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Canadian Schools Are Strip-Searching Teens And That's Cool with the Government

Ah, the joy of government-run schooling.



Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc told schools they are well-within their rights to strip students naked and search them for drugs, according to CBC News.

His proclamation followed an incident at a Quebec high school in which a 15-year-old girl was strip-searched by her female principal. The girl was suspected of selling drugs:

The girl told the newspaper that the female school principal and a female staff member took her to a room in the school and asked her to remove all her clothing, including her underwear. The female staff member held a blanket in front of the student while the principal searched her clothes.

In a news release, the De la Capitale School Board did not dispute that version of events.

The board said school officials have a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

According to the government, staff members may only search a student's clothes, not his or her body. And certain precautions must be taken to protect the kids' deceny—though not their liberties, evidently:

The girl told the Journal that she asked to phone her mother before the search but was told she was not permitted.

The girl's mother told the newspaper the search was "excessive" and that she's considering legal action.

Ah, the joy of government-run schooling.

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  1. Creeps and pedophiles, man. Creeps and pedophiles.

    1. Don’t worry. Some complete idiot will come along shortly to defend them.

      1. Oh look, there’s Tony now.

        1. When one is reduced to arguing “we don’t sexually molest as often as the Catholic Church”, one is pretty much grasping for straws.

          1. Actually, that’s part of the false narrative being sold by the mainstream media and leftists. There is FAR more molestation going on in the public schools than occurred in the Catholic church.

        2. Yep, too late, Tony the rocket surgeon has arrived, at warp speed.

    2. Eight-year-olds, Dude.

      1. What’s a pederast?

        1. A rock that eats hotdogs, dear…

    3. In all fairness they’re creeps and ephebophiles.

  2. She should just be glad she isn’t a poor, lower-class white girl living in Rotherham, England.

  3. though not their liberties, evidently:

    Canadians have liberties?

    1. Just the one.

      1. They’ve been chipping away at the right to club baby seals. Shorter seasons, smaller quotas, bans on taking the extra-cute ones.

    2. Our biggest liberty is we are allowed to fight whilst playing our national sport, and merely get a 5 minute penalty for it.

  4. Ah, the joy of government-run schooling.

    Yes, why can’t they be more like the many private schools where children have merely been raped by the thousands.

    1. Given the constant stream of government school employees who are caught diddling their charges, do you really want to make that comparison?

      1. I want you people to stop trying to fit everything that ever happens into your moronic thesis about government being the source of all evil.

        Yes, I will put Catholic schools up against public schools and bet there is less child rape in the latter. How much you want to put on the table?

        1. “Just enough to win.”

        2. The government isn’t the source of all evil. It’s just where evil people go because it’s the only place that gives them power over other people.

          I’ll put $100 on the government schools having more rape. Besides the fact that the priest are the ones who are all rapey in the church, not teachers. The government monopoly on schools puts the statistical probability on public schools. But, I’ll bet you won’t be able to find any data on teachers raping students. The government doesn’t like to keep data on things that might make it look bad.

          1. It’s just where evil people go because it’s the only place that gives them power over other people.

            I can think of a hundred other places, such as corporate boardrooms or the clergy.

            If there is an epidemic of kid rape in public schools that is even a fraction of that uncovered in Catholic institutions, then of course I’m all for maximum prevention and punishment. But I’m not going to narcissistically and delusionally follow that by patting myself on the back for being right about a completely unrelated political philosophy obsession.

            1. There…child molestation occuring in public schools that is at least a fraction of that occurring in Catholic schools.

              I realize you will probably dismiss this as “anecdotal”, but that’s because you’re not intelligent enough to understand what a “fraction” is, you stupid fuck.


            2. Ummm. Please explain to me how someone in a corporate boardroom can legally put you in a cage. Or put you on a gurney and pump poison into your veins. Or, please name any of the other 99 places that can do that. The government is the only entity that is allowed to use force.

              And, as far as an epidemic of kid rape. We aren’t talking about rape here, kid. We are talking about a government agent stripping you naked against your will. You do understand that there is a difference right? The governments roll is to go after the rapist. Not become him.

              1. You forget that from Tony’s perspective the government’s role is only to enforce the will of the majority.

          2. A rape in a private school likely means less students, which means less money.

            No such thing occurs in a public setting.

            1. ^ This. The difference between a public school and a Catholic school is that no one is forced to either give money to or attend the latter.

        3. Yes, I will put Catholic schools up against public schools and bet there is less child rape in the latter. How much you want to put on the table?

          All in.

        4. I want you people to

          Go fuck yourself, loser.

        5. I’m in for $50.

        6. Tony…the Catholic Church is something not really Libertarian. And, during the time it had its share of pedos in its midst it was quasi-governmental.

          So, consider this…now the Church has far less clout, and does not run various countries, its pedophilia is being unmasked. In order to protect their brand, they are rooting out the rot from their system. That’s what happens when the government does not run things, but people’s choices do.

          1. So, consider this…now the Church has far less clout, and does not run various countries, its pedophilia is being unmasked. In order to protect their brand, they are rooting out the rot from their system. That’s what happens when the government does not run things, but people’s choices do.

            The Catholic Church literally runs a country.

            Nothing says ‘libertarian’ like a religious movement that runs its own theocracy.

            1. OK, but the country they run is a postage-stamp sized Vatican City-State.

              They don’t run the U.S.A., contrary to what my grandpappy, bless his heart, believed.

        7. In the spirit of Ash Wednesday, I’ll throw in all the alms I won’t be giving this Lent.

    2. Tony,

      You seem to have omitted evidentiary material supporting your claim.

      Please re-post.

    3. i’ve heard 1 in 5 girls at government universities are raped.

      1. A woman is raped every 30 minutes.

        Wow, that poor woman!

        1. Did you know that every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes?

          1. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, you could have written me a check!

    4. Sigh.

      Cit yoru source. How does the % of private school students raped compare with the % of public school kids raped? Did the rape have anything to do with whether they were private vs public schooled?

      You’re such a spiteful hate-monger, you’re response isn’t “if this happ[ens in ANY school, it’s a problem”. No, it’s “nuh uh, private schools are worse”.

      1. It’s a creepy policy implemented by creepy people–but their creepiness is not dependent on them being agents of the government. There is plenty of child abuse outside of government institutions. Quite a lot in the particular one I’m referring to.

        1. …but their creepiness is not dependent on them being agents of the government.

          The Government’s monopoly on force does change the equation quite a bit, Tony.

          1. It’s also government that steps in when Father Kidfucker abuses his rather monopolistic force and fucks kids. So maybe this thesis needs a little work.

            1. You make so little sense it is astounding.

              1. His comments make complete sense if you understand that he’s an idiot.

        2. The principal can bend the rules set by the government because the government affords them tenure or job protection.

          A principal in a private school has financial incentive not to defy government guidelines to strip search someone. Because the parents (who PAY the tuition) will complain to the owner and she’ll lose her job.

          Parents who send their kids to private schools complain or let their feelings known. They feel like they have a right to do this, since they’re PAYING the school for their child’s education. I know this, since I taught at a private school.

          1. So clearly the solution is to only have schools that people have to pay for. The vast number of children of parents who are unable or unwilling to pay for a full education will surely not bring along any further social pathologies.

            1. Every school has to be paid for. Some just think parents are as important as the teachers’ union.

            2. The solution is to give the customers control over how their education dollars are spent, regardless of where those dollars come from.

              1. That way leads to chaos!

                1. Chaos gets a bad rep.

            3. Tony –

              Public schools are largely paid for through property and sales taxes, which everybody pays (even renters).

              Do not make the mistake of thinking that *anyone* is getting a “free” education in this country.

            4. So clearly the solution is to only have schools that people have to pay for.

              ALL schools are paid for you, pig-ignorant commie twat. The difference between public and private schools is that private schools are paid on an voluntary basis.


        3. Yes, but they don’t monopolistically drive their competitors out of business and threaten people who decline to purchase their services.

          1. And you don’t have to ask their permission to release you and allow you to go somewhere else (like in my daughter’s district).

        4. If they where not government agents, they wouldn’t be called creepy, they would be called defendant and sex offender.

          1. Let’s just get rid of rules and standards altogether. That will surely reduce child abuse in schools.

            1. Not having rules and standards is what allows you to post here and get human interaction, so you should be all in favor of it.

            2. Yea, that’s what I said. It’s all government control or nothing at all right? I mean, if the schools can’t strip search kids. What’s the f’ing point of having a government? So, let’s just scape the whole thing huh.

            3. And anyone of us has said that where?

              God you are a mendacious fuck.

    5. Thousands of children were raped in Charter and Montessori schools? News to me.

      Catholic schools are ran by the church, so it’s not unlike a government ran school. But incidents of child abuse in that world is pretty small.

      Mass shooters are almost always from public schools, and they target those locations exclusively. They really HATED the cliques and the teachers there. Gee, I wonder why the educrats and young progressives ignored a trouble youth requiring counsel.

      1. Clearly the solution to all these problems is to only have schools for kids whose parents can afford the full cost.

        1. Or, you just apply market principles in public schools.

          Taxpayers are the “parents” of public schools. We’re all paying into the system so someone’s else kids can go that school.

          But since the government and the teacher’s union are in bed, consumer demand is a moot point. A terrible teacher can spend years at a school and be sent to a rubber room accused of sexual abuse.

          1. Market forces apply substantially in public schools. The richer you are, the better your schools.

            1. Because being required to send your kid to a particular school based on your address is totally about choice.

              Poor people are forced to send their kids to poor public schools because it was their choice to not be able to afford a nicer house.

              That’s your point, fucktard?

            2. Market forces apply substantially in public schools.

              This has to be the most hilariously wrong thing I have read today.

            3. In Vancouver, where my kids went to school, each school got the same amount per student – wealthy district or poor district.

              I bet you it is the same in your area. But, I’m assuming you don’t have kids, living at home in your parents basement as you are.

      2. Catholic priest rapes student is news.

        Public school teacher rapes student is dog bites man.


    7. Can somebody explain to me why people even bother to respond to obvious trolling by known trolls?

      Seriously, don’t feed the trolls and they’ll go away. Belittling them, calling them stupid, arguing with them, etc., are pointless endeavors.

      1. I just chalk it up to people blowing off work stress. Reasonable is my friend, though.

      2. Except he never goes away. He’s like syphilis like that.

        Also, sometimes you just want to punch somebody and this is the best you can do without going to jail.

        1. I appreciate Tony coming here. When your opponent argues as he does, the rightness of your position stands in even starker contrast.

    8. It’s not as if a professor researched the problem and summarized her findings thusly:

      “”[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem?” she said. “The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.””…..the-record

      It’s not that Tony has to agree, it’s that he has to be intelligent enough to be aware of these findings and to put forward any counter-evidence he may have.

      1. Ehh…having read Shakeshaft in other areas, it’s clear she has an agenda. Wendy McElroy cast doubt upon a lot of Shakeshaft’s claims.

        1. Ah, the point is you knew of the study and thus could point to its flaws.

          Our Tony is unfamiliar with the literature. You need to know of it to pick it apart.

          1. Our Tony is unfamiliar with a great deal of things.

      2. At least you can sue the private school

    9. Lol, you fucking retard.

    10. the many private schools where children have merely been raped by the thousands

      citation needed

      1. I like the term ‘by the thousands.’

        Like there are private schools that exist for no purpose save to round up thousands upon thousands of innocent children for the perverse sexual pleasure of their faculty.

    11. Tony, seriously, what makes you think that the Statist, Iiberal, Pro-Union media would tell us if children were being abused in Publc Schools at a rate similar to the rate in private schools? Just as the media, OF COURSE, is comparing the placement rates of traditional colleges like Yale against the Evil For Profit colleges.

  5. Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc told schools they are well-within their rights to strip students naked and search them for drugs,

    What the fuck do you even say? What does this to a person? How do they get so divorced from any sense of proportion or decency? I am curious as to the reaction in Canada over this. Is there outrage? Can any of our flappy-headed brethren shed some light?

    1. First I’ve heard of it.

    2. It’s not really Canada. It is Quebec. They are so left there the Dems would be considered aligned with the Koch Brothers. They also have outlawed signs in English – one of the two official languages in the country.

      I’m a Canadian, please don’t judge us by Quebec.

      1. Quebeckers have somehow managed to create an environment that breeds profoundly obnoxious leftists…and a surprising amount of liberty-leaning people. Rufus might be by later to confirm this, but I’ve seen way more people open to libertarian arguments in Quebec than say, Ontario.

  6. Well, at least she’ll be able to ask a doctor to assist her in committing suicide…

  7. And the distinction between government schools and government prisons grows a little blurrier.

  8. Shaming kids into obedience? That’s sure to create no problems whatsoever.

    1. Oh yeah, well something bad happened to someone once at some other place. God why do you people hate children so much?


      1. This is a single anecdote, you’ll note. Extrapolated to prove that libertarianism was right all along. Just like when a bird flaps its wings or a star twinkles. All proof that you were right about how we shouldn’t tax billionaires’ incomes.

        1. Christian Grey got a tax break because he discounted his whips and chains as business expenses.

          1. And he made all his money marketing Grey Poupon mustard. True story.

            1. I don’t want to eat stuff that he’s been messing with. Ew.

              1. Wait, Grey Poupon, I get it!

                1. *rimshot!*

                  1. Try our new Spicy Grey Poupon. It’s like being beaten into submission…by flavor!

        2. Burn that straw man, burn it!

        3. That’s exactly what everyone is saying, except for the part where no one at all has said that.

        4. Lol, you’re a goddamn moron.

        5. And you got that out of this thread?

  9. Quick! Light the Pedobot signal!

    1. You called it.

  10. Sounds like my kinda job! Where do I sign up?

    1. You are a real jerk, Anon-bot. Not funny.

      1. There’s a reason we call him pedo-bot.

        1. Yeah – Pedo went pretty Full Biden right there. You never wanna go Full Biden.

    2. OK, now I am convinced that Pedo-bot is sometimes manned by an actual human. Either that or Skynet is upon us.

  11. Knock knock. Who’s there? If you want him to be exactly. He’ll never be exactly. I know. The only really real Tony is really Tony and he’s gone. If you want him to be exactly he’ll never be exactly I know the only really real Tony is really Tony and he’s gone who?

    1. Once I had a secret love
      that lived within the heart of me
      all too soon my secret love
      became a proggie named Tony
      so I told a friendly star
      the way that dreamers often do
      what a sophist you now are
      and why I must now ignore you

  12. Things get fucking creepy when medieval mindsets cross with Toyota assembly lines.

    1. Mind….


    2. whoa

      *considers the universe*

    3. That you, Rust Cohle?

      *looks around for, whips out WhiteSnake*

      1. LENT STARTED! I thought you were going to stop inflicting snowblindness on people for Lent.

        1. He is the way, the truth, and the LIGHT.

  13. It takes a village to molest children as a matter of policy.

    1. Part of it is, we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids should be molested by whole communities.

      1. When everybody’s guilty.. nobody’s guilty..

  14. Does anyone else get an annoying autoplay ad on the Reason site?

    1. No. Only you.


      1. Good think I didn’t ask about the penile enlargment pill ad.

        1. I think you have a massive cock that wants to fuck all sort of thang a jingo… sweet dude

  15. I want to point this out. Although technically this occurred in Canada, in reality it occurred in Quebec, which is not really….anywhere.

  16. This really is rather funny. On the one hand we have a story which demonstrates the expectation of immunity from prosecution and competition enjoyed by public servants. But no, le troll magnifique tells us, this story tells us no such thing. Rather, it tells us that bad people do bad things, and that’s the whole of it.

    Never mind that bad people seem to gravitate to positions of coercive authority, or that immunizing people from consequences encourages them to behave badly, and that public sector unions and monopoly public services are ripe for both. Never mind any of that, says troll, because a private individual in a private organization is just as likely to behave the same despite having neither of these privileges. Because? Catholics.

    And never mind that, until le troll magnifique arrived, nobody had suggested either of these public servants had sexually abused the student in question, just that they had robbed her of her dignity in a ham-handed display of thuggish authority. We can, despite troll’s confusion on the matter, condemn both. It’s a stupid comparison.

    1. Forget it, Dweeb – it’s Tonytown

  17. See, when I went to Canadian high school, they didn’t strip search us.

    They had random drug searches of lockers by the cops with dogs every couple months. Whenever one of those days popped up, you’d see some students going from class to class giving the head’s up, then suddenly a couple of kids would leave to go flush their stash. They only ever really caught a few people and it was all over minor stuff like weed.

    Moral of the story: If you’re making me nostalgic for those days, your school drug policy sucks.

  18. It is Tony’s contention that when one Republican says something ridiculous it’s proof all Republicans feel that way, but when we are inundated with constant stories of sexual abuse in public schools it proves nothing.

    By the way, of all the links Reynolds posted related to sexual assault in schools, this one has to be the most ridiculous just because of the headline.

    Rape Is Rape, Even When the Teacher Is a Woman

    Even when.

    Even. When.

    1. Dr. Marcie Bianco is a Staff Writer at Mic blah, blah, blah. She writes and makes public appearances about ethics, from feminism to race relations. Her current projects include a memoir about lesbian academic affairs and a collection of feminist essays.

      Thinking that anyone would have an interest, much less that there is academic merit, in reading Dr. Bianco’s memoirs of scooping up undergraduate LUGs is the height of narcissism.

    2. A lot of progs don’t believe black people can be racist. If a black person says he hates all white people and all white people are _________________. That isn’t racism. Racism is only when it is perpetrated by whites against others.

      I would think many might say women can never be rapists.

      1. Is it racism when the Quebecois take my beloved English from me?

    1. Also chemistry. All those chemical names and terms that start with al, like alcohol, aldehyde, alkane, etc.

      1. I’m spitballing here, but I’m thinking we should rename Algebra “X-Games, Math League”. It might have positive educational results. That, and if we don’t, the terrorists win.

    2. Ma sha’ Allah! The House of Wisdom obviously needs to be rebuilt in Riyadh.

    3. I should point out, and it has been noted in several sources, that any “civilization” that medieval Islam can reasonably claim was a result of the Persian traditions science, mathematics, art, and philosophy.

      1. What, is Byzantium chopped liver?

        1. No, chopped liver is a Jewish thing.

      2. That is a drastic generalization and oversimplification of hundreds of years of history of a region that spanned from Spain to India. Did medieval Muslims incorporate and build upon earlier Persian traditions and knowledge? Certainly, and other groups as well. But so has every civilization ever. It would be as accurate to say that all Christian civilization was a result of the Greeks.

        1. (skwrelz)
          I’m shooting from the hip, but off hand I can point to two cultures (3 maybe; India – can’t remember the name) which flourished, made amazing advances and then stone-wall-stopped.
          1) China until (I gotta get the book out) the emperor forbade overseas communication and therefore trade.
          2) Islam until the forbearance of interest payments choked commerce to subsistence levels.
          Yeah, I’m strongly biased but I’m guessing trade and business activity has to to with progress.

          1. I would agree that trade and business do contribute heavily to progress, although I take issue with any sort of Whig model of history where nations are a Civilization-like (referring to the game) path of forward technological and philosophical progress, as it isn’t a good or accurate model for the complexity of human civilizations. You are correct though generally in that those civilizations were at one point relatively advanced technologically and eventually fell behind other regions. The reasons you mentioned probably contributed significantly. The only point I was making is that nobody should let anti-Islamic bias cloud historical analysis to the point where all Islamic science, philosophy, and civilization is a mere imitation of superior pre-Islamic cultures and then not apply the same standards to other cultures.

            1. That should say “nations are on a Civilization-like path” but I forgot the “on.”

            2. The only point I was making is that nobody should let anti-Islamic bias cloud historical analysis to the point where all Islamic science, philosophy, and civilization is a mere imitation of superior pre-Islamic cultures and then not apply the same standards to other cultures.

              Especially given that the Ottoman Empire was organized far more efficiently than any contemporary European countries throughout its early history and actually invented the types of efficient bureaucracy that allowed them to outcompete less organized neighbors.

              Furthermore, the Ottomans in the early period of their history were less religiously dogmatic than most European countries, so Christian heretics and Jews would often go to the Ottoman Empire because they were treated better there. Many of these people ended up making great contributions to the Ottoman Empire, so the Ottomans’ relative openness helped them become wealthier and more successful than European states until the Europeans caught up and the Ottomans started to stagnate.

    4. It’s all a misunderstanding. Now please return to our daily comparing of Medieval Christianity to Modern Islam.

  19. For the narcissist whose arm is tired.

    Take Your Selfie Game to the Next Level With a 3-D Printed Statue of Yourself

    1. Just dropped in on for the first time in a long time. Verdict: Still amusing.

      1. This was not meant as a reply to the selfie post, unless the selfie is of a CIA imperialist mastermind.

      2. The Islamic State, like Al-Qaeda and all entities that comprise the “Islamic Jihad” is a creation of the CIA and Anglo-American intelligence (Pakistan’s ISI, Saudi intelligence, British MI6, the Israeli Mossad, etc.). The various jihadist militias and military-intelligence assets and fronts?IS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusrah, etc. are “American made”, openly supported and utilized by the United States and its allies, as they have been continuously from the Cold War to this very second. These forces are carefully manipulated and guided weapons for US-NATO. Terrorists are instrumental to the ongoing US-led covert and overt operations in Syria. Terrorists run by the US and CIA destabilized and toppled Libya, are integral to coming regime changes. Under both direct and indirect orders of US-NATO sponsors and handlers, these “demon hordes” are, and will continue to be, the leading military-intelligence assets behind every major geostrategic action in the region.

        Holy shit.

        1. According to recent polls, four out of five registered American voters overwhelmingly support military attacks against the Islamic State. The acquiescent, ignorant American masses, still irretrievably pacified by the propaganda “shock and fear” effect of 9/11, enthusiastically back any “retaliation” against “bad guys who cut off heads” and “threaten America”, and have no problem sending American youth to the front lines to be cannon fodder. They are “defending freedom”. The American sheeple believe?even love to believe?the Big Lie. Whereas the citizens of Hong Kong and in other countries take passionately to the streets to fight for their democracy, the average American has long abdicated his and her duty as an informed, vigilant citizen. Far too busy shooting nude selfies on handheld gadgets?their brains addled by inane entertainment, and Hollywood celebrations of the national security apparatus?to care.

          This reads like something I’d write as a parody of

          1. I just had to share it. All I could picture was Sheldon Richman nodding his head in furious wanna-be-Brahmin agreement.

            1. The best part is that he points to Hong Kong as being a place not ‘addled by inane entertainment.’

              Because when I think of East Asia, I think of seriously highbrow entertainment.

          2. Grassy knoll! Elvis’ alien love-child with death ray!

            1. Oh, you want crazy? I got crazy.

              The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination

              Evidence of link between Nazis still in operation after World War II to the still unsolved murder of John F. Kennedy

          3. It reads like if someone were to create an equivalent of the Tom Friedman Op-ed generator for LRC.

  20. So Obama gives a little talk on ISIS late today and the wingnuttery has jerked into a collective shit fit because he won’t explicitly that we are “in a war against Islam”.

    Its like the bitter clingers WANT a full out war with all Muslims. I don’t invent CT but there is no other rational conclusion. This obsession with calling out Islam has to have a purpose.


    1. Turd lies. That’s all.

      1. Why don’t you explain this obsession with calling out Islam as our enemy?

        You speak wingnut.

        1. Turd lies. That’s all.

          1. I can remember turd trying to label someone a Rethug, since they called turd on another lie.
            Turd lies.

            1. It is basically his entire M.O.

              1. Obtuse shit happens sweet fission

                1. Truer words have never been spoken, AC.

                  1. You are sweet and a certin fission velebrates like those indian canyons that are NIX not so in this fucking old ohio forest… but so it fukin goes my conection to reality…. yo

  21. I can’t believe it!
    Go away for a couple of hours and come back to find Tony alternately defending this crap and then trying to use it to discredit libertarianism!
    For pete’s sake, Tony, next time use a cop shooting as your text. Asshole.

  22. Only one article since the PM links? And it is about Quebec? Reason has gone down hill.

    1. Hot cocktail party perhaps?

    2. Je me souviens, Raison!

    3. I am substituting as a Reason writer. See my comments on the ISIS freakout.

      1. If that were true, Reason would have apparently decided to drive off a cliff.

  23. Oh shit. Chris Wallace may get fired at Fox News:

    Chris Wallace: GOP-Run House Intelligence Committee “Basically Said There Was No There There” In Regards To Benghazi

    He told the truth about the Benghazi fake scandal.…

    1. Chris wallace is a military whore…

      1. military whores on the meds are sweet ninjas and wallace is not a true fukin whore for those they seek truth….
        Wallace is an insipid weak old fungus that should fukin go there in the empty closet of no one gives a single butt turd…

  24. Because these fucking horribl shits need pounds of bird shit planeted on their fucking narrow fuck faces… Yves Bolduc is when a new dude fucks his bros ass trippin on lsd and drunk on various booze and then wwete wakes up in his own cum and then shits andpukes… wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That experience is too luving for a horrible crap eating trash-guzzling fuck like Yves Bolduc who needs to invert his reality into a virus like swarm that requires massive dose of hammer to the fukin head cuz that shit is a denegrated slam worm…

    1. Quebec politics, a primer.

    2. When the gummint gets out the pica sticks and measures font sizes, it’s a sign to leave. When they strip search teen agers, it makes you glad you left.

  25. Wingnuttery part 3 –

    February 18, 2015
    Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign
    By F. W. Burleigh

    Is President Obama a Muslim? A lot has been written about this, but if photographs speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last August’s U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. might shed considerable light.

    It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of Islamic faith to dozens of African delegates.

    Read more:…..z3S9dll6QT
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    “American Thinker”? What idiocy. Sevo, are you this stupid?

    1. Turd lies. Sometimes from gross stupidity, often enough to beg for attention.
      Turd lies.

  26. Flipping through the Uncyclopedia and came across this:

    After decades of potential Libertarians pointing to the “TANSTAAFL” logo and going, “Huh?” the Party switched to a logo with the Statue of Liberty. This was intended as a test of possible members. Anyone who points out the irony in the Libertarian Party honoring a government building that does not even charge admission is clearly unhinged enough to join; and (if also a complete unknown with no record of participation in politics) becomes the candidate for Governor.

    1. Man, when you’ve been beaten, you’ll reach amazing distances to try to salvage some self respect.
      Even when people laugh at your efforts.

      1. As you all know 😉

    2. TANSTAAFL: That is why Lady Liberty is holding the hoagie (it’s not a lamp, Sheeple!) so far from the starving masses.

    3. Anyone who points out the irony in the Libertarian Party honoring a government building that does not even charge admission

      This…this is actually a very good point.

      1. “This…this is actually a very good point.”

        If that ‘building’ were to disappear tomorrow, the concepts of liberty and universal aspirations thereto would survive. And I’d support them.
        And I’m not sure it is a ‘government building’; it was donated by the French government, but was it paid for by that entity?

        1. And I’m not sure it is a ‘government building’; it was donated by the French government, but was it paid for by that entity?

          It’s managed by the Feds, isn’t it?

          1. “It’s managed by the Feds, isn’t it?”

            So’s the money the IRS steals from me.

        2. it was donated by the French government, but was it paid for by that entity?

          No. The project was funded by donations to a private organization known as the Franco-American Union. And it wasn’t a “government building” until FDR seized it in 1933.

          1. So it’s the perfect emblem of government theft!

          2. I should clarify, before that, it was basically a defunct lighthouse on an island owned by the Army.

            1. “on an island owned by the Army.”

              Can we find a landing craft? I’ll volunteer, I can see the headline:
              “Libertarian Liberation of Pubic Property!”
              Hey, it worked for the redskins on Alcatraz!

              1. I think the headline would be more like “NYC Domestic Terrorist Plot Foiled: 10 Dead, 2 in Custody”

                1. Damn you, HM! Always with the reality!

      2. Eh. I thought that bit in the entry might get a laugh here.

  27. so we fly home to that sweet other…

    And then all sorts of those fliers die…

    and then the prez does his awards…

    and then in the future in 2018 all the fucking kids learn about 5 people who were suposedlye awasome…

    1. war is not awesom… it is long and hard… and our politicians have been getin aways with breaking our young people for zero fucking reason….

      I can keep score and so can batman…

  28. TIL that some asshole named Yves Bolduc needs to be tarred and feathered for the safety of Canada’s youth.


    1. Don’t stop this John lord jesus cop

  29. Can we sing new songs libertarians?

      1. palin is a sweet sword I am amused by… Palin fuks with allthese dudes but Palin is a fukin cosplay… I like these threads fukin twisted and wracked with smart trol….

      2. I’m glad you guys get along

  30. Where are our songs swift minds?

    We wish for chang.. we yearn for upheaval… we seek a hammer on mines of the new….

    Where are the new songs …? Son, the future of liberty is about transcendatl poetry and song

      1. well that is a nylon lined tube into a nowhere that is drawn with pardoned galactic assasins….

  31. Dont sit around and get old and gray like e.t…. have a real real good time where that swinky bitch e.t. finally learns to get hard and get drunk and fuk old e.t. bitches…. lets have an e.t. time and watch e.t. fuck somefuking extual alien vag…

    1. I swagger, AC, I swagger. My motto is, “Do I know what I am doing? No I don’t, and It’s never stopped me before.”

  32. so deep intraversal corruptioons seek new bays on the sides of the massive gods… we will fly the lost schims of space on the undead of stars who seek the fuselage of massive star cock… we will smash and smash a most sweet smash and how this sweet voice smashes sn

    1. And so it happens we smash a star, and learn the architect of the smashing was once unloved.

  33. So I atea a huge amount of mushrooms and then did coke and then tripped for 6 hours a few months back… and then i had a horrible fuckin memory…..had a fuking traumatic trip for 6 hours that fukd me up for a month…

    1. My cat is happy when I empty the case in which the beer is toted. He is redneck Maru.

    2. You should maybe not do that.

      If you want to be around to see your kids grow up.

    3. Agile Cyborg|2.18.15 @ 10:11PM|#
      “So I atea a huge amount of mushrooms and then…”

      AC, if you are bragging, I don’t think anyone here is enthralled with getting blotto, having either done so or knowing those who have.
      If you are not bragging, but speaking from experience, ditto.
      I’m pretty confident I can speak for those who have done so or known those who have (and I won’t say which) in stating that “huge amounts” of unknown drugs isn’t a good idea.
      It is your life and Thompson made a living at it, but……

  34. Person on Reddit’s /r/technology subreddit says that “We should literally be killing these people for treason and corruption” referring to Comcast management. Is upvoted heavily.…..ew/colo6qx

    1. C, I’m not gonna dive into Reddit, but are they arguing that Comcast managers be hung for their position as a government monopoly (and therefore charging too much) or their position as source of data to the government from their position as government monopoly?

      1. Partially the monopoly thing, but not from a libertarian angle. Basically he’s upset the an evil KKKorporation like Comcast is in that position and not the Holy Government.

        I’m no fan of Comcast or any corrupt business, but mass lynchings aren’t exactly my ideal solution.

        1. If mass lynchings aren’t the answer, you’re asking the wrong question!

          /just kidding

        2. Calidissident|2.18.15 @ 10:30PM|#
          “Partially the monopoly thing, but not from a libertarian angle. Basically he’s upset the an evil KKKorporation like Comcast is in that position and not the Holy Government.”

          Thanks for taking one for the team. It’s what I suspected; ‘Gov’t should fix those evil Korps!’ When it was caused by the gov’t from the get-go.
          I’m really tired of that; it’s like turd’s claim that the failure of the mortgage market, first fucked left and right by the gov’t, is a ‘market failure’.
          Turd, on 1st base, 2 outs, bottom of the 9th, 10 runs down, now turns the market loose and says: “OK, you’re so hot! Win this game!”

  35. I called the fukin 911 and then thought my friends kidnaped me and shit got fucking surreal… Deepest drug vibe forest ever and very few get this deep…. I did…. and I got lucky…

    1. 911 isn’t the real number. Important people call 912.

  36. deep drug vibe lost into where no humans can find u…. takes deep drugs to get out… take my word

  37. I went into the real parallel… and survived becuase of klonopin

  38. I was trapped in shroom trauma and klonopin saved me and fuck nicki stixx… my fuking 6 day trip ended with Klop you fuckin slut

    1. Um, didn’t you end up in the hospital at one point?

      1. Your posts are fascinatingly surreal, but I’d rather not enable you if you’re actually damaging your health.

        1. Not to mention that I suspect some of your drugs are the kind that the government locks people up for having.

          Which makes it undesirable to attract the attention of the authorities.

          So there’s that as well.

          1. Wat the fuck? When I get not get fucked up I hope to meet yo in these forums.. and you will get an educatrion…

      2. yes… and fuk emergency rooms and fuk your patronizing bullshit NGKC. Seriously… what the fuck are you about bro? i almost lost my fucking mind due to GAD and derealizattion and all sorts of shit and you get cynical or somethin… what a fucking whore slup

        1. Seriously, I don’t know your situation, but you volunteered stuff about cops and an emergency room visit…tell me I’m just being a nervous Nelly.

        2. This aint a fuckng keyboard happy slap NGKC… this is realz… I mights be fukin drunk or heightz or mixin but I will awlays be reals… no fuking bullshit here…. I did almost lose may fuckin cognition a few months bak and I have an incredible story to tellz about it it…. and Klonopin saved me I hate to admit it … BIG fukin Pharma save me….

          1. I can hardly know the specifics of your situation, I just know that I like your little commentaries, and it would be sad to see them snuffed out.

            1. Snuffed? wat the fuck… does that even mean?

              1. Just don’t overdose, that’s all.

                If you weren’t going to, then of course my caution is unnecessary!

                1. I luvyu

                2. Holy Fuck …NGKC should earn a reason awards…. LOTS of deep shit happening tonight…

                  Not gKc are you in the medical field?

                  wow…..i am fixed by my female docof 20 years… and I do NOT do PHARMA… I DO DO lots of booze and a bit of great ohio river valley pot… I decided the Klonopin was not a greatthing to drink with… i havto admit I did drink with ambien and my balls were shaved super cleaned by my fukd up sister-n-law… and I woke up with my pants on backward

                  1. I’m not a doctor, don’t play one on TV, but when you started talking about cops and hospitals and overdoses, I got nervous, because I really like you.

                  2. don’t feel bad, klonopin (clonazepam) has long been a generic drug and not part of Big Pharma, just that $4/month kind of drug at Wags

    2. I was trapped in shroom trauma

      I woke up face down, naked, a fire crackling nearby. I remember making fumbling moves on a writer for Canadian television, and pissing, repeatedly, in the sea.

  39. A troll wanders into /r/politics and states “I just can’t believe that in 2015 America we accept the fact that Obama (the FIRST Black President) is being literally politically lynched by an army of old white 1%ers. This is racism on parade. And all we do it sit around talking about it, I think we should organize a march to Washington to throw these white men out of power once and for all. I don’t see any justice otherwise. Let’s get some gays, blacks, women, and whoever else into power so this country can make some progress.”

    /r/politics doesn’t realize it’s a troll and heavily upvotes the comment.…..ew/colo6qx

    1. Literally!!11!

      This guy is a gem.

      There is logical reasoning used here, you dumb fuck. What you fail to even realize is the scale of the destruction these corrupt politicians play. They’re harming more people than HITLER. Literally, and the entire WORLD was mobilized at that scale.

      Learn to think.

  40. Speaking of revolutionary violence:…..revolution

    The same event that led to Spain being invaded?

    The second error was the implementation of laissez-faire policies. They should have known better: in the 1760s and 1770s attempts at liberalising the grain trade had already led to rising prices and scarcity, triggering large-scale riots. Had laissez-faire policies cause the economic crisis? The question is academic. The key point lies elsewhere: under laissez-faire, scarcity is a blessing for producers, a curse on consumers and a scandal to the poor. When implemented again by the national assembly in 1790, the same policies had the same effects.


    By placing the guillotine at the centre of current political debates, Pablo Iglesias aims to shatter the complacent illusion that the current crisis will be resolved by business as usual: to entertain this illusion is blindly to follow the path to violence. Keeping the guillotine in mind should help us prevent its return.

    1. Check this out:

      “Heads on pikes being paraded through the streets may feature prominently in mainstream accounts of the revolution; in fact, 93% of the protests that took place in Paris were non-violent.”

      You’re focusing on the 7% of demonstrations where they paraded heads on pikes, rather than the 93% of demonstrations which *didn’t*!

      1. “Why do they keep focusing on the one time I fucked a goat rather than the tens of thousands of times I resisted the temptation?”

        1. “Why do they keep focusing on the one time I fucked a goat rather than the tens of thousands of times I resisted the temptation?”

          Lick a hundred pussies, but suck one cock!

    2. When Europe implodes, it won’t be pretty. Well, it might if you find Jackson Pollock-like blood splatter impressionism aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, Atlantists will drag us screaming and kicking into that mess.

    3. Who in the hell thinks aristocratic pre-Revolutionary France had a laissez-faire economy?

      1. He’s using laissez-faire in the same sense that the Physiocrats, who had influence during the 1760s-70s did. That is laissez-faire was basically anything that wasn’t mercantilism. So, he’s technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.

        1. SF’d the link

  41. /sets trap for Eddie and Bo.

    A florist in Washington state who refused to provide flowers to a gay couple for their wedding violated state consumer protection and anti-discrimination law, a judge ruled Wednesday.

    Benton County Superior Court Judge Alex Ekstrom rejected arguments from the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland that her actions were protected by her freedoms of speech and religion. While religious beliefs are protected by the First Amendment, actions based on those beliefs aren’t necessarily protected, he said.

    1. Wait, this subject seems familiar…

    2. “But if this Christian fundy florist doesn’t sell us flowers, where oh where will we find a florist who is gay-friendly?”

      This isn’t even a 1st world problem, it’s a non-problem.

    3. Oh, and note the timing of the case:

      “After Washington state adopted gay marriage in 2012, Ingersoll went to the shop the following spring to ask Stutzman to do the flowers for his wedding.”

    4. “While religious beliefs are protected by the First Amendment, actions based on those beliefs aren’t necessarily protected, he said.”

      So “free exercise” only means exercising your jaw?

      1. In a way, yes. If not, then I could claim that I was a pious believer of the Church of Mictlantecuhtli, thus the government can’t interfere in my religious beliefs. Of course, I believe that Mictlantecuhtli demands the warm beating hears of my enemies.

          1. So, banning your religious behavior in that particular case would be the least-restrictive means of achieving a compelling government interest?

        1. So it would technically still be OK for the baker to, say, write St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians all over the cake?

        2. and btw, I hope you have a permit for your giant temple-pyramid

  42. Does Reason serve a fukin real world manual? no.

    Is reason like all the other shitrags vying for bucks? yea

    Is Reason really about social kick ass? no… this sites writers are either popsicle-earning staff or they havta earn article strength with fambilies and wives and husbands who are real world….

    Look at the list everyday? Look at the belligerent but brilliant commentariat… reason is a collection of big bucks that doesn’t connect with the new deep reality here in the grasslands and the small communities where all sorts of shit is starting to change the new america….

    1. In which Agile Cyborg hoists high the bloody flag and calls for revolution.

      1. Irish is one of thes brilliant calls… His fuckin anger is a piano call to the new stars…

  43. Old bitchass head is all g=fukin doing 60 at fukin right eye cocaine n booze …. just get home bro….

  44. this bitch is buying coke right nows,,,, not me…. my old head

  45. this whoreass bitch …. he is fukin screwed and old hr-ead sez i cant conttrol his shit innn deep florida.

    1. “S. Quincy|2.18.15 @ 11:18PM|#
      Careful there.

  46. bve safe dave… this u=is real shit …. my dude us buying shit in a deep alley right now…. life is real and i might have lost my friend

    1. i might have lost my friend


      1. I did river dANC E WITH THIS BRO……He is probabyly hating all my shit right nows and the fucking florida everglades and theri strange human creatures he is visitin right now and I’ well why should ohio fuckin dudes be happpy because all we havta deal with around her is shitty religious chuch bitches…

  47. I will visit planets form… and slip streams are my vector into the voice of a world several atoms over…

  48. Is this performance art, or does somebody need a good lecture? This is not sustainable.

  49. His posts remind me of refrigerator magnet poetry

    1. If I knew what that was, I would probably agree with you.

  50. So the route is alive and the trumpet saves the new world….. I can crawl into a new alien scrape of piano voodoo and then the last one hundread years the pull of crazy planets cries and squeals with a universe god robot slooma jooma slamma punka…

    1. I suggest talking to a trusted friend or relative about this drug stuff. Guys on an internet forum can’t help you much, someone who knows you should give you some advice. Maybe show them your posts…

      1. I am free NGC… my new life is living sweetly…

        You are a love so sweet… after finding the trauma shrooms and klopo

        I now drink with an energy ….

        I LOZVE Notorious GKC for his concern!!!!

        I am free and I am a planetary thingoid….

        I did fuciking recover… you crazy ass bro….

    2. AC, Dunno if this is gonna connect:
      There are people here who have used many psycho-active drugs; I make no comment about who, how many or which.
      To those who might have some experience, your posts suggest you are using some of them at a dangerous level, or that they affect you more strongly than most.
      So the concern is either you’re in danger or that you’re spoofing us.
      I’d rather it be the latter…

      1. Just be careful…

        I do play in those worlds….

        It will be alright…

    3. It’s madness. tick tick Tock. A vessel for all the blame, and an education without redemption.

  51. Dinesh D’Souza tweeted earlier today (in reference to Obama’s Buzzfeed video) “YOU CAN TAKE THE BOY OUT OF THE GHETTO…Watch this vulgar man show his stuff, while America cowers in embarrassment.”

    You know, Dinesh, there are many ways to criticize Obama and his video without blatant racism. It would also make your argument a lot stronger, but at this point I think the guy only cares about pissing off as many people as he can and maximizing the attention he gets.…..-of-obama/

    1. He’s Indian – he can’t be racist.

  52. pulse…

    this special place is filled with giants….

    no woman no cry…. no hero no voice… the universe of humans met this drunken and high level of genius…. the future remembers our past lightning and fervor… sweet pussy… labia … and tight tits… mind bending guitar…

    This artist releases the greatest demons upon a new world…

    1. AC, I’d suggest talking to someone you know and trust, mention how some people you were talking to online were worried about your health, and ask if those concerns are valid. Can you try that?

      1. i am so newly renewed… and the laser of love is shrinking and sweeking by slama jama volcano of love, NGKC… here in the heart of new york city

    2. I know someone who left Cheyenne at 4AM, east on 80 in a thunderstorm, 250 Ferrari, just a bit of blotter, on the tape (remember those?). It was a friend.
      But just a bit; not too much. Careful there…

  53. I spatter paint all day. I have no use for artists. I have my demons, and I kick them away. You have an MFA, I empty gallons, all day every day.

  54. What is libertarianism about?

    Does libertarianism hate a million new topics here?

    Or does my fucking mind fuck shake up the community to the point where there collective reality becomes bolshevik?

    1. Better Dead than Reagan?

  55. I will fly the dragon into the void… and no fucking arrow of zeus will negate this tunnel into the most pow pow…

    We will show a power that is like a flat out laser polar bear claw fuck…..

  56. Bah, the void is void. Dragons are lively, But, bah…

  57. Six months ago I lost my job and after that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a great website which literally saved me. I started working for them online and in a short time after I’ve started averaging 15k a month… The best thing was that cause I am not that computer savvy all I needed was some basic typing skills and internet access to start…
    This is where to start???.


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