Young Libertarians Sue Dixie State U, Clinton Will Release Some Emails, Ferguson as Conspiracy Against Residents: A.M. Links


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  • "I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them," Hillary Clinton tweeted last night, days after it was revealed that Clinton used a personal email address, kept on a privately-managed server, during her time as Secretary of State. But "at very best, Clinton is asking State to turn over emails that her staffers have already weeded through and marked as potentially acceptable for public consumption," writes Peter Suderman.  
  • A new lawsuit aims to decriminalize prostitution in California. Filed by the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education, and Research Project, the suit alleges that California's anti-prostitution policies violate privacy, free speech, substantive due process, and freedom of association rights. 
  • "I'd gladly see [the whole DOJ report] assigned to every high schooler, college student, and state legislator in America," writes Conor Friedersdorf, calling Ferguson "a conspiracy against its black residents." 
  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, giant, solar-powered aluminum robots serve as traffic cops
  • Three Dixie State University students, all members of Young Americans for Liberty, are suing the school for refusing to let them post satirical pictures of Che Guevara and George W. Bush around campus and relegating a demonstration to an isolated "free speech zone." The students, represented by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, say the school is violating their First Amendment rights.
  • Florida lawmakers have moved forward with a bill to criminalize using a single-sex bathroom that doesn't correspond to the sex someone was born.  
  • A new study finds more than half of all U.S. births were covered by public health insurance in 2010, largely driven by unplanned pregnancies. "Public insurance programs paid for 68% of the 1.5 million unplanned births that year," the Guttmacher Institute reports, compared with 38% of planned pregnancies. 
  • Human pheromones probably don't exist. 

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        1. It’s my sympathetic response to Fist’s strike call. I refuse to go above middle-school level until our demands are met!

          1. Ah, I see. A sort of schoolyard P. Brooks-style protest.

      2. By the way, the preview and submit buttons are swapped in position depending on whether you responding to a comment or putting in a new one

        It has always been that way. You may have only noticed because of the recent changes, but it was there before


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  2. “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them,” Hillary Clinton tweeted last night…
    Unfortunately State doesn’t have them?

    1. State’s not here, man.

    2. Well, State does have only the ones they were given from Hillary’s private server.

  3. Florida lawmakers have moved forward with a bill to criminalize using a single-sex bathroom that doesn’t correspond to the sex someone was born.
    “Police! We’re here for a genitalia check!”

    1. Privet.

      My progtard Facebook friends complained about that proposed government imposition and then immediately returned back to “OMG, we need more government, or we’ll all die of tainted Somali alcohol or something.”

      1. Forget it, Doc. It’s Facebooktown.

    2. No genitalia checks. Just loaf circumference measurement. Less than 5cm and you can use the men’s room.

  4. Dear Leader is gets a 4 Pinocchio Award.

    Obama’s claim that Keystone XL oil ‘bypasses the U.S.’ earns Four Pinocchios

    The president’s latest remarks pushes this assertion into the Four Pinocchios column. If he disagrees with the State Department’s findings, he should begin to make the case why it is wrong, rather than assert the opposite, without any factual basis. Moreover, by telling North Dakota listeners that the pipeline has no benefit for Americans, he is again being misleading, given that producers in the region have signed contracts to transport some of their production through the pipeline.

    1. We all know nobody makes any money by transporting materials.

      1. Except Warren Buffet, who transports the oil on his trains.

        1. He’s different because he’s more virtuous and stuff.

        2. Yeah, but he doesn’t want you to pass your piggy bank onto your kids, so it’s all good.

    2. “…but Keystone is for Canadian oil to send that down to the Gulf. It bypasses the United States and is estimated to create a little over 250, maybe 300 permanent jobs.”

      So much for helping 250-300 middle class families, amirite?

      Man, am I the only one to be stunned by such a ridiculous assertion?

      1. maybe 300 permanent jobs.

        I always cringe when I see someone suggest that any job is permanent…

        1. Don’t be so literal. You know what they mean. It’s not like they are government jobs.

          1. Yeah I know. But it’s a very poor use of language…Plus, when those in government misuse a term regarding employment, it tends to find its way into binding regulations. In Illinois, for instance, the following statement if being used to mean no changes can be made to pensions. Basically it’s a permanent position. Which why I think its important to call things out literally.

            Membership in any pension or retirement system of the
            State, any unit of local government or school district, or
            any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an
            enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which
            shall not be diminished or impaired.

    3. I wonder if the PolitiFact writers had to flail themselves while apologizing after they read that.

  5. “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them,”

    A maverick would do it on her own.

    1. It’s all on her server…

      1. This.

        What chutzpah!

    2. Goddammit. (Not you, the squirrels.)

      Her Royal Clintonness cannot simply release the e-mail on her own, there are State Department rules and regulations and procedures that govern the SOS’s e-mail, and HRC has to follow the rules same as every other humble public servant. What kind of mess would we have if government officials just decided to apply whatever rules they felt like to their own actions? Why, you would have people just deciding all on their own which rules to enforce and which to ignore, ‘interpreting’ the law to mean the exact opposite of the written word, issuing edicts by fiat – making the law of the land with the stroke of a pen as it were – and the American people would never stand for that sort of system, I can assure you of that!

    3. Congress needs to subpoena the actual physical server, and have it seized for forensic analysis.

      Anything else is just facilitating her illegal attempt to hide her official email traffic from public view.

  6. Filed by the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education, and Research Project, the suit alleges that California’s anti-prostitution policies violate privacy, free speech, substantive due process, and freedom of association rights.
    The courts will leave the rejection on the dresser.

    1. Do you think the courts are sure to reject? I suspect they’re right on all counts.

      1. What does your first sentence have to do with your second?

      1. The sound made by a condo being removed from its wrapper?

    1. No, see when Muslims do it, it’s called “The Expansion of Islam”. When Europe pushes back, it’s White Man Imperialism. Sheesh.

  7. Man shot sister with BB gun over phallic birthday cake

    Police said Taft shot his sister in the buttocks with a BB gun in retaliation for his sister making him a birthday cake in the shape of a penis.

    Taft told police he thought it would be funny to shoot his sister with a BB gun as a joke and did not intend to hurt her, according to the report.

    The BB was embedded in the victim’s skin and she refused to be transported, saying she would go to a hospital herself, police said.

    1. Oh Florida

    2. Florida.

    3. Shape of a penis? She’s lucky her eye wasn’t put out.

    4. They sound like a real classy family.

    5. The retaliation should be to make a cake in the shape of the female genitalia.

      1. Or a kayak.

    6. It’s always the cake; they all want cake.

  8. Nigerian woman files for divorce because her husband’s penis is ‘too big’
    Aisha Dannupawa asks court to dissolve one-week old marriage
    She complained husband Ali Maizinari’s manhood was too large
    Told court: ‘We had sex but the experience was a nightmare’…..s-big.html

    1. A simpler solution would be to do what Lorena Bobbit did, to a “smaller” degree of course.

    2. Maizinari did not deny the accusation

      The burdens of life

    3. She gets to keep half in the settlement? Well that works out perfect…

    4. Too beaucoup!

      1. +1 ARVN rifle, never been fired, only dropped once.

  9. “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them,”


    “Honey, d’ya like? Hm? Huh?”

  10. Is SIZE such a big deal? Scientists have revealed the true measure of a man. But us blokes never fret about such tiny details. . . honestly, says QUENTIN LETTS
    Scientists from King’s College measured 15,000 penises in 16 countries
    This allowed them to announce an average size for a man’s package
    Here, Quentin Letts gives the men’s side of the story…..atter.html

    1. Adam Carolla has a joke that the penis length studies are useless, because the scientist in charge just measures his own dong, and then claims the average is a half-inch shorter than whatever the scientist’s own size is. This is all a ruse so the scientist can claim he is above-average.

    2. 5.16 inches? Were they measuring in Japan?

      1. I think Korea was actually the smallest. In some other similar study, anyway.

      2. Yeah, I’m thinking all the Asians are skewing the average.

      3. 5.16 inches? Were they measuring in Japan?

        No shit. And were they measuring tweens?

    3. Posted yesterday in the Mourning Lynx…but probably worth a reprise I guess ;). You can never have to much SCIENCE! on here

    4. implausibly large bulge

      Nice band name.

    5. Seems like the focus is too much on length with these things. As long as it isn’t too short to do what it needs to do, I would imagine girth is more important.

      1. Outside of a few women I know who are self professed size queens the majority I have discussed the issue with have pretty much said this.

        Anything over 3 inches or so seems to be long enough and past about 8 inches and it is uncomfortable at best for a lot of women but every one of them wants it girthier

    6. “Scientists from King’s College measured 15,000 penises in 16 countries”

      The Lonely Lives of Scientists

    7. Do they control for height, I wonder? Because in my, uh, experience, height is the bigger determining factor, not race or origin.

  11. ‘It was hell, I wish Clint all the luck in the world with that woman’: ‘Battered’ ex-husband of Clint Eastwood’s girlfriend Christina Sandera reveals her criminal past and ‘drinking problem’
    The ex-husband of Clint Eastwood’s new girlfriend Christina Sandera is opening up about their past together
    Paul Wainscoat, who was married to Sandera for 11 months, had her arrested for domestic battery and claims she has a ‘drinking problem’
    He claims she exhibited ‘bizarre’ behavior when drinking, once punching him as she screamed ‘Where are my kittens?’ after her cat died
    ‘It was hell – I wish Clint all the luck in the world with that woman,’ said Wainscoat
    Sandera said during the divorce proceedings she had stopped drinking and attended AA and anger management classes
    Sandera, 51, a former hostess, now lives in the $20million mansion Eastwood, 84, had built for his ex-wife Dina before their split in 2013…..oblem.html

  12. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, giant, solar-powered aluminum robots serve as traffic cops.

    This is awesome. A robot traffic cop is not going to ask for a bribe, is it?

    1. Tough break for cute girls who can cry on command.

    2. My first question was “How long until the bots are stolen for their scrap value in metals?”

      1. My first thought was, “Well, being in the Congo sure will make it easier for the cops to find a black man to shoot for making furtive movements.”

        My second thought was, “Wait, do African cops go after the minority white guys?”

    3. “Got any batteries, sir?”

    4. “Got any batteries, sir?”

    5. “There are certain drivers who don’t respect the traffic police. But with the robot it will be different. We should respect the robot,” taxi driver Poro Zidane told AFP.

      Coming soon: Robobama!

    6. The robots are not actually built in the Congo are they?

      1. On the plus side, they’re probably made with minerals mined in the congo…

        1. So, conflict minerals?

        2. +1 conflict minerals (now with 8% more sanctions!)

    7. In the civilized world we call them “traffic lights”.

      1. Red light cameras.

    8. No. It just automatically issues fines that are double the size of the average bribe.

  13. Bernie’s Reasons Why Not
    The progressive champion weighs running for president. “The situation is fairly dismal.”

    Sanders is weighing a primary challenge to Hillary Clinton, a prospect with massive advantages ? attention, a place on the debate stage ? and the huge handicaps of facing a giant political network and a candidate whose super PAC plans to raise as much as $500 million. And then, after that, there’s the conservative money that would pour into a general election.

    “The depressing part about that is that even if you did something phenomenally well ? say you have 3 million people giving a $100 contribution each, which would be an enormous achievement ? you’d be raising one-third of what the Koch brothers say they are spending.”

    As Sanders continues, it becomes clear that this isn’t even the really depressing part. No, the really depressing part is grander than just him or one race.

    1. Ummm… no. It is dismal because: 1) Americans would never vote for a self-declared socialist. 2) the situation is dismal for ANY democrat caught in the Obama’s terrible reign.

      1. 1) Americans would never vote for a self-declared socialist

        You sure about that?

        1. Haven’t they already?

          1. Obama is not outspoken about it. I remember him actually talking about spreading “free markets” around the world during a debate with Romney.

            Bernie on the other hand is outspoken. That will sell only in places where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 2-to-1 margin or better.

            1. Obama isn’t a socialist. Not by any stretch.

              He IS a collectivist but he is closer to a weird amalgam of an internationalist and a Fascist than a socialist

          2. Obama never declared himself a ‘socialist’ I believe.

            Just saying.

            However, that doesn’t he isn’t one deep down inside. I’m convinced he is.

            1. It walks like a duck.
              It quacks like a duck.
              It flies like a duck.
              It shits like a duck.

              It’s a duck.

            2. Depends on what you mean by “socialist”. If you mean someone who wants a cradle-to-grave welfare state and close government regulation of some industries, then he probably is, and lots of Democrats (and no small number of Republicans) are.
              If you mean direct government ownership of certain industries, then I don’t think so.

              They are much closer to Fascists than actual socialists.

              1. I think he’s pure socialist. He wishes he could bring that to the table but his ‘pragmatic’ senses are enough for him to realize he can’t.

                I’m pretty sure he’d be all for taking over certain industries.

                Just my perception based on what he says.

                1. I don’t see it. But I don’t listen to a lot of what he says, so maybe I missed it.

                  My current opinion is that outside of a few guys like Sanders, people pretty much know that government ownership of industries is pretty much always a disaster and it is much better just to try to fine tune things with a bunch of regulation and taxes and stuff. Of course that doesn’t work out well either, but some people just can’t accept that government involvement isn’t necessary to stave off chaos and disaster.

              2. They are much closer to Fascists than actual socialists.

                Okay, fine, they’re National Socialists.

                1. That’s just it, he’s not a Fascist because he is not a Nationalist.

                  Part of the problem we have with Obama (and the modern Democratic Party) is that it is something new in the world.

                  It would be straight up Fascist if it weren’t for the fact that it rejects the Nationalism that is inherent in Fascism for a Internationalist pluralism. We don’t have a word for that political system so people look at the collectivist tendencies and try to mislabel him a Socialist when he clearly isn’t, and others try to call him a Fascist when he clearly isn’t but there is no clear well understood word that can be used to label them which makes them harder to pin down and attack.

                  1. Cronyism doesn’t quite cover all the bases, but it is one aspect that stands out.

                    The ol’ Banana Republic comparison breaks down at several points to…

                    I’ll go with “Elitist Cronyism wrapped in populist rhetoric”.

          3. In both local and national politics. Yes.

    2. Somehow Team Blue managed to outspend the dreaded Koch brothers in 2012. Does Bernie not realize that if he won the nomination the DNC would throw a billion dollars his way?

      1. Apparently he does not or more likely he just ignores that inconvenient fact, TLAH.

  14. ‘I feel sexy and confident’: Size 22 model revealed as the face of new swimwear line…..-line.html
    Got any flour?

      1. Wow. I don’t know which is scarier.

    1. It’s funny because they jumped in the pool for the photo shoot and splashed all the water out.

      1. I was wondering why the pool was dry.

    2. She’s in the pool because she needs the buoyancy of water to support her weight.

    3. I wonder how much ink it took to make that tattoo covering her thigh?

  15. Human pheromones probably don’t exist.
    Someone hasn’t come downwind of my mojo.

  16. ‘Cute mugshot girl’ who took Twitter by storm last year poses for ANOTHER memorable booking photo after shoplifting arrest
    Alysa Suguro Bathrick, 18, tweeted about her arrest on December 1 and included her mug shot which then got shared over 1,000 times
    ‘Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. F**k what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute,’ she said
    She was arrested again in late January on a shoplifting charge
    In addition to Bathrick’s mugshot both Jeremy Meek and Sean Kory’s mugshots were shared on the internet for being attractive…..rrest.html
    Not guilty.

    1. On the wrong side of the crazy/hot line

      1. Or the right side. Live a little. So your house could get burned down…so what…be a man…

        1. She’s the type to want sex while the house burns down.

          1. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

    2. Damn, the drugs are already starting to take a toll on her face when comparing the two mug shots.

      1. No shit. It doesn’t take long.

        Trust me when I say that that girl is poison.

      2. Looks to me more like a combination of makeup and lighting.

        1. Yeah. And to me she’s just meh. I don’t see much behind those eyes either.

  17. Florida lawmakers have moved forward with a bill to criminalize using a single-sex bathroom that doesn’t correspond to the sex someone was born.

    The hope is to confuse drunk people so thoroughly that they end up in the correct bathroom.

  18. Boy, six, suspended from school after pointing fingers at classmate in shape of gun while saying ‘you’re dead’
    Elijah Thurston, a first grade student from Colorado, was given one-day suspension from Stratton Meadows Elementary School
    School gave him punishment for ‘threats against peers’
    His father, Austin Thurston, said his child was playing and disciplinary action was ‘a little extreme’
    Child has written letter to school saying sorry and stating he understands severity of his actions…..-dead.html
    We used to chant “Bang, bang, you’re dead, fifty bullets in your head!”
    My how things have changed.

    1. I’m pretty sure my kid does this at school every day. Maybe I will stick to the UK after all.

    2. Remember when we played cowboys and Indians?

      I wonder how that would go down in today’s whacked out PC environment.

      1. Cowboys and Native Americans. The rules involve the cowboys continually apologizing to the Native Americans for ancestral oppression, while the Native Americans affect demeanors of wisdom and sadness.

    3. We used to chant “Bang, bang, you’re dead, fifty bullets in your head!”

      Finish Him!

  19. New York public schools to close on TWO Muslim holidays, Mayor Bill de Blasio announces
    NYC Mayor de Blasio has promised the holidays during his election campaign
    The policy change was hailed by Islamic leaders in New York City
    Schools will close on Sept. 24 for Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr will be off, marking the end of Ramadan…..idays.html

    1. “Woohoo! Two more days off school!”

      1. Where I grew up, we got Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur off, mostly because there were enough Jewish teachers that it was easier to schedule them as off days into the calendar rather than to find enough substitutes.

    2. Two more paid holidays for the teacher’s union.

    3. One the one hand, we can’t have Christmas break – we have a non-denom “Winter Holiday” or whatever they call it.

      Oh, and no more “Easter vacation”. Now its “Spring Break.”

      Because separation of church and state, diversity/multiculti, etc.

      But Muslim holidays? No prob. How many would you like?

      The cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy are kinda disgusting, IMO.

      1. As was pointed out yesterday, in NYS there is already Good Friday and several Jewish holidays off.

        The “cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy” are a figment of your imagination.

        1. There’s no “Good Friday”. There is “Spring Recess”.

          I see Rosh Hashanah called out by name this year, so there’s one holiday that still has its original name. All the others, though? Not so much.

          If they hang the Muslim names off these new holidays, then I feel pretty comfortable with “cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy”.


          1. Well I had Good Friday off when I was a kid… guess it’s changed. I stand corrected. Feel free to stew over the Muslims getting their days name-checked.

        2. Except that they don’t.

          The New York State calendar of holidays does not include Good Friday, Rosh Hashonah or Yom Kippur.

          The NYC calendar has been updated to include the Eids though–but Good Friday, Rosh Hashonah or Yom Kippur are still not included thru 2016.

          At least not according to the city clerks office……

  20. Man drove neighbor’s dead body to his lawyer’s office in the back of a pick-up after ‘killing him in self defense’
    John Marshall claims a neighbor approached him with a gun and that he had fatally shot the unnamed man in a scuffle on Wednesday
    After the incident Marshall drove to his lawyer’s office in Fort Myers, Florida, with the dead body in the back of his green pickup
    Marshall’s lawyer Robert Harris said his client looked ‘like he’d been in a fight for his life’
    Harris said Marshall had contacted him last week after a neighbor who he had argued with and they had discussed getting a restraining order…..truck.html

    1. Not real smart, is he?

    2. Florida. I’m noticing a pattern.

  21. North Korea applauds ‘knife attack of justice’ on U.S. ambassador

    A man opposed to the joint South Korea-U.S. military drills attacked the American ambassador in Seoul, slashing his face and arms as he was about to give a speech Thursday morning.

    North Korea quickly called the stabbing a “knife attack of justice,” and said it reflected “anti-U.S. sentiment” in South Korea.

    The U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, was in stable condition after undergoing more than two hours of surgery and 80 stitches to his face. He will likely remain hospitalized for three to four days, Dr. Jung Nam-shik at Yonsei Severance Hospital said.

    1. stay classy DPRK

    2. Yonsei Severance Hospital

      ? They only work on slashes, severed limbs and such ?

      1. That’s what compulsory National Health Insurance’ll get ya.

  22. High school cheerleader coach faces felony rape charge after ‘having sex with male student, 16, at her home several times’
    Christina Jewell-Belluccio, 32, charged with both felony third-degree criminal sex act and rape
    Senior teacher’s aide at Greece Olympia High School allegedly had sex with male student at her home several times in June
    Jewell-Belluccio began working at school in 2013 and has resigned following incident
    She is scheduled to be back in court on March 11…..times.html

    1. I think we can all agree this naughty girl needs to bend over my knee and have her bottom gently smacked until it is nice and red. Such a naughty girl..

    2. I am confused.

      A female high school coach had sex with a…………..male?

      That has to be a misprint.

      1. In high school we had a female coach who was a total MILF. No hint at all of being gay. The other one though, bull-dyke for sure.

  23. Father destroys the car of man accused of raping his daughter when she was just 13 and then posting videos of his attacks online
    Dustin Moffat, 32, has been accused of raping a girl in 2011 when she was just 13-years-old and posting the videos online
    The alleged victim said Moffat would wait for her to get off the bus and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone
    He was arrested on Tuesday morning and charged with rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and sexual exploitation of children
    Later that day, the alleged victim’s father went to Moffat’s house and destroyed the man’s car right in front of a television crew…..nline.html

    1. Yeah, he’s going to get off on temporary insanity. “Well golly judge, I heard that man raped my thirteen year old daughter, then posted the evidence to the internet, and I don’t remember anything more until I was standing in front of a destroyed vehicle.” Then all the jurors nod along and buy the man a beer after the trial.

  24. AP Exclusive: Ringling Bros. eliminating elephant acts…..hant-acts/

    1. Left off the headline – Elephant Cull expected. How long is the circus going to keep paying to house non-productive animals?

      1. Mmmmm, tasty, tasty elephant.…..hday-bash/

        1. Prague zoo looks to paper production from elephant droppings

          Prague zoo is seeking to create a small atelier for the production of paper ? from elephant droppings. Inspiration for such production comes from Asian countries, such as Sri Lanka, where such production is common. Prague City Council, which manages the zoo has set aside 2.5 million crowns to finance the facility. The main aim is that visitors themsleves could try to produce paper. The production proces involves boiling the elephant droppings in water, mashing them up, and finally heating them again and leaving the mash to dry in the sun.

          1. Some of our trolls could print their resumes on this paper.

  25. Human pheromones probably don’t exist.

    Just like the alt-text. I bet the Riddler was lying about that too.

  26. Did the Tsarnaev brothers have help making Boston Marathon bombs?

    The bombs were described as powerful pressure-cooker explosives controlled remotely. There were fuses from Christmas lights and detonators constructed from model car parts.

    The twin bombings in April 2013 killed three people and wounded more than 250 others.

    “These relatively sophisticated devices would have been difficult for the Tsarnaevs to fabricate successfully without training or assistance from others,” prosecutors wrote in a filing opposing a move by Tsarnaev’s lawyer to throw out statements he made in the hospital.


    1. Maybe it was a Williams-Sonoma pressure cooker.

    2. Yeah. It takes special skills to cut the paper on the fireworks, empty the contents into the pressure cooker, run a fuse out the vent, and close the thing. Very specialized training indeed. That’s like rocket surgery and stuff.

      1. It is a bit harder than that. The problem is getting it to ignite. That said, it isn’t that difficult. Moreover, if they did get assistance, the most likely suspect is the FBI.

        1. Yeah. It does seem like most of these plots had an FBI provocateur. Though in this case I’m not so sure.

        2. Weren’t there rumors at the time that this was another FBI sting that got away from them? Wouldn’t shock me at all that there was assistance from the FBI.

          1. I would give at least even odds that is what happened. The FBI is no longer in the business of solving crimes. It is in the business of entrapping people into committing crimes and the prosecuting them for it. Every terrorism plot they break up is one started and egged on by an informant. They are probably the single largest distributors of child pornography in the world. It is staggering the amount of child porn the distribute on the dark nets in honey pot operations.

            1. Goddammit John, now we’re all wondering why you know that.

              1. It isn’t because I have been downloading any of it or I would be in prison. The FBI does something like 2,000 child porn cases a year. Nearly all of them are the result of sting operations on the dark nets. Those operations consist of the FBI going to its giant stash of child porn, uploading it to file sharing services and waiting to see who bites. I seriously doubt there is any single entity in the world that uploads more child porn to the net than the FBI.

                1. It isn’t because I have been downloading any of it

                  Of course not, wink, wink. BTW, the last batch you sent me was terrific.

    3. Didn’t at least one of those knuckleheads go back to Chechnya and attend a training camp after the Russians warned us about him and then was allowed to re-enter the country?

      Of course they had training and help. They were probably nothing more than mules.

      I have no doubt the operation and equipment were out of their league.

  27. Three Dixie State University students, all members of Young Americans for Liberty, are suing the school for refusing to let them post satirical pictures of Che Guevara and George W. Bush around campus and relegating a demonstration to an isolated “free speech zone.”

    I would have loved to attend a Che-free campus.

    1. I would have loved to attend a Che-free campus.

      Sorry, man. Che-free campuses are imaginary. Good luck.

  28. Well, I’ve already read the first comment piece about how the Ferguson PD’s actions are the obvious result of libertarian-driven market incentives, so my day is pretty much complete.

    1. I’ve read that having drug prohibition means smaller, less intrusive government than not having drug prohibition and that the TERF phenomenon is all the fault of gay men. I guess that Queen Carlotta has proclaimed every day as backwards day.

  29. DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana

    Utah is considering a bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to be treated with edible forms of marijuana. If the bill passes, the state’s wildlife may “cultivate a taste” for the plant, lose their fear of humans, and basically be high all the time. That’s according to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel (time stamp 58:00) last week by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    “I deal in facts. I deal in science,” said special agent Matt Fairbanks, who’s been working in the state for a decade. He is member of the “marijuana eradication” team in Utah. Some of his colleagues in Georgia recently achieved notoriety by raiding a retiree’s garden and seizing a number of okra plants.

      1. Dr. Lexus: “Don’t worry scro’! There are plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded. She’s a pilot now.”

    1. Utah is considering a bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to be treated with edible forms of marijuana.

      Because freedom means asking permission and obeying orders.

      1. Commmme Bacccckkkk Raaaabbbiiiitttt

  30. ‘No means yes, yes means anal!’: This new film will change how you think about rape culture

    Early in the film, a young woman recounts how a guy she went to school with had aggressively propositioned her. She was able to push him off, but later learned what was behind the incident. The guy was in a frat, and a room in that frat was lined with photos of topless undergrads. That’s when it clicked for her. It was a game to him. The aggression was a game. Her body was just a thing to be tacked onto a wall.

    In another scene, a former frat guy described how a weekly ritual included gathering up his fellow frat brothers and discussing the week’s sexual conquests. All sex was met with cheers, but if a guy could report having had anal sex with a girl, it practically brought the house down. For those whose college years are long behind them, “The Hunting Ground” provides an unsettling reminder of what a culture that rewards sexual aggression and non-consent looks like. Or at least one facet of what that culture looks like.

    1. So, it’s basically all made-up bullshit intended to demonize men. Sounds about right for a college these days.

      1. As a white man I had been conditioned to just assume that I could go around and fuck any woman in any way that I wanted, even in worst way (yes, in a small tub filled with cheap champagne). Then I saw this film and it changed me. My privilege is gone!

        1. I’m still waiting for my privilege to arrive. I guess it got lost in the mail.

    2. Early in the film, a young woman recounts how a guy she went to school with had aggressively propositioned her. She was able to push him off,

      so, she said no, and nothing else happened.

      Isn’t this exactly how its supposed to work?

      In another scene, a former frat guy described how a weekly ritual included gathering up his fellow frat brothers and discussing the week’s sexual conquests.

      Because chicks never talk about their sex lives with their friends.

      1. Because chicks never talk about their sex lives with their friends.

        Women talking about their sex lives to each other would make most men blush.

    3. “For those whose college years are long behind them, “The Hunting Ground” provides”

      an opportunity to fantasize about vulnerable coeds and the nasty things that could be done to them.

  31. Inventor of K-Cups regrets the idea

    Why? Because the K-Cups are bad for the environment — they are disposable and not recyclable.

    Sylvan originally envisioned the cup-like pouches that brewed a single serving of coffee for offices, where people want different brews. But the technology caught on, and Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) brewers are now on kitchen counters everywhere.

    That means more and more K-Cups are being used — and thrown in the trash.

    1. As I said yesterday, any nonsense will be given a respectful hearing if it’s presented as being “green”.

      I’ve always figured K-Cups are just overpriced.

    2. Bo-Ho! Does he dab his tears with $100 bills and drown his guilt with Dom Perignon?

      1. Did he actually make money from this? I’ve invented stuff that every one of you have used, sold in the billions, and made a lot of other people rich. Me, not so much.

        1. He sold the company for $50,000

          So, no, he didn’t get rich.

    3. I don’t see why this product is popular, unless you have no taste buds. The coffee is weak and cold.

      1. I don’t particularly like the taste of the Kcup coffee but the one at work makes coffee that’s hot as hell.

        1. I got one of those refillable pods so I could put decent coffee into it. Works very well.

  32. Hillary will release ‘some’ emails. Umm, sure.

    Hillary: Let me see here, oooh, that one, no way *delete*. Oh, here’s a nice one:

    Dear Prime Minister of Buttfuckistan,

    I like cute kitties, do you like cute kitties?



  33. Cop shoots a family’s pony

    Very dangerous animal, obviously.

    1. He mistook it for the moose that was biting credit texters’ sisters.

    2. Is killing bronies justifiable homicide?

      1. Meanie.

      2. Add Juggalos to that list and you’re just doing a service for humanity.

        1. You know who else thought he was doing a service to humanity by killing a certain type of people?

          1. Rick Deckard?

    3. Lil’ Sebastian noooooo!

    4. So cop kills perfectly healthy and harmless family pet, leaves it laying on the ground, lies his face off about why he shot it. And, just to rub salt in the wound, its an insultingly obvious lie that would never, ever stand up to scrutiny.

      What strikes me about this story is the lengths he took to try to make it look legit. Calling his supervisor, etc. A weird premeditation, combined with the obvious lie to make all the other crap completely pointless.

      Something seriously wrong with this guy, would be my guess. I suggest a paid vacation. Not too long, though.

  34. 10 ways white people are more racist than they realize
    Progressives like to believe they’re enlightened, but they’re no less vulnerable to their implicit biases

    1. College professors, across race/ethnicity and gender, are more likely to respond to queries from students they believe are white males.

    2. White people, including white children, are less moved by the pain of people of color, including children of color, than by the pain of fellow whites

    3. White people are more likely to have done illegal drugs than blacks or Latinos, but are far less likely to go to to jail for it.

    4. Black men are sentenced to far lengthier prison sentences than white men for the same crimes.

    5. White people, including police, see black children as older and less innocent than white children

    etc etc

    more details in the (TRIGGER WARNING) Salon link

    1. Some of those are probably true. I do not however see how the reverse isn’t also true. Are black people moved less by suffering of white children? I bet they are and that is because human beings for what ever reason empathize more with people who are closer to who they are.

      1. “White girl bleed a lot.”

    2. You know I find the left’s bizarre demonetization of white people a little creepy. I mean whats next are they going to make a list showing 10 reasons Jews aren’t true Aryans or some other such bullshit?

      Blaming all the world’s problems on one race of people is just creepily familiar.

    3. On #4, did those individuals have longer histories prior to arrivign before the judge?

      On #2, did they do a study to check on the empathy of various demographics to person of pain in and outside their demographic, or was it just “look how rascist whity is”?

      On #1, College proffessors are overwhelminging leftist and collectivist based upon studies they themselves conducted of academia. To find out that they tend to be rascist is not all that surprising.

      On #3, Citation needed. The last study I saw said that the self-reporting accuracy of drug use was higher among whites when compared to the results of urine tests conducted immediately after the survey (reason for the disparity is currently unknown). If they’re basing this claim on self-reported use, the numbers will be off.

    4. All of these ‘whitey is racist’ studies are not racist at all. Not one bit. Nope.

    5. Someone please explain to me how not going to jail makes someone a racist?

      I mean it might make the police racists, or it might make the courts racist, but since the person who did drugs and didn’t go to jail doesn’t actually have any control whatsoever over that fact how does it make them racist?

      1. Benefiting from privilege is racist.

    6. Saw a video recently in which an asian guy takes a picture with a picture of a white criminal(assault, rape) and asks people what his sentence should be and then does the same with a black criminal(same crime)

      The white criminal is far more harshly sentenced by the people asked than the black criminal. Black people are more empathetic towards the black criminal……as are whites.


  35. If not Hillary, who? I am sorry but Warren is no Hillary. No way does she win a general election. Martin O’Malley? He ended his term as governor so unpopular that he couldn’t get his designated successor, a black guy, elected, IN MARYLAND. Jerry Brown? The Democrats have no popular governor or Senator to run. That leaves Joe Biden. “Biden 16, at least it will give you some laughs”.

    1. I don’t think anyone really knew who Bill Clinton was either when he ran in 92.

      My recollection was that most of the Dem heavy weights at the time (Mario Cuomo for example) sat out the race thinking that GHWB was unbeatable because Desert Storm was so popular that he looked unbeatable.

      That allowed a sort of unknown like Clinton to get a leg up in the race. Then when the economy went to shit, he was in the right place at the right time to win the election.

      Maybe this time some odd ball Dem gets in the race and when Hillary drops out (due to stroke caused by a reporter asking her a non-softball question) they are there to get the nomination.

      Jim Webb seems like he might be an odd ball that could catch lightening in a bottle to me.

      1. But Bill Clinton was a successful governor from a then swing state. The problem for the Democrats is they don’t have anyone like Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. All they have are governors from deep blue states who are far to the left of the country and have a record of being so that will prevent them from pretending otherwise.

        Worse still, I don’t think Bill Clinton could get the nomination today. The party has gone too far left. Hillary is the only Democrat with a shot at appealing to the middle and also a shot at winning the nomination. Unless Webb is the only other person that runs and Hillary totally implodes, no way would he win the nomination. And even if he did, I can’t see him getting anything like the turnout that Obama got.

      2. Webb is far too centrist to get nominated by the lefty loons. This is the dude who once wrote an article titled “Why women can’t fight.”

      3. Brian Schweitzer is another one.

      4. [Martin O’Malley waves his arms over his head to get someones attention – no one cares.]

      5. Clinton also got help from Ross Perot’s candidacy, which pulled votes from GHWB.

        1. People forget that. Bill Clinton never got 50% of the vote. And in 1992 he was running against an incumbent Republican which allowed the media to blame every problem in America on Bush. The media will still do that but after 8 years of Obama it won’t work as well.

      6. Also : Ross Perot.

        I might be wrong, but I’d guess he stole* a lot more Bush I voters than Clinton voters.

        *SLD applies.

        1. I needed to read just one more comment.

    2. If there is going to be a Dem president going forward, I’d rather it be Biden. Then I could say I went to the same Law School as the President. And, like you said, at least we’d get a few laughs out of it.

    3. I think being the failed governor of a state would not necessarily disqualify a person. If O’Malley says the right things and gets the support of spin machine he could very well win the nomination. Obama has not been successful and he still gets the benefit of the doubt from many in the media.

      1. The problem is O’Malley is a white guy. He can’t run on “vote for me because it is a woman or a Mexican’s turn.” He would have to run on his record. And trust me, that is not a good role for him.

        1. Trust me, I do not trust you.

          1. Go look it up. O’Malley left office wildly unpopular in Maryland. You have to fuck up pretty badly in Maryland to get a Republican elected after you leave. O’Malley managed to do just that.

    4. If only the real Joe Biden was more like the Onion’s version of Joe Biden.

      Diamond Joe ’16: A Trans Am in Every Driveway, Coors in Every Fridge

      1. If that were true, old Joe would get my vote.

        1. One lucky campaign donor will win the chance to have President Biden crash on their couch for “just a couple of days, man.”

          Runner up receives a slightly used grow light.

  36. The case against private education: Why we put our kids in public school

    Just over two years ago, my husband and I pulled our children out of private school and sent them into the wilds of public education. Now, as they settle into their third year in our neighborhood schools, we can confidently report the following: 1) Our public schools are more chaotic, more bureaucratically rigid, and far less nurturing and creative than the lovely little private school my children once attended; 2) our children are less academically challenged than they were in private school; 3) despite points 1 and 2, above, we’ll keep them where they are.

    We left the private school system because we were stressed, in all kinds of ways. As soon as we stopped paying two private school tuitions, I was able to quit my second job and we stopped constantly worrying about money. We stopped driving half an hour twice a day, cursing rush hour, to get kids to school. Our neighborhood schools are minutes away. We were also able to step away from the activities arms race that seems part of the fabric of private school culture and that contains its own vocabulary of essentials for success: Suzuki, Kumon, Parkour, au pair.

    Public school means that we, as a family, can relax.

    1. I see their point. The only secular private school in the area is outrageously expensive and the extracurricular activities are overwhelming the educational ones. When I had one kid in first grade there I had to ask them to stop emailing me 3 times a day concerning parties for so and so and celebration of so and so. It was ridiculous.

      1. I have a lot of friends with school age children. Some send them to really high end public schools, some to high end secular private schools and some to lower end Catholic schools. Of all of them, the ones who home school their kids have by far and away the best educated children. It is not even close. Of the others, the kids in the small Catholic schools seem to do the best.

        1. Where the public school system generally excels is in accommodating special needs kids. Of course, they’re legally obligated to do so.

          Given a choice, I think homeschooling is best.

          1. There are some fantastic public schools out there. If you live in an area like I do which is full of hyper educated parents, the public schools can be very good. The problem is that when you don’t, they can be horrible.

            1. We’re trying out the public school for our 2nd grader this year. So far, I haven’t been impressed.

              1. Our kid is going to public kindergarten next year. I’d send her to a private school if I could, but it’s just not an option. I’ve got a choice between a Baptist cult and a prep school where the tuition roughly equals my salary. So public school it is.

            2. I agree, where I live now in Boxford Ma has a really excellent public school system.

              Case in point Upthread we have a comment about a kid suspended for making a gun shape with his fingers and pointing it at a fellow student.

              Last year my son did the exact same thing to a teacher, the response, a phone call to us and a lecture on inappropriate behavior from both his teachers and us.

              The teachers at this school go out of their way to use their brains to understand each kid as an individual and react reasonably and sensibly to their actions.

              Course it helps that it is a small rural town (nearly as many horses as people) with the median household income being over $130k so crime and drugs are pretty much non existant

        2. My own anecdote is that I attended a private Catholic school through 6th grade. We had 16 kids in my year. Several years later when we all graduated from the one regional, public high school, the top 20 (out of 259) was 50% kids from that class.

          1. I was in a private schools until 6th as well. I didn’t learn anything new until 11th grade, and by then my study ethic was shot. Never totally got it back.

          2. I was in Catholic private schools as well from K – 11 (got kicked out in junior year for cutting class excessively). I then was accepted at the public HS. It was sooo terribly Mickey Mouse that I went from working hard to get B+ average to almost never going to class and getting a 4.0.

      2. The only secular private school in the area

        That right there is the underlying problem. The government school sector has totally crowded out private competition, such that the private schools that remain serve a niche market. If there were no government schools, I’ll bet you that there would be a lot of more options with regard to price, instruction focus, and quality, to serve the needs of various sets of paying customers.

        Has anyone read this book?

        The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World’s Poorest People Are Educating Themselves

        1. Private-sector monopolies are evil; government-sector monopolies are virtuous.

          1. +1 Antitrust Action

            On a serious note, that book is awesome. I recommend it to everyone here.

        2. I heard him interviewed on EconTalk.

    2. We left the private school system because we were stressed, in all kinds of ways. As soon as we stopped paying two private school tuitions, I was able to quit my second job and we stopped constantly worrying about money.

      So they didn’t have the money for private school but do have the money to live in a good school district. Good for them. Why they think that means anything to anyone else is a good question.

      1. It’s more illustrative of why vouchers, while not a cure-all, would be an improvement.

        1. They would be a massive improvement. They might not, however, be an improvement for these people. Right now, anyone with enough money to live in a good neighborhood can send their kid to a good public school. Under a full school choice scheme, the best schools would start getting selective in their admissions. That means people like this wouldn’t get their kids in the best schools by virtue of having the money to live in the right place. That would I think be entirely fair. It would not, however, be so good for a lot of people like these. And that explains why so many suburban parents in good school districts are so anti-voucher. They don’t want smart poor kids showing up and taking their snowflakes spots in the good schools.

          1. One of my teachers explained to me that letting smart but not so affluent students into the best programs on the basis of ability rather than geography would be elitist. I was apparently expected to believe that reserving those programs for students whose parents could afford to live in trophy ZIP codes was not elitist.

            1. Wow. Those smart poor kids need to stay and help the dumb ones. It would be elitist to let them leave and abandon the others. That is really what they think. Their only argument is “with school choice all of the smart kids would leave the bad schools making them worse”, as if those kids have some kind of obligation to get a lousy education.

              1. Those smart poor kids need to stay and help the dumb ones.

                I heard that one all the time. How often it works out that way on this planet is left as an exercise to the reader.

                as if those kids have some kind of obligation to get a lousy education.

                Of course they do. If we can’t equalize up, then let us equalize down.

              2. I think one of the worst things about public schools is that smart kids get a worse education because the schools are obliged to attempt to educate people who really don’t want to be there or aren’t capable. Sure it is good to try to educate everyone, but if it is at the expense of students who could actually excell at something, it is not good. Sorry, stupid kids.

              3. In any case, I don’t see how a bad school will become worse just because the smart kids in the school start to escape. Either the school has the flexibility to improve itself so as to keep the smart kids, or its so inflexible that the presence or absence of these kids won’t make a difference either way.

            2. One of my teachers explained to me that letting smart but not so affluent students into the best programs on the basis of ability rather than geography would be elitist.

              Sounds like a good opportunity to use the RAYCISS!1!1!! trope the leftists love to use on everyone else to host him by his own petard…

        2. If I ran a voucher school system, I’d remit a portion of the money paid to me back to the parents based on the kids performance on the state standards test.

          If you got a C average or below you would get nothing. If you got a B avg, I’d kick back 10% of the voucher. If you got an A avg, 25% back.

          You know that the parents would be extra motivated to see their kids do well. And parents reinforcing the notion that learning is good and important is the number one factor in student scores.

          1. The problem with that scheme is they would be motivated to lean on the schools to give out easy grades.

            1. You also announce the grade splits in advance.

              Top 15% receive As, next 35% Bs, next 35% Cs, Next 10% Ds, bottom 5% Fs.

              1. Or my preferred, do it by standard deviation, with the average being the B/C borderline and one standard deviation being a letter grade.

                A: 1+ SD
                B: 0-1 SD
                C: -1-0 SD
                D: -2–1 SD
                F: –2 SD

                1. This works out to a 2.48 GPA, assuming bell curve and infinite class size.

                  My Dynamics prof did grades this way. Ive thought it was perfect ever sense. It does struggle if you have small class size, obviously.

                  1. What if 10 of 12 get everything right on a multiple choice test? Sometimes the Bell Curve doesn’t work.

            2. I’d base it on some standardized test that was administered by a 3rd party.

              Sure the parents would still try to game the system, but they’d be involved.

      2. Their anecdotal experience is to be imposed on people through coerced – albeit enlightened (cue Thomas Dolby) – policy.


      3. My son goes to a public school – it is, however, rated as number two (or three?) in the state. Wealthy suburban area… over 90% of the residents have college degrees… who woulda thunk it?

        1. Hush. Everyone knows that the one controlling factor in the quality of public education is the level of funding.

    3. IOW, our convenience is more important than our children’s education.

      1. Yeah, they seem to be saying that the private education is better. They just don’t want to pay for it.

        1. We are paying a ton for private schools. Sure it would be relaxing to not give a shit and send them to the crap public schools.

          1. You’re also paying a ton for public schools.

      2. It’s not a question of convenience.

        The number of emails I get every day from the kids schools is staggering. Invitations to coffee, requests to volunteer, updates on the next batch of tests, propaganda for the next anti-bullying campaign (don’t forget to assert your right to be yourself by all wearing orange, folks!).

        Then there is the homework. I love checking my kids’ homework, and don’t mind keeping them on track. I do, however, draw the line on having to do assignments with them, where I am expected to spend an hour teaching them something and then return the assignment with my signature to the teacher.

        Whenever I drive by the school within the hour before dismissal, I see parents, grandparents or nannies parked alongside the road with their engines idling. The line usually contains 30 cars when dismissal is half an hour away!

        The parenting culture has gotten unbalanced – too many people trying to make their children’s lives perfect; too many people trying to outdo each other on the stimulation and experiences they give their kids.

        There is more to life than being a parent.

        1. This. I sent my son to the same private school I graduated from for a couple of years. I was flabbergasted at all of the BS. The focus on fundamentals has been lost and replaced with activities that achieve nothing of import other than sounding good on paper.

    4. When I read that, what I get is that their kids are getting a worse education, but the parent’s lives have improved.

  37. Initial jobless claims rise more than expected

    Initial jobless claims rose more than expected last week, to 320,000 from 313,000 the prior week.

    Expectations were for initial claims to total 295,000, down from last week’s 313,000, which was higher than expected.

    The four week moving average of claims rose 10,250 from the previous week to 304,750.

    1. One good thing about a Republican winning in 2016 would be that bad news would no longer be “unexpected”. Not only do they have no shame, the media is also totally unaware. I bet they have no idea how ridiculous the use of that word makes them look.

  38. Obesity Is Hurting the U.S. Economy in Surprising Ways

    As a panel of scientists considers ways to help Americans trim down, unpublished research shows medical expenses linked to being extremely overweight have skyrocketed. Experts say the damage is augmented by reduced productivity, wider gender and income inequality and even higher transportation costs.

    While the biggest consequence is still on an individual’s well-being, “there are some significant economic costs associated with obesity,” said Ross Hammond, a senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “Unfortunately, it’s not an outcome that’s rare anymore.”

    1. Maybe the government needs to tell us to all binge on carbs again.

    2. But the chip and dip industry is booming

    3. wider gender

      That is because I’m fat? I thought it was due to those pills I bought off the internet!

  39. A new study finds more than half of all U.S. births were covered by public health insurance in 2010, largely driven by unplanned pregnancies. “Public insurance programs paid for 68% of the 1.5 million unplanned births that year,” the Guttmacher Institute reports, compared with 38% of planned pregnancies.

    I try to not get angry, but c’mon, man. Seriously.

    These people lack foresight and expect all of us to “help” them by voting to send goons who point guns at our heads and take our money.

    Individual responsibility seems old-fashioned as time passes.

    1. As I pointed out last night somewhere, progressives write laws to justify their own bad behaviors. The rest of society has to cover their bad decisions because civilization and just or something.

      1. Exactly. If our intellectual and moral superiors have vices then obviously we knuckledragging Neanderthals must have far worse vices. Good thing our betters will pass laws to keep us country bumpkins in flyover country safe.

    2. Not saying the study is wrong, but it’s by the Guttmacher Institute, formerly Planned Parenthood’s “research” arm. They want to “raise public awareness” about “unplanned pregnancies” in order to promote their own solution to the problem. And we know what that solution is.

  40. We Eat Our Veggies ? When We’re Eating Out

    The report, submitted to Congress every five years by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, is filled with data about what we eat and what we know about nutrition. What it doesn’t say is that getting people to eat healthy foods isn’t as simple as telling them what to eat.

    A study in 2007 found that just 3 to 4 percent of the population actually follows all the guidelines. Another study looking at just four of the most basic healthy behaviors (not smoking, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight and eating five servings of fruits or vegetables per day) found that only 3 percent of the population complied with all of them. Even though scientists have been telling us to limit our cholesterol for decades, consumption of cholesterol changed very little between the late 1980s and 2008, according to the USDA.

    1. A study in 2007 found that just 3 to 4 percent of the population actually follows all the guidelines.

      The solution is to change guidelines into mandates, obviously.

    2. Why the little…Time for a ‘Reduction in consumption of cholesterol’ act. That’ll learn ’em.

      1. There is no way your bill would have that title. Far more likely it would have a title like Healthy Eating And Tasty Hot Meals for All Americans Act (the HEALTHY Meals Act.)

        Nutrition is a right, just like health care is a right. If Americans are not eating healthy, the government must step in to assure this right. The HEALTHY Meals Act would do just this by creating a third-party payment system for nutritional food, mandating that all Americans obtain coverage, and establishing a commission to determine standards for mandatory coverage.

        Of course, all sorts of cronies would get in on that act, but at least Americans would get free kale and tofu. I wouldn’t be surprised if included a ration of Victory Gin.

    3. Even though scientists have been telling us to limit our cholesterol for decades, consumption of cholesterol changed very little between the late 1980s and 2008, according to the USDA.

      And now they’re saying that the idea people should limit their cholesterol intake is the bunk.

  41. GReasonoids should consider an update.. hopefully very useful feature added

  42. Should texts, e-mail, tweets and Facebook posts be the new fingerprints in court?
    Inside the debate over whether our language choices are as distinctive as our DNA.

    Police and prosecutors seek help figuring out who wrote a threatening e-mail or whether a suicide note was a forgery. A groundbreaking murder case in Britain was decided after a linguistic analysis suggested that text messages sent from a young woman’s phone after she went missing were more likely to have been written by her killer than by her. And in Johnson County, Tenn., the outcome of the April “Facebook murders” trial may well hang, according to Assistant District Attorney General Dennis D. Brooks, on whether a linguist can convince jurors of the authorship of a slew of e-mails soliciting murder that were written, he says, under a fictitious name.

    Textual sleuths find clues not in fingerprints or handwriting, but in word choice, spelling, punctuation, character sequences and in subtle (and usually subconscious) patterns of sentence structure. The sleuths have sprung into sight in recent years with such pop-culture stunts as identifying the author of “The Cuckoo’s Calling” (J.K. Rowling) and joining last year’s hunt for the bitcoin founder.

    1. Herc is so screwed

    2. That is utter and complete junk science. No way that kind of crap should be let into court. Why don’t we just bring phrenology while we are at it?

      1. Exactly. Unless it can be shown to be nearly 100% accurate in a series of reproducible double-blind studies, it has no place as courtroom evidence.

        1. I don’t see how it could be.

          If this shit was accepted it would be ridiculously easy to consciously study and replicate someone elses writing style

          1. Worse, as a writer, I subconsciously drift towards the style used by the author wose work I’ve read most recently. Verbiage and style are not constant. (Add in the fact that I can completely change the voice of a piece when it’s narrated by a different character, I’m calling BS on the reliability of identifications based on this)

      2. They allow canine signalling and that Mississippi Coroner.

    3. I would think it would be easy for someone who knows how the analysis is done to fake it, either to frame someone or to protect themselves.

      It would also be a lot more accurate for something like a novel by someone with many published works than some emails. Though I suppose if you had someone’s whole email history it might be possible.

      1. Though I suppose if you had someone’s whole email history it might be possible.

        So, Hillary is safe, then?

  43. All I said in response to my coworker’s post on limiting high capacity magazines is that the number allowed should be the same as the average number of SWAT members used in night no-knock raids. That gets me unfriended?

    1. LOL. The stereotype of the over-emotional thin-skinned progtard lives!

    2. As insane as liberals are, people of all political varieties are fucking insane when it comes to cops. A large portion of our society has lost its mind when it comes to law enforcement.

    3. He’s frightened he’ll get a visit based on his relationship to you.

  44. Florida lawmakers have moved forward with a bill to criminalize using a single-sex bathroom that doesn’t correspond to the sex someone was born.

    The freest state! (according to that stupid list from last week)

  45. What the Fuck? This is visually disgusting.

    1. I agree with you *squints*, Enoguh Abourtt Phallynx, I can’t see shit.

  46. So the SF bookstore nearly put out of business by the new M/W is ‘saved’. By donations from customers. Now, there’s a scalable business plan!
    “Minimum wage hike hits booming Oakland dining scene”
    “The 36 percent uptick that lifted Oakland’s minimum wage to $12.25 an hour this week is already transforming the city’s booming restaurant scene ? but not in the way that politicians, activists and restaurateurs anticipated.”…..115583.php

    Strangely, the Chron assigned the article to one of the most idiotic of the lefty writers on the staff; he had written articles claiming nothing but streets paved with gold come from higher M/W.

    1. I’d click on that, Sevo, but I’m protecting that last few dozen brain cells I have left. The min. wage argument has been lost and all we can do is sit back and watch the bonfire.

      1. straffinrun|3.5.15 @ 10:18AM|#
        “I’d click on that, Sevo, but”…
        Best you miss the comments, too:
        ‘If a business can’t pay some amount I just pulled out of my ass, it should go out of business!’

    2. If every business would just operate on the charity of others, everything would be great.

      1. Charity would imply showing gratitude. That is shaming.

    3. Why it’s just shocking that raising labor costs would also increase end product cost for the customer.

      1. It’ll be just as shocking when you get massive inflation after increasing the monetary supply four fold. So shocking, NOBODY saw it comin’.

    1. the anti-Hitler?

    2. I think this guy may be deliberately yanking white people’s chains, as if to tell potential white allies, to F off.

  47. at very best, Clinton is asking State to turn over emails that her staffers have already weeded through and marked as potentially acceptable for public consumption,”

    If they were sitting on Yahoo’s or Hotmail’s servers, they’re already public, babydoll.

    1. But they aren’t. No one but the staffers know the full extent of the e-mails.

    2. Where is anonymous when you need them…

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