WATCH: Remy Presents the New Hillary-Approved Email Server!


"DC Matic: The Hillary-Approved Email Server!," written and performed by Remy and produced by Meredith Bragg. About 2 minutes. Original release date was March 13, 2015 and original writeup is below.

Do you run a government agency but hate complying with the law? Then you need DC Matic, the Hillary Clinton-approved email server! 

Here's how it works:

First you select the government business you'd like to conceal from the public.  Then, simply use DC Matic's proprietary privacy controls to fix the problem. Simple as that! 

Having two email addresses is confusing and a terrible idea. And gone are the days of destroying hard drives or creating a fake male alias to secretly conduct business. You Need DC Matic!

Written and performed by Remy. Video directed and edited by Meredith Bragg.

Approximately 1:15 minutes.

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  1. In the future, if there are going to be pictures of Hillary, I’d like a trigger warning.

  2. Hilarious.

    Andy Levy attacks the Ferguson Police Department for their horrible treatment of blacks, so a conservative decides to attack Andy Levy for being a TOTAL HOMO:

    Closeted Gay Libertarian Andy Levy: “Whole Damn Ferguson City Structure Was Racist”

    No, Andy’s not gay, he’s just a 50-year-old confirmed bachelor with an apartment full of cats and Shepard Smith on speed dial.

    This guy…this guy knows the score. Quite the intellect.

    1. I misread his name initially as “Dullard”. I stand by that mistake.

      1. Welcome back, bud!

          1. …and by “sir”, I mean “ravenous catamite”, of course.

            1. Haters gonna hate. It’s my hot body, I’ll do what I want!

    2. Don’t you watch TV Irish?

      Every story has good guys and bad guys. The good guys wear white hats, the bad ones wear black hats.

      Oh wait, thats racist, isn’t it?

    1. Holy shit is right. The prosecutor’s office is full of sick and twisted fucks. But I repeat myself.

      1. Put a turban on the prosecutor’s head, give him a T-shirt reading “Allahu Akbar,” and drop him in the middle of a Christian neighborhood in Pakistan.

        /ha ha, just kidding

    2. But false accusations of rape never happen, you woman-hater!

      1. You know, I put most of the blame on the cops here. She had a clearly unbelievable story, which she changed in the second interview. Quite frankly, they should have released the guy with an apology right then and there.

        This isn’t some kind of college he said she said case. It’s very clear that she made it up, and everyone should have known that.

    3. Prosecutors said the were “satisfied with the plea deal” and, more importantly, said “these cases are very difficult to prosecute.”

      Apparently not, on that second part. Especially when you ignore facts.

  3. The Guardian posted a piece about how Reddit is not censored to their liking.

    While it’s not much different from other pieces in the genre, what I found notable is that in the graphic, “bad Reddit” includes “GentlemanBoners”* and “RandomSexyGIFS”.

    Neither allows nudity. The former goes as far as to require that the women featured be wearing formal attire.

    So at The Guardian, it doesn’t even have to be porn or deviant to be sinful.

    Also, Ellen Pao is hot.

    *So named because it was inspired by a subreddit called LadyBoners, which features pictures of men (so of course was not mentioned in the Guardian piece).

    1. At best Ellen Pao is nerdy semi-attractive, but her bullshit legal antics and her marriage to a gay financial fraudster make her kind of creepy.

    2. I went to that guardian piece and then randomly picked about 10 people and reported them for “hate speech”.

      FWIW – i think guardian is the only place i’ve ever seen such an array of reasons for which you can “report” commentors. The options include =

      – Offensive ( but isn’t that the point of most comments? insulting strangers?)
      – Personal Abuse (but not ‘offensive’ abuse?)
      – Off-Topic (?)
      – Trolling (as distinct from off-topic abusive offensiveness?)
      – ‘Hate Speech’ (but not the offensive kind? Which comes first??)
      – Offensive/Threatening Language (FUCKING HELL, which is it?! and why is that not next to ‘offensive’, the very first thing they listed??)
      – Spam
      – OTHER (because, hey, you never know! There’s got to be other good reasons to censor people)

      Seriously. Fuck the Guardian. I wish half their articles had a “report” button so that i could flag them for *trolling the world*

    3. Ellen Pao is hot?!?


      1. Oh, hush.

  4. In Abraham Lincoln news: Why Lincoln didn’t quit his day job.

  5. Anti-circumcision protest in Fort Worth (photo gallery)

    caution: imagery is deliberately provocative.…..11563.html


  6. “B.C. doctor delivers unusual foreign aid to Haiti, teaching surgeons to perform almost-painless circumcisions…

    “It is hoped the operation will become a mainstay in the battle against the country’s HIV epidemic, with evidence suggesting the penis-snipping can cut spread of the disease by 60%.

    “Meanwhile, Dr. Pollock earned a surprise visit in Port au Prince from Hollywood philanthropists Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, also now a couple, who watched as he taught his technique.

    “Now he is in talks with Ms. Theron to deliver similar training in Kwa-Zulu-Natal province of her native South Africa, a place harder hit by HIV than almost anywhere in the world.”…..umcisions/

    1. What a half measure. Let’s slip the whole penis off and halt the spread of AIDS altogether!

  7. Hey, John, check this out, I got H&R bingo!

    “Mexico City government mulls legalisation of *marijuana*…

    “The initiative was proposed on Thursday by an assembly member from the ruling PRD, a left-wing party that has helped turn *Mexico City* into a liberal enclave with legalised abortion and *gay marriage*.”

    The abortion thing is just a bonus.…..juana.html

    1. Congratulaions Eddie. You won yourself a cocktail party.

    2. Was that article written by a reasonoid?

    1. Didn’t we use to frown on paying ransom to terrorist? Something about getting more of what you reward.

      1. Tax time already?

  8. Possible coup underway in Russia – Putin still MIA:…..2015/#7468

    One Russia analyst sums up what he thinks a variety of stories in the last few weeks amount to – a slow-motion coup in which some security officials in the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Federal Protective Service (FSO) with Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov, former KGB, team up against Putin, whose allies are Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov and the Interior Ministry or police, which also commands thousands of internal troops.

    1. If true, they better hope they succeed.

    2. Naturally, you credit Obama’s genius.

  9. Beware the $300 Billion Shift Into Treasuries Coming From Japan

    So why the U.S.? For one, with the Federal Reserve poised to raise interest rates, Treasuries offer the highest yields among debt from the world’s most-industrialized economies. Then there’s the dollar, whose meteoric rise against virtually every currency has made U.S. assets even more appealing. HSBC Holdings Plc says Japanese investors may funnel $300 billion into Treasuries over the next two to three years, double the pace of the nation’s purchases since 2012.…..from-japan

  10. Hispanics will compose more than 40 percent of the increase in U.S. employment over the next five years and is estimated to rise to 75 percent from 2020 to 2034.

    A new study, Hispanic Immigration and U.S. Economic Growth, analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data and business projections to predict that 11 of 14 million economy-wide jobs will be filled by the U.S.’s Hispanic population. IHS, a global business consulting firm, projects that Hispanic employment growth will average 2.6 percent per year over the next 20 years.…..-20-years/

  11. Whew! Something stinks around here. Smells like a turd…
    Anyhow, no one took one for the team and watched the talking heads? No comment re: the Post’s claim on that witch Jarrett?

  12. So yeah, don’t fuck with Valarie Jarrett.…..ry-clinto/

    1. Well, the non-denial is interesting, but a long ways from confirmation.
      If it’s true, other leaks will follow as folks abandon one ship or the other.

      1. Let the skeleton apocalypse begin!

          1. Did you hear about the guy who helped someone else get his car out of a snow-drift in Washington and then got a check for a million dollars? The other car was

            1. I’m not sure I deserved that drive-by.

              1. You’re right; apologies. Picking names out of a hat.

            1. A trigger warning would have been nice.

          2. Can’t scare me. I have a ghost who routinely BMs on the floor around my house. Can’t ever see the piles (they’re invisible, duh), but it smells like sh*t any time I step in one. Ooo scary.

    2. If Obama torpedoes Hillary, that may be the greatest thing he accomplishes as president.

  13. I’m watching the ESPN 30 For 30 film “I Hate Christian Laettner”. The Fab Five were mentioned, and a great drinking game for this or the other 30/30 film “Fab Five” would be to take a shot any time the phrase “baggy shorts” is mentioned.

    1. That was a helluva shot

      1. You’re obviously biased. I saw him in Barcelona. He sucked.

  14. New Isis threat. Eugene Elwood. They must really be slumming.…..ecgbypass;

    1. He coulda’ claimed he had Ebola and was gonna infect everyone.

  15. We’ve been joking about how obsessed progs are with credentials. Sometimes they will even say so out loud:

    The guy in the video, Ryan Clayton later said the country was better off when Breitbart died.

    1. Clayton is a real class act. When he was featured in a documentary about Breitbart, he tried to disrupt a theatre that showed it:

      Ryan Clayton, a liberal activist who has contributed to the Huffington Post and has been a guest on Media Matters Radio as well as on the Fox News Channel, is seen in a couple of scenes in Hating Breitbart, and he’s seen in the trailer for the movie, embedded below, shouting repeatedly at Breitbart, “Yes or no?” On Friday, he was at the Regal Ballston Common Stadium 12 just outside the nation’s capital during a showing of Hating Breitbart and allegedly shouting at the screen.

      Theater employees removed him once, according to filmmaker Andrew Marcus, but they allowed him to return, at which point he began “laughing loudly at inappropriate spots during the movie trying to draw attention to himself and annoy the audience.”

      “The irony is,” said Marcus, “is that he is in the film demanding civility in discourse, and he proceeded to behave in a textbook uncivil manner in the theater.”


  16. Sheldon Richman’s thunder is stolen: Max Blumenthal on American Sniper

    the whole film’s appeal seems to derive from the latent racism that led America into Iraq.

    John Lee Malvo, another mass murdering sniper, would not be glorified on prime time.

    he was brainwashed and stripped of his humanity. but that never happened to our servicemen, of course.

    1. There has always been something vaguely Nosferatu-ian about the mien of Mr. Blumenthal.

  17. The Jarrett claim has yet to be repeated by any source whose commenters won’t make you cringe. OTOH, the non-denials are deafening.
    Not a single mention regarding the matter on the talk shows; how does that happen?
    1) It is so ridiculous that it is not worth mentioning? Seems like too many reps are on line for that to be true. Klein is certainly biased, but I’ve yet to see him outright lying.
    2) None of the ‘players’ have yet worked out the talking points? Sounds more likely, but didn’t a single interlocutor *ask*?

    1. It’s going to be very satisfying watching the Dems have a vicious daggers-drawn faction fight. (I’m sure they have them all the time sub rosa, but the party leaders – with a generous helping hand from the media – are generally very good about drawing the curtains before the blood begins to flow. Somehow I don’t think that will happen this time.)

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