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Sandy Hook Report Demands 'Gun Restraining Orders'? But What About Pointed Sticks?

Threats of violence are already illegal, so shouldn't you focus on the people issuing them?


Monty Python

There's a lot to mock in the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission draft report (PDF), up for final changes today. Overall, the document serves as the unintentional basis for a medicalized remake of the movie Brazil, with its control-freakery, including fortified public schools, unenforceable gun bans, and scrutinized home-educators, justified under the umbrella of a mental health security state. If a new government agency is entrusted with the implementation of the report's recommendations, its logo should certainly feature an image of riot cops in hospital scrub-based uniforms strapping some unfortunate to a gurney surrounded by the motto, "It's For the Good of the Community."

Which brings us to the proposal, borrowed from the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy, for gun restraining orders. As per the report:

a system should be devised to allow family members to obtain a "Gun Restraining Order." This would allow those closest to an individual to ask the court, based on their testimony as to a threat of violence, to issue a court order authorizing the police to seize any firearms owned or possessed by such individual.

"Testimony as to a threat of violence"? Isn't that the problem, rather than one sort of tool with which the violence might be carried out? This brings to mind the Monty Python skit in which a self-defense instructor insists on teaching his students endless means of fending off assailants armed with fresh fruit, until one finally asks what he should do if attacked with a pointed stick.

As it turns out, "a threat of violence" is already a crime in Connecticut, punishable by jail time and fines. But why not focus on the tools instead, subject allegedly dangerous individuals to "Gun Restraining Orders," and leave them to carry out their threats with some other implement of destruction? The Bureau of Justice Statistics points out that weapons are used in 19.5 percent of domestic violence situations, and "a weapon could be a gun, a knife, some other sharp object (such as scissors or an ice pick), or a blunt object (such as a rock or a baseball bat)."

Which is to say the person issuing the threat is the danger, and is likely to choose weapons at hand, or just fists and feet, to commit mayhem.

The Sandy Hook report comes in the wake of a mass killing at a school, and so is more focused on threats to the public than on domestic violence, but that's still covered under laws already criminalizing "a threat of violence." In fact, such "terroristic threats" are penalized at a higher level than those against individuals. If you have evidence (rather than allegations) of such a credible and actionable threat, the danger lies in the person, not in one class of weapons.

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  1. Sure are a lot of dead bodies in Gun Free Zones.

    1. It's not a Dead Body Free Zone. That's four blocks down the street,

    2. Conversely, when is the last time you heard about a mass killing at a gun show?

      1. It's weird, it's almost as if the presence of multiple armed civilians dissuades attackers...

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  2. That pile of dead kids isn't high enough, I guess. We need more to get the attention of the American public, so they can see how right we are in what we want.

    /gun grabbing griefers

  3. Wow!

    What a brilliant idea! Now if I am an abusive controlling ex-spouse, and my victim arms herself to protect herself against my threatening behavior, I can make up a bullshit accusation "she called and said she was going to blow my head off if I looked at her funny" and the cops will disarm her for me.

    These people are monsters - they are like the assholes who think they are protecting women from trauma by whipping the women for not wearing burkas in the presence of potential rapists.

    1. But, t, those people would never consider that a woman would arm herself with a gun. In there mind it's only men who have guns because men are natural agressors, etc.

    2. Not only that, if you have some leftard gun-grabber cousin who wants to fuck with you, all they have to do is lie (which is second nature to leftards) to have you forcibly disarmed.


    3. the cops will disarm her for me.

      Not only that, but because she has a gun and has been accused of making a violent threat, they'll probably role up on her with a full SWAT team. All it takes is one roided up asshole with an itchy trigger finger and not only have they disarmed her, but killed her for you.

      1. But what if they don't shoot her?

        Take a (possibly) mentally fragile person, have SWAT bust down her door, handcuff her for officer safety, ransack her house, peel open any safes, take all the guns, junk them (no mater how valuable) into barrels, and haul them off. Tell her that whenever the court gets around to scheduling a hearing she can beg for her property, if she submits to a mental health interrogation. Meanwhile you have flashylights up and down the street making sure all the neighbors are in on the humiliation.

        Then, without any mental evaluation (because no mental health professionals are involved at the scene) the police unhook the handcuffs and leave her standing there.

        If she wasn't suicidal or homicidal before, wouldn't such a raid be a pretty big shove in that direction?

        Therapeutically, this idea sucks.

  4. The gun grabbers are going to milk this shooting for everything it's worth, aren't they. You'd think they'd have exhausted the value of some dead kids by now. But as always, they will go several bridges too far because they don't know how to do anything else.

    1. The really thought Sandy Hook was going to be their Dunblane or Port Arthur, the massacre that would finally get them what they want. It sort of was in New York and Connecticut.

  5. What we really need is a study to confirm that libertarian leaning people tend to like satirical humour like Monty Python. My theory is that well read people with some sense of history and philosophy can appreciate the absurdity of life, and therefore appreciate satire more than the average prole. Just a theory.

    1. We need no study. We have Elvis. He was a huge Python fan. Once you have the King, you need no justification.

      1. +1 lewd hip gyration

    2. It seems to me that the reason comments section confirms this.

        1. That's not an argument, it's just contradiction.

            1. Look, an argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. It isn't just saying No it isn't.

                1. Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.

                    1. Yes it is !

                    2. Look, if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position.

                    3. But an argument isn't just saying No it isn't.

                    4. No it isn't.

                    5. Oh this is futile.

                    6. I've had enough of this.

  6. Comments on the NC parking dispute shootout.

    I can tell you all right now, if anyone ever came around me with a gun on his/her side and then showed up at my door with a shotgun, that person had better use it. I cannot believe neighbors did not do anything with someone walking around with a gun, licensed or not. If this ever happened around me I would contact the police, if the police did nothing or told me that he/she had a license to carry a gun, after making it clear to the police that people in the neighborhood felt threatened.

    I would form some kind of posse, getting everyone together and bring that person way out into the forest telling them that this is where you belong with that gun. If that did not work then I would come a hunting. Wow things would have been different, I would not stand for it. See what happens with a nut being allowed to carry a weapon. I guess this is why I have never seen anyone carrying a gun around with them unless they are the police.

    What other reason would a person (Nut) be carrying a gun around with them have? Yes one has the right to have a gun, but not when it threatens the neighborhood. If anyone has this kind of person in their neighborhood, the neighborhood has to nip it in the butt at once. Maybe you have a better idea, Maybe you would think that bringing a person out in the forest would be kidnapping, so what would you do, would you do nothing, would your neighborhood end up like this one.

    1. OT, related to our recent exchange about Angela Cartwright and the celebrity waiver, my wife agrees your wife is cruel for not introducing you to Angela. I asked Mrs Mainer if she had the chance would she introduce me to Salma Hayek, and she said, of course ! And that's why Mrs Mainer is a keeper.

      1. My wife has redeeming virtues (tolerating me, for example). I just have had to learn that if Rachael Price knocks at the door demanding sex, to keep it quiet.

        1. Somehow I think my wife's enthusiastic agreement is based on the knowledge that telling Jennifer Lopez, you are on my celebrity waiver list so it's OK for us to have sex, isn't actually going to sway Jennifer (or Salma)

    2. I would form some kind of posse...and bring that person way out into the forest telling them that this is where you belong with that gun.

      I wonder who this person thinks has the power in this situation.

      I would come a hunting

      It would appear that this gun hater has violent tendencies.

      See what happens with a nut being allowed to carry a weapon.

      Apparently it brings REAL nuts out of the woodwork.

      but not when it threatens...

      I must of missed the "but it better not be threatening" part of the statement that bars the gov't from disarming the populace.

      Jesus fucking christ that person is crazy. Are you sure that's not parody?

      1. Sadly, no, it's serious. Ladies and Gentlemen, observe the Progressive Mind in the wild!

    3. Sounds like some butt nipping gonna happen for sure.

  7. Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

    I'm guessing the people Chosen to be on the SHAC were probably a special kind of crazy, the crazy that gets you labeled "community leader". Defined by your have visions of meddling in everything in the community, all the time.

    1. This is that Americans need to learn that the rest of the world?and not just Muslims?see no sense in the First Amendment. Even other Western nations take a more circumspect position on freedom of expression than we do, realizing that often free speech must yield to other values and the need for order. Our own history suggests that they might have a point.

        1. No, Paul. It's always the right thread/time to talk about the First Amendment.

      1. Whoever wrote that needs to be charged with treason, placed against a wall, and then shot.

        1. Then drawn and quarterd and the pieces arrested.

            1. Despite appearances, that's not me in the video.

              I just feel that I needed to point that out.

            2. Not. Clicking. That.

        2. Sentence first, trial later.

  8. "a weapon could be a gun, a knife, some other sharp object (such as scissors or an ice pick), or a blunt object (such as a rock or a baseball bat)."

    You mean to tell me that a "weapon" can be anything that can be used to cause harm? **shocked face**

    1. Like someone who attacks you with a pointed stick?

      1. "Pointy stick doesn't count. Only gun-death counts. Three stabbed to death in Santa Barbara? Forget 'stabbed,' it was a shooting so count six gun-deaths. Killer hits people with car? They were 'wounded during shooting.' Only gun-death counts."

    2. When I delivered pizzas when I was in college, I carried a standard screwdriver with a foot long rod in my car. As company policy was designed to not allow me to defend myself while working.

      Turns out it was almost as intimidating to miscreants as a hunting knife.

      1. Planning on screwing someone?

        1. Hot chicks never open the door. So sadly no.

  9. What a ship of fools and wimps we've become!

    1. I'm not sure that's such a good metaphor, since it originated with Plato and seems to be intended as an argument for the wise leadership by benevolent philosopher-kings (aka Top Men).

  10. Being attacked with fresh fruit can be a bitch. Bananas are dangerous weapons.

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  12. It's quite simple really. You see, it's the magical evil mind controling rays emited by guns that make people violent. Get rid of the Evil Totems (the guns) and the person will no longer be violent.

    If you were a super smart, educated Top. Man. and not some flyover state living yokel bumpkin you'd understand that, Tuccille.


  13. Forget the pointy sticks. Monty Python addresses here violence's more insidious brother: sarcasm.

    Sarcasmic, you've been found out. You're In league with the Piranha Brothers, aren't you, you bastard!

  14. Wonder if flash-bang grenading kids in a school would be acceptable to the SHAC?

  15. How about stupid claims, dumb statements "restraining orders", while on the subject.

  16. A sharpened No. 2 pencil makes a fine killing tool. Uncle Sam taught me.

    It's nice to have good technique but the Army spends months developing the #1 combat tool. The "will to kill" because, as they say often, your brain is your primary weapon.

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  23. Ooh, ooh, ooh; want to learn how to defend yourself against pointed sticks, do we? Getting all high and mighty, eh? Fresh fruit not good enough for you, eh? Well let me tell you something my lad! When you're walking home tonight and some great homicidal maniac comes after YOU with a bunch of loganberries, don't come cryin' to me!

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