David Harsanyi on Hillary Clinton's Awkward Class War Rhetoric



Near the end of a recent New York Times article detailing the imaginary populist roots of Hillary Clinton—the original Elizabeth Warren, her people would have you believe—the reader crashes into an implausible scene, wherein, confronted by a chart showing the growth of real wages among income groups, Clinton, according to unnamed sources, pointed at the 1 percent in the chart and said they needed "toppling" for the betterment of the economy. Does anyone believe that Hillary was "intensely" studying a chart—one that could barely contain the lines illustrating the real-wage growth of those reviled 1 percenters (how's that for color?)—before she had a socialist epiphany? Does anyone believe that our hero had never even contemplated this well-traveled liberal talking point before coming to a realization that we must overthrow the top 1 percent to save America? In a single meeting? Using one chart? Well, even if it were true, writes David Harsanyi, it would seem a bit impetuous to him. But the story signals a continued hard left turn for the Democrats on economics.