Rand Paul

Rand Paul Just Made It Official: "I Am Running for President"

It's happening.


It's happening: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has officially declared that he is running for president in the 2016 election.

He made the announcement on his website Tuesday morning:

"I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government."

He's expected to deliver a speech announcing his candidacy in Louisville, Kentucky, at noon.

While some of Paul's recent political posturing has dismayed libertarians, he is likely to remain the most libertarian candidate in the race. Reason will continue to explore his evolving views on the issues, the extent of his popularity among libertarians and the broader electorate, and what it all means the future of the libertarian movement.

Watch a just-released video of Paul's wife, Kelley, talking him up below.

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  1. He’ll have my vote. He’s the closest thing to a libertarian with a chance at the White House.

    1. Definitely has my vote. I’m debating if he’ll get any of my money.

      1. Yeah, he’ll get some of that, too.

        1. where does this leave Gary Johnson?

          1. Depends on who is in the general for me. If it’s Bush or someone else unappealing, then I’ll vote for Johnson.

      2. Sure. It will actually make the Republican primaries interesting.

    2. He’ll have my vote, not that it will matter, as the primary is pretty much over by the time it’s our turn in Indiana.

      1. Ky is a caucus this time so that he can for senate in the primary. So that will be fun.

      2. You guys will be too busy stoning gays to notice anyway…


        1. We’re captialists, we’ll sell Marijuana to anyone. Just don’t expect us to cater.

    3. Yep, warts and all. I mean I don’t particularly like grape flavored things but I’ll chose that over a shit milkshake. Hoping he has a rally or speech in the Phoenix area, I’d happily go.

    4. He’ll have my vote, AND he’ll have my SWORD!


        1. No, no, no. Your sax. That was the joke! See the link.

          1. It’s all Mexican butt sax and circumcised gay horns with you Reasonoids, isn’t it?

            1. Don’t forget the weeeeeddddd!!

    5. California is winner-takes-all; if the Dem looks to win in the usual landslide, I’ll vote Gary Johnson. If it looks even close to being close, I’ll vote Rand Paul.

      1. There are a LOT of Republicans outside of the major cities and the Rs and Libertarians in the cities could be rallied to put up a fight if the Dem ends up being a stinker and Rand doesn’t stupidly double down on the anti-gay marriage nonsense.

    6. I’m not going to commit just yet, but he’ll probably get my vote. I can at least vote for him the VA primary.

      Depending on where he goes in the primary I may consider volunteering for the campaign.

    7. I’m in.

  2. His kids were wearing astros caps in one of those photos. He’s got my vote now.

    1. I found out recently that he’s a Steelers football fan. And is that really better than being a Cowboys fan like you’d expect of a politician from Texas?

      1. It’s weird, but there’s quite a bit of anti-cowboy sentiment all over the state. It’s like hating the yankees.

        1. They may be America’s Team, but Texans are harder to please.

      2. Ugh. Maybe I won’t vote for him now.

        1. Maybe Johnny Manziel will run.

          1. He’s got the coke habit, the oil money, the family connections, the ambiguous ethnicity, and the phony religiosity. Why wouldn’t he ruin for president?

            1. “Run” for president. “Ruin” for quarterback.

          2. He should run. He certainly can’t pass!

    2. Insert joke about knowing how to root for the loser here. Although the Lastros managed to put the ball in play and grind out a win last night. So at least 3 days with a non-losing record this year.



        1. Needs more beardless ‘staches.

          1. Remember, kids, real men have porn ‘staches, not douche tabs.

            1. The kids should remember it, because guys with porn ‘staches are all pedophiles.

              1. There’s a Denver motorcycle cop with a porn ‘stache. His first name’s Adrian, too, which is just taking the joke too far.

  3. ON ANOTHER note- does anyone feel like Ron Paul is Moses? Like he was to lead the people but then went all crazy on something so he had to wonder in the wilderness for years until Joshua could take the people into Canaan?

    It seems like a fitting analogy (If rand wins…).

    1. There is only one messiah and he’s already in the White House you racist!

      1. and Mohammed is his prophet?

    2. Ron’s tablets weren’t that great, though. THY BLACKS SHALT BE FLEET OF FOOT


    3. More like John tha baptist off in the wilderness and baptizing. He lost his head and his protoge had a few bad days, as I recall.

    4. Oh, very nice. I’m gonna browbeat a Christian with that.

  4. The Rand-Hillary “debates” will be *epic*.

    1. nobody cares about the debate. It’s all preaching to the choir. Hillary supporters might as well already declare her victory in any debates.

      1. You should see the dem primary debate writeups Sabrina Erdely has ready, about how Hillary victoriously overcame a vicious gang rape by her debate opponents and came out on top.

        1. So, pandering to midwesterners by doing cowgirl?

          1. *spit take*

        2. Well there are enough GOP candidates for a good gang rape rape.

          The worse part was when Cruz couldn’t come up with a hard hitting opening statement so he raped Hillary with the mic.

      2. We don’t even speak the same language. We can kind of understand them but they have no idea what we mean. (Property rights? What do you mean?)

    2. You’re more optimistic about Rand getting there than I.

      1. Good point. It also applies to Hillary.

    3. Like she would stoop that low. He’s not worthy of her majestic presence.

  5. It was a nice story, but I’m not a huge fan of that ad. It doesn’t say anything about his stances.

    Yes, I know that’s not because of his campaign. It’s because of what works for political ads. I hate what stuff matters to the voting public.

    1. the real question is: Did Hillary coach little league? I don’t think so.

    2. There are different kinds of ads for different purposes and occasions. I imagine he’ll have plenty of ads staking out his positions and attacking his opponents but the one linked to in the story is perfect for introducing him to the general public. Humanizing a politician is a crucial task in a campaign.

      1. Humanizing a politician is a crucial task in a campaign.

        Which is exactly what I said I hate.

      2. Humanizing a politician is a crucial task in a campaign.

        Like this?

        1. They wanted to burn her anyway.

        2. You’re not a viable candidate until you’ve been autotuned.

      3. He needs to clarify that

        (a) He’s not a good old boy living in a shack in the mountains with a pile of guns and only his old hound dog for company, NTTAWWT

        (b) Did you know he’s a physician?

        1. And the Mrs. is hot enough to impress they guys but not so hot as to alienate the women voters.

          1. This makes me think of Chuck Robb’s wife, who showed up at my home Metro stop to drum up support, and she couldn’t have been more out of place. I live in a very working-class neighborhood, with a wide range of incomes and education levels and races. And here’s Ladybird’s daughter in her red Chanel suit handing out fliers.

            I like to think he lost the election because of his dumbass wife.

  6. Does Rand pass the Libertarian Purity Test? Should we wait on those results before committing our political capital to an eye doctor, of all things?

    1. NO and NO.

  7. I don’t believe Rand Paul has a chance of getting the nomination or winning because he speaks too much common sense and would be too much of a departure from the status quo. I truly hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see…

    1. do you work for the republican establishment? It sounds like you work for the republican establishment.

      1. I said I hope I’m wrong. If Rand makes it though the primary I will happily vote for him–especially if it’s against Shrillery.

    2. It depends how popular he gets. That can create a wave that the party won’t have much choice but to acknowledge. But he has some serious obstacles to get by within the party, though I bet many like him more than they’ll let on.

      Too bad the GOP is so stuff on massive military spending and interventionism; otherwise, I think he’d be the clear frontrunner right now. People are extra tired of the status quo this time around.

      1. I hope you’re right. But in spite of what many people say most are afraid of too much change, even if it’s for the better. It’s so much safer and easier to just go with the flow. Seeing him win might restore some of my faith in humanity…

        1. We need a whole lot of change. The real sort, not the McHopey kind.

      2. Well, with Jeb being a decided “meh” among the base, I like his chances. Someone else is in, but I’ll be damned if I can remember… Oh, Ted Cruz.

      3. Rand faces two big problems: Jeb’s money machine is going to slime Rand with abandon and Cruz’s campaign is going to have greater appeal for the socon knuckleheads.

        I met Rand Paul, before he was nominated in Kentucky, and spoke with him in a setting with both conservatives and libertarians. He may not pass the Reasonoid libertarian purity test that requires unqualified approval and celebration of dopesmoking, buttsex, abortion, and unlimited immigration, and advocacy of absolute nonintervention. He is a libertarian moderate, and he is certainly no libertine.

        To me, Rand’s only negative is a dearth of executive experience. However, there hasn’t been a serious presidential candidate with stronger libertarian bona fides since Grover Cleveland. He’s also the only candidate the GOP has who has a chance of winning in the general.

  8. You know who else wanted to be in charge of everyone?

    1. Pharoah and Cecil B. DeMille?

    2. Khan Noonien Singh?

      1. Save your strength Resotras, these people swore an oath to live and die at my command 200 years before you were born.

        1. You’re going to have to do your own commenting now. Do you hear me? DO YOU?

          1. Rand/Ricardo Montalban’s Head in a Jar 2016!

            FULL POWER, DAMN YOU!


        2. Ah yes, but do they know the power of soft Corinthian leather?

      2. He tasks me! He tasks me and I shall have him! I’ll chase him round the country and round the party platform and round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!

        Prepare to alter course!

    3. MasterCard?

    4. That crazy prog lady i work with?

    5. I’m not answering because I don’t call down the wrath of the Ban Bossy enforcers.

    6. The elementary school safety patrol kid, who had the audacity to tell me when I could cross the street?

    7. Vince Lombardi?

    8. “HEAR ME, YE Angaraks, for I am Torak, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Bow before my Name and worship me with prayers and with sacrifices, for I am your God and I have dominion over all the realms of the Angaraks. And great shall be my wrath if ye displease me.”

      Only Torak didn’t want to stop with just the Angaraks, if I recall correctly.

      1. That’s KAL Torak to you, buddy.

        1. Nice.

          It’s about time for me to read the series again.

      2. Didn’t he hunt dinosaurs…? Oh wait, that was Turok.

        1. And Tuvok hunted peace. It was down in his contract as the only personality he was allowed to have.

    9. Viserys Targaryen?

      1. I think he mainly felt entitled to the position. He wanted the stature and the throne but wasn’t especially or uniquely autocratic. His sister, though… she definitely has a streak of bureaucratic autocracy in her.

        1. Is that what the kids are calling balls these days?

    10. Our father, who art in heaven?

    11. Kaptious Kristen?

      1. I welcome our Kaptious Overlords!

  9. I like both Rand and Walker. Will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

    Re: debates with Hillary = If he makes it that far, they will be epic.

    1. Not according to Spencer.

      1. “Not according to Spencer.”

        This will be on my tombstone… well, urn.

    2. Walker is big-time drug warrior who wants to expand drug testing to welfare recipients. For that reason alone I can never vote for him.

      1. I don’t think the time is right for Walker – that will come after the debt apocalypse.

  10. This has me all excited- like a school girl. I don’t know why. I know, rationally, that it doesn’t matter and nothing really will change- if he even gets out of the primaries. I’m only setting myself up for a grand and glorious nut punch. However… let’s skip ahead…

    Running mates?

    Justin Amash? Mia Love? Michelle Park Steel? Nikki Haley? I think an Asian is a good way to go, politically speaking.

    1. I thought we had agreed on Joe Biden.

    2. Bobby Jindal. He would solidify the base. He would also drive the left completely and utterly insane. They would spend the entire election going after Jindal and forget that no one gives a shit about the VP candidate or votes based on it. All a VP candidate does is get people in your part who might be worried your nominee is not one of them and convinces them he is. That is it.

      1. Jindal is a nut. VPs can lose a race. “One heartbeat away”…

        1. No they can’t. Quale didn’t lose it for Bush. Palin didn’t lose it for McCain. The “heartbeat away” is just bullshit the media tells itself so it can pretend the VP candidate is a good story.

          And Jindal has been a very good governor. And he is a Rhodes scholar. Libertarians hate him, but who cares. If they won’t vote for Paul, they won’t vote for anyone.

          1. Palin didn’t lose it for McCain, but her choice solidified that McCain was insane.

            Jindal also participated in exorcisms. And he’s from Louisiana- which isn’t a state anyone needs to win.

            1. “Jindal also participated in exorcisms.”

              And Hillary talked to Eleanor Roosevelt and Mohandas Gandhi.


        2. “VPs can lose a race. “One heartbeat away”..”

          Just ask Sarah.

          1. Palin was about .000000001% of why McCain lost. Not that I think he had a chance but stopping his campaign to run back to Washington to spend billions bailing out the banks cost him the election more than anything. Other than he’s a complete fruit loop.

            1. No kidding. Palin was the only reason he didn’t concede his crushing defeat on Nov 3. The base loved her, they went along with him just to say hi to Palin.

      2. Sarah Palin?

        1. Can you imagine the heads that would explode? It would almost be worth it.

          1. half the country would spontaneously combust.

          2. No, and I don’t want to. Rand shouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot clown pole. I was bringing up an example of a VP candidate that hurt the campaign.

      3. Yeah, I’m a hard no on Jindal. But if Paul get’s the nod on some miracle, I think it would be a good idea to look for a gov. as a running mate.

      4. Paul is one of the few winners when polled against Hillary because he causes Dems to stay home, steals Dems and brings the Independents. He is the only Team Red candidate who can do this.

        A Jindal VP would destroy all of those things. Team Red does not have the numbers to beat Blue head to head the way this is shaping up.

    3. I’ve long said it should be Mike Lee.

      1. Should be in a sane world. However if Hil wins the D card, I think it would be smarter to go with Nikki Haley as she neutralizes the s word somewhat.

        1. Like Truman said, you can’t put conservative a real conservative. The people that are going to vote for Clinton for the reasons your likely thinking are no more likely to change that because of a woman on the ticket as Veep.

          1. Then whats your pick? You said amash but than you dismissed lynchpin when he said the same thing. It’s almost like your being a contrarian for the sake of it.

            1. Oh fuck I’m an idiot.

              1. knowing is half the battle.

                1. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

          2. For some reason beyond my realm of understanding I swear to god I thought your post said you liked Amash. For that I apologize.

        2. that’s why I think Nikki Haley would be a great choice.

          1. She is attractive and Southern.

      2. You mean Mike Lee who is currently under investigation (with Harry Reid) for kickbacks involving online gambling?

        You think a Senator from Utah draws that much water?

    4. If he picks Amash, that would be awesome. I like Amash more than I like Rand.

      1. It makes ideological sense, but not political sense, to pick Amash. Anyone who’d be pleased by that pick is likely already for Paul.

        1. this.

    5. Condi Rice, she’s everything Hillary isn’t.

      1. Isn’t she tainted by being part of the Bush era mess?

        1. Negated by Hillary’s support for the Iraq War. Rice is one of the smartest persons to have ever served as Secretary of State, is a great story of individual success (contrasted with Hillary relying entirely on Bill to get anywhere) and checks off the minority and gender boxes.

          1. First question- “how do you feel about the fact that you checked off all the minority and gender boxes?”


          2. Always had a soft spot for condi.

            1. Just because you don’t find her attractive, that’s no reason to…

            2. That being said she’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t want to get back into politics so I doubt she’d be interested. But who knows?

      2. Not her. First question to her would be about Paul’s CRA comments.

      3. I’m not even sure she’s a Republican.

    6. I’ll put my money down for it being a relative unknown minority. And if it’s Hilary, it’ll be a woman. Think Martha McSally. I wouldn’t rule out Mia Love as making the short list.

      1. And the Paul campaign will think long and hard before picking a white guy who isn’t even more down-home, corn-pone than Rand. He’d have to be smashing his opponent in the polls before I’d see him selecting a white male VP.

    7. Paul Ryan ?
      Mostly to have fun with names.
      But also to add an establishment republican who isn’t an idiot (not that I have a citation for that.)

  11. She said she “blew him off”

  12. He’s no Lizzie Warren.

    Thank goodness.

  13. Hmm. The last freshman senator elected President worked out so well, we should do it again.

    1. For that reason there is some legitimate question about his competency as an executive. But there is no question that the man’s worldview is far more promising than that last freshman senator.

      1. I would ideally prefer someone with executive experience. But at least Rand had a successful career in a demanding field. Pretty sure you can’t fake competence as an eye surgeon. It’s not clear Obama was ever good at anything, except running for political office. And tricking idiots like Oprah into buying his snake oil.

    2. The last freshman senator elected President was (is) a progressive moron who had zero new ideas beyond the standard warmed-over socialist claptrap.

    3. Name the fallacy. Anyone?

      1. Retardation?

  14. While some of Paul’s recent political posturing has dismayed libertarians, he is likely to remain the most libertarian candidate in the race

    Errrmmm…other than the LP candidate (which will hopefully be Gary Johnson again)? Or did you mean in the Republican race?

    1. I think he meant the actual race, not the consolation heat.

      I’ve voted LP in the past and will do so in the future, but we all know what Gary Johnson’s chances are.

      1. He didn’t say “most libertarian candidate who has a shot at winning”. Words mean things. The LP candidate will likely be on the ballot in all 50 states.

        1. Burn!

  15. If there’s still any chance when my primary roles around, I just might have to register GOP for the first time, God help me.

    1. I was thinking the same thing.

  16. I love that the media is all over Jeb Bush calling himself Hispanic.

    You mean like Lizzie Warren calling herself Injun?

    1. You don’t think Bush could find that he’s at least 1/16th Spanish? We need to see a birth certificate.

    2. I don’t get how she claims to be injun, she doesn’t have red skin

      1. High cheekbones.

      2. It’s the high cheekbones that are the give away.

        “No, as I said, these are my family stories. I have lived in a family that has talked about Native Americans, talked about tribes since I had been a little girl,” she said. “I still have a picture on my mantel and it is a picture my mother had before that – a picture of my grandfather. And my Aunt Bea has walked by that picture at least a 1,000 times remarked that he – her father, my Papaw — had high cheek bones like all of the Indians do. Because that is how she saw it and your mother got those same great cheek bones and I didn’t. She that thought was the bad deal she had gotten in life.”

        1. -the future Walter Mondale.

        2. I have lived in a family that has talked about Native Americans, talked about tribes since I had been a little girl,

          My goodness! Growing up in Oklohoma hearing stories about native americans makes one native american?!? John, what tribe are you in?

          Being 1/64th native american, I can’t help but sneer at Warren over her attempt to claim minority status. Having native american ancestors in the 19th century was not the impediment that having black ancestors in the 20th was. Shit, my great grandma married a respected judge!

        3. “I have lived in a family that has talked about Native Americans, talked about tribes since I had been a little girl.”

          And *I* have lived in a family that has talked about Thunder Lizards, talked about dinosaurs since I had been a little boy. That doesn’t make me a Velociraptor.

        4. How deliciously racist.

          “Grandpappy had high cheekbones. That must mean he was at least part Indian.”

    3. Speaking of which, there’s your ethnic VP candidate! jk

  17. And if Paul did get the nomination, I’d still hold out hope for a Rand – Hillary – Gary Johnson debate. Hell, throw in the Green Party candidate, too. That would be epic.

    1. I’m wondering if Johnson would/could work as an attack dog for Rand. I know it’s not how it SHOULD work- but if they were on the same stage if Johnson could be the one that would tear Hillary apart and rand could remain above the fight.

      I would pay money to see that.

  18. Heresey! I’m apathetic about Paul.

  19. Rand Paul’s campaign store features unconventional items such as the ‘NSA Spy Cam Blocker,’ eye charts, autographed pocket Constitutions and ‘Rand on a Stick’


    1. The flip flops don’t bode well

      1. “These are the only flip-flops my campaign will make!”

        1. Nice.

  20. I won’t be supporting Paul:

    1) {Standard Anarchist boilerplate against voting for people}

    2) Rand Paul in the Senate has a lifelong tenure and a chance to rein in and significantly curb executive excesses

    3) Rand Paul in oval office will likely be a 1 term president who is sabotaged and run amock at every turn by the civil service.

    1. 3) Rand Paul in oval office will likely be a 1 term president who is sabotaged and run amock at every turn by the civil service.

      Four years of the federal government getting nothing done? I’ll take it!

    2. 1. Same

      2. Agree 100%

      3. I don’t think he has a chance of being elected in the first place. He is going to get brutally beaten over the head with mischaracterizations of his stand on the CRA. Race baiting still works quite well in this country and their are too many “independents” that won’t want their proggressive neighbors to call them racists. Hillary or any Dem gets 47% of the vote. It only takes a small percentage of white guilt voters and he’s done.

      1. *and no I don’t want to hear about the misused “their” damnit

        1. Ewe spelled “there” wrong.

          1. Eye sea what ewe did their

  21. The number of Rand threads is going to cause Hihn a major heart attack in about 6 hours when he starts raping them.


  22. I’m in.

    This would be a good time for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity to close its doors for good.

    1. Yes, that would be good.

  23. I’ll probably vote for Gary’s johnson, but we’ll see.

  24. he is likely to remain the most libertarian candidate in the race

    Why doesn’t Reason post 2,000 blogs about the “most libertarian” candidate in the Democratic Party’s race?

    I mean, whenever you have a group of people, one of them has got to be the “most libertarian”, right?

    1. Maybe if Jared Polis or Ron Wyden ran. It’s not like Reason is averse to liberaltarian stories.

    2. Look at who is paying the bills.

      1. Well we know who is not paying theirs.

    3. They probably will, if one shows up.

    4. Who do Millenials think is the most libertarian candidate?

  25. Run Paul Run!

  26. What do Gawker readers think?

    First Comment!

    “I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government,”

    Except when it comes to reproductive rights, gay marriage, birth control, government surveillance, and police brutality and corruption.

    1. Another good one:

      Well, he’s a libertarian at heart, and a lot of the tech assholes in Silicon Valley, San Franscico, and elsewhere embrace that free-wheeling, dog-eat-dog brand of libertarianism. You know, “let me smoke my weed, but I don’t want to pay fucking taxes!”

      So, yes, there is a certain appeal that he has with millenials who are total fuckwads.

      1. The problem with most of the millenials is that thanks to the current administration, they are still living at home and so they don’t have any clue about paying taxes. Once they get employed, they will suddenly become enlightened about that.

      2. Yeah, people who don’t want to be deprived of what they’ve earned by the threat of force are total fuckwads.

        What a fuckwad.

      3. Well, he’s a libertarian at heart, and a lot of the techcorporate finance assholes in Silicon Valley, San FranscicoLos Angeles, and elsewhere embrace that free-wheeling, dog-eat-dog brand of libertarianism. You know, “let me smokeeat my weed, but I don’t want to pay fucking taxes!”

        So, yes, there is a certain appeal that he has with millenials who are total fuckwads.

        Guy pretty much nailed me.

    2. government surveillance, and police brutality and corruption.

      So Gawker commenters are just plain stupid and factually challenged, aside from any political leanings. Same person will probably enthusiastically vote for pro-surveillance Democrats like Obama, Feinstein, and Clinton.

    3. Someone was dropped on their head at birth.

    4. My god, the stupid is staggering.

  27. What happened with that law about not being able to run for Senate and President at the same time in Kentucky? Is that resolved, or does this mean he’s not running for Senate now?

    1. I’m not real clear on that, but I thought I just read a post that seemed to indicate that Rand will be able to run for Senate also.

      1. I think he and Mitch managed to change the Kentucky election system to a caucus system.

        1. No matter what you think of Turtlehead, he’s a good ally for Rand to have right now.

          1. Yeah. When he endorsed Mitch a lot of us felt betrayed. But if political expediency gets someone with libertarian leanings in the white house… well I can learn to forgive.

          2. Is that the Chinese meaning of Turtlehead? Well, Turtlehead can suck my turtle head.

        2. That only works for the primary. What happens if he gets both nominations and then has to choose one or the other for the general election?

  28. If Rand wins the nomination, he has to switch gears a little and speak more of a libertarian message. He only needs the SoCons to win the primary. Once he has the nomination, the SoCons are a lock. What are they going to do, vote for Hillary?

    In the general Rand needs to make sure to get the youth, the libertarians, and the dem crossovers to get out and vote to get the win.

    One of the most terrifying things for Hillary has to be, if she is smart enough to realize this could happen, is that some of the liberal media might turn on her and support Rand. We’ve already seen signs that this could happen.

    If it’s Rand vs Hillary, Rand will win. If it’s Jeb, the old bag will win. Are you listening, Stupid Party?

    1. “Once he has the nomination, the SoCons are a lock. What are they going to do, vote for Hillary?”

      No they won’t vote for Hillary. But a large part of the party might just not vote like the ones who didn’t get out and vote for Romney.

      Regardless of what you think about Romney he would have been better for the country than what we have.

      You could damn sure bet that the economy wouldn’t still be stuck in neutral after all these years. I doubt also our foreign policy would be in a complete shambles where we are fighting someone in one place and then fighting against them a few hundred miles away.

      1. Regardless of what you think about Romney he would have been better for the country than what we have.

        The only Republican governor to ban guns, and the author of Romneycare. Seriously?

        1. “The only Republican governor to ban guns, and the author of Romneycare. Seriously?”

          And you prefer Obama ?

          Seriously ?

          1. Romney would have been good for the Libertarians. He would have turned the Republicans into Democrats.

          2. you are a moron if you think there is any difference in executive policy between a team red insider and a team blue insider.

            what exactly has the big difference been between bush and obama? these guys are figureheads.

  29. Rand Paul Just Made It Official: “I Am Running for President”

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

    Pick Nikki Haley as a running mate. It should cover all the identity politics bs you will encounter.

    1. Pick Nikki Haley as a running mate


      1. Honestly, I don’t know much about her other than being governor. She has exec. experience. She was the first name that popped into my head that would cover the necessary identity grounds (race/gender) so as to make prog. heads explode (I hope). I’m willing to entertain other suggestions.

        1. Not to mention you’d have the whole first names as last names thing going.

  30. On a serious note (from the Rand Paul e-mail that just went out to supporters):

    “And with your support here’s my plan to defeat the Washington machine and unleash the American Dream:

    1) Term limits to get rid of the career politicians.
    2) Require Congress to read legislation before they actually vote on it – read the bills!
    3) Audit the Fed – we deserve to know what’s happening with our money.
    4) Pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution -no more adding trillions in debt – time to pay it down.
    5) Boldly overhaul the tax code – no more loopholes for the biggest corporations with the best lobbyists – give workers a tax cut.
    6) Stop Common Core – school choice is the way forward.

    And on and on and on.”

    1. Well, there’s probably nothing in that list that both conservatives and libertarian will be against.

    2. Laughable. Newt Gingrich proposed basically the same in 1994. This is your revolutionary. Hahaha… What a joke!

      1. american socialist|4.7.15 @ 12:25PM|#
        “Laughable. Newt Gingrich proposed basically the same in 1994. This is your revolutionary. Hahaha… What a joke!”

        And you propose what Lenin did in 1917! Hahaha! What a joke.
        Fuck off, asshole.

    3. How exactly would #2 be enforced?

      1. Clockwork Orange style.

  31. He’s a Duke grad elected in Kentucky, can winning the GOP nomination really be tougher?

    1. The thing that some don’t realize about Rand, is that while the establishment may not like him, he at least has Turtlehead locked up to support him. He was very smart to do that.

      The biggest difference between Ron and Rand is that Rand is a smart politician.

  32. Anyone watching this live? This is so weird.

    1. I am. He’s announcing from the Galt House Hotel. Heh.

      1. Yeah 🙂

        Though that hotel was around before Ayn Rand was.

        The country singing anti-wall street beginning, followed by two minority announcers praying, and now it seems like he has a young blind girl singing the national anthem. I am just… this is bizarre.

        1. i cant look away, though.

          1. Now he’s got a Hispanic man talking about his Guatemala eye surgery work. He KNOWS he needs a decent chunk of the minority vote.

            This dude is talking about diversity, broad tents, etc etc.

            1. NOW A WOMAN.

              Rand is going to be the only old white man on stage this morning.

            2. This groupie’s cute

  33. Poor Rand has absolutely no idea what he’s in for.

    If it ever at any point looks like he could possibly win, he’s going to get Buttplugged by his Weigelian “friends” here at Reason so hard that by the time January rolls around many of us will think he’s just about the worst person in the world.

    1. Maybe they don’t want any more donations.

    2. “Poor Rand has absolutely no idea what he’s in for”

      After watching what was done to his father I would imagine he has a better idea than you as to what he faces.

      1. He also had a realistic outlook about his dad’s chances in each of those elections. That’s one of the reasons I think he’s more credible than his dad as a candidate…he’s not in the election to “inform”, he’s in the election to try and win.

  34. You guys are missing the REAL news:

    Almanian For President – 2016
    I Probably Won’t Make It Any Worse

    I’d consider Rand Paul as my VP candidate.

    1. I will vote for you if you pick Bo as VP. I like popcorn.

    2. Not positive enough:
      ” I GUARANDAMNTEE I won’t make it any worse!”

    3. Hmm, what’s your platform, again?

  35. I think Rand Paul is likely to win.

    The reason is that the Republican establishment basically has three choices:
    1) Unelectable establishment guy (Jeb Bush)
    2) Insane Tea Party candidate (Ted Cruz)
    3) Sensible Libertarian (Rand Paul)

    They aren’t going to go for the insane Tea Party candidate, because that would be worse than Paul. And they aren’t going to pick Unelectable either. Which means their only real option is Paul.

    1. Walker?

    2. I think when the establishment realizes those choices, they’ll put everything they got behind Scott Walker.

    3. This country elected GW Bush and B Obama twice, each. On PURPOSE.

      I’m not so sure Rand Paul makes it to the finals….much less WINS.

      1. Agorism will become a philosophy of survival. =)

  36. YAY! Can anyone tell me where the Bay Area meetup is? I like hanging out with kooks and neo-confederates. Nathan Bedford Forrest, you are my hero.

    Just so I know: what does this announcement have to do with libertarianism?

    1. Go to the piers.

      Walk about 50 miles past the pier.

      1. And if you hit the 50 miles, you’ve gone too far out to turn back. Just keep swimming until you hit the other side. I’m sure you’ll make it.

        1. Exactly. We’ll just be seasteading out there.

  37. I’m quaking in my boots waiting for rand paul to get… oh…About 10% of the vote in the first primary, drop out, and then for commentators here to argue strenuously that it is vital that we elect walker/Christie over whatever fiend the Democrats nominate. You know… For liberty or whatever.

    1. Well, you’ll be sadly disappointed.
      Shitstain ‘team players’ like you pull that crap and we laugh at you as a result.
      Oh, and fuck off.

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