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Obama: Iran Deal With 'Robust and Intrusive' Inspections 'Our Best Option by Far'

President hails framework for a deal, says nothing's been agreed to until everything's been agreed to.


White House

President Obama delivered a 20 minute statement about a "framework" negotiators in Geneva had agreed to for a deal between Iran and the P6 over its nuclear program, hailing it as an "historic understanding with Iran" that was the best option to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Obama took credit for laying the path for diplomacy, saying he had "made clear we were prepared to resolve this issue diplomatically, but only if Iran came to the table at a serious way." When it didn't, the U.S. imposed sanctions that had a "profound impact on the Iranian economy."

"Sanctions alone could not end Iran's nuclear program," Obama said. But "because of our diplomatic efforts the world stood with us." The president pointed to skeptics who argued Iran would cheat, that the U.S. could not verify their compliance, and that the interim deal would fail. "It's succeeded exactly as intended," the president said. "Iran has met all its obligations," with inspections increasing as negotiations continue.

The president called the deal envisioned in the framework a "good deal" based on "many months of tough, principled diplomacy"  that met the "core objectives" of cutting off Iran's "pathways" to a nuclear weapon. Because of a "robust and intrusive" inspection regime, Obama said Iran could also not develop a nuclear weapon covertly ("that is, in secret" he explained).  Sanctions would be lifted piecemeal as Iran closes down facilities, shifts resources, and slows down processing work—some restrictions last 10 years, some 15 and, the president insisted, that intrusive inspection reigme could last "forever." The deal wasn't based on trust, the president said, but "unprecedented verification."

The deal, he said, was the best of three options to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, the others being war and more sanctions, neither of which, the president pointed out, would work.  President Obama insisted U.S. sanctions related to Iran's support of terrorism, human rights abuse, and ballistic missiles systems would remain in place, and that there would continue to be "no daylight" in the security concerns of the U.S. and Israel. Obama said he would call Netanyahu and that U.S. officials would be headed to Israel to strengthen security cooperation later this year.

Directing his comments to the Iranian people, Obama pointed out the country's supreme leader issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons and that the deal on the table was "the best way" for Iran to show that it means it, and an important step to "rejoining the community of nations" and fulfilling the "aspirations" of [whatever rhetoric the president uses here].

The president stressed there would be no agreement on anything until everything was agreed to. Through the end of June, negotiators will work out exactly how the timetables for shifting the nuclear program and the sanctions and how the inspections regime that comes with it will look.

The Iranian foreign minister and the foreign minister of the European Union made a brief statement about the framework earlier today, and the State Department released a fact sheet explaining what the U.S. believes the deal to be

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  1. “Robust and Instrustive” Inspections

    Remember when we used to blame poor copyediting on the new kids?

  2. Over/under on the humiliating collapse of this deal?

    1. Aqua Buddha willing, before Obama leaves office.

    2. Do you mean in reality or when the mainstream media finally finds out about how Iran secured nuclear weapons in February 2015?

  3. I’m sure the cat who didn’t understand how auto liability insurance works is a shrewd negotiator.

  4. I’m wondering if all those Jews who gleefully voted for Dear Leader not once, but twice, are feeling particularly proud at this moment.

    1. US Jews overwhelmingly support Obama.



      3. I prefer the imitation.

      4. Glad I converted to atheism…

    2. That is certainly a mystery: Why in the Hell are so many Jews hardcore leftists?

      Socialism, communism, Marxism (Yes, I know?Marx was a Jew) have always been heavily loaded with Jews.

      Of all people, it makes no sense that Jews aren’t big freedom and liberty people.

  5. Well I’m sure the last decade of economic hardship suffered by the people of Iran and not its political class will teach them not to…uh, live in Iran?

  6. Fuck the warmongers. Fuck Bibi. Obama has finally done something to deserve that Peace Prize.

    1. yeah man, fuck those uppity jews, they should know their place – subservient or dead.


    3. I’m not sure how a non-deal* merits the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh, wait, that Nobel Peace Prize. Never mind.

      *a press release that will not perturb Iran’s nuclear program one whit. Because that’s all this will ever be.

    4. Our DBAG in chief, who you voted for most likely, will be the Chamberlain of WWIII. Worst. Prez. Ever. (eh maybe Woodrow, and Teddy was a bit much too…)
      When we’re all poorer and hiding in fallout shelters, I hope you know that you are truly a buuuuuuuuttttttttttpluuuuuuuuuuuug.

  7. Well, the Lightworker has proclaimed it so.

    Nothing to see, or worry about!


    1. Yeah, this is a waste of time. We’re stopping Iran from getting nukes the same way we stopped North Korea. What’s the point of papering it up when we know they’re going to do what the fuck they want to do? And it also sounds like the deal isn’t “hand it all over.” Which makes it mostly for show. Typical.

      There’s a theory making the rounds that Iran came to the table solely because of economic problems at home. If oil goes up enough to end that, expect compliance to totally disappear. If it doesn’t, then they’re in trouble, anyway, sanctions or no.

      1. Iran came to the table because lifting sanctions allows us to sell them weapons ‘n shit. They didn’t like Russia having a monopoly pricing advantage.

        1. This won’t end well, I know that much.

      2. ” the president insisted, that intrusive inspection reigme could last “forever.” The deal wasn’t based on trust, the president said, but “unprecedented verification.”

        Which is ridiculous because the folks doing the inspecting -the IEAE- have already come out and said Iran cannot be trusted and their inspections have been thwarted.

        What a total shit sandwich this idiot is selling.

  8. This is the only part that I find credible:

    “Obama took credit…”


  10. squirrels taking ove today

    1. And taking the “r”s, too.

      1. maybe i meant to spell oven, right?

        I mean we are talking about teh jooooz here

  11. Obama and many others assume that if there is no treaty then we must go to war, well that is BS we’ve gone over 30 years with Iran as an evil nemisis and we haven’t gone to war yet so no need to now. When you have a treaty, they are normally backed up by military action so in this case since Iran will violate the treaty some future president will feel the need to follow through with the military threat and start a war without the treaty we can always ignore their actions. Considering that Iran already won’t let IAEA inspect all of their facilities I don’t know why anybody expects anything different now.

    1. They (Iran) have been fighting a war against the US, we just refuse to acknowledge that it is going on – which is why we’re losing.

    2. Iran already violated the “treaty” when they build their Fordow nuclear facility inside a mountain and successfully hid it for nearly a decade.

      Iran is the largest State Sponsor of terrorism in the World, and has been for over 30 years.

      Iran was actively engaged in targeting and killing Coalition soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and continues to provide arms, training, and Command and Control to the Taliban in Afghanistan. We’ve captured Iranian military members and intel agents in both Iraq and Afghanistan. To say “we haven’t gone to war yet” with Iran is false, as is the assumption that there is “no need to now”.

      Iran is the world’s largest producer and exporter of heroin. Iranian intelligence agencies help to facilitate the purchase of raw opium from the Taliban, it’s importation and conversion to heroin, and its export from Iran to Western supply chains. Iran also has the highest per capita number of opiate addicts in the world at a rate of 2.8% of Iranians over age 15 because of this.

      They’ve been pulling the tiger’s tail for over thirty years now, and will continue to do so as long as the country is run by a bunch of religious fanatics. At some point, the tiger is going to rip their fucking faces off, and they’ll be as deserving of it as any nation ever was.

  12. I’m supposed to be supportive of gun control/prohibition?

  13. You’re breaking my balls, Hans. You’re breaking my balls!

    1. I would have really liked to been in the room when Hans Blix first saw that movie.

    1. I think that’s how the Obamacare bill was written. +1

  14. Obviously negotiations will have to pause while the developed nations of the world convene for an emergency session on the fate of Gay Pizza in Indiana.

    I for one am buying ammunition and locking myself in my bunker.

    1. You have a bunker? I’m still in teh preparatory prepper phase. Like, how much water do you need and does it have an expiration date? Should you answer the door if someone knocks? If I talk to my garden, will it grow quicker? Should I raze the surrounding area(neighbors’ houses) or use them for cover? Does sparrow meat taste good? Is it still called living off the grid when there is no grid? If there are no atheists in foxholes, are there agnostics in bunkers? Should I grow pot next to my veggies or away? If Rick Grimes comes to my neck o’ the woods, do I welcome him or hide in abject terror? If buuutttttpluuuuuggggg comes knocking, nevermind, I know what to do.

  15. I just read the deal and noticed it says nothing about the number of currently hidden/secret centrifuges it will be allowed to keep after we find out they were hiding them during the negotiations…..


  16. This isn’t a treaty, it’s a “framework”, which is one step below a verbal agreement. You know, the thing Sam Goldwyn said wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

  17. this IS the same Iran that has vowed to blow Israel off the map, isn’t it? What changed?

  18. It’s a ‘framework’ for a ‘roadmap’ for ‘discussions’ leading to possible ‘agreements’ to end the war between North and South!
    Ooops. Wrong country!

  19. The ‘surrender monkey’s’ at State love them their ‘frameworks’.
    Unfortunately, they’re about as straight as “Sheriff Bill’s” house.
    Dealing with people like the Mullah’s requires someone with the “necessities” of a “Will Munny”, not The Lurch.

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  22. This preliminary deal/framework is something that the Paul’s, both Ron and Rand, could only aspire to. If this preliminary deal was delivered by Ron Paul, in the exact same language and format, you would be singing its praises.

    Is it done yet? Of course not. Three months to go. But if Ron Paul said we are headed to unprecedented levels of inspections in Iran, the elimination of Arak being used to make plutonium, constant monitoring of the full supply chain as well as the movement of Iranian scientists, and more, you would say it was an historic first step.

    And it is. You just can’t get over that it was Obama who delivered it.

    1. Um, does this “agreement” cover the inspection of nuclear facilities and the monitoring of Iranian nuclear scientists in North Korea, where the real Iranian nuclear weapons development and testing takes place? If not, its unenforceable no matter who came up with it.

  23. Sounds like a great plan! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

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