Sheldon Richman Says America Must Reject Netanyahu's War Cry on Iran

If there is an "existential threat," Israel is the source and Iran is the target.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington this week to give a speech before Congress. Netanyahu insists that Iran intends to build a nuclear weapon and thus is an "existential threat" to Israel. He has no confidence that President Obama will negotiate an agreement that once and for all will end Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions.

But Netanyahu's narrative is a fabric of lies and omissions, argues Sheldon Richman. To begin, Iran has not sought a nuclear weapon, and the country's leader declares such weapons contrary to Islam. Moreover, Israel is the nuclear monopolist of the Mideast. Even if Iran built one warhead, it would be useless—except as a deterrent against Israel—and the country's rulers know it. If there is an existential threat, writes Richman, Israel is the source and Iran is the target.