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Brickbat: No Parking


Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC

The Manchester, England, city council has promised to rescind a parking ticket after finding that a city crew had it towed from a legal parking spot and moved it to a location where parking is illegal so they could paint the street.

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  1. I’ve recieved better nut punches from my six year old. What’s tomorrow’s gonna be? Man gets drinks comped for late omelet?

    1. Don’t worry, you little masochist, the nut punches are going to start rolling in.

      Especially now that police may actually be in danger.

      1. Ugh. See, on the one hand, I can support violence against fascists.

        But, in reality, I trust my fellow citizens to target the worst cops (rather than the one that happens to be in the wrong place at the time) as little as I trust cops to know who needs jail time and who just needs a quick arse-kicking to straighten them out – not at all.

        And shooting the non-bad cops (I’m not going to say ‘good’) will just cause all of them to entrench and double down on the shit that is pissing people off enough to start killing them.

        I’d say, practically, killing a cop would have to be done like disciplining a puppy – if you don’t do it right when he commits whatever atrocity then none of them are going to make the connect between their behavior and the consequences.

        Not that, and I want to stress this, advocating these murders – I don’t think we’re there yet, the system still has a chance to reform itself *if* we keep up the (non-violent) pressure.

        1. And if people are going to riot, they should be burning down police precincts, not productive businesses.

          1. Not that I’m suggesting riots are productive when it comes to achieving the protestors’ objectives.

      2. Time to prep my codpiece with a nougat filling, bc I think your right. Proportional response coming.

      3. They won’t start rolling in until tomorrow, though. Don’t expect a Mourning Lynx thread today.

        1. I want it now though. I guess I can play GTA instead.

          1. Put the nougat in the codpiece now, let it marinate.

            1. Marinated nougat with fresh nuts. Cooking with a codpiece. Think we got a hit show.

      4. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu called Sunday’s slaying ‘an unspeakable tragedy, and a vile and cowardly act.’

        But two unarmed people shot to death by 13 cops firing 137 bullets is merely unfortunate.

  2. OT: trolling for freedom


    1. Wow, read the slaves posting in the comments. “If they stop one bomb, it’s worth it!” “How will they find the bad guys?” etc. Pathetic.

    2. Jacob Daniel, Reading Wyomissing, United States, about 7 hours ago

      The NSA is so out of touch with reality, they have to secretly record other people, so as to learn what makes them human again.

      LOL. they think they’re people…

  3. The crew were United fans, and the car owner was a City fan.

  4. …city council has promised to rescind a parking ticket after finding that a city crew had it towed …

    Is there any video of the parking ticket being towed?

  5. At least she got the ticket cancelled. If this was in America she’d be lucky to be alive.

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