A.M. Links: Obama Veto Threats At Record Pace, Snow Not So Much, Shadows on Mars


  • NASA

    The White House has issued eight veto threats so far this month, the most since President Reagan began the year 1985.

  • Confirmation hearings for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch begin today in the Senate.
  • Boston and portions of New England received up to three feet of snow, but New York City and the tri-state area were spared despite extreme forecasts.
  • New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) will step down from his post of 21 years as he faces federal corruption charges.
  • The FBI says a bomb threat against an airplane departing Los Angeles is the fourth online threat against a passenger flight in the last week.
  • State police in Michigan say they want permission to use drones for aerial surveillance of crash sites and other emergency situations.
  • Astronomers say they've found rings 200 times the size of Saturn's around a planet orbiting the star J1407. Meanwhile, UFO hunters say a photo released by NASA shows the shadow of a man with an oxygen tank tinkering with the Mars Curiosity rover.

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