The Democrats Have a New Warren/De Blasio, and He's Awful (UPDATED)

Rahm Emanuel challenger Chuy Garcia is setting progressive hearts aflutter, largely because his economic ideas are terrible


Chuy Chuy Chuy Chew-wie |||

Progressives from coast to coast are getting all giddy about the unlikely runoff-election challenge to incumbent Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel by Cook County Commissioner Jesús "Chuy" Garcia. NPR calls it "a race that's signaling a deeper, growing divide between liberal and more moderate Democrats," noting:

Several national progressive groups, including Democracy for America, and the American Federation of Teachers, have banded together to take the fight to Emanuel in what they see as a fight between the "Elizabeth Warren Wing" and the "Wall Street Wing" of the Democratic Party.

Howard Dean is all in for Chuy. Salon and In These Times are wiggling their fingers. The Nation sent out an email advertisement paid for by the Garcia campaign, featuring a sales pitch from Nation contributor and "Chuy Supporter" Rick Perlstein. (Sample, from the noted historian of the American right: "Let's tell Rahm Emanuel that his agenda of privatization, austerity, and authoritarian governance embodies everything that is awful in Democratic Party politics now and has to go. We have a genuine chance to shake up the Democratic Party before the 2016 election. Give $5 or $15.")

If Garcia's campaign does indeed symbolize one side of a Democratic civil war, then the party's historic nationwide drubbing in November 2014 could be more precursor than midterm outlier. That's because Garcia's populist brand of public-sector-union economics does not travel well outside of the inner sanctums of decaying blue cities.

And make no mistake—Chicago right now is an absolute basket case. The city's public sector pensions are underfunded by a mind-numbing $20 billion, Moody's downgraded Chicago's debt last month to two notches above junk, and the 2016 budget must include a $550 million, pig-in-a-python pension payment. There is no way to bridge that gap without cutting either current spending or pension promises to current public-sector employees.

Garcia has ruled out both.* (See clarification below.)

On the state level, he proposes reversing each proposed spending/program cut by new Gov. Bruce Rauner, and replacing them with revenue increases. On the local level, he has been remarkably vague, saying little beyond that every option should be "on the table." Here's how he explained his approach to The New York Times:

Asked where he would look for that money in the budget, Mr. Garcia said he would offer more details after the election. "I will rely on the recommendations made by experts in the field, shortly after I am elected mayor," he said. "Then we will engage in conversations with all stakeholders. Then decisions will be made."

When asked by a semi-exasperated Salon interviewer for a second time about just what, exactly, he would do about the budget crisis, Garcia replied:

We're spending $100 million on [police] overtime at present. Because we're understaffed in the Chicago Police Department, we begin by taking a portion of that overtime to hire additional police officers to begin getting us to the 1,000 additional police officers that we need on streets.

That's right—to solve the public-sector spending/obligation crisis, what we really need to do is hire more cops. And please, don't get him started about teachers.

Great! |||

Like Bill de Blasio in New York, Chuy is running explicitly against educational choice. Which is hardly surprising, considering that he was the hand-picked candidate of Chicago Teachers Union President and progressive superstar Karen Lewis, who would have run herself if it weren't for a brain tumor. His first campaign ad is a full-throated attack against charter schools:

In the commercial, Garcia stands in front of the now-shuttered Marconi Elementary Community Academy in West Garfield Park and accuses Emanuel of being out for big corporate interests instead of children.

"This used to be a school until the mayor shut it down and 49 schools just like it," Garcia says in the ad. "He took money from these schools and gave it to elite private schools founded by his big campaign contributors." […]

"I will stop privatizing our public schools[."]

As both Emanuel and the Chicago Tribune pointed out, by "private" Garcia actually means public, but operated by someone other than the Chicago Teachers Union. Emanuel has opened 31 charter schools while closing those 49 underperforming traditional schools; to Chuy and his supporters, that's untenable. "I will put an end to that," he told Democracy Now.

And they say Socialist Realism is dead. |||

Garcia's sponsor Karen Lewis is the most influential backer of one of the craziest local-politics ideas I've ever heard: imposing a financial transaction tax (also known as the "LaSalle Street tax," or simply "Robin Hood tax") on every trade at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Lewis maintains that such a tax—which is currently prohibited by law—could raise $12 billion for the state, of which maybe $2 billion could then be sloshed into Chicago's public-sector pension shortfall.

Why is this a crazy local-politics idea? Because local. Imagine Thousand Oaks, California, imposing a targeted tax on biotech companies, or Detroit levying an extra fee on automakers. It's like taping a "please leave the city" sign on the front door. Lewis's response to this objection speaks volumes about contemporary progressive politics:

This is an opportunity to actually make heroes out of these people. Instead of everybody being angry at them about their money and their greed and all these other things. This is an opportunity for them to say, "You know what, we're part of the city. We love this city. We'd like to see the city work. We'd like to be a part of the process and this [tax] isn't going to be enough to make us want to go."

Look who's on the table! |||

Where does Chuy stand on the transaction tax, a proposal that has many of his supporters salivating? In December, he said it was "on the table." By January he had come out against, even while continuing to stress that he'd wait until after the election to figure out just what to do about the budget crisis. Meanwhile, when unveiling his vague economic blueprint earlier this month, Garcia sat at a table next to the single most influential Robin-Hood-tax advocate in the economics profession: Dean Baker.

Yet even Dean Baker won't go as far as Karen Lewis and a whole swath of Chicago's political class when it comes to the LaSalle Street tax, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

[Baker] thinks a $1 to $2 Chicago-only tax is a mistake.

"I couldn't envision that you could do that without massive flight from the exchanges," he told us. A tax that generated as much as $100 million [for the entire state, not just Chicago] is "probably a safe number," he said. "At $10 billion, they'd be gone."

When the Elizabeth Warren/Bill De Blasio/Zephyr Teachout wing of the Democratic Party grassroots is to the left of Dean Baker on Robin Hood taxes, it's a good time to take stock of just how far the party has drifted away from the Bill Clinton/New Democrat 1990s.

So is there anything to like about Chuy Garcia from a libertarian perspective? Well, he wants to get rid of red-light cameras, he's open to marijuana legalization, and he is giving Mayor Emanuel a righteous thrashing about his many corporate welfare boondoggles.

But if Chuy is as much an avatar of the modern progressive left that Rick Perlstein and Co. so desperately want him to be, I fear for the long-term economic health of deep-blue cities and states.

* This wording is too strong. The more accurate statement would be "Garcia has declined to publicly contemplate the specifics of either." Here's a relevant exchange with Windy City Media Group:

WCT: Are you able to speak about any kinds of service cuts at this time?

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia: Not at this time.

And one in The New York Times:

Garcia said he opposed cutting benefits for city workers, whether retired or currently working, without negotiating with them first.

"I do not support cutting benefits for current city employees until we have a dialogue," he said.

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  1. Chicago, the next Detroit.

    1. We can only hope.

      1. You don’t have to hope, sarc, spin the wheel on this page- charts.

      2. If Chicago becomes the next Detroit, you’re all going to be on the hook for bailing it out.

        Chew on that thought.

        1. By “us” if you mean Illinois, or anyone holding their bonds, you are right.

          1. People investing in the business of unfunded tax payer liabilities can go ahead and lose their investment and humanity will be all the better off for it.

        2. I just want to watch it burn.

          1. You only say that because Nicole lives there.

          2. Are you a true psychopath, or do you just never leave the house and have thus lost all perspective?

            1. Are you a total moron, or are you incapable of recognizing when someone is being facetious?

              1. I don’t think there’s any doubt.

              2. “Are you a total moron, or are you incapable of recognizing when someone is being facetious?”

                If Tony picks one, he’ll have to kill half of himself.

            2. A question I wonder about most politicians all the time.

    2. The best case scenario is probably that Garcia wins and then runs Chicago into the ground (further). It’s best to kill this kind of person’s career while they are still only operating at the local level. It’s much better he end up a Marion Barry than a Barack Obama.

      1. The best case scenario is probably that Garcia wins and then runs Chicago into the ground (further).

        I can’t believe you didn’t mention the “cherry on the sundae”! Showing that fuckin putz Rahm Emanuel the door!

        1. Yeah, that’s a win-win scenario.

      2. Its actually a lead into the “Worst Case” scenario.

        WCS: The crash doesn’t come until after Jan 20/17, with Clinton as President.

        She asks a GOP Congress to bail out Chicago. It refuses. Chicago defaults and goes under.

        Team Blue gets to run on how the “Libertarians” destroyed Chicago.

        1. Then we build a wall around the city and make the citizens divide themselves based on personality type like in that movie Reason reviewed earlier today.

          1. Needs moar Plissken.

            “I heard he was dead”

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  2. “decisions will be made”

    Yeah, by the bankruptcy judge.

    1. Hey, hey, ay, heeeeeyyyyyy!! /Human League

  3. Emmanuel is an evil asshole but he is not completely insane to totally stupid. He has, however, and many Democrats like him, made an entire political career out of trolling Republicans and pandering to people like Chuy Garcia who really are insane and mind numbingly stupid. Like some character out of a Greek tragedy, Emmanuel is now being victimized by is own success. He trolled the Republicans so well there are not any of them left in Chicago. And he pandered to the lunatics so much they actually want to be taken seriously.

    The MO of the post Watergate Democratic Party was always to look reasonable while pandering to the real lunatics at the base. Keep the freaks in the closet and quiet with the promise of low level political appointments after you win. Starting with the Howard Dean phenomenon this strategy has finally caught up with the Democrats. The inmates now believe their own rhetoric. They don’t see any reason why they should stay in the closet anymore or why giving them what they want won’t finally achieve real victory over the hated enemies of the cause. If someone doesn’t get them back in the closet, the Democratic Party is going to cease to be a national party.

    1. If someone doesn’t get them back in the closet, the Democratic Party is going to cease to be a national party.

      I never pegged you as an optimist, John.

      1. I am not claiming things will get better. They sometimes do and sometimes don’t. But whatever happens, it won’t be the Democratic party running it if they don’t somehow get the retards to go back in the closet.

        1. Why not? Just turns tens of millions of poor Latin Americans in voters. They regular vote for more socialism in Latin America, so why won’t they vote for more socialism here? We’ve got a lot more wealth that needs redistributing, so socialism ought to work even better here. That’s the Democratic plan, one that many in the GOP and even many libertarians are fine with.

          1. That is their plan. The problem they have is that those Latins have a bad habit of doing nasty things like marrying natives, getting jobs, learning English and bettering themselves, which often ruins their willingness to do the right thing and vote for socialism.

            1. That appears to be our only hope. I’m not seeing much evidence of it, though.

              1. Yup. Hispanics didn’t exactly make Puerto Rico a success did they? Emanuel also shot himself in the foot by making Chicago a sanctuary city for illegals. The more minorities, the more chance they’ll elect a corrupt/incompetent minority to lead them.

                1. “The more minorities, the more chance they’ll elect a corrupt/incompetent minority to lead them.”

                  This is truly a contemptible and incorrect sentiment.

            2. Asians are successful yet they like their big govt programs, therefore they vote Democrat. Hopefully the tussle over affirmative action in CA will wake them up to move to the right.

              1. It seemed like Asians were not at all a solid Democrat voting block back in the ’70s-’90s, but that has changed.

          2. Because they escaped from there to come here?

            1. Ever hear of “Californication”? Often people leave a state with excess government for a cheaper and nicer place to live, and then vote for the same sorts of policies that caused them to leave in the first place. Ask long-time residents of Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Vermont, Florida, etc.

              1. And as the virus spreads it is becoming resistant to most commonly used antibiotics.

                1. That comment being to Papaya not Bill. It sounded like I was saying Hispanics are a virus when I really mean Californians are a virus.

    2. He trolled the Republicans so well there are not any of them left in Chicago.

      I’m not so sure that Rahm gets the credit for that. He was probably in high school when the last Republican was drummed out of town.

      1. Yeah. I meant more his party generally.

      2. There had been a Repub alderman for quite a while. Daley ran him out – though I’m pretty sure the police and fire unions had more to do with it than anything; he was alderman in the ward most fire/pigs live in.

    3. He trolled the Republicans so well there are not any of them left in Chicago.

      Were there any before? I don’t know any.

      1. I think the Daley Emperors did the hard work of running TEAM Red out of Chi-town.

        1. Oh, yeah. Between the thuggery and the corruption, this one-party town has been that way for at least a generation.

    4. No one is putting this cat back in the bag. The dems are going full on commie.

      1. It is their own fault. This is what silencing your enemies does, it stops anyone from checking the crazy on your own side until the crazy takes over.

        The left has silenced everyone for generations now. It’s reached the point that in spheres no one can say anything against the D team without receiving hateful and racist based attacks, which is exactly what the whole “check your privilege” thing is.

        The left thinks they’ve won, and maybe they have. But the consequence is there is no one left who can stand up to their crazy. People will respond by silently leaving their camp more and more. At least that is the hope, it is also possible we will all end up in re-education camps in ten years which is possible….

        1. They’re fun camps. FUN CAMPS. Get your terminology right.

    1. Matt missed the chance to go with “I Chuy, Chuy, Chuy-se anyone but you.”

  4. Well the Democrats are going full derp. I’m glad I never made the mistake of moving to Chicago.

  5. The harder they prog now, the faster we can get this all over with and rebuild whatever’s left. Go Chuy!

  6. Actually I kind of want him to win. The destruction of America’s largest city by an unabashed progressive idiot might actually serve as a wake-up call for a lot of Americans.

    It’s almost like a libertarian Ra’s al-Ghul/League of Shadows invented this guy for the purpose of discrediting progressivism.

    1. I would be careful what I wished for. Detroit still gets cited as an example of the failures of libertarianism. Some people aren’t going to learn.

      1. You can argue with crazy all you want, but the only way to win is to marginalize it. Crazy never learns, but never gives up. It’s like cancer or the Cubs.

      2. “Detroit still gets cited as an example of the failures of libertarianism”

        Yes, and yesterday some prog was insisting that Dems lost the senate in 2014 due to “Gerrymandering”

        At a certain point, their lies don’t even convince their followers.

        1. Yes, and yesterday some prog was insisting that Dems lost the senate in 2014 due to “Gerrymandering”

          Wait, what? PLZ give me that link – I need the laugh!

          1. It *was* here yesterday. Now its all gone – there are only ‘6’ comments there now. Apparently they wipe them… which, given the low-grade discourse that goes on at most major-media sites…. is probably for the best.

            But the claim is pretty popular. A well-publicized incident on MSNBC

            The frothing about “gerrymandering” between 2012 and 2014 was everywhere in the prog-media. to the point that “what the word actually *means*” seems to have gotten overlooked by many. The ‘new definition’ seems to be something along the lines of = “HURR DURR REPUBLICAN CHEATING!”.

            * never mind that every single majority congress has done it since the birth of congress….

            ….or that every single poll in every single state pretty much said exactly the same thing was the primary cause for election losses = OBAMACARE.

            But that is a thought that can not be retained in the mind of the faithful.

            1. ugh redistricting is a pox on both houses

          2. Still need a giggle?

            Rick Reiss Wait, wait, wait a minute… I thought conservative obstructionism deserved credit for his success!?(sarcasm). Imagine where we’d be without the obstructionism, racism, denial, lies, and ego of those who oppose our president. How can we reach out and enlighten them when the nature of their resistance isn’t based on fact? How can we focus on long term examples of success, when short term advantage, consumes a psychology that might otherwise, maintain a capacity to foresee the advantage of a sustainable realistic life view? Maybe it’s the death or struggle of their victims that enables such parasites. I hear a cry for help, that refuses a hand because it’s a different color. What can we do to correct that?

            More comment derp:

            Jason Webb A message to the haters: It’s the economy, stupid. Stock market up, housing up, consumer confidence up, gas prices down, unemployment down. Like him our not, this man is going to strut (and I do mean “strut”) right out of office with an economy humming right along. How do you think history will judge him then? And yes, it WAS his policies – the stimulus, the Affordable Care Act, the early steps taken to pull the economy out of a free fall in ’08 – that got it done. I’m more than happy let the history books do their thing. For many of you, the truth hurts, we know. GOBAMA!!

            I could go on, I can’t go on.

            1. Picking cherries that well probably gets the guy a bonus.

    2. Detroit was the most productive city in the history of the world. By far the greatest industrial city the world has ever seen. And in forty years, they turned it into post war Berlin. And the progs answer was, we just didn’t Prog hard enough”. Killing Chicago won’t wake them up anymore than killing Detroit did.

      I love Chicago. It is in spite of the parasites who run it, a great city. It breaks my heart to see the great cities of America destroyed by the virus of ignorance and socialism one after another.

      1. At least NYC has Wall Street to keep it afloat, seemingly indefinitely.

        1. Technology and Dodd Frank are slowly killing that Golden Goose as well.

        2. Never put all your eggs in one basket. A lot of financial jobs are decamping to New Jersey already (like mine).

          1. I thought they were trying to get as close to the exchange as possible (to take advantage of HFT frontrunning).

            1. That closest point is in NJ, IIRC. And only a small percentage of them need to be that close. They’re an outsized percentage of trades, but they don’t employ that many people

              1. (It’s not the exchange itself they’re trying to get close to, but some internet infrastructure)

            2. As far as Wall Street goes, anything that isn’t required to be right there for technological or “public relations” reasons is hightailing it out of there. What’s left is a bunch of empty suits and some food service workers. Everyone who does real work is taking the PATH train over to NJ every morning.

              1. When you watch financial programming the ‘Trading Floor’ you see where ‘traders’ are walking around in commodity-trader jackets under big LED screens is just a TV set. The people who look like traders are actors or whatever. There’s probably no real reason for Wall St to be on Wall Street, New York any more.

      2. In my optimistic mind, usually logic will slowly turn to philosophy, and if any residents understand real-life libertarianism, it’s probably Detroit residents thanks to their government essentially being incompetent and broke. Of course, I’m pessimistic as well, so that’s probably not going to happen.

      3. You can’t blame Detroit’s collapse on politics. There were many other similarly-sized cities with the same kind of politics and they didn’t fall nearly as hard. Detroit’s problem was its total dependence on heavy industry, compared to cities like NYC, Boston, and Chicago that were more diversified.

        1. Well, yes – and those workers thought the gravy train was going to keep on running forever, despite all evidence to the contrary.

        2. That is rediculous. Detroit’s problem was the riots and its utterly corrupt and incompetent government that ran everyone who could out of the city. There is still plenty of wealth and industry in the Detroit area. It is just not in Detroit proper anymore. Moreover, the industry it depended on, the auto industry, is still alive and well in the US. It just doesn’t happen in Detroit anymore. And that is totally the result of politics. The reason why they build car plants in places like Texas and South Carolina and Indiana and not Detroit, even though Detroit at one time at least had a ready made skilled workforce, is entirely due to politics.

          1. That is rediculous. Detroit’s problem was the riots and its utterly corrupt and incompetent government that ran everyone who could out of the city…

            The riots and the UAW. No industry run by sane executives would move into a place so completely enslaved to the labor union religion.

        3. “There were many other similarly-sized cities with the same kind of politics and they didn’t fall nearly as hard.”

          Every city with ‘the same kind of politics’ has fallen, it’s just a matter of degree. Cleveland hasn’t collapsed as hard of Detroit, but it’s still collapsed. Same with St. Louis and Buffalo. It’s true none of them fell as hard, but I also don’t think any of those other cities had a political class as corrupt and outright criminal as the one in Detroit.

          It’s a mixture of bad political policy and politicians who are themselves basically just there to pillage the city as much as possible.

          1. Reference STL, it fell just as hard, but did it much earlier (70’s). It had a minor resurgence starting in the 80’s and is crapping out again.

          2. Or just look at Newark. You’d think being so close to the people taking PATH to the jobs…but no. And Newark’s not even the worst in NJ. The only thing about Detroit was, real big.

        4. How does that bag of dicks taste?

          1. Did you have it delivered by Amazon drone?

            1. If I could send a drone Tulpa’s way, it wouldn’t be carrying a bag of dicks.

      4. On the other hand, if great cities are going to die, better that it is by the suicide of socialism than some external force.

      5. there is no honesty or integrity in liberals

    3. The destruction of America’s largest city by an unabashed progressive idiot might actually serve as a wake-up call for a lot of Americans.

      Nope. Progressives have good intentions. It couldn’t be their fault.

      1. I can’t even be that nice at this point, when Top Men statists and progressives unapologetically make the same bad policies and talking points, it’s not good intentions anymore.

        1. Oh it’s good intentions alright. They are looking out for the public good. They are serving the will of the people. They only want to take back what the rich and the corporations have stolen from the people. It’s all the fault of the greedy rich and corporations. They are not well intentioned. They care only for profits. If anyone is to blame, it is them. Because intentions.

          This is how we pave the road to hell.

          1. Even if our economy wasn’t voluntary (it is, of course), the logic would still make no sense whatsoever. Corporations using involuntary force to steal from the people is a public evil, but the will of the people using involuntary force to steal is a public good. Pure. Genius…

            1. Governments don’t steal from the people. Governments are the people. Corporations though, they’re not people. So when governments take from the corporations, they’re returning money to the people. Unlike when corporations take in profits, they’re taking money away from the people.
              And what about those goods, services and jobs that corporations provide? Well, they charge too much and don’t pay enough. Whenever they sell you something they make a profit, so they’re stealing from you. Same when they give you a job. They make a profit, so they’re stealing.
              When governments take money from the people, it’s really the people taking money from the people, so it’s a wash. Taxes are really the people giving money to the people. It’s a wonderful thing. And when government provides services, it doesn’t make a profit. So no money is wasted by giving profits to the rich. Thus governments are always more efficient.

              Like Michael Savage says – Liberalism is a mental disorder.

              1. But wait, if government is the people, and the GOP is 1/2 of government, that means they have to be people as well. To think of the inconveniences a typical Prog must go through is enough to send me into an asylum, no idea what effect it must have for them…

                1. The GOP are corporate shills, so they don’t count. They work for the corporations and the rich, while deluding the bitter clingers into voting for them.

                  1. CORPORATIONS ARENT PEOPLE !!! /derp

          2. Sarcasmic is correct. The average Democrat is not rubbing their hands in anticipation of the coming leftist dictatorship. They just think the left is “nicer” than the right, because it cares more about people and gives them stuff.

    4. NYC is America’s largest city. Just sayin’.

  7. I do like his restaurants.

    1. Do “Che”-style shirts exist with this guy’s mug on them? If not, why not? They’d do well in Chicago, I assume.

      1. That poster looks pretty Che style to me. I bet you could get that on a t-shirt.

        It is tragic comic that these people are so ignorant that they have no idea that they are using fascist art. They see that picture and think, “way cool man” having no idea the dark history of such artistic style. It is just a matter of time before they start using a hammer and sickle, not because they are Soviets, but because they will think it looks cool and have no idea anyone had ever used the symbol before. They really are an example of human devolution happening right before our eyes. Mankind can go backwards into ignorance and darkness and do so much easier than even I thought it could.

        1. Stalin’s mustache is just a bonus.

        2. *unhides inages*

          Damn, you mean he’s not this guy?

          1. Yeah….I’d vote for that guy!

        3. Wait… is that poster that accompanies this article for real (i.e. sanctioned by his campaign or created by genuine supporters)? Like, no irony intended?


            1. Wait a minute, irony is exactly what lures the young hipsters to vote for Team Blue! But the Chicago Machine can’t possibly be that intelligent to know that, can they? Yup, I’m just as horrified as everyone else now.

              1. A total and complete lack of self-awareness by both parties is sufficient to create a perfect storm.


        4. Leftists do love their socialist realism posters. Hearkens back to the good old days, when men were men and kulaks were starved into submission.

          1. Of course, what made the good old days so good was that only those other countries actually gave it a try, they only needed to envy them to feel intellectually superior. Such an easy existence.

        5. John, back in the days just before the Iron Curtain fell, some art students in Yugoslavia (IIRC) won a regime contest for political poster designs. Then they revealed that they had copied Nazi posters and changed as little as possible.

      2. I’m sure that they do have those shirts, but I have yet to see one. every time I go out every person’s yard has a “Chuy” sign, and all of the hipsters have Chuy buttons. It’s really iritating. Then again my neighborhood is mostly hispanic, and the rest are hipster douche bags zooming by on their single speeds. It’s only when I get to work in the ‘burbs do I regain a sense that the whole world hasn’t gone to shit (yet).

    2. +1 9-1-1 Hot Plate.

      seriously, the Grijvala stache makes him look like the tard they both are

  8. Does smiling at the thought of Chicago self-destructing make me a bad person?

    1. Yes.

      I am also a bad person for the same reason.

    2. If that makes me bad, I don’t wanna be good.

  9. Chicago has austeritied itself into the terrible situation it’s in now, that’s for sure.

    Also, I learned from Kurt Loder this morning that in the Divergent series that for some reason they built a big wall around Chicago. Now, since we’ve been using 1984 as an instruction manual for the past 60 years, maybe we can take a cue and use Divergent the same way? I know that it doesn’t have the same literary cache as 1984, but they’re both dystopian love stories at heart, I mean come on.

    1. Chicago? ‘Austeritied’?


      *shakes sarcasm meter*

      1. Sounds like an idiot leftoid

    2. Yes because Chicago’s spending problem is that they’re not spending enough. And I suppose blood letting is the cure for blood loss?

      1. *hands over lancet and box of leeches*

      2. Theodorick of York

  10. “There is no way to bridge that gap without cutting either current spending or pension promises to current public-sector employees.”

    That’s what YOU think! CA has been managing to do so for years; tax and borrow.

    1. What’s the deficit under jerry brown and Der Governator again? If we’re concerned about deficits (and I’m not really) shouldn’t we vote for the political party that actually does something to ameliorate them?

      You sound bitter living in CA. If you are so unhappy why don’t you move to one of those low tax red-state Utopias that you seem to long for. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in TexAss, but– you know– to each his own.

      1. american socialist|3.20.15 @ 12:57PM|#
        “What’s the deficit under jerry brown and Der Governator again? ”

        You stupid shit, do you think making the $25 payment on your $10K credit card balance is somehow ‘balancing’ your budget?
        Oh, wait! You’re the slimebag who couldn’t figger out how to pay the mortgage you agreed to, so, yes, you probably are that ignorant.
        Oh, and go lick mass murderer ass.

  11. I live just outside Chicago so I hear a lot about this. I think it’s great that someone is holding Emmanuel’s feet to the fire. I think a challenge to an incumbent is a good thing. For instance, Chuy vowed to get rid of all red-light cameras, and right after that, Emmanuel changed from fully supporting them, to ordering hundreds of them shut off.

    That being said, Chuy is totally in the pocket of the teachers’ union, which is one of the worst in the country. Plus he has no economic plan outside of “we need to spend more”.
    So I hope he loses. At this point, he’s way behind in the polls.

    1. So RLC antipathy balances out your concerns about teachers unions running the city into the ground?

      1. You must have missed the part where he said he hopes Chuy loses and just thought Rahm getting challenged is a good thing.

        1. Of course, but still.

          I would think that every RLC ticket means one less opportunity for a Chicago cop to stop a motorist and do God knows what to them.

          1. Um…the cops are still out there. Those are just bonus tickets.

          2. You sound like the same economically-challenged rube who thinks buggy whip craftsmen were left permanently unemployed by the horseless carriage, or that ATMs left bank tellers permanently unemployed.

            Cops who don’t write red light tickets aren’t fired; they just move on to greener pa$ture$.

        2. Don’t be surprised when Tulpa chooses the most dishonest interpretation of someone’s words, Irish. It’s what lying sacks of troll shit like him do.

        3. “Well, he wants to get rid of red-light cameras, he’s open to marijuana legalization, …”

          First off, BULLSHIT he wants to get rid of RLCs. Not when he realizes how much revenue they make for the almighty state. And HE’LL never have to pay a ticket…

          Number two, of COURSE he is for MJ legalization. At a 400% tax for the state, OF COURSE.

          Yeah, a lot for a liber-RETARD-arian to like there…

    2. It is good to hear people are revolting against the red light cameras. I seriously doubt Chuy wins. I have a wierd feeling Emmanuel could be a almost acceptable mayor with the right incentives. Stalin’s evil KGB head Beria, one of the evilest men of the 20th Century, actually wanted to open and reform the Soviet Union before the other Soviets shot him for his crimes after Stalin died. For all of his utter evil, he had come to realize communism was a dead end for Russia and the country needed to open up. He could have been Gorbachev 50 years yearly.

      I have this irrational gut feeling that Emmanuel could be a bit of that for the Democrats. While he is not Beria evil, he is one of the real craven pieces of shit who foisted Obama on the country. Yet, I can’t shake the feeling he understands that Progessivism is a failure. Maybe I am dreaming but that is my gut feeling.

      1. Andrew Cuomo is similar. He is basically a throwback to his father’s era of Democrats. Naturally, this means his popularity is down the toilet lately.

      2. You are generally correct, John. Emmanuel is not an ideologue; he is a politician–and a closer. The machine brought him to Chicago because it needed someone who would not give a fuck in order to deal with the no-shit crises the city is in. Therefore people hate him. And he is a corrupt asshole, but he is realistically probably the best kind of mayor a place like Chicago is going to get.

        1. and a closer


          1. Put the coffee down Warty. Coffee is for closers like Rahm. He drives a Cadillac. What do you drive?

            1. His point home.

            2. Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you! Go home and play with your kids.

              1. Imagine how easy that role was for him.

              2. You see Rahm’s watch? His watch is worth more than your car.

                That’s likely true in my case.

      3. At best, Beria would have been a Tito – open to some market reforms, but still a brutal thug.

        The Politburo didn’t shoot him for his crimes. They shot him to save their own asses. Khruschev gave a fairly good account of it in his memoirs. (I am aware that Khruschev Remembers has doubters as to its provenance, but I tend to think it really was Khruschev’s. Brezhnev was furious when it was published in the West.)

        1. The Politburo shot him because he was going to take over after Stalin and shoot them. All of them were just as guilty as Stalin. They should have shot Stalin in the 30s but didn’t and went along. Once that happened, they had no choice but to follow Stalin until the end because they all had incredible amounts of blood on their hands including killing most of the real “heroes” of the revolution. Once Stalin died, the next person had blame all of Stalin’s crimes on Stalin’s crimes on someone. Beria likely would have blamed all of them but himself. Kruschev, who no one outside of the USSR had any chance of taking over, was able to do so because he managed to convince everyone he was going to blame the entire thing on Stalin and let everyone else off the hook, which is what he did.

          1. I think we agree on that.
            The story Khruschev tells in his memoirs about the coup against Beria makes fascinating reading. (Though he leaves out the part about bringing Zhukov back to put the army up against the KGB troops.)

            1. In 04 a really great biography of Stalin came out called Court of the Red Tsar. You might want to check it out if you haven’t read it.

              1. Koba the Dread is still my go to.

          2. They should shot Stalin in the 20s. Lenin warned about him on his deathbed in 1924.

            1. That was the abiding myth of the Fourth International: That Stalin somehow ‘betrayed’ Lenin’s revolution and things would have been better under Bakunin or Trotsky.

              No, things wouldn’t have been better. Either would have committed just as many murders as Stalin.

              1. That’s at least partly true, in the sense that every failed attempt at communism (all of them) always has people making similar excuses. But it is true that Stalin was particularly bad. I don’t think Trotsky would have been worse.

      4. I agree. The red light cameras have got to go. but if it’s between having RLCs or higher property taxes, I’ll take the RLCs

      5. Russia had a succession of types who were either corrupt or not, but advocated real reform, got near the top, and then got booted off the stage.

    3. As long as Garcia’s behind in the polls, it’s a good time for Rahm to announce that all teachers will be incinerated. Might as well exact revenge on them for supporting the wrong guy. And Tulpa’s a teacher, so it’s definitely addition by subtraction.

  12. Next up, the front runner for the Mayor’s nomination (election really as the GOP has no chance) in Phila. is Jim Kenny, a guy who told suburbanites to stay the hell out of Philadelphia. Oh, but nice guy that he is, of course he wants suburban taxpayers to bail out Philly’s failed public school system.

    1. So you’re saying that I should stop hoping to move back to the Philly ‘burbs, that it’s getting even worse?

      1. Philly sucks, burbs o.k. but sliding into the abyss too. I once challenged a Delaware County GOP Commissioner’s “tax based on their ability to pay” meme as being one-half of the communist manifesto. He got quite indignant and actually met me in the parking lot to argue the issue.
        Guess what? He turned out to be a Reason Mag. supporter and friend of one of the founders of the mag (not R. Poole). If a guy like this can so misunderstand individual liberty, then there isn’t much hope for another 40 years of libertarian outreach.

        1. We all have our blind spots, creech. You know, human beings.

  13. Maybe their loss of parking meter revenue to a Morgan Stanley subsidiary — and the fact they have to pay it every time they close a street — has something to do with it. What kind of dolts would have supported Mayor Daley’s plan to sell a major revenue source off for a pot of porridge that the city has long since blown through?

    See for yourself.

  14. Why is there a picture of Juan Valdez with Jabba the Hutt on my screen?

    1. Jabbba is the poor dedicated Union head who has the multiple vacation homes. Schools are so struggling and under funded they can’t afford to pay her enough to have that extra house in St. Lucia like someone doing God’s work like her deserves.

  15. I fear for the long-term economic health of deep-blue cities and states

    Because they have been on solid financial footing until this Chuy guy came along.

    CME would remove Chuy if it thought he was a real problem.

  16. “Howard Dean is all in for Chuy. Salon and In These Times are wiggling their fingers. The Nation sent out an email advertisement paid for by the Garcia campaign, featuring a sales pitch from Nation contributor and “Chuy Supporter” Rick Perlstein.”

    The Nation is run by Katrina Vanden Heuvel, granddaughter of the founder of MCA, Inc. and daughter of a noted socialite who was actually mentioned in Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic and an ambassador in the Kennedy Administration.

    She’s very rich through absolutely no effort on her own part since she basically inherited a fortune.

    Her magazine has attacked the Citizen’s United decision and has published articles like this one and say:

    “This magazine decried the Citizens United ruling as a “dramatic assault on American democracy,” and we called for the passage of a constitutional amendment stating that corporations don’t have the same rights to political expression as individuals. Tracking the role that corporate money plays in politics is an urgent priority for this magazine, as is championing electoral reform.”

    So the Nation thinks outside corporate spending on elections is horribly evil, yet The Nation, which is operated by a corporate entity called The Nation Company and is owned by a rich music company heiress sent out advertisements on behalf of a candidate.

    Looks like they don’t care that much about outside corporate spending after all.

    1. Not to defend the Nation, but you can consider a game unfair and still play it. Libertarians who hate public financing of stadiums can still attend games at them without being hypocrites, no?

      1. Is this Tulpa?

        1. Yes. Check the AM links for confirmation.

          1. Why does he keep changing his name?

            1. Good question. If you asked him, he’d say something stupid about a cruel clique of glib people who poison the well against him. If you ask me, I’ll say that he’s a lying sack of shit who wants to escape the consequences of his bad behavior. Tomato, lyingdipshitahto.

              1. Tomato, lyingdipshitahto.

                So clunky….yet SO RIGHT!!!

                Damn, Wartster, you got some skilllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

            2. He’s fucking psycho.

  17. At the very least I wish they would stop hijacking the Robin Hood story. Robin Hood was not some fucking proto-Marxist. His enemy was the nobles and the Sheriff of Nottingham; in other words, the government of that time and place, not capitalist entrepreneurs. He was not seeking to “redistribute wealth”; he was seeking to take back wealth that had been stolen from its rightful owners as taxes.

    1. Wasn’t he about equal rights for Moors or something?

    2. Funny how they often neglect to mention in their narrative that the State was the problem in that story.

  18. The CME has a disaster recovery site outside of Cook county. They run active-active meaning the DR site is processing trades & quotes (50% of them?) while other systems at the Loop location handle the rest. Aside from a few pits left open at the CBOT keeping them in the city, they could turn all of their electronic trading off in Cook county and move. It’s all electronic anyway and this will just hasten the death of the trading pits.

    I’m not aware of the location of CBOE’s offsite datacenter but I bet it’s outside of Cook county too.

    So, this LaSalle tax is a complete non-starter for the city. Perhaps the State of IL might want to try it but then the CME and CBOE will just move out of the state altogether.

    I’d love to see Rahm win in a squeaker. He will pay back everyone who went against him 10x since one of his guiding principles is likely “payback’s a bitch!” Rahm might be Chicago’s (and Illinois’) best chance to destroy the unions here.

    1. I don’t do options or futures, so I don’t trade through CME or CBOE.

      If I did make such trades, I’d trade through Toronto or London rather than pay tribute to the Chicago Teachers’ Union.

      1. If I did futures I’d go short on Chicago.

    2. The CME would move to Rosemont in a matter of minutes.

  19. That “Robin Hood tax” thing looks familiar.

  20. “…a fight between the “Elizabeth Warren Wing” and the “Wall Street Wing” of the Democratic Party.”

    So Marxists versus Communists?

    1. No. Fascists versus Leninists.

      1. More Trotskyites vs Stalinists.

  21. If he wins, and some sort of idiotic “Robin Hood” shakedown brain fart gets enacted, the Progs will almost immediately see their first major unintended consequence. While CME and the like will stick around (I mean, where the fuck would they go anyway?), companies with fifty or fewer employees will be absolutely burning rubber to get the fuck out to the suburbs. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised to see up to one-third of downtown office space vacated completely within a few years and the Loop transform into something resembling the Harold Washington era ghost town of the eighties.

  22. Maybe I should move somewhere more financially stable, somewhere where the Democrats don’t have such a stranglehold on the government.

    Somewhere like California.

  23. “Karen Lewis, who would have run herself if it weren’t for a brain tumor.”

    (looks around)

    “Iss Not a Tooma!”

    (slinks away)

    1. I question the notion that Karen Lewis can “run” for anything.

    2. I was hoping she would die from it.

  24. Chuy will legalize weed and turn Chicago into the Midwest version of Denver. The revenues will pay off Chicago debts. That’s my theory. It’s stupid, but it will be fun while it lasts.

    If any of the Chicago crew want to talk about doing a HyR meetup, just to scare the locals, drop me an email.

    1. Legalizing and taxing weed is a fine idea. The problem is that nothing will pay the cities debts because there is never enough free shit. Free money is the most addictive substance in the universe. No amount of it will ever satiate a person once they get a taste of it. This is why socialism always ends in bankruptcy. Even if they could find a way to get the productive class to keep producing or magically find more of other people’s money, that still wouldn’t work because the recipients of state largess will always demand more.

      1. Oh, no question he’d fuck up that money source. Instead of using it to pay debt, he’d spend it on, I dunno, Weed Quality Commissions and putting dispensary employees on the public payrolls (and unions!).

    2. Has there ever been a Chicago meet up in the past? I’ve lurked here for years and haven’t seen one mentioned before. I haven’t posted in several months though because I decided to move on to another job that actually requires my attention. What a dumb move…

      1. Not that I’m aware of. That’s why I thought that it’s a good first step toward establishing a revolutionary cell.

        1. Count me in Comrade….well, if you could make it a suburban cell/meet up…

      2. Well I for one would be interested.

  25. He’s got a pretty excellent moustache, I’ll give him that much. I shaved off my beard for some stupid reason last night, and I left a horseshoe ‘stache on for a while and pondered keeping it. I can never take myself seriously with a moustache, though, so I got rid of it. It may have been a terrible mistake.

    1. Have you considered a Hitler mustache?

    2. Not having a beard is ALWAYS a terrible mistake.

  26. A Robin Hood tax? Robin Hood robbed the tax collectors and gave the money back to the people. Now the tax collector is Robin Hood? Oh, that’s funny.

  27. ” “You know what, we’re part of the city. We love this city. We’d like to see the city work”

    Apparently that song goes to the tune of….

    Also = in her fantasy-world, the ‘problem’ is simply limited to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange/CBOE

    ….and NOT in fact the *customers* of that exchange who’d probably rather not see a hefty transaction tax passed onto them for no reason. In her mind, this *isn’t* actually a recipe for commercial suicide.

    Why not McDonald’s? They’re (sorta) HQ’d in Chicago. “We’ll just force McDonald’s to pay us half of what they take for every Burger, worldwide”

    “Surely no customers will notice the price tag rising by 50%! Its not like they have any other *options* (pun intended) anyway?”

    I appreciate that these people are insane, and that their supporters are idiots…. but isn’t there someone involved in the process… a ‘consultant’ or something…. who actually worked in the private sector at one point, and grasped that, *this crazy-talk isn’t how shit actually works*?

  28. I think the only logical approach to this is to strongly support these New Urban Democrats.

    Others have noted this. Give them their New Detroit. It seems the only path to long-term sanity in the voting public is to let them have their fantasy world for a brief moment and then let it come crashing down on top of their heads. Its clear that there’s no ‘rational alternative’ in the cards for them.

    1. Thanks, friend. I will get soaked as an IL, non-Chicago taxpayer, to bail them out. Why do you hate me and my family?! WHY GILMORE, WHY?!?!?!!

      1. UHAUL is a beautiful thing.

      2. And that’s the argument right there for secession. I’m shocked that there hasn’t been more noise about people trying to do just that. The only one I’ve heard so far that has any media legitimacy is Jefferson (maybe).

        1. There has been talk about northern Cook splitting off from Cook County as long as I’ve been alive.

      3. You should move to Nebraska so you can show those librul elite who’s the boss.

        1. Omaha liberals fucked up Nebraska years ago.

      4. The fiscal mess is why we sold my father-in-law’s house on the North Shore. Couldn’t believe the exorbitant property taxes. They were almost twice as much as a comparable house in MA.

    2. I’d buy that if it weren’t for the fact that we have seen these disasters before and the guilty blame everyone BUT themselves.

      And the MSM not only fail to call them on it, they bring in Krugman or one of his clones to support the notion that the ‘austerity measures’ were the problem.

      1. “the guilty blame everyone BUT themselves.”

        Yes. As noted above (re: the “gerrymandering” excuse)…. but I think there is no “solving” their fantasy demands other than a dose of cold, harsh reality.

        I know Mom tends not to support “throw the junky out on the street”-politics, but I sure as hell do. Let them go bankrupt. Let slip the dogs of fiscal comeuppance. Nothing will isolate and diminish the politics of ‘rape the productive sector‘ more effectively than forcing them to witness the consequences of their own insanity.

        1. I wish that the Top Men would admit that the spending is the cause of the catastrophe and the only cure is to cut it.

          However, the general reaction on the Left since Syriza took power in Greece shows that the Left will never learn.

  29. I am not sure how many H&Rs; have leaned to the curb or attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, but “Chuy”, pronounced chew-ee, is the man.

  30. Of course that guy has ridiculous economic ideas. He’s sporting a Stalin mustache for Christ’s sake.

  31. “I will rely on the recommendations made by experts in the field…”

    So Tony is Chuy?!

    1. “I will rely on the recommendations made by experts in the field

      Let me translate.

      “I will raise your taxes so much you won’t believe it and I will divide up all of that money between me and my commie friends and supporters. Of course, the biggest pile of cash will be mine, but this is necessary to bring the utopia”

  32. How is the crease in his pants?

  33. This is too damned funny. I hope this commie wins. Please vote this guy in Chicogoans, but before the election make sure to stock up on anal lube so you can get ready to bend over and take it.

    The democrats are so going to go full on commie and destroy themselves. It will be sad at the destruction they will wreak in the process, but it has to be done, because people just cannot learn otherwise. Some will never learn, but enough will.

    1. I dunno. There’s talk about raising property taxes but exempting low income households. So it’s still the tax the rich BS and protecting their constituents.

  34. ‘Fat people are sexual too!’ Plus-size porn star calls for larger ladies to embrace their ‘big, beautiful bodies’ and insists women shouldn’t have to lose weight to feel desired

    April Flores, from Los Angeles, is an award-winning film star and has starred in more than 15 adult films
    The 38-year-old was also the subject of a photography book, titled Fat Girls, which was published by her late husband…..sired.html

    John concurs.

    1. She’s not that fat. She’d look pretty good about 30 pounds less having lost the belly but keeping the curves.

    2. “an award-winning film star”

      Most chicken wings in an hour?

      1. I larfed.

  35. Progs bitching about corporate welfare is really just progs bitching about capitalism. Particular criticisms however unintentionally correct they may be, are always backed up with policy preferences for expanded government power. Progs bitching about anything should be taken with a bucket of salt.

    1. Not giving is taking and not taking is giving. So allowing corporations to keep their own money is welfare, since not taking is giving. Likewise not giving welfare to deadbeats is stealing, since not giving is taking. Progressives are retarded.

      1. Drink!

        1. I will be substituting in for Mr. sarcasmic, tonight, for the role of “drink”.


          1. I’m not drinking you. I’m drinking Bushmills. Well, not at this moment. Give me a couple hours.

    2. Progs cannot distinguish between cronyism and a free market. I’ve tried explaining this to several of them and it’s hopeless.

      They think that corporate welfare is corporations forcing the government to give them money. They really are that dumb.

      1. They don’t think. They feel. If they thought then they wouldn’t feel that way.

        1. My favorite prog fallacy is that lobbying is a form of force and not a voluntary transaction. The irony is that if anybody is putting involuntary force for lobbying to even be important at all, it’s the fed’s eternally growing regulatory blob. Leftists always seem to have the logic backwards.

          1. Progs feel that government force isn’t really force, since the government is the people.

            And corporate influence is force because, well, because progs feel and don’t think.

  36. That justification for the “Robin Hood” tax is so precious. If you think someone is greedy, how is forcing them to pay more for the dubious privilege of staying in the city going to.make them selfless?

    1. When someone cannot be ‘nudged’ into the correct behavior, then what choice do we have except to use force? We don’t want to use force, so just do what we tell you and everything will be ok.

  37. imposing a financial transaction tax (also known as the “LaSalle Street tax,” or simply “Robin Hood tax”) on every trade at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange


    Holy shit. I should visit Chicago while I still cna.

  38. Hi, I’m a little confused about the libertarian line I’m supposed to take on this one. Are blue state urban dwellers getting richer or going broke? I’ve heard right-wingers express both views so I’m looking for advice on what to tell my proggie friends while we talk about the blighted outlook for LA and SF. Thanks.

    1. Hi, I’m a little confused about the libertarian line I’m supposed to take on this one. Are blue state urban dwellers getting richer or going broke? I’ve heard right-wingers express both views so I’m looking for advice on what to tell my proggie friends while we talk about the blighted outlook for LA and SF. Thanks.


      1. “I’m a little confused”

        Do you know what sarcasm is?

        1. I know what an idiot is. Do you want to know what an idiot is? Go look in a mirror.

          1. You are terribly unfunny and rude.

            1. *takes a bow*

              1. *polite applause*

                1. I didn’t know Jar Jar Binks commented on Reason.

                  “How wude!”

    2. I will pretend for 30 seconds that you’re not trolling and give a serious answer: the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer – and the middle class has left. Just as your policies dictate. So the correct answer is “both”.

    3. It’s not so much that their either rich or poor, as stupid.

  39. When asked by a semi-exasperated Salon interviewer for a second time about just what, exactly, he would do about the budget crisis, Garcia replied:

    Here’s the budget, show me where to spend… show me ONE place to spend!!!

    You can’t, because there’s nothing left to spend

  40. We’re spending $100 million on [police] overtime at present. Because we’re understaffed in the Chicago Police Department, we begin by taking a portion of that overtime to hire additional police officers to begin getting us to the 1,000 additional police officers that we need on streets.

    Oh, can we finally put to bed the notion that there’s some kind of libertarian/progressive alliance on police brutality?

    1. Libertarians and progs both agree there’s a problem with police brutality. The libertarians want to reduce it, the progs want more whites to be on the receiving end of the brutality to even things out. Justice has no meaning to them, all that matters is what their emotions tell them is “fair”.

      1. Progressives believe that there are too many secret memos and police officers using the N-word. Eliminate the secret racism lurking in the halls of law-enforcement, and all will be well.

        Libertarians believe there is a problem with accountability and entrenched power within government. A power that has grown large and out of reach to the people it supposedly serves.

        One of those positions is correct.

    2. I’d settle for putting to bed the notion that Chicago’s or any big American city’s policy department is “understaffed”.

      1. “Police” department, too.

  41. Jes?s “Chuy” Garcia.

    Joseph “Joe” Biden and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Warren better watch out – they’ve got more competition now. got competition now.

  42. These people are two shits away from shoving the labor theory of value down everyone’s throats.

  43. 1. The only people who think that Chicago is going the way of Detroit, don’t live in Chicago. The two cities are not even similar. It is a racebaiting comment and it is not even subtle.

    2. Rahm is hated by nearly everyone in Chicago. He did that all by himself. He does not have any brilliant ideas for fixing the city. He is out to fleece it like his Wall Street brothers fleeced this country. I am not a supporter of the teacher’s union. HOWEVER, Rahm’s is not concerned about tixing the school system or the pension problem. Rahm’s single focus is converting the public school system to a charter school system so that the rich can teach our poor children how to serve them and so he can award the corporate contract to one of his buddies. Charter schools perform WORSE than public schools overall and I am not drinking the Kool-Aid.

    3. Chuy may not have all the answers, but that is a good thing. That means he does not have Wallstreet whispering in his ear and he might actually allow Main Street a seat at the table. Other than MORE red light camera’s and ripping off pensions, Rahm has no answers unless it will make him and his friends some money. We can’t afford Rahm.

    4. Chuy loves Chicago. Rahm grew up in the suburbs. He doesn’t understand Chicago. We tolerated Daley’s blunders because Daley loved Chicago. It was his baby and he beautified Chicago. Daley was a part of the City. Rahm… should go back to DC.

    1. Well, I guess it’s easier to fuck Chicago if you love Chicago.

    2. Yeah, you assholes, check you non-Chicago privilege.

      Chicago is way more awesomer than Detroit

    3. “3. Chuy may not have all the answers, but that is a good thing. That means he does not have Wallstreet whispering in his ear”

      I believe this was posted sincerely.
      In that case, allow me to introduce a truly ignorant human being: Please meet babybird.
      Hey, babybird! Fuck off; you’re an ignoramus!

  44. So, it’s interesting how the Progressives get the whole Robin Hood story wrong. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, right? Wasn’t the rich guy he stole from Prince John? So Robin Hood stole from the GOVERNMENT! And he stole from Prince John because the good Prince taxed the people too much!

    1. At least in the Errol Flynn version, he did steal from rich travelers who weren’t the government.

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  46. Classic, you have to elect me to see what I’m about. Sounds like it is right out of the Democratic Party playbook.

  47. I’m appalled by the fairly recent trend of referring to tax hikes as “revenue increases”. It isn’t technically incorrect but it is a clear attempt to wrap something unsavory to most is a less offensive language.

  48. “every option should be “on the table.” Except for those things my opponent did because, you know he was bound by like reality and stuff.

  49. we can’t hold a big government liberal to task for not understanding the difference between public and private.

  50. “Robin Hood Tax”, to take from those rich citizens and give to the poor underfunded state. Classic.

  51. Anyone who makes one of Obama’s flunkies seem reasonable by comparison probably should be allowed to walk freely among us.

    1. N one will stop him and I’ll laugh in his face.

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  53. Either way they are going bankrupt.

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