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Libertarian Party on Obama's State of the Union

L.P. Hits Obama: Do Less in Education, Economy, Drug War, Military, Surveillance


Obama gave a State of the Union speech awash in retrospective triumphalism about economy, energy, health care, and the world implicitly attributed to his administration's majesty and ability to manage through wise policy.

It was also chockablock with prospective triumphalism that his administration can continue managing and taxing and spending to give people lots of things that he, and probably they, want because "it's the right thing to do," to use government to give people things they might want.

Arvin Vohra, vice chair of the Libertarian Party's National Committee, issued the Party's official response. Befitting the L.P.'s role, Vohra didn't jab around the edges of Obama's hubristic proposals, but questioned some of his new giveaway ideas at their core.

The L.P. suggests not just stopping Obama's proposed new programs, but rolling back old, even venerable, ones that most Americans don't consider might be hurting more than helping. Vohra suggests, for example, that rather than further subsidizing community colleges, Obama could do more for both educational affordability and quality by cutting back existing federal interventions and contributions to education, all the way down to Common Core and the Department of Education

Don't raise the minimum wage to help people really better themselves and get ahead; eliminate it so entry level jobs are available to all, not just those already valuable enough to be worth the enhanced minimum wage.

Vohra calls Obama out on ignoring here the expensive and destructive Drug War, and his hypocrisy on Internet informational privacy while running, and defending, a universal surveillance state, and his refusal to intelligently rethink overall military spending and postures while talking up a supposedly more intelligent form of constant foreign military intervention.

And, it being a Party speech, Vohra gave plenty of plugs for the fact that L.P. candidates pledge to do all the right things Obama won't—and that Republican politicians can't be relied on to do either.

Watch the L.P.s presentation on video:

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  1. Reason at 4:00 PM: Man, the state of the union is so lame. Let’s make snarky comments and no one watch it.

    Reason at 9:00 PM: Here are 15 separate articles about the immensely important state of the union.

    1. The later articles were posted ironically.

    2. What’s your point? Do you even have a point?

    3. A news outlet reported news!?!? get the fuck outta here!

  2. I agree on everything except foreign policy and minimum wage. I think in this regard, the thought appears to be a little bit naeve.

    There really are people that want to destroy us. This doesn’t mean we need to invade foreign countries of course, but it does require a strong and able defense force, ready to respond to threats both domestic and supporting our allies.

    Minimum wage, set at a reasonable level, incremented for age, allows buisness to employ young people and give them the experience they need. People that are of mature age though, find it much harder to find work when we pay the young lower wages, think of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    How do we encourage employers to hire mature age workers, while paying them a higher minimum wage? I’m not really sure.

    1. This is why you’re probably not a Libertarian, and more of a “small-government” conservative.

      Nobody’s advocating that we eliminate the military. We need a defensive force with enough capability to repel attacks on our territory and citizens, and, IMHO, enough ability to project force that we can do things like break AQ’s logistical capability in Afghanistan if need be. We just don’t need the military we currently have, nor can we afford it, not in terms of monetary cost and not in terms of the massive bureaucracy that sustains it.

      The reason you find it hard to envision how to get employers to hire old people AND pay them more is because there’s no incentive to do so, and that’s why minimum wages don’t work. That’s pretty basic economics. When you set a minimum price you disrupt economic equilibrium (or else you set it too low to matter), creating “waste”, in this sense workers who would be available to meet demand if only price were allowed to drop.

      The short version is that minimum wages prevent hiring in exchange for feeling better about yourself.

    2. There really are people that want to destroy us.

      And I want to fuck Kate Upton. But it’s not going to happen.

      1. Unless we federally mandate it. Hmmm.

  3. Who decides reasonable levels for minimum wage?

    What we are doing is trading value for value. If someone is overvalued–earns more than what their labor is worth–someone else is undervalued–as in unemployed.

    1. The biggest problem i have with minimum is that i went through the trouble to get an education in skilled labor as an electronics technician,even spent my money earned by it to further my education in the field. When min gets bumped my wage does not, bringing me into more and more poverty because my dollar loses value every time the min goes up, i have to spend more and more to compensate for the new mins and i get paid the same, which means to me that every time the min gets bumped i get a government instituted paycut so that some bum ass moron can be subsidized for being a fucking dumbass who cant get more than a min wage job.
      Perpetuating the type of idiots who cannot hold more than a min wage job lowers our societal IQ pool by allowing them the assets to continue breeding (which we subsidize even further)
      Fuck the minimum wage!
      in fact, FUCK ALL GOVERNMENT let nature decide who lives and dies

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