Rand Paul

Brian Doherty Talking Rand Paul with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC, 10 pm Eastern Tonight


Did you know that Sen. Rand Paul is running for president? For reals, guys!

And tonight, the viewers of MSNBC will learn all about it, from me and, I'm told, Steve Schmidt and Howard Dean, on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

Live TV news and commentary might, can, and sometimes shall, change without notice, but that's the current plan. If I blink thrice in quick succession, that's a special message to you, dear Hit and Run reader.

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  1. Oh, my. I’ll have to think about this. I mean, it’s Lawrence O’Donnell who will be doing some of the talking.

    1. ITS A TRAP

  2. Doherty on O’Donnell at MSNBC is like Daniel in the lion’s den.

    Is it pre-taped?

    If not, and things get really bad, if you just start yelling “Fuck off, slaver!”, the whole nightmare will probably end.

    1. Once. Just once I’d like to see a political talking head pull a Ned Braden when they are finally fed up with a panel full of idiots.


      1. Greatest sports movie evar!

      2. I’d much rather see this happen to a talking political head on television. Really, any of them will do.

        1. +1000 brains

        2. Could The Jacket protect Gillespie from Scanners?

          1. Ima go with…yes. Yes it can.

        3. Maybe any of them would do, but I can certainly make a list of preferences.

  3. If I blink thrice in quick succession, that’s a special message to you, dear Hit and Run reader.

    Tomorrow’s lede on O’Donnell: Rand Paul supporter knowing lying about Paul’s positions on our program. Proves Paul is not to be trusted.


  4. Howard Dean and Lawrence O’Donnell? Might as well go to a CPUSA panel…
    Oh wait…

    1. Every Dem candidate since 1988? I did not know this, but it comes as zero surprise. Every one of them would gladly implement a full blown communist America without hesitation given the opportunity.

      1. And that means that any libertarians who says something nice about Clinton or Obama is supporting the Communist-backed candidate.

        1. No, I don’t think that is what it means.

          “Al Gore sure makes interesting fiction movies, but I don’t think we want him running our country.”

          “Mike Dukakis looks cool driving a tank, but do you want him tanking the economy?”

          “Bubba…our first black president. Our country should be so proud, as should the CPUSA!”

          John Kerry, war hero. He fought the commies in Vietnam tooth and nail. A true American hero. Fought them so successfully that he won them over to his side.”

          “Obumbles….he…uh….well, he……fought them so hard he became on of them? No wait, he didn’t fight them….he did all that good stuff….and stuff….or something. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, have a very good evening.”

  5. Is this the ultimate libertarian film?


      Well thanks to the singularity we won’t need to eat, sleep or drink so I guess that leaves DOPE.

    2. Night Of The Comet is the best libertarian film of all time.

      1. “Night Of The Comet is the best libertarian film of all time.”


        1. Don’t you ever get over to Fort Worth?

          1. Honestly…no. Though I did think of you the other day, as on 5/23 we’ll be going to the Rahr Brewery over in your neck of the woods.

            For reals, I did think of you, and that I should get out that way. There’s just so much beer here, that I never make it very far.

            1. I’ve been tasked with cleaning up the mess in south Texas that one of our sales guys made. So instead of being in Cisco once in a while and mostly around DFW, I’ve been given Brownsville to Corpus to Ft Worth to Abeline…and a checkbook.

              Lots of Hilton HHonors points. Not a lot of home time.

              1. Jesus man, that’s a lot of territory. Well let me know when you’re going to be home for some extended period, I don’t want to intrude on what little together time you and the missus get.

                1. I will, man. And if we’re going up to Ikea, I’ll let you know and we’ll drop in.

          2. You live in Oklahoma now?

            1. South Oklahoma. But I travel to Texas every week for work.

    3. Ultimate libertarian film is a toughie. Partially because so many great would-be libertarian films have never been made. (See the whole Heinlein back catalog for good examples).

      I think the original Rollerball comes pretty close.

      It’s hard to think of a movie that more clearly champions the individual against the collective.

      The one world government/ centrally planned corporations of the world mastermind a showcase to emphasize the total futility of individual desire and action, but when confronted with total futility in that world wide broadcast, an individual stands up for himself and humiliates the collective.

      Not for patriotism nor love nor friendship nor morality–he just does it to stand up for himself as an individual. I can’t think of a more libertarian film off the top of my head.

      ***Trigger alert***

      Collectivists may find the glorification of the individual frightening and the implication that they might be responsible for the emptiness in their own lives personally threatening.


      1. It’s hard to think of a movie that more clearly champions the individual against the collective

        It’s not even the best sports movie for that. Caddyshack is.

        1. Caddyshack is about class envy and makes wealthy people look like jackasses.


          But Ted Knight is clearly the funniest guy in that movie.

          1. I know. I was just kidding.

            Everything about that movie was great except the actress playing Maggie. She was so fucking awful.

          2. And isn’t Rollerball about the Evil Corporations?

            1. It’s about crony capitalism morphing into one world government. The government centrally plans the economy, controls prices, production, etc. And government officials can take your wife away if they want her for themselves.

              The rollerball game itself can be seen as a metaphor for the free market/free society. They keep eliminating the rules (deregulating the market) to show the world what it’s like when there isn’t centrally planning government there to regulate, make the rules, and enforce them.

              The players are all supposed to pointlessly kill each other off under those circumstances–and no one is supposed to win. It’s Somalia, don’t you know!

              But one guy does win.

              When you see him score at the end, the score is 1. And his name on the scoreboard is the only one with lights next to it because he’s the only one left alive.

              The central theme is a lot like Gattaca. Except unlike Gattaca, it isn’t boring as hell.

              1. Oh, what a joy he must have been…

                By contrast, Vincent Canby was unimpressed, and his review sneered:[8]

                “All science-fiction can be roughly divided into two types of nightmares. In the first the world has gone through a nuclear holocaust and civilization has reverted to a neo-Stone Age. In the second, of which ‘Rollerball’ is an elaborate and very silly example, all of mankind’s problems have been solved but at the terrible price of individual freedom….The only way science-fiction of this sort makes sense is as a comment on the society for which it’s intended, and the only way ‘Rollerball’ would have made sense is a satire of our national preoccupation with televised professional sports, particularly weekend football. Yet ‘Rollerball’ isn’t a satire. It’s not funny at all and, not being funny, it becomes, instead, frivolous.”

                1. Canby was an enthusiastic supporter of many filmmakers, notably Woody Allen, who credited Canby’s rave review of Take The Money and Run as a crucial point in his career.[5] He was also heavily critical of some otherwise acclaimed films, such as Rocky, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Patton, Night of the Living Dead, Once Upon a Time in America, After Hours, Blazing Saddles, A Christmas Story, Witness, Mask, The Natural, Rain Man, The Exorcist, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,[6] Deliverance, The Godfather Part II and Alien.

                  He did like the original Star Wars though:
                  Vincent Canby of The New York Times called the film “the movie that’s going to entertain a lot of contemporary folk who have a soft spot for the virtually ritualized manners of comic-book adventure” and “the most elaborate, most expensive, most beautiful movie serial ever made.”

                  1. Give the man credit for panning The Natural at least. That piece of shit deserves it.

              2. Not even an honorable mention for Serenity? I am disappoint.

                1. How that movie was made by uber-prog Joss Whedon is one of the great mysteries of our time.

                  I know a libertarian was involved in the making, but it’s astonishing Whedon even had a part in that.

                  1. I know a libertarian was involved in the making, but it’s astonishing Whedon even had a part in that.
                    Are you referring to Tim Minear? I recall you mused that he might be one since his political views are not in the open which implies that he is not a prog.

                  2. Well Orwell was a socialist and look what he did. Maybe it simply takes one to properly illuminate the flaws even unknowingly.

                    And who was the libertarian? Minnear? Tell me it was Edlund! Please, tell me it was Edlund!!

                    1. Minear.

                      Joss is more center-left, and I’m more center-right. I’m more of a libertarian. Joss would tell me that his sympathies were often with the Alliance?universal health care and that sort of thing. But when you’re doing a Western like Firefly, the drama is really with the iconoclast?I don’t want to say a libertarian with a big L, but you know, the guy who’s out there searching for his own freedom. So, I don’t know that Joss was particularly making a libertarian statement, but I know from what I’ve read on the web that a lot of Libertarians embrace Firefly in particular as a libertarian ideal.

                    2. Ah so you found proof after all…

                    3. Well Orwell was a socialist and look what he did. Maybe it simply takes one to properly illuminate the flaws even unknowingly.

                      Your read on Orwell is wrong. He didn’t unknowingly illuminate anything, Orwell was a democratic socialist so his attacks on totalitarian socialism were actually the result of his coming into contact with Communists in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War and the Communists basically murdered all his friends.

                      “No one who was in Spain during the months when people still believed in the revolution will ever forget that strange and moving experience. It has left something behind that no dictatorship, not even Franco’s, will be able to efface.”[28] Christopher Hitchens: “The narrative core of Homage to Catalonia, it might be argued, is a series of events that occurred in and around the Barcelona telephone exchange in early May 1937. Orwell was a witness to these events, by the relative accident of his having signed up with the militia of the anti-Stalinist POUM upon arriving in Spain … he became convinced that he had been the spectator of a full-blown Stalinist putsch … Moreover, he came to understand that much of the talk about discipline and unity was a rhetorical shield for the covert Stalinization of the Spanish Republic.”

                      Orwell supported ‘socially liberal’ socialism in the face of the autocratic sort.

                    4. No, I understand that Orwell knew what he was doing. I meant it more in the case of Whedon.

                    5. Orwell? Nobody hates phony leftists like a true believer.

                      It worked that way in the ’60s, too. Nobody hated liberals more than the New Left.

                      The New Left came to use the word ‘liberal’ as a political epithet”.[36] Historian Richard Ellis (1998) says that the SDS’s search for their own identity “increasingly meant rejecting, even demonizing, liberalism.”[37] As Wolfe (2010) notes, “no one hated liberals more than leftists”.[38]

                      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Left #United_States

                      It works that way on the other side of the equation, too. The Progressives don’t hate libertarians as much as the Republican establishment hates libertarians.

                      Exhibit 1:


                      From your friendly neighborhood establishment GOP.

                2. We’re not here to give trophies to every second place finisher. This isn’t Little League with snacks and juice boxes. This is serious fucking business. No honorable mention to Serenity. No honorable mention to Rollerball. I’m not even giving honorable mention to Starship Troopers, mainly because I needed to see Denise Richards tits more than those pancakes Dina Meyer was sporting. No. Only,first,place gets a mention.

                  And that’s Night Of The Comet!

                  /end rant

                  1. I’m not even giving honorable mention to Starship Troopers, mainly because I needed to see Denise Richards tits more than those pancakes Dina Meyer was sporting.

                    I acknowledge Dina Meyer was flat chested, but I saw that movie when I was like 10 so they were among the first tits I ever saw and therefore are deserving of a bit more respect.

                  2. No movie with Chakotay(sp?) can be libertarian. You lose, but you do get a participation ribbon for selecting something from the 80’s.

                    1. I already said there are no particip….

                      Ooh, thanks!

                    2. Actually, I take it all back. The winner is: A Boy and His Dog. And fuck you all.

                3. It has to be both libertarian and a great movie.

                  I liked the message in Serenity.

                  It was libertarian. It wasn’t a great movie.

                  1. For that you get fed to the dog.

                4. You are disappoint, or are you a leaf on the wind?

          3. Caddyshack is about class envy and makes wealthy people look like jackasses.

            Aren’t both Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase super rich in that movie? I believe they’re actually wealthier than the the rich jackass judge. After all, he’s just a judge whereas Dangerfield is rich from his own business, I believe.

            I don’t see how that’s anti-libertarian. Isn’t the message ‘If you’re rich don’t be an asshole and people rich from their own endeavors are superior to those who just inherit and skate by?’

            1. Dangerfield and Chase are the rich who side with the poor.

              Limousine liberals are okay, doncha know.

          4. This short 1984 parody film has a pretty libertarian spin to it. worth the 10mins

            1. Pretty clever. I almost gave up like Big Bro. Glad I made it to the end.

      2. Carradine was better in Death Race: 2000, IMO. Which could also be considered anti-collective and anti-authoritarian.

        1. And somewhat critical of doctors.

      3. So what about the Battleship Potemkin? It’s openly collectivist and while it is supposed to be anti-authoritarian it is Stalinist Propaganda.

    4. Vanishing Point

  6. “If I blink thrice in quick succession, that’s a special message to you, dear Hit and Run reader.”

    “If you think they’re onto you, give us the signal

  7. Good to know David Hyde Pierce is still getting work.

    1. I was just about to mention something along those lines, but got sidetracked.

      Good call, Quincy

      1. Me three.

        Will there be a post show coffee get-together at Cafe Derposa?

    2. This is what happens when you don’t do Hellboy 2.

  8. Lawrence O’Donnell?

    I smell a derp ambush.

  9. The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit


    Sample dialogue from another one of his videos:
    Predicted shadow ship (UFO) increase by hundreds up to eclipse

    There were chemtrails all over the moon. They were laying them directly over the moon, which tells you they didn’t want us getting a clear shot at the moon, probably don’t want me getting a clear shot at the moon

    1. *Buzz Aldrin clenches fist, loses sympathy for retards.*

  10. Well at least we can’t fault him for playing a weak team for the season opener.

    1. Does he play for the Cleveland Browns?

  11. OT: university in my general part of the country has a “Integrity in Public Service” lecture series.

    Guess who this year’s speaker is: http://tinyurl.com/kczkqom

    1. Damn, I guessed David Hasselhoff.

    2. I though New York mayors melt when surounded by too many gun-toting citizens?

    3. lol

      even bloomberg would be classier than that guy. Bloomberg didn’t do any damage before he took office (rather, his business was supplying millions to NYC tax coffers) De Blasio was a decades-long serial scumbag, doing everything possible to fight any cuts to city spending on crony unions.

      Who was his mentor in local politics? Charlie Rangel. For these people, the only purpose of “public service” is being the bag man for their cronies.

      1. “For these people, the only purpose of “public service” is being the bag man for their cronies.”

        You really aren’t narrowing things down very much. ‘These people’ could easily mean the entirety of the political class.

  12. i can’t believe that attack ad the establishment/neocons are running in Iowa about Rand Paul and Iran.

    They’re worse than Obama.

  13. Congratulations on an excellent appearance, Mr. Doherty.

    The comment about how some of the Republican establishment jackholes wouldn’t be happy unless Rand Paul promised to bomb Iran regardless of any deal was especially good.

    I’m paraphrasing, of course. You didn’t use the world “jackhole”.

    But it would have been awesome if you did!

    1. I didn’t watch. By your report I take it JJ’s Scanners fantasy didn’t come to pass.

      Fuck. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

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