Freddie Gray

Second Prisoner In Freddie Gray's Police Van Contradicts Washington Post Account

Says he does not think Gray deliberately injured himself


The man in the van

Remember this report from yesterday?

A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray "banging against the walls" of the vehicle and believed that he "was intentionally trying to injure himself," according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.

The prisoner in question has now come forward, and his account sounds somewhat different when it isn't being filtered through a police document. WJZ reports:

"I am Donta Allen. I am the one who was in the van with Freddie Gray," Allen said….

Allen wants to set something straight.

"All I did was go straight to the station, but I heard a little banging like he was banging his head," he said.

He tells WJZ he's angry about an internal police report published in The Washington Post.

"And they trying to make it seem like I told them that, I made it like Freddie Gray did that to hisself (sic)," Allen said. "Why the [expletive] would he do that to hisself (sic)?"

Read the rest here, and read another interview with Allen here.

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  1. I don't believe a fucking word of it.

    The police surely gave the "other prisoner" a threat of harder time for his crime or a sweet deal to make this statement.

    1. Why would they want him to make this statement? It contradicts the claim that was attributed to him before, that he believed Gray deliberately injured himself.

      1. I think.Alice is wrongly assuming you are reporting on the.original.claim and not the.prisoner's subsequent.clarification.

        1. Alice gets a little confused at times.

          1. You don't say.

    2. Well they clearly didn't even do that since he's saying that this isn't what happened.

      Clearly what happened is that Gray hit his head against the wall a few times, this guy mentioned that offhand, and that offhand comment inexplicably became 'he beat his skull against the wall until his neck broke!'

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    1. How the hell do you give up a goal at home, in the playoffs, with one second left?

      1. Ovechkin has one wicked wrist shot. It's sick.

        1. He put out an amazing effort on that play.

          1. Ovechkin is also apparently the nicest guy ever.

            Long story short: Ovechkin befriended a girl with Down's Syndrome, took her on a sushi date because she asked him out, got her special needs hockey team a free car, and got her tickets to game 7.

            1. Saw that. Good stuff. Liked the playoff beard. Adorable.

            2. That might be.enough to make me reconsider my Ovechkin dislike. Classy.

      2. Joel Ward does everything so well!

    2. Woooooooo! And the nats one.

  3. Anyone notice GoFundMe has changed their policies? Apparently folks wanted to pay that outrageous 135k fine against the Oregon bakers and GFM has stopped it.

    Not a good week at all for liberty.

    1. I smell a start-up, maybe Glenn Beck can launch it. A Christian crowd funding site for situations like this. Could call it "Render Unto Caesar" or some such.

  4. "Why the [expletive] would he do that to hisself (sic)?"

    Hey, that's the same question I asked when this was leaked yesterday!

    1. Is Hisself his Muslim name?

  5. Is it.. is it possible the police have not been totally truthful since this occurred? Why I can't even..

    /looks about for fainting couch

    1. I read a piece at NR conciling patience on the right for the inevitable civil rights intervention, since this isn't Baltimore's first brush with complaints. The author almost, so very nearly, almost mentioned the possibility that cops there may be involved in the systematic deprivation of civil rights, and that it needn't be an issue of race but of abusive behavior generally. And that conservatives should welcome checks on authority rather than embracing cops cart blanche. He made a reasonable case for it. But the commenters have bought the self-inflicted story.

  6. "I heard a little banging like he was banging his head," he said.


  7. A LEO's eye view of the Baltimore thing.

    "I hadn't planned to go to Baltimore at all. I watched the events unfold Saturday night like we all did, and was very concerned about what I saw, and the the lack of response Saturday night," he said. "I immediately rallied up the troops. We made sure our MRAP was prepared and ready. ? We were assigned to assigned to protect Baltimore City Police headquarters, all of E. Fayette Street up to City Hall, to include City Hall. There wasn't a whole lot of activity taking place at all. We could smell that putrid smell of burning tires and a city on fire when as we came into the city. Had lots of concerns like everyone else. We maintained our post all night long until we were relieved."
    But what shocked him the most, he said, was when city police told him not to confront and accost the rioters.
    "I was sick to my stomach like everybody else. ? This was urban warfare, no question about it. They were coming in absolutely beaten down. The [city officers] got out of their vehicles, thanked us profusely for being there, apologized to us for having to be there.

    Methinks the good sheriff would shit himself and run if he ever saw actual urban warfare.

    1. 1) It's not fucking urban warfare, and the fact that they would consider a confrontation with the citizenry urban warfare is disgusting.

      2) Both sides of this bullshit are making sure that there is no good guy. The chimpanzee rioters take it up a notch and the gorillas in uniform push it 3 more.

      3) I hate this whole undercurrent of "modern civil rights movement" in this black rioting crap.

    2. He'd piss his pants if he thought he had to confront any armed citizen one on one.

    3. Yeah, I've seen urban warfare, I know urban warfare - Sheriff, this is no urban warfare.

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    Drunkenly cavorting w/outside friends after office party, find myself talking how my coworkers & job are the best ever. So that's awesome.

    1. Well that certainly explains the thread dump earlier.

      1. Just imagine a normal looking office, covered in PBR cans.

        1. Reason serves good beer, if you happen to be in Los Angeles.

  10. No, it can't be. Surely this guy intentionally gave himself a severe spinal injury.

    Whatever you do, espeically if you've already had several bruising punches to the nuts today, do not watch Lou Derbz and gang right now, live on Foxnews, talk about how Loretta Lynch is going to be so much better than Holder by laying down the real no tolerance law and order.

    1. I'd rather watch re-runs of Law and Order SVU than watch Lou Dobs say anything.

      1. That show is like the most Nixonian shit I've ever seen.

        1. I mean, it's like I almost expect to hear Derbz talk about how we need to keep bombing Vietnam.

          1. *takes last sip of Pho broth*

            Yeah, let's do it.

  11. I think the Raiders just got the best pick of the draft, after like 20 straight years of having a top 10 pick. A broken clock is right at least once every 20 years? That must be it.

    So, has anyone figured out if Bob Seger was in Katmandu, or not?

    1. They're wretched on defense, have no running game, and can't protect their quarterback. They need a wide receiver like John Madden needs another turducken.

      1. Latavius Murray and McFadden are both good running backs and being ranked 21st, although bad, in rushing, isn't exactly having NO running game.

        The problem is the offensive line.

        I still say they got the best guy in the draft, whether they needed him or not.

        That being said, I have to agree with everything else that you said.

      2. I mean, don't get me wrong. Cooper's an incredible athlete. I just don't think a great wide receiver is as valuable to a team as it used to be. With the rules the NFL has now, even an average athlete can get open( A few years ago Julio Jones missed almost an entire season. Harry Douglas had fairly comparable numbers starting in his place) Plus the huge second contracts the top receivers sign preclude teams from building in other areas( Detroit has put so much money in Stafford and Megatron that they can no longer afford a defense) Bottom line is, wide receivers have some nice highlights, but they don't translate into wins like top players at other positions( ask Bill Bellichick for further evidence)

        1. As someone who's been watching video of NFL draft candidates since it's been available to watch for most of us, via the magic of youtube, I'm pretty jaded. It takes a lot to impress me.

          Cooper, the thing about this guy that got my attention... I mean he runs good routes, he has good hands, he seems to always have his eye on the ball and seems to be able to catch the ball anywhere on the field, has a very nice juke move after catching the ball, but that's not it.

          The guy does not run like a receiver after catching the ball. It's like he turns into a running back as soon as he catches any type slant route or anything he has to come back for. It's just amazing to watch. He also seems to have a running back type of 2nd gear once he gets a few steps, sort of like Adrian Peterson. I really like the guy.

          All of that is of course, not an argument against what you just said. It's all about team and coaching and being a complete unit as far as wining championships, or even getting to the playoffs. But I'm just talking about talent when I say the best pick in the draft. I could be wrong about this, but I really don't think so.

          If they would have taken Kevin White, I would have said yeah, that was dumb. But I really don't see those 2 receivers as being even close in overall talent. That would have just been another senile version of Al Davis pick.

          1. That would have just been another senile version of Al Davis pick.

            Or a senile John Fox pick at #7.

            Really really really really not understanding the logic of trading Brandon Marshall for a Day 3 pick and blowing the first round pick on his replacement.

    2. I hated the Redskins pick with Williams still on the board.

  12. I know this was linked to earlier, but I highly recommend this interview with David Simon of The Wire. Fascinating look at how the political and bureaucratic response to the drug war set the stage for the current mess, by destroying the old-fashioned sort of police work that was more embedded in the community. E.g. the code about using "humbles." And how it transformed the bureaucracy: And yet he'd vote for O'Malley... *shakes head*....

  13. If you want to pay overtime pay for having police fill the jails with loitering arrests or simple drug possession or failure to yield, if you want to spend your municipal treasure rewarding that, well the cop who's going to court 7 or 8 days a month ? and court is always overtime pay ? you're going to damn near double your salary every month. On the other hand, the guy who actually goes to his post and investigates who's burglarizing the homes, at the end of the month maybe he's made one arrest. It may be the right arrest and one that makes his post safer, but he's going to court one day and he's out in two hours. So you fail to reward the cop who actually does police work. But worse, it's time to make new sergeants or lieutenants, and so you look at the computer and say: Who's doing the most work? And they say, man, this guy had 80 arrests last month, and this other guy's only got one. Who do you think gets made sergeant? And then who trains the next generation of cops in how not to do police work?

    1. Pretty damning. And in a way that everyone can understand.

  14. On the one hand, i don't see how he could have broken his own neck.

    OTOH, this guy was potentially a target from the. He's really in a crappy position - the police could lean on him, and the mob could kill him.

    One of the Mike Brown's friends (or a friend of the guy he was with) was found in a car, basically executed. While there's no proof, a lot of people think he was killed because he backed Wilson's account.

  15. Rioter turns himself in to police. Bail set at $500,000.

    The young man in the blue hoodie seen in pictures smashing police cars during violent protests in Baltimore has a name and a family. He is Allen Bullock. He voluntarily surrendered to police, only to be held on half a million dollars' bail, an amount his parents say is "ridiculous."

    Bullock, 18, is charged with eight counts, including rioting and malicious destruction of property ? all of them misdemeanors ? after he showed up with his stepfather at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center.

  16. In the Southwest District, a victim would try to make an armed robbery complaint, saying , 'I just got robbed, somebody pointed a gun at me,' and what they would do is tell him, well, okay, we can take the report but the first thing we have to do is run you through the computer to see if there's any paper on you. Wait, you're doing a warrant check on me before I can report a robbery? Oh yeah, we gotta know who you are before we take a complaint. You and everyone you're living with? What's your address again? You still want to report that robbery?

    They cooked their own books in remarkable ways. Guns disappeared from reports and armed robberies became larcenies. Deadly weapons were omitted from reports and aggravated assaults became common assaults. The Baltimore Sun did a fine job looking into the dramatic drop in rapes in the city. Turned out that regardless of how insistent the victims were that they had been raped, the incidents were being quietly unfounded.

    So O'Malley's policies resulted in official government rape denial. And there goes any possible feminist support for him.

    1. And there goes any possible feminist support for him.

      Bahahahahaha, he'll be the official feminist candidate now!

      1. This needs to be emphasized:

        The Baltimore Sun did a fine job looking into the dramatic drop in rapes in the city. Turned out that regardless of how insistent the victims were that they had been raped, the incidents were being quietly unfounded.

        I haven't found a source for the "insistent victims," but according to this article, in one year (2002) the city undercounted at least 33 rapes. Someone call Sabrina Rubin Erdely!

  17. I mean, think about it. How does the homicide rate decline by 15 percent, while the agg assault rate falls by more than double that rate. Are all of Baltimore's felons going to gun ranges in the county? Are they becoming better shots? Have the mortality rates for serious assault victims in Baltimore, Maryland suddenly doubled? Did they suddenly close the Hopkins and University emergency rooms and return trauma care to the dark ages? It makes no sense statistically until you realize that you can't hide a murder, but you can make an attempted murder disappear in a heartbeat, no problem.

    And then they artificially inflated the crime stats of the previous administration, in order to make themselves look even better.

    1. In my prior job, I was in charge of reporting our department's monthly metrics, and if they came out looking like we did less work than the prior month, my VP would tell me to adjust the data or make up a decent sounding reason for the decline, and I would always think of the Wire's Compstat mtg scenes and accusations of "juking the stats".

      It was all so meaningless, but like with Compstat, the only point was to be able to put a pretty report with a chart showing progress on the desk of some far off suit. I knew for a fact that the managers in some other departments just flat out made up their numbers, but yeah, you can't hide a body.

  18. So Cytotoxic, how's Alberta's libertarian moment going?

    1. Who cares, let's blame Canada!

  19. There are almost as many (sic)'s and [expletive]'s in the guy's statement as actual words. This is what you're basing your case on?

    1. My name is Tulpa and I'm racist.

      1. If anything is racist it's assuming that a certain race can't speak English.

        If Dr. Ben Carson can handle pronouns, then so can this dude.

        1. If Dr. Ben Carson can handle pronouns, then so can this dude.

          No shit... however, he doesn't. Do you distrust movies with subtitles, too? After all, they could speak English instead!!!1!!

    2. There are almost as many (sic)'s and [expletive]'s in the guy's statement as actual words. This is what you're basing your case on?

      Let's pass this through the Tulpa-Human translator:

      Those damned poor negro savages are incapable of expressing themselves in a proper middle-class way, so we should be skeptical of their honesty as well! /Tulpa LAOL

      1. It's cute that the ones making this all about race are accusing me of racism. Plenty of moronic white people lace their speech with expletives, but you people know that.

        1. Explain to me, Tulpa Pig, why one's lack of intelligence and diction should make me question their honesty. Is there something "noble" or "divine" about being an intellectual?

          1. He wasn't riding in the back of the police car because he couldn't get a cab, for one thing. He was arrested for cigarette theft.

            1. No, come back here with those goalposts!

              You said:

              There are almost as many (sic)'s and [expletive]'s in the guy's statement as actual words. This is what you're basing your case on?

              What about the (sic)'s and [expletive]'s is exculpatory?

              You weren't talking about him being a criminal. You were talking about the fact that he can't speak properly. Why does his improper speech call his honesty into question?

              1. Where there's smoke there's fire.

                1. Ok... so there's smoke (a bunch of improper slang), there must be fire (he's illiterate?)

                  I'm still missing the dishonest part, but no need to continue dancing with you. It's obvious what you're implying. The savages of that "culture" are just as much moral degenerates as they are intellectual degenerates. You're a social darwinist, putting the "sub-humans" in their place, below the civilized folk.

                  1. That was a nice job, Mr. terrible - you got him stripped bare and showing his loathsome self in all his unglory.

    3. "This is what you're basing your case on?"

      No Tulpa you dumb fuck, this is what the cops are basing their exoneration on. This is THEIR witness who supposedly said Gray inflicted the injuries on himself.

    4. Isn't it the same guy the police and their groupies were basing their case on a day earlier?

  20. Was this posted yet? The "Pre-existing spine injury from a car accident" story didn't quite pan out it seems.

  21. Reason missed the part of the linked story that gives a motive for Prisoner #2 (picked up for theft) changing his story.

    "I talked to homicide. I told homicide the same story." Allen said.

    A story he says is being distorted and now he fears being killed.

    "I had two options today right, either come and talk to y'all and get my credibility straight with ya'll and not get killed by these [expletive] or not tell a true story," Allen added. "The only reason I'm doing this is because they put my name in a bad state."

    1. What does cop dick taste like, Tulpa? You must find it delicious.

  22. I'll have his guts for garters!

  23. It's obvious what he heard was Gray dying. This is all wrought by the WoD and that's it.

  24. I question whether the first guy is the same person as the second guy.

    The first guy "is currently in jail," was anonymous and the leaker was concerned for his safety, and is 38 years old.

    The second guy is not in jail, is completely unafraid to get his name, and is 22 years old.

    And the stories are completely different.

    Doesn't sound like the same guy to me.

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