Friday Funnies: State Department Movie Critics


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  1. What’s Sam’s view of Team America?

    1. “The sex scene was plodding. One might say “wooden.”


      1. +1 groan

  2. Obama’s hypocrisy between “Innocence of Muslims” and “The Interview” should rate as one of the top scandals of his Presidency.

    1. That would be a tough call. How many scandals have there been? And how many of those weren’t investigated as much as they should have been by an observant media? I don’t think I exaggerate in saying that there were a dozen scandals in the last 6 years (two more to go!) that would put Watergate to shame.

      1. Agreed, but for me it is 3 things about this scandal:
        1. The President of the United States shat on our most precious right, one of the pillars of all of our liberties. Further, on our behalf he “condemned” the Muslim video, thus dragging us into his cowardly act.
        2. He did it for one reason only: To cover his ass regarding the deaths at Benghazi.
        3. He debased the Presidency and trashed our ideals to appease the lowest scum on the planet.

        1. What planet are you from? Obama defended that video’s existence under the First Amendment.

          Quit listening to Hannity for your news.

          1. What planet are you from?

            Gulvana’pok’pok’nor 3116, local designations: Earth, Terra, Sol-3. Are you a recent arrival? Have you had your passchip validated?

          2. Obama defended that video’s existence under the First Amendment.

            And he ALSO condemned it, shriek.

            You may think those two things are inconsistent, or not, but they both happened.

            1. Condemnation does not violate the first amendment.

              Are you violating the gubernatorial anus pleasurer’s rights when you condemn him?

              1. Condemnation does not violate the first amendment.

                Wouldn’t it depend on who’s doing the condemning? If a government official is condemning the video in his capacity as said government official, I think it does indeed touch on the first amendment.

          3. You are not Palin’s Buttplug.
            You are Obama’s turd and Hillary’s mucus plug.

            Btw, I never watch Hannity or Fox News. But I’ve heard Obama’s words and I’ve read yours and it is a close race which of you is the more immoral piece of shit.

            1. Damn, I was hoping that maybe Weigel got killed by a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve or something. Oh well, no such luck: we’re stuck with him for another year.

          4. I’m from the planet where Obama asked Google to take the video down from Youtube, i.e. planet Earth.

            1. He asked them to review it for violations of their terms of service. That’s not coercive and not a first amendment violation.

              The first amendment does not entail a right to a free billboard.

              1. Any time government asks you to do something, they are making a veiled threat. YouTube’s terms of service are of no concern to the government. Would you just shrug it off if they asked HBO to “review” Bill Maher’s show after his comments about Islam, or if they asked the NYT to review an editorial? They’re just asking, right?

              2. yeah, that’s something the President does every day, ask Youtube to review their terms of service. You’re such a jackass.

                If Islam is a religion of peace, then every Muslim should be defending the right of the video maker to speak his opinion.


                “A court in Egypt has reportedly sentenced to death seven Christians for taking part in an anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims, which caused international riots when it was released on YouTube.

                Reuters reported Judge Saif al-Nasr Soliman convicted them all in absentia, saying: “The seven accused persons were convicted of insulting the Islamic religion through participating in producing and offering a movie that insults Islam and its prophet,” Judge Saif al-Nasr Soliman said.

                I heard Obama condemn the video but I missed the speech where he condemned death sentences for the crime of speech.

                1. And whoosh go the goal posts.

                  1. Never mind, misread your post.

                    1. No problem Jordan. The issue being discussed is does the President defend free speech or does he grovel before murderous mystics?
                      I think the goalposts are still pretty firm.

                2. It is a religion of peace. Once everyone is Muslim there will be peace. After the various sects of Islam sort out their disagreements, anyway.

          5. That is the most ignorant comment I have seen today. Get your head out of Obama’s butt, fool. Palin’s Butt Plug? No, you are the orifice where the plug goes.

    2. Not even close.

      “Innocence of Muslims” insulted an entire religion, while “The Interview” insults one person. Of course the IoM filmer doesn’t deserve to be in jail, but what he did was not cool and he should be shunt from polite society.

      1. Meh. Insulting a head of state is usually interpreted as an insult to the entire nation. And while I’m not an expert on Juche, my limited understanding is that KJU is like the god-kings of old.

        But I’m still not concerned about insulting a murderous dictator even if that insult is an insult of an entire nation ground under the boots of said dictator.

        1. So when I insult Obama I insult all of America?

          1. Many people would interpret it that way.

            1. Some tend to be of the position that Obama is a jackass, but (unfortunately) he’s our jackass.

            2. And many people would be wrong. He would only be insulting the morons that voted for Obama.

      2. Just like the Monty Python crew was for Life of Bryan?

        1. Life of Brian didn’t insult Jesus, it was about a different person. If any figure from the era got skewered by that film it was Pilate.

          1. It did parody Jesus, though. If it had been made 400 years ago, someone probably would have gotten killed. And by contemporary Islamic standards of blasphemy, it would almost certainly count. For the scene surrounding the Sermon on the Mount if for nothing else.

      3. How does one “insult an entire religion”?

        I don’t speak collectivism.

        Btw, did you see the video?

        1. In the case of Islam, referring to or depicting Mohammed in anything but a completely reverent way seems to do the trick. Islam is a very collectivist religion.

          1. For sure, all Religions are collectivists. You need to collect a few like-minded blokes just to get a Religion off the ground.

            But you still can’t insult a Religion, you can just insult a person. A Religion is just a bunch of words.

            Regardless, it’s not my problem that the prophet wrote a line of “l?se-majest?” just because he was an insecure, sociopathic egomaniac.

            Just because someone writes “don’t insult me or I’ll kill you” doesn’t mean we should all fall to our knees. In fact, it means just the opposite.

      4. “but what he did was not cool and he should be shunt from polite society.”

        On the contrary. What he did was extremely cool. Islam is a farce and he expressed that in video form. He said and did something that very few people have the balls to do.

        He has as much right to say Islam is a steaming pile of bullshit as a Muslim has to say that Allah is the One true god and Mohammed is his prophet.

        1. The trailer thing at least was one of the more horribly produced pieces of crap I’ve seen. But I do appreciate people who poke the oversensitive and easily offended.

      5. ‘what he did was not cool and he should be shunt from polite society.’

        If in 1300 years Nazism was regarded as a world religion, while maintaining the same principles as during the holocaust, would you say it’s ‘not cool’ to insult it?
        Islam is the most fucked up world view around today.

    3. One is political satire and one is just plain hatred. While I side with freedom of speech in both cases, I think one was much more reckless than the other.

      1. Did you watch the Muslim video?

        1. Is there more than just the trailer?

          If that’s all there is, I’d say it was pretty clearly intended to portray Mohammed in an unsympathetic way, to say the least. But if you aren’t a Muslim, he’s just a character in a book (or the author of a work of fantasy, I guess), so why should you treat him with any reverence?

          1. I’d guess their are several billion people who view Mohammed in an unsympathetic way. He was a repulsive character to say the least. It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of them got around to expressing that in video form.

            It should be a surprise that there aren’t hundreds of videos that mock the true Prophet.

            1. *there are

  3. Kim Jong-Un wants something else to get him through this semi-charmed kind of life?

  4. I thought we’d gotten past these Gangnam Style parodies.

    1. Why would you think that?

      1. Why wouldn’t anyone wish that?

  5. The Interview caused the Sony hack. Innocence of Muslims caused Bengazi. They hate us for our freedom (to make crappy movies).

    1. By saying a video caused Benghazi, you are buying Obama and Hillary BS. It had nothing to do with a video.

  6. The Axis of Evil Film Rating Board gives The Interview a rating of 3 1\2 be headings.

    1. Ha haaa HA

  7. Okay, now THAT is funny.

  8. How sad that this poorly-drawn expression of an opinion that’s been floating around for a couple of weeks is probably Bok’s magnum opus.

    1. Bok’s had more magnum-er opuses, imho.

  9. That does bring up an interesting question though. If a film analogous to the Interview were made, but about a plot against the US president instead of KJU, would that be illegal or free speech?

    People who produced much, much milder works alluding to presidential assassinations have in fact been interrogated by the Secret Service in the past.

    1. As far as I know, the makers of this presidential assassination flick got no such interrogation:

      They did, however, get lots of film fest love.

      1. This.

        Already happened. Weird when people propose what they think are knockdown hypotheticals of things that aren’t hypothetical at all, and where the opposite of what they smugly believe to be the case actually happened.

        1. I asked a serious question, didn’t present a “knockdown hypothetical”. If you want to see smugness look in the mirror. Jesus.

      2. Hahaha

      3. That was a British film so out of US jurisdiction. It also was not analogous to The Interview.

    2. Of course it would be legal.

      There have been a million movies made with a plot element which involves someone trying to kill someone else.

      We got rid of Kings for a reason (drink!). Any President who doesn’t defend the right to make such a movie should be recalled.

    3. Interrogated, but not charged with anything.

  10. What’s with the bottle cap stuck on Hitler’s forehead?

  11. Sucks. Comments were even worse. Horrible.

    Fuck you all.

    1. Well, thank you. Now?

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  15. The amusing thing is that I doubt anyone there ever saw either movie. They condemned one sight unseen in deference to the chimera of moderate Islam, and praised the other as a rejection of censorship — by foreigners. It’s all right for Barry’s Behemoth to censor, but Obama forbid any foreign dictator do so.

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