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What's At Stake for Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court? (UPDATED)

Right now, 39 states have legal same-sex marriage recognition, but there's a hitch.


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CORRECTION AND UPDATE: In a complete mistake, we classified every state where gay marriage recognition was a result of a judge's ruling as potentially being affected by this Supreme Court decision. Several of these states have legal marriage recognition due to a state judge's interpretation of the state's own constitution, completely unrelated to the 14th Amendment argument. We've updated the map to reflect the difference.

And the timing worked out well to update the map. Not long after we posted it, a federal judge in Alabama struck down that state's ban on gay marriage as a violation of the 14th Amendment. We've updated the map to account for the judge's new ruling. Like the other red states on the map, this new decision could potentially be affected by however the Supreme Court rules this summer.