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You Might Be Sexist If You Call Hillary Clinton 'Polarizing.' Or 'Secretive.' Or Anything Else Bad.

"You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism."


Hillary Clinton
Frank Plitt / Wikimedia Commons

You shouldn't note that Hillary Clinton is polarizing. You sure as hell better not call her ambitious or inevitable, either. And whatever you do, don't say she's out of touch or represents the past. These are sexist code words, and political reporters should stay away from them, a pro-Clinton activist warned The New York Times.

NYT reporter Amy Chozick received an email from a group titled "Hillary Clinton Super Volunteers" that instructed her not to use 13 different adjectives to describe the likely Democratic presidential candidate. Chozick tweeted parts of the email: "You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism," it read.

Who is the "we" in that sentence? The HRC Super Volunteers' own Twitter profile is hardly daunting; it only has 145 Followers (as of the time I'm writing this article) and a handful of Tweets. This does not exactly suggest some network of highly influential, numerous, or dedicated grassroots activists.

The Daily Mail's Francesca Chambers did a little bit of digging and found out that the account is run by John West, a Chicago-area landscaper and former male model who hosted a Clinton event at his home recently. West was involved in Clinton's 2008 campaign; he claims to be involved with 600 "loosely affiliated" pro-Clinton activists:

'I wrote [the email] as an individual,' he said, and made clear that 'we will responding back, like any consumer.'

'We are consumers, and that's all this is,' he said, explaining that they are 'very sensitive' the the way that Clinton has been described in the media in the wake of her email scandal.

West said 'it's one thing to report, and be critical, and be fairly critical,' and another to call Clinton out for not acting in a transparent manner without balancing reports with a critique of the behavior of her predecessors at State or her competition for the White House.

The problem with his argument, of course, is that many if not most of these so-called sexist code words have been used to describe non-Clinton candidates—some of them men—as well.

As The Washington Post's Aaron Blake points out:

"Polarizing," for example, is a word that now describes pretty much every well-known politician in the country, up to and including Barack Obama and George W. Bush. The politician who isn't polarizing is the exception rather than the rule. And it usually means that the politician just isn't well known enough to be polarizing. Yet. …

As for "ambitious," nobody runs for president without having an extraordinary amount of ambition. Not Ted Cruz, not Barack Obama, notMitt Romney or Jeb Bush, and definitely not Bill Clinton — all of whom have had their unusual amount of ambition chewed over by the media.

More from Reason on Hillary Clinton's email scandal here.

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  1. Is it sexist to call her a disgusting, saggy, crooked cunt? How about an utter POS who uses her vag to usurp power? Which is more amazing in its own right that anyone ever gave her ugly ass the time of day.

    It would appear that Chelsea is in fact Webster hubble’s daughter and thus she blackmailed her way into the partnership at that firm and rode the power wave from there. bill certainly did not want her nasty ass.

    1. More Psychopathic than sexist.

      1. Positively GamerGateist!


        1. In the real world or ‘non virtual communities’ only psychopaths, juveniles or Gamergate types talk like this, with over the top vulgarity combined with emotional, vicious personal attacks all contrary to the express wishes of the host.

          1. Shut the Fuck Up Troll.

          2. Coded Derpism.

            1. Personally, I find Bo’s response to be immensely ‘psychopathic’ and therefore can only conclude that he should stop supporting Gamergate.

          3. I have only been able to check in briefly for the last week or so. I thought you had fucked off Bo.

            Well, as long as you are here I can ask the expert.

            Is it sexist/racist if I call her a bossy cunt? Or is that double ungood?

            1. I’m no mathematician but I distinctly remember that a negative integer multiplied by another negative integer equals a positive. I see no reason not to apply this principle to “bossy cunt.”

          4. Hey look everyone, a delusional narcissist is trying to lecture people on mental health.

          5. As opposed to the ever so noble and moral feminist anti-‘gamergate’ types who only publicly declares that all white males should kill themselves.

            Oh, right, “but it’s ok when we do it.”

            I see Bo has his armor on and is ready to save Hilary from the dragons.

    2. If she’s duly elected, how is that “usurping” power?

      I despise Hillary Clinton because she’s a career opportunist and a despicable person that evades laws without repercussion. But if she’s elected, that’s obtaining power, not usurping it…IMO.

      1. I think angry dude supra might be speaking historically.

        Remember Hillary’s “We’re the President!!!!” quote?

        1. supra

          Really? Dude…

          BTW, I very likely will be in SoCal on Easter Sunday and will be flying out late Monday afternoon. You going to be around to look after me?

          1. 50/50. I have Easter Bruch at the Jonathan Club on Sunday morning. Should be full of mimosas and back by 130pm.

            I leave for the desert on Monday. Departure time TBD but timed around traffic.

            Email me when you know more.

            I hate you.

            1. I will, thanks.

              And go fuck yourself.

            2. Damnit, I work right next to the JC building downtown and have been wanting to peer inside those halls of power for the longest time now.

              1. Beach Club. Do you even watch 90210, bro?

                Downtown is basically valet parking and an occasional steak dinner.

      2. “a despicable person”

        How positively psychopathic of you.

    3. ‘Cunt’ thrown out in the first comment. H&R commenters never disappoint.

  2. I think I’d hate her if she were me.

    1. The rest of us would hate her if she was you, that’s for sure.

      1. I’d never let myself go like she has.

        1. When you’re her age and have a couple of strokes and a destroyed liver, then you can make that claim. Until then, shut the fuck up.


          1. Robo-livers are nearly here. I’m gonna be bionic!

            1. If she gets elected, I’ll be destroying my liver post-haste. No bionic replacement though, I will consider the destruction of my liver to be a sort of Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas sepukku

          2. You know, I figure if any awful human being is a candidate for moving her brain into a robot body, it’s her.

            1. Ugh. That’s just what we need, a 40-foot-tall Hillbot with tank treads and a gatling laser.

              1. Holy cow! It’s Godhilla!

                1. Godzhillary

                  1. Dear Mr. West and Super Friends,

                    Are there any loaded, sexist terms one should avoid when describing Ann Coulter?

                    1. If you want a list of loaded and sexist terms, just compile what the left has used to describe Coulter, Palin, Rice, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, and any other non-leftist woman of the last 50 years you can think of.

    2. Why are we beating around the bush here?

      I hate you, and I hate Sloopy even more.

      1. Probably should have read this before I brought up Easter.

        1. It’s the time for forgiveness. I forgive you, sloopy. Except for the Armstrong thing.

          1. That’s why I like him. That, and his drunken exchange of words with Welch (whom I also like).

            1. I’ll never live either of those down.

              At least Buzz Aldrin still doesn’t know where I live…yet.

              1. Yeah, don’t fuck with Buzz. He’s more violent.

      2. Why are we beating around the bush here?

        Thinly veiled coded sexism.


  3. Every term is a dog whistle or a code word depending if they’re directed against the wrong person.

    1. Isn’t a white person saying “hello” to a non-white person “microagression”?

      1. It depends on whether the party being spoken to finds the speaker attractive. An attractive person not saying hello is obviously a racist.

      2. And here we have a man accusing a woman of sexism. What the fucking fuck.

    2. No idea who this is attributed to, but I’ve grown rather fond of it:

      “If you can hear the dog whistle, chances are that you’re the dog.”

  4. She can talk to Sarah Palin on how to handle it.

    1. Equivocating any aspect of Hillary Clinton with Sarah Palin is a clear example of using sexist code words also.

    2. That’s the way to handle this:

      “At a minimum, the language applied to Sarah Palin may not be regarded as sexist unless you objected to it as such when it was applied to Sarah Palin.”

      1. Sarah Palin hate is the baseline for Clinton hate? Well, that would seem to leave some wiggle room.

  5. Angela Merkel has really let herself go.

    1. +1 Frau Blucher

      1. (horse whinnying noises)

      2. +2 frightened horses.

    2. Look at pictures of her when she was younger. She’s actually more attractive as a wrinkly old bag of socialism.

  6. Look, using sex or any other identity metric as a shield kinda fails when you have the character of a baboon trained from birth to steal from baby baboons.

  7. Progressives are superior to you. Only racism and sexism keep you from seeing that. Therefore, any criticism is racist or sexist.

    1. You left out homophobic. I’m going to have to report you for a microagression.

      1. You left our cisgendered transphobia.

        I’ll need your GPS coordinates so I can geocode my report to the TOP. MEN GENDER FLUIDS.

        1. Top? Why not bottom men? Are you suggesting men who bottom are inferior to men who top? That’s something-ist.

  8. Old, fugly, lesbian with no known talents except exploiting her husband connections seeks control over the whole fucking village to ensure children (up to age 26) are adequately beaten into submission and turned into chicken-shit new-wave feminists.

    1. You feed it Milk-Bones instead of skittles…

  9. On the one hand, I hate Hillary. Hate her.

    On the other hand, she kind of belongs in this picture.

    1. dammit, i clicked

      1. Didn’t I already rope you in with that once?

    2. You know, that’s proof to me that there is a God or, at the very least, benign super-alien overlords. Because we’d be in real fucking trouble if these powerful evil women were hot.

      1. They’re not hot to you?

    3. That’s a wholllllle notta noses

    4. Goddammit Playa.

      Nightmares. I know I will have nightmares now.

    5. Playa, you somehow managed to find the one picture in the universe that actually somehow makes the “one hot friend” principle apply to Nancy Pelosi.

      God. Damn. You.

      1. This made me laugh.

  10. Call me sexist then.

  11. Careful Robby. If the Clinton Super Volunteers decide you’re too much of a threat, they’ll send out a chain email that tells supporters that you were born in Kenya and probably a secret Muslim (or is that only Obama they do that to?)

    Or they’ll just arrange a mysterious case of suicide (Vince Foster) or fatal robbery where nothing is taken (Mary Mahoney).

  12. You know I heard Golda Meir was flattered when David Ben-Guiron referred to her as ” the best man in the government”.

    1. I wonder if Hilary would be flattered if Obama called her the most loyal bitch in the kennel.

  13. Honestly, I’ve gotten numb from all the unflattering names I’ve been called over the past decade. If I’m going to be labeled a racist and sexist then maybe I should start acting like one.

    1. Well, then, you know what word to use at the beginning of each sentence.

      Go on….

      1. Psychopathic?

      2. Actually I am beginning to think True may be on to something there. If everyone uses ‘nigger’ every chance they get then finally maybe the damn thing will lose its power and die a long overdue death.

        Of course since it is a source of power for the proggies and perpetually aggrieved they will fight that tooth and nail.

    2. A friend of mine hit me in the face with a garden hoe when I was young. After that, words didn’t seem to matter much any more.

  14. NYT reporter Amy Chozick received an email from a group titled “Hillary Clinton Super Volunteers” … the account is run by John West, a Chicago-area landscaper and former male model … explaining that [he is] ‘very sensitive’ the the way that Clinton has been described in the media in the wake of her email scandal.

    I’m glad this male model is there to mansplain it to Ms. Chozick.

  15. Is cankles on the list?

  16. The “Hillary Clinton Super Volunteers”? Really? With a name like that I’m figuring their average age must be 13.

    1. Each has a different colored jumpuit and the signal for them to assemble is the piercing shriek of a cat that’s being run over.

  17. She’s such a dick.

    1. She might have one. Is it sexist to call a mannish-looking woman a man?
      How about calling a POS a POS?

  18. The extent to which the Left has become authoritarian over the course of the past eight years in particular is disturbing. And of course, the Republican Party lacks the intellectual fortitude needed to pulverize their groupthink.

  19. John West, a Chicago-area landscaper and former male model

    Is this some sorta Monty Python skit?

  20. You Might Be Sexist If You Call Hillary Clinton ‘Polarizing.’ Or ‘Secretive.’ Or Anything Else Bad.

    Well that didn’t take long.

  21. John West, a Chicago-area landscaper and former male model who hosted a Clinton event at his home recently

    So, basically, either (a) gay , or (b) someone with no real skills that gets by on his looks. Or possibly both.

    Bets on whether this guy was on the football team in high school anyone?

  22. I already assume that I will be called sexist for any and all criticism of the Hilldabeast, no matter how legitimate and completely divorced from real sexism.

    1. If criticism of Obama is per se racism, then why shouldn’t criticism of Hillary be per se sexism?

  23. So we’re still allowed to call her a harpie?

    1. The prefer term is ‘shrill harpie’.
      ‘Grasping Harridan’ can also be used.

      1. Tut. Tut.

        Its “harpy”.

  24. Luckily for us, “old,” “corrupt,” “money-grubbing,” “hypocrite,” “self-serving,” and “lacking in real accomplishments” are still A-OK!

  25. Angry cunt? wizened shrew? lying, conniving, responsibility avoiding troll? All these are OK? I can live with that.

  26. I can’t wait for this Machiavellian cunt to announce. It’ll be 25/7 coverage of every stupid this this vile cunt has ever said and done. She (and I use that term loosely) will need her own television network to cover it all.

  27. I must confess, that it has always struck me that Hillary is “the candidate” who’s time has come. But let us no forget that Ted Kennedy was also “the candidate who’s time has come” in his time also.

    The fact of the matter is that Hillary, like Ted< was a person who had a following that was never nearly enough to get her/him elected but was big enough to get them a huge media following to the point of them both getting considered “the One”.

    I’m not sure of who will be the Demo Nom for prez in 2016 but I am fairly sure it will not be Hillary.

    1. O’Malley is suddenly getting lots of positive press.

      I tend to believe that Fauxcahontas cut a deal with Hillary to sit this one out. But, she’s a politician, so her promises are worthless.

      I cannot think of a single other name that might be plausible as a primary candidate.

    2. The real question is; would Teddy K. even tap that? How many fingers of scotch would it take for a Kennedy to go down that dark corridor?

  28. HRC SV? Sounds like a virus or, a new crime drama… HRC-SV New York. Freakin Bush vs Clinton again. Someone please tell me this is a nightmare!

  29. It’s tough for me to get what women see in some men, since I’m a guy. But, it seems that from what my female friends tell me Bill Clinton is one of the sexiest guys alive. A lot of my women friends put him up there with Jagger as the ultimate sex symbol.

    I have to assume it is true. And, if so, what in the world did he see in HRC? Seriously. I’m a 5, maybe a 5 and a 1/2 in good light (this is out of ten, I’m not referring to anything else….because I am definitely a 5 and 3/4 if we’re talking about other things) and I never dated anyone half as homely as her. I have slept with some women who were as homely as her, but…..beer….what can i say.

    It is like a super model dating a 5’8″ plumber with a pot belly. And, marrying him.

    1. Are your female friends progressives? They seem to have unusually bad taste in men.
      I’m female and I don’t find him remotely sexy.

      1. I’m a Canadian. They don’t have the visceral response everyone in the US would have. But, most Canadian women are leftish.

    2. Power. Bill Clinton is sexy because he has power. When he and Hillary dated and married he didn’t have the sexy power, so they were a lot more close in the attractiveness department. Besides she wasn’t always old. She wasn’t a stunner when young, but besides the nose she wasn’t ugly.

  30. Screw code words. She is a liar. Her husband is a liar. They lie together.

    Maybe I am being a little ambi-sexist…or maybe I just don’t like liars.

  31. John West, a Chicago-area landscaper and former male model who hosted a Clinton event at his home recently.

    All these things in the same sentence are seriously fucked up.

    1. And not very believable. Chicago has landscaping? Who knew?

  32. Clinton herself could be called sexist.

    When in college, she proudly proclaimed, “I’m going to marry a senator!” She married a governor, as we know, but in saying this, she eliminated about 98 percent of the male population as being good enough for her. What if in college Bill had proclaimed, “I’m going to marry a Playboy centerfold!”

    Years later in a speech to the First Ladies’ Conference on Domestic Violence in San Salvador in 1998, feminist politician Hillary Clinton said:

    “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.” http://clinton3.nara.gov/WH/EO…..81117.html

    Women do not become war’s primary victims by surviving genocides and being driven away from their homes to squalid camps where they have the hope, however dim, of rescue and restoration. War’s primary victims are, and have always been, the men who are killed ? the husbands, fathers, and sons of the women whose lives generally are spared.

  33. I’m fairly confident that HRC Super Volunteers is a parody twitter account looking to draw attention to itself.

  34. The HRC Super Volunteers sounds like a bad Saturday morning cartoon

  35. As if anyone imagines that Hillary doesn’t own the press that extolls her greatness anyway?

  36. “You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism.”

    Full Disclosure: This Is Not Coded.

    Go fuck yourself, in the most painful and bloody way possible.

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