Common Core

Tens of Thousands of New York Students Refuse Tests

Don't worry, they're "meaningless," says Governor Cuomo


United to Counter the Core

In New York, where a full-fledged rebellion against Common Core-based standardized testing is underway, about 17 percent of students have reportedly refused the English Language Arts exam, and similar numbers for the Math exam are still flowing in. Considering that participation is technically mandatory, that's an impressive sign of grassroots resistance to both the controversial standards and the tests intended to measure progress toward their implementation.

Over 80,000 students have refused to take this week's Math exam, with just 22.5 percent of the state's school districts reporting, according to United to Counter the Core—with numbers piling up fast enough that the group's Facebook page triumph-o-graphics can't keep pace. Last week's English Language Arts Exam racked up over 191,000 refuseniks from the roughly 76 percent of districts that have reported their status.

About 1.1 million were expected to take the exam.

Pressed for a reaction to the boycott, which is fueled by allegations that Common Core is rigid and age-inappropriate, and that the tests are excessive, Governor Andrew Cuomo chose to split the difference in characteristic style, by minimizing both the importance of the schooling standards to which his state government (like most) has committed, as well as belittling objections to the same.

"My position was, the department of education had not done a good job in introducing the Common Core, and they had rushed it, so we said, for a period of five years, the test scores won't count," Cuomo told reporters. "So they can opt out if they want to, but on the other hand, if the child takes the test as practice, then the score doesn't count anyway."

"The grades are meaningless to the student," he added, not exactly shoring up the argument for committing time and effort to filling in ovals on a sheet of paper.

Former U.S. senator from New York, and current presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton went a step further last week, referring to education as a "non-family enterprise."

So… Maybe parents and students have no business raising a fuss, in her view.

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  1. Uh-oh. That wall is going to missing too many bricks.

    1. It’s not a load bearing wall anyways.

    2. Uh-oh. That wall is going to missing too many bricks.

      I see that someone didn’t need no education.

      1. Disagree! That looks absolutely par for an American education.

      2. I was never a be student.

    3. And I bet they are going to want pudding straight away.

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  2. When Cuomo said they’re meaningless, was he referring to the students, or the test?

    1. The words that were at that’s moment coming out of his mouth.

    2. The Students, Teachers and Tests, because none of them are him or his idea. The man is a malignant narcissist, never forget that.

  3. Tell the parents that spend so many evenings around the table helping their kids with homework that it’s a “non-family enterprise.”

    Honestly, she simply can’t hide what a distasteful person she is anymore.

    1. No, no, no. You misunderstand. “Non-family enterprise” means you have kids on a lease-back arrangement with the government. The hours and expense are contractually owed to the government. It’s their kid, after all.

    2. she simply can’t hide what a distasteful person she is anymore.

      This. And the hand gesturing and head-bobbing just compounds it.

      1. *compound*

        Props to paranoid android.

  4. From the facebook postings of teachers in my family are objections that teachers will be evaluated on their student test scores. They do not think it is a fair standard to hold them accountable by.

    1. Probably because they’re lousy teachers. People who don’t want to be evaluated on performance are usually the ones who are bad at their jobs.

      I honestly hate that we’re expected to treat students like saints, just because they managed to finish the easiest major in college and land a job at a school. I’ve had more bad teachers than good ones and learned most of what I know in the library, not the classroom. To me, public schoolteachers belong in the same class as soldiers and police officers: in general, both overpaid and over-appreciated.

  5. They do not think it is a fair standard to hold them accountable by

    There. All better.

  6. look at her, pretending to be a human.

    1. …and she’s so bad at it.

    2. It would be interesting to see a transcript of a “conversation” between her and Nancy Pelosi. There would probably be one actual sentence in the whole thing.

  7. Over 80,000 students have refused to take this week’s Math exam, with just 22.5 percent of the state’s school districts reporting

    Not to fret, it will be but a tittle in history once the State squelches this peasant revolt and brings peace to the shire.

  8. This destroys Hillary’s argument.

    My family moved from New York to New Jersey in 1991 (I was about two months shy of my 13th birthday at the time of this move). Throughout my time in a New York State school district we were required to take the California Achievement Tests (CATs) every year. Even states like New York, which do have a very long tradition of standardized testing are rebelling against Common Core.

    It also shows

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  10. I bet Hillary could talk for hours without actually saying a thing.

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