Teen Forced to Beat Cop at Rock, Paper, Scissors to Avoid Underage Drinking Citation


Captain Jake / Vine

A Burleson County, Texas, police officer allegedly played high-stakes Rock, Paper, Scissors with an underage girl caught drinking alcohol at a music festival, Chilifest.

KBTX.com reported that the officer planned to give the girl a citation if she lost the game. She won, so the officer moved on. In this short video, the surrounding crowd can be seen erupting into cheers.

Precinct Constable Dennis Gaas does not endorse such activities, and promised that the officers involved will not work security at Chilifest next year. It's unclear whether they will suffer any other consequences. Their names were not reported.

Making someone win a game in order to avoid arrest is obviously cruel and inappropriate. But it also signals to me that even the police don't treat underage drinking very seriously. If an infraction of the law is so minor that the cops are willing to leave the enforcement of it up to chance, there's probably something wrong with that law.

Hat tip: The Huffington Post