"No Means No/We Know That Now": The Simpsons Mocked P.C./Disney in Last Night's Episode


Last night's Simpsons' episode, "The Man Who Came to be Dinner" (full ep here) mocked political correctness relentlessly. As America's longest-running cartoon family visit "Dizzneeland," they ride on a version of Pirates of the Carribbean that has been "revamped after massive complaints by two people," explains Lisa.

Here's a quick tour of the ride via screenshots. Go here to watch the full episode; this section starts around 3.10 in.

This is art imitating life, by the way: Back in 1997, Disneyland revised the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride so that buccaneers chased women carrying trays of food, the implication being that the men were hungry, not horny. "On society's scale of offensive vices," reported the Los Angeles Times, "Disneyland apparently has decided that gluttony ranks well below lust."

San Diego State University Gordon Clanton said, "This isn't coming from radical, lesbian feminists. This is coming from Disneyland. It shows—progressively so, I think—that the tendency to rid ourselves of demeaning images and bad role models is becoming far more mainstream than maybe any of us realized."

"No means no, we know that now," sing the pirates…

Who dutifully recycle…

After the ride, the Simpsons go to park restaurant where a rodent-like character tells a bunch of kids, "My cartoons weren't good. They were just first," thus continuing a long tradition of pointing out the obvious about Mickey Mouse and friends.

Watch full episode, which ends up on the home planet of space aliens Kang and Kodos:

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  1. You know things are headed in the wrong direction once you’ve lost Lisa Simpson.

  2. No way you’re convincing me that The Simpsons is still on the air. The Simpsons died in the late 90s and all we’re seeing now is the spastic twitching of the corpse as some Italian asshole applies an electric shock.

  3. Nope. Not even in that will get me to watch a new The Simpsons.

  4. What if we’re just treating objects like women?

    1. Aren’t video game characters, cartoon characters, and characters in fictional books comics disney rides movies and TV series technically objects?

      We must be anthropomorphizing objects into women before we objectify them.

      1. We must be anthropomorphizing objects into women before we objectify them.

        Technically, most of the time I don’t anthropomorphize my objects into entire women. Or if I do, I’m entirely unaware of the uninteresting parts.

  5. Bart, be quiet! Lisa, drink the water!

    1. “Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you, I’ll have a Duff, you’ll have one too.”

      1. No need to ask, you know I will.

    2. Sorry Surly.

  6. I thought the plates of food were added to cover up the huge tits that were hanging out of the wenches’ shirts. PC rape culture BS aside, I guess a lot of people didn’t like taking the kids on a ride that looked like the intro to a cheesy porn movie.

    1. I went on that ride a few times between 1976 and 1988 (age 4 – 16). Never noticed big tits or sexual innuendo. Probably because I was, you know, a kid. Nor did my parents get offended and and huffy.

      1. Last time I was there they still had the wench auction scene, it something to go through there as adult and realize what that was implying. I’m kind of surprised that made the cut as the fat one and the redhead seem into what is happening. Disney is pretty dark at times.

  7. I watched a new episode of The Simpsons while visiting relatives over the holidays. I haven’t watched The Simpsons since the late 90s. I never missed an episode, though I might have missed a few of the Tracy Ullman Show shorts.

    Other than one or two moments which got a chuckle out of me, the new episode was painful to watch. I doubt I’ll be able to watch this episode after my holiday experience.

    1. Someone needs to link to that Simpsons zombie essay thing.

      1. Fuck. There goes the rest of my day.

  8. Ye bastages! The YouTube video windows are frauds!

  9. I actually watched most of this one. Lisa’s vegan diet is revealed to make her just as poisonous to the Rigelians as the rest of her family.

  10. And the first commercial on the first break after that Dizzneeland PC intro was a PSA aimed at teen smoking with combined poltergeist/zombie visuals and a voiceover about “when you smoke, you allow 7,000 killer chemicals to take your soul.”

    Who’s mocking who?

  11. This is one of my most recent favorites.

    Somebody clearly made a conscious decision that watching an entire weight loss commercial about a woman’s butt was okay (fat, skinny, it’s got it all) but that showing a baby naked is morally wrong.

  12. Because my young son loves the Simpsons, I’ve watched a lot of the new episodes over the past few years, and they have been as terrible as everyone says. But give the one from last night a chance — though not a classic, it was quite watchable, with multiple good laughs. If I caught the opening credits correctly, I think the reason may be it was co-written by one of the original glory days writers.

    1. Realy? only about three minutes of that were any good.

  13. I went to Disneyworld(Fl) in the 1980s. It was underwhelming. I had already been to Rye Playland(NY), Six Flags(NJ), Action Park (NJ), Bush gardens (VA), etc. so any rides that didn’t involve significant risk of puke or death seemed pointless to me. The walk-in section to ‘Magic Mountain’ had a recording on repeat, saying:

    “If you have a history of heart problems: do not ride this ride
    If you have low blood pressure: do not ride this ride
    If you are currently taking epilepsy medication: do not ride this ride
    If you are currently pregnant: do not ride this ride…”

    …me and my brothers would joke about that for the next 20 years. Exaggerated warning labels was a way of saying, ‘this is actually super-boring’.

    “If you suffer from irritable bladder syndrome = Do Not Watch Con-Air

    1. Did you mean Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain? There is no “Magic Mountain” ride at WDW.

      1. Also, there is splash mountain.

        I know because I was just there and my son rode all 3 mountains in one day and was very proud of himself.

        1. Yes, there is Splash Mountain but he stated he was there in the 80s. Splash Mountain at WDW did not open until 1992.

      2. Space Mountain

        This i think was before thunder mountain; Space Mountain was their ‘flagship’ roller coaster thing. and it failed to be even a ‘roller coaster’.

        1. Space Mountain’s appeal lies primarily in that its mostly in the dark. I do think it is much better at Disneyland (Anaheim) than Magic Kingdom at WDW (FL). I attest this to my subjective opinion of it being darker in the original CA version. Many a cast member has stated that the ride is actually much scarier with the lights on so that one can see how close you get to the framework of the ride. You might like Rock’n’Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios as this is a 21st Century version of Space Mountain.

          All that being said, Disney decided years ago to not get into the “arms race” of roller coasters. If pure thrill rides are what you want, go to Cedar Point in Sandusky OH. THE Mecca for roller coaster enthusiasts.

  14. (Lifelong Simpsons watcher here) The last few years have actually been relatively decent, in my opinion. This episode, however, along with the two cross-over ones last year just infuriate me. Save gimmicks and outlandish plots for Halloween. (As Homer even mentioned in the episode)

  15. I actually appreciate the old disney cartoons. I like disneyworld- my kids REALLY like disneyworld. I haven’t liked the simpsons in a decade or more.

  16. I caught a bit of the episode after football. It was ok enough, I suppose, as Simpsons ripoffs go.

  17. Hilariously, the ride still has the section where women are literally auctioned off to pirates as brides.

    1. Chasing a woman around a room is unacceptable but a bunch of women tied together being sold is good? I do not understand the rules of capitulating to outrage, fortunately.

  18. Pimping the Simpsons, really Nick?

    “My cartoons weren’t good. They were just first,” thus continuing a long tradition of pointing out the obvious about Mickey Mouse and friends.

    Bit rich coming from Gillespie and the current Simpson’s writers.

  19. The guy behind Zombie Simpsons liked this episode.…

  20. I dont like the way that is going down dude.

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