WATCH: The Impact of Vergara v. California on the Future of Education—A National School Choice Week Event


Last year, a landmark education case took aim at laws protecting bad teachers–and the students won. Vergara v. California reaffirmed the fundamental right of every student to learn from effective teachers and have an equal opportunity to succeed in school, paving the way for teacher accountability and greater choice. In his ruling on the case, The Honorable Judge Rolf M. Treu noted that "All sides to this litigation agree that competent teachers are a critical, if not the most important, component of success of a child's in-school education experience. All sides also agree that grossly ineffective teachers substantially undermine the ability of that child to succeed in school."

Watch above for a discussion, livestreamed on Thursday, featuring Vergara plaintiff Julia Macias and her family as well as others involved in the legal proceedings.

And don't miss out on Reason TV's new video on this historic case below.


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