Georgia Lawmakers Say Strip Clubs Cause Men to Rape Children So Club Owners Must Pay for State's Fight Against Sex Trafficking

A stripper is a sex-trafficker is a source of state revenue right?


Lee Edwin Coursey/Flickr

The Georgia House of Representatives just approved a constitutional amendment to make strip clubs pay for the state's fight against child sex-trafficking. What does one have to do with the other? A better question might be: Why do you hate the children???? Or at least that's the rhetoric George lawmakers seem to banking on. The amendment's proponents have barely even bothered to justify why strip club owners should be liable for footing this particular bill. 

Imagine the outrage if lawmakers were trying similar shenanigans on any other category of business—soliciting an annual fee from gas stations to fight rape, say, or forcing podiatrists to subsidize drunk-driving checkpoints. Most Americans would have no problem identifying these schemes as unfair and outrageous. But throw an element of sex in the mix and anything goes. A stripper is a sex-trafficker is a source of state revenue. 

Under the proposed amendment, all adult-entertainment businesses would have to pay $5,000 per year or 1 percent of their revenue, whichever is greater, into a state fund for child victims of human trafficking. The bill's text suggest that consuming alcohol and looking at naked women may entice strip club customers to go forth and sexually exploit children and hence the fee is "necessary" and "reasonable." It also suggests that strip clubs are a popular venue for shopping for child sex slaves. 

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  1. But what if the strip club is actually a temple for ritual prostitution? Does it have religious freedom?

    1. I would think it should as long as the prostitutes are willing. Someone should test that theory.

    2. But doesn’t prostitution inherently threaten traditional marriage, Eddie?

      1. I try out a little joke, just for fun, and look where it gets me?

      2. Look, Tonio, are you in favor of whore marriage or not? Why can’t two prostitutes who love making money do it together?

        1. Why can’t two prostitutes who love making money do it together?

          They should. That’s why I support the Defense of Reality TV Marriage Act (DORTMA).

          1. Jesus, that’s a slippery slope. Next they’ll be defending the marriage of animated characters.

            1. That’s toonist.

  2. Why would anyone live in Georgia? Willingly? Aren’t they all just cousin-humping hick stuck in the 1950s?

    1. cousin-humping


      stuck in the 1950s
      Well they have Republicans in power so, no.

    2. Georgia is fine. Atlanta is a decent, if difficult to get around city, and Northern Georgia in general is very nice, especially in the mountains. And some of the other cities are reputedly okay, too.

      1. As a visitor to the South, I enjoyed Virginia the most, with Georgia as a close second.

        1. Tennessee and North Carolina are nice, too.

        2. We enjoyed having you too, even if you violate or racial purity codes.

      2. Savannah is one of my favorite little cities in the country.

      3. Having lived in NC most of my life, thus being free of any bias. NC is the best.

        It has mountains and beaches of which you can choose the white trash but fun(ny) Wilmington area or scenic Outer Banks. Good college basketball in UNC, Dook, and sometimes NC State. No severe traffic in Raleigh or Charlotte (yet).
        Most important the beer scene is going bonkers. Lots of good home grown brewers across the state, and New Belgium and Sierra Nevada’s satellite east coast breweries are in Asheville.

        1. I like NC a lot. We vacation in Boone quite often.

          1. I like Boone. Sometimes I wish I went to App State instead of UNC.

            1. Yeah, I bet that’s a blast. It’s a great vacation place, too, because you get all of the mountain stuff with a real town that isn’t dedicated to tourism. One of our favorite Indian restaurants is there. It’s actually got several great restaurants.

      4. I’m about a mile from the southern end of the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia. Lot’s of rednecks around here but they’re all nice as can be and I’ve only had someone try to sell me Jesus twice in eight years. Huge tech business in GA. It seems like the politicians are the only residents that buy into the bible-thumping caricature of the state, and that’s probably feigned. On that economic freedom map from last week GA was #4. Like everywhere else there’s good and bad but generally the government leaves me alone.

        1. We were up there last fall. Stayed in Dahlonega but hiked up Amicalola Falls. Which sounds like it’s about a mile from where you live.

          1. Yep. My property backs up to Amicalola State Park. Fun to watch the bears wander through the yard though they are hell on my fruit trees.

            1. That’s a very nice area. We’ll probably go back again before too long. Went to the apple orchards in Blue Ridge, ate German food in Helen, hiked all over, went to a gold mine, and visited the home of Cabbage Patch dolls for my daughter.

    3. I ask myself that question every morning sitting in Atlanta traffic. I suppose I am some kind of sick masochist. I’m a Libertarian Atheist living among some of the most egregious bible-thumping Repubs in the nation. My day usually ends with me banging my head against the wall for an hour. But I’m determined to drag these ignorant Neanderthals out of the Stone Age if it kills me.

      1. Shriek?

      2. I think I’d generally prefer that to wonderfully socially-intolerant new-age California. At least the Christians just want you to submit to God. The fuckers out here want you to submit to them.

        1. We stopped at Skipper’s Fish Camp driving through Georgia on I-95. They had awesome shrimp and grits. So put that in the plus column, too.

        2. This. Having lived in both, I find that in California they are trying to save you by force. In the South you’ll just have to endure the patronizing attitudes.

        3. At least the Christians just want you to submit to God. The fuckers out here want you to submit to them.

          The Spaniards wanted native Californians and Mexcians to submit to them. Between them and the lonely gold miners developing a taste for butt sex with each other, it’s sad that California hasn’t socially advanced at all in the last 200 years.

          1. I haven’t had anyone here in California try to convert me to Jesus. They don’t need to, he lives next door.

            I kid you not. My neighbor has legally changed his name to Christ, Jesus. It’s on the electoral register.

      3. I grew up in Atlanta and it’s still my favourite city, even if by the time I was old enough to see if all the stories about the Clermont Lounge were true, it was simply a dump. Then again, I never had more than a ten minute drive for work, so haha.
        I never saw any bible thumping, but all my friends were liberals who hated democrats if not libertarian like me. I went to college inlynchburg, va, so that’s my comparison.

      4. I feel your pain. Afternoons sitting in traffic are worse, especially Erick Erickson is the only, somewhat decent thing on the radio. His bible-thumping gets pretty high though.

      5. My day usually ends with me banging my head against the wall for an hour.

        In LA, that would be 2-3 hours…

    4. Well let’s see. I don’t freeze my balls off 10 months of the year. I’m generally left alone. Nice people for the most part, and they know how to make tea. And I’ve got a lot of distance between me and Cytotoxic. Seems like a decent place.

      1. and they know how to make tea

        Respectfully, no, they don’t. “Tea” shouldn’t be a synonym of “diabetes”.

      2. Lots of places are like that without the cousin humping Jesus-freaks.

        Don’t bother trying to get away from me. I’M EVERYWHERE.

      3. If you’re gonna refer to sweet tea, you should specify, because a lot of people won’t know what you’re talking about. Also: TOO SWEET.

        1. Coffee milk on the other hand….

        2. Just for the record, not all sweet tea is insanely sweet. This is a complaint even we southerners make. I almost had a SugarFree experience drinking some nuclearly sweet tea in the mountains last year.

          1. Exactly. However, to get it sweet enough you have to add the sugar while its hot.

            Packets added to cold tea just makes a mess on the bottom of the glass.

            1. Best to make simple syrup and go from there.

          2. Get half sweet tea and half unsweet tea?

            1. I do that when I haven’t foolishly gotten the sweet tea without trying it first.

        3. My Dutch wife ordered tea in North Carolina and was floored that she got some brown sugar water instead. She just couldn’t believe that’s called tea, whereas if she wanted real tea she’d have to order “hot tea” they told her.

          1. Look, enough with the Kultur War, okay?

        4. Epi, I’m used to people having to specify if they want UNsweet tea. Also, what Pro L said.

    5. Okay I guess it’s better than Arizona at least. That’s just a state full of of racist white AUTHORITAH-lovin’ fossils.

    6. Why would anyone live in Georgia? Willingly?

      Because California makes Georgia look like a bastion of sanity and tolerance.

    7. Sigh… Really? You’d be surprised how libertarian the South really is. Of course, I live in intown Atlanta, and we’re invested with progressives.

      But being from Atlanta, I got a kick out of using the Clermont Lounge to illustrate this article… The average stripper age there ain’t young!

      Related: Apparently at a recent neighborhood meeting about the renovation (turning into nice condos) of the building the Clermont Lounge is in, the big concern from the neighborhoods was that developers *weren’t* going to come in and shut down the strip club. Definitely an interesting town to live in!

  3. I think this bill is one that should be sent to the real child traffickers in Georgia. Public school teachers and administrators.

  4. Shouldn’t they be paying for the state’s fight against low self-esteem and daddy issues?

    1. Well, to be fair, the opening of the legislation does note that one of its purposes is to protect child sex trafficking victims from “low self-esteem.” Really.

      1. That’s one of the worst parts of being made a sex-slave – the body shaming and subsequent feelings of unattractiveness.

        1. I mean, is there anything worse than low self-esteem? I can’t think of anything, but I know that’s not because I’m an idiot. I just know it!

        2. You know what the worst part of being a slave is? They make you work but they don’t pay you or let you go.

          1. I’m no good at being a slave. I’m thinking about graduate school. You know, to become a barber?

      2. “low self-esteem” is like a cut-fastball. You’ve either got it or you don’t. You don’t “protect” against it.

    2. Or grad school. Aren’t most of those strippers just stripping their way through med and law school?

      1. I just do it to meet new people.

        1. You got a purdy, fist.

  5. “Strip Clubs Cause Men to Rape Children”


    1. It is true. Every time I attend a strip club, I get home and order a pizza and request the delivery driver be a lithe mexican boy of 16. He knocks on the door, I invite him in, lured with the promise of cannabis. Then we proceed to have buttsex.

      1. I get home and order a pizza and request the delivery driver be a lithe mexican boy of 16. He knocks on the door, I invite him in, lured with the promise of cannabis. Then we proceed to have buttsex.

        I think I saw this movie on something called “the Internet”.

    2. Deep dish pizza?

  6. As soon as you see a big demonization push, like the one for “sex trafficking”, hold on to your wallet and start looking for who they’re going to steal from using it as an excuse. There’s a reason there’s always a very cozy relationship between activists and the government. The government knows that the activists are probably going to give them an excellent excuse and cover to steal more.

  7. I think the more pressing question is would these strippers be willing to dress in drag and wear a phallic apparatus if requested by a gay couple? Because if not they’re bigots and I will write many a yelp review petitioning my fellow SJWs to burn her wretched den of hate and bigotry and evul profits! to the ground.

    1. Stupider than gay pizza? Put pineapple on it.

      Kevin R

    2. I can’t imagine a gay couple asking a female stripper to do that. Srsly.

      1. Nor can I imagine a gay couple requesting a dingy pizza parlor in buttfuck, IN (no pun intended) cater their wedding. But since we’re gonna burn businesses to the ground over completely hypothetical situations….

        1. ” since we’re gonna burn businesses to the ground over completely hypothetical situations….”

          Imagine someone spilled a glass of wine at the gay wedding.

          Does anyone even begin to understand the threat of Homophobic **Carpet Cleaners** yet*?? Who knows how far this rampant hypothetical discrimination goes?!

      2. Your lack of imagination is why you don’t get to write legislation.

      3. I can’t imagine a gay couple asking a female stripper to do that. Srsly.

        What? You’ve never been to a drag king show?

  8. Looks like Georgia is once again implementing a…pole tax?

    1. *narrows gaze*

    2. One more pun and we’re going to have a problem.

      (slides knife out from sheath behind back)

  9. Sounds like opening the door for a lawsuit, when a patron of a strip club gets wind hes being labeled as a possible CHILD MOLESTER, for being in such a faciity that has nothing to do with children, such individual may be deeply offended and take to task the legalities of what gave him that label.
    Pretty brazen way to get more of citizens money.

  10. So what sort of budget shortfall does Georgia have?

  11. What’s Rhett Butler and Belle Watling going to do now?

  12. Uh, yeah. I doubt this will pass a US Constitutional equal protection challenge. You can’t just charge fees to a particular class because you want to.

    1. Unfortunately, quite a few door taxes on strip clubs have all held up, at least in so far as a First Amendment challenge.

    2. The alcohol excise tax says hi.

  13. “Georgia Lawmakers Say Strip Clubs Cause Men to Rape Children”

    I would certainly like to see a cite on the evidence for this. Somehow, I have my doubts that it is shown to be true.

    1. The only thing that gets raped in a strip club is your wallet.

    2. Next you’ll be asking for scientific proof about creationism.

    3. Citations are a white male cis-het patriarchal construction, you shitlord.


  14. At least this will eliminate all sex crimes in Georgia, except in prison where it is encouraged.

    Georgia inmate beaten and dog-collared…..egligence/

    1. “How the photo was taken by a fellow inmate that was illegally smuggled into the prison is the question. The photo was uploaded on Facebook and it almost immediately went viral.”

      Ummmm…no. The question is where were the prison guards when this dude was being beaten and collared.

    2. Lies! That picture is from so internet gay porn fetish site. It just has to be!

  15. So, what’s the end game? No more strippers/strip clubs, even hornier and less-sedated men wandering the streets, and no money to fight child sex-trafficking?

    Sounds like a decisive movement to a legitimate ends to me.

    1. There was actually a caller on a local radio show who pointed out that the convention traffic here in Atlanta has all but disappeared, following closely behind the closing of the nicer strip/gentleman’s clubs. Now there is talk of allowing a whole 6 casino, located in “zones”, to help bring it back.

  16. If they really wanted to do something about the real problem of child trafficking in this state, they would do some sweeps through hotels in Buckhead on the weekends. It might upset some political allies, but that would be way more effective than shaking down strippers.

    1. Now that I think about it. Shaking down strippers sounds kinda fun.

  17. You posted a picture of the Clermont Lounge. I can guarantee you that there is NO child sex trafficking in that place. Elder abuse, OTOH…

  18. Apparently, cops must spend all their time at strip clubs, because an awful lot of cops rape children: http://www.policeprostitutiona…..&Itemid=50

  19. In all of Georgia in 2013, there were 25 minors arrested for prostitution. http://www.policeprostitutiona…..h_2013.pdf
    Page 3 for Georgia arrests. In the entire US in 2013, there were 658 minors arrested, most were 16 and 17.
    Perhaps these legislators need to read the government funded report on child sexual exploitation which says that 96% of all child sexual exploitation is at the hands of someone the child knows and trusts, like priests, preachers, teachers,neighbors, parents, cops and other pillars of the community, NOT someone seeking to by u the sexual services of children.

  20. Beings that 96% of children that are sexually abused are abused by someone they know, I do wonder why we are not creating a “Pray tax” to make up for all the priests that rape kids. Or why don’t we make these several hundreds cops that have been CONVICTED of sexual assaulting children pay a tax.





    These statics to try to shut down strip clubs are acts of violence towards the adult community.

    Now while the abolitionist still claim that even strippers are victims of human trafficking it does make you wonder why they are OK with Uncle Sam being a pimp to these strippers.

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