Time to Start Planning Your Cuban Vacation, Pope Criticized, Terrorists Thwarted in Belgium: P.M. Links


  • Pope
    Alfredo Borba

    The U.S. will ease Cuban travel restrictions beginning Friday.

  • Pope Francis is receiving a lot of criticism for his comments on the Charlie Hebdo attacks. According to the pope, people should expect consequences for insulting Muslims. 
  • Vox's culture editor claims Selma wasn't nominated for more Oscars because the judges are old white guys.
  • Raif Badawi, the blogger facing persecution by the Saudi government, is set to receive 50 more lashes on Friday.
  • Duke University had planned to allow Muslim students to conduct a prayer call from within its chapel. That decision was reversed due to complaints.
  • The Belgian police prevented a terrorist attack. ISIS is suspected.
  • Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis opened up about her recent health problems and regrets about not being able to run for mayor.

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