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Democrats Are Starting to Worry About Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign


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In a press conference Tuesday, Hillary Clinton explained that her decision to rely entirely on a single, personal email account to conduct all her business while serving as Secretary of State was "for convenience." She didn't want to carry two mobile email devices, she said, and thought that using a single, privately controlled account would be easier. "At the time," she said, the decision "didn't seem like an issue."

Maybe it wasn't an issue to Clinton, but according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, it did concern some people close to her and her husband:

A private server had obvious advantages. It would give Mrs. Clinton more control over her email, people familiar with her team's reasoning said. Privately, aides of the former president worried that adding her account would make the system a target for hackers. They also weren't aware she would use it for all her official correspondence.

The article goes on to describe the ways in which Hillary Clinton's email was not entirely secure during the time she was using it. But while that's notable, the most interesting thing about the report isn't what it reports about her email security practices. It's that it appears to have come from Bill Clinton's staff.

That's not a great sign for Hillary Clinton's candidacy, and it's the sort of thing that ought to worry Democrats who, as The New York Times notes in a lengthy analysis today, have basically put an all-in bet on the former Secretary of State.

And, indeed, it does appear that some Democrats are concerned about her campaign. "Senior Democrats are increasingly worried that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ready to run for president, fearing that the clumsy and insular handling of the nine-day fracas over her private e-mails was a warning sign about the campaign expected to launch next month," reads the intro to The Washington Post's big Hillary Clinton report today.

You can read too much into these reports; Democrats aren't giving up on Hillary Clinton, and most remains publicly supportive of her. She remains the prohibitive favorite to win the party's nomination. But they suggest that Democrats, who not long ago seemed confident that she would win in a walk, may be growing a little bit nervous about Clinton's candidacy, and the lack of anyone strong enough to take her place should she truly falter. As Democratic donor Sarah Kovner told The New York Times, "There is no one else — she's the whole plan." 

Yet even her defenders are realizing that it's a plan with real drawbacks. For example, take this passage from The Post's report:

Last week, supporters in Congress and others were willing to go on cable television to defend Clinton on the e-mails but were puzzled when her aides did not provide talking points or other information that might help them, according to Clinton allies. "A lot of people were flying blind," said one Democratic ally who spoke on the condition of anonymity to comment candidly. Requests for information "were met with dead silence" from Clinton's team, this person said. "This shows they have a long way to go until their organization is ready for prime time."

This suggests that Clinton's campaign apparatus still has weaknesses; remember, her team has known about that the email issue was looming since at least last August. She's had plenty of time to prepare a response. More than that however, it suggests that Clinton and her team are not going out of their way to make life easier for their allies, even while expecting them to stand by her publicly. No wonder her fellow Democrats are getting nervous. 

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  1. There was a time before 1992 when Bill Clinton was ruled out as a contender, but he came back and won. Twice. Just like before the media will cover for her, make excuses, and the public will forget all about this by November. No one hopes I’m wrong more than me…

    1. The general public doesn’t give a shit about this. She no doubt knew that. I’m sure shes a hundred times better off having this as a problem, then having emails get out from her stint as SoS. This was probably pretty savvy politically on her part to have the ability to keep or delete whatever emails she wants knowing the political price will be virtually non-existent. Of course there are the copies from the other sender or receivers that they may still have, but finding those are much more difficult if you don;t know about them, then if you can just get her copies en mass..

      1. I’d actually have a glimmer of respect for her if she just came out and admitted the truth about why she set up the private server (to protect herself). It’s sneaky and underhanded, but I get it. However, the idiotic lies she and Bill feed us never hold up to scrutiny, and insults our collective intelligence. I truly hope this latest scandal ends her political career, but I assumed she was out of the picture in 2008 after losing the nomination to Obama. But she’s back…

        1. I personally don’t think she’ll be their nominee. Too much baggage. They need a candidate nobody knows anything about.

          1. It worked the last time…

            1. It did

            2. perlhaqr|3.12.15 @ 6:46PM|#
              “It worked the last time..”

              I’d say it worked in 2008. By ’12, people should have known better, but the stupid party should have found a decent candidate, too.

    2. President Hillary won’t be that bad. Ok, it’ll be bad, but there is precious little anyone else is going to do what needs to be done to fix things in DC. So let’s just get it over with sooner rather than later.

      1. At least there’ll be a Republican-controlled Congress to keep her in check. But I’m worried about the Dems regaining control again before she leaves office. That would get ugly…

  2. Democrats Are Starting to Worry About Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

    Great. Now they can join the rest of us.

    1. Just glancing at that, that looks…generous.

    2. I believe that’s a recent rating. A few days ago it got an F. That barn door is pretty well locked now, though!

      1. I will say, that a ‘B’ as it appears there is nowhere near sufficient for the type of information that was being handled.

  3. I like how her colleagues receiving official email from her never noted the address.

    1. How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?

    2. Her colleague Timmy Geithner didn’t notice that he had to pay his income tax and you’re talking about some email address…

      1. Turbo Tax is awesome. I don’t know what I did, but a huge chunk of money was wired into my account this week.

        1. Kids are the ultimate tax shield.

        2. “I don’t know what I did, but a huge chunk of money was wired into my account this week.”
          I hope you don’t find out after you get a letter from the IRS.

    3. In their defense, most of them think the internet is a series of tubes. Expecting them to understand domain names is a bit much. Of course, they still know enough to promote Net Neutrality, amirite?

      1. In their defense, most of them think the internet is a series of tubes.

        It more or less is.

        1. In our defense, if they had expert technical knowledge and perfect comprehension of the regulations which bind them, they would still flaunt the law and treat us with contempt.

  4. There is no one else ? she’s the whole plan.

    This is too delicious for words. Unfortunately the GOP is the same moronic way and will probably develop the same attitude about Romney again, or Jeb, or whatever. And we’ll once again see two total pieces of shit slugging it out, with their respective TEAMs falling in line and acting like their terrible candidates aren’t fucking terrible.

    The presidential circus grows more unbearable every year.

    1. It does, but I will be a lot happier if Secretary What Difference Does It Make goes down in an unholy ball of fire.

      The idea of the D’s scrambling to promote Chief Lieawatha pleases me greatly.

      1. Me as well, in part because that Indian heritage bullshit is literally the only thing you idiots have on her, and it’s vastly overblown, racist, and pathetic.

        1. Tony|3.12.15 @ 5:10PM|#
          “Me as well, in part because that Indian heritage bullshit”

          You mean the fact that she lied to get her position?

        2. Uh, she lied about being a Native American and has never provided any evidence to support her claim nor agreed to a genealogy search/test. Add in her completely bullshit Bankruptcy-caused-by-medical-bills term Paper (McCardle destroyed that one a few years ago) and her ties to Wall Street Law Firms and she wouldn’t last a minute in the light of a presidential run.

          I cannot WAIT to watch you idiots twist in the wind as this all falls apart.

        3. Use your own vernacular, Tony. You’re not even the slightest bit upset about her “cultural appropriation?”

          1. “Use your own vernacular, Tony. You’re not even the slightest bit upset about her “cultural appropriation?””

            Tony having the least measure of ethics or morals? Tony?
            Ends will do; means are what they are. Omelets require broken eggs; slimeball lefties aren’t concerned.

          2. No because as a fellow Oklahoman I know that it is common not only to claim Indian heritage, but we often actually have it. There’s no evidence whatsoever that she gained any professional advantage for it, and if anyone dared to make it an issue the Cherokees are going to side against them just like they did with Scott Brown and his racist, failed campaign.

            1. She went to a regional law school and got a Harvard Professor spot. Tony if you were not so sad, you would be funny

              1. I welcome this line of attack, as I’ve indicated. It’s devoid of substance even if real, racist, and bullshit. Just how you guys prefer your political attacks.

                1. Pointing out that she lied about being Native American is racist, even if the assertion is true?


                  1. What’s racist are the ever-inventive nicknames she gets.

                    1. What’s racist are the ever-inventive nicknames she gets.

                      That’s not racism, that’s mockery. There’s a difference but as you are from the grievance mongering left you are to obtuse to understand.

                    2. What’s racist are the ever-inventive nicknames she gets.

                      What’s awesome is the “ever-inventive nicknames” gay Goebbels.

                    3. gay Goebbels

                      This is fabulous.

                      But can we abbreviate it to Gaebbels/Gaybbels or something in that vein. I feel it will stick if we do.

                2. Tony|3.12.15 @ 5:46PM|#
                  …”It’s devoid of substance”…

                  Yeah, personal gain through fraud is just no substance at all to lefty scumbags.

            2. I’m from Oklahoma, too, and in my experience, people only claimed Native American heritage if it was actually true, and even then only if it was like 1/4 or 1/8 of their blood (not 1/32 like she claimed). Please don’t lump me in with you and her.

              1. I’m something like 1/64… according to family lore and a bit of research. I’ve never claimed to be part Indian but by relatives do and it is a common enough thing, and Oklahomans who don’t actually have Indian ancestry I think are the exception not the norm. Actual Indians don’t like it when people claim heritage without evidence, but for some reason it happens a lot (Bill Clinton did it too).

                1. “Actual Indians don’t like it when people claim heritage without evidence”

                  I bet they like it even less when you pretend to be an Indian to get a minority position when in all actuality you are a relative of the guy who rounded up Indians for the trail of tears.

                  OH PLEASE let her run.

                2. Tony|3.12.15 @ 5:58PM|#
                  “I’m something like 1/64..”

                  That lying hag seems to be something line 0/100, but that doesn’t stop her from lying about it for personal gain.

            3. O man, you’re from OK? That explains a lot. I’m sorry you grew up in the redneckiest of the redneck states, but you don’t have to backlash against it so hard.

            4. “the Cherokees are going to side against them just like they did with Scott Brown and his racist, failed campaign.”

              Yeah, like when they stuck it to Scott Brown by repeatedly picketing Warren and demanding the truth from her, and got nothing but the cold shoulder. Oh, you were hoping nobody who actually lives in Mass. would come along and contradict your bullshit?

              Tony, I know you’re a pathetic, deluded fuck who’s so inept at lying you only manage to convince yourself, but you’re a pathetic, deluded fuck who’s so inept at lying you only manage to convince yourself:


              1. C’mon, Toady, tell me all about how the Cherokee are racist.

        4. Wait, what? That Indian heritage thing is bullshit? You mean she lied her way into a job thus cutting out some actual Indian who needed it? Oh man, that is racist and pathetic of her. Now I’ll NEVER vote for her.

        5. Ahhhhh, there it is. Did I not say the pinko trolls would jump at the chance to defend Fauxcahontas and that they were holding their breath hoping the jackals would bring down the Hildebeast?

          Well, here it is. Mention Fauxcahontas and Tony springs into action. So predictable, so pathetic.

        6. Well there is her tenuous grasp of economics. But then, you agree with her there, demonstrating your own.

    2. Look Epi, part of being a political partisan is finding the least loathsome of the empty, vapid, prattling, glad-handing favor-traders who is willing to say whatever they think your side wants to hear in order to gain power and vehemently insisting despite any public moral and intellectual failings that they are better than Stephen Hawking, Buddha, and Taylor Swift put together.

      It’s called being a Serious Person. Maybe you should try it some time.

      1. I can’t, Hugh. I’m just too much of an empty, vapid, prattling, glad-handing favor-trader to do it.

        And Buddha? Really? You don’t seem too serious yourself.

        1. Well how about Ashoka? He’s like the Buddha of imperialist warlords.

          1. I was thinking more…David Caruso.

    3. I’m intentionally learning as little about Scott Walker as I can. I want to believe that he is at least slightly better than mediocre. I mean, Unions hate him, he must be doing something right,

      1. Mediocre would be a step up from recent presidents.

    4. I think the media has decided that Obama is such a hopeless fuck up the only solution is to get a Republican elected in 2016 and blame the who mess on him.

      1. Good point, because when the media turned their backs to Hillary in 2008, they had Obama as an alternative. Now, they’ve got no one.

      2. If a Republican wins next time, can he still blame Bush for stuff?

        1. That would be hilarious, actually, if it was Jeb. 😀

  5. More than that however, it suggests that Clinton and her team are not going out of their way to make life easier for their allies, even while expecting them to stand by her publicly.

    Shades of 1998.

  6. It’s the excuse Warren has been waiting for.

    Oh, also… +1 hang out route.

    1. One year ago, I bet my ass on Warren winning the nomination. And I’ve made bets with multiple people on this. Warren winning the Demo nomination will be like winning the damn lottery for me.

      1. And losing will be like Jesse winning the lottery

      2. By the way, you’re not very good at betting.

        $20 vs getting your ass reamed?

        That’s not even on the payoff matrix.

        1. When your prognostication abilities are as good as mine, you can afford to give generous odds.

  7. The empires that this scandal could destroy is Bruckheimer-worthy. If Hillary loses in 2016, the Clinton Foundation is a political favor mill with no inventory. BUST.

    If she loses badly enough with stink coming out of every pore and the down-ballot races suffer as a result, she might even damage Chelsea’s political future (Princess Cankles assured us she has one the other day when she answered “Absolutely!” to whether she would consider getting into politics). BUST TIMES TEN.

    I don’t know how aprez-nous the Clintons are — the Obamas certainly seem to be — but I wonder if the Clintons would just spill the beans on the His Fraudulence as revenge for 2008. Oh well, that’s a lot of “Ifs” to string together but I’m getting hopeful about Hillary’s collapse in the general.

  8. Last week, supporters in Congress and others were willing to go on cable television to defend Clinton on the e-mails but were puzzled when her aides did not provide talking points or other information that might help them, according to Clinton allies. “A lot of people were flying blind,”

    That says more about the lackeys in Congress than it does about Clinton.

    “We would have parroted whatever you wanted, but you left us out there to think for ourselves!”

  9. BTW, I think Mr Dean linked this this morning:
    “A Line Edit Of Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous Email Press Conference”

    From the link:
    “Quick clarification: Would emails from foreign governments regarding Clinton foundation donations be considered work or personal?”

    1. Ye gods. It seems even worse reading all of that. It’s not just that Clinton has obviously committed a crime for no valid reason (though for plenty of invalid ones), but she’s handling this so ineptly, like with everything else. She’s one of the worst politicians around, yet she’s been up to now the anointed candidate for the Democrats. They’re more fucked up than you’d think possible.

      1. They’re not fucked that badly. For president they’ll nominate somebody with little record to attack & who’ll probably lose but not in a landslide.

    2. That was pretty nice, and it doesn’t even have the benefit of subsequent revelations from Shannen Coffin and Andy McCarthy of her indisputable violations.

      Presumably, Trey Gowdy will be asking a few of these questions. He says he’ll have her for two sessions, the first closed and the second open, and she’ll be under oath for both. This could actually do some damage.

  10. I think this is the final nail in the coffin for her, but what I’m hoping for is a vengeful Clinton or two, which could pay dividends. If she can’t do it electorally, then under-the-bus tossing seems to be the next best thing, right?

    1. Well, obviously, an internal bloodbath in both TEAM BLUE and TEAM RED would be fantastic. But Clinton not getting it the second time that it’s “her turn” might be enough to cause her to break out the knives. We can only hope. We haven’t had any real, good scandals with actual traction in a long time (partly because the politicians are learning that if it can happen to one of them, it can happen to all of them).

      1. She’s too old to run again, so it really is her last chance. That being taken away from her, I’d like to think she’d seek blood.

        1. ……I’d like to think she’d seek blood.


          1. And people say libertarians are heartless cynics. Look at all of the hope being expressed here!

    2. That’s what I was asking above (I stuck it in the third paragraph of my essay, so if you didn’t read that far you’re excused).

      The big risk is Chelsea’s political future. She said in an interview that she will “absolutely” consider a run for office. And Chelsea’s political future is of dire importance, because the Clinton Foundation, which is nothing but a political favor retail org, goes down if there are no political favors to dispense. There are no political favors to dispense if at least one Clinton isn’t either in office or aiming at office.

      What will the Clintons have to lose if Hillary goes down so hard that she takes Chelsea’s future with it? Think of it, the Clintons relegated to hedge fund management and stupid do-goody charities with no percentage (at least Al Gore tapped into something with a profit!).

      That whole matter of 2008 should rise up like Godzilla.

    3. Actually it would be awesome for Republicans if she still ran and got the nomination, because she’s got so much damn baggage. There’s a million things they can bring up about what a terrible record she had as SoS. Not only sending Putin an overcharge button and getting an ambassador killed, but, much more importantly, fucking up the middle east more than ever, including handing half of Syria, Iraq, and Lybia, over to ISIS.

      I mean, seriously, how fucking incompetent do you have to be to fuck up the middle east WORSE THAN BUSH? Bush only fucked up ONE country, Clinton/Obama managed to fuck up at least three, maybe as many as five if you count Egypt and Yemen.

      1. As if any failure and incompetence could overcome the fact that she’s in possession of a vagina. There are smart people who pay attention and honestly evaluate candidates and their actions, and then there’s Tony.

  11. The GOP bottomfeeders who dictate party messaging don’t like real scandals. They’re going to play the sexism and ageism cards. They absolutely cannot resist. They pretty much ignored any real problems with Obama, favoring sad racist nonsense at every step.

    1. They pretty much ignored any real problems with Obama, favoring sad racist nonsense at every step.

      You know, there was a time when seeing Tony shit himself trying to come up with defenses of the Democrats was hilarious.

      Now it’s just sad. Witnessing him parrotting such obvious lies, I see nothing but degradation.

      I am reminded of really pathetic masochists that allow themselves to be chained in public with crude notes smeared on their bodies encouraging passers-by to use them sexually. It’s that bad.

      It’s not funny anymore; just really really sad.

      1. I just said there were real problems with Obama. I thought that was practically a pound of flesh for me. And exactly what is pathetic about sexual masochism?

        1. Everything is pathetic about you, Tony.

      2. Our trolls are just boringly obvious and totally lame.

    2. Tony|3.12.15 @ 5:43PM|#
      …”favoring sad racist nonsense at every step.”

      Yeah, objecting to use of the IRS for political purposes is certainly ‘racist’, right you lying POS?

      1. Don’t forget Benghazi.

        1. Yes, equally “racist” to slimy apologists.

        2. You’re so right, Tony.

          The assertion that the events at Benghazi occurred because the noble savages of North Africa don’t have the human agency and wherewithal to temper their anger at an obscure youtube video no one had ever seen before and channel it into something other than violent “HULK SMASH” embassy burning was the most singularly racist thing I’ve seen from a POTUS in my life.

          1. The trouble with Benghazi is that everyone already knows what happened there. They fucked up, the ambassador got killed, they blamed it on a stupid YouTube video, and then they were forced to admit that it wasn’t the YouTube video at all. Oh, and they were running guns to Islamic radicals that turned on them.

            It’s all basically out there for anyone who wants to look. There is nothing left to find.
            So you either think “gee, this stinks of massive incompetence and ass covering” already or you’re essentially unconvincable. There is no additional information that anyone is going to turn up that is going to change anyone’s mind at this point.

            1. …”or you’re essentially unconvincable. There is no additional information that anyone is going to turn up that is going to change anyone’s mind at this point.”

              Agreed. Tony, for example, has excused the entire fubar by Obo and all of his deputies, so you might just as well point out that Stalin killed people.
              Slimy lefties yawn.

            2. You didn’t include the portion where Obama claimed he immediately said it was terrorism, disingenuously referencing a speech that doesn’t make a lot of sense under that interpretation.


              2. Yes, the behavior of whats-her-face during the presidential debate was egregious, basically having the moderator lie to help Obama – unbelievable.
                I don’t blame Obama for that – that was just case closed on raging blatant liberal bias the media.

  12. I’m surprised the Democrats don’t just find a good looking actor and fabricate a political background for them. Most of their voters would buy it and the ones who don’t would vote anyway.

    1. Why not? Worked for the Republicans in the 80s.

  13. Where are the e-mails?
    Vast right-wing conspiracy.
    Only Bo knows best.

    1. Fuck that little bitch Bo.

      Is that how Haikus work?

  14. So I guess this becomes a problem of rehabilitation for the Democrats. How and what strategy to they use to rehabilitate Hillary’s image?

    1. I’m curious whether they’ll rally to protect her or throw her under the bus. Not very long ago, the answer would be clearly the latter, just out of self-preservation, but in this era of post-accountability, who knows? I think she’s definitely finished as a viable candidate, even if she did somehow still get nominated, which is now highly unlikely, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be forced out.

  15. This is the Clintons’ favorite method of political fighting: Muhammed-Ali-style rope-a-dope. They bait and taunt their opponents with phantom scandals and remain just out of reach until the opponent is exhausted from chasing them around the ring and his arms feel as heavy as lead. Then when the opponent pauses to rest, the Clintons circle in and bop him.

    The more noise the GOP makes about this email business, the more the GOP will be perceived as trivial, petty-minded, and out-of-touch with the voters’ real problems.

    In the end, who lost his job because of Monica? Newt Gingrich, that’s who.

    1. You give the Hildebeest way to much credit.

    2. Who the fuck says “bop”?

      Anyway, the scrambling is pretty hilarious. What’s most interesting is how little there truly is.

      1. Who the fuck says “bop”?

        Cyndi Lauper, Poison, Hanson, Ramones…

  16. I’m not even entirely sure she wants to run. She probably has health problems. She’s been gaining weight and is looking worse than usual lately.
    Maybe she spiked her own campaign so she could get out of it.

    1. She does not want to run. It’s pathetic to see her tottering around trying to look fashionable and zesty. However, she does want the White House. It’s the running that’s the problem.

      1. I think you’re on to something.
        She’s like Nixon; a politico who really doesn’t like people and who wants to be anointed rather than have to run for election.
        But there is scant doubt regarding her lust for power. How Bubba and the kid ever put up with that on a regular basis is a mystery to me.

        1. Bubba and the kid share it, I guar-on-tee.

  17. Name recognition gets you only to the starting gate.

    1. To the press, name recognition is all that matters.

  18. Rodham sounds like she’s toast, but something tells me Democrats can find another loser to win the presidency. Or Republicans can find another Dubya. Either way, not hoping for anyone sane to hold that office ever again.

  19. She didn’t want to carry two mobile email devices, she said, and thought that using a single, privately controlled account would be easier.

    The IT guys she hired to set up a private mail server couldn’t figure out how to configure her mobile email client for more than 1 account (or for that matter install multiple email clients), you see.

  20. Remember, you heard it here first.

    Bill Clinton is going to fake a serious illness in the run up to the 2016 campaign. This will accomplish two things. First, it will garner Hillary the sympathy vote. Second, it will lessen the unease that people have of seeing him in the White House, i.e. if he’s incapacitated, he’ll be less likely to get into mischief.

    Then, after Hillary is elected (the plan goes) Bill will make a miraculous recovery.

    1. WOW. Hadn’t thought of that. Watching her divide her time between nursing her dear husband over whom she is fraught with grief and bravely carrying on with her campaign at her loving husband’s insistence could certainly do the trick.

      Good chance for Chelsea to get in on the act, too.

  21. What Clinton’s defenders are going to have to learn is that: 1) though Clinton makes it look easy, getting away with lying is difficult so they’re not always going to have easy answers with which they can defend her and 2) she won’t care about leaving them out on a limb looking foolish, for Hillary it’s all about Hillary.

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