Ferret Legalization Coming to New York City Tomorrow?


Illegal ferret-owning New Yorkers are anxiously waiting the Board of Health's decision on whether to end its 15-year ban on ferrets this week.

As this morning's The Washington Post Express reports, if repealed in New York City, D.C. may follow suit:

Until the D.C. Council votes to add ferrets to the list of allowable pets, D.C. ferret owners live with the knowledge that their beloved "fur babies" could be taken.

Ferret-confiscation isn't the only fear owners live with in the nation's capitol:

The ban has more insidious effects, as well, [ferret owner] Bullock said. For instance, local ferret owners hesitate to take their pets to city vets, for fear of being turned in. "In an emergency situation, you might not have time to get to a vet in Virginia or Maryland," she said.

Check out Reason TV's 2013 video, "Ending the War on Ferrets," below for more on the fight to legalize ferrets: