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Boy Got a Haircut Like His Military Step-Brother, School Suspended Him

Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?



There is nothing quite like the petty despotism of the public school system. A boy from McMinnville, Tennessee, was suspended after coming to Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School with a haircut deemed inappropriate by the principal. It was a "high and tight" military-style haircut that the boy had requested so that he would look more like his step-brother, an active-duty soldier.

The principal did not budge, leaving the boy's mother no choice but to shave his head so that he could come back to school, according to USA Today:

"I did shave his head," Stinnett said Thursday. "With no hair, he looks sick all the time."

The incident upset Adam, who wants to follow Bloodworth's path into military service, his mother said.

"They crushed my son's dreams," she said of the school officials. "They made him feel upset. They broke his heart. He didn't deserve that."

For extra irony, the school is actually named after Medal of Honor recipient and Navy Corpsman David Robert "Bobby" Ray, who was killed in Vietnam while administering first aid to wounded soldiers.

Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?

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  1. Way to make a mountain out of a mohawk, guys.

    1. When I was in the Navy, I did a couple of Westpac cruises on an LST. Some of the Marines told me that when they were in England they couldn't get into some bars because they looked like skinheads.

      1. I wonder if an 8 year old looks more like a skinhead with a high and tight or totally shaved.

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  2. Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?

    Because their jobs suck. So, they get bored.

    1. To supplement the obligatory soul-crushing education being administered?

      1. I'm confused. I thought the whole point of public education was to crush the soul.

    2. What fun is power if its not arbitrarily applied

  3. One the one hand the school is basically bugfuck nuts here.

    On the other if being ordered to do something unpleasant for you "crushes" you the military might not be the career path for you.

    1. On the other if being ordered to do something unpleasant for you "crushes" you the military might not be the career path for you.

      The kid is like 8... let his balls drop before crushing his dreams.

      1. Oh. That is a bit young, I guess.

  4. Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?

    Because public officials have a duty to crush this "toxic masculinity," emulating and admiring other men and such things.

    Fucking mini-patriarchal shitlord.

    1. This is about right.

      The school systems are systematically making boyhood an offense.

      1. Exactly this.

      2. Completely this. Take your cis-gendered masculine eight year old privilege and cry in the corner kid.

        1. -1 snake, snail, and puppy dog tail.

          1. ...Dance the magic dance?

      3. I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but after looking at examples of Common Core math with which my coworkers are trying to help their kids, I suspect that the incomprehensible, counter-intuitive, and process-heavy "New Math" they are pushing is designed specifically to take away the one elementary school subject in which boys typically outshine girls.

        1. First, just wanted to say you have the best libertarian screen name since Somalian Road Corporation.

          Second, Common Core and the subject of this thread are just two of many reasons that I have no regrets whatsoever for never becoming a full-time public school teacher as I'd once planned and for which I spent way too many years in preparation. Instead, I have a life outside of work AND a mind that can function reasonably - and reasonably well, thank you very much.

    2. It's the Progressive Theocracy in action. Theocracies indoctrinate and punish alternative value systems.

      To indoctrinate in your values, you make all other values verboten.

      First, they go after fingers that go bang. Then they go after military style haircuts.

      The point is to denormalize and deligitimize values opposed to the Progressive Theocracy, and in particular, the once dominant values of the country.

      They're starting here, because denormalizing self defense makes for a docile herd.

      1. Good luck with that in tennesse!

  5. Reason #654382910 why my children will never set foot inside of a government school.

    1. When you first began posting that I figured you couldn't possibly have so many reasons. Every day I'm a little less skeptical.

    2. As I say to my 15-y/o, home-schooled son EVERY day...if you want to protect your children, DO NOT send them to "public" schools. Department of Education (State and Federal) top my list of abolish now government agencies.

  6. Certain people long to be big shots, the boss, to give the orders, but know they are too weak and ineffectual to ever play that role among adults. So, they go into public education so they can boss little kids around.

    1. Public education changes almost no lives for the better. I know. I was a public school teacher for five years. It really is about power, which is why so many totalitarian types tend toward education and why education is one of the legs of the Progressive stool.

      1. why education is one of the legs of the Progressive stool.

        Yes! People always think by "socialization" Dewey meant teaching kids how to get along with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dewey actually meant that kids had to become "socialized", that is, their individuality (which he termed "madness") had to be replaced with a "social mind"...that is the self is nothing but a cog in the machine known as society. I'd recommend reading Dewey's Education and Society but it's like 850 pages of evil.

        1. John Dewey is quite possibly the most evil man who wasn't a mass murderer. Plus, he looked like an aged Hitler.

          1. He murdered millions, softly and slowly.

            1. He decimalated them.

            2. He murdered millions, softly and slowly.

              Lemme guess, with his song?

      2. And they think their stool don't stink...

      3. You do realize that private and parochial schools typically have restrictions on appearance that make this anti-mohawk policy look like a free for all.

        But since it's not the eeeeeeeeeeevil government doing it that's OK.

        1. No one is coerced to show up at private or parochial schools.

          1. Also, private/parochial school administrators aren't publicly-funded sinecures who have the ability to regulate by fiat, in that they are held accountable to the school's board of directors or parent's councils if they overstep the bounds of their responsibility.

            1. Wrong. In day to day matters such as this, private and parochial school principals have similarly dictatorial powers over their schools. True, they can be held accountable afterward, but so can public school principals. Ever heard of school boards and school superintendents?

              1. Ever heard of school boards and school superintendents?

                And the hoops it takes to fire a public school principal over a private one?

                C'mon, son!

                1. Hilarious.

                  Reasonoids claim that public employees have all sorts of special rights that the rest of us don't -- they can't be fired for anything they say, or something they bring in their car to school, etc.... and then you complain that they're difficult to fire.

                  1. All of this is true. What's your point?

                    1. My point is that you support the policies that ultimately cause the problem you're complaining about.

                    2. How does complaining that the employees have special rights which makes it impossible to fire them equate to supporting those policies? Your statement makes no sense.

          2. By that logic no one is coerced to show up at public schools either.

            1. By that logic no one is coerced to show up at public schools either.

              Tulpa apparently does not know you're legally required to attend.

              1. Actually I'm quite aware of that fact.

                Logic problem for you:

                Students A and B, aged 10 years old, are both not attending public school. However, student A was arrested for truancy while student B was not. All laws were followed.

                How is this possible?

                1. The parents of student A want to get rid of him/her, for at least some time?

                2. Loser A comes to site B where everyone hates loser A. Loser A feels the need to change his name periodically in the hopes that people at site B won't realize he's loser A and will talk to him. It doesn't work. Question: How fucking big of a fucking loser is loser A? Show your fucking work, you pathetic fucking loser.

                  1. Loser W and his friend Loser E always show up at site H within 30 minutes of Person T appearing at the time of his own choosing ~2 times a week. Who's the loser again?

                    1. Oh, it's you. Don't worry, buddy, you're always a gigantic loser.

                    2. "Who's the loser again?"

                      I'm curious. What does it do for you?

                3. Student B is homeschooled.

        2. Why the fuck are you here, Tulpa? I'm sure there are plenty of places where you're universally loathed, yet you choose to whine here. Why?

          1. Because he secretly dreams of taking the Doomcock in his ass...

        3. Wait. You're not a public school teacher now, are you? Surely even you couldn't have sunk to such a pitiful state. I mean, you are pitiful, don't get me wrong, but I always thought of you more as a community college kind of pitiful.

        4. Show us on the doll where the Catholic school priest touched you.

        5. It's not really a Mohawk, but it looks a little similar. Google "Marine high and tight hair". The fifty-character limit won't let me post the link.

  7. OT: So it's come to this.

    NBC's Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran

    ENGEL (1:58): I know several people in the US military who were taken by surprise by this [action in Yemen]. Senior officials who would have been expected to know that there was going to be an operation in Yemen, they didn't. They were finding out about it almost in real time.

    And they believe, and some US members of Congress believe, that the reason Saudi Arabia and other states didn't tell the US that it was going to launch this war against Shi'ite backed, or Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen, is because Saudi Arabia and other countries simply don't trust the United States anymore, don't trust this administration ? think the administration is working to befriend Iran to try and make a deal in Switzerland, and therefore didn't think that the intelligence frankly would be secure.

    I think that is a situation that is quite troubling for US foreign policy, where traditional allies ? like Saudi Arabia, like Egypt, like the United Arab Emirates ? don't know if the US is reliable at this stage to hold onto this information when it comes to Iran.

    1. Look at the number of leaks on Israel of late. If a low level employee did that shit, he'd be charged by this administration. I don't care who or what they're leaking. This administration has shown such blatantly disgusting hypocrisy on the issue that it's incredible how little they've been called out on it.

      1. it's incredible how little they've been called out on it.

        If only there was some group or organization dedicated to seeking the truth about government and holding them accountable.

        1. +4 th estate

    2. "don't trust this administration ? think the administration is working to befriend Iran to try and make a deal in Switzerland, and therefore didn't think that the intelligence frankly would be secure."

      So they're *not* as crazy as they look.

    3. Well, it's not like Israel would spy on us or sell our technology to the Russians, is it?

  8. Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?

    I fully disagree with the ridiculous policy that led to the idiotic decision by this authoritarian douchemonkey of a principal, but 'soul crushing'?? Really Robby? Why not also say this kid was the victim of a microaggression?

    The histrionics in this article is close to SJW-level.

    Not being able to style your hair the way you like is not cool, but it's also not 'soul crushing'.

    1. People really do bandy about ridiculous adjectives these days. Why just the other day, I heard someone say they were "shocked" about something to do with McDonalds. Really, "shocked"? The only thing that might shock me at a McDonalds might be either courteous, efficient service or possibly a wet electric socket.

      1. All this hyperbole literally makes my head explode.

        1. I can't even.

        2. The pressure's getting you.

          I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

      2. I'd be shocked if I got decent food. That's why I go to McDonalds once every couple of years, like when nothing else is open.

    2. When I was a kid in the late 60s my mom took me to a barber who gave me a similar high-and-tight haircut. My soul was absolutely crushed. I refused to go to school the next day. I was just beginning to work on my Beatles haircut at the time.

      1. In the fall of 1971, as I was headed into 9th grade, my dad took me to the barbershop and ordered up a crewcut for me thinking that since I was going to be playing football that I needed an appropriate football haircut. Just like he wore in the late '40s.

        Our school "mascot" was the eagle. We were the Eaton Eagles. I became known by the nickname Bald Eagle. That was a long school year.

        1. After the Dillon boys and the Panthers got done with you the next couple of years, I bet they all felt long.*

          *Assuming you played Springboro those seasons.

          1. I have no idea who Springboro might be. Thomas Eaton was a junior high school in Hampton, VA. We did have a good team that year, being both undefeated and unscored on...none of that being due to anything I may have done while riding the pine. That was the year I realized that I had no talent or skills for sports beyond that level. Fortunately, as a nascent geek, I was also a member of the Rocket Club so I had a fallback position.

            1. I,thought you might be another buckeye. Eaton was a school around Springboro, where I grew up and they were the Eagles. And we were the Panthers.


              1. Your microaggressions about my not being from Ohio are triggering me about the time I had to work in Cleveland. For a week. CLEVELAND!!!!

                Other than the monotony of the work, I don't recall a whole lot about the experience. It could be self-editing of a traumatic experience. Or it could be that an old Air Force buddy of mine lived in Wickliffe and we spent the evenings that I was there getting monumentally shitfaced and entertaining his wife with possibly true shit that we did while in the employ thrall of Uncle Sam.

                I live in Texas. There is no High School football that exists outside of Texas. So I've heard. Don't really care.

    3. Robby has a tendency to use wildly extravagant adjectives. He's also the one who called the SAE racist chant 'deeply evil' which also struck me as a bit of exaggerated.

      1. SAE racist chant 'deeply evil' which also struck me as a bit of exaggerated.

        A bit? You don't have to undersell the absurdity of that turn of phrase merely because he oversold teh evul of a stupid frat chant.

      2. Give him a break. He couldn't afford the money to attend Columbia where he would have taken Journalism 304 - Hyperbole. Horrible or Hitler Horrible?

      3. Robby has a tendency to use wildly extravagant adjectives. He's also the one who called the SAE racist chant 'deeply evil' which also struck me as a bit of exaggerated.

        There's an app for that.

    4. Not being allowed to style your hair the way you like is to not be allowed to express your individuality. Just as being forced to study subjects that don't interest you and never will and will never mean anything to you is to have time in your life stolen from you.

      Not being allowed to express yourself while having time in your life stolen from you by the authorities is very much like having your soul crushed.

      1. This is the same argument my homeschooled eight year old makes. I made him learn to carry the one anyways.

        Soul-sucking - part of parenting, or the best part of parenting?

  9. I can remember when "high and tight" was the default haircut in school.

    1. You know who else wore their hair high and tight...

      1. Wilma?

        1. Pebbles?

      2. Jesse informed me that I apparently have what is referred to as the "Hitler youth haircut." I googled and sure enough that's what Jezebel and HuffPo also call it (though they concede it's hip).

        1. Not the same as the high and tight.

    2. I'm calling bullshit on that. When was the default haircut to have no hair on the sides or back of your head?

      1. That's not the type of haircut the kid has. If you watch this video, you'll see that what he has is just a crew cut that's on the short side.

        1. WTF? The picture at the beginning of the video shows the sides and back of his head completely bare. The later video clips were filmed after the hair grew back after his mom shaved him bald earlier this month.

          Hair grows, you know.

          1. The picture at the beginning of the video shows the sides and back of his head completely bare.

            What's the prescription on your glasses? It's short, but there is clearly hair. It's not even arguable, unless what you're arguing is that the kid has multicolored striped skin that alternates between white and grey.

            1. In the sense that whales and dolphins and elephants have hair, I guess.

              If a 40 year old guy had that much hair you'd say he's bald.

              1. whales and dolphins

                Fuck a you whales! And fuck a you dolpeeeeennssss!

                /The Japanese

              2. If a 40 year old guy had that much hair you'd say he's bald.

                No, I wouldn't, actually.

                And this is where I'll leave you, as it is clear that now you're being contrary for the sake of being a contrarian.

                I tip my fedora to you, good sir, and have a wonderful evening.

                1. Balls were taken. Home was gone.

                2. This is Tulpa, HM. Remember that he's very stupid. You should expect him to say the stupidest thing you can possibly imagine. He'll say something even stupider, mind you. Because he's very, very stupid.

                3. being contrary for the sake of being a contrarian.

                  AKA Tulpical.

      2. I'm calling bullshit on that. When was the default haircut to have no hair on the sides or back of your head?

        When a Hall of Fame quarterback was playing for the Colts?

        1. Johnny Unitas had a crewcut you could set your watch by!

  10. How the hell is a high and tight considered offense in anyway? If it's considered professional enough for the military with its bullshit regulations, I think it's good enough for elementary school.

    1. And what's truly silly is that, 60 years ago, that kind of hairstyle was considered a standard fashion cut.

      1. You're looking at the pictures after his hair grew back. There was never a time when bald sides and back of head was a standard cut.

        1. Eat shit, Tulpa.

        2. Actually, it is not only a standard cut, it's among the most popular mainstream hairstyles right now

          1. Not remotely the same haircut.

    2. The principal's argument was not that it is offensive but that it was distracting to the learning environment. The school has a policy against mohawks and extreme haircuts.

      1. Neither extreme nor a Mohawk. Also, if the govt is going to mandate compulsory education, they should set the standard at what is legal for the public at large. Prison school bs.

      2. Yet they were fine with kid's head being shaved - a la skinheads. It takes quite an asshole to be able to defend school policy here.

        1. I'm not defending the policy, merely noting that in our litigious, discriminophobic society it has to be enforced with no discretion.

          1. You're not defending this policy but think it must be enforced without discrimination. That's fucking brilliant.

            1. I think the NFL's rules about roughing the passer are ridiculous.

              That does not stop me from crying foul when it's enforced against someone who hits Tom Brady but not someone who hits Jimmy Clausen.

              1. Everyone who hits Tom Brady should be awarded some type of prize and get a huge bonus, depending on how hard they hit him and how much he sat on the ground and cried afterwards.

                1. 4 Superbowls! Suck it, Hater!!!

                  And fuck this petty tyrant principal too.

              2. Jimmy Clausen is from my hometown. And he's a total douche. I celebrate when Jimmy Clausen gets hit.

              3. Cry the rule sucks. Pretty simple.

                1. You may want to check out Nietsche's slave morality. You're epitomizing it.

                  1. How cute. You do realize that Nietzsche would consider libertarianism to be a type of slave morality. Supermen don't shrink from coercing the weak, pal.

                2. Cry the rule sucks. Pretty simple.

                  Thank you for epitomizing everything wrong with the debate-club character of Reasonoid libertarianism.

                  Some of us are interested in actually having a liberty-positive effect on the world rather than just saying everything non-libertarian sucks.

                  1. Show how that rule doesn't suck, then. If you can't, why advocate it's equal application? Under prohibition would you say "it's not fair he gets to drink!" or would you say "it's not fair I don't get to drink!"? One of those promotes liberty, the other slave morality.

                    1. slave morality

                      Are you sure you understand what that phrase means?

                    2. Nietzsche was an ass, but even an ass has insight now and then. Or do disregard everything a person says bc you don't agree with something he says?

                    3. His characterization of respect for human rights as "slave morality" is pretty much the heart of what I disagree with him on, and presumably what most libertarians would disagree with him on.

                    4. Ok, now tell me, is a bad rule to be enforced equally or discarded? Or will you continue evading?

                    5. Discarded through the proper process. Until that can be done it should be enforced equally.

                    6. Thank you for clarifying. Under prohibition you believe people who drank should have been punished. I don't.

                    7. At least some people are going to be punished while the law is in effect. That's the real world that people like me have to wrap our thinking around.

                    8. Tulpa is scum. Keep that in mind every time you have dealings with him.

                    9. Oh, and dipshit - that was an ad hominiem.

                    10. He's sick. I mean, really. How you could advocate the making of everyone suffer under a bad rule is a sign of some deep seated neurosis.

                    11. Congressmen that drank under Prohibition (capitalized like any other proper noun, like Nazi) should have been severely punished. "Medical whiskey" was permitted though.

                    12. Your utter ignorance of Nietzsche is as expected as it is total.

                      "Slave morality" is what the masters teach the slaves in order to keep them in line. Obey the master, follow his rules without question and you will be rewarded by not being punished.

                      You follow the slave morality, Tulpa. Don't complain about the silly rules about haircuts, just do as the master says. Don't rail against laws the master makes, because the master that told you you can change them through a rigged process that insures those changes never happen, or the process will actually make them worse.

                      You are a fucking slave, Tulpa, the house nigger who things Massa is being too easy on those ignorant field niggers. "My chains is a little loose, Massa. You best tighten them up."

                    13. I'd say, "It's not fair that WE can't drink, and fuck you for making a stupid law that says we can't". And then I'd drink. Heavily.

                  2. I'm not a libertarian. This is about authoritarianism and arbitrary rules placed on children by the state. Suggesting that the haircut is "distracting" is as intellectually sound as suggesting that marijuana inevitably leads to heroin, but just as reflexively authoritarian.

              4. A pickle vendor should not be playing quarterback in the first place.

  11. Further late night links: Our long national nightmare is over.

    An eight-year legal drama that gripped the United States, Britain and Italy has ended.

    Late Friday night, Amanda Knox of Seattle learned Italy's Supreme Court had overturned her murder conviction.

    1. HAWT

    2. That whole case made Italy's legal system look like a joke. They probably couldn't sweep it under the rug fast enough.

  12. Look, we have to have rules and regulations. No matter if those rules and regulations serve no purpose, we have to have them. Else, anarchy!

    So, haircuts need to be uniform, comrades.

    1. Sadly, I hear this argument in the military all the time. Why follow this silly rule? Because following rules instills discipline, and you need discipline to follow rules.

      1. Navy teaches skepticism. Army teaches following orders. Probably due to the nature of the work each branch does.

  13. The fuck? When I was in 3rd grade, I once came to class in kid-sized BDUs (woodland).

    1. They use the firing squad for that sort of thing today, my friend.

      1. I can't even imagine. I remember wearing that when my parents took me to Burger King one day, at the same time a convoy stopped by for lunch. I went to fill my drink at the counter the same time a solider went to place his order. Our fatigues matched and everyone got a laugh. I got to be their mascot for the time it took them to eat their lunch. One of the coolest things to happen to an 8-year-old boy.

    2. Bush Derangement Underpants?

    3. We're there any survivors?

      1. Nope. Sleighed to the last man.

  14. Follow this link to e-mail the dipshit principal:

    Go forth and rake muck my minions!!!

    1. Go forth and rake muck my minions!!!

      Don't you have orphans for that kinda thing?

      1. You do not waste good orphans on muck raking - you keep them where they are properly exploited in profit making endeavors.

        You may use illegals to rake the muck.

      2. There are monocles to be polished, my good sir.

  15. Tar and feathers. You only have to do it to a handful of idiot bureaucrats every year to drastically improve the behavior of the rest of them.


  16. Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?

    Because the same people who are duty-bound to right injustice place a higher priority on defending these restrictions because the people placing them are on their team.

  17. you know who else acted like Hitler?

    1. Satan?

      1. Pretty good puck handler, though.

    2. Bruno Ganz?

      1. No more calls, please, we have a winner.

        [slowly takes off glasses in preparation for epic rant]

        1. In lieu of an epic rant, I will be creating a Downfall parody video about me winning the "who else acted like Hitler" question contest.

        2. My first CO, Commander Pafias, and his XO, JJ Quinn. Fuck both of you wherever you live. Hopefully, you're not alive.

          1. *dipshit XO, with a fat, ugly wife.

            1. *motherfucking prick dipshit XO JJ Quinn, with a fat ugly wife.

    3. Heimlich Bimmler?

    4. Mel Brooks?

    5. Charlie Chaplin?

  18. "Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?"

    Most people choose to take this shit. They think they're incapable of making choices for themselves.

    1. I'm no fan of her's, but Jesus (no pun intended). If we can't laugh at stereotypes, that doesn't leave a lot of material to work with.

      1. If we can't laugh at stereotypes, that doesn't leave a lot of material to work with.

        I hate myself for it, but I read about half of her unfunny assertions about dogs and Jewish men.

        Talking about stereotypes is one thing. Comedy needs to be relatable, and generalizations play a big role in that. Comparing Jews to dogs, though? That's offensive. Many of her generalizations weren't even generalizations. They were mean-spirited attacks on Jewish men that were so specific and unrelatable that I began to wonder if she had individual people in mind. Even when she managed to keep her generalizations general, it seemed like she was just lazily regurgitating racist tropes and hoping everyone would go, "har har. That's how Jews are. Greedy non-tippers." Yuck. She might as well have made, "murdering Christian children and drinking their blood" one of her quiz "questions."

        I didn't think I could hate Leni Dunham any more than I already did.

        1. Leni Dunham

          Holy fuck, given that this is about hating Jews, I really hope this was an intentional joke.

          If so, you're an American hero.

          1. Holy fucking guano, batman, I thought there was only one shitbird named Dunham.

            This Leni, has to be an extra shitty, shitbird.

          2. Holy fucking guano, batman, I thought there was only one shitbird named Dunham.

            This Leni, has to be an extra shitty, shitbird.

            1. I hatez squirrels. I won't even admit here how many I murdered today and roasted their little bodies, hair and all.

    2. Was that supposed to be funny? Because it wasn't. It was just long and painful. Seriously, Lena, just break up with the guy.

      of course her fans will love it for parts like this...

      This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don't acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates.

      10. As a result of this dynamic, he expects to be waited on hand and foot by the women in his life, and anything less than that makes him whiny and distant

      I believe this will be seen as "feminist " rather than "sign you should maybe date another person"

      If there were any justice in the world, this would sink her career in Hollywood. But it won't.

  19. I guess haircuts aren't one of the freedoms that I'm constantly told that our military is fighting for. This would be a good "teachable" moment to start that kid thinking that picking up a rifle for the government might not be the best thing he can do.

    1. Haircuts as a reason to fight? Better than most of the reasons we're given these days.

  20. You really don't expect this kind of idiocy from a small town school.

    I suppose the principal could be a big city transplant.

  21. Tennessee? I'll be very surprised if the local veterans orgs, Tea Partiers, D.A.R. , rebels, etc. etc. don't show up at the next school board meeting and demand a change in the administration. What's next? Banning Suzie's pigtails because some boy might yank them?

  22. Small town Southern School hates military haircuts? Things have changed.

    1. If you read the article, they thought it was a mohawk.

      I never had a mohawk.

      I was more of a liberty spike guy.

      1. They should have known the difference.

        1. They're bureaucrats.

          They're not allowed to think for themselves!

  23. Like the man said, there are only three acceptable haircuts. And high and tight is one of them.

  24. I actually had a "?" shaved in my head in high school. No hats allowed in school, but they made me where one anyways. BTW where are the "hands off my body!" types on this one?

    1. A couple different times in the early 90's I had a tomahawk on either side of my head. It was big around Atlanta.

      1. Reverse Mohawk ala Chuck Liddel?

        1. I can't find a picture of it. Imagine short hair all the way around with a small patch of hair missing just above the ears. Now imagine that empty patch is shaped exactly like a tomahawk.

          1. I'm a bit slow, sorry. Tomahawk not Mohawk. Atlanta 90s. Got it. I went with the Dan Gladden for a while. Took you guys in that WS. :p

            1. I was just enjoying the Braves not sucking back then. What still pisses me off is the 96 series.

          2. Still have nightmares of Kirby Puckett?

  25. Let's say the principal lets this haircut go despite being against the school's anti-mohawk policy. Then two weeks later a black kid comes to school with a full-blown mohawk. What do you think is going to happen if the principal enforces the policy against that kid but not against this white boy?

    1. You'll call her a racist

    2. Tulpa is ultra retarded tonight.

      1. Tulpa

        Is that who this is??


        1. Indeed.

          1. Almost as retarded as I was when I predicted the only coercion-related result of gay marriage would be more people getting caught in the dragnet of anti-discrimination laws.

            Reality must have a very retarded feel to Reasonoid libertarians.

      2. Tonight?

        1. Are we talking about the same Tulpa that drinks water out of the same place he pisses in?

          1. No, no, Tulpa that drinks Brawndo.

            1. But, but, it's got electrolytes!

      3. There's nothing more retarded than an ad hominem.

        1. Stawp poasting.

        2. We aren't engaged in a debate about ideas. I'm simply stating that you're retarded.

          1. And distracting from the argument about ideas in the process.

            1. It's incredibly amusing that you think you are contributing.

              I got 4 bottles of Kosher for Passover Coke today. Care to contribute about that?

              1. If Yahu-Wahu wanted His people to have to drink watery pancake syrup, He wouldn't have given us HFCS.

                1. Why don't you contact the Attorney General and have them prosecuted for fraud or something like you threatened to do to those Jews in Squirrel Hill you hated so much? Jesus Christ, you're pathetic. You know that? You are an abject failure of a man.

                  1. I got a full refund, a bunch of coupons for free Coke, and an apology from the store manager. And they boxed up the Jew Coke and trucked it over to the ethnic foods aisle where it belonged in the first place.

                    Failure? I think not.

                    1. You're...proud of this? Oh, Tulpa. I knew you were pitiful, but this....I'm sad for you.

                    2. As far as I can tell, it was more of an impact on this world than anything you've done.

                    3. And it was not me who said it belonged in a different aisle, it was the Coca Cola company's customer service line. They had moved it over into the regular soda aisle to try to get rid of it. Other than the slightly different ingredient list and obscure rabbinnical seal on the cap. it was utterly unlabeled as being different from normal Coke. Ergo, fraud.

                      I know Reasonoid libertarians have become squishy on consumer fraud issues, but seriously.

                    4. Failure? Even more so now.

                      A STEM washout, the Jews are running circles around you, and you take it out on their limited release coke that's in the stores for all of 2 weeks.

                    5. Do you think that was an attempt to passive-aggressively inconvenience all the Jews in the Pitt math department who didn't vote to give him tenure? Knowing how petty and pitiful Tulpa is, I'd say there's about a 1 in 4 chance.

                    6. 1 in 4? No. Closer to 100 percent. But he wasn't lashing out at the Jews in the Pitt math department. He got mad at a bottle of soda pop.

                    7. Oh, he's just the kind of fucking loser to whine about how he didn't get a job because Jews stick together. Remember when he was whining about how women were getting their papers published over him? There's no limit to how low this kind of loser will stoop to get his revenge.

                    8. Right... returning a beverage you were sold under false pretenses is quite the dirty deed.

                    9. Again, you do not know (or perhaps choose to ignore) the details of this story. They were trying to get rid of the stuff because they had ordered way too much.

                      Much as you would like to paint this as an anti-Semitic thing, it is not. I would have been just as upset if they had sold me Diet Rite in a Coke bottle. Indeed, I feel sorry for a noble people that, having endured thousands of years of oppression, now have to drink that soporific sucrose solution.

                    10. Holy fuck, Tulpa. I knew you were a sad sack of shit loser, but I don't think I could ever really grasp how much of one you are. It really straddles the line of mental illness.

                      I hope you defiantly got in your Toyota Echo, after setting those unenlightened pig-stupid shop owners straight, and pedaled your way home.

        3. Not an ad hominiem, you idiot. That's an insult. But then, you're an idiot, so you might not be able to tell the difference. Moron.

    3. Let's say the principal lets this haircut go despite being against the school's anti-mohawk policy

      Well, considering that what he has isn't a mohawk, I'd say she definitely made the right call, then.

      1. It's close enough to be litigible.

        1. I wanted to say it was only 8% of a mohawk, but this isn't the right sock.

  26. When I was a Senior in HS, and right after graduation, I looked like Jesus. Or well, you know, the WASP version of his pics that are so popular. Shoulder length hair. I'd been growing that since I was a freshman of course. They told me to cut it, yes there was actually dress codes in those days. So they would round up a group of us rebellious long haired heathens and tell us to get a hair cut. And we'd promptly ignore them. And nothing else happened. Have a feeling that a few years forward from today, the way things are going, they'd have brought the swat team in and shot us all dead or something like that.

    1. Get out of this school if that's the clothes you're gonna wear
      I'll kick you out of my school if you don't cut that hair
      You gotta fight...for your be hirsute

    2. When was this? I had long hair in the '80s in high school and was far from alone.

  27. Always with the Corpsman.

  28. The principal did not budge, leaving the boy's mother no choice but to shave his head so that he could come back to school

    "Now he looks like a *neo-Nazi*!"

    *** dials Child Protective Services ***


    1. I say the parents should go out and get the kid a pair of Doc Martens. You know, as a kind of present for the school putting him through such crap.

      Milk it for all it's worth.

      1. And a trench coat. It gets cold up there.

      2. First and second season only? Why not the whole run?


    How Kara Tippetts' Death Transcends Brittany Maynard's
    A 38-year-old mom of four just died of cancer. Rather than demanding 'death with dignity,' Kara Tippetts exemplified dignity while dying

    Sweet Christ, Federalist. Why not just piss on Maynard's grave? I don't understand why people can't make different choices without declaring their choice to be 'better.'

    1. Because how else can Nicole Russell experience that frisson of delight that comes from being morally sanctimonious if she doesn't harshly judge the choice of how someone with a terminal illness handles their death?

    2. Well, I frequent a lot of tech forums/blogs. And there is a lot of talk on those sites, and has been for years, about the effort by some to now defeat disease, aging, and ultimately death.

      You may or not be surprised by the number of people who want do decide for you how long you can live, or not, dependent upon their own views.

      Lots of people only like choice when they can make it, for everyone.

  30. Are non-Marines now allowed to have high and tights? Back when I was in the Marines, we took offense to any non-Marine wearing one.

    Fuck I was in the air wing and none of us had a high and tight, but we still would fuck with anyone who had one and wasn't in the suck. Especially if we ran across a air force puke at Kadena air base with one.

    I applaud the principle for letting this kid know that you can't just get a high and tight. You have to earn one. And not by joining the fucking army either.

    1. You know, of course, that sailors have tattoos to give marines something to read during sex.

      1. That's why I got "Semper Fi" tatooed right under my navel.

    2. I have a high and tight, but not on my head.

      1. Save it for when Tony's around.

        1. Embarrassed that you popped a wood?

    3. Here in Taiwan, when I get a haircut, I always get a short crewcut. People ask me if I just got out of prison. Crew cuts are favored by gangsters here.

    4. @Pope Jimbo, Having been both a Marine and a Soldier, you're full of crap. High-n-tight isn't only a Marine thing. Look at pictures from WWII of Army Airborne troopers with them. That his kid did to emulate his brother-in-law was in honor to him. I'm sure his brother-in-law would hav been proud.

  31. "Why is it okay for public school officials to place totally unnecessary, soul-crushing restrictions on students?"


    That's always why.

    1. Isn't it also possible that in addition to FYTW, the principle is worried that his only other alternative would be to pick on people his own size?

      1. Or he's worried about being sued if he ever tries to enforce the haircut policy against a black kid after letting this white kid go.

        You know, crass reality concerns that Reasonoid libertarians don't sully themselves with.

        1. What is it with you and little black boys?

      2. I think it might be like "first world problems" syndrome, where people who have no real problems (have running water, electricity, full pantry, etc) whine about feeling unfulfilled or whatever, while 3rd worlders wonder where the next meal will come from or whether they will be dragged out of their hovel and killed at night, or die from drinking water.

        Relatively functional suburbian and townie elementary school administrators are trained in dealing with mass killings, gang wars, suicide outbreaks, bullying epidemics, and the like, and if they don't experience any of that (a dullness that sane humans would count as a blessing), they have to make mountains out of molehills.

  32. Hey Reason, I'm just gonna skip any that contains a politician's name in the title and is talking about what this or that speech or angry look or whatever might mean for the election.

    However, I'm still interested in scandals and takedowns so if I could get more of those posts that would be great.

  33. Does anyone else remember Tulpa once mentioning that he likes to bang women with kids because they're desperate and easy? I remember it being really creepy and really pathetic, but I haven't been able to find it in the archives.

    1. This may be what you're thinking of, but I'm not sure if he is really saying he wants to or that it's his observation. There's some really, really stupid stuff that follows it if that helps, though.

      1. Well that's a blast from the past. Episiarch and sloopy were almost reasonable 2.5 years ago.

      2. Thank you, I think that's it. It sure sounds like he's implying that he fucks single moms because he's a pathetic loser, doesn't it?

  34. Any Futurama Fans? Did you know that Leela is named for a Doctor Who character who was named for a Palestian Communist Terrorist?

    1. Oh, thank you for destroying my childhood, you Tom Baker-phobe.

      1. I dunno. The Doctor Who character was a murderous psychopath, so it kind of fits.

    2. Yeah? Well, did you know Zap Branigan was named for Bash Branigan, a predecessor cartoon character from How To Murder Your Wife?

    3. Leela was named for a piece of music by Olivier Messiaen called the Turangalila Symphony. Hence why her first name is Turanga.

  35. This is what statists do. This is what we're down to. Unbelievable.

  36. For our late night readers. Lew Rockwell goes well, Full Lew Rockwell.

    Three thousand lives were sacrificed on 9/11 for the fabricated "war on terrorism" against "Al-Qaeda" and Osama bin Laden. Now, thirteen years of continuous imperial onslaught and tens of thousands of deaths and atrocities later, the "Islamic State" escalation will topple Syria, Iran, transform Iraq, and provide yet another pretext to wreak havoc anywhere else the empire wishes.

    But it is the same lie, built on the same propaganda cornerstones: the myth of the "outside enemy", the threat of "Islamic terror", eternal pretexts to galvanize public opinion behind an Anglo-American agenda of conquest and war that will never end.

    1. Chock full of derp, he sounds insane, Rockwell gives paranoia a bad name.

    2. So Lew's finally coming out as a nut? Presumably he will be revealing that the Anglo-America elite are Illuminati shape-shifting space lizards and that the Moon is a fake which amplifies the signals of Saturn's mind control rays.

    3. So throw in "Jews" a few times and you get a Sheldon Richman column...

  37. High and tight is not a Mohawk. Would they prefer a mullet? Leave the boy alone, unless he is behaving like half the unruly children that teachers are forced to put up with every day.

  38. High and tight is not a Mohawk. Would they prefer a mullet? Leave the boy alone, unless he is behaving like half the unruly children that teachers are forced to put up with every day.

  39. Only the "soldier" can turn the otherwise impotent thought-crime of the fascist, imperialist predator into reality.

    He is selected for his low IQ, his naivete, his sociopathy, his racism, his dependence and his willingness to abandon his social responsibility, all to mindlessly obey a villain or a villain's drunken scapegoat. The Department of Defense is now collecting the DNA of its personnel, seeking "characteristics beneficial to the military." They will soon be breeding what they should be sterilizing.

    No REAL man or women ever takes orders. EVER.

    Soldier boy, you are public enemy #1. You took our freedom, and you left us to suffer the hatred and retaliation of your victims. We cannot even travel the world safely, because we are perceived as beneficiaries of your piracy. And we now live in a police state, implemented to allegedly protect us from your victims.

    "He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder." -- Albert Einstein

    1. tl;dr

  40. Crushing the souls of students and turning them into obedient drones of the State is the whole raison d'?tre of the public school system. So those soul-crushing restrictions aren't "unnecessary" - they're actually essental to the school's proper functioning.

    It's time to go Cato (the elder, not the institute) on the public school system. It must be destroyed.

  41. The principal's name is Monti Hillis. She would like your suggestions or concerns and can be reached at (931) 473-7006 or

  42. I looked at the school website & noticed that I could not find a link to an email page or a place to leave a comment. Pettifoggery in action.

  43. Idiot principal doesn't know the difference between a high-n-tight and a mohawk.

  44. Good opening sentence! Don't forget the teasing the fellow will get from his school mates because of his shaved head. He needs people to stand up for him.

    I'd like to know the student's name, but he probably needs his privacy right now. As for the principal, publish his or her name. Let all of us, especially active duty military people, identify this so-called leader, who draws attention to one of his or her own students this way. If other principals know that people pay attention to the kind of leadership they give their schools, they may not act to enforce every petty rule that is on the books, as well as rules they make up on the spot.

    Naturally you want to ask, why is a shaved head more acceptable than a military haircut? That question shows that the issue here is not the principal's concern for the appearance of the school's students, but the principal's attitude toward the armed services, and the people who serve in them.

  45. bans on mohawk haircuts are a form of microaggression toward native americans.

    sue! sue! (sioux?)


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