Sean Penn's Green Card Joke Bombs at Oscars or, How to Make Academy Awards Even More Dreary


How do you make the annual Oscars telecast even more joyless and boring?

By taking umbrage at every comment, especially the routinely sad attempt by award winners to make an IMPORTANT STATEMENT during their acceptance speeches.

One great example is this reaction by The New Republic's Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig to Patricia Arquette's comments upon winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in Boyhood. Arquette hanked "every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation," and pronounced that "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and to fight for equal rights for women in America." That's the sort of blandly safe, uplifting message we've all come to expect from the podium at this sort of thing and, as Stoker Bruenig notes, "The progressive internet rejoiced, and so did Meryl Streep; a meme was born."

But in a post-Freudian, politically correct age in which every comment must needs be scrutinized for reactionary politics and counter-productive wrong-thinking, "Arquette's words warrant scrutiny":

The feminist project in general tends to be suspicious of attributing women's political significance solely to their role as mothers…addressing people as taxpayers is a rather unsavory (and typically right wing) habit that advances the notion people are worth what they pay in taxes….

For women to have any kind of genuine economic independence, wage equality will have to be predicated upon either a living wage or transfer programs that raise everyone's income to a reasonable standard….

Arquette deserves praise for her work as an actress, and certainly for her effort to foreground women's efforts and challenges in politics. Nonetheless, thinking outside the frame of taxpayers and equally low wages would be something worth fist-pumping over.

Nonetheless, indeed. Can we fashion a little dunce cap for Arquette's Oscar and hang a "Counter-Revolutionary" sign around its neck or send it down to the countryside until it learns its lessons?

And we all thought the old New Republic that died a thousand deaths a few months ago wasn't worth reading.

Then there's Sean Penn's "'green card' comment" that "may have ruined the entire Oscars" according to The Huffington Post.

As he prepared to announce Alejandro G. Iñárritu's "Birdman" as the film of the year, Penn made a reference to the Mexican director's immigration status.

"Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?," Penn said right before announcing the winner.

Twitter went into a frenzy, as users denounced what the actor likely thought was a joke. Many said the comment was "insensitive" to the plight of many immigrants in the United States and "racist."

What the actor likely thought was a joke. Penn may be a bit simple-minded but he's not that stupid. Yes, it was obviously a joke. A fawning supporter of the late, not-great Hugo Chavez and other tyrants, Sean Penn is a "dumb man walking," as we've documented over the years here at Hit & Run. But he's not that dumb, or anti-Mexican or anti-Iñárritu.

Still, folks such as Saved by the Bell alum and Extra host Mario Lopez, complained that Penn didn't ask about Brits' and Aussies' work permits are missing the point of the comment.

"'Who gave this guy a green card?' Sean Penn talking about a Mexican dude to a room full of British & Australian people…," tweeted Lopez. "[G]reat job Sean Penn. Ruining a fantastic moment with a green card 'joke.'"

But that's the joke, isn't it? That for no good reason Mexicans and other Latinos are singled out for anti-immigrant sentiments in a way that other, more "acceptable" ethnicities are not? "The problem w Sean Penn's statement is that it limits what #Latinos are entitled to," tweeted Entertainment Weekly's Nina Terrero, "certainly nothing which belongs to whites." The joke may not be funny, but it's clearly an attempt to undermine stereotypes and exclusion, not reinforce it.

Iñárritu, who has worked with Penn, seemed unfazed the actor's joke and went on to say:

I want to dedicate this award for my fellow Mexicans, the ones who live in Mexico…. I pray that we can find and build the government that we deserve. And the ones that live in this country, who are part of the latest generation of immigrants in this country, I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation.

More coverage here.

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  1. But that’s the joke, isn’t it? That for no good reason Mexicans and other Latinos are singled out for anti-immigrant sentiments in a way that other, more “acceptable” ethnicities are not?

    Yeah, every other race that’s ever immigrated to the US has been welcomed with a laurel. And hardy handshake.

    It’s a joke alright…

    1. Mr. I??rritu should’ve said “‘Scuse me while I whip this out” when he started his speech.

      1. *audible gasping, followed by sighs of relief*

      2. “Alright, we’ll give some land to the niggers and the chinks, but we don’t want the Irish!”

    2. “But that’s the joke, isn’t it? That for no good reason Mexicans and other Latinos are singled out for anti-immigrant sentiments in a way that other, more “acceptable” ethnicities are not?”

      Nick has to be purposefully dense on this. Mexicans are ‘singled out’ because they’re the most likely to immigrate illegally.

      If you favor looser immigration rules, that’s fine. However, declaring your opponents to be horrible racists when there’s obviously a non-racist explanation for their behavior is how progressives argue. We should avoid prog argumentation tactics as much as possible.

      1. “We should avoid prog argumentation tactics as much as possible.”

        We? Who’s “we”, kemosabe?

        Have you failed to notice that Reason.com has clearly chosen to Prog up in the last year? It’s clearly not a mistake, it’s a *choice*.

        1. They sure like to publish articles from that Richman puke.

    3. So, he didn’t go full retard?

    4. You know what else Mexican and Latino immigrants are singled out for?


      They’re the ones being singled out to receive amnesty. Obama’s amnesty policies hinder legal immigrants from India and China, who face long lines and huge waits for green cards and visas. All while the Mexicans and Latinos will be getting their new “official” papers and status from the feds.

      1. I’m pretty sure Obama’s plan didn’t just to apply to Latino immigrants. There’s a not insignificant number of illegal immigrants here from outside Latin America. Also, his plan doesn’t do anything to help anyone who isn’t here already, most of whom have no legal pathway to immigrate.

        1. There’s a not insignificant number of illegal immigrants here from outside Latin America.

          6.72 million from Mexico*
          1.78 million from Central and South America*
          for a total of:
          8.5 million from Latin America

          1.17 million for all of Asia*


          Mexico is, by far, the source of most of the illegal population in the U.S., followed by the rest of Latin America. To pretend otherwise is either disingenuous or misinformed.

          1. err “from all of Asia”

          2. We should just conquer Mexico and then they Can all be citizens. At least we get the oil then.

  2. My biggest takeaways were this was not a very strong year for movies, and I will never sit through one of these again. I feel foolish for doing just that last night.

    1. I watch for the “people who died” part. That’s about it at this point.

    2. It was a very strong year for movies, it was a weak year for blockbusters.

      Whiplash and Birdman are both very good. American Sniper isn’t as good but is still a solid war film.

      Those are the only ones I’ve seen and I liked them all.

    3. Interstellar was actually quite good.

      1. The Grand Budapest Hotel is wonderful. I wasn’t really a Wes Anderson fan, but I am now.

  3. Since the Oscars have become half Progressive tent-revival and half Friar’s Club (but composed of dullards) roast, it is not surprising that its audience gets confused as to the tenor of some comments.

    1. double +1. Who watches this shite?

      I watched TWD.

      1. I watched Mighty Ships on the Smithsonian Channel. Those Quebecois seamen are hubba hubba.

        1. huh, huh, she said “seamen”

    2. How could a self-congratulatory circle-jerk be tedious?

  4. Must we pay attention to the perpetually aggrieved who post on Twitter hourly? Must we pay attention to Twitter at all?

    1. No and no. But we have Reason contributors for that!

    2. Apparently because they were already under the gun, because of no African-American nominees in the big categories, it seemed the broadcast itself went way overboard in trying to correct that. Did anyone notice that a majority of presenters/speakers were black, and even when there were two presenters, there was almost always at least one of them black, and sometimes both? They seemed to drag out just about every African-American who has been in movies in the past 20 years; when they even brought on Eddie Murphy (he’s a bit out of the limelight these days, wouldn’t you say) we started to laugh that they were getting to the end of the roster — but then even Harry Belafonte came on the screen.

      And any time the camera cut to the crowd for a reaction shot, it was more often than not Oprah, or one of last Oscars’ Twelve Years a Slave cast, or someone from the cast of Selma. We even considered making it a drinking game for awhile there, but we would have gotten alcohol poisoning had we tried.

      So I thought I’d see something about this online or in the papers today, but instead, just the opposite; the San Francisco Chronicle even complained the whole night was all white people. Better never tamper with the narrative, I guess.

  5. “We had a funny guy with us in Korea. A tailgunner. They blew his brains out all over the Pacific. There’s nothing funny about that .”

    1. What is that from? Is that Sobchak?

      1. Elaine’s old man to Jerry.

        1. That storyline was based on Larry David’s experience meeting his then-girlfriend Monica Yates’ father, Richard Yates (yes, that Richard Yates). Makes it all the funnier picturing real-life Larry David in that situation.

          1. “Well, you’re not going to walk down the street with me and my daughter dressed like that! That’s for damn sure!”

        2. Master of the house…

  6. “Can we fashion a little dunce cap for Arquette’s Oscar and hang a “Counter-Revolutionary” sign around its neck or send it down to the countryside until it learns its lessons?”

    Classic fucking line. This^ +1000. The progressive mob is starting to eat itself.

    So can we just start calling the Academy Awards the Take-Offense Olympics?

    1. Or we can just call it The Special Olympics. Seriously, these people are fucking retarded. Sorry,no offense meant to real life retards.

      1. I’ve been calling it all the Victim Derby since long before Gloria Steinem unwittingly formalized it somewhat by declaring during the 2008 Dem prez primary that “race trumps gender.” (I’m so prescient.)

        1. Speaking of ‘trumps’, someone really should make an identity politics poker card deck. Instead of suits you have genders, instead of number races and ethnicities. The pictures on the cards would all be offensive stereotypes of course.

          1. Get a good artist and Kickstarter it.

    2. No, USOC would sue the everliving shit out of the Academy for their use of the word “Olympics”.

    3. Some of them are beginning to get it. Who was that progtard who wrote about it in TNR about a month ago? Some of the things he quoted by way of example were angels-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin dreary. When ideologies get to that point, they implode. So maybe someone can get some major clicks by speculating at length on “What’s next?”

      1. Jonathan Chait?

    4. ” The progressive mob is starting to eat itself.”

      Earlier last year, the witch hunts ramped up, and maybe the last 6 months, they’ve started turning on each other.

      Watching them eat their own is mighty satisfying. Hoist by their own petard. Whether it’s groveling apologies, or the few who protest that they’ve been lifetime card carrying members of the Progressive Theocracy, it is a sweet spectacle.

  7. Ye gods, “progressives” are the most perpetually and petulantly unhappy people I’ve ever encountered.

    I disagree with conservatives about some things, but at least we can laugh together at a barbeque over a beer.

    1. Their entire identity is based on being pissed off. Even when they get their way, they are still pissed off. Worst of all they make everything about politics. There is no safe zone with the hard core progressives. You can’t talk to them about anything that doesn’t somehow have political implications. What a dreary miserable existence that must be.

      1. Damn ain’t that the truth. I’ve noticed that the serious progressives I know personally don’t post anything on Facebook but reposts of crap from Daily Kos, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc. It’s sad because these are actually decent folk who are musicians, artists, etc. and certainly have other things worth talking about.

      2. ^This. I’ve lived in the hipster part of my town for the better part of a decade. And based on my own experience, Doug Stanhope(I know, I know. Leave off.) was correct when he said that the artist community can be just as dour, humorless, self-righteous and devoid of joy as the most miserable people on the religious right.

        1. I have a hard time understanding why artists are so often idiotic leftists. They make their art as individuals. They don’t want the masses voting on details of their art projects. But when it comes to other people, everything should be collectivized to make it “fair”….

      3. Although I have to admit watching Hollywood, which gladly pushed the SJW line for years, find itself in their crosshairs does carry a little bit of schadenfreude, I can’t help but have some sympathy. No amount of groveling or parroting the party line will spare them.

        1. I can’t help but have some sympathy.

          Oh, stop that. They’d shove you into those crosshairs so fast it would make you dizzy. And they’d do it with a solid platinum Uzi while chanting “Death to the 1% gun fondlers.”

      4. “Even when they get their way, they are still pissed off.”

        There, I think, is a major problem, and why the people who try to appease progressives for the sake of peace, because progs are SHOUTING REALLY LOUDLY about how they want this or that, is a sucker’s game.

        They act worse than spoiled children. A spoiled child who gets their bright shiny thing at least shuts up for a while, while he joyfully plays with his beloved toy. The progs are incredibly poor winners and will not even pause before they start yammering and screaming about the next shiny thing they want.

        1. You give them a foot, and they take a mile.

        2. “Even when they get their way, they are still pissed off.”

          That’s because “progress” is a journey.

          1. …into the abyss.

      5. I’ve tried to not to turn everything into politics before. Sometimes, I fail and take life way too seriously, but man, I try.

      6. PJ O’Rourke put it best when he called these types of people the “perennially indignant”.


      8. They’re religious fundamentalists. There is original sin, without hope of salvation.

        Then there are the Progressive televangelists profiting off the Progressive yokels. I bet they can be kind of fun, in private.

      9. Maybe that existence should come to an abrupt end for the sake of the rest of us…..

    2. It is precisely the inability of leftists to do anything at all without turning it into a political shit show that I felt compelled to leave academia. One couldn’t even watch the local weather report without then having to discuss the feminist implications of the anchor’s pant suit choice for the day.

      1. I used to love award shows. Now the political firestorm that somehow manages to enshroud every single major event ever makes me dread all the things I used to enjoy. Always some sort of pseudo-controversy after these things.

        It is for those reasons that I will always hate the liberal establishment more than I hate the conservative establishment.

        1. In all fairness, I (obviously) side with establishment conservatives on a lot of things. Plus, in my experience, conservatives are more polite and willing to listen.

          1. They’re wrong on foreign policy, though.

            1. Who isn’t wrong on foreign policy ?

              1. Exactly. The Democrats, in all their self-righteous glory, love pretending to be antiwar while they idly stand by as their beloved leader launches the country into another foreign engagement. Republicans are upfront about it.

                Either way, both parties stink on the issue.

                1. The Democrats used to supposedly be the lesser evil on that front. Ironically, if Paul and Clinton faced off 2016, the democratic candidate will be more hawkish than the Republican one.

                  Though I think the one case where I would actually prefer the democrat is if John Bolton ends up on the Republican ticket. Which may be the case for Walker.

                  1. If you brutally slaughter the bad guys the first time, everyone else is afraid to try.

                    It worked for me in high school. The first time I took someone up on a fistfight I cleaned their clock. In. Front of a crowd. No one messed with me after that.

    3. One of my good friends is a Neo-Conservative and we always argue when it comes to foreign policy but we can still share a couple of laughs and drinks together. I’ve had progressives stop being my friend simply because I said something counter to their beliefs. They are a miserable bunch and no matter how much we give them they are still angry.

      1. Ha, I do remember one prog who stayed friendly because I confused him: he saw me as being a decent fellow which ran counter to his view of libertarians (e.g. my lack of a top hat and monocle). He studied me like a scientist studying a hitherto unknown breed of insect. It was vastly amusing to me.

      2. I just lost a decade-long (hardcore progressive) friend over a political disagreement. He simply unfriended me on FB, unfollowed me on Twitter, blocked me on Xbox, and refuses to answer any texts I’ve sent since.

        I’ve found that progressives simply cannot live in a world where they are challenged. The challenge needn’t even be very good. It’s the simple act of deigning to disagree that they find intolerable.

        How can one live a life where everyone you know simply must agree with you lest you up and walk away.

        1. That’s probably the one thing that bothered those otherwise sympathetic to Objectivism about Ayn Rand and her circle.

          1. I have not encountered that with the Randians I have met (grouped around a local university). They are a pretty cool bunch, and much more willing to argue with you and then buy you a beer than the progressives I know.

            I have heard the stories from “the good old days” about people being cast out of the circle. And Rand was certainly prickly when people didn’t understand why they were “wrong.”

            But the most prog-like group today that doesn’t slant left are the ex-Objectivists who do nothing but revisit old grievances. Tell them that Peikoff is not the anti-Christ and they will spit in your oatmeal.

        2. When your identity becomes entirely about status-signaling and holding the right opinions, it’s understandable that purges of the impure must follow.

          That’s where we are with progressives now. After years of uniting in hate against the Bushpig, once their own ascended to the throne and their grand plans were exposed as so much papier m?ch?, all they had left was whining and infighting. And screaming about their evil racist homophobe opposition.

          Approximately 0% of progressivism is about policies or plans for a better society. The rest is all emotion and feels and “I’m more tolerant than thou” tolerance.

          1. Obama could drone-strike a wedding, and liberals would still defend him. How do I know this? Because he has, and they have.

        3. What was the argument about?

          I had a friend defriend me on FB for my suggestion that assuming entitlement to the product of someone’s labor (may have been the gay wedding cake deal) was akin to slavery. I later sent a message admitting that perhaps I wasn’t being sensitive to the particular socio-historic implications of “slavery” in America; never heard back.

          It was especially troubling as he was a former teacher of mine and someone I regarded as contributing to my formation as a critical thinker. It gave me no small amount of stress when I tried to reconcile why he wouldn’t critically assess the merits of my argument but instead decided the only course was to ostracize me.

          Because of this I now have the pathology of not being able to block the truly insane FB friends who spam conspiracy theory bullshit all fucking day.

          1. I had someone defriend me on FB because of one comment I made. A couple of black teens (in Oklahoma? I forget) murdered a white tourist who wandered into their neighborhood. There were many comments about how “senseless” and “inexplicable” this was. I pointed out that perhaps it wasn’t “inexplicable,” because according to news reports the two suspects were both aspiring rappers and wanted to join a local gang, and sometimes people like that would commit a crime of violence for “street cred.” This comment was deemed “racist.”

        4. When discussing an issue they complain how they are becoming angry and can’t deal with it. Such sad creatures.

      3. “I’ve had progressives stop being my friend simply because I said something counter to their beliefs.”

        I had a guy in my dorm at college refuse to shake my hand after meeting a decade later.

        Unbelievers are untouchables.

    4. I disagree with conservatives about some things, but at least we can laugh together at a barbeque over a beer.

      Because conservatives are wrong. Progressives are just evil.

      A conservative who thinks through their ideas and follows them to their logical conclusion is going to wind up somewhere roughly consistent with libertarianism. A progressive who thinks through their ideas and follows them to their logical conclusion is going to wind up with a totalitarian charnel house.

      1. Hmm. It’s because most conservatives know they have very little power to actually enact their beliefs. They can nibble around the edges but can’t “fundamentally transform” the country. They know that. They’re fighting a war of attrition only.

        Progressives believe they can win. That’s why they’re such assholes.

        1. Again, don’t agree. Even when they’re views are ascendant, the best conservatives can rebut the libertarian argument is “Well, yeah, but…”. If you subscribe to an ideology that holds out limited government, personal responsibility, and rule of law as political values, you have to decide if you believe in these things or not. If you do, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the libertarian argument is right. If you don’t, it’s kind of hard to call yourself a conservative.

          1. Putting aside the war hawks and the neocons, the Republicans still have Justin Amash, Walter Jones, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Jimmy Duncan, and Jeff Flake. The Democratic Party has Joe Manchin, Dan Lipinski, and, well, that’s it.

            1. Just beaten Udall was an idiot on most things, but at least he took on the intelligence community, at least a little.

              1. Couldn’t take him seriously. I’m pro-life, and he managed to alienate a lot of women by acting as if that’s the only issue they care about.

      2. “A conservative who thinks through their ideas and follows them to their logical conclusion is going to wind up somewhere roughly consistent with libertarianism.”

        Nope. Social conservatives can be almost as theocratic and collectivist as progressive theocrats.

        1. Perhaps, but full-on social conservative theocrats seem like a small percentage of the right, while collectivist theocrats seem like a large percentage of the left.

          Or maybe it’s my current geographical area that makes me think that.

    5. So is Fox news progressive? Because they engage in some pretty awesome oppression Olympic events, e.g. “War on Christmas/Christians”

      1. To be fair, a lot of groups really are trying to destroy any mention of Christmas in public through endless lawsuits and threats. Even most progtard shitbags like Christmas.

  8. Arquette hanked “every woman who…


    1. Caught that too. I couldn’t stop myself from reading her quote in the voice of Hank Hill.

  9. Hawking embraces the NAP.

    Of course he would probably like the state to aggressively pursue this policy.

    1. No he didn’t.

      He’s talking about emotion. The alternative emotion he thinks is our salvation is empathy.

  10. “That for no good reason Mexicans and other Latinos are singled out for anti-immigrant sentiments in a way that other, more “acceptable” ethnicities are not?”

    For no good reason? Really? You think the human wave of hispanic immigration is exactly equal to the tiny dribble of Aussies who immigrate every year? Or the fact that the border jumpers are almost uniformly unskilled and poorly educated, compared to the Aussies, who are almost uniformly highly-educated professionals?

    You know that Spaniards — the original hispanics — are not considered an immigration problem, right? Because there are hardly any of them. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. It has to do with numbers, skills, education, demographics, shifting voting patterns, but primarily numbers.

    1. So much for ethnic diversity.

    2. And proximity. An Aussie who sneaked across the border would have the wettest back ever

    3. +1

      “Quantity has a quality all its own.”

  11. I’m just wondering if I??rritu is also praying that his fellow Mexicans, in Mexico, treat immigrants from countries further south with the dignity and respect they deserve. Fair’s fair, right?

    1. ^^^This.

      Mexico keeps out Guatemalans using force, up to and including machine guns, but none of the progressive asshats, including I??rritu, give a shit.

      Imagine being so poor that Mexico is considered “the rich country.”

      Honestly, I was going to watch his movie (I like Michael Keaton). Now I’m not sure I can. Fuck I??rritu.

      1. …Who says he doesn’t give a shit?

        If it helps, Birdman has nothing about Mexicans or immigration in it. I don’t think there is even one Latino actor on screen.

      2. Has Inarritu talked about his own personal politics before? I don’t know if he’s a progressive, and given his poor English, I don’t think he’s into American politics (putting aside immigration, of course).

  12. Someone is still making movies? bleh.

  13. In a fight to the death between Danny Partridge and Jeff Spicoli all my money would be on the Partridge kid.

    1. I would prefer a fight to the death between Spiccoli and ME.

  14. And we all thought the old New Republic that died a thousand deaths a few months ago wasn’t worth reading.

    ESB is up to the challenge.

  15. That for no good reason Mexicans and other Latinos are singled out for anti-immigrant sentiments in a way that other, more “acceptable” ethnicities are not?

    So, Nick, what you’re saying is that anti-immigrant sentiment comes only from racism? And doesn’t have anything to do with, say, volume? Because there are alot more Mexican immigrants than there are British or Australian immigrants, mmmmmkay?

    Fuck you, Nick, for calling me a racist.

    1. “So, Nick, what you’re saying is that anti-immigrant sentiment comes only from racism? ”

      Why should Nick be the only Reason writer who isn’t on the Prog Train?

  16. “Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig”

    So, we meet again, Bruenig.

    Everywhere I turn, it’s as if that psychotic Commie is taunting me.

    1. My first impression of Bruenig was a consideration of all the effort that must have went into making herself so full of herself.

  17. This really is becoming something of a Leninist/Jacobin-esque age of intellectual totalitarianism.

    Of course by staying away from Twatter and Twatbook and the inane organs of partisan interwebbery one can avoid a lot of it.

    But still – such a joyless and intellectually exhausting exercise it must be to have any sort of public profile.

    1. Go talk to people in real life. Much more productive.

  18. I like this article.

    Part 1: Criticize Hollywood
    Part 2: Criticize people who criticize Hollywood
    Part 3: Criticize Hollywood

    You sure are above it all, Nick.

    1. For a socialist, you sure love one of this country’s greatest bastions of wealth and privilege.

      1. american socialist is grumpy because Biden no-showed on his weekly “my hands are invading your personal space” session.

  19. Penn is a monumental idiot, but unless he completely flubbed the delivery, it’s a funny joke. I’d want to say something like that if my friend was about to be given this huge industry award.

    1. You mean he’s an idiot when he campaigned against the Iraq War or when he makes movies about gay activists who were murdered by homophobes.

      Living in San Francisco for some part of my life, I was exposed to and at least respected what anarchists had to say about politics. You must be from a different branch. Idaho? Just wondering.

      1. The PBS biography on Harvey Milk was orders of magnitude better than the stupid movie Penn starred in.

        1. Penn has played good roles in good films. Harvey Milk in ‘Milk’ was neither of those things. Not a good movie.

      2. american socialist|2.23.15 @ 10:59AM|#
        “You mean he’s an idiot when he campaigned against the Iraq War or when he makes movies about gay activists who were murdered by homophobes.”
        No, dipshit. He’s a lefty asshole like you who favors keeping people poor and starving

        “Living in San Francisco for some part of my life,”
        Great! The sum total of intelligence went up when the door hit you in the ass.

      3. “gay activists who were murdered by homophobes”

        Socialist, Democratic-party homophobes, remember!

      4. He’s an idiot when he openly endorses a murderous dictator like Hugo Chavez.

        Of course, you probably like him more because of it. Are you also going to jump in to defend Dennis Rodman?

  20. Arquette was MUCH WORSE than Penn, who’s just an idiot in general. TEAM AMERICA destroyed him, but I’ve found that usually skeptical people tend to be more fearful of mainstream feminism than they are of mocking other things.

    1. This is well-demonstrated by the fact that Aequette’s entire speech was predicated on the thoroughly discredited lie of the wage gap and the laughable notion that women in America don’t have equality.

      That’s a true sign of cultural influence, when you can tell almost any bald-faced, empirically disproven falsity on national TV and everyone in the media will applaud you for it. Mao would be jealous.

      1. The ‘wage gap’ is the Nosferatu of derp.

  21. The various Hollywood award shows have been nothing but mastubatory self-congratulation and far left political horseshit for quite some time now. How people can stand to watch them is beyond me.

  22. BTW, the second image is a treasure: There’s Penn, staring off into the middle distance like he’s the Workers’ Hero Tractor Driver on Workers’ Commune #87 right outside of Moscow.

  23. Penn may be a bit simple-minded

    And the award for understatement of the year goes to…

  24. Penn was actually funny for a change. People that have problem with what he said are idiots. It was clear that he was in joke mode.

    So why do the progressive quasi-Latinos cry about what he said? Because they truly want NO immigration rules for the Latinos. You will find many of them are the ones that are truly racist. Just ask how they feel about Asian immigration. I see it in California everyday.

    1. Q: How many Progressives does it take to get Penn’s joke?

      A: That’s not funny!!!

  25. Oddly reassured that even the comments on Huffington Post are saying “this is a stupid non-controversy”.

  26. Backstage, I??rritu, who directed Penn in the 2003 film “21 Grams,” said, he found the “green card” comment “hilarious.”

    “Sean and I have that kind of brutal relationship where only true friendship can survive,” I??rritu said. “I make on him a lot of very tough jokes that I will not tell you.”

  27. In their rush to screech *racism* they missed the point. Penn, was trying to be inclusive. Rarely does a Mexican get accused of legal immigration. Here, for once, Penn was saying what he might have said to someone else. But when all you can see is the color of someone’s skin, then all you do often see is racism.

  28. I couldn’t believe this part of I??rritu’s statement:

    “And the ones that live in this country, who are part of the latest generation of immigrants in this country, I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation.”

    As if previous immigrants were welcomed with open arms, and given cushy jobs and free healthcare.

    1. As if he prays.

    2. And they definitely were never sent to internment camps, that’s for sure. Or if they were, I’m sure it was a Rethuglican who did it.

  29. I did not see any commercials for “Boyhood”, “Birdman”, or the “Budapest Hotel” (whatever its called) on TV. None. It seems like every year two or three of the movies nominated for best picture just sneak up on you.

    As for achieving diversity in Hollywood – it’s not profitable. None of my Asian friends were trembling with excitement about “Selma” or “Spare Parts” (featuring George Lopez, why is that guy a celebrity). The American movie goers threw buckets of money at “Frozen” but ignored “The Tales of Princess Kaguya”.

    Everyone want Hollywood to depict THEIR culture. The Chinese might appreciate blockbuster movies that include supporting roles by one of their stars. They won’t care if they pump their market with “black” films.

  30. Don’t you see that it’s OK for Sean Penn to make jokes like that because he’s one of the “cool kids”?

  31. Hats off to the person that came up with the coke snorting “Oscar”:


    Too funny.

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  33. Sean Penn is stupid and likely has a poor sense of humor.

    I would really enjoy choking the life out of him.

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