintances on the trans-gender spectrum. I cannot see any difference other than it “costs” more to present as trans-gendered. Although it appears to destroy your life just as thoroughly to be doxxed.

        1. I see a difference betweensctrans-gender and trans-racial. Race is an arbitrary construct. Gender is gucking testable. You are xx, xy, or other. Other covering all the various chromosonal abnormalities.

          There aint a test for race, so whatever you want to claim works for me.

          1. Typing hard.

          2. “There aint a test for race, so whatever you want to claim works for me.”

            There isn’t a totally accurate test for race YET. There are already tests that can give you some information on your racial background, but they’re very flawed at this stage. That doesn’t mean such a test couldn’t be developed.

            Regardless, I don’t know why one being testable and one not being testable has anything to do with how someone feels inside, which is the basis for transgenderism.

            1. Fuck feelings. Science bitches.

            2. Cranio-facial anthropometry works pretty well.

              1. It doesn’t change the fact that races are still fairly arbitrary accidents of geography causing clustering of certain characteristics among populations with little cross-pop breeding. In a few hundred years, with nothing more complicated than biracial couples, those hard boundaries will have blurred a lot. On the other hand, absent some crazy transhuman tech, males and females will still be males and females.

              2. Or, just looking.

              3. Of course you’d say that, you have the brainpan of stage coach tilter..

          3. I will accept people as they present up to the acquaintance level. After that, I’m going to judge you on things. Like whether your mental state is such that I want to trust you with confidences, money, or my family. But there are plenty of crazy that isn’t trans gender or anything else that attempts to change a birth trait. It wasn’t a big deal to me until people tried to make a hero out of Jenner. I don’t give a shit about trashy Kardashian in-laws.

            1. I want to trust you with confidences, money, or my family.

              Can I have some money?

              1. Sure. Just send me your bank information and I’ll deposit it.

      4. They don’t have thoughts. They have wishes. They wish for things to be true then they invent a complex rationalization for believing it is.

        Rachel Dolezal is not black.

        Bruce Jenner is a not a woman.

        I could go to a plastic surgeon and have a horn put on my head dye my hair pink and change my name to Pinkie Pie, but it wouldn’t make me a fucking unicorn.

        1. Yes, but unless you’re family, I don’t have to care and if you are family, I’ll call you a unicorn at Thanksgiving as long as you don’t start any family drama about how your mama didn’t buy you a pony.

          1. Uh….actually she did.

            You are correct. They may be nuts but they aren’t really hurting anything. As far as I am concerned they are free to be weird.

            I am sorry to say I would not reciprocate. I am unlikely to call you Pinkie Pie even if you are family. I would probably just hit you with a riding crop.

            1. Unless I was into that, right?

    2. Theory is prettyclear on this, we all have blavk ancestors. Recently* too.

      *2-3 millenia tops

      1. But how many here can claim kinship to the great Toussaint Louverture? Besides me.

        1. Anybody can claim anything, but since you’re a professional liar, any claim from you is automatically NWS.

          1. Toussaint Louverture is a black man.

            1. Anybody can claim anything, but since you’re a professional liar, any claim from you is automatically NWS.

              1. “Anybody can claim anything”

                Who here claims to possess a lock of his curly black hair, a treasured family heirloom for more than two centuries?

                1. trueman, your statements are NOT WORTH SHIT.
                  Do you understand that?

                  1. What kind of SHIT are we talking about here?

            2. Toussaint Louverture is a black man.

              How necrophobic!

      2. Yeah, here in the US we are all mutts. That goes for blacks and whites.

        1. Not just here. Everyone everywhere is a mutt.

        2. That is meant to say that it is a lot more recent than 2-3k years.

          1. One drop rule has no time limit.

            1. I really don’t care regarding race, *except* where a false claim is made for fraudulent purpose; see E. Warren, professorship.
              Did Dolezal make the claim of being ‘black’ for personal gain? Was that office supposedly only open to ‘blacks’?

              1. “Was that office supposedly only open to ‘blacks’?”

                Fuck them if it was.

                1. I agree it’s not easy to find a good guy here.

                2. “Was that office supposedly only open to ‘blacks’?”

                  Probably not. The NAACP has had white officers at all levels including on the national board.

                  1. Her African Studies position on the other hand….

      3. White people are only like 10000 years old…..

        Though they came from people living between the Black and Caspian Seas….don’t know if they would be considered “black ancestors”…probably looked Persian or like Kazakhs

        1. Corning|6.16.15 @ 11:41PM|#
          “White people are only like 10000 years old…..”

          Hey, I’m not THAT old!

    3. I am now a lion. Still male though. roar.

        1. Now I’m a T-Rex. Still male.


          1. ROAR!

            1. I found a home (NSFW)


    4. I didn’t know Gillespie wrote for the New Republic. He will have an opening once the wood chips are down.

    5. The comment I left there:

      “The fear all white Americans have, or should have”? I do smell fear, but it’s coming from the race and gender advocates. They may contort themselves to explain how transgenderism is laudable but transracialism is not, but Dolezal represents several other threats to their worldview.

      She’s an NAACP leader and academic revealed as not just a race faker, but also a hate crime hoaxer and artistic plagiarist. She’s the female Ward Churchill. Along with publicity-seeking, self-enriching antics of the likes of Al Sharpton and Morris Dees and others, she reinforces the notion that “civil rights leaders” should be viewed with skepticism.

      Perhaps even worse, Dolezal (and Jenner) undermine the entire premise of the race and gender advocates, because the question arises: if being black or being female is such a total nightmare in racist sexist America, why are some people trying to be black or female? Because, of course, it’s to their individual advantage, which means that racism and sexism aren’t the massive, pervasive, determinative forces that the activists claim they are. The activists grasp the threat of a Dolezal, but I don’t think they yet grasp that Jenner brings the same implicit message: race and gender advocacy is reaching its logical limits, and after it crests they may have to find real jobs.

  10. Just to let y’all know that you need to start thinking bigger:

      1. Those are used almost exclusively here in Louisiana. Gone are the days of tough-ass high school boys making summer money cutting timber.

        I just watched three of those things cut three forty acre tracts in four days. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

        1. That’s not timber, that’s brush.

          You ain’t taking down a 7 foot Doug Fir with those g

          1. glorified lawnmowers. I spent a few months helicopter logging around LaPlace….cypress, beech, tupelo.

  11. Which Star Trek Movie is the best? TMP or V? Both feature very pretentious didacticism that is the Real Trek apparently. Roddenberry’s vision was of a moneyless communist sex utopia where individual rights were protected yet everyone agreed on everything (including atheism). Ferengi with huge penises were the epitome of the evils of American capitalism.

    1. Deep Throat Nine

      1. You’re thinking of Doctor Phlox….

    1. There’s one bit I recall that will make for a very… memorable… sex scene.

      If I had to pick one Gaiman work for the screen, it would probably be Good Omens, but I am looking forward to this — whenever it comes out on a streaming service or DVD, that is.

      1. With cgi magic anything can be done! But you are right, if that scene happens it will be interesting for sure.

      2. With cgi magic anything can be done! But you are right, if that scene happens it will be interesting for sure.

      3. I only remember two things in that book:

        1. he (protagonist American version of Odin) was in the Midwest (Wisconsin?) and had to tape plastic over his windows in the house he was renting cuz it was cold


        2. The 4th wall is broken about 2/3rds of the way in to the book telling you the story is in fact a metaphor….i mean literally tells you the reader that what you are reading is fiction……
        i guess Gaiman felt to need to inform readers that a fantasy book about the Norse god Odin was in fact fiction because his readers are drooling morons.

        I don’t remember any sex in that book. Could not have been that good.

        1. I read it and I don’t remember a thing about it – except “Midwest” does ring a bell.

          1. William H. Gass…

    2. I’ve read everything Gaiman’s written including his children’s books, and I love American Gods (one of the best protagonists ever) but I’m doubtful Starz will do a good job with it because everything they do sucks.

      Side note: He reads the audio version of his children’s story and has an awesome voice. My boys listened to his stuff repeatedly in the car and could recite parts of The Day I Traded my Dad for two Goldfishes and also Wolves in the Walls

      1. The casting of Shadow will obviously be very important, but I am going to delude myself into being excited.

        1. Stardust and a few others were made into movies – awful movies all. There seems to be a curse on print to movie stuff he’s written which is a terrible shame because he’s so talented and such a terrific person.

          1. I have not read the children’s books or watched the movies, but American Gods can work as a television series, so it is promising. So could Anansi Boys.

      2. “I’m doubtful Starz will do a good job with it because everything they do sucks.”

        The first season of Spartacus was excellent and Black sails is also great.

        “I’ve read everything Gaiman’s written”

        Have you read the Sandman comics*?

        * yes comics! The damn thing came out monthly so it was a fucking comic just like the watchman.

        1. Every season of Spartacus was awesome (yes the first was probably the best, but I think the prequel season while the actor was dying of cancer might have been even better), and Black Sails is also good.

    3. Didn’t Douglas Adams do that in Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul 20 years before?

  12. As long as ProntonMail self-identifies as encrypted then that is all that matters.

    1. Tell that to the dude in The Crying Game

      1. Tell that to Armin Shimmerman:

  13. When will transchronologia become a thing? Hollywood actress will love it.

  14. Why is Reason so dead? Is there a libertarian curfew preventing the libertine hedonists commenters from operating past 10 PM EST?

    What would Agile Cyborg say?

    What wood we need to be more chipper?

    1. It is rather dead here.

      By the way, has anybody seen AC since the ‘chipping of 7:01?

      1. I say him on last night’s threads.

      2. I *saw* him on last night’s threads.

        Jeez I’m starting to sound like him!

        1. “Saw” you say?
          “Was overwhelmed” is closer to the fact.

          1. Yeah, I like Agile Cyborg more when he emits smaller doses. When he takes over a thread, it’s kind of obnoxious.

  15. The NSA was formed in 1952. Before then we had lynchings, no abortions, difficult divorces and no gay marriage. So your opposition to the NSA is racist and homophobic. /Salon.

  16. So I’ve seen some reports that Bernie Sanders might have a chance of upsetting Hillary. Libertarian moment here we come!

    1. Which really says more about Hillary than Bernie.

      1. It says a lot about the current state of the Democratic Party.

  17. So who is more delusional: Nick Gillespie’s proclamations of the libertarian moment or German Communists in 1932?

  18. What would be the better name for Gillespie and Welch? Ernst Thalmann or Wilhelm Kulz?

    1. Wopmick and Foureyes.

      1. Homo but I’ll take that Boomer look any day. The millenial look just says “hipster” to me which equals automatic barf.

      2. Zooey is ,a little hot, even being a boomer, but she doesn’t hold a candle to Julie Christie.

      1. Honestly peek-bike-messenger-girl was in the 90s just before the internet took off…

        How could you miss that?

    1. *scratches head in bewilderment*

    2. That left my lick dimp.

    1. That left my sock coft.

  19. OT: Jimmy Smith – The Sermon

    many bad directions to choose from, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

    1. Ooooh, there we go.

        1. Wes was the best. Can I become an a token black person if my favorite musicians are Hound Dog Taylor and John Coltrane?

  20. Hey Tuccille, how about a hat tip??…..nt_5373896

  21. Copied and pasted from the AM links:

    Together with other encrypted and also-free communications offerings, like TextSecure, Signal, and RedPhone, ProtonMail makes relatively (let’s emphasize that) secure communications accessible to pretty much everybody.

    From the scant details they give ProtonMail seems like it may be better than nothing.

    But TextSecure/Signal/RedPhone and ProtonMail shouldn’t really be mentioned together at this point. The former come from a well-known, accomplished security researcher (Moxie Marlinspike); the latter comes from, err, idk, some random nerds? I’m sure they’re very smart, but none of them mention any security background.

    And TextSecure in particular (and to an extent Signal, by extension, since it’s based on the same protocol) is not just open source but has been professionally audited; ProtonMail, err, uses some open source libraries and uh, has a bug bounty?

    Oh, and did I mention the “scant details” thing? Maybe they’re hidden somewhere hard-to-find, but ProtonMail’s website does a piss-poor job describing their architecture for users with technical/security knowledge… we’re just left to read between the lines and guess what they probably would do based on the mostly-non-technical descriptions they give.

  22. Signed up for an account about six months ago out of curiosity. They have since improved on one item – incoming messages are now stored encrypted, regardless of the source. In theory that is useful if their hard drive is snatched.

    There are potentially some issues of how the passowrds and keying are done but the bigger issue with ProtonMail, Tutanota and others is Javascript. You can read a bit more here but bottom line, anytime Javascript is involved security suffers.

  23. Excerpt from “Why isn’t StartMail free?”

    There are plenty of so-called “free” email services, but they aren’t really “free.”…

    There are also “free” email services that seek more ethical ways to raise needed capital. No matter how noble their intentions, someone has to subsidize the people who build the software programs, as well as the servers, the electricity and the security. These organizations may turn to volunteers and solicit needed funds through crowd sourcing and donations….

    Even if they do raise significant funds, you will always need to be concerned about the source of donations. Even nonprofit organizations answer to the people who pay their overhead and salaries, which could include large corporations and government agencies. Philanthropic organizations are no different, and you can likely look out onto the Internet landscape and identify a few of those companies that have either floundered or relinquished some control to corporate and government interests.

    When you purchase a StartMail account, you hire us to handle your email. We answer to YOU, not marketers, corporate donors, or government agencies. Our mission is to protect your privacy and deliver great email service at a fair market price….

  24. A tribute to a unique and famous flavour in combination with the respect to a serious technology: cohibaSIGNUMws has been designed by Wolfram Scharnhorst for conscious Protonmail clients. cohibaSIGNUMws is a child theme of the well-known whiteSands theme ( cohibaSIGNUMws aims to provide some useful features (e.g. print buttons, etc.) and facilitate relaxed mailing.

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