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Hillary Clinton Will Run 'As a Female Candidate' in 2016

Gender will be central to Clinton's fledgling 2016 campaign, advisers say


Posted to the Ready For Hillary (Super PAC) Facebook page on Monday

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was a female, and she was presidential candidate, but she didn't—as The New York Times puts it—run "as a female candidate." That's going to change in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential race. 

"Mrs. Clinton's potential to break what she has called 'the highest and hardest glass ceiling' is already central to her fledgling 2016 presidential campaign," the Times reports. 

After a relatively quiet public schedule this year, Mrs. Clinton planned to deliver a paid speech at a women's conference in Silicon Valley on Tuesday—the first in a series of addresses in the coming weeks focused on women. Ever since the birth of Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, in September, Mrs. Clinton has infused her public comments with references to being a new grandmother.

And some of her longest-serving advisers are open about their intention not to repeat what they see as one of their most crucial mistakes from the 2008 primaries. Ann Lewis, a senior adviser in that race, called the decision not to accentuate Mrs. Clinton's gender—which ceded the mantle of barrier-breaker entirely to Barack Obama—the "biggest missed opportunity" of that primary contest. "It was not a major theme of the campaign," Ms. Lewis said.

"I think she clearly understands this time the significance of having a woman president of the United States," said Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, who served as Mrs. Clinton's campaign chairman in 2008. He added that Mrs. Clinton's gender was "a tremendous asset."

The decision to run more emphatically as a female candidate is rooted in a strategic assessment of the demands of this campaign and of a changing country. With Republicans determined to portray Mrs. Clinton as an aging relic—she will turn 69 just before Election Day next year—her supporters believe her campaign offers a powerful rejoinder to the charge that she does not represent change.

I'm pretty sure I've never earnestly accused anyone of "playing the X card," but this is one case where that phrase, with all the negative connotations it carries, is entirely apt. Clinton is planning to play the gender card to distract from the rest of her crummy status-quo hand. And Clinton's folks seems to be banking on Republicans to help them with the sleight:

Indeed, the people in Mrs. Clinton's orbit have come to believe that gender is far more an advantage to her this time around, in part from seeing the degree to which some Republicans have hurt themselves in recent elections on charged subjects like rape.

Her 2016 campaign, they suggested, is far more likely to seize on opportunities to stoke outrage if someone asks, as a woman in the crowd did at one videotaped John McCain event in 2007, "How do we beat the bitch?"

There's certainly nothing wrong with Clinton highlighting women's issues, or pointing out shitty sexism when it arises, but—as with all things Clintons—the focus feels entirely forced and opportunistic. 

Anyway, there's what we can look forward to (a term I use very loosely) from the Clinton campaign in the coming months. Clinton advisers also told the Times she'll "weave gender into matters of economic fairness and opportunity," by concentrating on things such as paid family leave. 

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  1. Paging barfman.

    1. First female impersonator President, historic, will excite the lemmings.

  2. And all the dems and progs will vehemently deny that she gains any votes from being a woman.

  3. I’d like to see her launched into The White House..with a catapult.

    1. Romans, during the games in the Colosseum, would launch slaves out of catapults. If I remember correctly, it was during the reenactment of the Icarus myth. So it has been done in the past…

      1. I call bullshit. Hillary isn’t that old.

  4. Yay! More identity politics! Can’t get enough of that…

    1. You know, at some point people will.

    2. at least she can’t create a full on cult of personality. She’d have to have one first.

      1. Cunt of personality

        1. now THAT is a great band name.

      2. Uh, Obama did, and he doesn’t have a personality either.

        1. But what Obama was good at was getting people to project what personality they wanted onto him. I remember seeing people in as early as 2010 declare that he wasn’t the ‘progressive’ President they thought he was in 2008.

          Clinton isn’t a blank slate that people can project what they want onto, she’s got an actual track record and is a lot less vague about her positions than Obama is. She’s also had plenty of interviews that expose her more petty and vindictive/sociopathic side. Having no personality is a hell of a lot better than having a shitty one like Clinton’s.

    3. Vote for tits!

      1. Chris Christie agrees!

  5. We need to check to make sure Hillary is a female first. Produce the long birth certificate, Hillary.

    1. Is Chelsea really her daughter or was she the daughter of one of the women Bill raped?

      1. Let’s not pretend he didn’t have lines of women hanging off his every word for a chance to hang off his something else.

      2. Her daughter. But photographic evidence points to Webb Hubbel as the father.

        1. Come on, everyone knows Janet Reno is her real father.

  6. “If we can blast 50 women into space”

    How many made it safely back to earth?

    1. Can we fill a rocket with Clintons and Bushes and bast it into the sun?

    2. technically, didn’t some of those not even make it to space?

      1. technically, didn’t some of those not even make it to space?

        Either way, the only ones to get out from under their glass ceiling didn’t survive.

    3. “If we can blast 50 women into space…”

      “…why stop there?”

      /why there are no female libertarians

  7. She-wolf of the USA

  8. As gender is a mere social construct, any candidate can choose to run as a female. With so much to gain from doing so, we shouldn’t be surprised if more female candidates emerge.

    1. This.

      Too late, Hillary.

  9. ‘the highest and hardest glass ceiling’

    The *Papacy*?!

    1. We need to let more women above the glass ceiling, so we can look up their skirts.

      1. If I looked up Hillary’s skirt, I’d have to gouge my eyes out afterwards…

  10. what difference, at this point, does her gender make?

    1. It’ll be hard to get to the White House under all that sniper fire.

    2. was that a menopause joke?

      1. +1 hot flash

  11. Hillary will run and lose because she has the personality of toe cheese and the intellect of a bunion, and she’s still the best the Democrats have got.

    1. I’m really not seeing the “female candidate” attraction of a woman known for defending her sexual predator husband and attacking his victims.

      I also think there is so much old dirt on her (which many young voters haven’t heard about). There will be ads featuring her cackling about getting a rapist off on a technicality. That will blow some minds and not win her the “women’s vote.”

      Plus, she has to run in the shadow of Obama. How many people want another Obama term? Few. But if she runs against Obama, she ticks off her base.

      Everyone is talking about her as if she’s a shoe-in, but I just don’t see it.

      1. Eventually, Hillary also has to talk off-script to somebody; and every time she does, the wheels come off. Hillary is a terrible politician when she actually goes out and tries pretending to be one. Establishment sock puppets can win Establishment enclaves; but they are inept outside such bubbles.

        The Socialist Squaw from Taxachussetts is another such cunty puppet, same Jackass brand but different defunct division; a New Deal Pontiac grille instead of the ancient Alinksy Oldsmobile. The party allegedly of youth and diversity has reduced itself to that fucking duo. Pathetic.

        Watch the Repubs toss Jeb or Huckster up for a loss.

        1. It’s true, she’s not a natural politician like Bill. At best, when she’s got her act together, she can do “regular human” pretty well. But when she slips up she comes off as unpleasant and peevish.

  12. I don’t believe that she is a woman. I nominate Steve Smith to look under her knickers cuz god knows I ain’t willin` to look.

  13. Not surprising. Identity politics is pretty all the Dems have left. Sad thing is it’ll probably work.

    1. Is is just possible that America has had enough of it after the last 7 years? I think it is.

  14. There are over 100 million women who satisfy the eligibility requirements for the presidency. If Hillary Clinton is the best they can offer, that’s pretty sad for the gender.

  15. Hillary can address the biggest issue that women face in this day and age: the horrifying possibility of one day having to pay for their own birth control.

  16. I thought Charlie Crist was going to use that as his last shot at elected office, running as a woman.

  17. She’s about 20 years past menopause. Isn’t she sort of a used to be woman?

    1. Hers-been.

  18. “He added that Mrs. Clinton’s gender was “a tremendous asset.” So, they admit, even boast, that her gender is an asset, a benefit, that will improve her chances of getting elected, right?

    Is that not clear evidence that the whole notion of a glass ceiling to the presidency, the oppression of women, the rampant sexism in politics, it not only bullshit, but ass-backwards? I mean, if all that were true, wouldn’t they be trying to downplay her gender to get her elected?

    They are actively refuting the central premise of the campaign and the left-wing agenda on gender by pursuing this strategy, and they don’t even know it.

    It’d be nice to confront sexism in politics though. “Women are smarter than men, everyone knows that!” -Barack Obama.

    1. What you are saying is very logical, but I don’t think logic matters a lot to the majority of the electorate. It’s about fee-e-e-e-e-lings….

      1. Always about the feelz.

        So, are you the derivative of SineKitty?

  19. Seeing how her family gets almost as much money from REALLY BIG OIL (Arab countries) as Al Qaeda, she ought to campaign wearing a burka.

  20. Never thought she was a very honest person.

  21. Of course she will because that is the core of Democrat ideology, put everyone into their subgroup so you can determine the most effective way to manipulate and control them. Why do you think racial tensions have grown under Obama? Democrats have fixated on race. If elected, Hillary will fixate on injustices against women. However, like so those about race, they will be lies and in the end will hurt women more than help them. The Democratic party is about control and uses social programs to enslave the population. Look at the black community before welfare and the community after and you will see they have enslaved blacks more effectively than was every possible when slavery was legal in the US. Only difference is the entire race now has a single master which si why whenever any African American points it out, they are attacked with the intention of silencing them. It is not coincidence that the term “Uncle Tom” is a label attached to blacks critical of Democratic policies or any opinions that stray from progressive ideology. Look at the reaction of those who have admitted they were wrong about the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” BS….

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