Joe Biden

Draft Joe Biden, Real Man of Genius

Because he's the hero America needs.


As the Draft Joe Biden 2016 campaign gets into full swing, we thought it an appropriate time to revist this early Reason TV classic.

Here's to you, Mr. Plagiarizing, Gaffe-Prone, Hair-Plug-Wearing Vice President.

For Reason on Joe Biden, go here.

"Real Man of Genius": About 1.30 minutes

Original release date was February 24, 2009.

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  1. Perfect weekend thread.

  2. Well, I just had 2 Jolly Green Giants pass over the house at low altitude. I don’t know if they’re part of the exercise, but my sleeping baby really appreciates it.

  3. Politics and government – where you fail upward.

    1. And if I can’t have a politician in office I agree with on anything, at least give me a gaffe prone buffoon who will make me laugh and expose it all for the charade that it is.

    2. You know there had to be a reason why Janeway was made an Admiral and Picard was not.

    3. You know there had to be a reason why Janeway was made an Admiral and Picard was not.

      1. Starfleet’s always been an organization where you have to be absolutely insane in order to get that star.

        1. Ross seemed fairly normal – disconcertingly so, given the history of Starfleet admirals.

  4. Biden for President! He’s articulate. And clean.

    1. Sorry. Very sorry. But I just can’t leave it at that. Can you IMAGINE the shit storm if a Republican had called Obama “articulate” or “clean”??? Yet, Biden is the guy, out of 320,000,000 Americans, that Obama – himself – chose as his running mate and Vice President?! The mind spins………

      1. He’s a bigot, but he’s our bigot


        1. Reid said the same thing. The media barely blinked. It’s how you know that everything they scream about dog whistle racism is pure bullshit. I mean, beyond that it was already obvious.

          1. Reid said worse. He said he was glad Obama didn’t speak a ‘Negro dialect.’ That’s vastly worse than what Biden said.

            Also remember that both Biden and Reid have long histories of suspect racial arguments. Biden has said he likes hanging out with Indian convenience store clerks and Somali cab drivers, and Harry Reid was vehemently opposed to immigration back when his district was overwhelmingly white and just so happened to shift this view as more Hispanics moved in.

            1. Huh, so Irish can recognize white racism. Well, when it’s from a Democrat. But it’s an encouraging start.

              1. Huh, so Irish can recognize white racism. Well, when it’s from a Democrat. But it’s an encouraging start.

                Because normally only progressives can recognize racism.

                1. Because normally only progressives can recognize racism.

                  No, what Bo’s saying is that even though I continuously criticize white racism in police departments and attack actual racists like American whenever they should appear, I don’t care about white racism because I don’t fly into spittle inflected, pearl clutching fits of hysteria when random fratboys say something racist on a bus.

                  Bo also has a depraved and slightly disturbing obsession with me because I used to be nice to him but now I’m not, so he is determined to show what a big ol’ meanie I am to an uncaring world.

                  Bo also thinks I hate Muslims because I dare to be critical of the problems with the religion. Of course, I actually attacked Pamela Geller for denying the potential of a genocide in Burma against the Muslims in that area and I constantly criticize anyone who actually behaves in a bigoted manner towards Muslims, but Bo’s never let such bourgeoisie niceties as facts and evidence get in the way of his SJW moral preening.

                  I’m sure one day Bo will get the opportunity to touch a girl, and then Bo’s problems might begin to resolve themselves. Of course, the girl will probably need 5-6 months of therapy, but it should really be a turning point for Bo and his Bosessions.

                  1. Four paragraphs, touched a nerve I guess…

                    1. I just glad you’re not out vandalizing synagogues tonight.

                  2. Bogressions.


          2. If you can hear a dog whistle, you’re a dog.

    2. Whenever I read or hear that quote it’s like the first time I read or heard it. It’s horrifyingly racist.

  5. “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya!” That clip never gets old.

    1. Joe Biden Failing to Faith-Heal Chuck Graham Out of His Wheelchair

      Obama would have had him up and dancing the Charleston.

  6. If the Dixie Chicks were embarrassed to have GWB as president, would they love having a Democrat named Biden?

    1. Who are the Dixie Chicks?

      1. Couple of slit-licking chicks from the South who took a dislike to Dubya.

  7. There’s a dark, dark place in the shriveled ruin I affectionately refer to as my soul, that wants to see Joe Biden as President. If you thought Dubya and Obama were inept buffoons, Joe Biden will teach a master’s class in how to fuck up the Presidency.


    Courtesy of Human Events: Biden’s Greatest Hits

    1. You’ve got me rethinking my wishes for 2016. Perhaps the best we can hope for is Biden. It could cripple (can I still say that word?) the Democratic party. Unfortunately, that would still leave the Republican party to deal with.

      1. …”It could cripple (can I still say that word?)”…

        Only if Biden wins; hilarity ensues!

    2. Biden/Damon 2016.

      1. They’d get the Hollywood vote. Or were you referring to another Damon?

        1. Nope. Dope and Vain.

  8. I think the reasonship has booted from an old dos disk that a dead geek created from a drug-fueled orgy in 1989 (his orgasm was so stupendous it killed the bitch’s heart flat) and it floats on universal vapors and lightning shoots from its thrusters causing this liberty fusion center to spin like a motherfucking vortex of love and slamajama.

    What sort of pen energy will flow from the fingertips of the great ENB? This motherfucking site is filled with great liberty warriors but some are sexier than others.

    1. If ENB has ever had a more eloquent move put on her, I want it to be the subject of her next article.

      1. you underestimate the power of the hamster, sir doom.

  9. Biden For President! Cause if we’re gonna have an unprincipled braying jackass in the White House, he might as well be entertaining.

  10. If we are condemned to live in idiocracy we should at least get the highest level of entertainment value from it.

    1. Joe Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Motherfucking Biden.

  11. Draft Biden – the infantry in Afghanistan needs him.

  12. “Vote for Boyle/
    Man of toil/

    1. The Top.Men. cliche.…..government

  13. More Biden news…..o-h,38210/

  14. OT:
    Shrillery stone-walls it:
    “Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server”
    “”Not only was the secretary the sole arbiter of what was a public record, she also summarily decided to delete all emails from her server, ensuring no one could check behind her analysis in the public interest,” Gowdy said.
    But in his letter, Kendall said the federal law governing record retention requires that each federal employee individually decide what emails must be preserved.”…..index.html

    How many laws does she get to break before someone calls her on it?

    1. All of them.

    2. “How many laws does she get to break before someone calls her on it?”

      She’s just grooming the public for President Hillary Clinton.

  15. Here’s a GOP state legislator from AZ who’s a piece of work:

    “Allen is the very same lawmaker who defended uranium mining in her state by insisting that the earth is a mere 6,000-years-old…She also proposed that the state enable the creation of a volunteer border militia and pushed for a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, warning that gay marriage would harm children and destroy Social Security…Allen even offered a bill to protect her son-in-law who was under investigation for harassing female inmates while working in a country prison”…..-extremism

    1. While debating a bill on allowing people to bring concealed weapons into public buildings, State Sen. Sylvia Allen criticized the legislation’s opponents by maintaining that individual souls ? not guns ? are the real source of gun violence. “

      What a crazy whack job.

    2. Choir preaching from Bo and RightWingWatch.

      This sort of confirmation-bias based website titulates you, huh? I wouldn’t accept anything a site like that published even with the proverbial grain of salt. Similarly, I’d reject reports from one named LeftWingWatch, because the names suggest an extreme bias. But not you Bo.

      Not only do you read it and accept it, you then post it here as if it’s somehow legitimate. It’s got propaganda written all over the URL yet you post it with some high level of confidence. I don’t get it.

      Are you interested in truth, or just titillating your political bias?

      1. Of course they’re biased, but they source their excerpts well and it’s those that interest me.

        1. But do they source another opinion. I bet not.

  16. More OT:
    Ed Lee, mayor of SF, strongarms building owner:
    “Owners of Chinatown SRO reverse course, won’t seek evictions”
    “[Lee] made it clear to the property owners that the city would do whatever it took to fight the evictions. He stressed that the current city budget provides $13.3 million for eviction defense and funds groups such as Chinatown Community Development Center, which helped organize 2 Emery tenants.”…..163793.php

    Lee’s got enough taxpayer money to bankrupt a building owner; rule of law.

    1. That’s how it’s done, son!

    2. Yeah but some part time legislator in AZ said something crazy.

      1. We can’t just go making fun of Joe Biden unchallenged! Nope, can’t have that!

        1. I guess you had an issue with Sevo’s story about the SF mayor? You’re so transparent.

          1. I have an issue with you trolling. You’re horrible at it.

            And you lost your shit and had a meltdown, which I enjoyed very much. The cat is out of the bag, and there is no going back.

  17. If anyone has any doubts that Bo isn’t a full blown troll, see above. And he’s not even good at it.

    1. I’m just glad that most of the populace here has finally caught on to his game. He hasn’t been able to disrupt threads for a while, at least not like he used to. Which must drive him crazy, come to think of it.

      1. Calling you out disrupts you, eh?

        1. You did really well on the poll, Bo.


    2. I know. He’s pathetic. The worst part is that he’s obviously trying to get a rise out of the people who are meanest to him (like me, Gilmore and Warty) which is why he ignores people who do things vastly worse than us. For example: Everything he tries to claim about me (that I don’t care about white racism, that I’m a sexist, that I’m TEAM RED, whatever) is more accurate about other people, but he leaves them alone and focuses on me because he’s gotten ridiculously obsessed with me since I was mean to him.

      Similarly, all the bad things he says about Gilmore are more accurate about Cytotoxic, but Bo focuses on Gilmore rather than Cytotoxic because Gilmore is mean to him.

      It’s basically just Bo playing out a narcissistic psychodrama by lying about people he doesn’t like and hoping we’ll get mad at him so he can declare victory. The problem is, he’s so dull and tiresome that really it just mildly annoys me that he shits up the boards. He’s not interesting or intelligent enough to get me angry with him.

      Thankfully, I blocked him so I don’t have to see his bullshit unless I choose to do so.

      1. Examples of bad faith make us appreciate arguments made in good faith. Trying to look on the bright side.

  18. Yeah, I know it’s Pat Buchanan but some interesting tidbits I had not heard before about Ukraine.…..ubversion/

    1. Ive seen NGOs compared to pre WWII European colonial administrators.

  19. On this fine day when Wisky (hated Madtown politics) makes the final 4, I say to all, including our glorious trolls, “Cheers!”

    1. I KNOW! Did you go to Wisconsin? This is definitely the best string of Wisconsin basketball I’ve ever seen, maybe the best in their history. I’m going out in a couple of minutes to celebrate with some friends from school in a true Wisconsinite fashion – drinking beer, eating cheese, and seeing who gets drunk enough to hit on a very, very fat girl.

      Unfortunately, I’m from Illinois so I have less of a tolerance for beer, cheese, and the obese than my native Wisconsin friends, but I try my hardest and they accept my FIB shortcomings.

      1. Went there for a couple years, transferred to Colorado. Have family still there. Dekker is an amazing kid. He hits the winning 3 with a second left to win the state HS championship on a sick off balance shot. Sorry no link but it’s on YouTube. Kentucky looks unbeatable, though. Never know.

        1. Hoist a Leinie’s for me.

          1. Creamy Dark Lager. Yum.

            1. Squaw piss. Used to play outside the brewery as a kid.

      2. Go Big 10! I have family from there in fact my cousin was a Wisconsin cheerleader. People very friendly there.

  20. Picking Biden for a running mate was the first big demonstration that BHO didn’t take his job seriously. Tossing the Department of State to Hillary was the proof of his abject incompetence.


  21. Joe Manchin would be a strong candidate.

    1. Not nearly extreme enough for the modern Democratic party. The inmates really do run the asylum there now.

      1. Because with a much larger voter base than the GOP they can. All they need to do is avoid getting blown out among independents and they will win the presidential election.

  22. OK, one of you directed me at some cast iron grates for charcoal grills, and it looked like one or the other might work.
    And then I found this:…..rill+grate
    Sucker drops right into a small Weber and makes those steaks come out wonderfully! Since it doesn’t chill when you flip the steaks, the meat doesn’t stick and tear. And the grill marks are a bonus.
    WARNING! It retains enough heat that you’ll need to knock some time off to keep ’em rare; mine came off on the medium side of that (we lived through it).
    Thx to those who gave me the leads!

    1. Sevo here is an old trick to temp steaks that you may find helpful.…..s_of_meat/

  23. Opens the door, looks around. Pretty damn empty.
    Barkeep, how about a shot? Nice and quiet this evening. Must be the Nifty 93(tm) or something on the tube, right?

    1. I suppose we could talk about California constitutional law, the firebombing of Dresden, or the historical Jesus…

      1. All of those!
        Guten abend.

  24. Too soon?

    And while what befell the A320 travelers boggles the mind and rattles the senses, the jarring reality of it feels strangely similar to what is taking place in a nation piloted by a methodical aviator manually forcing the country he leads into a steep decline.

    Think of it ? in 2008, the sky was clear as the nation boarded the Barack Obama Airplane. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to realize that although the conversation in the cockpit started out cordial, talk quickly deteriorated into a tense exchange.

    Early on into the flight, a calm and collected president locked out advisors, rebuffed allies, angered world leaders, and overruled anyone who disagreed with his self-serving objectives.

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