Subway Riders Ticketed for 'Manspreading,' Former House Speaker Hastert Indicted, The Tyranny of Title IX on Campus: A.M. Links


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    1. Hello.

      Refresh, refresh…what’s going on?

      Ah. Elizabeth.

      /continues watching the Giro.

      1. I’d rather eat a gyro than watch it.

        1. Not a cycling fan, Ted?

          1. Any favorites?

            1. Not really. Too many interesting cyclists. You?

              I especially like looking at the terrain and scenery and bikes.

              1. Hesjedal in the overall. In-general I dislike Contador, but watching him ride is a thing of beauty.

                Scenery is fantastic in the Giro, but I enjoy the Phil/Paul commentary for the TDF and hoping “we’re going to see something very special” this year…

                1. Phil Ligett’s commentary is incomparable. Maybe Vin Scully.

                2. The Giro, in my view, has generally been the harder race.

                  Hesjedal is awesome.

                  What don’t you like about Contador? He’s strong on the climb AND time-trials. Lethal when you can combine the two.

                  1. Baggage from the Lance-Contador Astana team, but I enjoy him much more in the post doping ban era.

                3. Agree about Phil & Paul. I also love that dopey Bobke. Although he used to say “Tour day France”, which I found funny & endearing, but he pronounces it correctly now.

                  1. Bobke’s Road ID commercials rocked – I’m surprised he hasn’t been picked-up as a spokesperson for big brands.

          2. I’ve reached the point that when I watch sports, I want to watch sports that have people or teams directly competing against each other, not a clock or some artificial judging standard. So I don’t care much for any of the forms of auto racing, or track and field, or swimming, or most of the winter sports. Stage racing is something you watch for the scenery, which can be gorgeous at times.

            Football/gridiron/hockey/tennis are my favorites nowadays.

            (Yes, I know people are going to say that there’s a lot of strategy in some of those racing sports.)

            1. I especially like looking at the terrain and scenery and bikes.

              Stage racing is something you watch for the scenery, which can be gorgeous at times.


            2. I get you. I love/play (ed) those sports except football.

              But cycling they are competing against one another and the added feature of team strategy makes it interesting as well.

              The only thing I wish for is that by the later stages the overall lead is usually sealed. It would be cool to see that change so we can see more lead changes.

              What I also like is there’s little chance people go bananas over a dominant team like we saw with Ferrari in the 1990s in F1. Holy crap was that retarded; similar to what we see with the Patriots. People hate dynasties and/or dominance. I don’t mind them at all.

              1. Sports that race against the clock I don’t mind.

                Judged sports….those I’ve learned to loathe over the years.

            3. “There are only three sports: mountain climbing, bullfighting, and auto racing. The rest are merely games.”


              1. Hemingway was a hipster douche.

              2. lol

                I’ve never met anyone who climbed who thought it was a “Sport”. How do you ‘win’, again? ‘not die’? Same with bullfighting.

                Now, *Bullshitting*, that’s a sport.

                Also = Hemingway never actually said that (or wrote it). It was written automotive journalist named Ken Purdy, quoting someone else =

                “Purdy’s “Blood Sport,” from the July 27, 1957 Saturday Evening Post:

                “There are three sports that try a man,” she remembered Helmut Ovden saying, “bullfighting, motor racing, mountain climbing. All the rest are recreations.” “

                the context makes more sense = “if you’re not risking your life, its just ‘for fun’.” Still stupid, but somewhat more sensible.

      2. The UCI is worse than FIFA. Fuck UCI. Fuck Astana. Fuck Vinokourov.

        1. Yeah, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with cycling.

          FIFA is waaaayyyyy more powerful though.

          I know Sky is hated but it’s the first I hear of someone hating Astana!

          1. Really? You don’t read Velo News very much, I take it?

            Anyways, pretty much the entire Astana team has been caught doping, except Nibali. Nibali has said shit along the lines of “I didn’t know anything about this!!! I’m, like, totally shocked n’ shit!!!”. Vino is a known cheater; at least half a dozen of his riders have been banned in the last year, and yet UCI let them compete.

            Last year’s Tour was such an incredible snoozefest. It seems like these days the peloton pretty much determines who is going to win, and they don’t attack anymore. It’s like it’s bad politics or offensive or something if you try to attack the leader nowadays.

            1. (just like F1 racing!)

            2. No, I don’t. I read CyclingNews from time to time.

              My God, Contador has been caught doping. Hesjedal has admitted to it. I’m not so sure they’re the only group who dope. That’s the whole knock against cycling is that it’s the norm and not the exception.

              1. Also, don’t think Aru has ever been caught doping.

                1. Here’s the list:


                  Most, if not all, the greatest doped up.

                  1. Not just in cycling. Anyone in the money sports who’s not doping isn’t trying.

                  2. Pretty sure every top rider is and/or has been a doper (that would be all ~200 riders in the TdF, for sure). But the UCI said it’s against the rules, so it’s against the rules. Then they selectively enforce the rules and of course now we know via Lance they’re very open to a little palm greasing, too.

                    I think the UCI should open up to whatever drugs are available. I don’t give a crap whether someone gets nut cancer form all the EPO, if that’s the risk they want to take.

                2. There was a stretch of time, last fall I think, where every week there were headlines about yet more Astana riders being banned. There was actually a bit of shock among cycling fans when UCI gave them the go-ahead for the summer.

                  I liken it to DC Mayor Vince Grey’s tenure. Every one of his closest advisors was indicted for corruption, yet Grey maintained he knew nothin’ ’bout nothin’.

                  1. Which is total bull shit in my view. Same crap in Montreal. Every Mayor is ‘innocent’ and ‘isn’t aware’ of corruption. What a laugh a minute their bull.

                    No way in hell Blatter, for his part, didn’t know what was going on.

                    Let’s be real for once.

        2. The UCI is worse than FIFA.

          Just wait. FIFA won’t disappoint.

  1. Former Speaker of the U.S. House Dennis Hastert has been charged with evading currency reporting requirements and lying to the FBI about it.

    He must not have supported the Iran deal.

    1. Seriously, he must have pissed off someone in power. This follows right on the heels of the announcement about reductions in enforcement for structuring.

    2. Hastert’s America…where else can a former high school wrestling coach find $3.5 mil in hush money?

      1. I thought him impervious to retribution given how much he got away with while he was in Congress.

    3. That is a LOT of hush money. What did he do?

      1. He is a former coach. I wonder if he pulled a Sandusky with his students.

        1. That does seem to make the most sense. Live boys or dead girls as they say.

        2. I think he must have an illegitimate kid.

          Anything else he did would be long past the statute of limitation and he’s a geriatric private citizen so why give a damn if someone came out with a 40 year old molestation charge (or whatever). Just do a press release saying what a shame it is that some shrink deluded this poor troubled person.

          1. Some states don’t have a SoL for child molestation charges. Doubt Illinois is one of them though. Whether kid or abuse victim, why wait until 2010 to start tapping him for $$?

          2. If an illegitimate kid, who cares? He’s out of politics, old, apparently rich and he can write that kid out of his will (or, if he’s generous, into the will). He doesn’t have to answer to anybody anymore, except his god (if he’s a believer).

    4. I look forward to the same treatment being meted out to the Clinton Foundation.

      Just kidding!

    5. I dunno. It would have been nearly impossible to ignore this, regardless of his political beliefs. If the allegations are true, he was clearly evading currency transaction reporting (which, ironically, just set him up for more serious suspicious activity reporting from the banks to the Treasury Dept).

      If he was the victim of extortion (which seems likely), why did he not just say so when interviewed? There must be something BIG in his past, like pictures of him fondling 14 y/o girls big.

      1. We don’t know if he did anything wrong in the past (though the implication is there), but it seems that using your own money to pay someone is not a crime in and of itself. The anti-structuring laws are stupid. BTW, I am a bit curious how the FBI gets its data since the amounts were supposedly well below $10K and what algorithm it uses to identify ‘targets’. I don’t love the notion that they have all of my banking data to sift through at will. When do they decide that my withdrawals constitute ‘structuring’ and put me in handcuffs? When I piss off someone in power?

        1. Banks are required to report “related” transactions that look like they are made to evade currency transaction reporting. Withdrawing close to the $10K limit every few weeks will result in a CTR and, very likely, a SAR, as well.

          The amounts and consistency are enough to set off the algorithm. Also, somebody at the Treasury Dept likely flagged him for closer scrutiny because he’s a politically exposed person.

          Not saying a agree with the reporting requirements — they are the bain of my existence since I do compliance for financial firms — but they are what they are.

          1. “Politically exposed person”… I don’t mean he’s an political opponent of the administration. That’s just a term used to describe every past and present high ranking political official in the financial compliance world.

  2. Stop comparing things to slavery.

    You know who else gets over-compared?

    1. apples and oranges?

    2. Nicole?

      Those comparisons are the worst.

    3. Hitler?

    4. You guys are like simile Nazis

    5. Brand X?…

      1. “My dick is so big it has its own dick. And even my dick’s dick is bigger than *your* dick.”

    6. The Puritans?

    7. 27 types of deodorant?

    8. Warty’s place?

      1. This thread is just like slavery. And Adam Lanza. This thread is like slavery and Adam Lanza.

        1. I rarely laugh aloud, JB, but I just did.

          Very well done.

        2. Are we still trying to make “Threadscotting” a thing? Ya know, the ‘slavery’ equivalent of Godwinning?

        3. You know what else was just like slavery?

          1. Indentured servitude?

          2. No, wait!

            I mean working at McDs for less than $15 an hour.

          3. Attending Columbia University?

    9. The greater than sign? I’ll try to include one, but it will probably be eaten. ()

  3. Pamela Geller wants to take her anti-Muslim agenda to the buses of Washington, D.C.

    She was a character on Friends, right?

  4. Pamela Geller wants to take her anti-Muslim agenda to the buses of Washington, D.C.

    She should go back to bending spoons with her mind.

    1. She’ll stick to trolling it’s far more profitable and think of all the delicious fish she is catching. Surprisingly enough there’s not much of a market for spoon benders.

  5. including being written up for “manspreading” (aka taking up too much room) on the subway

    What if you have elephantitis of the nuts?

  6. Stop comparing things to slavery.

    Fuck off, slaver?

  7. Ready, aim… Entrepreneur who is crowdfunding for bulletproof groin guard puts his money where his mouth is

    Jeremiah Raber allowed friend Matt Heck to shoot him with a rifle in April
    Wanted to raise publicity about his campaign to raise $30,000 for Nutshellz
    38-year-old said company makes the ‘strongest jockstrap in the world’…
    “Shoot me in the nuts!”

    1. When is Super Troopers 2 coming out?

      1. There was a time we’d take guy like you in the back and beat you with a hose; now you got your damn your damn unions.

        1. Oh, I butchered that. What a chicken fucker!

          1. You’re as embarrassed as the time you got caught with your cousin.

            1. What’s the significance of this John Chimpo fella?

    2. +1 Jackass

    3. “How’re you feeling Mac?”

      “Good enough to fuck your mother!”

    4. Um, color me highly skeptical.

      A bulletproof jockstrap I buy, intentionally letting someone shoot you with a rifle in one I don’t.

      Assuming everything works as designed that bullet is going to ricochet somewhere and that somewhere is almost certainly going to be into your body

      1. Nah, a ricochet would imply a highly elastic collision (one in which kinetic energy is preserved – think dropping a ping-pong ball on a concrete floor). Bulletproof clothing catching a bullet is usually more of an inelastic collision (think dropping a lump of wet clay on a concrete floor). Momentum and energy are preserved, but not necessarily as kinetic energy.

        I’m just pointing this out to be pedantic; I still wouldn’t let someone shoot me in a bulletproof jock strap with a rifle. Although there is plenty of precedent for testing bulletproof gear this way.

    1. What the hell is Rickrolling?

      1. It’s when you turn over a drunken roommate so they don’t drown in their own vomit.

        1. Well, no one can accuse Walter White of that.

    2. Rickrolling! Is that still a thing?

      1. Seriously, wasn’t it replaced by Taylor Swifting?

        1. No, Faith Hilling, which was then superceded by Taylor Swifting.

  8. Franklin DUI suspect had 13 cans of whipped cream in car

    When officers arrived at the scene, they found Thomas, apparently high on gases found in aerosol cans, according to the release.

    She was charged with driving under the influence and failure to report a crash, for allegedly running her car into a ditch at another spot before she crashed into the mailbox, police said.

    Thomas is due in court on June 4 at 1 p.m.

    According to Williamson County Sheriff’s Office records, Thomas has been arrested 10 times since 2006 on charges that included driving under the influence, violating probation, driving with a revoked or suspended license and underage possession of alcohol.

    and who says there are no libertarian women?

    1. Well, I’m in love.

      1. Well it is Friday

      2. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed errrr passenger seat of our wrecked ride (more likely)

    2. DUI on whippets seems like a really bad idea.

      1. Hippy crack

        1. eeeeeeeeew!

          /Bill O’Reilly

    3. The urge to get high/intoxicated knows no age limit.

  9. [] Study Predicts Decades Of Global Cooling Ahead
    A new study out of the United Kingdom predicts the Earth is about to go through a major climatic shift that could mean decades of cooler temperatures and fewer hurricanes hitting the United States.

    Scientists at the University of Southampton predict that a cooling of the Atlantic Ocean could cool global temperatures a half a degree Celsius and may offer a “brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures,” according to their study….

    …”The stagnation of temperature since 1998 was caused by decreasing solar activity since 1998,” wrote J?rgen Lange Heine, a physicist with the German-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE).

    “From 1900 to 1998, solar radiation increased by 1.3 W / m?, but since 1998 it has diminished, and could reach values ??similar to those of the early 20th century. A drop in global temperature over the next few years is predicted,” Heine wrote….

    1. I expect that to be added to that list that was posted yesterday of global cooling / global warming articles.

    2. Is there anything global warming can’t do?

      1. Let me try. Our efforts to fight imminent global warming will lead us to wreck the world economy. People will resort to burning old plastic bags and flotation devices to cook and stay warm. The pollutants released will blockout all sunlight and, presto, you have global cooling. So yes, global warming can even cause global cooling.

        1. Do you work for the UN? Seems you’d be a natural.





          1. You should hear what I call Chinamen and menopause.

            1. Red Tide?

      2. Is there anything global warming can’t do?

        Yes. Teach people science.

    3. Ah excellent! Laying the foundations for why temperatures aren’t matching up to the models. All that masking is a “brief respite” so we still need to upend large portions of the economy, impose austerity (the PolPot kind, not the Krugnuts variety), raise carbon taxes, and bankroll large slush funds for payoffs to politically connected cronies with pseudo-green schemes.

      1. the PolPot kind, not the Krugnuts variety

        You are mistaken if you think that these differ in any meaningful sense.

        1. I meant actual austerity as evidenced by what happened in Cambodia not the voices inside Krugnut’s head.

    4. From the article cited…..14491.html

      We show that ocean circulation responds to the first mode of Atlantic atmospheric forcing, the North Atlantic Oscillation, through circulation changes between the subtropical and subpolar gyres?the intergyre region7. These circulation changes affect the decadal evolution of North Atlantic heat content and, consequently, the phases of the AMO. The Atlantic overturning circulation is declining8 and the AMO is moving to a negative phase. This may offer a brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures4, but in the coupled system we describe, there are compensating effects. In this case, the negative AMO is associated with a continued acceleration of sea-level rise along the northeast coast of the United States9, 10.

    5. A new Ice Age is coming!

      Quick! Pump more CO2 into the atmosphere!

      Burn forests! NOW!

    6. They forgot to carry the one and move the decimal a spot.

    7. Did you ever get the impression that they, the climate science community, have no real, actual idea as to what the fuck is going on with the climate, in terms of long term trends?

      1. I would call it more than just an impression

  10. How Crowds and Experts Kickstart the Arts

    Philosophers have talked by turns about both the “wisdom” and “madness” of crowds. But when it comes to assessing and funding the arts, just how wise are crowds?and how does their wisdom compare to that of art experts?

    HBS Associate Professor Ramana Nanda sought to answer those questions in a recent study, which compared funding decisions of startup theater productions made by art-loving masses on crowdfunding website Kickstarter with evaluations by experts in the field.


    1. how does their wisdom compare to that of art experts

      “Experts” should be in sneer quotes.

      1. There are no art experts in the world?

        1. Irving Thalberg was an expert about the movies, but nobody would have called him an expert. The soi-disant “experts” would be pushing the latest Ken Loach piece that has the proper political views.

          1. I have no idea who these supposed experts are, so I won’t say anything.

      2. “sneer quotes”

        Nice. I am stealing that.

        …and yes, i recognize that it is confusing to actually use quotes when quoting that, but I really don’t mean anything “sarcastic” about it at all.

    2. I was thinking of giving a couple of pennies to McSweeney’s (and The Believer) and then I saw a picture of Lena Dunham and balked.

      Any publication – no matter how good – who would think she’s worth an interview has to be questioned.

    3. Professional art critics like different things than the general population. This is something we didn’t know already?

      Were the experts trying to figure out which would be most popular, or were they just providing their considered opinions on the pieces?

    4. Neither the wisdom of experts nor Kickstarter crowds seems particularly relevant to how well a show does with consumers.

      1. “Let’s get the muthafuckin’ experts off this muthafuckin’ plane!”

      2. Yes, but only one of those groups is voluntary contributions.

  11. YOU stop comparing things to slavery. I know for a fact that they are goin’ to put us in chainz.

    1. Nope. Even comparing slavery is slavery is out of bounds.

  12. Summertime livin is easy for the rich

    I resent rich people in general, but I hate them especially during the summer.

    Come summer, the rich get to go on vacation, a luxury only available to select salaried people.

    Those vacations will rely upon the exploitation of cheaply paid workers.

    In summer, the rich get to escape the most violent time of the year in American cities, when young men are outside and the police are twitchy. That’s when poor people ? who can’t afford to leave the city or even to run their AC and stay inside ? are most likely to hang out in the streets to beat the heat, becoming inadvertent targets of crossfire or police harassment.

    When rich people aren’t fleeing town, they get to enjoy the best their cities have to offer ? unlike the rest of us. When they do go outside, they can walk around in expensive organic fabrics rather than the kind of sweltering polyester which can drive someone as crazy as Divine in the heat.

    This is what the summer brings us: a clear view of who has a right to leisure and relaxation, and who does not.

    1. Well if you’re poor and want to escape the city how about just don’t live in a city? I live in a rural area and I see plenty of poor people.

    2. Cotton- the fabric of (some of) our lives.

      1. Apparently Cotton is considered an expensive organic fabric by the author. I guess he’s never shopped in a Walmart.

        1. That’s not “organic” cotton.

    3. Thrasher? Really?

      That explains the article. It would have also made sense if his last name was missing an ‘h’.

        1. Good catch!

    4. I resent rich people in general, but I hate them especially during the summer.

      I’m thinking that’s probably a personal problem of the author. What a load of petty horse shit.

      Lot’s of hourly wage earners get paid vacation too. That is the stupidest article I have read all week. I do like the picture of the upper-class twit competition, though.

      I’m going to guess that Mr. Thrasher also has the opportunity to take vacations.

      1. The only solution is for the author and I to determine who gets to go on vacation.

      2. It’s also pig ignorant. Anyone who has had any experience with the actually, no fooling around wealthy know that they are constantly working. Even while on vacation, they are working. There might be a correlation here, you think?

        1. My left-wing friends assure me ‘rich’ people don’t work all that hard because labor exploitation.

        2. This is also true (with the exception of some beneficiaries of trust funds). Any rich person I have ever known who made their own money is pretty much always going. Hell, a lot of definitely not rich professionals end up working on their paid vacations.

          1. Even a lot of 2nd and 3rd generation rich work their asses off to maintain their status.

            I mean a lot of people like to bitch about Paris Hilton because she’s famous for doing nothing (and keeps trying to position herself in roles she clearly has no talent at) but the reality is that she works her ass off (which may be why she doesn’t actually have an ass) on her myriad of business ventures.

            Nobody can legitimately accuse her of being a parasite on her families money

            1. Which is why I say “some”. I have a good friend with a considerable trust fund. She does work a lot, but not on much that produces much wealth. I keep trying to convince her that she would do the most good for the world and herself if she put more of her wealth into productive business ventures.

              1. If she’s throwing good money after bad in an effort to make money (bad biz sense), yeah. But if she’s doing volunteer work without digging a hole in her resources, I’d give her a pass.

                1. Yeah, I’m not giving her a terribly hard time. Her thing is independent film. She’s pretty smart and responsible about her money. But a bit of a lefty, so I have to give her some crap.

      3. Well technically he said “go on vacation” not get a paid vacation.

        Getting paid to take a week off isn’t the issue, it is having the funds to spend that week in Ibiza that makes the writer jealous.

        Still even there I have multiple middle class wage slave friends who are able to take expensive vacations (cruise, trip to Europe or the Carribean, etc.) every couple of years at worst and some who do multiple a year. It all just comes down to priorities and not having kids to take care of.

        I mean if you are a DINK couple earning a combined $80k a year setting aside $5k of that for a yearly vacation is easily doable, you just have to make it a priority and plan for it.

        1. Mabe it’s harder to get out of the city, but where I live plenty of lower-middle class people manage vacations too, even if it is a week at a campground or a road trip. You don’t have to fly to a resort to have a nice vacation away from your usual life.

      4. To be specific: 77% of private industry workers receive paid vacation of some sort

    5. When I examine my rage at those for whom summertime living is easy, a lot of it is based on jealousy.

      You’re jealous of public school teachers, Mr. Thrasher?

    6. I’m glad the comments are sane.

      I’ve noticed that recently. I think left-wing twits who write for a living have reached a ceiling.

      1. They delete a shit ton of comments over there

        1. Well, they are left-wing.

      2. I’m glad the comments are sane.
        I’ve noticed that recently.

        That’s because many of the professional rage Leftist commentators are on their summer vacation

    7. the rich get to go on vacation, a luxury only available to select salaried people.

      I’ve never worked for a company that had a different vacation plan for salaried v. hourly.

      Sometimes the top-level bosses get more vacation, but they generally don’t take all they get (which may be why they are top-level bosses).

      And this is written in the UK? I thought the UK and Euroland had mandatory six week vacations, or something like that.

      I probably wouldn’t even have to break a sweat to find any number of working class Euros or Brits who take more time off than any number of American honchos.

      What an idiot.

      1. I think the author is an American who covers American stuff for the Guardian.

        From what I hear, rowdy working class Brittons do go on vacations in Europe a lot and are even more hated than American tourists.

        1. But still not as bad as Australians. When I went, the Americans and Brits had mostly gotten the message and were trying to be less obnoxious, but the Aussie’s weren’t even making an effort.

  13. ‘Robotic rump’ helps med students avoid being pains in patients’ butts

    A robotic derriere has been developed by scientists at the University of Florida, Drexel University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and supported by the National Science Foundation.

    Called “Patrick,” scientists say the pseudo backside is helping proctology students gain an upper hand in carrying out what have typically been uncomfortable examinations for millions of men, KQED TV & Radio reported.

    Fitted with four sensors, the equipment will tell a student whether they are applying the right amount of pressure and whether they are properly covering the prostate.

    1. Steve Smith, the video game.


    2. Mr. Roboto likes big butts and he cannot lie.

    3. Patrick FitzGerald?

    4. You know I am certain that they could find someone who was willing to volunteer to be the test subject for those doctors

    5. sure that’s what its for

    6. Of course UF would have a part in creating an artificial asshole.

  14. Baltimore Gets Bloodier As Arrests Drop Post-Freddie Gray…..homicides/

    “Other cities that have experienced police officers accused or indicted of crimes, there’s a lot of distrust and a community breakdown,” Rawlings-Blake said. “The result is routinely increased violence.”

    They don’t think that the distrust is a result of the police behavior that resulted in them being accused or indicted, but that allowing the accusations or indictments caused the distrust. They simply cannot comprehend the idea that the distrust is deserved. It does not compute.

    Veronica Edmonds, a 26-year-old mother of seven in the Gilmor Homes, said she wishes the police would return, and focus on violent crime rather than minor drug offenses.
    “If they focused more on criminals and left the petty stuff alone, the community would have more respect for police officers,” she said.

    Ya think?

    1. My favorites are the anonymous quote of how cops are afraid to do their jobs for fear of prosecution.

      1. It says they’re afraid of prosecution for falsely arresting people. Well, maybe if they tried not to kill the people they arrest…

      2. But notice how they don’t actually quit and go into a different line of work.

    2. 26-year-old mother of seven

      1. Mormon.

        1. Yeah, for all we know, they interviewed her because her husband was off at work, you bigot!

        2. Catholic.

          1. Catholic Mormon?

      2. Is she a single-mom too?

        And then they wonder why.

    3. I told the homicide cops, don’t look in the vacants. That will just result in more names in red on the board.

      1. Homicde?

        Or, Homicide?

        Either way, you’re gonna get a beat.

    4. But drug cases are easier!

    5. Ah, the ole’ work stoppage perfected by the NYPD after Garner. Nice work again heroes. That’ll teach us to need you.

    6. BPD’s outright trolling now. The DA should have realized that you don’t piss off the Praetorian Guard and not expect consequences. These people are her foot soldiers and she needs them a lot more than they need her.

      Regardless, the relationship is fundamentally broken at this point. Half the BPD is black, so it’s not like there’s an issue of grossly nonproportional representation at play here, like there was in Ferguson. There’s really nothing short of a full housecleaning that will incentivize the department to begin regular patrols in these neighborhoods again.

  15. Start expecting a lot more construction-site porn? Adult film performers in California may be required to wear safety goggles.

    Not that I’d necessarily be against more offerings with “jackhammer” in the title, but I’m expecting more Sunshine State porn.

    1. Jackhammers and goggles. And probably not a good idea to be watching it at work

    2. Ya but we need the Cali feed stock. Unless your prepared for nonstop Florida Woman

      1. I hear Vegas is just a short ride from LA

      2. I think LA is the reservoir, not the rain.

    1. Those are freakin’ hilarious.

      “Half Naked Marco Rubio Runs Through Airport Saying He’s God”

  16. ‘Batmobile of the skies’ takes flight: Sikorsky tests radical dual rotor helicopter that can reach 276 mph

    Conventional helicopters can only reach speeds of around 200mph
    S-97 Raider is designed to replace US Army’s Kiowa Warrior helicopter
    Features 2 rotors that turn in opposite directions and a pusher propeller
    Sikorsky has a demonstration tour planned for the S-97 Raider in 2016…..6-mph.html

  17. Cornwall mankini ban creates tourism boom

    Police in Newquay, Cornwall said a ‘robust’ attitude to inappropriate behaviour in public has helped shed its ‘Wild West’ image as a haven for stag and hen parties, in favour of a family-friendly destination.

    They say a determination to tackle anti-social behaviour such as excess drinking, public disorder and the wearing of inappropriate clothing such as mankinis has helped reduce crime in the town.

    It comes as figures show anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in the town has dropped since 2009.

  18. I know it’s in the lynx, but I’ll post the Daily Fail’s version anyway.

    Porn actors will have to wear GOGGLES under new California regulations

    The proposals also want porn producers to pay for medical visits, provide condoms and pay for Hepatitis B treatments
    Some in the porn industry feel that the measures are too extreme
    The Free Speech Coalition said: ‘These are regulations designed for medical settings, and are unworkable on an adult film set’
    In 2013, the porn industry imposed several industry-wide moratoriums after HIV outbreaks…..-sets.html
    Nothing is more sexy than goggles! Hell yeah!

    1. Won’t the industry just pack up and leave for cummier pastures?

    2. Do German goggles count?

    3. If Tubgirl is your thing, I guess.

  19. Japan spending slump casts doubt on central bank optimism

    Spending by Japanese households slumped unexpectedly in April and consumer inflation came in roughly flat, casting doubt on the central bank’s view that a steady economic recovery will help move inflation toward its ambitious 2 percent target.

    Households spent less on leisure and dining out even as the jobless rate fell to a 18-year low, underscoring the challenge of eradicating the sticky “deflationary mindset” that has beset Japan for nearly two decades.

    1. I’d tell the Japanese to open their eyes, but that’d be racist.

    2. How many times can shit like this happen “unexpectedly” before the experts are laughed out of the room?

      1. How may stars are there in the sky?

    3. What’s wild is the least statist party in Japanese politics is New Komeito which is the political arm of Soka Gakkai. Soka Gakkai is a new age Buddhist cult run by a power hungry megalomaniac. Even so, that is the party we vote for. It’s surreal.

    4. Hell, most of the time when the “experts” get something wrong about Japan the media goes along with them and never brings it up.

      25 years ago both the Japanese media and the foreign media had article after article explaining how the Japanese would never, ever, ever adopt credit cards. Cash was the only thing they would ever accept or trust. It was cash and only cash forever. Then in the space of a few years credit cards were everywhere and everyone was using them. I never even saw one explanation about how they got it wrong.

      1. That was the same time they were running story after story about how Japan was going to buy the western half of the US and if you didn’t speak Japanese by the year 2000, you wouldn’t be able to be successful in business.

      2. Credit cards are ancient history. Everyone’s paying with their phones.

  20. A new report from the Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) illustrates the many, many petty abuses New Yorkers have to suffer at the hands of the NYPD, including being written up for “manspreading” (aka taking up too much room) on the subway and walking in the park after dark.

    Who was it the other day that was saying how the SJWs have no real power and we should just ignore their idiocy?

    1. The SJWs call it manspreading. The NYPD just calls it FYTW. This ain’t ideological, buddy.

      1. That’s exactly what a woman would say. Don’t listen to her, men! SJWs are everywhere! In your police force! In your homes! In your wives! In your good American churches!

        Don’t be fooled. Don’t be a dope. The time to fight back is now. Now, manly fellow manly men! Sign up now for my 12-part series on how to defeat the SJW menace and I’ll throw in my infallible course on the secrets of seduction for free. That’s right, you get both It’s Not You, It’s Them: How Feminist SJW Harpies Are The Only Thing Keeping You Poor and Unemployable and The Pussy Hound: Because You’re Such a Fucking Loser That Becoming a Complete Asshole PUA Actually Improves Your Personality. Don’t wait! Act now! The secrets of alphaness can be yours for only 24 low payments of $99.95!

      2. People didn’t blame the cops when they enforced the anti-sodomy laws, they blamed social conservatives for backing the laws, and rightly so.

        Yes, it’s just in college, if you aren’t in college, these idiots have no power over you. Oh, wait, in college and on the subways. There, I’m sure that’s as far as their retarded influence will go.

        This feels exactly like when people were talking about anti-smoking laws and how the government would be regulating the types and content food for reasons other than quality control next. No-one believed them. Now we’ve got trans-fat, large soda, and salt bans.

        1. I’m not going to blame SJWs for backing laws they probably don’t even know exist about subway conduct. These aren’t new rules. If they knew about them, would they have bitched on Twitter about manspreading, or asked the MTA police to start enforcing their own rules better?

          1. ??? They’ve been campaigning against it for years.

            It’s more than just twitter.

        2. For further homework, google some articles with the title “If you hate the TSA so much, just take a train”.

          1. I can’t even imagine why you think this is relevant.

            1. It’s all about using the law to enforce more and more government restriction based upon social norms which have been corrupted for that purpose. In this case of public groping by government officials, it’s our preoccupation with “safety”, in the case of food restrictions it’s our preoccupation with “health/safety” and in the case of title nine and manspreading tickets is our preoccupation with “feminism/safety”.

              That last (“feminism/safety”) is because, over the last several years, there has been a conscious push to conflate the norms of radical feminism with safety. Safe spaces, felt unsafe, etc. When was the last time you saw anything pushed by them that didn’t include some form of the word safe, no mater how outlandish? Now, in New York, we have the supposed guardians of public safety pushing their latest agenda.

              This is part of the same push that forces us to be groped or searched before we get on a plane, train or bus. And part of the same push that puts swat teams onto dairy farms for raw milk.

  21. Great, depressing essay from Northwestern University prof Laura Kipnis on her “Title IX inquisition.”

    The only way to do away with Title IX is to allow it to grow to its inevitable overreach.

    1. Nobody expects the Title IX Inquisition!

      1. A few of us did…

      2. “Amongst our nine weapons are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to identity politics, and nice red uniforms? “

  22. Historical Treasures Take a One-Two Punch ? from Jihadists Here, Mother Nature There

    Some may remember the Taliban’s wanton destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, 1,500-year-old massive stone sculptures dynamited in March 2001. That was the first sign that the new wave of jihadis sought to erase the past more thoroughly than any before them.

    The Islamic State has continued the tradition. They have destroyed some of the Middle East’s earliest and most priceless relics, including the 3,300-year-old Assyrian city of Nimrud with a famous winged bull, and bulldozed the 2,200-year-old city of Hatra. They have taken pickaxes to exhibits stored in Mosul’s main museum, once they got done with blowing up a 1,200-year old-Christian monastery in the same city. If the Islamic State stays true to form, we may very well soon see images of Palmyra’s glorious Roman ruins being pulverized.

    1. related: Isis in Palmyra: Civilians forced to watch execution of 20 men at amphitheatre

      Isis rounded up civilians trapped in Palmyra and forced them to watch 20 people be executed in the historic city’s ancient amphitheatre, a Syrian monitoring group has claimed.

      The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the men were accused of having fought for President Bashar Assad’s army. It is not known how they were killed.

      1. Did they prop their eyelids open like in A Clockwork Orange?

    2. Eh, I’m sure those ruins weren’t as awesome to behold in real life as documentaries made them out to be….the Roman Coliseum was a disappointment, so small…

      Seriously, though, this sucks. I don’t understand why this supposed Islamic caliphate has to destroy these artifacts when past Islamic caliphates had no problem with their existence.

  23. Ask Slashderp: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

    Um….. give power to government to decide who gets to live longer, so the politically valuable get to instead of the rich? We can’t all live forever. Gaia would be displeased.

    1. Imagine our carbon footprint over our entire life span!

  24. Cicconetti says he couldn’t really allow pepper spray, so harmless saline spray was substituted without Gaston knowing.

    Way to wuss out, “Judge”.

    1. Would the judge have allowed the same punishment to the cop who pepper-sprayed non-violent student protestors a few years ago?

  25. A new report from the Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) illustrates the many, many petty abuses New Yorkers have to suffer at the hands of the NYPD…

    You could always stop electing central planners.

  26. ‘Stop comparing things to slavery.’

    And, we may add, Nazis.

    As I’ve mentioned in the past – so excuse my repetition for those who have seen it – America is insufferable as it is immature when it comes to its slavery past. It can’t seem to get past it acting as if it’s the only country in the history of history of the universe to ever experience it. All things considered, I may submit, American slavery (terrible as it was) was rather benign compared to what we’ve seen over the centuries.

    1. It’s not all of us that think that way, my hoser friend, but rather just the ones that get something out of thinking that way.

      Let’s Go Rangers!

      1. Oh I know that. But in intellectual and punditry circles – and especially on the left because ignorance and narratives – it takes up too much space.

        The Rangers are the strangest most effective team in hockey. We can point exactly to what makes, say, the other three teams so good. But the Rangers? I can’t figure them out. I guess they’re a great team unit.

        1. and especially on the left because ignorance and narratives

          Personally, I don’t think it’s ignorance but given the lack of any education in classical history that could be partly right. Narrative – oh yes. It’s all about the narrative and also about power.

          1. I think ignorance is fair.

            I’ve come to believe they read snippets of history and extrapolate it to fit a contemporary narrative. See: The Crusades.

            They can’t seem to go beyond. If they did, they’d see the complexities in such a topic preventing them from drawing the comparisons of conclusions they do.

            1. or.

      2. Indeed, let them go to their homes and watch the Lightning play in the finals.

    2. See that Sun?
      That revolves around ‘Murica.

      …and if it wasn’t for our Heros in WWIII, you’d be speaking French.

      1. That sums up a lot of our countrypersons, Princess.

  27. 25 things you don’t know about Rand Paul

    6. As you have probably heard by now, I am my own barber. In fact, I cut my own hair on my wedding day, which is evident in our wedding photos.

    24. Growing up, my parents did not enforce a curfew. They believed excessive rules can have unintended consequences.

    25. One thing I never travel without: my Ray-Ban sunglasses. It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun.

    One of RC’z laws, weird grooming habits, and some product placement. Maybe this guy is the libertarian Kwisatz Haderach

      1. That really was retarded. It was not funny or creative or snarky; it was just sad. It was authored by three people? That was the best they could come up with?

        1. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      2. NY Mag = NY Rag

      3. I enjoyed these three:

        Paul: Mostly I watch the news, but I do like reruns of The Twilight Zone.

        Quip/response: I have discovered no noticeable difference between the two.

        Paul: My given name is Randal. Kelley started calling me Rand, and it stuck!

        Quip/response: Randal means “I have memorized the entire Constitution” in Gaelic.

        Paul: There’s a bald eagle that lives in a high nest across the pond from my backyard.

        Quip/response: You hear that, America? A bald freakin’ eagle. Nature is practically begging me to be president.

        1. I liked the Atlas Shrugged one, too.

          They also could have said “I didn’t know Ray-Ban made monocles”, but maybe only we would get the joke.

      4. Complete with crap overlay where the “close” link didn’t show up because I’ve got images turned off.

      5. Run a hundred-million dollar slush fund in the name of charity, you’re a virtuous (wo)man of the people and partisans will laud your questionable accomplishments and push your numerous scandals off the front page.

        But God help you if your son was convicted of DUI.

        1. There are two things you cannot do: be convicted of a DUI or be accused of anything involving the harm of children.

          1. Except the Libyan children harmed from a civil war that you fomented.

          2. Or children forced into sex slavery on a Caribbean island resort that your husband frequents.

    1. Which makes Ron the Duke. Who is the Baron in this analogy?

      1. Um Chris Christie. He certainly is built like him

        1. Yeah, I could see Christie with his own personal doctor trying to remove pus-filled skin lesions.

    2. Hey! I didn’t have a curfew, either! That’s probably because I was incredibly square and my Friday nights were playing bridge at a friend’s house. Except when we drove to Norwalk at midnight to see Rocky Horror (with my parents’ permission. Because I was so square).

      1. You keep saying ‘was’…

  28. Vox: You think lethal injection is barbaric? These states still allow execution by hanging.

    Who would have guessed that states like New Hampshire, Delaware, and Washington ? better known for their love of the outdoors ? would make up the hanging triumvirate of the United States?

    The rest of the maps review electrocution, firing squads, death squads, lethal injection, and gas chambers. What does your state allow? Find out here.

    say what now?

    1. That should have been changed to ‘drone operators’ last revision.

      1. “That should have been changed to ‘drone operators’ last revision.”

        Those are state laws. Obama’s Executive Orders supersede state laws. Duh!

    2. Can’t we just have Obama drone kill them instead?

    3. I don’t understand this at the end of the day your killing someone, why the fuck does it matter how you do it?

      1. I like Kevin Williamson’s take: let’s not pretend what we’re doing is some clinical, bloodless act of mercy. If we’re killing a man to right a grievance, make it public and barbaric. Not necessarily cruel, but in keeping with the atavism of the practice. Like executing deserters from the Wall.

      2. Because a not insubstantial percentage of the people who support the death penalty are queasy about the whole death thing. They’d prefer the deaths from the policy they support to be behind closed doors, clinical and definitely not messy.

        IMO, executions should be public and messy (not extremely, but we’re talking about killing someone here). Pictures of the executed must be released for public consumption afterward. The queasy support will vanish overnight.

      1. Ack!

        I blame myself for clicking.

        Now I have to get my brain sandpaper out.

      2. That shit don’t work with reasonable.

  29. The link to the slavery article actually has an interesting piece on success I glossed over.

  30. Rand Paul’s civil rights fiasco: How Jon Stewart just unmasked him ? and exposed libertarians’ perverted view of freedom

    Rand Paul likes to say that he’s not intolerant, and he repeated this qualifier on the show. “I’m not one who is intolerant,” Paul declared to Stewart, “I believe in letting people live life the way they want to live it.”

    Well, good. Naturally, for many of us, this is an enticing lure, and Paul has manufactured a solid base with his live-and-let-live posture. It’s easy to be drawn into his semantic trap until we realize that “live-and-let-live” also means allowing businesses to discriminate against whomever they choose and for just about any reason.

    After declaring that’s not intolerant, however, Paul added, “That includes Christians, too.”

    The subtext here, which he deliberately didn’t elaborate upon, is that his tolerance of Christians includes tolerance enough to allow Christians to be intolerant and outright discriminatory against LGBT customers.

    1. Twitter mobs only intimidate at first. They eventually just become background noise. All they’re doing at this point is make small business owners look sympathetic to people who may favor gay marriage but arent SJW about it, and allow evangelical leaders to circle the wagons claiming ‘persecution’.

      1. Perhaps we could call it “harassment,” if persecution is too harsh a word.

    2. I don’t think he was hiding that fact, and Stewart’s questions made it clear he knew Paul’s stance. Hell, just go back to that retarded Rachel Maddow interview.

    3. Well, good. Naturally, for many of us, this is an enticing lure, and Paul has manufactured a solid base with his live-and-let-live posture. It’s easy to be drawn into his semantic trap until we realize that “live-and-let-live” also means allowing businesses to discriminate against whomever they choose and for just about any reason.

      I am sure the regular Salon readers will not catch that bit of self-contradiction by the author, in which he is clearly insinuating there is such a thing as “too much liberty”. The only semantic trap inherent in the “live and let live” stance is in the author’s imagination. He is clearly an authoritarian who wants people to conform to an ideal behavior ?read: impose a morality. Remember that accusation?

  31. The 25 best things we learned from Bernie Sanders’ book

    19. Sanders honeymooned in the USSR. Sanders married his current wife, Jane, in May of 1988 and the next day left for their “romantic honeymoon” to Yaroslavl, in the then-Soviet Union. The trip was an official delegation from Burlington to cement the two cities’ sister-city relationship. “Trust me. It was a very strange honeymoon,” Sanders writes.

    He also visited Cuba with Jane in 1989 and tried to meet with Fidel Castro, but it didn’t work out and he met with the mayor of Havana and other officials instead.

    1. November 10, 1989 must have been the saddest day of his life.

    2. The trip was an official delegation from Burlington

      So basically, this d bag used taxpayer money to fund his honeymoon under the auspices of ‘official business’?

      1. Yup. But somehow he’s the only one that can save us from the corrupting influence of money in government.

        1. It’s ok. He only does it for the right reasons, and he talks to the right people.

          1. Soviet handlers?

  32. Is ‘Charlie Charlie’ a harmless game? Exorcist says absolutely not

    The rise in demonic activity can be attributed to a decreasing faith among individuals

    AND an increase in global warming.

    1. and turning our sons into homosexuals

    2. The rise in demonic activity can be attributed to a decreasing faith among individuals

      Uhhh, then why do I never hear about atheists getting possessed? something, something, power of suggestion perhaps?

    3. that demon was an asshole, did you see the video of where it bit that kids finger.

        1. Heroic, thanks for the those two videos yesterday.

          Same with Notorious’s link to that guy covering Rick Astley.

          1. Which videos were those?

            1. The ones with the flute and the sax respectively.

              1. And women with ample asses shaking them, one would assume.

  33. Indiana Woman Gets Forked In The Eye At BBQ For ‘Taking The Last Rib’

    An affidavit says the woman was attending a barbecue in Muncie when she raised the ire of the host’s daughter by “taking the last rib from the kitchen.”

    The affidavit says the woman told police that the daughter accused her of “taking all the food,” so she stabbed her in the eye.

    Police say the woman maintains she acted in self-defense and that the homeowner’s daughter was brandishing a knife.

    1. Seems ok.

    2. God is punishing Indiana for RFRA.

  34. Pamela Geller wants to take her anti-Muslim agenda to the buses of Washington, D.C.

    So, being opposed to radical Islamic fundamentalists makes one completely anti-Muslim? Kinda like being opposed to illegal immigration makes one opposed to all immigration? Is that right?

    I guess that makes me an intolerant bigot.

    1. It’s ENB. She sometimes deigns to voice an opinion on something of which she has absolutely no knowledge.

      We still love her anyway.

      1. It’s just intellectual laziness and there’s no excuse for it.

    2. Didn’t notice that. Good catch.

    3. Is it anti-Muslim, or pro-freedom of speech?

      Or, perhaps, being pro-freedom of speech these days is “anti-Muslim”, given repeated demands by some Muslims that everyone else limit their speech, and even violence if their demands aren’t met?

      Ask yourself, which side in this ugly little spat is pro-freedom, and which isn’t, and why a libertarian publication would appear to take the side that isn’t?

      1. Yeah, she’s just picking on the poor little Muslims. What a bully.…..tionaries/

  35. Melissa McCarthy blasts malls for segregating plus-size clothing for women

    McCarthy singles out one easily remedied issue, in particular, that she still faces while shopping: the segregation of plus-size clothing in department stores.

    “People don’t stop at size 12,” she tells MORE. “I feel like there’s a big thing missing where you can’t dress to your mood above a certain number. [Malls] segregate plus-size [women]. It’s an odd thing that you can’t go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section. ‘We’ll put you gals over there because we don’t want to see you and you probably don’t want to be seen.'”

    She continues: “There is just this weird thing about how we perceive women in this country. I would love to be a part of breaking that down.”

    1. Sit at the back of the bus fatties. The roads are slick and we need your weight on top of the wheels.

    2. If they don’t segregate, how will John know which dressing rooms to masterbate in?

      1. Masterbating is what Simon Legree does.

      2. Is John still alive?

        1. Don’t know. I’m guessing vacation.

    3. To be fair it’s hard to fit a circus-tent section in a mall store.

    4. I know this is a unique idea, but why don’t you get off your fat ass and open your own line of clothing stores carrying a full line of size 0 to size whatever then?

      If it’s so underserved, you’ll make a killing.

      1. yeah, this

      2. Honestly I can’t for the life of me figure out how this HASN’T happened yet.

        All you read about in the media is how Americans are getting fatter and fatter but the clothing options for those above about a size 16 for women or 3xl for men are ridiculously limited and ridiculously over priced.

        I mean last week I was in DXL and graphic tees were $40 each, Dockers shorts were $75 a pair and it is not like they were particularly high fashion or quality .

        On the one hand yeah, they obviously use more fabric so of course I expect them to cost more but essentially the same clothes at the same quality just 2 sizes down could be bought for less than 1/3rd the price at Target.

        So why hasn’t someone been able to come into the market and make plus sized clothes for either men or women (or both) and make a profit at just double the price of the regular stores charge for the regular sizes?

      3. There is, it’s called Modcloth, and it’s fucking awesome and I’m pretty sure they make a killing.

        She’s talking out her ass. But I do think she’s funny as hell.

    5. Well, the problem with malls and obese people is the walking. Obese people don’t like to walk, and when they do they block everyone else from going about thier day. Better to have all the plus size shops at strip malls.

    6. Fuck Off, Slather

    7. It’s near the tire section because they look like the Michelin Man.

    8. I’d have respect for her if she started a clothing line to meet a perceived need, but the whiny “somebody dooo something” is so annoying

  36. America’s grand historical deception: Why it pretends White Supremacy no longer exists

    There are centuries of horrors and humiliations that have been forced on Black and brown folks by White America. Unfortunately, much of that foul treatment was dismissed by too many white Americans as Black folks’ hysterics and histrionics, “urban legends,” exaggerations. But the “rough rides” given by cops to the Black and brown people they arrested were not figments of the collective Black American psyche. They were true. See Freddie Gray in Baltimore for just one of many examples. Secret sites where the cops would “disappear people” and then torture them are not urban legends. See Homan Square in Chicago.

    During centuries of white-on-black chattel slavery (and then Jim and Jane Crow), the following things ? black babies as alligator bait, selling black human property for medical experiments and other tortures, the skin of black people used for shoes and other types of apparel, even slave “breeding farms” ? are myths and folktales only to the White Gaze and a White collective imagination deeply invested in its own innocence and nobility. Black America knows those stories to be true.

    1. There you go…obsessed with slavery.


      1. Well, it was a major aspect of American history.

        Still, I find Brazil’s solution of “let everyone fuck each other brown” to have been more effective.

        1. I find Brazil’s solution of “let everyone fuck each other brown”

          Youtube link?

          1. I believe you meant “Youporn”.

            1. He meant “youjizz.”

              1. NOW I understand your handle.

        2. Another dirty truth about race is the simple fact that whites so outnumber blacks in the U.S. Even if we had a society of whites with total consciousness and goodness in their hearts, that very disparity would create asymmetries.

        3. Sure. Of course it was.

          My point is it finds its way into too many contemporary stories, articles etc.

          People who should know better frivolously flaunt it around like a used condom.

          Hey, this is just my perception.

    2. C’mon Salon – “Black” or “black”… which is it?

      1. … plus their microaggression against the “lower case b” browns.

    3. As white male, when was a going to be let in on the secret??!??

  37. “A Title IX charge can now be brought against a professor over a tweet.” Great, depressing essay from Northwestern University prof Laura Kipnis on her “Title IX inquisition.”

    Is there anything more important than Title IX?

    Can it even be overridden by the President in times of war during a state of national emergency?

  38. Mysterious low-flying plane raises eyebrows

    A spokesman for the Twin Cities FBI office had no comment on the recent flight, saying he couldn’t speak to an “operational matter.”

    Ah, HA!

    1. Court struck down NSA’s eavesdropping program, so move it over to the FBI.

  39. Petraeus can lie to the FBI and give out the highest level information, and he gets a misdemeanor.

    Hastert lied to the FBI for some bullshit charge and gets a felony.

    At least they are consistent.

    1. “It’s just our little way of saying ‘Thank you for your service.'”

    2. Hillary lied to Congress about much more severe matters and gets the Team Blue nomination for POTUS.

    3. Hastert engaged in a series of “structured transactions” to evade the necessity of filing disclosures of cash transactions greater than $10000.

      Sure, it’s a bullshit charge for lying about a potential violation of a bullshit law.

      But I enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude when a drug warrior gets devoured by the monster that he nurtured.

  40. Start expecting a lot more construction-site porn? Adult film performers in California may be required to wear safety goggles.

    Where’s my hat tip ENB?

    1. Just the tip?

  41. From the Title IX article:

    Most academics I know ? this includes feminists, progressives, minorities, and those who identify as gay or queer ? now live in fear of some classroom incident spiraling into professional disaster. After the essay appeared, I was deluged with emails from professors applauding what I’d written because they were too frightened to say such things publicly themselves. My inbox became a clearinghouse for reports about student accusations and sensitivities, and the collective terror of sparking them, especially when it comes to the dreaded subject of trigger warnings, since pretty much anything might be a “trigger” to someone, given the new climate of emotional peril on campuses.

    I learned that professors around the country now routinely avoid discussing subjects in classes that might raise hackles. A well-known sociologist wrote that he no longer lectures on abortion. Someone who’d written a book about incest in her own family described being confronted in class by a student furious with her for discussing the book. A tenured professor on my campus wrote about lying awake at night worrying that some stray remark of hers might lead to student complaints, social-media campaigns, eventual job loss, and her being unable to support her child. I’d thought she was exaggerating, but that was before I learned about the Title IX complaints against me.

    Aw, whatsamatter? Is that bed you made too uncomfortable to lie in?

      1. There are a number of academics I’d love to send to the cornfield.

        1. Where’s my interlibrary loan item, bitch?

          1. That’s not me. I’m the poor asshole you ask for 20 photographs to illustrate your boring fucking book, you know, the one you’ve been writing for five years but didn’t think to try and get the photos you needed until 48 hours before it is supposed to go to your editor.

            1. Do you know how hard it is to find authentic photographs of Tijuana donkey shows?

              1. I’m sure SF knows EXACTLY how hard it is considering he’s amassed the world’s largest collection.

                1. I’m sure SF knows EXACTLY how hard it is considering he’s amassed starred in the world’s largest collection.


              2. I’m sure SF knows EXACTLY how hard it is considering he’s amassed the world’s largest collection.

    1. These would be the same asshole academics who for decades claimed there was a limit to the First amendment. Reaping what they sow.

      1. I thought we didn’t collectivize as libertarians.

        This one professor != academics.

        But yes, the larger point is taken and noted.

    2. Most academics I know ? this includes feminists, progressives, minorities, and those who identify as gay or queer ? now live in fear of some classroom incident spiraling into professional disaster.

      Welp, you made it happen. Make it unhappen, if you don’t like it.

    3. Robespierre and the guillotine.

  42. The “manspreading” link is behind a paywall. Anyway, what does “written up” mean? There is no law against being an asshole on the subway. Do have to open my wallet again to pay out more settlements against the city?

    1. There is a rule (law? who knows) against taking up more than one seat. I believe you can get a citation for it.

      1. Look, compressed testicles can be painful. We need reasonable accommodations.

        1. ADA lawsuit waiting to happen.

          1. Filed already, bitches. It’s also discriminatory.

            1. Obama has a testicle density provision. Too heavy a testy means that they have to be drained down to an acceptable level (but not in the fun way).

              1. *Obamacare

      2. Did you just worstsplain manspreading?

        1. I think I worstsplained bullshit NYPD ticketing practices.

          1. You just worstsplained what you worstsplained!

            I am not man enough to handle this.

      3. We don’t live in a good enough universe for the police to start ticketing fatties for taking up too much space. We can only dream about the whining.

        1. It’s not targeted at fatties. It’s targeted at people who deliberately take up more space than needed in order to be an asshole.

          1. people who deliberately take up more space than needed in order to be an asshole


            1. Let me guess… more squats?

              1. Squats won’t help the fatties. Putting down the fork will.

                1. Isometric jaw holds for time.

                  1. That sounds painful.

    2. There is no law against being an asshole on the subway in New York.


  43. “A pepper spray for a pepper spray: Ohio judge allows retaliatory pepper-spray shot as punishment for perp who sprayed someone in the face with the stuff.”

    I wouldn’t want to be convicted of public urination in his court. Or rape.

    1. Great judge to face for drug charges though.

  44. illustrates the many, many petty abuses New Yorkers have to suffer at the hands of the NYPD, including being written up for “manspreading” (aka taking up too much room) on the subway

    Or using the interior doors to go from one car to another?

    1. Yes, I think that is a citable offense too. Like all the others mentioned, I have never seen it enforced in 20 years.

        1. So… like jaywalking. Everybody does it but there’s maybe a 1 in 10 million chance of getting “caught”.

          1. Unless you live in Seattle.

  45. Manspreading should not be a ticketable offense. It should be immediate summary execution.

    That being said, I can out-manspread any douche on the face of the earth.

    1. I know the excuse most manspreaders use – what’s yours?

      1. She is literally smuggling plums.

      2. My excuse is that there’s only one seat and the dude in the seat next to it has manspread into the open seat. He wants to play that game, I’m perfectly willing to accommodate. It makes most men very uncomfortable to have a strange woman gradually press her thigh against them.

        In other words, I only manspread when the person next to me is manspreading. Men manspread because they think they paid extra for their testicles.

        1. It makes most men very uncomfortable to have a strange woman gradually press her thigh against them.

          We should ride the train together sometime.

          1. Meet Cute!

        2. It makes most men very uncomfortable to have a strange woman gradually press her thigh against them.

          Most men are pussy-ass motherfuckers then. Fuck, a strange woman gradually pressing her thighs against mine is just what the doctor ordered!

        3. You all are probably picturing a hot woman pressing her thighs against you. What if it was a chubby bespectacled middle aged woman with a bowl cut?

          1. Stop giving me boners, Kristen!

          2. Boys make passes at girls that wear glasses.

            1. Especially, black cats eye frames. Me-ow!

        4. Is it ok to ‘manspread’ when there is no one in the seat next to you?

          1. And nobody standing, looking for a seat? Sure. Spread away.

          2. If the train is like the picture posted with the links, spread the fuck away. Take a nap, for all I care. It’s not that hard to tell when it’s an appropriate time to leave the seat next to you open.

      3. I should clarify – in DC, when a douche is all spread out like some whore on the train, and someone says “excuse me” and sits in the empty seat next to him, the vast majority of men will continue to open their legs like a two-bit hooker. A two-bit hooker that was raised in a cave by feces-flinging mutant baboons.

        The polite and civilized thing to do would be to close your fucking legs and let the other person sit down.

        1. Very well. We’ll trade this for leaving the seat up.

        2. the vast majority of men will continue to open their legs

          Is there any ethnic division? I’ve noticed than in NYC, unwhite ‘manspreaders’ behave this way but not the others.

        3. Most of the men who do it in NYC look like gangbangers so I tend to defer to their need to be all manly and air out their junk. Getting a seat isn’t worth getting cut.

          1. About 10 years ago a guy smacked me in the back of the head, hard, for accidentally leaving my foot too far into the aisle even though I apologized (he stumbled a little) – and I was a 110 pound girl and this was the midwest. I don’t think I’d ever confront anyone on a bus in NYC.

            1. or train/subway for that matter

            2. You should have gutted him.

            3. About 10 years ago a guy smacked me in the back of the head, hard,

              Assault and battery? No consequences.

              Not keeping your knees pressed together? Here, have a ticket.

        4. The men I’ve had issues with in DC are almost always youngish professional-looking types in gym clothes, and always white.

          1. Expand your dating horizons then.

            Oh, you mean the trains.

    1. How transgressive! Almost as transgressive as:

  46. NJ Man Named Bacon Arrested in Fight Over Sausage

    A New Jersey man whose last name is Bacon was arrested after a dispute over sausage, according to police.

    Thomas Bacon, 19, allegedly attacked another person at a Madison home on May 12 for eating the last piece of sausage, reports.

    Bacon was charged with simple assault and released pending a court appearance, according to

    1. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

      Pigs grab Bacon.

      The victim should have saved his bacon.

      [pause for breath]

      Thomas is Sir Francis’ dumber cousin.

      1. Is that a sausage in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

        The police dog can’t tell which part of the alleged perp to bite, he’s all so delicious.

        Bacon is gonna fry.

        1. The police are still looking for the suspect’s accomplices, Lettuce and Tomato.

  47. Our economy took a big dump in Q1.…..ision.html

    1. Dude it was the weather!
      Actually, it wasn’t that bad.
      Dude it was oil prices!
      They are still way off peak prices.
      Dude it was Republicans!
      They haven’t done anything.
      Dude it was Fiorina, Huckabee, Geller and that pizza place!
      Man, just blame the levellers.

    2. Sandi took a dump on our economy once.

      I miss Sandi.

  48. Y’all hear that the Duggars are interested in buying the Neverland Ranch?

  49. I was her until she came to this part:

    Many of the emails I received from people teaching at universities pointed out that I was in a position to take on the subjects I did in the earlier essay only because I have tenure. The idea is that once you’ve fought and clawed your way up the tenure ladder, the prize is academic freedom, the general premise being ? particularly at research universities, like the one I’m fortunate enough to be employed at ? that there’s social value in fostering free intellectual inquiry. It’s a value fast disappearing in the increasingly corporatized university landscape, where casual labor is the new reality. Adjuncts, instructors, part-timers ? now half the profession, according to the American Association of University Professors ? simply don’t have the same freedoms, practically speaking.

    She just had to go the “corporatized university landscape” route, and I’m wondering what the fuck she’s thinking if she actually believes that a university and the corporate realm have anything at all in common.

    Adjuncts don’t get fucked because of a “corporate atmosphere” or some such horseshit, they get fucked (in this context) because of government fiat.

    And while we’re at it, quit blaming “corporatization” of the university for the adjunctivization of it. Adjuncts exist because universities have volunteered to be jobs programs for a problem they’ve created (too many PhDs), not because of “corporatization.”

    1. Well, universities are corporations. But I think she has something else in mind.

  50. 3D printed suppressor from SIG:…..e-testing/

    1. Neat. It will be interesting to see if the ATF tries to treat possession of a 3D milliing machine and suppressor plans as unregistered possession.

    2. cheaper cans on the way. like everything 3D printable, the deflation pressure is going to be beautiful. thanks, SIG. and damn the $200 tax stamp.

  51. Anyone have experience with IPVanish? Is it a service to be trusted? I’m mostly interested in getting around local sports blackouts on my Roku. And fuck you, Comcast.

    1. We use unlocator for xbox, and fire tv. Works great and no sports blackouts. I also like changing the Netflix region.

  52. Former Speaker of the U.S. House Dennis Hastert has been charged with evading currency reporting requirements and lying to the FBI about it.

    This may turn out to be a “arresting Al Capone for tax evasion” situation, but based on what has been revealed so far, it seems singularly shitty for a prosecutor to let a blackmailer escape punishment so you can prosecute the victim of the blackmail for a bullshit technical violation.

    1. Hastert was being investigated for violation of Title 31 CFR, Section 1010.314.

      The War on Drugs eats her own children.

  53. “A Title IX charge can now be brought against a professor over a tweet.” Great, depressing essay from Northwestern University prof Laura Kipnis on her “Title IX inquisition.”

    Is it OK to root for everyone in this matter to eat one another?

    One one hand, fuck these sanctimonious harpies and their revolutionary inquisitions.

    OTOH, prof, watch me not care about you being eaten by the monster you undoubtedly helped create.

  54. “Start expecting a lot more construction-site porn? Adult film performers in California may be required to wear safety goggles.”

    They already are required to wear condoms, so isn’t this akin to wearing both suspenders and a belt?

  55. Pamela Geller wants to take her anti-Muslim agenda to the buses of Washington, D.C.

    Where one usually finds Coca-cola’s anti-Pepsi agenda all the time.

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