FCC Releases Net Neutrality Kraken, More SAE Frats Investigated for Racism, British Mass Surveillance Defended: P.M. Links


  • Sounds like some guys aren't getting paddled enough.

    The Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) 300-page list of guidelines overhauling how the government will regulate the Internet was released today. It gives the agency a lot of leeway to decide what's appropriate to allow or forbid private Internet service providers to do.

  • Other college chapters of fraternity SAE are now being investigated over reports that the racist chant caught on video at the University of Oklahoma was known there as well.
  • A British watchdog agency overseeing its intelligence agencies says the country's massive data interception and collection is legal, but called for new laws to clarify matters for the public's benefit.
  • The police chief in Ferguson, Missouri, has resigned, joining the exodus of other top officials in the city. He'll get one-year severance pay, totaling $96,000.
  • Raise a glass of scumble (a very small glass) in memory of liberty-loving fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett, who has died at age 66.
  • Utah has passed an antidiscrimination ordinance protecting gay and transgender people in the workplace and in housing that has the support of the Mormon church.

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