A.M. Links: CIA Takes Credit for UFO Sightings, Hacker Arrest in UK, Oregon Defeats Florida State


  • UFO

    The most-read page on the CIA website this year was a 1998 report attributing many of the UFO sightings of the 50s and 60s to the agency's U-2 program.

  • Authorities in the United Kingdom say they've arrested a member of the hacking group Lizard Squad, which they allege was behind the hacking of the Playstation and Xbox gaming networks.
  • Police in Shanghai ruled out the presence of fake cash as the cause of a New Year's Eve stampede that killed at least 36 people.
  • Oregon defeated Florida State in the Rose Bowl to advance to the college football playoff title game.
  • Two Apple users are suing the company because its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, takes up hard drive space on devices.
  • The former Democratic New York governor, Mario Cuomo, died aged 82.

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    1. Feliz a?o nuevo.

      I suppose next someone will say that ancient astronauts weren’t real.

    2. Hello.

      I’ve wished everyone HNY enough times. Let’s move on.

      Are American stocks over valued? Looks like it. If you like charts and stuff this is for you:


    3. Woot! It’s the year 2000! Looking forward to the new millenium soon.

      *Error – failure detected in commentator’s internal clock*

      1. FYI: Fixed.

        I punished myself.

        1. I am confused. The error was in my internal clock. Unlike the sarcasm detector, which resides on a removable midplane (with optional expansion slots), the internal clock is integrated to the mainboard, which can’t be swapped live.

          1. Sarcasm detector is off for Rufus before 10am.

            1. Or after 6 shots of tequila.

          2. “the internal clock is integrated to the mainboard, which can’t be swapped live.”

            Well obviously you need to power down and reset the clock on Bios boot up. Good luck with that.

            1. Well obviously you need to power down and reset the clock on Bios boot up.

              I assume that involves tequila.

              1. Tequila is not recommended for this type of fix. It’s prone to causing hardware failures and substantial loss of time and cooling fluids.

                1. On the other hand, I’ve had great success using tequila for secure memory wipes.

                2. Tequila is the cooling fluid.

  1. The former Democratic New York governor, Mario Cuomo, died aged 82.

    No more of that Magic Moment, I guess.

    1. When I saw the initial headline I was hopeful, then I realized it was the wrong Cuomo.

      I know, I’m a terrible person.

      1. It would probably also explain why Andrew took his oath of office in NYC.

        1. Even if this hadn’t happened at the same time, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d taken the oath down there anyway (not that he has stood by said oath in the past).

      2. Maybe Alice Green will finally die too.

        (It’s amazing how every media outlet up in Albany has had her in their rolodex for 30 years if not longer. Stuff like this more than the TEAM BLUE v. TEAM RED stuff shows the bias of media.)

        1. We should have a death pool.

          I know. Macabre.

          But we possess no humanity according to progs anyway.

          1. What the acid bath and the shark tank aren’t ‘death pool’s?

          2. Now that Luise Rainer has died, I don’t know whom I’d pick next in the dead pool.

            1. I’d go with Lou Reed or Olivia de Havilland.

    2. According to the legacy media and my Facebook feed, he ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of FDR.

      1. Let me guess,Wilson’s on the left?

        1. Naw, that’s Stalin’s seat, FDR was at his right hand.

    3. No more of that Magic Moment, I guess.

      You have to give him three days before he can rise from the dead

  2. Wishful Thinking – Given the pattern of behaviour from ISIS, Ebola would rip through them even faster than it has West Africa. Of course, the symptoms look like a wide range of other, more common diseases, limiting the probability that it is in fact Ebolavirus. They don’t exactly have the equipment or expertise to test for Ebola – especially after ISIS started shooting doctors (Not ideology mind you, the doctors refused to treat militants).

  3. 15) I’m currently reading the “Little House on the Prarie” books to my daughter, so I’ve been interested to see recent reviews of “Pioneer Girl”, the never-before-published autobiography (for adults) by Laura Ingalls Wilder that she wrote prior to the Little House novels. I haven’t read the new book yet, but I’ve been horrified to read the reviews for “Pioneer Girl” in the Nation, Boston Globe, Slate, etc., as they gleefully describe the new book as a refutation of what they see as the libertarianism of the original books. But their arguments hardly make sense! They seem to be based on “Pioneer Girl” describing the Ingalls family taking advantage of the Homestead Act, relying on the help of neighbors, and sending blind daughter Mary to a state-run school for the blind.

    1. I struggled at first to understand how these reviews could possibly conceive of the Homestead Act as a refutation of libertarianism. The federal government providing settlers with land out west in 160-acre tracts– distributing land in an orderly fashion to avoid titling and boundary disputes, then getting out of the way so settlers could build their own societies –what could be a more minimalist and proper use of government? But then it hit me: liberals see this as the government owning this land, and then giving it to the settlers as a gift, a sort of welfare. This understanding of the Homestead Act is bizarre and ahistorical, to say the least.

    2. As for “Pioneer Girl” revealing the Ingalls’ reliance on their neighbors, these reviewers must not be too familiar with the original books because you can’t go more than two or three chapters without the Ingalls helping or accepting the help of a neighbor in times of sickness, or to dig a well, or put up a barn, or whatever. The reviewers seem to imagine that libertarians espouse some sort of extreme family-based autarkic system, and that accepting the help of a neighbor is the height of libertarian hypocrisy. But just the opposite?that’s the heart of the libertarian argument, that government’s coercive pressure inhibits the full flourishing of free and voluntary cooperation among individuals and families.

    3. Finally, the reviewers think that the Ingalls sending Mary to a school for the blind in Iowa is the height of libertarian hypocrisy. I suppose they might have a point there, except that the Ingalls weren’t libertarian. They were just regular pioneers, making their way in the world, living their own lives but taking advantage of government help on the rare occasions they needed it and it was offered. The libertarianism in the stories flows from the plots and characters themselves?resourceful people building a new society in a wilderness. It is not a result of some sort of false ideology if children (or adults) read these books and find the situation on the 1870s frontier preferable to today’s intrusive, nannying state, it is simply reality that many people would rather live freely when they are able to. Based on the flaws in the reviews, my guess is that a proper reading of “Pioneer Girl” would only reinforce this view.

      1. It seems a little weird to call it libertarian at all. It’s not like the settlers of the West had the option to have government come in and build them roads and hospitals and crop subsidies. Independence and self reliance were necessities, not ideology.

        1. It’s libertarian because she didn’t revise history.

        2. It seems a little weird to call it libertarian at all.

          In fairness, Rose Wilder Lane (Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter) was a hardcore early libertarian and a friend of Ayn Rand’s. There have been claims she may have been involved in helping write some of the books, in which case there actually would have been a libertarian involved in their writing.

          1. That’s interesting.
            I haven’t read the books in 100 years, so I probably wasn’t on the lookout for libertarian ideas. I’d never really heard of the Little House books referred to as libertarian. Whatever you think the proper role of government is, pioneer life is going to look pretty libertariany.

            1. This is detailed at length in Radicals for Capitalism.

            2. I’ve heard her books described as libertarian before, but a lot of the frontier ethos fits into the libertarian mindset, anyway.

          2. Yes – Rose Wilder Lane is considered one of the founders of the modern libertarian movement. Along with Isabel Paterson and Ayn Rand.

            There are no female libertarians!

        3. Independence and self reliance were necessities, not ideology.

          In fairness, the self-reliance was situational. Most pioneer families would have been in pretty dire straits if they didn’t rely on their neighbors for assistance with things like harvests, barn-raisings, corn-huskings, and other activities that helped these settlers survive, and the farms still needed to rely on nearby towns to serve as a market conduit for their goods. With that said, you don’t really see the increasing reliance of modern agriculture on government programs until after the Progressive era kicks into full swing.

          But that’s where these leftist reviewers get things confused, because they really have very little understanding of 19th century western settlement patterns and virtually none of the culture and motivations for those who did migrate from the east. And its rooted in their failure to make a distinction between the defensive communitarianism of rural Americans as a whole and the communist utopias that they wish society could become. They think that libertarianism equals anarchism, and that general ignorance colors any opinions they might have on the subject. In their mind, anyone who criticizes any government program at all should never receive the benefits of any government program whatsoever (see Tony as the prime example on this board of urban SWPL cluelessness, or Thomas Frank if you want the academic template that this buffoonery is largely based upon).

          1. By “self-reliance”, I didn’t mean to exclude help and support from neighbors.

            That’s another weird thing about critics of libertarianism. They seem to think that it is somehow opposed to cooperation and community. Which is really close to the opposite of the truth.

            1. People also think that libertarians just want the freedom to be assholes. Granted, that is important, but there’s no incentive to be an asshole to someone else – especially neighbors.

              In a world of self reliance, it means that when disasters happen, your neighbors are sometimes the only people who can help you and they will be less inclined to do so if you’re a huge dick.

              Statism, on the other hand, allows you to get what you want from people on the basis of entitlement and, dare I say, privilege.

      2. If one almost kind of libertarian person sending their child to a state school refutes libertarianism, then certainly the tens of millions of bourgeoisie leftists typing their anti-corporate screeds on a blogging platform owned by Google with a MacBook should be a major refutation of progressive anti-corporate propaganda.

        1. The most amazing thing is that these people probably think they are being original and clever.

        2. Also, taking advantage of the Homestead Act and one state school are pretty mild instances of government involvement. If the left wants to go back to 1875, such that the government owns about 1 out of 10 schools and periodically opens up land for settlement but otherwise gets out of the way, I’d take them up on that offer.

        3. Never underestimate the power of doublethink.

        4. I vaguely remember someone on here several years ago comparing a statist saying “It’s hypocritical for you to be against the state and yet you still use the roads.” to saying that Anne Frank shouldn’t have been critical of the nazis because she got all those free train rides.

      3. Finally, the reviewers think that the Ingalls sending Mary to a school for the blind in Iowa is the height of libertarian hypocrisy.

        90+% of all kids go to state-run schools. Sure most people, and especially libertarians, would rather send their kids to private school, but most people can’t afford it.

        Just because the government offers or claims a near-monopoly on a service does not mean it is the best way to do it, nor does it mean libertarians are hypocrites for using the only option available to them. See also: roads, fire departments, contract disputes…

        1. Matt Damon loves state schools but sends his kids to a private school. Does this make him a hypocrite and negate his positive feelings about state schools?

          1. Is this supposed to be a trick question?

            It’s probably not the only thing to make him a hypocrite.

            To whit: asshole
            mendacious asshole

          2. Since being rich gives him an option, yes. As I said, most people don’t have a realistic option. If there are rich libertarians (or even conservatives) who can easily afford private school but send their kids to state school, then in that case I think you could make a case for hypocrisy. But expecting your average CPA married to a dental assistant to shell out $10k per child per year for tuition seems harsh.

            1. Serious question: What’s stopping someone from opening a low cost, private school? What is it that’s driving up costs for private education?

              In this situation, what exactly about government involvement is driving up the cost of private education? I want to say it’s because people pay taxes for public education, so private tuition is tacked on top of that.

              1. I want to say it’s because people pay taxes for public education, so private tuition is tacked on top of that.

                This. It’s not that private schools are so crazy expensive per se, it’s that you’re also getting hit for the public schools at the same time. That’s my understanding of the appeal of vouchers – you get at least some say of where your tax dollars are going.

              2. What’s stopping someone from opening a low cost, private school?

                Wild guess? The operators of the public schools.

          3. Yes, but it is a bit different than the above scenario. Libertarians who send their kids to state schools believe that there are better options, but the system limits their realistic choices. Matt Damon is claiming that the state system is the best choice but chooses to make a different( and more expensive) choice. Stated preferences vs revealed preferences.

      4. Anyone who could use a pig’s bladder as a toy gets a plus as far as I’m concerned.

  4. The most-read page on the CIA website this year was a 1998 report attributing many of the UFO sightings of the 50s and 60s to the agency’s U-2 program.

    Where the streaks have no name.

      1. If the wind changes you’re face is going to get stuck that way.

        1. That might get me assigned to Corporate Center in Zurich then…

  5. Two Apple users are suing the company because its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, takes up hard drive space on devices.

    No storing the OS in the iCloud, huh?

    1. They tried that, but the users complained that it drove up their data plan usage

      /sarcasm (but only just)

    2. What about an is that uses extra data for useless updates?

  6. Two Apple users are suing the company because its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, takes up hard drive space on devices.

    Uhm, where did they expect it to take up space? The ‘cloud’?

      1. It’s why they call it i?thernet.

        Or do they?

        1. No, no, if you want external storage for Apple devices the only choice is iSCSI!

            1. Scuzzy-looking nerf-herder?

    1. Dammit, Fisty beat you to the joke!

  7. The Apple suit nonsense is reminiscent of lawsuits back in the days of the Apple II and the TRS-80, when consumers discovered that byte capacity was measured in powers of two, not powers of 10. IIRC, the suits then were laughed out of court, as these should be. But probably won’t be.

    1. Seems all an Apple lawyer would have to do is say, “just because some of the hard drive is used for our operating system doesn’t mean a user can’t delete it from their phone and use it as a $600 USB stick with 16BG of storage space.”

      1. He could also say that all computers advertise their storage capacity as the nominal size of the drive, not how much free space it starts out with.

        They could just put a little slot for a flash memory card on the stupid things, but I guess that’s just not the Apple way. Gives way too much autonomy to the customer.

        1. I’m surprised they didn’t say “What are you doing upgrading the software on that old thing, you’re supposed to replace it whenever we put out a bugifx patchset new and improved hotness!, seriously, you call yourself an Apple customer?”

        2. The Apple way: Gives way too much any autonomy to the customer.

  8. Chief of police shoots his wife.


    1. Was she a furry who got into costume?

      1. No furry. She was dressed as the Trashman and he was The Kid.

    2. How else is he gonna get her to shut up?

      1. I heard she was a terrible cook.Besides,the gun went off by ‘accident’.

      2. “How else is he gonna get her to shut up?”
        +1 OJ Simpson

    3. Chief of police control!

    4. Chief McCollom called 911 to say he accidentally shot his wife twice with his service weapon. After further investigation, Lang said it was determined that only one bullet had been discharged.

      Well to tell the truth in all this excitement, I kinda lost track myself

        1. She hads to know.

      1. Just like an older guy to exaggerate how many times he shot in one session…

        1. Don’t knock Russian Roulette foreplay unless you’ve tried it.

          1. Unfortunately the chief played Norwegian Roulette. Similar to Russian Roulette, but it uses an automatic instead of the traditional revolver.

            1. +1 downside of advanced technology

              1. +1 police killing

                1. Probably cheaper than a divorce.

  9. C’mon people, only six days left to crowd-fund a nano drone

    1. Skynet was kickstarted, you know.

    1. The sanguine is prepared without dextrous, and for dessert, you have the choice of kosher or candid hyperbole.

      1. Can I have candid regular bole?

    2. You can’t fool me…those were all current Chicago Public Schools teachers.

      1. +1 “I teaches English.”

      2. You Chicago area people don’t own quite all of the idiocy in the English speaking world.

        1. But we do own all the worstestnest – we have nicole.

          1. True, nicole is the worst.

            1. But she can spell.

              1. John seems to be taking the day off.

                1. Must have the day off from work, so he has better things to do.

                  1. …better things to do.


  10. French economist Thomas Piketty, the best-selling author of Capital in the 21st Century, has turned down France’s top award, the Legion D’Honneur.

    “I do not think it is the government’s role to decide who is honourable”, Mr Piketty said.

    1. +1 standing by your principles.

      1. +1 even Pikkety is more libertarian than the French government.

    2. Well, that’s nice. I guess he’s not wrong about everything.

    3. Apparently, he is a very honest person, but has some serious misunderstandings of economics. From what I read, he was educated in a French school for economics, and they have some very strange methods of teaching.

      For example, one of the criticisms of his book is that he makes the rookie mistake of confusing a price point moving along the demand curve with a shift in the entire curve.

  11. Best New Years bowl games ever, with FSU SEC exposed and Ohio State beating Bama.

    1. The tide rolled out! B!GSEC

      1. that was supposed to be the ‘greater than’ sign between B!G and SEC. New year, same old commenting system.

      2. TCU and Baylor made a good case they should have been in the playoff – in place of FSU and Bama.

        1. TCU did,Baylor got beat by a team OSU beat 59 zip

          1. Auburn*

          2. And Baylor beat TCU. Big 12 so far is 1-4 in the bowls. KSU and Oklahoma State still to play though. Oklahoma and Texas got whipped. TCU only beat Oklahoma by 4. Clemson beat them by 34. Pretty impressive win by TCU against the only other team that had beat Bama. I think it would have been nice for them to get a shot. But are you really going to drop undefeated FSU or the SEC Champion out of the playoff?

    2. How about that SEC West? Just a dominant post-season.

    3. And just think, the B1G was down this year.

  12. So Oregon defeated Free Shoes University? Who cares? It’s not like any team is going to beat Alabama and the mighty SEC – especially not a weak-ass team like Ohio State from a weak-ass conference like the Big 10. Ohio State doesn’t even deserve to be on the same field as Alabama and I can’t wait to see those pretenders at tOSU get their asses whipped whenever they play a real team. When does Alabama pound Ohio State, btw?

    1. Has anyone heard from Mark May this morning? SOmeone should prolly check on him.

      1. May not hear from him for a while

        1. I won’t watch him so I’ll never hear from him

  13. Did Reason poll millienials on UFOs yet?

    1. I…I…thnk you found the only poll of millennials Reason-Rupe has not done yet!!!!

      1. “UFO? Is that one of those Mixed-Martial Arts leagues?”

  14. Print and distribute as needed:


    1. One is being filled out about H&R right at this minute. THEN YOU’LL BE SORRY!

    2. Lol! “Big mean poopy pants”. Most excellent

    3. Who is Vic Tom? Is he related to Vic Tim?

  15. http://www.orlandosentinel.com…..story.html

    Crackheads think they are locked in a closet.

    1. It’s unclear why Arwood didn’t call 911 until Tuesday.

      Seems pretty obvious to me. They ran out of crack.

      1. Officers did not find drugs in the closet, police said.


    2. Awesome. Two days smoking crack in a marine biology closet. These are my kind of people.

      1. How much crack do you have to smoke to think that getting that tattoo is a good decision?

        1. Enough to kill two and a half men? No wait, that’s a Charlie sheen joke.

  16. Mega-scandal or crazy chick?

    “A woman allegedly kept as a sex slave by politically-connected billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein, who went to jail for having sex with underaged girls, is accusing several prominent friends of the financier of having taken part in the debauchery, according to a new court filing.”


    1. “The woman?referred to in court papers as Jane Doe #3?leveled the allegations Tuesday against Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz and Britain’s Prince Andrew, as well as British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and French model scout Jean Luc Brunel.”

      1. I’m going to say crazy chick. Jeffrey Epstein seems to be the sort of sleazy person who could conceivably have kept a sex slave, but that’s the most bizarre group of people. It would be like if I claimed to have been held down and sodomized by George W. Bush, King Abdullah, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Jonathan Franzen.

        1. Plus it looks like it might be the same person who shook the guy down before.

          While “Jane Doe #3” is unidentified in this week’s court filing, her story appears to track with that of a woman who sued Epstein in 2009 and settled with him later that year. She apparently granted an on-the-record interview to Britain’s Daily Mail in 2011.

        2. Yeah, I was going to say it sounds more like a bizarre dream or a Fellini movie than reality.

        3. According to the report Dershowitz is his lawyer, and he is close friends with Maxwell and the Duke, so if she’s lying she’s chosen the right names

          1. Actually, looking at this there could conceivably be some merit.

            Maxwell apparently introduced several of the girls to Epstein who he would later molest.

            I seriously doubt Dershowitz would be involved in anything like this though, and I hope I’m right. I’ve always respected Dershowitz as one of the few leftist law professors who will actually stand by his principles.

        4. They didn’t really have to hold you down, did they?

        5. What? You’re not suggesting a woman could lie about being raped, are you?

          1. I don’t know that she’s necessarily lying because if there’s one person who absolutely would hold someone as a sex slave it’s Jeffery Epstein.

        6. *Lights Sugarfree signal*

        7. You leave the Mule out of this.

        8. Reading up on this, there might actually be some merit since there are already a bunch of bizarre names connected to this story.

          Apparently one of the girls Epstein tried to rape was Nadia Bjorlin, who is now a soap opera star on Days of Our Lives.

          This is already a really weird story.

          1. Also, Prince Andrew has already been implicated in this story by other girls who have made allegations against him publicly.

            Of course, that also means this person could be trying to shake down Epstein and have just done a Google search and discovered people connected with this.

            I really don’t know. We’ll see.

      2. I’m going with choice #2

        1. Definitely crazy chick.

          Might be telling the truth, though.

      3. This reminds me of Tyler v. Carter:

        Plaintiff Teri Smith Tyler, appearing pro se, filed a complaint in December 1992 alleging a bizarre conspiracy involving the defendants to enslave and oppress certain segments of our society. Plaintiff contends she is a cyborg, and that she received most of the information which forms the basis for her complaint, through “proteus”, which I read to be some silent, telepathic form of communication. . . . She asserts that the defendants are involved in the “Iron Mountain Plan”, which provides for the reinstitutionalization of slavery and “bloodsports” (which she identifies as death-hunting [n1] and witch-hunting), and the oppression of political dissidents, herself included. . . .

        1. . . .Plaintiff’s complaint alleges a number of personal indignities visited upon her by defendants: “strafing of my dormitory room by planes and helicopters, the electronic bugging of my student rooms and apartments, deliberate noise harassment, blasting of loud rock music with lyrics designed for witch-hunts (music about social pariahs) . . . students following me around to prevent me from studying, whispering campaigns and social ostrification . . .” Plaintiff also makes the following allegations against the defendants. Former President Jimmy Carter was the secret head of the Ku Klux Klan; Bill Clinton is the biological son of Jimmy Carter; President Clinton and Ross Perot have made fortunes in the death-hunting industry, and are responsible for the murder of at least 10 million black women in concentration camps, their bodies sold for meat and their skin turned into leather products. The defendants are also responsible for breeding farms, which turn out 2,000 black girls a year, who are then sold for recreational murder or as human pets. Additionally, the defendants utilize weather control and earthquake technology to threaten other countries that object to the Iron Mountain plan.

          Really, she should bring this suit again–society is ready for this sort of nonsense now.

        2. Screw the lawsuit.

          She needs a scriptwriter. This thing has dystopian sci-fi trilogy tattooed on its ass.

          1. It’s possibly my favorite federal case ever.

    2. Sigh.

      No pics.

    3. Let’s keep with the theme:


    4. I hate when that happens.

  17. Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Bartholet says that the feds position on sexual assault is ‘madness.’

    The federal government’s decision that Harvard Law School violated Title IX represents nothing more than the government’s flawed view of Title IX law. The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, which issued the decision, is not the ultimate decision-maker on law. The courts are responsible for interpreting the law. And I trust that the courts will eventually reject the federal government’s current views. The courts’ decisions to date, including the U.S. Supreme Court, show a much more balanced approach to sexual harassment, one which recognizes the importance of vindicating the rights of those victimized by wrongful sexual misconduct, while at the same time protecting the rights of those wrongfully accused, and protecting the rights of individual autonomy in romantic relationships.

    The first American hero of 2015!

    1. We can’t have a rape apologist be our first hero.

      How about whoever caused this bike wreck

  18. The former Democratic New York governor, Mario Cuomo, died aged 82.

    I wish his soul well and offer my condolences to his family.

    1. He has (had) a soul?

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  20. Whichever one of you guys beat up Senator Reed –


    *Of course I know none of you beat up Senator Reed. But it’s fun to pretend.

    1. Please note that since the Senator’s name is misspelled, that means that I can’t be charged with solicitation of violence under the “Fuck You That’s Why” precedent.

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