High School Superintendent: Teen Sexting Is a Police Matter

Two teens send nude selfies. Police spend several weeks, interview 25 students to "investigate."


Alex Akopyan/Flickr

From suburban Chicago, another tale of teens being treated like criminals for sharing sexually oriented photos with each other. Four students at Ridgewood High School, in the suburb of Norridge, now face possible charges for "dissemination of harmful material to a minor," police said. Those charged include two girls, 15 and 17, who sent nude photos of themselves via Snapchat and two male teens who received the photos and forwarded them to others. Another student overheard classmates discussing it and ratted them out to school officials, who ratted them out to the police. 

Why the sex lives of teens should be subject to school discipline is suspect enough, but it's extra perplexing what interest the government has in such matters. We're talking about teens using private phones and communications platforms to exchange photos. It may not be the most wise move to send nude selfies to your crush, but criminal? Surely police resources could be used in better ways?

At Ridgewood High, the investigation "spanned several weeks" and involved police interviews with 25 students, the Chicago Tribune reports. "When asked whether there was in-school punishment for the students, [Ridgewood Superintendent Jennifer] Kelsall said it was a police matter that had been handled."

More recent instances of teen sexting criminalization and hysteria here, here, here, here, and here

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  1. Sounds like 4 more kids either ready for libertarian outreach or ready to love big brother. Toss up.

    1. Sounds like a lot of cops who wanted to see pictures of nude teens.

      1. Yes we would like to know if you have any nude twen pics on your phone Money shots would be preferable. For the children. We’re authority figures so it’s ok to show us Can you forward thise to me?

  2. I’m not a user, but I thought SnapChat pix couldn’t be saved, archived, etc. and went away after a set amount of time. How do they know these were nude pix, unless someone took a pic of their screen and archived that?

    Four students at Ridgewood High School, in the suburb of Norridge, now face possible charges for “dissemination of harmful material to a minor,” police said.

    They are probably going easy on them, as I believe creation of child porn is a separate and more serious charge.

    1. Aren’t they harming themselves everyday by looking in the mirror?

      1. I think we need a cop in every junior high and high school locker room, stat!

    2. They are probably going easy on them, as I believe creation of child porn is a separate and more serious charge.

      Kind of like that cop who pulled women over and coercing them to expose themselves. I mean, if I had a firearm on my belt and implied to women that bad things would happen unless they showed me their breasts, I’d get what? 20 years?

      Ofc. John Norman got 2.

      1. HM, I think the problem is that you are using a car. If you used a boat, you’d be fine because of the “implecations”


    3. Nothing you send on Snapchat is ephemeral. It doesn’t block the ability of the recipient to take a screenshot; it claims that it will notify the sender when a screenshot is taken but there are hacks out there that prevent that.

      Also, I believe the company itself keeps permanent permanent records and complies with government requests for information.

    4. There are screenshot apps that allow you to capture Snapchat pictures even though they do go away after a few seconds. Some people know this, others do not, but what that means is the ones who don’t know are making the mistaken assumption that it’s not possible for someone to share a Snapchat pic. If they want to, they can. I’d bet a lot of money the boys who got sent the pics immediately screenshotted them and saved them (and then shared them).

  3. there should be a registry of police officers working the child porn beat. they shouldn’t have any objections if they aren’t doing anything wrong.

    1. I always wonder what sort of checks and balances they have on officers who work the kiddie pr0n beat. For a “normal” individual that has to be an absolutely soul crushing duty. And since the cops are pretty much immune to accountability for some cho-mo officer it has to be like hitting the motherload.

      If they ever end Law and Order: SVU my idea for the final episode is that its revealed that the holier-than-thou female detective has been retaining terabytes of CP on her personal computer and she winds up going to jail over her sundry abuses.

  4. Surely police resources could be used in better ways?

    Uh, you mean like tracking down stolen goods or, even more difficult, going after violent offenders? That’s dangerous work. Put that up against getting to ogle nude teens, and it’s a literal no-brainer.

  5. Those girls are lucky they weren’t hurt. I’ve heard that the cops have itchy frigger fingers.

  6. Some adults are way too concerned with the sex lives of teens. Probably because they didn’t get any themselves and are super jealous of anyone who does seem to be. And unsurprisingly, these people gravitate to jobs like school superintendent and cops who work the…high school beat?

    “Johnson, you and Harris are on Teen Beat this week. And I don’t mean the magazine, though you can read it if you want. Stay safe out there, people.”

    1. I think the fear is becoming a grandparent while your kid is a sophomore… and then projecting that fear onto every living human being.

      1. I think you’re being vastly too generous. There’s huge a difference between “I’m just trying to stop these kids from ruining their lives” and “I’m actually trying to ruin their lives by making this a criminal matter”. The former is dumb but well-meaning, the latter is actively malicious. Investigating teenagers, to the point of possible sex offender charges, for sending naked pics to each other is straight up malicious and sadistic.

        1. oh no, they want to ruin the boys lives. the dirty boys who think dirty thoughts and would impregnate their daughter at a moments notice if he could… he should be shot.

          1. Yeah, because the girls are still fragile helpless victims… even when they instigate the sex.

        2. I think you’re underestimating people’s ability to rationalize.Some of these people have probably convinced themselves that throwing a few teens in jail as an “example” will scare hundreds of them straight. IOW, they have no idea how teenagers think or act.

          1. And they have no idea how bad politics have fucked up the legal system. “Wait, I only wanted those boys to spend a few days in jail. I didn’t want them registered as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Wait, I can’t get that expunged? Can’t the judge do that? Oh, he refuses because he has a teenage daughter and a personal vendetta against those boys as well? Fuck that, I’m voting him out of office!… aw crap, he got re-elected with 70% of the vote!…”

            You made your “FYTW” bed, time to lie in it, bitches. đŸ˜›

        3. The ridding of sin and vice requires a studious conviction by assertive special people. The gods of government require their sacrifices and as a good goddamn sheriff serving my goddamn community I will save it from these evil filthy things called sexting teens. When those educators in need call I’m not content sitting idly by as my country is destroyed from within. You call this malicious and sadistic. I call it stopping evil. I call it saving lives. I call it being something that makes me feel like a goddamn god!

    2. I think it’s more likely these invasive adults were out-of-control sex maniacs who are terrified their kids are doing the same thing. And that would be bad because their kids aren’t as smart and wise as they are, so they must be sheltered, protected–and if necessary–jailed.

  7. Why can’t they just get together when one of their parents are at work or out of town and show each other then, without any digital middle man…

    1. Because teenagers are stupid as all hell. I know, I was one and I was stupid as all hell. So were you. And especially NutraSweet.

      1. I’ve actually been the same person since I was about 15. I’m more embittered now, but basically the same in the brain. I did, however, at the time fully understand the horrible stupidity of my friends and peer group.

        1. No! You were stupid too! CONFESSSSS!!!

          1. I’m not saying I wasn’t, but I still am to the same degree… that’s all.

            1. The same applies to me and my friends. None us changed at the end of high school or felt any different or had any different worldview at 18.

              Speaking of which, if I were a senior who’d just turn 18 in today’s environment, I’d be deathly afraid of younger classmates. They’re like walking WMDs capable off putting you on the sex-offender registry any time.

        2. Depends on if you are 22 or 42. If you are 42 and you are still the same person you were at 15 I’m thinking ol’ Spence needs to climb some mountains, brah.

          Maybe break a leg or three. Get rich then poor and maybe rich again if you have the McJaspers. Have an affair. Punch a fucking wolf in the throat and then get shredded by the goddamn pack and spend 6 months in the hospital reading up on the Enlightenment alongside some Whitehead, Nietzsche, and Russell. Maybe go to Costa Rica and trip on over-the-counter drugs for a month and maybe not get killed by Maras and then write a goddamn book about that rainbow that appeared from nowhere and brought you to Jesus or Buddha.

  8. It may not be the most wise move to send nude selfies to your crush, but criminal? Surely police resources could be used in better ways?

    Oh, I’m pretty sure there a few cops out there such that a case involving teenage girls sending nude pictures makes their to-do list.

  9. I really need to get into law enforcement.

    1. I’m not a narc… but if I were I would be working on an NBC sting show right now getting someone to get you to drive to a house so I could walk around the corner and ask you to take a seat…

  10. I can understand the average principle of the average American public school wanting to get the highest local authority involved in even the most menial shit because the average principle of the government education system can only be hired if he or she is a verified dimwit with rules and regulations forming the tender gelatinous structure within their craniums… Broken rules make these inept jackals run sobbing to authorities for assistance.

    I can also understand the average sheriff of the average American city wanting to be called in on the most mundane bullshit known to man because the average sheriff within American law enforcement can only rise to that level if they can fully tolerate enforcing the most absurd fucking shit laws ever written by scurrilous idiots that are somehow allowed to create laws within this so-called free society.

    The fact is supreme idiocy is understandable as an imaginary concept in that glowing fantasy land called Stupid Cartoon City… one just presumes an intelligent society rejects these heights of supreme idiocy, in which case the proof that American society is melting into an indiscriminate malaise of foolish fuckery is evidenced by the circuitous revolution of news such as this.

  11. Whatever happen to being grounded for a month?

    1. Your local senator and congressperson got involved.

      Sorry, citizen, young people have to understand at an early age that this goddamn country doesn’t fuck around with reprobates. Being fuckin’ grounded ain’t zero tolerance. Gettin’ those young dummies hung out to dry is zero tolerance, praise the lord and progressive gubment. Goddamnit… I wish we still put these bitches in the stocks.

  12. I don’t know what is so difficult. My kid is under 18, her sex life is my issue. If she is over 18, it is none of my or anyone else business what she does so long as it is consensual and between adults. Why is this so hard to understand? Consenting adults. Either one of those not present, then we have issues, otherwise, butt out.

    1. Better parents obviously exist for a reason and you aren’t one of them, Dkgobbledygook. We use the law and the order to keep your progeny from fucking with our society because your lock and key evidently didn’t work. So your betters; the principle and the sheriff, will see to it your offspring doesn’t upset the natural order of this great society. Just butt out and get submissive… your child is now our project.

    2. “I don’t know what is so difficult. My kid is under 18, her sex life is my issue.”

      I think part of the problem is parents not wanting to deal with their kids themselves so they redirect their energy to politics and getting the state to parent society to make up for their own negligence. I remember reading once in my local paper about a mother who became a school lunch crusader because she thought her kids weren’t being fed well enough. Instead of teaching them how to make sandwiches she turned to politics because she apparently had more time than sense.

  13. It is extremely difficult to protect students and young people in general from the bad influence. Everything is too acceptable nowadays. Moreover, even when students don’t have such aim to see something forbidden, the do it. For example, when kids are surfing the net to get assistance with their papers, they came across naked bodies quite often. I decided to show BritishEssayWriter for A+ papers to my son and protect him. It is difficult to do it and in some way, we adults don’t always feel our responsibility for it.

  14. But…but…if the teens sext, they might (shudder) masturbate! And you know what that leads to…drinking beer!

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