DOJ Won't Charge Zimmerman, More Americans Support Troops Against ISIS, Push in California to Seize More Stuff: P.M. Links


  • Let's move on …
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    As everybody pretty much predicted, George Zimmerman will not face federal charges for killing Trayvon Martin.

  • Also predictable: President Barack Obama has vetoed the KeystoneXL pipeline legislation.
  • A new poll shows increasing support by Americans for using ground troops to fight ISIS, but it's still below 50 percent.
  • In the wake of all this controversy about the abuse of asset forfeiture rules by law enforcement, California legislators and Attorney General Kamala Harris want to make it easier to snatch people's money and property.
  • New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said today that "many of the worst parts of black history would have been impossible without police," including slavery. Maybe he should keep that in mind before lobbying to have the heavily misapplied charge of resisting arrest reclassified as a felony.
  • A New Jersey judge has ordered that Gov. Chris Christie must budget the full amount he had promised to add to the state employees' pension funds. He had tried to chop $1.5 billion off of what he had already agreed to pay in exchange for employees contributing more of their own wages into their pensions.
  • Leonard Nimoy, known best for his voiceover work for the strategy game Civilization, as well as some other television and film roles, has been hospitalized with chest pains. (Hat tip to Almanian)

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