Newsweek Twitter Feed Hacked by ISIS Supporters, GOP's Alabama Problem, Democrats' Presidential Choice Problem: P.M. Links


*Corrected from earlier version that said Islamic State did it. We don't actually know, though Islamic State attributes her death to an air strike.

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  1. Meanwhile, Democrats are looking for anybody to offer an alternative to Hillary as the presidential race nears.

    There’s always Joe.

    1. Hello.

      Sorry to hear about the aid worker.

    2. OF the only three names on offer that I can think of:


      I think I’d probably rank order them about like that.

      1. In the old days, they’d come up with a moderate in response to the horrific shellacking they’ve withstood in Congress and in the states.

        Nowadays, they’ll double-down on the stupid.

        1. And count on the Republicans to out stupid them. Thats a challenge the Repubs won’t back away from.

          1. Juat as long as whoever wins governs as an adult. Fuck me, these guys could fuck up breathing if it weren’t automatic.

          2. Apparently not. It’s already looking bad, with the wagons forming a circle against renegades like Paul and Cruz.

      2. Replace Fauxcahonatas with Bernie Sanders. As soon as she said she wasn’t running I stopped getting hastily crafted image macros of her with economically illiterate quotes and it was Sanders’ mug everywhere.

      3. Joe would at least be entertaining. And probably (and amazingly) far more competent.

        1. “And probably (and amazingly) far more competent.”

          I really doubt that.

          “Joe would at least be entertaining. ”

          But this times 10.

        2. “And probably (and amazingly) far more competent.”

          A potted plant would be more competent than the both of them.

      4. Mayor of San Antonio, whatever his name is

        Cory Booker

        Boith those guys seem to be more viable candidates than Joe, Hillary, and Liawatha

        1. His name is Castro. Easy to remember.

          1. Should help with the low-info commie base.

    3. Is there really a shortage of power hungry assholes?

        1. Palatable a$$hole?

          That is your oxymoronic definition of a standard major party Presidential Candidate, anyway.

          1. Hey, some people are into that sort of thing. (Not me. I can’t think of much that is less sexy that eating shit.)

            1. rimming ? coprophagy

              Showers, people!

              1. Is it…bleached?

                1. Is it…bleached?

                  I’ve been pondering a business opportunity: Bright Rings, think Crest White Strips but for butt holes. I feel like there’s room to generate insecurity and provide an at-home solution here.

                  1. (seeing Jesse swimming in Scrooge McDuck millions)

                    1. No, more like this and possibly minty.

                    2. Well that’s just considerate.

                    3. No, more like this

                      That is considerate!

                      and possibly minty

                      Oh, so it puts the ‘cool’ in culo, eh?

                  2. You and I need to talk, Jesse.

              2. Close enough for me.

                1. Sorry. I don’t hold it against anyone else if that’s your thing.

              3. den dey eat da poo poo

        2. And Allison Williams isn’t old enough.

        3. “Palatable ones, I guess.”

          I hear Brian Williams is looking for a new gig. And he’s got great name recognition and just the kind of combat experience that the Democratic party is looking for.

          1. He kinda looks presidential. And has a good American name. And, yes, his military experience can only help.

            1. And “boyish good looks” — don’t forget *that*.

              1. I bet this whole thing was just to launch his presidential exploration committee. Americans love a good redemption story.

    4. Look, get the IOC to find a candidate for the Dems and get the Dems to find an American city that isn’t Boston for an Olympic bid.

      1. Detroit – Olympic Thunderdome!

        Two javelin throwers enter! One javelin thrower LEAVES!

        1. New demonstration event: Dodge Dodge, sponsored by Dodge!

        2. All Olympic events should be like this.

          Figure Skating – get points for stylish and impressive knee-bashes.

    5. I, for one, dare the GOP to repeal the 22nd amendment and see if the Democrats re-nominate President Hope-and-Change for a 3rd term.

      1. And if he’d actually end up re-elected for cooing the correct emotionally-gratifying empty statements? Four more years of the Smiler in the White House. God, what would a third term Obama be like?

        1. He’s kind of worn out I think. Wants to golf and give more speeches. Probably doesn’t want Michelle nagging on him anymore either.

          He can go back to doing what he does best – speeches, and wagging his finger at you for disappointing him.

          1. “Wants to golf and give more speeches. … He can go back to doing what he does best – speeches, and wagging his finger at you for disappointing him.”

            I’m trying to understand how that’s different than the last 6 years.

            1. It pays better

    6. They still havent realized that “Anybody but…” is a poor strategy?

      They tried it in 2004 and it flopped badly.

    7. Lotta old white people on the Dem ticket. Good thing the Rs are more diverse and considerate of other cultures. Rubio, Carson, Jindal maybe Palin. I think those Dems need to look in the mirror and stop appealing to old white people. They are going the way of the dinosaur remember!

  2. Gun Control Group Calls the Sister of a Murder Victim for Support But Is Surprised by the Reaction

    The anti-gun organization “Everytown for Gun Safety” reached out to Jessie’s sister Jennie Cochran, thinking she would support their push for new gun control laws in Oregon.

    However, Cochran shocked Ann Wright, the Outreach Director for Everytown, by vocalizing her strong support for the Second Amendment.

    1. They wish that they had Jessie’s sister.

      1. Where can they find a woman like that?

      2. I worked with an enthusiastic Rick Springfield fan once. Every time she saw me she’d drop to a knee and start belting Jessie’s Girl. I was sooooo happy when she moved away.

        1. She was hitting on you.

          1. She kneeled before him? Oh, yes, that can have no other interpretation.

          2. That’s possible. I tend not to pick up on that sort of thing.

            1. If heterosexuals can have gaydar, why can’t you have, um, what, notgaydar?

              1. Well, I KNEW she was straight. I’m actually worse at telling when dudes hit on me, but I’m generally insecure enough to just assume that people are being friendly.

                1. You should get a shirt or something.

                  1. “I have a rare condition that prevents me from picking up on subtle social cues associated with flirting. If you are interested just grab my junk and I’ll assume you’re flirting”

                    would be a bit long for a shirt.

                    1. “Blind and deaf gay man who can only feel.”

                    2. I have a rare condition that prevents me from picking up on subtle social cues

                      Pretty sure Y chromosomes aren’t all that rare….

    2. Not only refused but recorded the call and shared it out. Suck it “Everytown”.

  3. Why can’t Alabama go back to being known for what it does best: poisoning trees of college football rivals?

    1. +1 Toomer’s Corner

  4. With peace talks looming in Ukraine, the two sides have, of course, intensified fighting in order to improve their positions ahead of the negotiations.

    Worked for France and Britain in WWI.

    1. If Europa Universalis 4 has taught me anything, it’s that you’ve got to kill enough younng men that it’ll take decades to replace their manpower, scorch the earth of a couple of their provinces, and starve out a couple of their cities before you get a good peace deal.

  5. They threatened President Obama’s family and boasted “Je suIS IS” to make sure everybody got the message that they’re assholes.

    ISIS or Newsweek?

    1. Oui.

    2. Who even reads Newsweek‘s Twitter feed?

      1. Are we sure that’s not all they publish anymore?

      2. This would never have happened if Newsweek had allowed itself to be sold to NewsMax!

        1. ISIS actually has a great dental program, so as far as they know, Newsweek is as popular as… umm… what’s a popular magazine these days?

            1. Big Booty Bitches

              Got a link for that? Asking for a friend.

          1. Well, since they seem to have known it existed, I assume they also read it (those that can read English).

  6. Meanwhile, Democrats are looking for anybody to offer an alternative to Hillary as the presidential race nears.


    1. Maybe they’ll draft Jeb.

      1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

        Might as well run another Bush instead of a Clinton on the Demublican Party ticket.

      2. Or trade Hillary for Jeb.

      3. Chelsea can run, or is she too young?

        Appoint her dad and mom to SCOTUS, yeah.

        1. She’s only too young if you pay attention to that old, fading document.

        2. In 2016 she will be old enough.

  7. Newsweek’s Twitter account was hacked by supporters of Islamic State. They threatened President Obama’s family and boasted “Je suIS IS” to make sure everybody got the message that they’re assholes.

    If these guys are so tough and righteous, why hide behind the masks?

    1. It works for Batman.

      1. Bruce Wayne is his mask. Batman is who he really is.

    2. I am bitterly disappointed that no one worked in the terms ‘CyberJihad’ or ‘CyberCaliphate’.

  8. Pundits see the Alabama Republican Party’s last-stand social conservatism as a bit of an albatross around the GOP’s neck.

    Well, I guess that’s encouraging if the talking heads are finally breaking from the values wing.

    1. It’s an albatross because our betters in the media choose to make it so by hanging it around the necks of all Republicans. In a rational world, California’s palpable lunacies would be similarly reported and hung around the Democrats’ necks. For some reason, this does not happen.

  9. Does not deserve a clever alt-text.

    Tuccille, if you’re putting the kibosh on alt-text because of ISIS then the terrorists have already won.

  10. So, Spider-Man is now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t know what they have planned for Spidey, but I’m curious as to how Marvel wants to deal with the X-Men question. Garfield Spidey was spiraling out of control, but Days of Future Past was excellent.

    1. It’s my understanding they needed Spidey for the Civil War.

      1. But they need X-Men for the inevitable Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends adaptation.

    2. I think it’s probably best if they just ignore X-Men altogether. I’ve got nothing against the X-Men, but it works a lot better in its own contained universe where the “mutants’ issues” can be front and center. Trying to shoehorn in all of the attendant backstory would make things way too convoluted and crowded, and since there hasn’t been any mention of mutants in the Marvel Movie-U to this point, they can’t just pretend they were always there.

      1. Yes, but the Scarlet Witch will be in Age of Ultron. So, even if they don’t call her a mutant, she’s still a mutant.

        1. Quicksilver will also be in AoU, after being played by another actor in DofP. It’s already kinda confusing.

          1. My favorite potentially confusing outcome will be what happens if Sony exercises their rights to make spin off Spiderman movies while Marvel is doing their Spiderman movies.

            Sony still has the rights, they’ve essentially re-leased them back to Marvel for use in Avengers movies. Sony can therefore continue making their own Spiderman movies if they wanted to.

            1. According to the coverage, the deal includes an agreement to “collaborate” with Marvel on the future stand alone spiderman movies as well. By way of example, Sony agreed to make Kevin Feige (who is the equivalent of the showrunner for the MCU franchise) a producer for the next stand alone spiderman movie.

          2. DofP isn’t an MCU movie. Picture it as an alternate universe (literally in fact: MCU is Earth-199999, the X-Men moives are Earth-10005).

        2. They are actually contractually barred from using the term “mutant” in the Disney/Marvel movies. Fox owns the rights.

          It will be interesting how they handle her and Quicksilver though. Maybe moreso the latter since he was just in the last X-Men movie.

          1. Dammit. Sorry, Caleb, serves me right for not scrolling down.

          2. inhumans

            1. I hate that we have to wait until 2018 for Inhumans.

              1. Agents of SHIELD introduced them in the winter finale.

      2. There’s a chart or two floating around which lists which studios have the rights to which characters.

        And I agree, once you try to get all the characters into one movie it would probably be a mess that satisfied no one.

    3. It’s a right issue. Marvel original sold the movie rights to Spiderman to Sony and X-Men and Fantastic Four to Fox. Disney then bought Marvel and formed their own studio, but can’t use those three franchises.

      Sony is finally agreeing to collaborate with Disney so Spiderman can appear. X-Men and Fantastic Four won’t appear without a similar deal with Fox.

      1. Fox also has all the subsidiary characters to X-Men, so they also have rights to Deadpool.

        I’m not sure why Marvel and Fox both have the rights to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch though.

        1. Marvel can use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, so long as they don’t call them mutants or mention that their father is Magneto.

          Otherwise, they’re considered members of The Avengers.

        2. Quicksiler and Scarlet Witch were both in the Avengers comics and thus included in that IP. They just can’t be called mutants or their relationship to Magneto mentioned.

          1. Amzing Spiderman 2 had the same problem as Spiderman 3: they jammed too many villains into one movie, leaving no time for any of them to develop as a character.

            1. Spiderman 3 had a thousand other problems. Sam Raimi grew up in an earlier generation of Spiderman and really didn’t get or like Venom as a character. They forced him to do a Venom movie, even though he didn’t want to.

              Then he inexplicably cast Topher Grace as Venom, which makes me think he was purposefully sabotaging the movie out of spite.

              1. Spiderman 3 might be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. The play-by-play television reporter crap at the end pushed it over the edge for me. Everything about it was just awful.

                1. It was basically 3 completley separate movies running simultaneously, none of which turned out good because none of them had time to tell their story properly.

    4. I was trying to think who they would get. I don’t think Tobey was terrible (well, in the first two at least), but I think they can still do a better job, given the excellent casting choices so far.

      1. I actually like Garfield as spiderman, (Tobey was a bit too whiney for my tastes). The problem with the last spiderman movie wasn’t the actor playing spiderman, the story was fundamentally broken.

      1. Isn’t Afro-Cuban Spiderman going to die or is already dead? I remember hearing that.

      2. Why not just have a whole new character/Superhero that is black? Why bother with changing an old superhero into someone of a different ethnicity?

    5. Re: X-Men – One of the reasons Marvel was able to get Sony to agree to this is because Sony had fucked up the Spiderman franchise and the last Spiderman movie had the lowest revenue of the series. Marvel’s been so successful lately that it made sense to strike a deal with Marvel Studios.

      X-Men, on the other hand, is doing very well right now and the last two X-Men movies have probably been the best in the series. I don’t think Fox is giving up any rights on X-Men.

      1. The Quicksilver conundrum is probably the second biggest issue.

        Quicksilver stole the show in Days of Future Past and was an audience favorite. The same character will be in Age of Ultron, but played by another character.

        Marvel has to be very nervous about how their Quicksilver will be received. If they drop the ball, that gives Fox more leverage on who gets to control the character.

        1. “Played by another actor.”

        2. And the other actor is a huge bore that will, even with Whedon’s writing and direction, will probably be an annoying SOB. I suspect the comparison will be very unflattering for the Marvel movies.

          1. Eh? I liked him as Kickass.

    6. Come on. Someone still thinks they can make a successful Fantastic Four movie. Even though a solid half of that team would be Jokers in the Wild Cards universe. Which, if we’re adapting GRRM vehicles, I strongly vote for.

      1. “Jokers in the Wild Cards universe”

        Shouldn’t that be the Wild Cards universe?

        And I never could get deeply into that series, since it leaned hard Left.

        For example, this from the Wiki: “The botched Iranian hostage rescue of the Jimmy Carter administration is bungled by a team of aces (including Popinjay and Carnifex) rather than the U.S. military (and was later proven to be part of a conspiracy to prevent Carter’s re-election due to his pro-wild card stance). ”

        Um yeah, let’s ignore the complete incompetence of the Carter administration and blame his failure on a conspiracy, because we all know that Carter was awesome and the right winger framed him up.

        1. It wasn’t that bad. The government really fucks over a lot of the Wild Cards and doesn’t leave you with a warm fuzzy about central control.

          It’s been decades since I read them though. Prolly worth a go through again.

      1. Libertarians are the nerds of politics.

        1. I’m sure I have plenty of nerdish tendencies. I just have never been into comic books or video games or a lot of other stereotypical nerd stuff.

    7. “Garfield Spidey”

      Lasagna senses…activate!

      Oh, no…I’m detecting…Monday!

      Heh, heh, Odie didn’t notice the web I spun to trap him. Hello, lunch!

  11. Sony finally gets tired of making mediocre superhero movies and agrees to let spiderman join the MCU:…../23157265/

    Everyone but Andrew Garfield happy.

    1. Everyone but Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb.

    1. But not for voting, amirite?

    2. They should call it SAFE ID.

    3. That will go over well in the states that have passed laws rejecting real ID.

      I still have no idea how knowing everyone’s name makes flying safer. Just make sure no one has a bomb. Domestic travel should be anonymous (so should international, but that’s not happening).

      When did you start having to show ID for domestic flights, anyway?

      1. ” Domestic travel should be anonymous..”

        Have you thought that through? What would happen when a TSA says: “Papers, puhleeze” in a Nazi accent, if no one had ID Papers?

        1. That’s why you always take the USA Today with you from the hotel.

    4. Fuck. That.

  12. Never change, Kayne West

    I don’t know. The flip side to that is to point out that West’s overabundance of concern about quality is probably a major factor in why he’s managed to have one of the most successful streaks of quality records in music history, rivaling the Beatles, and has come up with a multitude of production ideas that became so ubiquitous in hip-hop you almost might forget that he invented them. If he joined us all in the too-cool-to-give-a-shit troops, that streak might end. Sure, he has no inhibitor on his “that’s not fair!” reaction, but it’s also hard to deny that his judgments are generally correct in these things. More to the point, that inability to turn off his passion for quality is something he clearly takes to the studio with him, and we’re all the better for it.

    Jesus, could she be anymore up his ass? Sure, compared to her, he probably is a genius.

    And heaven forbid you give a grammy to someone who writes their own music and can play an instrument.

    1. Grammys nowadays are like Nobel Peace prizes after Yassir Arafat got one, just steaming piles of shit.

    2. Amanda is so edgy. She used the F-word! What a champ.

    3. Right up there with the Beatles.

      1. To be honest, with the exception of “happiness is a warm gun”, I don’t really like the Beatles, either.

        1. That’s fine, but whether you like them or not, they have had a tremendous influence and shitloads of fans.

          1. I hate them but 100% agree.

            1. Most over rated band of all times.

              U2 is in second place, just in case you were wondering.

    4. I’m sure his media-grabbing Grammy outbursts have nothing to do with his being an attention whore. He simply has too much integrity as an artist to sit there politely like a well-behaved person.

    5. I like this suggestion:

      Kanye should just start his own award show?the Yeezies?so that he can win every award and interrupt every musical act.

      1. Maybe then Beyonce’ will finally love him.

    6. YEAH. RIGHT.

      Right up there with The FUCKING BEATLES.

      Fuck off.

    7. Put him between his wife and a camera and our problem is solved.

      1. Put him and his wife between a camera and Chuck Schumer and our problem is solved.

        On second thought, no, Chuck would bounce off.

    8. I suppose his stuff is well produced, and he’s pretty good a rapping over other people’s songs, but I really don’t see why people think he is so great.

      Motherfuckin’ gay fish.

      1. Stop stealing Carlos Mencia’s joke!

    9. “I’m the motherfuckin voice of a generation.”

      1. You are a gay fish

    10. I think that Gold Digger song is OK.

      Other than that I don’t give 2 and half shits about a god damn thing he has ever done.

      1. That song is OK because it’s a good Ray Charles song.

        The trend in rap of just using one backing track is annoying. Though most of the blame falls on the assholes who think that sampling is copyright infringement than the rap artists themselves.

        1. I’m the opposite. It generally makes me hate a rap song more when it samples a song I like because it means they don’t have to put anything original in it. “Insert hook here” – You can’t be much lazier than that.

          1. I’m talking about songs like Gold DIgger (or whatever it is called) where the whole song is someone else’s song. That sounds like a good example of what you were talking about.

            Sampling can be done well or badly. People who are really good at putting lots of small samples together or mixing different tracks to create something new are pretty amazing, I think. I compare people who think that that sort of thing is just copying other people’s stuff to someone who complains that a violinist didn’t make his own violin. Everyone starts with raw materials made by others (except maybe a capella singers).

            But the rap I like the best is usually stuff where the backing tracks are mostly original material.

            1. My point abut the trend in rap music is that because of people claiming copyright infringement, backing tracks have become much more reliant on just a few sampled pieces rather than 100s as was often done in the 80s and early 90s.

    11. Marcotte kicks it old school

  13. The feds are still at it with seizing cash deposits under their asinine “structuring” rules.

    This time, from an actual widow! They must be so proud.…..h-28866427

    1. Sorry, forgot the punchline:

      After the policy change, federal prosecutors in Iowa agreed to return money the IRS seized from two people accused of structuring, including a restaurant owner who had $33,000 taken and a doctor who fought to get back $344,000 in earnings from his medical practice. But prosecutors declined to drop the civil forfeiture case over $18,775 the IRS seized from Malone.

      Instead, they added a misdemeanor criminal charge last week alleging she willfully violated the law, after her husband had been warned about the practice four years ago.

    2. Hey, even widows sometimes turn to crime. In fact, there was a whole teevee show about that.

    3. Again, if they know how much people are fucking depositing, why do they need anyone to report shit to them?

  14. Rate my professor’s gender?

    With a different set of terms, though, women are much more likely to be described as feminist, creative, fabulous, amazing, wonderful. Men are consistently ahead on crude, old, vulgar, outdated, misogynist.

    I wonder what would happen if we made this the lead story:

    Women professors are fabulous, amazing, wonderful; men crude, vulgar, old.

    It doesn’t fit with the stories we tell about women, or universities, but it’s there in the data as well. And it doesn’t contradict the systemic oppression story; in a whole different way it supports it.

    Obviously incorrect assertion without evidence. But she know’s that part will never be quoted anywhere.

    1. She “know’s” what?

      1. incorrect use of commma.

    2. everyone knows that genius is not associated with gender studies

      You don’t say.

      I like her disclosure statement too.

      So, make up your mind, lady, are men and women exactly the same mentally or not? If no, why the fuck would you expect them to be perceived the same way by their students??

  15. Those Vox interview segments with Obama are barely scraping 10K views. Looks like an epic fail to me.

    1. It’s one guy watching it over and over and fapping furiously.

      1. And I think we all know who – it’s been rather quiet here of late.

      2. Nah. There’s 10K people who have to watch them so they can express their opinion in various media outlets.

      3. Shreek and Tony are not the same guy.

        1. Are you sure? Have you ever seen them in the same room together?

  16. Twice As Many Expatriates Leaving China Than Arriving, Moving Company Says

    The outflow could be pegged to expiring work contracts, which typically tie expats to China for two to three years, according to UniGroup. But there are other reasons as well: rising costs of living, a desire to reengage with the home office and the apocalyptic pollution, which even Beijing’s mayor has said makes the city “unlivable.”

    The moves do not represent a mass exodus out of developed Asia, however. Twice as many people moved to Japan as left last year, and movements in and out of Singapore and Malaysia stayed the same compared to the year before.

    1. The Chinese who can afford it are also leaving China in droves.

      1. So China is like the Detroit of Asia?

  17. Raw story takes on right to work laws

    Last week, the Supreme Court announced it would hear a case that could very well finish off American unions in the last bastion where they have any significant presence at all, the public sector . The case, Friedrichs v California Teachers Association, will decide if right-to-work laws (designed to bankrupt unions by encouraging employees who benefit from collective bargaining agreements to not pay for them) will extend to all public employees nationwide ? an outcome Justice Samuel Alito has all but promised to deliver .

    There is a great irony in small-government evangelists using the coercive power of the state to ban private contracts in the name of workers’ freedom


    Nor do such laws “protect” workers from having their dues diverted to political campaigns they do not support; workers already have that protection.


    1. “private contracts” that’s some weapons grade stupid, that is.

      1. The most charitable way I can think of to read that is that they think that the union has contracts with the teachers rather than with school districts.

    2. That’s awesome. Raw Story discovers that teachers don’t find union services worth the payroll deduction, casts it as a right-wing conspiracy.

    3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They think a forced union due is a private contract.

      “designed to bankrupt unions by encouraging employees who benefit from collective bargaining agreements to not pay for them”

      If they benefit from collective bargaining, why would they not willingly pay for them? Oh, I know! Because the people who benefit from forced unionization are the worst workers who are protected from the consequences of their actions. The good workers will choose not to pay the dues because they’re sick of supporting the idiots.

    4. Yeah, there’s great irony in getting the government out of negotiating with itself.

      What a dumb fucking cunt.

  18. Somalia not the lawless paradise we thought

    KickassTorrents has lost access to its domain name and is currently offline. The Somalian domain of the most-visited torrent site on the Internet is now listed as “banned” by the .SO registry, forcing the site’s operators to find a new home.

    1. Maybe a major Hollywood picture studio agreed to build them a road in return.

    2. Those bastards! No more Somalia jokes.

      1. 🙁

  19. Kayla Mueller was, indeed, murdered by Islamic State, according to the U.S. government.

    I thought she was killed in an air strike.

  20. This is almost kind of funny: a dopey French street artist named “Combo” spray-painted that “COEXIST” logo that you see on the back of Priuses and Volvos everywhere on a wall, and as a result he got his ass kicked by a bunch of radical Muslims.

    Seriously, that is really awful. I just hope that maybe they knocked some sense into him at least.

    1. Still looking for the good guys in this tale b

    2. What’s French for schadenfreude?

        1. LE Schadenfreude.


          1. Le Schadenfreude du monde.

    3. Were they actually radical Muslims, or just property owners pissed off some guy was spray painting the side of their building?

      1. Article says Muslims, but who trusts journalists these days?

        1. They may have been Muslims, but where they pissed at him for religious reasons or because he was vandalizing their property.

          1. It didn’t sound like it was their property, but I’ll readily admit that I only glanced at the article and am not an authority on the motivations of Muslims who may or may not own property.

            1. I’d also like to know what the wall he was spray painting on was a wall of. This could be anything from “guy is hired to do mural by building owner, gets attacked by random gang” to “parisioners come out of friday services to discover guy painting other religious symbols on the side of their mosque and understandably get pissed”. How appropriate the “radical muslim” tag is depends on the circumstances, so I am unhappy with how vague the article is.

              1. Well, there are supposedly journalists among us. I suggest they go out and journalize this story and get us the facts.

                1. (and the reason I speculate it’s the wall of a mosque is that there’s an arabequse window screen at the top the photo that suggests to me it’s not some random French building)

                  1. Of course, even if that’s true, there is the violence thing.

                    1. Yeah, because you never see random swatiska grafitti anywhere in the US. =P

                    2. Are you arguing the use of non-lethal force to protect your property from being destroyed is inherently illegitimate?

                      Heck, there’s people here that frequently argue you should be allowed to outright shoot people for messing with your stuff.

                    3. The violence here sounds like it wasn’t of the preventive nature. Are you suggesting punitive violence is okay, then?

                    4. Hmmm, that’s a good question. Random vigilante beatings is a bad idea.

                      But on the other hand, we use punitive violence all the time. Jail is a form of punitive violence. In civil cases, if the loser refuses to pay the ordered settlement, we violently seize their belongings.

                      Intuitively there’s a big distinction between the two, but I need to think a bit to rationalize what specifically that is.

                    5. Well, from an anarchist’s perspective, there is a big difference, but from a minarchist and up perspective, that kind of violence is supposed to be limited to judicial process.

                2. Brian Williams was on his way but his Chunnel Train got attacked by terrorists, the English Channel started leaking in, and bodies were floating by while he writhed in agony from dysentery.

    4. So, if he was defacing someone else’s property without permission, that’s bad. But what’s wrong with the Coexist thing? It’s not like any of the world’s major religion is going away. Coexist is pretty much the only option besides murder each other.

    1. Torcolacci asked to be relieved of the responsibility for teaching Health 102 for the rest of the academic year and Queen’s granted her request

      to tell anti-vaccine science in Sociology 101.

    2. Aww yes my alma mater. A friend of mine was actually quoted in the Toronto Sun regarding this:

      “Professor Torcolacci is an excellent (professor) who has not once imposed her own views or any bias on us,” wrote current HLTH 102 student Mike Silcock in an email. “Anyone with half a brain who is enrolled will understand that she is simply providing students with well-rounded information and it is up (to) the students to make a decision about said information.”

      In class, anti-vaccine information was clearly defined as the “alternative view” and was presented along with the pro-vaccine “mainstream view,” said Silcock.

      1. I read her reviews on Rate My Professor and they’re all over the damn place, at this point in time I’d have to actually take the class to understand what the hell is going on.

        1. Ditto.

          While I attended Queen’s, they tried to institute some sort of “conversation cop” who would but in and potentially ticket people who were having conversations on campus that sounded insensitive to certain “groups” of students.

          Good engineering school and great student community off-campus, but fuck the politics at that place.

          1. So how did a country that is so awful on free speech manage to produce Trailer Park Boys?

            1. That’s the Maritimes, not Ontario. Canada’s got the same environment that America does, different attitudes in different provinces. Ontario’s the nanniest of nannies, B.C.’s a bunch of hippies and backwoods rednecks, Maritimes are insanely nice but prone to violence, Quebec thinks they’re Western Europe but are more like Eastern Europe, Alberta is Canadian Texas, etc.

  21. So, Politico concern-trolls about the poor Republicans, and “the racially freighted framework of states’ rights” in Alabama.

    Then they quote “Bill Carrick, a longtime Democratic strategist and native South Carolinian,” a Republican who supports SSM, and a former McCain operative. Consensus: It’s just like the Confederacy and George Wallace!

    With the minor difference that there weren’t a lot of black voters supporting secession or Jim Crow, but never mind, the authors don’t want to kill their righteousness-boner.

    It’s almost as if they hadn’t read Thomas’ Woods’ book *Nullification,* which describes how several states resisted the federal Fugitive Slave Act, at a time when Alabama and other Southern states *supported* the federal government.

    At the very least, you’d think they’d have a paragraph saying “contrary to Tom Woods,” and quote some hack who opposes him.

    1. By ignoring Woods altogether, they show themselves to be either morons or dishonest.

      1. These are not mutually exclusive terms.

  22. wrt the earlier discussion of whether using the prefix “cyber” would make you sound stupid:

    Possibly, but I’m kind of over it. The thing that really grates me nowadays is when people use “cyber” as a word unto itself. For instance:

    A real Manhattan Project for cyber would draw together some of the greatest minds of our time, from government, academia, the private sector, and civil society.

    (the whole piece is stupid fluff that I’m not going to link; Google/Bing/DDG it if you want)

    The first time I heard someone use “cyber” that way I thought that he’d misspoken, but alas, people are actually saying that now. Ugh.

    1. Hopefully, “cyber” will replace “technology”.

      1. Hold on, let me ask my company’s Information Cyber guys what they think about that…

        Sounds legit.

        1. *** high-tech five ***

        2. It’s weird because my first time hearing cyber used frequently it was in reference to cybersex. So when someone says cyber I think the next thing out of their mouth will be a/s/l?

    2. “A real Manhattan Project for cyber would draw together some of the greatest minds of our time, from government, academia, the private sector, and civil society.”

      Oh God, that usage of the word cyber pains me. I’ve never understood people who get physically upset by ‘moist’ but I feel like I’m having a similar reaction to ‘cyber.’

      1. “Manhattan Project” does that for me.

    3. This “real Manhattan Project for cyber” — What would it be its goal, exactly?


      1. Is minglularity a word? It should be.

        1. Thanks to cyber, it *is* one now.

          1. So, instead of a party, one goes to a minglularity and, what, cybers?

            1. Hey, it’s *your* word, PL. It’s up to *you* to define it. At least, until the Supreme Court weighs in.

              1. Very well, minglularity means a party where everyone wants to have sex with the same girl but don’t get to.

                1. Oh, so Lena Dunham’s family reunion.

                2. OK. What’s the girl called in the new parlance?

      2. It is a “TEH HACKERZ” freakout piece.

        So, the ostensible goal is to socialize the costs of addressing corporate America’s lax information security. (Not stated that way, of course.)

        The actual goal is to get the consultant and “futurist” who wrote it hired to be on some bullshit task forces.

      3. This “real Manhattan Project for cyber” — What would it be its goal, exactly?

        Presumably it would be to kill a lot of Japanese people. Isn’t that what Manhattan Projects are for?

    4. The author:
      “Marc Goodman has spent a career in law enforcement and technology. He has served as a street police officer, senior adviser to Interpol and futurist-in-residence with the FBI. As the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and the Chair for Policy, Law, and Ethics at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University, he continues to investigate the intriguing and often terrifying intersection of science and security, uncovering nascent threats and combating the darker sides of technology.”

      1. Future crimes? Like not eating your Soylent Green? Speaking to your ape masters? Not evolving into Star Child?

        1. Pre-cog crime. They’ve got a tank filled with nude underage psychics that pop balls out at Tom Cruise.

        2. Running when you turn 30, being a replicant on Earth, creating holograms of Mohammad…

          1. I took a shit on a hologram of Mohammed once.


      2. futurist-in-residence with the FBI AND founder of the Future Crimes Institute

        The F*C*I, get it?

      3. I’ve been thinking about committing crimes in the future. Pretty sure I could handle this gig.

    5. Also:

      “A real Manhattan Project for cyber would draw together some of the greatest minds of our time, from government, academia, the private sector, and civil society.”

      None of our country’s smartest minds are in government, academia, or civil society.

      1. Actually, you may well find some of them in the NSA. And come on — plenty of our smartest minds are in academia.

    6. The only legitimate use of “cyber” is as a verb referring to textual descriptions of mutual sexual gratification that are broadcasted through an IRC server and client.

    7. That is cyber stupid.

  23. Meanwhile, Democrats are looking for anybody to offer an alternative to Hillary as the presidential race nears.

    I’ll take one for the team…

    I get free wings if I win, right?

    1. Just come up with a snappy slogan, and we’ve got the Hispanic vote sewed up!

      1. I know!

        OldMexican — PRONTO!

        1. Old Mexican – Cause We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gringos!

          1. OldMexican — He Wasn’t Born Here, Either!

            1. Aye carumba!

        2. OldMexican for a New America: Por Qu? No?

      2. “?Andale! ?Andale! ?Arriba! ?Arriba! ?Yee-haaa! ?V?monos a votar por el partido Dem?crata!”

        Huh… Well… It’s snappy… but…

        1. *** runs it past Howard Dean ***


      3. “He’s old. He’s Mexican. He is the future of America.”

    2. *downtwinkles*

    3. Just remember if you win that they frown upon sleeping with interns now.

      1. Nah, he’d win as a Democrat. They get free passes from the SJW crowd.

    4. I don’t think you are eligible.

  24. Off with their heads! Elon Musk threatens to fire whole overseas staff if they don’t sell more of those impossible-to-sell cars in China

    Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is prepared to fire overseas executives, people with knowledge of the matter said, after weak Chinese sales of the company’s luxury electric cars cast doubt on his ambitious global expansion plans.

    Tesla sold about 120 cars in China last month, one of the sources told Reuters, well below the company’s aggressive targets.

    Musk, in an internal email to managers in late January, threatened to fire or demote country managers if they are “not on a clear path to positive long-term cash flow,” according to sources who have seen the email.

    Oh, he’s finally turning into a Capitalist! A father could not be any prouder at this moment!

    1. He should ask Big Daddy Xi to ease up on the anti-corruption campaign. It’s been hurting the sales of luxury goods.

    2. Imagine a remake of Glengarry Glen Ross with guys trying to sell Teslas in China.


    Connecticut to rich residents threatening to move out, “bae pls.”

    1. I have been informed by proggies that tax rates do NOT influence behavior, so I’m calling BULLSHIT on this!

      False flag! Kcohtpus plant!!1!

      1. The new NOVA is on the Colosseum, so, of course, that’s proof that the Kochs want to bring back gladiatorial games.

    2. “There isn’t friendly visiting or anything like that, how are you feeling? Doing all right? Doing OK?”

      “Would you like more police presence? Another loophole?”

      1. “Well, OK, sir, if you *promise* to stay, I’ll see what I can do about renaming the state after your daughter Kayla.”

  26. RE: the Christopher Booker “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever” article from the other day

    I get the rebuttal that there needs to be calibrations to these weather station recordings occasionally, but I have serious skepticism about the concept of “retroactive calibration.”

    The biggest red flag to me was that the calibrations are entirely in one direction: warmer; and dramatically so. I have to schedule vendors to come and re calibrate medical equipment frequently for measuring devices, but its a crap shoot on which way the adjustment goes – readings are too high or too low for what a par sample should be giving. I asked some enviro friends about this and if there was something unique about weather measuring equipment that caused it to measure colder over time only. Blank stares.

    1. This is why it’s so incredibly irrational to just yell, “But science” when red flags like these crop up almost constantly.

      If catastrophic AGW is so real and so self-evident, why all the fudging?

      1. I have been assured that by 1980 we will be locked in a new ice age and by 2000 coastal cities will be underwater and by 2012 over a billion people will die from AGW.

        1. Perhaps it has all averaged out into this pleasing climate you see around you?

    2. Hey, I finally got an answer to my question as to when the earth had its optimal temp. Scientist in today’s paper (op ed) says it was 1850 and we will be doing a holocaust on future generations unless we stop where we are in terms of adding more carbon dioxide.
      And “politicians are gutless” for not averting this holocaust.

    3. +1 Ron Bailey – celebrated Science Editor…

    4. The models say that the temperature has risen, therefore the old temperatures were wrong. Simple as that. It’s settled science, and scientists are adjusting the data according to the science.

  27. Off duty cop “accidentally” shoots an unarmed 14 year old boy

    Pointing your gun at someone and then pulling the trigger is not an accident.

    Remember, anti-gun nuts think that only cops should be allowed to carry guns.

    1. Has a non-LEO civilian ever used the insane number of officer “accidental discharges” that were validated by internal investigations and grand jury rulings as a defense for murder or negligent manslaughter?

      INAL, but it seems like a good way to go about establishing that a discharge was completely accidental even though it’s clearly untrue and BS.

      1. INAL? I Not A Lawyer? If you want to avoid what you want to avoid, how about IANAA?

        1. ALIAN

          A lawyer, I am not

          1. Also acceptable. Or, perhaps, a simple NAL.

      2. perhaps the bullet being fired was not intentional, but pointing the weapon at the boy WAS intentional. So he is definitely 100% responsible for shooting that boy. The shooting was not an accident. He purposefully pointed the gun at the boy, purposefully put his finger on the trigger, and negligently pulled the trigger. This should be a criminal negligence charge.

  28. John Stewart announces his retirement:…

    1. Probably about time. He should have quit when people started taking him seriously as a news source and political commentator.

      1. He should have quit the day Obama got sworn in. He stopped speaking “truth to power” on that day and started covering for them.

      2. He should have quit when he started taking himself seriously.

        And it’s “Jon” not “John.”

        1. And it’s “Jon” not “John.”

          Oh, I’m not talking about The Daily Show guy. I mean the Green Lantern is hanging up the old power ring.

  29. Company offers $10,000 ethernet cable to stupid people, claiming it improves audio fidelity:…..-to-buy-it

    It makes the ones one-ier and the zeroes more zero-y.

    1. That’s funny. I can almost understand the insanely expensive analog audio stuff. But for digital it just seems absurd.

    2. It actually is possible to do such a thing.

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