Rand Paul

Matt Welch to Talk Rand Paul vs. the Hawks at 8 p.m. on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes


At roughly 8:20 p.m. ET, I will appear on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes to discuss the ongoing fight between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and the more hawkish candidates in the 2016 GOP field (namely, all of them).

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  1. But the Hawks got swept out of the playoffs already.

    1. The “All In” title only helps this reference.

    2. The only Hawks that matter are the BLACKHAWKS.

      /looks for Swiss’s approval.

      1. Go Bolts, stoopid mammal

      2. My approval is noted.

        And it looks like we’re going to game 7 after all.

        1. It doesn’t matter. Oaktown, baby!!#

  2. Rand Paul IS a hawk-on certain issues, like ISIS. You see this is called ‘situational context’ and it is why trying to lump everyone into a vague totality like ‘hawk’ is stupid and obviously a dishonest tactic.

    1. what should we do with isis?

      1. Bomb it back into another piss-ant insurgency. Arm and recognize the Kurds.

        1. “Arm and recognize the Kurds.”

          Do you understand why Baghdad has refused to allow this, to date? And the role Kirkuk plays between the Kurds and the rest of the country?

          There’s a reason this ‘simple solution’ hasn’t happened.

          1. The reason is that the USG is craven and stupid. Fuck Baghdad our real friends are the Kurds.

            1. Cytotoxic|5.27.15 @ 11:07PM|#
              “The reason is that the USG is craven and stupid. Fuck Baghdad our real friends are the Kurds.”

              Yeah, right. Just like our last ‘real friends’ were.
              What a fucking idiot.

              1. Another persuasively argued point from our resident senile geezer Sevo.

            2. that would be a “No”, then.

              ‘Baghdad’ (aka Shiite iraq) is not the only party in the neighborhood who’d never tolerate an independent, well-armed kurdistan

              The process of the Kurds developing actual ‘independence’ (rather than the nominal kind they have now) will take decades and a whole lot of horse-trading if there’s not going to be a big fucking war over it

              I certainly think we could be doing more to facilitate the process, and better by the kurds in general, which would include arming them directly, helping them more than we are – I’m very much interested in the same end-state you seem to blithely think should be just de-facto policy- but to simply wave your hands and think its just a matter of the USG having ‘bigger balls’ or something is foolish

              1. I don’t see Turkey ever accepting a Kurdish state. Even one that is limited to Iraq.

                1. Between Turkey, Iran, and the Arab Shiites who know how much oil is in Kurdish territory and consider it property of “Iraq”…. they don’t have much in the way of enthusiastic support for becoming a separate state.

                  I expect they’ll end up partnering with Turkey for “protection”. (of the Mafia variety) and buy off the shiites with some oil-revenue sharing deal, while Turkey pumps the stuff out for them. But its a dicey relationship in every direction. It seems to be the way things have been shaping up. Sugar Daddy US will be something like a well-armed moderator to keep everyone as honest and non-violent as is reasonable to expect. (i.e. basically constantly trying to fuck one another over)

                  I agree i don’t think actual independent statehood is likely in any scenario. or at least one that lasts 5 minutes before someone attacks them.

                  1. GILMORE|5.28.15 @ 12:20AM|#
                    “Between Turkey, Iran, and the Arab Shiites who know how much oil is in Kurdish territory and consider it property of “Iraq”..”

                    Just deleted post dealing with this exact issue.
                    Nobody cares about the Kurds; the issue is the oil in the area the Kurds inhabit and the rent currently accruing to the thieves we call the government of Iraq.
                    The Kurds can have their independence tomorrow, so long as they move to where there is no oil, or agree to turn over the rights to the Iraq government.

                  2. You keep assuming Iraq and the others can stop it. Iraq can barely stop ISIS. They aren’t going to stop Kurdistan. It can and will happen faster than you think. The Kurds are well armed and only growing more powerful. BTW ‘recognize the Kurds’ = ‘recognize them when they grow powerful’.

                    1. Sorry I meant ‘recognize them when they declare independence’

                    2. You’re playing checkers with a chess set.

                2. Turkey has basically accepted Iraqi Kurdistan already. They buy their oil.

                  1. Big deal

                    they’re doing a little business and pretending to be nice(r) to one another for their own separate political purposes.

                    That doesn’t mean Turkey (or Iran or Baghdad or the US for that matter) will accept a fracturing of the Iraqi state without war. At best its a way to gain leverage with them to *prevent* any kind of precipitous assertion of real independence.

                    “”We’re surrounded by sharks,” said one government official who asked not to be named. “Independence means tying ourselves to Turkey, the biggest shark in the neighborhood.” Observers say the KRG’s independence rhetoric is in fact aimed at putting pressure on Baghdad for a deal allowing Kurds to control their oil exports as well as some disputed territory.

                    In addition to ideological considerations in a region engulfed in sectarian conflict, Turkey’s hands are tied by IS. Ankara cannot be expected to enter into overt and effective cooperation with Barzani against it. To do so would truly work for the Kurdish independence that Turkey doesn’t want.”

                    There’s plenty of there for you to read and learn if you’re so inclined.

                3. Turkey ? Who cares what Turkey accepts?

              2. “[…]if there’s not going to be a big fucking war over it[…]”
                Are you trying to deny C’s fervent desires?
                Forgive me, but you seem to think C wants a peaceful mid-east; I’m pretty sure his desire is a constant state of war where he gets to cheer from the sidelines while others bleed.

                1. Forgive me, but you seem to think C wants a peaceful mid-east; I’m pretty sure his desire is a constant state of war where he gets to cheer from the sidelines while others bleed.

                  Unable to deal with the actual positions and arguments of C, opponent of C will typically degenerate into worthless ad hom and unsupported character accusations. Winner: C

                  1. Neither Sevo nor GILMORE nor Heroic Mulatto have shown why Cy is wrong about the coming Kurdish state (and more importantly from the standpoint of why Rand Paul is right about ISIS and the current GOP fecklishness). This may be our own admittedly limited geo-political view, but the only reason there isn’t a Kurdistan on the map right now is because we are the ones making the maps.

                    Kurdistan exists already. It would behoove the western world to acknowledge this in order to defeat a common barbaric enemy.

                    1. Kurdistan exists already.

                      So does ISIS. So do lots and lots of tribes in the area.

                      to defeat a common barbaric enemy

                      There are too damned many common and uncommon barbaric enemies in the area to avoid any and every entangling alliance imagineable. The enemy of our enemy shifts between friend and enemy faster than a politician’s campaign promises.

      2. Let Iran have the cake they baked..

        1. Tempting, but I am worried we are all going to get baked by this cake.

          1. In that case, you should grab your Canuck-approved weapon and hie your ass right over there to same mankind from whatever boogey-men live under your bed.

            1. Nope. That’s the job of people who signed up.

          2. You want to see an end to the reign of the clerics of Qom and their hardline mullahs?Sit back and watch Iran get bogged down in a war with ISIS. As causalities mount and they start conscripting collage students to stuff the ranks of IRGC, domestic pressure will become unbearable. ISIS wont stop until they reach the Iran/Iraq border, a protracted conflict would be inevitable. The IRGC took great pride in protracting our ill conceived war in Iraq, it would be rude not to return the favor, by staying out of it.

            1. Pathogen|5.27.15 @ 11:19PM|#
              “[…]ISIS wont stop until they reach the Iran/Iraq border, a protracted conflict would be inevitable.[…]”

              So you’re not convinced that ISIS is going to launch an immediate air attack on whatever Canuck city C lives in?
              Well, C’s got news for you! They’re boarding the paratrooper planes right now and will be landing by tomorrow morning! He’s pissing his pants as we post!
              Unless the US spends millions of dollars bombing the shit out of them, or something.

              1. The senile geezer is extra grumpy tonight. Can you please spare us your babble?

                1. Sayeth Cytotoxic:

                  The senile geezer is extra grumpy tonight. Can you please spare us your babble?

                  Another persuasively argued point from our resident senile geezer Sevo.

                  Unable to deal with the actual positions and arguments of C, opponent of C will typically degenerate into worthless ad hom and unsupported character accusations.

                  Cogen arguments indeed.

            2. You make a pretty good point actually. Hmm….

            3. No! Not the collage students!

              1. The collage students were the ones that got somewhat pissy over Ahmadinejad’s electoral fraud campaign, in which the IRGC had to send out basij goons to quell their protests. “Somewhat pissy” wouldn’t do justice to the outrage of being conscripted (probably the “trouble makers” first) and sent to die in Iraq fighting for a regime partially responsible for the creation of ISIS. “Iraq is willing to fight to the last drop of Iranian blood” would be the phrase uttered amongst those sent to fight against a seemingly endless stream of foreign jihadis and their ex-Baathist puppeteers. They have already started with “advisors” leading Shiite militias. The U.S. had a similar experience recently, not unlike a certain ‘police action’ conflict in the 60’s and 70’s.

    2. what should we do with isis?

  3. Odds that Chris Hayes shows the Lindsay Graham “eyeroll” clip while giggling like teenage girl?

  4. Christy, what an asshole.

  5. Hey, Welch came on now, not 8:20!

    1. What, you don’t love to hear Chris Hayes’ “overly-dramatic, pretend-shocked reaction” to everything?

  6. BOOSH!

  7. Bachman!

  8. Those people who tune in at 8:20 are going to be pissed.

    1. No, they’re re-running the interview.

      Maybe it’s a tape or something?

      1. You were just caught in a space time wormhole

        It happens on MSNBC all the time

        1. Deja vu creeps me out, man.

  9. Matt’s Attire = Successfully boring.

    Better for a straight political segment than the bright colors, which are better for culture-war tete-a-tetes.

  10. He wasn’t even in the studio? Fuck that. I’d bump him for Rashida Jones, too.

    1. (I’d bump Rashida Jones for him, if you know what I mean.)

      1. What would I do without Google?

        “Not one to shrink away from controversy, the brainy beauty came to the defense of her father as a teenager when he was criticized by Tupac Shakur in a 1994 interview with Source Magazine. During a rant against interracial relationships, the late gangsta’ rapper specifically indicted Quincy Jones for marrying a white woman, adding that his children were “all mixed and [expletived] up because they were biracial.”

        “Although some might question the wisdom of even getting into a pissing fight with a gun-toting, convicted felon who advocated selling crack to kids, Rashida nonetheless summoned up the gumption to confront Tupac, publicly taking him to task for his scathing remarks. His curious response, however, was to woo her big sister, Kidada, and by 1996 the couple was engaged and planning their wedding when ‘Pac was blown away in an ambush which remains unsolved to this day.”

        Submit this as a script, and they’d reject it as too implausible.


        1. It’s true. I wouldn’t produce that movie unless it was a comedy. And change the ending.

          1. I think Tupac getting murdered is funny.

  11. Dissolve the ATF. Damn straight


    1. The vital job of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals is too important to leave to a weakened, embattled agency like the ATF.

      I always understood the job of the ATF was to treat anyone who has a gun like a criminal?

      1. Yeah, I figured it would only be to replace them with something even worse

        1. The ATFDEAFDATSA?

  12. Turkey recognizes a small atheist organization.

    “”Romano, meanwhile, says the situation is critical. “(In some places), it is punishable by death to be an atheist in Islam. It is punishable by death to leave the Islamic religion. This is what we are dealing with. In some ways, it’s even more dangerous to be in Turkey because this country gives a false appearance to the world, and I don’t think the rest of the world will realize this until it’s too late.”

    “But not everyone agrees. Bekir Alboga, secretary general of the Turkish Islamic Union of Religious Affairs DITIB, based in Germany, told DW that Turkey’s democratic statutes should allow for atheists to live alongside believers.

    “”Christians, Jews and Muslims all live side by side in Turkey. Why should atheists not be able to live there? These people have the same rights as everyone else.””


    1. What about Armenians?

      1. “What’s an Armenian? They don’t exist, and I will thank you not to mention the subject again.”

      1. Atheism isn’t a religion, you dork.

  13. Civil War re-enactments in Michigan as 150th anniversary of the war’s end approaches (in June).

    Oh, and bring a hearty appetite!

    “At the Jackson Civil War Muster, an evening ball will allow re-enactors to strut their finest 1860s garb, dancing reels and jigs to period music. There will be food and shopping, including authentic Civil War supplies such as hard tack and lye soap.”


    1. Deja vu creeps me out, man.

  14. /whistling Oh Susanna.

    Is Kennedy still on?

    /continues whistling Oh Susanna.

    1. http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/kennedy

      from what i can tell, her entire show is an extended version of teh “topical storm” segment we all sort of loathed for its TMZ-ness

      Then again, I’m not about to sit through her whole program just to find out.

      1. Holy crap. It’s the same format as The Independents! Not even the names or personages have changed! Only the props. And Kennedy’s hair.

        1. I’ve seen it. The first show was horrible. Her guest were great and very patient with her but she was well Kennedy. Last time I saw her though she was better. Don’t recall if it was this show or when she hosted Red Eye. Seemed like maybe she had gotten some coaching. Was not endlessly interrupting and she didn’t get all tongue tied and spastic every time she was making a point. Maybe was a different format or maybe it was coaching, don’t know. Thing is, I like Kennedy, just not as a political talk show host. If she continues to improve I’ll give her more chances though.

          1. ” I like Kennedy, just not as a political talk show host.”

            Same here. I think she’s great for snappy repartee, but lacks horsepower in the “thinking” department. hence, the ‘fly-by commentary on silly topics’ (topical storm) seems to be preferred to, say, policy analysis.

            its like FBN said, “We like the Independents! its cute the way they horse around! just get rid of the libertarian stuff”.

  15. “Capitalism is killing America’s morals, our future”. This is by far the derpiest thing I’ve read for a while. These are people either bold faced liars or complete morons. Holy shit the stupidity! How can someone be this stupid?


    1. Holy shit that’s bad:

      “But for the vast majority of the world, capitalism is a failure. Over a billion live on less than two dollars a day. In his “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” economist Thomas Piketty warns the inequality gap is toxic, dangerous. As global population explodes from 7 billion to 10 billion by 2050, food production will deteriorate. Pope Francis adds, “Inequality is the root of social ills,” fueling more hunger, revolutions, wars.”

      Claims from Thomas Piketty AND the Pope? With such heavy hitting, totally not ideologically driven sources, how could he be wrong?

      “We found someone who brilliantly explains why free market capitalism is hell-bent on destroying itself and the world along with it: Harvard PHILOSOPHER (emphasis added) Michael Sandel, author of the new best seller, “What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets,” and his earlier classic, “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?””

      So…he’s not an economist. He’s a philosopher. What actual reason do I have to believe his ramblings?

      1. “Sandel’s core message is simple: “The good things in life are degraded if turned into commodities. So to decide where the market belongs, and where it should be kept at a distance, we have to decide how to value the goods in question ? health, education, family life, nature, art, civic duties, and so on. These are moral and political questions, not merely economic ones.””

        Wait. Is he arguing that people shouldn’t be allowed to buy and sell art?

        1. Wait. Is he arguing that people shouldn’t be allowed to buy and sell art?


          He’s arguing that people should be forced at gunpoint to pay for art through shit like the NEA, and if artists can make money on the side selling art to the betters of society, that’s cool too.

          Remember dude, whenever some leftist window-licker whines about commodification what they’re really telling you is they expect their wants to be paid for, by government force.

      2. http://cdn.theatlantic.com/ass…..00×387.jpg

        And let’s not forget what happened to the world poverty rate over the period of time he’s talking about.


    2. “But for the vast majority of the world, capitalism is a failure.’

      Last I checked the vast majority of the world doesn’t have ‘free markets, free minds’ or anything resembling a free market economy usually associated with capitalism.

      Where do we find these people?

    3. Imagine if entrepreneurs went into a poverty-stricken place and through successful businessmanning managed to bring half the population out of poverty.

      We look at that as a success but these idiots would blame the entrepreneurs for the lives of the unfortunate half.

      “Just look at that! Half of this area’s population is desperately poor! Is it any coincidence that the country adopted market “reforms” that allowed capitalists to exploit these defenseless folks?”

  16. In case I can’t make tomorrow’s AM links, here’s the latest hot new trend:

    “How to break free from monogamy without destroying marriage

    “Before online dating, before her two kids, before the Big Conversation with her skeptical husband, Jessie already had an inkling that maybe she wasn’t quite like the ladies she saw at church, that maybe the sexual strictures of life in D.C.’s monied suburbs weren’t for her.

    “Her first marriage, in her early 20s, had ended after an affair. (Hers.) Her second marriage, started shortly thereafter, was “happy ? very happy,” but as her boys grew up and moved out and moved on, she was left faintly bored….

    “In 2010, Jessie approached her husband with an idea she called “ethical non-monogamy.” They would stay together as each other’s primary, lifelong partners, but they wouldn’t rule out other relationships ? as long as they happened openly. Jessie has shown her husband her profile on several dating sites, including Open Minded. When she returns from her weekly date with one of her four extramarital partners, she tells him as much, or as little, as he likes.

    1. “Publicly, no one knows about this arrangement. (It’s why we have agreed to just use her first name in this story.) Jessie doesn’t plan to tell her children, though she could see it coming up one day. She and her husband still have sex, still go to social functions, still celebrate anniversaries.

      “But that whole thing about “the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law .?.?. so long as he liveth”? To that, Jessie says no thanks.

      “More and more women will make this choice or consider it, [biological anthropologist Helen] Fisher expects; it’s in keeping with decades of widespread social change and women’s empowerment.”


      1. Oh, and lest you think this is weird, be assured that it’s a trend among “more and more progressive couples.”

        1. It’s those damn bath salts

      1. You realize that, in Russia, “yep” means “sex”?


    2. This has been going on for many years. The term for it is polyamory.

  17. http://io9.com/i-fooled-millio…..1707251800

    Man runs a study regarding chocolate, purposefully games the numbers to make it look like chocolate makes you slimmer, gets his study reported on all over the planet.

    Science journalism at work, ladies and gentlemen!


    Earlier the same guy published a nonsense study, submitted it to open access journals and found less than half rejected it.

    1. “..Earlier the same guy published a nonsense study, submitted it to open access journals and found less than half rejected it.”

      Consensus! The system works!

    2. I felt a queazy mixture of pride and disgust as our lure zinged out into the world.

      Thanks for linking that article, Irish.

      1. Look at this shit if you don’t think the media was hilariously derelict in their duty already.

        They also produced hilarious music videos that are purposefully insane so it’s obvious they’re a hoax. And no organization noticed they were full of shit.

  18. I’ll post this in the AM and PM links tomorrow:


    124 years of failed environmental predictions.

    Canada was supposed to disappear in 1923. For true!

    1. This is the greatest sentence I have ever read:

      “Granted, when making projections, it’s good to have sophisticated models. I don’t claim to have used those, but I’ve got a good eye and by the looks of it, sea ice will be gone in September 2014. -Sam Carana Arctic News Sep 21, 2012”

      It’s good to have scientific evidence, although I don’t claim to have any.

      1. “Well, my doctorate’s in English, Fred, but that seems like a mighty fine pulse to me.”

      2. Do yourself a favor and look up ‘Sam Carana’.

        1. apparently its a pseudonym for a group of people publishing lots of faux-science global warming propaganda

          or so claims this guy


          1. to be more-accurate =

            this particular guy is also a vigorous climate-change proponent

            he was just pointing out that this other source is dubious, and has no verifiable identity, publishes lots of questionable stuff

  19. Crimes against children. Really, so easy to get away with.

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  21. OT:
    Camera whore Jesse Jackson tries to wave the bloody shirt over hoops player’s possible injury; team wins in spite of sleazy self-promo:
    “Rev. Jesse Jackson on hand to support Stephen Curry”

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