Cop Suing Starbucks Over Spilled Coffee

North Carolina police lieutenant says stress of free-coffee spill led to surgery



A North Carolina cop is suing Starbucks after the lid on his free coffee popped off, leading to a spill. Raleigh police Lieutenant Matthew Kohr claims the stress of the 2012 incident exacerbated his Crohn's disease so much he had to have surgery to have part of his intestine removed. 

"The cup folded in on itself," according to Kohr's lawsuit (which also names the barista who prepared his drink), causing the lid to come off, hot coffee to spill on his lap, and Kohr to get third-degree burns and blisters.

Matthew Kohr/Facebook

Kohr's wife is also part of the suit, alleging that she lost a "source of emotional support, her social companion and her intimate partner." Jury selection for the case is now underway and a trial date set for later this month.

In the famous spilled-McDonald's coffee suit, plaintiff Stella Liebeck won almost $3 million after the hot liquid caused third-degree burns. That was in 1992. Kohr's is only seeking a little more than $10,000. 

Starbucks suggested in a response that it was Korh's user-error that caused the coffee spill, not a negligent barista or a faulty cup. 

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  1. The problem arose when he tried to Tase the coffee and ended up zapping himself in the balls.

  2. Another hero injured in the line of duty.

    1. You laugh, but I’ve seen memorial pages online that list heart attacks as one cause of death. What’s the difference?

      1. A heart attack from over exertion in a chase can be legitimately called “in the line of duty”. A spilled cup of “free” coffee is just evidence of a crime- either bribery, extortion, or petty theft.

  3. The barista has been placed on paid administrative leave until it can be determined that all procedures were followed.

  4. Crohn’s and free coffee – nice combination.

    1. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t she?

    2. That’s a good point. From all the Crohns/UC people I know, the coffee was more likely to cause a problem than the “stress”.

    3. I am wondering if the case is a cover to get out of/help pay for the surgery.

      I know someone that had severe UC, and had his colon removed. He says life is now a 100x better than pre-surgery. I doubt anyone would be upset that there UC/Crohns was surgically cured.

      1. -1 Colostomy Bag.

        1. J-pouches are really common these days, so if you’re getting just the colon removed you probably don’t need a colostomy bag.

          1. Yep he has a j-pouch

      2. There is a large difference between Chron’s and UC: removing the colon will ‘cure’ UC, but Chron’s can return in other parts of the digestive tract.

        And yes, my life is so, so much better than pre-surgery. Best decision I ever made.

    4. I was just popping in to say…I’ve met a coupla people with Crohn’s disease, and they all avoid caffeine assiduously.

      1. I suppose it could have been a free decaffeinated coffee.

  5. I have had my entire intestines removed due to severe ulcerative colitis. The surgery even included a kinked morphine drip which took almost 2 hours to notice (the nurse thought I was just really whiny since I was the youngest patient on the ward in years).

    Go fuck yourself, you pig.

    (And ENB, quit double-riggering me with IBD and alt-text less posts!)

    1. (the nurse thought I was just really whiny since I was the youngest patient on the ward in years).

      I’ve noticed that those sort of entry level nurses tend to be the most worthless cunts you’ll find in any business.

      1. I don’t remember this part, since by then I was pretty much delirious, but apparently my mom almost attacked her when the surgeon came in and figured out what was wrong. Then the surgeon responded by kicking the nurse off the floor for the week. On the upside, her replacement was a hot blonde in her midtwenties, whom I later hit on in my front of my parents and sisters once the morphine kicked back in.

  6. Speaking from experience, hot coffee on genitals is no joke.

    1. On my genitals – no joke. On a cop’s – very funny.

    2. finally a fitting title, Dunphy

      1. I’m guessing it’s not actually dunphy.

  7. Its the American way.

    1. I wonder how hard Starbuck will fight this. Might be worth fighting it tooth and nail since it’d be a bummer if everyone started thinking of Starbucks as an ATM.

      1. That’s why settlements are usually sealed.

      2. It’s much cheaper to settle than to go to court. If he needs the money he should just pull people over and seize their stuff under civil forfeiture.

  8. All of the free military gear and protective equipment that these guys are given by taxpayer, and he didn’t have a thermal codpiece?

  9. “Kohr’s wife is also part of the suit, alleging that she lost a “source of emotional support, her social companion and her intimate partner.” ”

    wtf, did they get a divorce or something because he spilled his coffee?

    1. “…she lost a “source of emotional support, her social companion and her intimate partner.”

      Hope her husband doesn’t find out.

    2. It probably shrunk his already small pecker.

  10. Or a travel mug? I mean even Dunphy probably has a travel mug.

    1. Good question. I also wonder if he even paid for the coffee. There was a sub shop near my house that didn’t charge cops. Seems like that should be against the rules but I’ve never checked into it.

      1. OK, maybe I should read the first sentence!


  12. “He spilled it on himself when the lid popped off and the cup collapsed.”

    Collapsed? He must have mistaken the cup for his taser and squeezed too hard.

  13. Exasperated?

    Lucy’s back on the copy-editing desk, apparently.


  14. Funny. When I drop/spill the food I just ordered my first thought is I’m an idiot for doing that. Not, sue the place for my clumsiness.

    1. The King’s men are not clumsy and never idiots

  15. As an aside, I was in Starbucks the other day – I instructed the lady behind the counter to leave a little room in the cup for a couple of ice cubes because I like to drink my coffee right away. She informed me that she can just just turn down the temp on the … well, whatever it is, to whatever temp I’d prefer. If only I knew that I’d be passing up a lucrative lawsuit…

    1. If you’re getting a made to order drink they can adjust the temp, if your getting coffee they can’t.

    2. If you’re getting a made to order drink they can adjust the temp, if your getting coffee they can’t.

  16. This hero is so brave to stand up against the injustice of Starbucks’ paper cups. It’s good to know we have a man like that on the streets defending us from all other terrors.

    1. I’m surprised they didn’t call in SWAT. It was clearly an attempt to harm a police officer.

    2. The injustice here is that they were out of donuts. When I worked at the Bux I talked a newbie into asking the cop if he wanted a donut with that. I cracked up, I didn’t actually think she would do that, he wasn’t too happy, said “that wasn’t funny.” Nothings funny when you can’t shove a pin up your ass with a sledge hammer.

  17. Bench trial?

  18. Policeman proves you don’t need a colon to be an asshole.

  19. Suzie, call Dr. Bison. Set up an appointment for Mr. Kohr here. Tell him it’s from me.

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