War in Afghanistan Escalating

The pace of raids in Afghanistan has increased and the Afghan president is requesting the U.S. slow down its withdrawal.


U.S. Marines

Since the official "end" to the war in Afghanistan at the end of 2014, about 13,000 U.S. and NATO troops remain in Afghanistan, purportedly to keep training Afghan forces (a project that started with the war in 2001) and to conduct special forces operations.

According to reporting in The New York Times, this "secretive war" is escalating, with the pace of raids in Afghanistan in which U.S. forces play an active combat role increasing significantly in recent months.

The Times says the escalation is "at odds with policy declarations in Washington, where the Obama administration has deemed the American role in the war essentially over," but that it "reflects the reality in Afghanistan, where fierce fighting in the past year killed record numbers of Afghan soldiers, police officers, and civilians."

The Times' sources attributed the (classified) escalation in part to information gained from a laptop belonging to an Al-Qaeda leader targeted by special operations forces in October—at the time that leader was reported to have been killed in a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan.  The U.S. may have also escalated operations because the new Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, has requested the U.S. slow its withdrawal from the country.  

Earlier this week, the president was reported to still be mulling the request over, while the U.S. has already committed to leaving at least 5,000 troops at the end of this year. During his confirmation hearings earlier this month, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told members of Congress he would consider recommending U.S. plans for withdrawal from Afghanistan be changed to address security concerns.

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  1. Solve the Iran problem by setting them up with Sunni Wahabbi dead-enders on either side of them?

  2. Fuck it, let’s just annex it and make it a territory, like Nunavut. We can call it Ozland and convert the whole country to a poppy-churning factory. To help make the economy more robust, we’ll allow companies that process the poppies into whatever opiates the market wants so that they’ll get both agricultural and manufacturing industries off the ground.

  3. Instead of American Sniper, I wish Restrepo was seen by millions of Americans at the box office.

    There’s no way we will ever do much more than lay a measly foundation for Afghanistan. It’s not worth it for us to still be there.

    1. I have a cunning plan. Take the entire population of Afghanistan and move it to Iraq. Simultaneously, take the entire population of Iraq, and move it to Afghanistan. Pave huge tracts of Iran to accommodate this mass movement of people, and allow the people to live off of the land in Iran as they pass through.

      This addresses so many problems.

      1. I agree with your ideas and opinions and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


    2. If there was ever a poster child for the renewal of the punitive expedition, it was Afghanistan in the few weeks following 9/11. We never had any moral obligation to rebuild Afghan civil society. I mean, I’ve never seen Karzai stick his hand in his pocket to help out with rebuilding efforts at the WTC or Pentagon.

      Our ignorance of the area, in combination with our hubris, led the US to become entangled in bin Laden’s tar baby, which was bin Laden’s original plan, as detailed in his personal papers, all along.

      1. Agreed. The same could be said for Iraq too, as many of the Islamist degenerates (like Zarqawi) fled directly to Iraq after we first hit Afghanistan.

        After they were dead we should have packed up and left.

  4. There’s a war going on in Afghanistan?

    /back to “Biggest Loser” DVR

  5. I’m gonna go and listen to SLAYER – WAR ENSEMBLE.

  6. I propose to end the wars by charging a 1% war tax. Amount charged is 1% of your AGI on last year’s 1040 – no exemptions, no deductions. When the average household had to start writing a $500 annual check to pay for the war effort, support would evaporate overnight and the troops would be home well before Christmas.

    1. Excellent idea. Perhaps Gillespie could focus more on the war(s), both overt and covert, instead of ranting about Obama’s selfie stick.

    2. Annual check of $500 since 2001 would be $6,500 times the number of taxpayers – say 150,000,000 – equals $975 trillion dollars.
      What would you do wit the $973.4 trillion leftover?
      Yes, the cost of the wars, since 2001 is only $1.6 trillion, hardly the bankrupting enterprise idiot isolationists think it is. We OVERspend more than that in two years of normal government operations.

  7. What are they fighting over now? Could somebody sell it to them?

  8. ” the escalation is “at odds with policy declarations in Washington, where the Obama administration has deemed the American role in the war essentially over,”

    ‘But teh Bo told me Obama ended all the wars and washed his hands of intervenshunisms?’ me so confuse.

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    1. The military in a democratic society reflects the population it protects.

      You are the rape culture my friend.

      S/F and choke on a dick.

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  11. Hope and Change, eh? I guess so.

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