Police Abuse

70 Arrested in Cleveland Protests After Cop Acquitted in Fatal Shooting

Jumped on hood of car to fire more than 10 rounds into the windshield



More than 70 people were arrested in Cleveland in protests over the acquittal of Officer Michael Brelo in the shooting death of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams at the end of a 20 minute car chase that started over a cop mistaking backfire for a gunshot. Russell and Williams were shot at 137 times while in their car, but Brelo was the only officer charged for the killing. He was the one who jumped on the hood of Russell's car to fire at the windshield. The judge pointed to that as part of the reason he decided to acquit Brelo. That led to protests and what protesters say was a heavy handed response.

Cleveland.com reports:

A day of mainly peaceful protests in Cleveland Saturday after the acquittal of police officer Michael Brelo in connection with a 2012 double fatal shooting began with protestors facing off with sheriff's deputies in riot gear outside the Justice Center.

It ended with more officers in riot gear herding people into alleyways and down thoroughfares—and 71 arrests.

Although nearly all of the protesting Saturday was peaceful, the images of police in riot gear making arrests was a stark departure from the images of last fall, when Cleveland police were lauded for their hands-off approach to protesters after the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice and the release of the U.S. Justice Department's blistering report on the use-of-force by officers here.

Neither presidents nor protesters should have the power to deny anyone their due process. Those interested in a fair justice system should strive for more suspects to receive the kind of treatment in criminal trial officers often do, and for prosecutors to be held more accountable for their decisions—when they botch cases but more importantly for mistakes they make that lead the innocent to go to jail.

The anger over the decision is understandable, too, because it means Brelo will remain on the force, collecting a paycheck from Cleveland taxpayers. This should concern not just activists but police officers as well. It's a toxic marriage of criminal due process rights and the privilege of employment. It leads to situations like Cleveland, where the public is rightfully upset Brelo can keep his job, but can only express that effectively as a demand he be thrown to jail.

That's the fault of mainstream activists who don't do enough to point out the privileges granted police officers by law that contributes to a culture where police officers face little to no consequences for their actions, and the fault of police unions, who have spent decades unnecessarily and carelessly linking the right to a fair trial every officer, like every person, should enjoy, to the invented right to a police job. Can they expect anything other than more demands for mob justice? The situation remains easily solvable—activists mobilized over the issue of police brutality need to focus not only on the specific instances of police violence that draw public attention but to the police privileges that keep bad cops on the force long enough to be the antagonist in a specific instance of police violence that draws public attention.

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  1. My understanding was that he was on unpaid leave and the department was still investigating although I could be mistaken. Might be thinking about one of the many other incidents of brutal police behavior.

  2. I still don’t understand how jumping onto a hood and mag dumping through the windshield over a (mistakenly started) high-speed chase isn’t an execution.

    Though I think we’ve seen enough of these car chases ending with flat out murder to see that if you really want to incense cops into a murderous rage, make them chase you for a while. That really seems to make them mad. You’re really not respecting their authoritah!

    1. Jesus Christ, it’s like you’ve never watched an episode of T.J. Hooker. Hooker’s Car Hood Policing is required reading at the academy.

      1. Hooker never shot up a car he could have ridden the hood of

        1. Some crazy how they have T.J. Hooker out there in widescreen. WIDESCREEN. 16×9, and it’s not cropped. I bet it was Shatner’s idea back in the 80’s. He was so forward thinking. He knew we’d all have viewscreens in our living rooms and on our phones.

        1. I especially love the decision to point his gun at a downed suspect with his finger on the trigger.

          No way that could go wrong!

          1. Dude, trigger discipline on tv was absolutely atrocious until it started improving like 10-15 years ago. I mean it was astoundingly bad. It was routine–in fact, seeing proper trigger discipline was the vast, vast minority–to see things like having a finger on the trigger and waving a gun around while talking, or what you noticed in that clip, pretty much anything egregious you can think of.

            I think the reasons it’s gotten better is part of why TV has improved so much over the same TV period: being accurate about little details became more and more popular because it made your show that much better. I mean, if you were trying to watch, say, The Walking Dead and everyone was displaying horrific gun safety, that would put a serious crimp in your ability to suspend disbelief, wouldn’t it?

            1. Plus T.J. Hooker aired in the early 1980s. I’d have to check my old NRA manuals, but that may have been before the “finger off the trigger” rule was widespread.

              1. Personally, I think it’s highly accurate as to the amount of fucks cops give about gun safety…

          2. It’s a double action revolver, not a Glock

            It requires a strong pull to fire, they don’t go off at the slightest touch

            1. …they don’t go off at the slightest touch.

              Unlike Episiarch, I’ve heard. AND NOT FROM MY MOTHER.

              1. She told it to your aunt.

              2. No, it was probably from my mom.

    2. And, my understanding is that he had already fired his other two magazines. So its not like he didn’t have time to reflect ad he was reloading.

      1. He would need to have the capacity for thought in order to reflect.

    3. I still don’t understand how jumping onto a hood and mag dumping through the windshield over a (mistakenly started) high-speed chase isn’t an execution.

      Read what the judge wrote. Manslaughter requires that without the defendant’s action, the victim would not have died. Since Brelo didn’t fire the only fatal shots, no manslaughter. Convenient, right?

  3. “at the end of a TKTKTKT car chase”

    Forget to go back and put in a link?

  4. I’m wonder if the city has a set of those bullet markers that goes as high as 137.

    1. They’re obviously running out of money in the budget. Did you see the mannequins? It looks like they used two female ones instead of a male and a female. WTF?!


  5. You know a really easy way to stop these sorts of potentially violent protests?

    Convict police officers when they fire through peoples’ windshields for no reason and commit outright murder.

  6. … for mistakes they make that lead the innocent to go to jail.

    Mistakes should probably be in scare quotes.

    There are still enough mindless police state supporters to allow this to continue. The thing is, one by one, these people (or people the care about) are going to come into personal contact with a bad-day cop, and support will erode. That and a pension crisis will eventually bring a turning point. God knows the murder of minorities won’t.

    1. “Mistakes should probably be in scare quotes.”

      Yeah. I can forgive someone for mistakes. It’s when the bastards purposely fuck over the innocent in hopes to help their re election that makes me want to hurt them.

    2. How do people think they’re going to benefit by such support, unless they think they can get jobs on the police for their psychopath relatives?

  7. That’s the fault of mainstream activists who don’t do enough to point out the privileges granted police officers by law that contributes to a culture where police officers face little to no consequences for their actions, and the fault of police unions, who have spent decades unnecessarily and carelessly linking the right to a fair trial every officer, like every person, should enjoy, to the invented right to a police job.

    Well, that and they’ve completely corrupted what a ‘fair trial’ means to such an extent that cops are given privileges and deference not afforded to any other citizen. The entire idea of a Police Officer’s Bill of Rights is an abomination since any right protected for cops should be similarly protected for the general public. And the Democrats, who complain about cops more than the Republicans, buy into the same nonsense idea that cops deserve special privileges when they try to exempt police officers from their various gun laws.

    There’s pretty much an infinite amount of blame and it can be spread infinitely. You’ve got law and order Republicans who refuse to even acknowledge a problem and then you’ve got authoritarian leftists who complain about the cops in one instance while granting them absurd special privileges in the next.

    Hell, they then try to disarm the American public while simultaneously arguing cops can’t be trusted to protect us! How’s that for double think?

  8. So, to get away with murder just have 10 or 20 people shoot at around the same time, that way there’s no way to prove who shot the fatal round. Interesting.

    1. Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if five people fired randomly into a crowd and they only caught one, that one guy would not be let go on the grounds that they couldn’t prove he’s the one who killed anybody.

        1. Exactly. Apparently none of those Waco bikers can be charged with murder since there’s no way to tell who actually did it!

          1. It’s the Ray Lewis defense. Everybody was in high dudgeon when he got off, but when the cops get off the same way, how dare you complain.

            But there’s no double standard, no sirree.

    2. They already do something similar…for firing squads. One of the bullets is a blank so that no one knows for sure if they actually shot the condemned.

      …and we’re back to execution again.

      1. So one cop on each shift should be given blanks? Go on…………

      2. Give one non-blank to each officer.

        … and we’re back to Barney Fife again.

        1. BUT ANDY!!!

          *shoots self in foot*

            1. Best. Instructional. Video. EVAR.

      3. I’ve always found that highly dubious. If you fired a blank, you’d know it, unless you’ve never shot a gun before. The recoil is far less.

        I think it’s more so that nobody else knows who fired the shot.

    3. I’m pretty sure that if it’s a plebe, the prosecutor is more than happy to pin the shooting on whatever sucker they catch.

    4. I call it “A Murder on the Orient Express” defense. How will this incentive modify the behavior of future cops? It’s unforeseeable!

      1. The police spokesman should be this guy

      2. The point is, you don’t charge them w murder, you charge reckless endangerment or something.

  9. The vast majority of police are putting their lives on the line to keep us ingrates safe. They are your neighbors, little league coaches, bowling league partners. It just that a tiny minority of bad cops slip through the filtering process and law n order haters are out there like vultures with cameras to put the videos on Youtube. Here’s an idea: Stop breaking the law! Problem solved.

    /sarc (albeit I’ve heard toooo many variants of this in earnest)

    1. Actually, that is the typical attitude.

    2. Here’s an idea: Stop breaking the law! Problem solved.

      *** glares at tiny minority of bad cops ***

      1. You know, you suck ONE dick….

        1. Actually, the law is ONE ass….

          1. How do Mexican’s and pot fit into this?

            Huh huh, huh huh, huh huh….I said “fit into”….huh huh….

            1. How do Mexican’s what fit into this?

              1. If you have to ask you can’t afford it.

    3. Cops r in ur neighborhood, shooting at ur friends!

      1. Nice.

  10. I know we’re used to mocking Elizabeth Stoker Breunig around these parts, but let’s not forget that her husband is a fucking moron as well.

    In this article and a prior article he flat out argues in favor of a Marxist labor theory of value and is confused why we don’t understand his genius.

    What’s more, if you understand the process of compounding capital accumulation, it could not be more obvious that capitalists are receiving distributions from production that they have absolutely nothing to do with. The production of a unit of capital (say a machine) is, in the first instance, a creation of labor. And from a basic desert view, we would say its producer has a right to it. But from that point on, the production of the capital itself, and the capital income that flows from that production, is not the creation of the capitalist’s labor and the capitalist cannot seriously maintain they are the producer of it. This is, technically, where the desert chain first breaks down.

    Yes, but the capitalist isn’t being paid for labor, he’s being paid for TAKING ON RISK. The payment on capital is a risk premium and if you don’t allow people to get return on their capital, then capital accumulation collapses and no one would be able to build businesses since there’d be no investors and no one willing to take on the risk.

    1. Also, in true Breunig fashion, he narcissistically proclaims that no one can disagree with him because everything he says is purely empirical. Example:

      Karl Marx is 100% correct on the merits when he famously described this sort of capital accumulation as such: “Capital is dead labour, that, vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks.” That is simply a factual empirical claim. There is nothing to quibble about on this. It’s not even a philosophical point. It’s just a correct observation about the mechanics of capital accumulation.

      I can quibble with this because capital cannot be dead labor since capital isn’t labor at all – they’re two completely separate factors of production which need each other in order to produce more efficiently. Also, the idea that it’s not work to be a capitalist implies that capitalists just kind of sit around and their money makes money no matter what – which of course isn’t true. You have to work to decide which investments are worth your time and which you can expect to gain enough money from to make the risk worth it.

      Breunig might not understand this since he’s an idiot, but it’s fairly basic economics – or at least the kind of economics you learn in an actual school rather than from the discredited ravings of Karl Marx.

      1. People like that also tend to forget that different labor has different value.

        So the capitalist might not be putting in 12 hour days on the assembly line, but he’s still *laboring* in the organization and running of the business – even if that business is simply figuring out where best to put his capital to work (investing in other businesses as a shareholder).

        So the potentially large incomes these guys make is both from risk premium and from the value of his labor – which is more valuable than the guy screwing bolts in. If nothing else, because there’s a 1000 guys who can screw bolts for every one that is and only a relative few have the chops to run a company and aren’t already.

        1. I like to point out to people who believe in the labor theory of value, that I can take $20 worth of art supplies (capital) and in a couple days produce something that I can sell for $500+. Meanwhile my husband can take $20 dollars worth of art supplies and in a couple days produce something that you have to pay someone to take away. Same labor same capital different value. The capital owner’s job is to figure out which person to give the art supplies to.

          1. Hammer: $5

            Knowing where to hit the machine with hammer: $4995


            1. Hammer: $5

              Knowing where to hit the machine with hammer: $4995

              Matt Bruenig with a hammer sticking out of his skull: Priceless

              There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else there’s Master (bator) Card…

          2. The labor value theory also misses the role expectations of future revenue streams plays in the economy. If investors can’t get adequate return on investment, why bother?

            1. Communists still have never actually explained how they would allocate resources without having what they call ‘non-producers’ in the cycle somewhere. Marx just said that government would eventually dissolve in his utopia with no explanation of the actual mechanics of that.

              Beyond that, people spend too much time actually trying to argue economic theory with these people. It’s a waste of time. His entire premise starts from the point of view that non-laborers don’t ‘deserve’ something and that the parties involved aren’t making a voluntary exchange.

              There is nothing empirical about any of it. It’s all about making value judgements and forcing everyone else to agree. The theory is just magical thinking to try and make it sound rational to fools and the desperate.

            2. The labor value theory also misses the role expectations of future revenue streams plays in the economy. If investors can’t get adequate return on investment, why bother?

              Again, this is a man who literally made up numbers in his head based on no evidence regarding the ‘benefits’ of rioting, then declared that those made up nonsense numbers are higher than the damage caused by the riot, and then argued based on random numbers he just invented that rioting is therefore good.

              He’s a man impervious to logic.

            3. Businesses just exist, man!

          3. That wouldn’t work with Matt Breunig because, much like his wife, he has a tendency to wreathe his idiocy in such a mass of polysyllabic nonsense that even he isn’t entirely sure what he’s trying to say by the time he’s finished saying it.


            The piece is desperate right from the start because it’s titled “LOL, Gawker Claims Ferguson Riots Good for Society, Economy, Something” as if I haven’t made a clear argument. This kind of title would make sense if I had made a kind of vague, emotive gesture about why the riots are good. But in fact, my argument for why they are good is brutally clear. I add up the dollar cost of Ferguson damage and the dollar cost of lives, incarceration, and oppression the riots might deter in the future, and then speculate that the latter is greater than the former. It’s as clear as a spreadsheet and has nothing to do with “society” or “something.” It’s literally just adding up figures.

            So he adds up the actual monetary damage we can actually quantify and compares it to numbers he just made up in his head about what he thinks might happen in the future (though he has no evidence that his numbers have any basis in the real world) and his make believe savings based on no evidence are larger than the actual, proven costs of rioting, therefore rioting is a good thing!

            When you make up numbers, anything’s possible!

            1. Matt Breunig is an actuary? Who knew?

              1. Someone should ask him why it is that gargantuan riots like the one in Detroit in 1967 with millions of dollars in damages and a double digit body count didn’t have any of these benefits but the pissant riot in Ferguson will allegedly lead us onward towards utopia.

                I’d guess the answer is that Matt Breunig knows nothing about history and just twists evidence to justify his preconceived biases.

            2. When you make up numbers, anything’s possible!

              You don’t even have to make up numbers:

              1) a = b, Given

              2) a^2 = ab, Multiply both sides by a

              3) a^2-b^2 = ab-b^2, Subtract b^2 from both sides

              4) (a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b), Factor both sides

              5) (a+b) = b, Divide both sides by (a-b)

              6) a+a = a, Substitute a for b

              7) 2a = a, Addition

              8) 2 = 1

              1. Except in step 5 you’re dividing by 0. Not a valid operation.

                1. You’re a smart cookie.

                2. Well played. I was trying to figure out where the mistake was, and it makes me feel stupid that I didn’t notice it immediately.

                  1. Well, technically the whole equation was zeroed out in step 3, and you can divide 0 by 0. SO the final answer is 0=0 which is true.

                    1. A does not equal A! except when A=1 or A=2. ! = Factorial. 🙂

                    2. You can’t divide 0 by 0.

        2. Wait wait wait! Different skill sets are required to have a sustainable business?

          Here’s an idea: How about in sports, for example football, no one gets to have QB skills instead only lineman sorts get to play. That’s fair and equal!

        3. People like that also tend to forget that different labor has different value.

          “Forget”. “Refuse to acknowledge”.

          If you pin them down and demand a straight answer, and provide a large enough discrepancy, they’ll occasionally admit that digging ditches it probably worth less money than brain surgery. But short of that, “everyone deserves a living wage”. *facepalm*

      2. The day when factories are solely staffed by robots and exempts cannot come fast enough.

        What are idiots like this going to argue when there are *no* laborers?

        1. The various “charities” they’ve come to rely on for survival.. just aren’t charitable enough.

      3. “Capital is vampiric” is a factual empirical claim, full stop?

        OK then. *cautiously steps back*

        1. “Capital is vampiric” is a factual empirical claim, full stop?

          That’s why I posted that particular paragraph. Marx’s entire quote is not only not empirical in any sense of the word, but the entire sentence is easily rebutted. And yet Matt Breunig proclaims it’s an empirical fact that no one can disagree with.

          It’s legitimately the dumbest family in the history of the human species. I’m not sure who’s more of an idiot, Breunig or his moron of a wife.

          1. Qui se resemble, s’assemble.

      4. Gahhhhhhh!

        What does Wile E. Coyote (super genius) here think the laborer would be doing if he didn’t have any capital to work with?

    2. I eagerly await the time when you can gather a bunch of laborers together in an empty lot and watch a factory coalesce around them.

      It will truly be a just, post-scarcity society then!

    3. It’s almost like this guy has never seriously read and considered the works of free market economists. Shocking!

  11. A significant minority of Americans polled – including a majority of Democrats – answered Yes to the following question:

    “Would you support or oppose a law that would make it a crime for people to make public comments intended to stir up hatred against a group based on such things as their race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation?”

    (from yougov.com)


    1. Well, if that’s how the Yes/No question was actually phrased ….

      Seriously, we are so fucked. When this stuff is (completely) implemented, the “intended” part will go away. “The court understands you said ‘Don’t be such a nagger’, but …. *** pounds gavel ***”

      1. And of course the law wouldn’t be applied equally.

      2. Even if that’s heard correctly, it stirs up hatred vs. naggers.

        1. Even if that’s heard correctly, it stirs up hatred vs. naggers.

          They’re so annoying sometimes, so is this really a bad thing?

  12. So the cops who shoot up a car full of unarmed dudes Tarantino style get off scot-free, but the people who march in the streets to protest it get arrested?

    This must be that “justice system” I’ve heard so much about.

    1. The solution: a protesters union.

      1. Excellent. The government will pay the dues, of course.

      2. Paid less than minimum wage.

  13. I drove through a crowd of these idiots who were attempting to block traffic on the Shoreway yesterday. Fuck them. I would rather have murdered every single protester with my bare hands than allowed them to wake up my infant who was sleeping in the back.

    1. *Please* focus your rage into your basement, even though everyone here realizes no jail could hold you.

    2. Take a cue from Australian Warty and just carry the kid around in a pouch.

    3. Look, you’re not raising the kid right, if he/she can’t sleep through a riot. May I recommend more nap-time death-metal lullabies? My oldest son slept especially soundly to Cannibal Corpse.

      1. Oh, she stayed asleep, don’t worry. And I was playing this.

        1. O good one! I’ll have to use that one on the grand-daughters.

  14. For every one tired of nut punches, I submit this . Which made me laugh. Trigger warning: near nudity.

    1. Warning for jesse: it’s not all *near*.

      1. I think I saw side-pube.

    2. Near male nudity, according to the title of the video.

      1. Why would I care about near female nudity? I see a nekkid chick every time I take a shower.

        1. Besides if it was the usual HnR type of nudity I would have labeled it NSFW or SFW.

        2. Pics or it didn’t happen you’ve never bathed in your life.

          1. Is BuSab Agent male or female?

            (Yes, I know that I’m a cisnormative shitlord.)

            1. Female.

              1. Whaaat? I was assured that there are no libertarian females.

                1. (S)he’s an infiltrator. It’s the only rational explanation..

            2. That’s why we need the pics, silly.

              1. Or at least a description…

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          2. Ask Warty, he’s seen my picture. He called me a NEEEERRRDDD (which is true)

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                  1. I must confess I’ve never worn a Klingon costume, but I do play all the instruments they’re pictured with: doumbek, clarinet, mandolin and it looks like a bodhran in the back.

                    1. I actually know the Jubliatores. Barony of Red Spears guys. Yes, I am in the SCA.

                    2. I never did SCA, though I was part of other groups.

                    3. Okay time for weird SCA story. I have known His Excellency Duke Cariadoc for many many years. I first met him at Pennsic 26 during the Dwarfs vs Giants tourney (we were both on the dwarfs side) and he is actually shorter than me. Watching him fight is like watching Yoda fight, I swear Cariadoc can levitate. And as an anarchist I was familiar with and much enjoyed the writings of David Friedman. It wasn’t until the advent of Google that I finally realized that they were the same person.

                    4. That’s a hell of a story. Not much can top that.

        3. You have a mirror in your shower? Awesome! 😉

          1. You don’t? How do you get all the bits clean?

            1. Orphans. It’s like you don’t know us at all!

              1. You let your orphans touch clean water?! What an old softie you are.

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  15. I betcha tons of murderers who sent clips of bullets into window panes and frames on houses and cars would love this judge’s determination of bullet preponderance of proof. Mayhaps, you fucking law school parasitic 2-liter of fucktang judge, my bullets never HIT the fucking subjects and somewhere out in that country alley someone else with the same fucking bullets killed this entire family riding to Cedar Point one night on a low Lake Erie tide when the moon shone like an effulgent reverse sun.

    Judge minced meats over bullets and only niggers died so who cares really? I do. FUCKING really do. Sucks to be white and caring when cops murder fucking crackheads.

    1. AC: Kills threads dead.

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  21. Duda wins Polish election

    1. and organics and brain fields strike a rally wand, bro cav.

  22. your mind fields crop a pile of green monsters/.. for real… maybe a SINGLE fucking framer , farmer is young and planting fields tonight bitch…. no. Not one., sad….. farmers with their 60k trucks live by the worst brain sewage ever… FOX. CNN is barely better but farmers get tons of govern.ment. checks. and. they. buy. pickup. Detroit cum on wheels.

    Interesting isn’t it? Gov saves Auto and Auto gives farmers deals…. man, who lives around here seeing the shit I see?

  23. brain weeds are like a discouraging partmental of living.. man,
    a partmental is a partition of a mental thing. and fuck and my fingers need to type away from a very special public tongue. Man, I reveal too much about my broken places and I worry about my self reveals man. I can go away forever. I believe in avatar. And avatar can die. Avatar can outlive its binary life, man.

  24. Should my avatar commit suicide? Should my moniker kill itself?

  25. should I shoot Agile Cyborg in the head?

      1. the sky screams with clouds and death is a cosmic mountain bone clench … we and our face songs need to pass and long for tired rainbows. man. my brain is weep mountain .. .like fuckin neil diamon man and agile cyborg is needs to not be here right now… man. I am fucking feeling the first planets and their looks in the quiet and those early stars had no emotion but I feel early stars right now… no one else in the vast deep dark and my light is nuanze like early bang universe and I struggle in the deep of the vast and its scream matter and my star strains against the living emerging and lost and still my human math collapses under the swift beatings of comets and infinity strings man.

        Are your hearts lost, man? Mine is. Reason thread minds are my arts. The web is empty without reason minds. Man, reason is the web. The greatest thoughts online from men and women will be enjoyed on this spot. Period. reason offers great letter writers and loving reason artists offering great worlds…

        1. Don’t fuck with me like that, Cy.

    1. I am on record stating that Agile Cyborg is, by far, my favorite commenter. The rest of you boners phone it in.

    2. My answer is also No.

    3. Agile Cyborg|5.24.15 @ 11:20PM|#
      “should I shoot Agile Cyborg in the head?”

      Who might that identity be?

        1. See below; we all have chosen identities here. You can chose a new one; tulpa tires to regularly, but it’s the same damn identity under a new false flag.
          I have no doubt that AC can actually reappear as a new identity.

          1. I will never fuck with great minds like that. Ever. The greatest planes of mountains live here. I would NEVER FUCKING fuck these great lovers up with a FUCKING twist. I have always been agile cyborg and I will NEVEr post as another. Period. Never. I would FUCKING NEZVER repost and fuck up my dudes like that. NEVER

    4. You should head agile cyborg in the chute

  26. I want to kill agile cyborg. and I love all the minds here… but I want to commit binary suicide.

    1. Agile Cyborg|5.24.15 @ 11:43PM|#
      “[…]but I want to commit binary suicide.”

      No harm done there; “Sevo” could be offed tomorrow and a new identity can grow in a minute. OTOH, you’ve built a hell of a brand; it’s gonna be tough to match.

  27. Anyhow, overheard:
    Guy has his dog off-leash (a no-no) on a SF beach, and the dog wonders into an ‘environmentally sensitive area’. Nat’l park ranger issues ticket, which is hard to beat, since the place is posted as ‘leash’ and the ESA is posted as such.
    But, guy claims added fine since he didn’t have his driver’s lic/ID with him?!
    Papiere, bitte!

    1. That’s a no no. If you know your ID number, or if your name can be verified, no added fine. The worst they can do is require a thumb print with your citation if you have no ID.

  28. One thing’s for sure – no one hear seems to know much about crminal law. If the judge is correct about the charge being unprovable, then apparently the right charges weren’t
    drawn up. Sounds like prosecutorial problem.

  29. Didn’t any of the cops realize that no one was returning their fire?
    And why did the moron try to run from the cops?

    1. “..And why did the moron try to run from the cops?”

      Ummm… They feared for their lives?

  30. With all the Blacks shooting cops these days, I’m not surprised at the cops reactions.




      Seriously, fuck off.

  31. Overheard:

    a comment at the NYT on the article about John Nash’s death said, “Well if he were actually smart he would have buckled up”

    this is the kind of asshole who thinks of themselves as the ‘above average american’

  32. Life lived makes tears, man. I love my love. And we glow along the trails of time, man, and trails of time knock on my emotions and my face muscles tighten and I look back and trip on my own tears man. Time crawls and then jets, bro. And the great songs and atom voices of our existence slowly decay and we are left picking up the tones and notes and on dark nights changing the stories that resemble us, man. rainbows hate the dark but rainbows hurt my heart in the lonely alleys where my broken rivers love and don’t grasp the fountains of space, man. FUCKING living is a goddamn tragedy, man. Live, love, die, man. FUCKING DIE. over. fuckit.

  33. Fuck my life, man. FUCK me. Fuck every all in my brain. Fuck this heart beat. Fuck my blood. Fuck my goddamn lasers and destinations, man. FUCK me. FUCK ME. FUCKING egocentric dick fuck. GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING BITCH. On a motherfuking skunk saddle. like a bitch. I need to not FUCK this otherwise brilliant scroll of American genius with my fucked upbullshit, man. FUCK my goddamn brainrot. My FUCKING brain is rotting like a fucking punched demon. Fuck everything about this FUCKING brainmind.

      1. man, absolutely. FUCKING lol. my envelope of life is a crisp MOTHERFUCKING face punch and then a MOTHERFUCKING stamp on a MOTHERFUCKING …man I may be tripping to high to these nights.. man. I heard I should kill myself and my arms want to but tons of worlds want to feed parrots into my face man.. what. the fuck. what.. man I am trippingointo tears and love and I was fucking super fucking sads but i recoverd from my drugs and I don’t fucking thing i sjhit… man I am fucking up thisfuckin thread with my goddam drug trips. FUCK ME.. FUCK

        Ncik and enb MUST FUCKING HATe ME… I’m still trippin….. fuck I am a fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck my fuckung fuck me SHIT

        1. Bear in mind what I suggested previously – find someone in meatspace whom you trust and see how they assess your situation. Don’t rely on some random people on the Internet, ask your real-life friends/relatives.

          1. Also – every single commenter really likes you and your posts – keep this in mind!

            1. “should I shoot Agile Cyborg in the head?”

              No, no, no, in God’s name no.

              I recall how my brother’s suicide hurt his loved ones even to this day…I still dream about him…do you want to inflict that suffering on those around you? Pull yourself together, count your blessings, and get rid of any drugs which are fucking with your head.

        2. Dying is for pussies, fuck that shit.

        3. You should do movie reviews and put them on youtube

  34. Send online Gifts on Raksha Bandhan to your beloved brother that conveying the message of your heart. Send Rakhi Gifts to USA and gain appreciation for your choice. Order Low Cost Rakhi Delivery in USA and carries the essence of your feelings for your dear ones straight from your heart.

  35. Police have aways been corrupt. And I am sick of people saying well most police are good people. If a good cop covers up for a bad cop in any situation he or she is just as guilty. There is so much wrong with our justice I would need to write a book. Tragic about the family in Bidens neighborhood. Amazing how fast they caught the killer. If this had of happened in any poor to working class neighborhood in America the response would have been ” Hell boys probably a drug deal gone bad. Anybody ready for lunch” The police sole job is and has always been to keep the lower class away from the upper class. My suggestion is let the rich and business owners hire private security and keep the blue slime off the streets

    1. I understand your point of view, but the history of privately hired police forces is really, REALLY bad. Look up the history of the Pinkertons, and their use as strikebreakers.

      1. I understand your point of view, but the history of privately hired police forces is really, REALLY bad. Look up the history of the Pinkertons, and their use as strikebreakers.

        The worst that can be said of the Pinkertons is that they infiltrated labor movements, i.e. they spied on people who committed aggression against property owners. The history that paints the Pinkertons et al. in a bad light was written by Marxists and the like who favored the strikers over the strikebreakers. Considering the revelations about our “noble” public police forces, e.g. COINTELPRO, the “bad history” is entirely selective and trotted out only when useful to push an agenda. Moreover, the “bad” Pinkertons have become an historical footnote while the “good” FBI, ATF, etc. will grow ever larger from one year to the next at everyone’s expense.

  36. There are lots of powerful arguments against government involvement in rail, mostly centered around a dismal track record of financial management. The self-driving cars argument doesn’t hold up.

    To get increased roadway utilization, all the cars would have to be self-driving but we are likely to have a mix of seof-driving and traditional cars for a long time. Even the Seo-driving cars are likely to be assisted-driving cars, rather than fully automated, at first.

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  38. Start making cash right now… Get more time with your family by doing jobs that only require for you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. Start bringing up to $8596 a month. I’ve started this job and I’ve never been happier and now I am sharing it with you, so you can try it too. You can check it out here…

  39. Somebody really needs to give blacks a clue. OK, here it is:

    When a cop tells you to do something, DO IT! Duh.

    Here’s another clue:

    The man with the gun has the power! Another Duh.

    Maybe the majority of blacks are just too stupid to live. I believe they call it, ‘thinning the herd’.

    1. Merkin jack your handle?

    2. Ah, American. You’re even more obvious a troll than Tulpa, you know that. Just think. You can’t even troll as well as Tulpa? Just give up, man.

      1. Beautiful and Andrew — Is there something specific your disagree with me on or don’t you have the capability to express your thoughts into written words? Perhaps one of the guards can help you with that. I understand they are required to have a grade school education.

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  42. I just realized this was written in 2002. I wonder what the gun crime rate is now. Any government that tells you that you have no right to self defense is not looking after your best interest. Self defense is the most basic right anyone has.
    ??? ????????
    ??? ????

  43. There are lots of powerful arguments against government involvement in rail, mostly centered around a dismal track record of financial management. The self-driving cars argument doesn’t hold up.

    ???? ??? ???
    ??? ???

  44. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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