Freddie Gray

Barack Obama on Baltimore: We Need 'Political Mobilization' to Solve Problems

Job training, school reform, anything but limiting police powers and privileges.


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In a press conference with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Obama took a question about the situation in Baltimore. He condemned the "criminals and thugs" perpetrating violence in Baltimore, said he and his task force have been working on issues of police reform. He went on to bemoan not enough people paying attention to the issues involved (socioeconomic-related, not state violence-related), and saying solving the problem would require things like school reform, job training, and investment infrastructure.

Unmentioned was the very specific reason why the death of Freddie Gray has remained controversial–the very visible double standard police are held under. Cops, remember, started chasing Freddie Gray merely because he ran when they made eye contact with him. That was enough for them to pursue him, find an allegedly illegal knife on him, throw him in a van, and hold him in their custody while he dies. The six officers who had Gray in their custody when he died from a severe spinal injury, on the other hand, are still drawing a paycheck.  Their government employment is privileged over the constitutional rights of the people of Baltimore.

Lower unemployment in Baltimore would help. School reform would certainly help fight poverty, but substantive school reform requires declawing the teachers unions, who have an outsized influence on school policy and whose goal is the well-being of their members, the teachers, and not students. Yet Obama and his party insist teachers union, whose priority is teacher employment, should have a role in forming education policy. The same likely goes for police unions. Obama briefly mentioned them as part of the solution. But just as teachers unions are about protecting teachers, good or bad, so police unions are about protecting cops, good or bad.

President Obama says the "solutions" (presumably to police violence) require everyone's participation. But a lot of people are ignorant of the issues, and fortunately Obama's wrong. Solutions don't require everyone's participation. They require just enough participation to push through reforms that could limit state violence and thus improve relations between police and the communities they serve. Getting rid of Maryland's insane Police Bill of Rights, which gave the cops involved in Gray's death 10 days before they had to speak to investigators, would be a great start.

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  1. Tim Cavanaugh, Reason Alum on Baltimore Riots:

    “If this keeps up, Baltimore could be in danger of turning into a shithole filled with boarded-up buildings”.

    1. That’s funny. Where did he say that?

      1. The abomination known as twitter.

        1. Norman Reedus wouldn’t follow you back, huh?

          1. Steven Yeun also blew him off. He’s bitter.

            1. Epi, he couldn’t even get a lousy follow from Jeffrey Demunn.

              1. Wow, I had no idea Paul was this Twitterlame. I’m unfollowing him right now.

                1. I’m unfollowing him right now.

                  If I had a twitter acount, I would start a hashtag campaign against you.

            2. I don’t know who these people are, but I’m not much of a TMZ man, if you get my meaning.

              1. You guys can follow my humorous podcast twitter at @audioedibles

                1. Now flood my useless twitter feed with hilarity, minstrel.

                  1. Shortly.

                    We’ve just begun the whole podcast. Done three episodes now but yet to publish them. I am not the man named on the twitter handle, that is my cohost/tech guy.

                    I’m under specific orders to keep things mostly apolitical so as to not alienate our potential listenership. So humorous anecdotes making fun of people that deserve to made fun of will be from mine own twitterz when I make one. But eventually, I will wrestle control of this organization from him, like Stalin from Lenin/Trostky, and turn it into my own vehicle for self glorification.

                    1. Terrific. Some people like to exercise to music, but I get bored with that. I listen to a dozen or so podcasts during the day, always looking to add another.

    2. Don’t tell Chris and Snoop.

      1. How do you take over half the West Side without any bodies?

        1. Hell, even in Furgeson they had a body. At least, they found a body. I wasn’t ever clear whether the body was in any way related to the riots.

    3. nice.

      Also, here’s a handy chart illustrating Baltimore’s “Police problem”

      1. I don’t get it. Can you dumb it down a shade?

        1. Sure.


          1. That’s useful, Gil, but do you have a chart solely for people who are victims of violent crime done to them by their fellow citizens rather than crime done to them by police??

            1. As a professional assembler of statistics, i am pretty sure they dont classify things done by the po po as ‘crimes’

              The best proxy AFAIK are official complaints filed with the local AG.

              CATO has made noble efforts to create a portal for data about police misconduct, and has a handy “map” here showing # of complaints by police-force and created some arbitrary “high, medium, low”-range scales

              Chicago and LA and Phoenix are apparently the leaderboard.

              The way they handle the #s, is in my view, wrong. It should be some kind of ratio of the misconduct reports to the size of the police force and the crime rate in the city.

              For example – Baltimore has nearly 50 official complaints out of a force of 3,000

              Chicago (and its environs), one of the “worst”, has slightly more than 115-120, out of a force of 15,000

              Yet they rank Bmore as “better”.

              This sort of analysis should also really be done on a 5-year average basis, rather than single year stats.

            2. oh, the cato site, Here

              1. Glancing over their formal reports, it really has all kinds of problems.

                Its sort of typical when your ‘core data’ is so small, varied, and doesn’t have a convenient and consistent form of compilation. Which is by design, FWIW.

                I’d note that the tactic of “making sure to change the way your official data is ‘defined’ and/or compiled, or accessed'” every 5 years or so? Is something of a universal Government practice. Its a form of bureaucratic self-defense.

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  2. “[…]President Obama says the “solutions” (presumably to police violence) require everyone’s participation[…]”

    Just like the Iranian ‘agreement’; we’ll need discussions to develop an outline that could lead to a roadmap with wake-up calls so we can have frank exchanges and by then every damn politico will have gone on to a new position having claimed to have ‘done something’!

    1. And Baltimore will be largely unchanged, except for a few shovel-ready projects on the waterfront enriching the bank accounts of already-wealthy developers. I’m sure ribbons will be cut.

      1. I hear the Hilton is doing really well.

        1. It only lost $6.5 mill last year.

          1. Explained

            We need more of that, right?

            1. Gosh. Just more bad luck.

            2. Wait… the city owns a hotel?!


              1. Oh sure. And it’s “supposed” to be making money this year.

                1. Oh sure. And it’s “supposed” to be making money this year.

                  Like AMTRAK!

                  1. Well, it would if they could raid the retirement funds!

                2. I’m certain bookings will be up this year, especially after the riots.

              2. They have a good resume, prisons and low income housing. The city just wanted to expand its portfolio

      2. “I’m sure ribbons will be cut.”

        And mistakes will be made…

        1. Cars will catch fire… bottles of liquor will throw themselves around….

          1. Before or after these bottles have been emptied?

            1. I don’t know about you, but I’m not throwing rocks at guys with guns, and a history of abusing their power, without at least some Dutch courage in me.

              1. Niven’s Laws
                1) Don’t not throw bags of shit at armed men.
                1a) Don’t stand next to someone throwing bags of shit at armed men.

          2. Those rocks aren’t gonna throw themselves, ya know!

          3. No, no, no, no.

            Use the passive voice only to describe the alleged acts of our valiant law enforcement officials.

            Lawbreakin’ little people get the active voice.

    2. You forgot “low hanging fruit”

  3. We just need to repeat everything we’ve done to the inner cities for over the past 50 years. That’ll fix it.

    1. “Let me be clear = this looks like an opportunity to throw money at something”

      1. “…and enrich my cronies and Democratic Party contributers and supporters, especially public sector unions.”

        1. Never let a crisis go to waste, ya know…

        2. Ya know, you might be able to fire these bad cops if you hadn’t insisted that they all belong to a strong public sector union…..

  4. Methinks school reform doesn’t mean what we think it means. Nor do any of those other words he used.

    1. Does “reform” mean “bulldoze”?

      1. Probably means more money and stronger union rights with bigger pensions, you know, for the kids

      2. According to Obama, it means at least shutting down any sort of voucher programs to allow kids at least a chance to escape horribly failing inner-city schools. Because monopolies are bad, except for when the government does it.

  5. Dear black America,

    Obama don’t give a fuck.

    1. Dear white America,

      Obama don’t give a fuck about you either (unless your name’s Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein then please call him ASAP he needs to speak to you about a post presidential job kinda like the one you hooked Holder up with XXOO).

      1. Obama cares about the important thing, Obama.

  6. Gawker will solve everything with an expose on white people!

    Brave Reporter Colette Shade manages to mention Lilly Pulitzer dresses three times! That’ll get ’em good, Colly!

    1. And Hipster rich white people living in Washington DC next to ghettos every bit as bad as those in Baltimore are totally different of course.

    2. I’m…confused about the emotion I feel after reading that. Shame…no…anger…no…ah! Indifference! That’s it!

      i keep hoping for a sulfurous Hellhole to open up and swallow Gawker HQ, but every day I keep getting disappointed.

      1. Oh dude, your wish is soon to come true. When they try to unionize shortly, the gates of hell will swing open. It’s going to be so delicious.

        (rubs hands gleefully)

        1. they try to unionize shortly

          WTF?! Unionize what, exactly?

          1. The writers.

          2. The “writing” staff. I imagine Denton will let them set up their little union and make sure that it has no real power. It’s the Denton way, just like letting his “writers” bitch about rich people not paying taxes while he hides his money in the Cayman islands.

            1. I would like to know more… This all sounds like an epic trainwreck. Why would someone making a little freelance money on the side want to subject themselves to union bullshit? Maybe I’m missing something but that doesn’t make sense.

                1. Jesus that is derp squared. Almost makes me want to get a job at Gawker just so I can tell this idiot “no thanks, I will negotiate my own damn salary and no, it’s none of your business”.

                2. Why did they take a picture out of 1930s to represent the Gawker Union fight?

                3. Best comment to Gawker Unionization:

                  Top demanded items by site:

                  Gawker – More journalistic freedom to write about how Sponsor X’s main product is actually ground up people.

                  Jalopnik – Elevator buttons to be replaced by an overly complicated stick-shift system.

                  Gizmodo – An Occulus rig for the breakroom

                  IO9 – Other departments no longer allowed to play with the action figures on our desks.

                  Deadspin – The sexual harassment handbook will include an exception for dick jokes.

                  Jezebel – Veto power over all Deadspin requests.

                  Kotaku – Actually, we’d just like support the Giz team on this one.

                  Sploid – To be included on this list like they are a real site and not a bunch of gifs of things exploding.

                  1. Do they still have Lifehacker? That’s the only one that’s any good & I was surprised that it was Gawker.

              1. They have full-time staff writer/editors. What they don’t seem to understand is that they are as valuable and irreplaceable as a roll of paper towels.

                1. Exactly. Flippantly illiterate college grads willing to beg their grandmothers for the money to live in New York with 10 roommates are a dime a dozen.

                2. They have full-time staff writer/editors. What they don’t seem to understand is that they are as valuable and irreplaceable as a roll of paper towels.

                  Maybe they understand that all too well.

                  Every workplace could use a union. A union is the only real mechanism that exists to represent the interests of employees in a company. A union is also the only real mechanism that enables employees to join together to bargain collectively, rather than as a bunch of separate, powerless entities.

                  We would like to ensure that things like pay and raises are set in a fair, transparent, and unbiased way. We would like to have some basic mechanism for giving employees a voice in the decisions that affect all of us here.

                  1. fair, transparent, and unbiased

                    “You’re all getting your pay cut to whatever the lowest guy is making. Don’t like it? There’s the door.”

                    Transparent enough?

              2. You’re not progging hard enough.

          3. Oh yes, Rhywun. Hamilton Nolan, the Rain Man of Gawker, is organizing a unionization attempt for the writers. Oh god it’s going to be incredible.

          4. Bloggers, Iron Workers, same thing.

    3. You mean an expose on furtive white people. wtf


        1. But they wore Lilly Pulitzer dresses, Nicole. Lilly Pulitzer.

          1. And “lacrosse” hairdews!

          2. I thought Lilly Pulitzer was the new Target line? Not exactly Country Club standard. All the brand names the writer mentioned made me wonder. . . I am expected to feel outrage because rich people are rich – but wouldn’t only the wealthy or the striving know what she was talking about?

        2. A ’98 Cavalier with a spoiler?

          1. +1 “aerodynamic” body kit. ‘Cause that’s all it’ll take to make my econo-shitbox fast!

            1. Hey, they were pretty sweet if you got the stickshift. 140 ft-lbs of torque and a close ratio trans was damn fine for stoplight to stoplight drag races.

              I would like to know what genius decided that the automatics should have tachs but the manuals should not.

        3. Fueled by Campbell or Progresso?

          1. You know what this car really needs? Some cream of mushroom!

            1. Handle the stick shift and it will put some out?


          Souped-Up: adj. A description referring to a mechanical or electrical device, typically a car, that has been modified for enhanced performance. Usually used by someone who has never turned a wrench.

          1. The irony is just too tasty.

          2. I wonder if that’s not ye olde shorthand for putting a supercharger on the engine.

            Like this:


            1. I always liked the drag racers who used plastic newspaper mailboxes as hood scoops.

              Searching for that image turned up a great joke on that practice.

        5. A Chevy that *runs*?

    4. For some reason those affluent white people who get treated differently by the cops don’t seem invested in police reform. It must be their fault!

      1. When I’m walking down the street on a dark night and I hear some muffled tones behind me and I look back in horror to find a group of affluent white people. I run for the nearest payday loan facility next to a liquor a store, to feel safe again.

        1. Like you I am terrified of Shane O Mac and the Mean Street Posse.

    5. And her point is?

      1. Duh. WHITE PEOPLE! Do you see now? No? Neither do I.

        1. Rich white people left Baltimore for the suburbs and Baltimore went to shit. Therefore, the riots are the fault of rich white people.

          Am I getting it?

          1. Now I understand

          2. Well, duh, if those rich white people had stayed in inner city Baltimore and kept their kids in shitty public schools instead of moving to the ‘burbs then everyone would be equally miserable. And equality is good, right?

            Of course, if they hadn’t moved these same assclowns would be bitching and moaning about gentrification. Either way, it’s all white people’s fault.

            1. And it’s not at all racist to imply that black people are incapable of running things on their own.

              1. They skew overwhelmingly leftoid when it comes time to vote for candidates or policies. So there is a degree of inability to manage one’s own affairs inherent that, but it is of course a consequence of cultural problems, not genetics.

                1. Oh I’m not saying they haven’t but the implication that everything would be fine if all the white people stuck around is more than a little patronizing.

                  1. Well I don’t think it’s wrong to say that things would be better if affluent white people stuck around. They increase the capital value of the entire area with their skills, education and lesser propensity to murder each other.

                    But the question here, is whether or not whites somehow owe it to other groups to remain in place for the sake of that other group’s property values and institutional quality.

                    1. Actually, wouldn’t it be better to say things would be better if affluent black people had stuck around? After all, they would have the same tax value, plus they could serve as valuable role models for younger black people, as proof that with hard work and education, anybody can get ahead in this country.

                      Or is it possible that if we asked successful African Americans to leave the suburbs and move back to the inner cities, their reaction would probably be along the lines, of “F–k that, I got out of there for a reason.”

                2. Heaven forfend we think genetics might have anything to do with it. Nope, vague “culture”. That’ll keep the SPLC off our backs.

  7. The “solution” is always to spend more money, shore up the power of the existing power structures (unions, police, etc), and talk a whole lot. It’s never, ever, to scale back anything or spend less money. That’s not even on the table any more.

    This is government, folks. Enjoy. But hey, you get a vote! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. The funny thing is that they keep expecting different results.

      1. I don’t think the actual players expect different results. It’s the voters who do. The existing power structures are just fine with the lie.

        1. This is true, although I have run into more than a few pie-eyed idiots in the system who are convinced that they’re making a difference.

          1. Since their livelihood depends on the system, they’ll believe whatever they need to.

      2. When results differ from intentions, it’s only because they didn’t try hard enough or spend enough money. It couldn’t possibly be that they are applying the wrong solution. To question the solution/result is to question their good intentions.

  8. This Obama guy seems like he really cares. Too bad we never elected him President or anything. He might have done something about all of this.

    1. I think he would make a decent daytime talk show host.

      1. I wouldn’t watch it, but it’d be nice if he’d do that instead of being president.

  9. “Equal Justice Under Law” is carved into the top of the Supreme Court building. Someone should get around to fixing it. False advertisement can get you in trouble in some places.

    1. What should they change it to? Oh wait, I know.



        1. “What deference, at this point, do we need to provide?”

          1. That would be awesome, in Latin.

            1. Quis deference , procul is cuspis , operor nos postulo ut suggero?

  10. The fact that knives are even illegal is another major issue. Glenn Reynolds mentioned that in Tennessee you can walk around with a blade of virtually any length provided it’s a fixed blade.

    On the other hand, people get picked up in New York/Baltimore for having normal knives they use in construction work.

    Tell me how the south is ‘backwards’ again when young men are dying in northern cities for things that aren’t even illegal below the Mason Dixon line.

    1. Slavery wasn’t illegal below the Mason Dixon line either, Irish!

      1. What is the slavery version of Godwin called? Does it have a name yet?

        1. Thread Scotting? Abraham Linkolning?

          1. “Thread Scotting”

            *stands to begin thunderous applause*

            1. OH, you like me! You really like me! (BTW, if you like that one, what do you think of ‘Slut Shamming’ for stories like mattress girl?)

              1. Nope, doesn’t work. Thread Scotting is a good one – but they all can’t be winners.

                But don’t worry, its still to early to jump to the conclusion that you’re only going to have one good hit during your career.

                1. I don’t know, I kind of like “Slut Shamming”. Granted, it’s no “Thread Scotting”, but still.

              2. Brilliant.

            2. Duly noted. I ‘m cool being the Dexy’s Midnight Runners of …whatever it is we’re doing exactly.

            3. Thread Scotting is glorious. When Swiss vigorously appluads that which he would usually would narrow his gaze at, you have indeed won.

              The motion passes.

              Threadscotting is the new Godwin.

              1. **Beams proudly**

          2. Abraham Linkolning?

            That would be hijacking threads to post pictures of stove pipe hats.

    2. REGION WAR, dude? Seriously? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

      1. Nothing, since switchblades are illegal everywhere.

        1. Not in Arizona.

          Pocket knives, Balisong knives, Switchblades, gravity knives, Bowie knives, and stilettos are legal. It is legal for anyone over 21 to carry knives concealed.

          Which gets into an interesting area discussing the difference between a really large knife and a sword.

          1. Ah, the grey area of the machete.

            My personal machete:


            Blade-heavy, good for chopping woody plants.

            1. That’s a nice knife, but I’ve always preferred the low-tech/post apocalyptic aesthetic of taking a leaf spring, sharpening it and wrapping some wood on the end for a handle.


          1. Thanks Francisco, I did not know that we banned intersate commerce and import but didn’t make ownership illegal. Which, I mean, someone should really talk to SCOTUS about this, because last time I checked intrastate commerce still counted as interstate.

            1. Anything that could potentially affect commerce in any way is counted as interstate commerce.

            2. Sadly, my state is one of them.

        2. “Nothing, since switchblades are illegal everywhere.”


          Switchblades are also legal in Tennessee.

          Switchblades are actually legal in many states now.

      2. You’re right epi. Every state, city, and town in the US is exactly the same and none can be better than others in any way. I mean, they all speak Merucan, and they’ve all run a train on your mom.

        1. He didn’t even talk about specific cities (other than an offhand mention of “NYC/Boston”). He specifically used “the south” and “the Mason-Dixon line”.

          That’s about as classic REGION WAR as one can get. If you want to get into the different laws of different specific cities, cool. But talking about north vs south is just flat out REGION WAR, sorry.

          1. Your war on plural predication is really fucking bizarre.

      3. I personally think it’s very relevant. Progressives continuously declare that they’re more enlightened than people in other, more hickish regions of the country, so obviously the laws they favor cannot possibly be at fault for anything bad happening.

        Garner’s dead because of cigarette laws? Pish posh, reactionary propaganda.

        Gray’s dead because of knife laws? Not possible – you’re just a hater.

        Their assumptions of moral superiority are the reasons nothing gets fixed in the parts of the country where they allegedly care about criminal justice reform. They should be beaten over the head with their hypocrisy at every opportunity for just that reason.

        1. I agree that such laws don’t help matters, but on the other hand, it’s not like cops need a justified legal ground to fuck with people. In a lot of these cases, they easily could have used some other petty excuse. Don’t get me wrong, all these laws make things a lot worse, but the root of the problem IMO is the lack of accountability, often even in clearly egregious situations.

        2. Actually, they should just be thrown to the mobs.

          Since the “morally superior” are the ones who created the conditions that caused those riots, after all. Only fitting that they should get firsthand experience with them. Then we get to find new leadership…

    3. Pretty sure you can’t go into the District with a blade over 2.5 inches either. You know what else was under 2.5 inches?

      1. Wait, wait! I know! Uh, oh. Nope. Never mind.

      2. Sarcasmic’s penis?!?!

    4. Look, MA just recently ruled that you couldn’t carry a taser – see, the 2nd amendment protects your right bear’ arms’, but only if they’re *firearms*.

      So knives, tasers, pepper spray, sharp sticks – those are all fair game for the government to come crush you over.

      1. Spend some time reading state legislation on weapons. Even in red states that ostensibly are “better” protectors of the RTKABA, you get tons of shit specifically banning nunchuks, etc.. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so retarded.

        1. I can’t think of nunchucks without thinking of this guy.

          1. Thank you for that. One of my all time favorite YouTube moments.

          2. I usually think of this guy.

        2. What all of you SAVAGES are overlooking is that HE HAD A KNIFE!!!!!!
          A KNIFE!!!!


      2. My fists still legal?

        1. Only if you’ve asked permission and registered with the state, keep your fists concealed (no open carry, keep them hands in your pockets) and have had the local police inspect your fist storage facilities to ensure they conform to code.

          1. no open carry, keep them hands in your pockets

            And of course, having your hands in your pockets makes cops suspect you may have a weapon, so you’ll get shot anyway.

            1. If nothing else, you’ll be shot when you obey the order to take your hands out of your pockets.

        2. My fists still legal?

          You are a rape just waiting to happen, aren’t you?


    5. Blue strongholds. Urban areas are progressive, by and large. Poor dumb bastards.

    6. Maryland is below the Mason Dixon line. The South’s First Casualty.

  11. I wonder if the spinal injury could have been caused by whiplash.

    Just speculating. They threw him in a van unbuckled, with his hands cuffed.
    A really hard stop might send him flying.

    1. It was most likely cause by a knee to the neck.

    2. Nickel ride. He gave the pigs some lip and that couldn’t stand.

    3. People don’t get 80% spine severing from whiplash. Maybe ass whiplash, but not neck whiplash. They were doing something fucked up to him and it went even wronger than they intended. What it was, I have no idea, but such a strange injury indicates a very unusual thing they must have been doing.

      1. Wasn’t he in a paddy-wagon (I can say that, I’m Irish)? I can see how being unbuckled and off-balance with no ability to protect yourself due to being cuffed could lead to a pretty horrific head-first-into-steel-plating situation.

        1. Yeah. With feet shackled and hands cuffed behind the back, I could see some serious injury if the cops put on the siren and went on a heavily cornered joyride with lots of hard stops.

        2. Dude, just lie down. It won’t be comfortable and you might slide around into walls, but it would reduce velocities significantly and you shouldn’t get very injured. There’s no way a nickel ride results in a nearly severed spine. Something else was going on. And it went horribly wrong.

          1. Dude, just lie down.

            Sure, but you’re talking about people who get sat on the bench and are probably not expecting the Nickel Ride in the first place. Or even necessarily realize how dangerous it could actually be.

      2. It’s called a Nickel Ride. They throw a guy in handcuffs in a unpadded vehicle and drive erratically. And they don’t even have to lie when they say they didn’t lay a finger on the battered prisoner they deliver to lockup.

        1. If this is true – and it gets out – then I imagine we ain’t seen nothing yet in Baltimore.

        2. Look, if the family is telling it truthfully, Grey had a nearly severed spinal cord. No spinal cord gets nearly severed from a rough ride. No one dies from a rough ride.

          The cops arrested/kidnapped a living guy and delivered a dead one. Sounds like murder to me.

          1. Sure it could. If he’s lying on the floor facing forward and they slam on the brakes, he could slide head-first into the wall with enough force to sever the spine.

            1. The autopsy will tell. It’ll become public when the Justice Department sues. It’ll be interesting to see just what kind of injuries he sustained and if any cops get charged.

            2. And there actually have been cases of people being paralyzed or killed as the result of nickel rides.

              In 2004, a man named Jeffrey Alston won $39 million from Baltimore after he was paralyzed from the neck down during a police-van ride. The following year, Dondi Johnson Sr. won $7.4 million after a ride left him a paraplegic.


              1. Read this:


                It provides some additional information and context. Seems unlikely it was a nickel ride.

        3. Yes, and they’ve previously been sued for causing injury and paralysis by using the Nickel Ride. But it didn’t stop them because what do the cops care if the taxpayers have to shell out a pile of cash?

        4. Yes, apparently, there have been at least five cases of suspects being paralyzed or killed by nickel rides in the past 15 years.

          1. Well hell, I had never heard of this Nickle Ride. I thought killing your passenger via bad driving was invented by Tarantino for “Death Proof”.

  12. There is an obscure HBO series about Baltimore called The Wire. I guess Obama never had a chance to see it.


    This was along time coming and completely predictable to anyone who cared. It’s only going to get worse in blue cities as tax revenue falls and more and more services are cut and locals are charged outrageous fees and basically harassed by cops.

    This is the future of most old blue cities. They’re all Detroit now. NYC and Boston are exceptions because they have a large gentry class via Wall St. and the colleges.

    1. Let me be clear, Lady Bertrum, if you like your old blue city, you can keep your old blue city. Period.

    2. This is the future of most old blue cities. They’re all Detroit now. NYC and Boston are exceptions because they have a large gentry class via Wall St. and the colleges.

      One of the biggest problems plaguing black communities is their near unanimous support for the policy preferences of various ‘progressive’ black fraternal societies and the Democratic party.

    3. And of course the solution will be to raise taxes on the greedy white people (who fled the cities to get away from the taxes and corruption) to pay for the services the cities need. And protesting such taxes would be racist.

    4. It pains me to think about The Wire, since the writer/creator of it recently said we need more socialism. If he can’t be converted away from socialism by his own show, how could anyone else stand a chance?

      1. David Simon is a very interesting man since he can write a scenario in which everything bad happens from government intervention and then declare the problem is too little government.

        The cognitive dissonance is breathtaking.

      2. It’s shocking that his show vividly illustrates the problems arising from socialistic policies, and then he draws the conclusion that what is needed is more of the same.

      3. David Simon yesterday:

        27 Apr

        First things first.

        Yes, there is a lot to be argued, debated, addressed. And this moment, as inevitable as it has sometimes seemed, can still, in the end, prove transformational, if not redemptive for our city. Changes are necessary and voices need to be heard. All of that is true and all of that is still possible, despite what is now loose in the streets.

        But now ? in this moment ? the anger and the selfishness and the brutality of those claiming the right to violence in Freddie Gray’s name needs to cease. There was real power and potential in the peaceful protests that spoke in Mr. Gray’s name initially, and there was real unity at his homegoing today. But this, now, in the streets, is an affront to that man’s memory and a dimunition of the absolute moral lesson that underlies his unnecessary death.

        If you can’t seek redress and demand reform without a brick in your hand, you risk losing this moment for all of us in Baltimore. Turn around. Go home. Please.

    5. What about Chicago? On one hand, blue as hell. On the other, fairly rich (lots of ruin in a nation). Or is the rot starting to show?

      1. Chicago is fairly rich in certain parts of the city and dirt poor in others. Chicago’s ghettos are among the worst in the country and area really just as bad as Baltimore’s.

      2. He’s a nice story about Chicago:…..story.html

  13. Can’t he just take money from some rich people somewhere and give it to Baltimore to fix everything?

    1. That’s probably on the menu right now.

  14. …Maryland’s insane Police Bill of Rights, which gave the cops involved in Gray’s death 10 days before they had to speak to investigators to get their stories straight…

    FTFY. I wonder if the bootlickers from this morning are going to show up and shit all over this thread too.

    1. I didn’t check those. Is Tulpa off his meds and out of therapy?

      1. He showed up in the post about Frddie Gray’s criminal record to perform his usual donkey show act on authority cock. Oh, and you may also notice a guest appearance in that thread by ‘Merkin.

        1. American is back!

          oh… yeah… I didn’t miss him.

        2. He’s already abandoned “porque pig”?

          who’s the “american mail letter company” from last night?

        3. That’s not American, it’s just a racist troll. Merkin has very specific cadences to the way he writes, and that troll just seems pretty by the numbers.

  15. He went on to bemoan not enough people paying attention to the issues involved (socioeconomic-related, not state violence-related), and saying solving the problem would require things like school reform, job training, and investment infrastructure.

    Translated; To solve the problem of heavy handed government violence, we should seize more wealth under the threat of heavy handed government violence.

  16. He condemned the “criminals and thugs” perpetrating violence in Baltimore,

    Isn’t that a racist dog-whistle?

    1. Only if you or I say it.

      1. I thought it was only if you can hear it.

    2. Yes but it is a nice break from scolding the Wreckers, Hoarders in the Kulak Community.

    3. What about the criminals and thugs with badges? They started it.

  17. You know what I blame?



      Now Stuart, if you look at the soil around any large U.S. city with a big underground homosexual population – Des Moines, Iowa, perfect example. Look at the soil around Des Moines, Stuart. You can’t build on it, you can’t grow anything in it. The government says it’s due to poor farming. But I know what’s really going on, Stuart. I know it’s the queers. They’re in it with the aliens. They’re building landing strips for gay Martians. I swear to God.

      1. +1 Dead Milkman’s Bitchin’ Camaro

    2. Well they clearly need to bake me more brown sugar cookies.

      1. “How about these cookies, sugar!”

        1. “New Nabisco Tits! Bet you can’t eat just one!”
          – George Carlin

        2. Los Doyers shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t even exist. But he does exist. Which proves … you can’t really be his grandm–

          1. Well, he *did* do the nasty in the pasty.

  18. Thom Hartmann blames NAFTA. I am not making that up.

    1. You can’t just post that without a link. We need more derp, it’s like crack.

      1. I heard him say it on the radio while driving back from lunch an hour ago.

        1. Don’t be rude. What did you have for lunch?

          1. Whatever he found in the Dora the Explorer lunchbox, duh.

          2. Kung pao tofu from Whole Paycheck. Great place for MILF-watching.

            1. Noted.

    2. Well, was the alleged knife IMPORTED?!

  19. Rand Paul weighs in on Baltimore, cites disintegration of black families and lack of morals for riots

    And liberals are not happy with his remarks.

    1. I can’t watch the clip, at the moment, but a couple things stood out to me:

      “Railing against what he repeatedly called “thuggery and thievery” in the streets of Baltimore, Paul told Ingraham that talking about “root causes” was not appropriate in the middle of a riot.”

      And then

      “‘There are so many things we can talk about,” the senator said, “the breakdown of the family structure, the lack of fathers, the lack of a moral code in our society.'”

      ??? So it’s not appropriate to talk about root causes, but now I’m gonna talk about root causes? Is there context in the video that makes this make sense? I disagree with him in that I think of all times to talk about root causes, during the riot is a pretty good one. People care less and pay less attention after the riot dies down. The root causes he gives seem to be pretty standard low-effort conservative boilerplate reaction. Not that those issues aren’t relevant, but it obviously goes well beyond that, and my guess is that Paul doesn’t want to delve into those reasons at the moment in order to avoid offending much of the conservative base he’s trying to win votes from (which is unfortunate, though understandable).

      1. When he says now is not the time to talk about it, I think he’s referring to the people who were still protesting peacefully next to burning buildings.

        Put another way: Get the riot under control first, and then talk about it.

        1. That makes a bit more sense, although I can understand why people angry about this situation in the first place and not responsible for the violence and looting would be resistant to being told to shut up, and also why they would want to continue protesting peacefully to show that the rioters do not represent everyone opposed to police violence and all the other issues here. At the same time, Paul’s position is also reasonable and makes more sense than it does in the article, assuming you are correct regarding what he was referring to.

          1. There were law abiding, good people trying to get on camera last night and get out the message.

            They were right in front of the skirmish line as the SWAT team was loading up the rotary tear gas launchers. My first thought was “Good god! Get to safety! Shit is about to go down!”

    2. “liberals are not happy with his remarks.”

      I am shocked.

      To be fair, he could have sponsored a live NWA reunion show, and lead a march on the police HQ and burned it down himself, and they’d still have sniffed at him, “PANDERING!”

      1. Reminds of an incident I had on FB after Paul’s filibuster on drone strikes when a lib friend got upset that Paul was holding up important Senate business with his filibuster. When I pointed out that the Senate was practically closed at the time because of a massive snowstorm, so it wasn’t like the senate was going to do anything anyways. And besides, my friend was a vocal opponent of drone strikes, so wasn’t it a good thing that at least some people in the Republican party were questioning them?

        The reaction I got was about what you’d expect to see after Capt. Kirk dropped a logic bomb on a so-called supercomputer.

  20. My absolute fave was a minister being interviewed on CNN last night. He said that parents needed to make sure that “their kids are unaccounted for.” He bemoaned the fire at the new senior center because the money to rebuild it couldn’t be used for other projects, it would have to be “re-misdirected.”

    Damn, this story is the gift to derp collectors that never stops giving.

    1. “the fire at the new senior center “

      They burned down the old folks home?

      See, this is where rioters lose the plot. they really should have coordinated with the mafia in advance and identified the best insurance cases for burning.

      1. Balmer doesn’t really have much in the way of Wise Guys. It’s too small and too poor.

  21. “While we continue to pray for a peaceful conclusion to the events in Baltimore?and pray for the families of those injured?I hope we all remember that our nation’s law enforcement consists of thousands of heroic officers who deeply respect the dignity of each person they serve to protect.”

    1. Is that an Obama quote?

    2. deeply respect the dignity of each person they serve to protect

      He looked into their souls.

    3. It’s Ted Cruz.

      1. Figures. Same tone as Obama, just from the right.

        1. I don’t know. At least Obama criticized the police, and has done so before. He’s got answers to the problem which range from stupid, to bizarrely stupid (infrastructure?) to ones that don’t go far enough but are in the right direction. But I don’t see conservatives doing anything other than lining up to condemn ‘thugs’ and embrace the police.

          1. It’s the knee jerk position for them, just like more spending is to the left. Like I said, same tone, different direction.

            1. Agreed. Nothing says kneejerk like Obama working infrastructure into this conversation.

              1. It’s actually pretty funny now that I think about it (not the situation as a whole, just Obama making it about infrastructure).

      2. Talk about being tone-deaf. I mean, I understand the sentiment from the right, or even the public at large to support police in times like this, but this wouldn’t be happening right now if law enforcement deeply respected everyone’s dignity. That’s just blatantly false.

        1. I listened to Limbaugh today and it was all about how the left is so terrible because they reflexively criticize the police and want to appease thugs. This is standard conservative reaction to this kind of thing.

  22. “Now is not the time to abandon our faith in the policies which have brought us to this point. In fact, let us pledge to redouble our efforts.”

  23. I just realized I personally know someone on Baltimore City Council.


    1. Did he go to Hopkins with us?

      1. Yes. I knew him fairly well although we didn’t hang out together. I knew he was involved in Baltimore politics from the get-go, just kind of forgot about it.

    2. I discovered that I know the Police Commissioner of Baltimore. I saw him on TV last night. He used to work here.

      The guy is an incredible piece of work. It’s only fitting that he’s in charge there.

      1. While Chief of the Long Beach Police Department, he had police cars driving around his mistresses and shit like that. He belongs in jail.

        1. Yes, but he belongs in Baltimore.

  24. Unmentioned was the very specific reason why the death of Freddie Gray has remained uncontroversial ?the very visible double standard police are held under. Cops, remember, started chasing Freddie Gray merely because he ran when they made eye contact with him. That was enough for them to pursue him, find an allegedly illegal knife on him, throw him in a van, and hold him in their custody while he dies. The six officers who had Gray in their custody when he died from a severe spinal injury, on the other hand, are still drawing a paycheck.

    All of your requests are easier said than done. Trust me, we’ve been trying on these things, but unfortunately the goyim decided that America’s legal system had to recognize things like “civil servant protections” or “the presumption of innocence,” and it’s also technically illegal to discriminate against government workers on the basis of race. It’s not like the private sector where you can fire someone “just because we feel like it.’

    1. It’s almost like you’re pretending to be Jewish. Are you Bo’s girlfriend?

      1. Or Playa’s wife? He loses track of her sometimes ignoring her spending what appear to be days and nights with his ‘online community.’

        1. Is that what you’re going with? You get these retarded ideas, and they really stick with you. Gamergate! Juveniles! Psychopaths! So Cons!

          Can you even think for yourself? Or do you just have collection of phrases that you repeat over and over?

          1. How much you bench, Playa?

            1. Thanks for reminding me.
              Teenage girl!
              Online community!!!

              1. The correct way to insult Playa is to discuss his adoration for Zack Morris. What a weirdo!

                1. I am Zach Morris.

                  1. I loved your work in the Zack Attack.

      2. Yeah, it’s long been one of our arguments that gay marriage shouldn’t concern anyone other than the gays. Of course it is not true, as a certain pizza restraint in Indiana recently learned. You guys are so gullible!

  25. We don’t just need any sort of politics. Clearly Baltimore has been oppressed under Republican rule. For too long the residents have suffered from a government that’s too small and doesn’t do enough for the poor. And now the local government encourages the racist Tea Party types, the Klansmen, the Constitutionalists, and libertarians to run wild in the streets, looting and burning. It’s clear that only progressive Democrats can restrain these old-fashioned racists and limited government morons and clean up this mess.

    1. And also the Black run government and police are racist.

    2. As much as I loathe and oppose them, I can at least some way respect the radical left’s (the people that are too far left to support the Democratic party and view them as little to no better than Republicans) reaction to these situations more than that of the left-wingers who will go on and on about the policies causing these situations while supporting a party that has incessantly supported those policies for decades.

      1. The problem is they just can’t think outside the two party system and they, probably correctly, see the GOP as either much worse or at least no better.

        1. I’m not talking so much about the people who don’t really like the Dems but support them as the lesser of two evils. I’m talking more about the people who wholeheartedly support them and blame the Republicans for all of these problems while ignoring everything the Democrats have done to contribute.

        2. You think that if Baltimore were controlled by Republicans, things there would be worse? In what way?

          1. For one thing, are things better in GOP controlled areas?

            1. I mean, suspicious police killings and behavior goes on in Georgia and South Carolina too. I could match you those cases for ones in Blue areas til the cows come home. So why would they think they’d get better there?

              1. I wasn’t thinking of “suspicious police killings” so much as the overall economic and social situation.

                1. OK, I give you Mississippi again.

            2. On the aggregate?

            3. You don’t hear about this shit in Arizona – not even in Sheriff Joe’s county.

              1. Jose Guerena.

                That took like half a minute.

                1. Jose Guerena was not a guy who was arrested over a minor charge on the street and then ended up mysteriously dead.

                  He was the victim of a no-knock raid that is a standard part of the WoD.

              2. I don’t know enough about Arizona to know whether that’s true, but it’s important to keep in mind that the killings are only the most extreme and egregious sort of abuse in these communities (and in the country as a whole). There would not be nearly as much anger in reaction to these instances if not for all the lesser everyday violations of rights and dignity that take place, and that stuff definitely happens in Arizona as well.

                1. Certainly that – *especially* in Sheriff Joe’s county.

                  But our street cops seem to be able to stop their brutality somewhere *before* the suspect ends up dead or crippled.

                  Contrast that with, say New Mexico’s cops – rural and urban.

            4. The issues in Baltimore are more economic than anything else. It’s a stagnating, dying city, just like Detroit.

              1. Sure. But you don’t have to be a city under a Blue mayor to be stagnating and dying economically. Take a trip through Red Mississippi for example (on second thought, don’t).

                1. Keep in mind that Baltimore not just blue, it’s frikkin’ shocking neon blue. You can’t mind your own business, you can’t start a business without regulators and inspectors and neighborhood approval. Hopkins is a classic example. They control the zoning around the Homewood campus with an iron fist.

                  No new business that’s not politically connected would even try to get started there, not unless they were insane. There are no new opportunities coming for those neighborhoods and it’s largely a result of their own doing.

                  1. I’m not arguing that Baltimore isn’t in terrible shape. I’m saying there are lots of comparable decaying places in GOP controlled territory, and since most people in both areas can’t escape the ‘two party’ mentality it’s reasonable for them to conclude they might not get any better from switching between the two.

                    What needs to happen is to have people start to think outside of those two boxes.

                    1. They aren’t comparable because the poverty is not comparable. Mississippi is poor and has always been poor. It’s not poor because of Republican policies (or lip-service toward) of limited government, low taxes, light regulation, etc.

                      On the other hand, the poverty of Baltimore is different. It used to be a much better city than it has become, and its decline is very much linked to Democratic policies: high taxes, high regulation, welfare, public sector unions. That’s why Baltimore would not be worse off under Republicans: all problems wouldn’t magically disappear, but simply lessening the burden of government could not help but improve things in the long run.

                    2. True, but that doesn’t mean Republicans are going to (or have in places like Mississippi) follow through on their rhetoric. Especially in the big cities, they tend to be little different from the Dems. And definitely no better or worse on issues like police misconduct.

                    3. Are there many big cities with Republican Mayors? As even in Mississippi the mayors of the largest city is a Dem, same for Kansas, Georgia, Texas, even Utah.

                    4. Some do get elected. Like Giuliani and Bloomberg (though Bloomberg has had just about every party affiliation possible at this point).

                  2. Shheeeeeeeeeiittttt

              2. That’s true, I view it as a combination. Middle and upper class black people also tend to be upset with the status of policing and the criminal justice system in this country, but to get the rioting you have the throw in the economic situation in these low-income areas – though of course even then it’s not like a majority of lower-class black people are rioting. My point is that there’s enough tension in many of these communities over these two issues that incidents like these can be the spark that ignites the powder keg, leading to a large enough number of people reacting in such a manner that produces rioting on this scale.

  26. Cops, remember, started chasing Freddie Gray merely because he ran when they made eye contact with him.

    Do we even know this (he RAN) for a fact verified by anything other than the police report? Did he immediately RUN, or did he merely alter course. or stop and look for a way to evade their dragnet, running when they came after him?

  27. Whatever we do don’t end the War on Drugs which would solve 95% of the problems in this country.

  28. Jobs programs… is there anything they can’t solve?

    1. Infrastructure is better. If only the looters had trains to ride!

  29. I read that Gray did not have bruises on his body, which contradicts the nickel ride theory. It’s more likely the cops broke his spine because of a restraining technique. Normally, they twist the suspect’s arm up behind their back, but this other technique has one cop twisting the guy’s hips one way while another cop twists it the other way.

    According to an autopsy, Gray died from an injury that severed his spine. There were no indications of force or bruising, police said, and they do not know when or how his spine was severed. The family has said that Gray suffered three fractured vertebrae and that his larynx was crushed. The union insisted that none of the officers did anything criminal, and it warned against a rush to judgment.…..story.html

    1. Would that crush his larynx? It sounds like the result of a choke hold to me, but IANA doctor.

      1. That’s what it sounds like to me. Specifically a “Rear naked Choke” improperly executed by a fat pig who has no proper MA training and just watches Ultimate Fighter while fondling himself every night and thinks he knows Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu now.

        1. Or you do that to someone in a moving van, and the driver takes a corner or a stop too hard, and everybody falls over, and oops! A crushed larynx and a severed spine.

    2. One cop twists the hips one way and the other cop twists the torso the other way.

    3. They don’t say where his spine was severed. If was near the larynx, a chokehold is likely. People have been paralyzed from chokeholds:…..tml#page=1

    4. Did he have any previous medical history with his spine?

      I shouldn’t have to say it, but I’m not supporting the pigs here.

    5. A severed spine with three fractured vertebrae and a crushed larynx.

      Jesus, that’s some restraining technique.

      1. Sounds like knee to the back of the neck

        1. That’s like launching yourself in the air and landing on the back of someone’s neck with your knee.

        2. Yeah. I followed the link and and found the following:

          Officers caught up with Gray, who gave up without a struggle,

          Gray asked for an inhaler

          about seven minutes after the incident began, police reported that Gray was acting “irate.” The van stopped and Gray was taken out and put on the ground.

          He was a small guy, too – 145lbs and 5’8”.

          So, a small asthmatic guy irate because he couldn’t breath taken out of the van.

          My guess, completely speculative, is that he was causing them some annoyance and they handled him exceptionally rough – knee to the neck as they’re putting the leg irons on him.

          1. He didn’t ask permission to breathe. What’s a cop supposed to do?

        3. Hat tip Playa Manhattan

    6. A crushed larynx and fractured vertebrae does sound a bit more consistent with a neck crank.

    7. There were no indications of force or bruising, police said,

      I’ll wait for a credible source, thanks.

  30. Salon goes full Black Panther

    But there is an even bigger problem. Referring to Black Lives Matter protests, as well as organic responses to police and state violence as “non-violent” or “peaceful” erases the actual climate in which these movements are acting, the militant strategies that have rendered them effective, and the long history of riots and direct action on which they are built.

    I do not advocate non-violence?particularly in a moment like the one we currently face. In the spirit and words of militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe, I believe it is crucial that we see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy.

    1. Black people are 12% of the population in a country with a history of racial strife where gun ownership is nearly universal in some areas. This guy either really really hates black people and wants them all dead or is delusional to the point of insanity. I am going to go out on a limb and say it is insanity.

      1. It is nuts. This isn’t self-defense, this is advocating wanton destruction to get attention. Problem is, the attention isn’t going to be the kind they want.

    2. I think “Tendency to justify pointless violence” is #38 on my Why I Dislike Leftists list.

      1. i’d replace “justify” with “celebrate”

        but same point, really

      2. i’d replace “justify” with “celebrate”

        but same point, really

    3. militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe

      WTF? What is this person on?

      1. It gets better.

        The political goals of rioters in Baltimore are not unclear?just as they were not unclear when poor, Black people rioted in Ferguson last fall. When the free market, real estate, the elected government, the legal system have all shown you they are not going to protect you?in fact, that they are the sources of the greatest violence you face?then political action becomes about stopping the machine that is trying to kill you, even if only for a moment, getting the boot off your neck, even if it only allows you a second of air. This is exactly what blocking off streets, disrupting white consumerism, and destroying state property are designed to do.

        Ohmigod, as a white person I just hate it when I can’t go shopping in the hood.

        This person is advocating self-destruction. He would at least be intellectually consistent if he said they should go into the rich neighborhoods and set fire to a few homes. Instead, he’s cheering them on as they destroy their own neighborhoods.

        1. The free market is oppressing them?

          In Baltimore?

          1. The free market is oppressing everyone even if it currently doesn’t exist in a given region.

            Don’t you know anything?

            1. Like progs here in SC I guess.

          2. And “real estate” is not protecting them. Huh?

        2. Looting Pampers, liquor, hair care products and scratch-off tickets will totally get the corporate boot off your neck.

          1. If only the city government wasn’t spending money on all those oversized car rims, they could take better care of their poor people!

        3. And we thought all this time that it was the cops who killed that guy, when it was capitalism that killed him.

          Oh lawdy, I’ve seen the light! Praise Jeebus!

          1. Once again, we see the evils of privatized government services.

    4. Remember how libertarians are crazy for arguing that guns should be legal for use against the state if need be? Hell, remember how conservatives like Ted Cruz are always called ‘delusional’ for arguing just such a thing?

      Weird that suddenly outright rioting and violence are okay when the right people do it.

    5. 4 Year Old Recommends Tantrum as Best Long Term Strategy

      “People sometimes dismiss wailing and flailing as needlessly distracting, but statistics show that authority figures increasingly tend to respond with sweet, sweet titty rather than spankings”

      1. That’s cause for two minute in the naughty chair.

        1. Don’t tell Stormy that

        2. The naughty chair? Sounds sexy. Tell me more.

          1. Depends on what you’re into:


            1. It maybe very erotic if you’re this guy:


              1. The chair has a 75 pound weight limit, though.

            2. I had something more like this in mind, but that can work. Like John Lennon told us, all you need is imagination.

        3. Only if you sit there with me.

      2. Is this incorporated into the heart of the SJW playbook?

        1. Ah, no, you’re confusing this with

          Whine: Advanced Tactics in Vocal Frequency Modulation to Achieve Maximum Annoyance, and Rapid Concession from Adversaries – A 12 year old Girl’s Master Class for Adult Liberals.

    6. Black power, Queer power, power to Baltimore, and to all oppressed people who know what time it is.

      Does this count as incitement to violence? I’m not sure, but writer, Benji from The Radical Faggot, is living up to the promises of the publication.

      1. Oh snap, it’s 4:20!

    7. I’m really not surprised. America has a recent history of non-violent protests that is frankly unheard of in Europe. Considering a lot of the lefts logic comes straight from over there it is not surprising they would begin to suggest bringing the violence as well.

  31. Barack Obama on Baltimore: We Need ‘Political Mobilization’ to Solve Problems
    Job training, school reform, anything but limiting police powers and privileges.

    Huh, you don’t say. Someone famously once (earlier today) said this:

    So what’s the solution? Reign in the police and hold them accountable? Hell no, the solution is for politicians to blabber on about race, do nothing, and maybe we need to raise taxes so that things are more equal.

  32. “President Obama says the “solutions” (presumably to police violence) require everyone’s participation.”

    Everyone’s participation is required.

    Unless you are for school choice in the inner city, then you can kindly fuck off.

    Unless you think raising the minimum wage eliminates jobs for people in the inner city, then piss off, because you hate the poor.

    Unless you think that excessive laws and regulations makes it harder for people to start business in the inner city, thus escaping poverty, and also empowers the police to harass people needlessly, then you are free to participate.

    If you want my participation, then my participation needs to mean more than me repeating your talking points.

    1. Only some solutions are to be considered: the ones that have failed repeatedly. Leftist politics is like medieval medicine: “The patient weakens! Bring me more leeches!”

      1. ” Leftist politics is like medieval medicine: “The patient weakens! Bring me more leeches!””


        1. In fact, those who oppose leeches in health care don’t care about the sick.

          1. Its a metaphor, len. A METAPHOR

            which reminds me of an old joke =

            “a grade-school teacher asked a student in his class, “what’s a metaphor?”

            the child ponders, then says, “For cows to graze in”

  33. Whatever the problem, the so-called solutions are always the same: more laws, more taxes, more spending, forever and ever amen.

    To imbecility…and beyond!

    1. Don’t forget global warmings role in this. We have to combat global warming.

      IOW, whatever our agenda already was, that’s the solution to the problem, no matter what the problem is.

      1. Given he worked in infrastructure, why not?

  34. This never would have happened if we had outlawed corporate inversions.

  35. “Tonight I am praying for peace & safety for all in Baltimore, & for Freddie Gray’s family – his death is a tragedy that demands answers”

    1. Quien dijo eso?

      1. Lo dijo Hillary Clinton en Tweeter durante un momento mientras no se dedicaba a recibir dinero de donadores multi-millonarios de forma subrepticia.

  36. Are you people having fun?

    1. Yeah, I mean kind of. I’d rather be hiking or something.


  37. I had a hunch someone would use Gray’s death to pimp the food desert myth, and lo and behold:…..ray-326109

    1. “efforts at urban renewal, once the great hope of activists”

      I’m no perfessor like the author but even I can do better than regurgitate the same stale platitudes I’ve been hearing all my life.

    2. You are wise in the ways of Derp!

  38. Watching the riots, I’m seeing quite a number of micro-aggressions. Who do I report them to?

  39. “saying solving the problem would require things like school reform, job training, and investment infrastructure.”

    Literally, the default progressive solution to everything. If ISIS only had cushy jobs, they wouldn’t killing people, you know.

    1. Huff actually said that…….

  40. He went on to bemoan not enough people paying attention to the issues involved (socioeconomic-related, not state violence-related), and saying solving the problem would require things like school reform, job training, and investment infrastructure.

    I guess the “It Is The Fault Of Institutional White Racism?” meme is to be placed on the drawer for now, with a black mayor and a black police chief, both Democratic, on the driver’s seat.

    1. The Left is full-on weirded-out by these riots. And one could toss the entire bullshit verbiage of their yammer shock under their collective gist called taxation. Lack of taxation and redistribution is the cause of the unrest. You can almost see this concept bouncing into living rooms like thought lasers shot passively out of that old CNN head with the bleak beady eyeballs that never move.

  41. Uprisings in black hell-holes are remarkably ineffective. Evidently it is just nearly impossible to bend the will of the political forge when totalitarian designs are threatened.

    If a motherfucking BLACK progressive president sees nothing wrong with the tyrannical clout of a Police Bill of Rights then black people are left with no choice but to collectively explore alternatives never considered in their generational muck and mire politics.

    1. “Uprisings in black hell-holes are remarkably ineffective”

      Not if you want to drive the tax-base out of your city!

      1. Are you inferring that all those rich Democrats couldn’t stand living near the black hell-holes?

        1. Infer? I hardly know her!

    2. This is why incidents like this are good for Rand Paul.

      It really shows a striking contrast between the policies that Obama is following, and what a Rand Paul administration might look like, in terms of actual measurable improvements in the lives of black people.

      What do you want more? A) Racial symbolism, B) criminal justice reform.

      1. It is an opportunity, but Paul’s comments were pretty much just standard boilerplate conservative reaction to these incidents, as I’m pretty sure he wants to avoid giving conservative Republicans the impression he’s soft on rioters.

    3. Well you know they could try, gasp, voting for Republicans (or God forbid Libertarians!!) and doing things differntly.

  42. Police Departments Have a Pre-Tailhook Mentality and That Must Change

    1. One of the biggest problems, and the reason why this shit tends to get worse, is you are typically left with two very shitty choices come election time. This was the choice for Maryland governor, for example:

      Brown: “I’m going to take your guns away and raise your taxes. Also, I’m black.”
      Hogan: “I might not raise your taxes or take your guns away.”

      Not a whole lot of room for the “repeal the LEO ‘bill of rights'” or “hold police accountable for their crimes” position in there. Local elections tend to go about the same way. It is very difficult to push for genuine reform when the two positions available are “fuck you” and “fuck you harder”.

      Another great example:

      For the Proposition: “Casinos may be built in certain places and will be taxed/regulated heavily”
      Against the Proposition: “Casinos will not be allowed to be build in the state”

      Where is the “respect property rights” position there? There’s “crony” and “nanny” but neither represents my views.

  43. Terrific!

  44. We don’t need “political mobilization.” We need more places to allow for the rioters to “destroy” stuff.

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