Remy: I Need a Hashtag!


Initially posted on January 29, 2015. Original text below:

Remy decides to stand up for freedom the easiest way he knows how: by taking selfies. #YOLO!

Approximately 2 minutes.

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Written and performed by Remy. Music tracks by Ben Karlstrom. Background vocals by Connie Scott. Video produced and edited by Sean Malone.

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Like a Chris Brown fan or girlfriend
free speech is under attack
and so like Hannah Storm folks are
trying to find the best way to push back
But I won't care tomorrow
and I did not care yesterday
Is there anything I can do to pretend
that I care today?

I need a hashtag
I need a hashtag on display
Yeah I'll tweet to the world
and Boko Haram will be like "okay!"
I need a hashtag
I need a hashtag for today
to show that I care
when I really don't care
and that's just what I'm doing today
faking outrage

Sure there are lots of people
who really care about the fight
but anyone who tweeted these
should probably be disqualified
Should we try to fight for change?
Embrace more freedom here at home?

Or should we use the most effective
tool mankind has ever known?
We need a hashtag
How about a hashtag and call it a night?
it's both a mnemonic and a catastrophic
extremist-destroying device

We need a hashtag
A hashtag will bring them to their knees
Even though it's been said that
the First Amendment wasn't
written to protect pleasantries