Why Would A Store Think Cisgender Women Don't Want to Share a Restroom with Transgender* Women?

Transgendered woman required to use men's room. Why?


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With regard to modern gender politics, just call me clueless. I just got a press release from the Transgender Law Center concerning the law suit against Saks Fifth Avenue by former employee Ms. Leyth Jamal, who happens to be transgender. Part of the lawsuit involves some legal rigamarole over whether or not the non-discrimination provisions of Title VII apply to transgender folk. Apparently the U.S. Department of Justice has just issued a Statement of Interest affirming that Title VII prohibits discrimination against transgender people.

Setting that issue aside, what puzzles me is why Saks evidently required Jamal to use the men's bathroom. After all, as I understand it, most public bathroom facilities catering to women have individual stalls with doors. Isn't that enough privacy?

Anyone want to clue me in?

Correction: Dropped the "ed" from cisgender and transgender to conform to AP style